23 Jul, 2018

Ecuador prepares to extradite Julian Assange

As the source close to the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry and the office of the president of the country told The Intercept, the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, who is currently on a visit to London, “is close to reaching an agreement, if not already concluded, for extradition of Assange of Great Britain.” At the same time, refusal to grant asylum and physical extradition can be held already in the coming week.

In 2012, the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, was granted asylum in the Ecuadorian diplomatic mission in London, in order to avoid extradition to Sweden, where an arrest warrant was issued in connection with allegations of rape and coercion into sexual acts. Assange himself called charges against him politically motivated. The extradition of Assange is also being sought by the United States, where he is threatened with punishment for divulging secret data from the State Department.

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How many slaves today are in the world

According to Walk Free, there are 40.3 million people around the world who are subject to slavery.

Thousands of prisoners in Russia will be released

Several thousand prisoners will be released immediately after recounting the terms of detention under the new law. This was told in an interview with the “Moscow Komsomolets” deputy head of the FSIN Valery Maksimenko.

RBC: The Kremlin will oblige the regional authorities to respond to complaints in social networks

The results of monitoring fall to the administrator in the regional government, which should decide which messages need attention. Then complaints are sent to the profile structures – regional ministries or municipalities, which must respond to the reports.

The Ministry of Labor made a schedule for the New Year and May holidays for 2019

In accordance with the schedule of the Ministry of Labor, in January 2019, Russians are waiting for an eight-day vacation (from January 1 to 8). Taking into account the last two days of December 2018, the total duration of the New Year holidays will increase to ten days.

In May 2019, the Russians will receive two mini-holidays at once: first a five-day (from May 1 to May 5), and then a four-day (from 9 to 12 May), between which they will have to return to work for three days.

The ROC reported on the tracking of pagans

Thus, the Ekaterinodar and Kuban dioceses sent a request to the Ministry of Culture, which formed a request to inform where the centers of ancient Slavic traditional holidays are located.

“Please provide us with information about the existence of centers of Slavic culture in the museums of the Krasnodar Territory,” says the letter sent by the Deputy Minister of Culture of the region Grigory Zhukov to the heads of museums.

Dioceses are interested in, in particular, the events of mass events held during Pancake week, Ivan Kupala, Perunova day, Shchedreets, Svarog’s day and other ancient pagan holidays.

Recall that the patriarch Cyril had repeatedly spoken out against the supporters of the ancient Slavic holidays. In particular, the head of the ROC negatively perceived the fact that many athletes and special forces fighters are associated with pagan rites

The FSB proposed to consider bears as strategically important resources of Russia

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia has prepared a draft government decree proposing the introduction of brown and Himalayan bears, as well as musk deer listed as strategically important resources to stop the decline in the number of these animals. The document is placed on the portal of draft legal acts.

FAS discovered a cartel during the reconstruction of Sheremetyevo

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) found guilty of cartel collusion “Transstroymehanizatsiyu” (belongs to Mostotrest, which in turn owns the structure of businessman Arkady Rotenberg) and the trust “Kamdorstroy.” This is stated in the message of the service.

FAS found that the companies entered into a cartel arrangement at six contests: the reconstruction of Sheremetyevo and the airport in Khabarovsk, the construction of Nizhny Novgorod airport, etc. The cartel’s income is more than 25 billion rubles, said the head of the FAS department for combating cartels Andrei Tenishev .

Ministry of Labor plans to expand the project of long-term care for the elderly

The Ministry of Labor plans to expand the boundaries of the pilot project to build a system of long-term care for the elderly and disabled and increase its funding. This was said on Friday by the head of the Ministry of Labor, Maxim Topilin, at a meeting of the Government Council on Guardianship in the Social Sphere.

To implement the package of measures in 2018, since this is a pilot project, not so much funds are allocated – 100 million rubles. But already starting from 2020, we plan to provide substantially more funds – it is 2.1 billion rubles. – Tatyana Golikova, Russian politician

On the Red Square the paratroopers will take part in a flashmob to the Day of Boxing

More than 300 paratroopers of the Tula Airborne Forces Union will take part in the “Live Flag” flash mob for the International Boxing Day on Red Square, the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Defense Ministry informs.

In the online training will involve about five thousand people who will be wearing a T-shirt in the colors of the flag of Russia, specified in the message.

“Industry of vice”: Metropolitan Hilarion criticized beauty contests

Contests of beauty can not reveal real human beauty, behind them is the “industry of vice”, said on Saturday the chairman of the Department for External Church Relations (DECR) of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.

Announcers will pray for the end of the rains

Today in Blagoveshchensk there will be a prayer service with prayers for the end of the rain. The service is invited to all comers.

In Omsk for three days will block the road because of the army games

On July 29, from 7:00 to 18:00 hours, and on August 3 and 4 from 7:00 to 16:00 hours, the section of the federal highway M-51 will be closed to the bypass road along the Cherlaksky highway. The movement will be restricted due to the competition “Rembat”, it is reported at the disposal of the mayor, published on the website of the Omsk administration.


In Russia, toughen penalties for the creation of dumps

Over a year, more than 70 million tons of household waste are collected in Russia. Each year, every Russian has 400 kilograms of garbage, and most of it is in landfills and landfills

Now, for violations in the treatment of waste, citizens pay from 1 to 2 thousand rubles, officials – from 10 to 20 thousand, and for legal entities the maximum penalty – up to 250 thousand rubles.

On the “invasion” of Chinese tourists

“Victim of popularity: the tragedy of the Glass Bay” – under this heading came material in one of the main magazines of the world National Geographic, PRIMPRESS reported.

“A unique beach in the Far East is under threat: it is stolen to souvenirs. Now the Bay of Glass risks losing the glass that adorns the coast, “the newspaper writes.

It is about the “invasion” of Chinese tourists. According to eyewitnesses, buses with tourists from China come here “one by one” with only one purpose – foreigners want to take with them as a souvenir what the beach is famous for.

“I’m dragging packets. Every Chinese leaves with a package, and in it – stones. Although at the entrance it is written that you can not take with you, “said the woman who recorded the situation on the video.

According to the scientists of FEFU, the local beach in Glass will disappear in about 20 years – so much time is needed that this place has changed beyond recognition.

Residents of Yasnaya Polyana are supplied with harmful drinking water

Residents of the village of Yasnaya Polyana of the Nesterovo district are supplied with poor-quality drinking water. This conclusion was made by the employees of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection. This Friday, July 20, the press service of the Kaliningrad Regional Prosecutor’s Office

Volgograd Region residents warned about dangerous water in the river

Bacteria of the cholera vibrio are found in the Torgun River in the Pallasovsky District, which can cause an outbreak of intestinal infections. Water mismatch to microbiological standards was revealed by specialists from Rospotrebnadzor

Hydroposts on small rivers are planned to be organized in Transbaikalia

Hydrological stations that will monitor the water level in small rivers are planned to be created in the Trans-Baikal Territory, a representative of the Chita Hydrometeorological Center said on July 20 during the meeting of the CoES

The lake was covered with blue-green algae

Lake Orlovo in the floodplain of the Khoper river in the Novokhopersky district of the Voronezh region was overgrown with algae for one day. Experts suggest that they are poisonous. This was reported to the correspondent of RIA “Voronezh” by the senior scientific employee of the reserve Elena Pechenyuk

Employees of the reserve asked for a consultation with the doctor of geographical sciences, professor of the VSU Galina Antsiferova. She for many years studied the algae of the Khopersky Reserve. It was possible to find out that this film, most likely, is formed by blue-green algae of the genus Microcystic.

They can first develop at the bottom. Then a large array of float to the surface. These algae are toxic and release toxins into the water. High water temperature is extremely favorable for vegetation of blue-green algae, “Galina Antsiferova explained to the correspondent of RIA” Voronezh “.

In Kazan air the concentration of harmful substances is exceeded

The concentration of matter in the area of the house No. 183 along Decembrist Street was 0.085 mg / m3 at a rate of 0.05 mg / m3. Excess recorded at night on July 19. According to data from open sources, formaldehyde in the air is harmful to mucous membranes and skin.

The fish of Miass surfaced

There can be many causes of fish death, beginning with accelerated eutrophication with blue-green algae, rapid warming and sharp saturation of water (sewage and other run-off) with phosphorus and nitrogen

Eutrophication is the process of deterioration of water quality due to excess intake of so-called “biogenic elements” in the basin, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus compounds.

Eutrophication is a normal natural process. But recently, in areas with a high population density, the intensity of this process has increased many times due to the discharge into the reservoirs of municipal and domestic sewage of apartment houses and enterprises.

Tanks with fuel oil derailed in Yaroslavl

Five tanks with fuel oil off the rails in Yaroslavl, the incident occurred at the station Polyanka. Because of the incident, two passenger and two suburban trains were detained.

The fourth earthquake occurred in Iran

Over the past day in Iran, three earthquakes occurred. The strongest was the third earthquake of magnitude 5.9 in the province of Kermanshah, which was felt throughout the region. As a result of the disaster, 287 people were injured, 101 buildings were destroyed entirely, another 850 were damaged.


S & P confirmed the rating of the Russian Federation at the investment level “BBB-“

International rating agency S & P confirmed the long-term credit rating of the Russian Federation in foreign currency at the investment level “BBB-” with a “stable” outlook. This is stated in the agency’s report on Friday. At the same time, the short-term rating of the Russian Federation in foreign currency is confirmed at the level of “A-3”.

The FSB forecasted a 10% rise in communication tariffs due to the “Yarovoi law”

The FSB believes that because of the requirement to store data under the “Yarovoi Law” and the costs of telecoms operators, tariffs for communication services in Russia can grow up to 10%.

Tour operator “Intravel Stoleshniki” announced the suspension of activities

According to the register, in 2017 the tour operator serviced 3019 tourists for a total of more than 66.4 million rubles. Since the middle of June, six tour operators have already announced the suspension of activities or the suspension of charter programs.

The amount of maternity capital is called after “defrosting” of indexation

In 2021, the matkapital will increase to 489,051 rubles. According to the forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development, inflation in 2020 will be 3.8%, in 2021 – 4%.

The volume of foreign currency deposits of Russians decreased by more than 20%

The volume of foreign currency deposits of Russians fell by $ 6.4 billion last year. At the same time, deposits in rubles grew by 1 trillion rubles, according to the data of the Central Bank, which Izvestia got acquainted with

Annual inflation in Canada accelerated in June to 2.5%

Consumer prices in Canada rose in June 2018 by 2.5% in annual terms after a rise of 2.2% in May this year. Analysts assumed that annual inflation in June will be at the level of 2.4%, Finam informs.

Moscow is preparing for new sanctions in Washington

Russia, having produced a massive discharge of US bonds, withdrew from the list of the largest holders of American debt. High political risks are pushing the Central Bank to reinsure – the US Congress wants within six months to prohibit all transactions with Russian debt obligations.

The monetary base in the Russian Federation increased by 140 billion rubles in a week

The volume of monetary base in the Russian Federation in the narrow definition for the week from July 6 to July 13, 2018 increased by 139.5 billion rubles – from 10 trillion 207.2 billion rubles to 10 trillion 346.7 billion rubles. Such data are given in the materials of the press service of the Bank of Russia. A week earlier, the monetary base grew by 107.7 billion rubles.

OMC fund requests 400 billion rubles

Since 2018, average salaries of doctors, according to official statistics, have reached 200% of average labor incomes in the country (the rest of health workers – 100%), and the government decided that the achieved ratios should be maintained in 2019-2021 (for this purpose, the nominal salaries of health workers should grow by 5,1-6,4%, writes ФФОМС)

“Naftogaz” wants from Gazprom $ 12 billion for a settlement agreement

Commercial director of Naftogaz Ukrainy Yuri Vitrenko said that Naftogaz refuses to stop the arrest of Gazprom’s assets. Vitrenko added that the amount of compensation that Naftogaz is demanding from the Russian company for new litigation amounts to $ 12 billion.

Gazprom Neft approves the sale of a 49% stake in Gazpromneft-East

The Board of Directors of Gazprom Neft approved the sale of a 49% stake in Gazprom Neft-East to the consortium of RFPI and the Mubadala Emirate’s sovereign fund. This is stated in the materials of the company.

Laying a gas pipeline to the “Northern stream-2” will cost 90 billion rubles

Gazprom is planning to sign contracts for the construction of gas transmission capacities in North-West Russia to supply gas to Nord Stream-2 for a total of 90.8 billion rubles. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the procurement materials of the company

China by 2020 intends to reduce coal consumption by 10%

According to experts, reducing energy consumption in China will lead to a significant reduction in prices for them by 2020 – 2021. Average prices for coal in the first half of 2018 amounted to $ 103 per 1 ton. After reducing consumption by China, world prices will collapse to $ 52 – 69 per 1 ton, the newspaper writes.

Turkish Tupras has reduced purchases of Iranian oil against US sanctions

Turkish oil refining and oil trading company Tupras has reduced purchases of Iranian oil since May and will adhere to low volumes of supplies further, Reuters reported citing traders

On the availability of gasoline in Europe

According to research by RIA “Rating”, Luxembourg became the leader in the European countries’ rating of gasoline availability for the population in the first half of 2018, residents of the country can buy for their average salaries 2.8 thousand liters of 95th gasoline due to high incomes and relatively low fuel prices.

On the second line of the ranking is Norway with 2.2 thousand liters. Bronze was divided at once by three countries – Austria, Great Britain and Sweden, where salaries are equivalent to 1.8 thousand liters of gasoline.

On the availability of gasoline for the population of Russia with 853 liters of fuel was on the 16th place. The last, 33 place, is occupied by Ukraine, where salaries are equivalent to 243 liters of gasoline.

World production of aluminum in the I half decreased by 1%

World production of aluminum in January-June of 2018 was 31.756 million tons, which is 1% less than the figure for the same period in 2017 (32.09 million tons), follows from the materials of the International Aluminum Institute (IAI), the members of which are large companies producers of aluminum.

The Russian Federation liquidates the state company for management of special economic zones

The state company of JSC “Special Economic Zones” will be liquidated. As a source in the government’s financial and economic bloc told Interfax, this decision was made in late June at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko.

The Rothschilds fell for money laundering

The Swiss authorities accused Rothschild Bank of laundering money through the state investment fund of Malaysia, 1MDB. The initiated investigation is reported on the website of the Swiss financial market regulator FINMA.

Meeting of finance ministers of G20 countries in Argentina

The meeting participants discussed the future of the labor market and infrastructure for further development, which are priorities for the time of Argentina’s presidency in the G20. The issues of the risks of the world economy and the global tax system are also touched upon.

DIA to pay to depositors of Gazbank 17.8 billion rubles

According to the register of Gazbank’s obligations, about 47.5 thousand investors can apply for the payment of insurance compensation for a total of about 17.8 billion rubles, including about 300 depositors with accounts for business, to the amount of about 46 million rubles


The White House commented on the idea of a referendum in Donbass

The White House “does not consider” the possibility of supporting a referendum in the Donbass, told RIA Novosti, the representative of the National Security Council at the White House, Garrett Markis.

Earlier, Bloomberg agency referring to the sources present at the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Russian ambassadors and ambassadors reported that the head of state allegedly proposed at a meeting in Helsinki that his American counterpart Donald Trump should hold a referendum under the auspices of international organizations where residents of self-proclaimed People’s Republic of China and the People’s Republic of Germany will be able to speak on the status of the territories.

NBC learned of Iran’s readiness for large-scale cyberattacks in the US and EU

Iranian hackers have prepared an infrastructure for large-scale cyber attacks on American and European companies and systems. This is reported by the NBC television channel referring to the unnamed American officials.

Trump signed the American law on the observance of human rights in the DPRK

US President Donald Trump signed a law that is designed to promote the observance of human rights in the DPRK, the White House said in a statement.

Trump threatened to impose duties on all goods from China

In early June, Washington introduced a 25-percent duty on 818 denominations of Chinese products that are imported into the United States.

I raised import duties to 50 billion dollars, they answered us for the same amount. I am ready to reach 500 billion. I do it not for the sake of politics, but in order to do the right things for our country. China has been cheating us for a long time. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

In the US, the terms of the trade deal with China

The United States will enter into a trade agreement with China if substantial changes in trade policy, the transfer of its own technologies and the policy of joint ventures are made in Beijing. This in an interview with Reuters said the head of the Ministry of Finance of the United States Stephen Mnuchin

Turkey and the Netherlands agreed on the normalization of diplomatic relations

Turkey and the Netherlands agreed to normalize diplomatic relations, according to a joint statement on the website of the Dutch Foreign Ministry. The Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Bloch sent a message to the Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, after which a telephone conversation took place between them.

The new Italian government has taken a course to abolish sanctions against Russia

Italian Ambassador in Moscow Pasquale Terracciano announced the intention of the new government to influence the sanctions regime directed against Russia. At the same time, the diplomat believes that in the near future the cancellation of restrictions is unlikely to be possible

Trump warned Rouhani from threats against the US

As IRNA reported on Sunday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, during a meeting in Tehran with representatives of Iranian foreign diplomatic missions, warned the US against the war with the Islamic Republic, advising Trump “not to play with fire.”

To President Roukhani of Iran: never, never threaten again the United States or you will experience the consequences that few people have experienced in the whole previous history. We are no longer the country that will tolerate your insane words of violence and death. Beware! – Donald Trump, 45th US President

In the US, a group to counter Russia in cyberspace

The US Cyber Command created a special working group to counter Russia’s actions in cyberspace, said commander General Paul Nakasone.

WP: Maria Butina financially supported by Russian businessman

Russian Maria Butina, who was detained in the US on suspicion of espionage, told US senators that she received financial support for her project in support of the right to carry arms from Russian businessman Konstantin Nikolayev.

Japan has protested Russia because of the confiscation of phones from the delegation

Japan has protested to Russia over the confiscation of satellite phones from representatives of the Japanese government during a recent visit to southern Kuril Islands by a group of their former residents, Japanese Cabinet Secretary General Yoshihide Suga told reporters in Tokyo on Monday.

The head of Estonian intelligence spoke about the network of “agents of influence” of Russia

Mikk Marran, Director General of the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Department, spoke of the discovery of “Russian agents of influence” in the country


China will create a submarine with artificial intelligence technology

South China Morning Post writes that scientists from China are developing an unmanned submarine that will be equipped with artificial intelligence technology. Thanks to this, she will be able to perform various complex missions.

Reuters announced the resumption of Russia’s strikes against IG positions in Syria

Russian and Syrian aviation intensified their bombardment against the forces of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IG), banned in Russia, in Syria. This is reported by Reuters with reference to diplomatic sources, as well as interlocutors among the Syrian opposition.

Palestinian groups agreed to a truce in the Gaza Strip

The Palestinian factions agreed to a truce in the Gaza Strip. Earlier it was reported that the Israeli and Hamas authorities agreed on a truce in the region. In the talks, they were assisted by the UN and Egypt, Tass reports.

Russia delivered weapons to Armenia under a $ 200 million loan agreement

Russia supplied Armenia with armament under a $ 200 million loan agreement, the head of the defense ministry of the republic David Tonoyan stated on the eve of the meeting, “Armenpress” reports. According to the minister, this is a modern, modernized weapon, which is not even in service with Russia.

Pentagon allocated $ 200 million to Ukraine for military equipment

The Pentagon has allocated $ 200 million to Ukraine for the training of military personnel and the purchase of military equipment, the press service of the US military department said.

Russia sent US proposals on the return of refugees to Syria

The Russian Federation has given the United States concrete proposals on the return of refugees to places of residence in Syria. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump agreed on joint activities in this area during the summit in Helsinki.

Taking into account the agreements reached by the presidents of Russia and the United States during the Helsinki summit, the US side is sent concrete proposals for organizing work on the return of refugees to places of pre-war stay. – Mikhail Mizintsev, Russian military leader

Poland decided to accelerate the purchase of a missile system from the United States

The Ministry of National Defense of Poland decided to accelerate the process of buying a long-range missile complex in the US, the Polish Defense Ministry said.

Putin’s line: military construction began along Russia’s western borders

The Ministry of Defense of Russia creates a military infrastructure parallel to the western borders. In addition, the work is near Kaliningrad and Sevastopol. This was told by Deputy Minister of the Ministry Timur Ivanov.

700 million rubles for the creation of a website about the First World War

The Ministry of Defense of Russia placed an application on the site of state procurement for the creation, content and development of the electronic portal “In memory of the heroes of the Great War of 1914-1918”


At least nine people were injured when shooting in the Canadian Toronto

As a result of firing in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, nine people were injured, local media reported. The man opened fire on the street in the urban area of Griktown, and then shot himself.

The old woman made up her overdue mascara and went blind

Mature Australian blinded after she made up her eyes with mascara, which was overdue for 20 years. This is reported by The Independent. Shirley Potter from the city of Adelaide applied mascara on her eyelashes before going out with her daughters.

Passengers who were sunk in Missouri were not allowed to wear life-jackets

The captain of the amphibian pleasure boat, sunk on Lake Tayble Rock in the US state of Missouri, allowed passengers not to wear life jackets.

In Dagestan, during the shelling, two policemen were killed

All the personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan in the Kizilyurt District were raised on alarm after an attack on the patrol service, which killed two policemen. This was reported by RIA Novosti in the ministry.

A member of the Migos group was caught in possession of weapons

The musician is already on a five-year probation period for storing weapons and marijuana. Violation of the regime may threaten him with imprisonment. Offset is a member of the hip-hop group Migos, which also includes members of his family Takeoff and Quavo.

Torture in the Yaroslavl colony

The Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings on the fact of torture in Yaroslavl colony No. 1. On the eve of the media there was a video recording of a year ago, at which FSIN officers severely beat one of the prisoners

Police of Germany did not reveal a terrorist trace in the attack on the bus

July 20, a man armed with a knife attacked the passengers of a bus in Lubeck. As a result of the incident, 8 to 14 people were injured, but the exact number of the police has not yet been named, just like the name of the attacker.

The model was accused of stealing 22 million from a State Duma deputy

Photo models of Olga Sintyureva were charged with stealing 22 million rubles from State Duma deputy Sergei Zhigarev. On this Friday, July 20, the lawyer of the girl Alexander Gofshtein told Kommersant. According to him, Sintyureva is charged with theft in a particularly large amount.

Armed criminal broke into the office of microloans in Moscow

Armed robbery was committed in the north of Moscow. On the Leningrad Highway, a man broke into the office of a microfinance organization. Threatening with firearms, he demanded to give him cash, and stole money disappeared

In Yakutia are looking for those responsible for the spread of wildfires

In Yakutia are looking for those responsible for the spread of wildfires The area of natural fires in Yakutia over the past day has grown more than three and a half times.

In Magnitogorsk at the wedding, guests staged shooting from a pistol

By the sound of shots it is difficult to determine what kind of weapon the man shot: from combat or traumatic. But, one thing is clear, other people could suffer from the firing in the center of the city. It is possible that the video of the wedding with shooting will be of interest to law enforcement agencies.

In Kamchatka, bears unearthed graves in the cemetery

Bears have unearthed several graves in the cemetery in the city of Elizovo (Kamchatka). In the opinion of game experts, we are talking about at least three predators, reports Interfax.

A carousel with young children collapsed in Yekaterinburg

In the Ekaterinburg Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after Mayakovsky (TsKKiO), after the breakdown of the base, the carousel “Kosmos” with small children collapsed. One of the girls was jammed, but she was not hurt. This is reported by the city portal E1.ru with reference to eyewitnesses.

The dog opened the luggage compartment of the plane during the flight to Moscow

“When inspecting the luggage compartment, it became clear that a small dog was not properly locked in a cage, climbed out of it in flight, tore the inner lining of the luggage compartment and somehow provoked the activation of the front luggage compartment flap to open,” said at the airport.

The plane with the head of the IMF made an emergency landing in Buenos Aires

An emergency landing at the Argentine airport in the capital soon after takeoff was made by an aircraft carrying the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, Argentine media reported.


Prince Harry did not allow Megan Markle to dress like Princess Diana

As the newspaper notes, trouser suits with a tuxedo often liked to wear Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother

Basque: Pugacheva became happy after leaving the stage

Nikolai Baskov in an interview told how he feels at the moment Alla Pugacheva after leaving the scene. According to the artist, Prima Donna managed to blossom after she stopped her constant performances, which also allowed her to become a caring mother.

Stas Sadalsky accused Alla Pugachev of lying

Famous actor and blogger Stas Sadalsky criticized the interview that Alla Pugacheva gave Oleg Menshikov. According to the actor, Prima donna told two stories that can not be true.

The first of them, according to Sadalsky, attracts attention at the beginning of the interview. Alla Borisovna said that her parents gave her a name in honor of two Soviet actresses – Tarasova and Larionova. The actor noted that Larionov became popular only in 1953 for the role of Lubava after the release of the film “Sadko”, while Pugacheva was born in 1949. Before this film, the actress was unknown, Sadalsky is sure.

Also, the actor does not believe that Vladimir Vysotsky could call Pugachev, and indeed any woman a pig. The prima donna told Menshikov in an interview that, once in a lift with Vysotsky, she did not recognize him, to which he allegedly told her: “I would have said hello, pig.” The blogger stressed that Vysotsky was not capable of this, because he treated women like goddesses: with trepidation, tenderness and passion.

Maria Shumakova for the sake of experiment refused from sex and alcohol

The essence of the current experiment is the rejection of sex and alcohol for a long period of time. Such an unusual way is described in one of the books about psychology, which the actress read recently. Shumakova noted that for the third month she does not enter into an intimate relationship and does not drink alcohol.

Volochkova found a place where she had not yet sat on a twine in a bikini

A day later Anastasia showed her trademark twine. She put on a bikini and climbed the hydrocycle. A few months ago she was already doing something similar: then Volochkova posed in a swimsuit against the backdrop of skyscrapers, being on a yacht.

Olga Buzova showed the engagement ring

Fans of the celebrity immediately drew attention to the jewelry and began to congratulate the singer with the engagement. “I’m at a favorite job,” – so Olga signed this picture, not saying a word about the ring, thus, throwing the follover food for thought.

Solid shame and eye mows: Video with Olga Buzovoy

On the video, the singer appeared in front of the camera without hair and make-up, because of what her fans were ridiculed. Commentators said: “A complete shame! you children are watching! “, explaining that to see an idol without tons of makeup, consider that” naked “, they are not ready

Vitorgan told about the problems in life with Sobchak

Vitorgan said that he and his wife had no time together to engage in a healthy lifestyle, to conduct joint training or to discuss diets. He noted that he rarely sees his wife, that they simply do not have time for such topics.

Star “House-2” Afrikantova married in the Seychelles

Starry participant of the scandalous reality show “Dom-2” Marina Afrikantova married. The chosen candidate of the 30-year-old girl was Roman Kapakli, 19 years old. As the portal “Evening Moscow” writes, the wedding was played in the Seychelles, in connection with which the marriage of the stars of the TV project is not valid in Russia.

Khodchenkova does not hesitate to pose topless on vacation with her lover

Svetlana Khodchenkova does not hesitate to pose topless, showing candid photos in her Instagram account. At the moment, the actress is in Spain, where she rests with her lover, sharing the details of her vacation with a large army of fans

The fat model shocked her photo in the bath with her son

Plus-size model Tess Holliday shocked the Network with a “naked” snapshot in the bath with a 2-year-old son. 33-year-old Tess Holliday – the thickest model in the world (its weight – 155 kg, and height – 165 cm). Its size is XXL (approximately the 60th size by Russian standards).

Dima Bilan opened his mini-hotel in the suburbs

36-year-old Dima Bilan decided to take up the hotel business and together with a relative-companion built a mini hotel in the Moscow region.

48-year-old Julia Menshova showed a figure in a bikini

The actress and TV presenter Julia Menshova boasted of the slender forms that she once had. The actress shared a rare archive photo. In his Instagram celebrity published a picture made back in 2006

Megan Markle spent more than 200 thousand dollars on shopping

Fans thought that over the past two months, only for shopping, the chosen one of Prince Harry spent about 200 thousand dollars. Since the plush royal wedding, Megan Markle and Prince Harry passed a little more than two months, but the scandals surrounding newly minted spouses have not disappeared anywhere

Latvia launched its “New Wave” with Laima Vaikule

After the political scandal, the organizers of the “New Wave” were forced to move to Sochi, but Jurmala found a way to repel the lost money by creating a song festival like “New Wave”. Latvia has launched its own festival.

Scammers extorted money from a fan of Yegor Creed for her intimate photos

18-year-old Maria Shatokhina dreamed of starring in the video of Yegor Creed. She was a fan of an artist for a long time, therefore, as soon as she saw the announcement of the casting, she wrote to agents Elena and Maxim, whose contact details were indicated in the announcement.

Karina Razumovskaya secretly married a classmate

The chosen Russian actress was Igor, with whom the celebrity met for about ten years. When the lovers were offered to organize a chic ceremony, they refused. Karina Razumovskaya secretly married Igor’s classmate.


Disney dismissed the director of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” because of the messages on Twitter

The Walt Disney Studios broke up business relations with the director of “The Guardians of the Galaxy” James Gunn because of his statements on Twitter. He was removed from the management of the filming of the third part of the film.

The first trailer horror series on the book George Martin

At the ComicCon comics festival in San Diego, the Syfy television channel presented the first trailer for the new horror series “Flying through the Night” based on the story of the same name by George Martin.

The main character of “Walking Dead” will leave the series

The first teaser of the upcoming ninth season of the series “Walking Dead” was presented in San Diego, USA. The upcoming season will be the last for actor Andrew Lincoln, who played the main role – police officer Rick Grimes.

This has never been seen: how did Comic-Con International – 2018

In San Diego, the annual festival of Comic-Con International, the main summer event for “geeks” from around the world, kicked off. “Gazeta.Ru” tells about the most interesting thing that was presented at the opening of the international exhibition.

The theme of the new season of the American horror story has become known

The premiere of the eighth season will be held on September 12, 2018 on the channel FX. “American Horror History” is a horror-anthology, where each season has a separate theme and story, indirectly related to each other. In each new season, almost the same actors are shot, but in different roles.

The first trailer of the final part of “Gogol” was released

The company of Alexander Tsekalo and the TV-3 channel released the trailer of the final film of the trilogy about the mystical adventures of writer Nikolai Gogol in the village of Dikanka. The game with the spectators in the spirit of “Sherlock” continues

In Britain, the most “outrageous” film of 2017 was called

The fantastic action movie “Logan” with Hugh Jackman in the title role gathered the most indignant reviews among the films of 2017. This is reported by the British Council on the classification of films. In total, the picture received 20 official complaints from viewers

The first film festival “Crystal Spring” starts in Essentuki

In five cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, the “Crystal Spring” film festival starts. The grand opening today will be held in Yessentuki, the organizers of the event said. Within the framework of the festival, more than a dozen films will be shown, among which there are many novelties.

The picture “Transition of Suvorov through the Alps” was revived at Soyuzmultfilm

The famous painting by Vasily Surikov “Suvorov’s crossing the Alps”, which is in the collection of the Russian Museum, will come to life in the new full-length animated film “Suvorov”. This was reported in Soyuzmultfilm. Over the adaptation of the image worked artist-director Yuri Pronin.

There was a trailer for the new animated series from the creator of the “Simpsons”

The trailer of the new animated series “Disappointment”, which was created by Matt Greining, known for the series “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”. According to the plot, Princess Bean, not wishing her own wedding, kills her fiancé and escapes. In a difficult journey, the demon Lucy and Elf Elf help her.

Star “Deadpool 2” will play in the film about the Joker

Star of the movie “Deadpool 2” Zazi Bits joined the cast of a solo film dedicated to the Joker.

Trailer of a new part of “Fantastic creatures”

The video was shown at the international festival Comic Con. This picture will be the sequel to the film, released in 2016. The role of the powerful evil magician Green de Valde will play Johnny Depp

Trailer of the TV series “Returning Home” with Julia Roberts

The first teaser of the series Homecoming with Julia Roberts was released.

The psychological thriller, which was ordered by Amazon immediately for two seasons, is based on the same podcast. The project is Sam Esmeil – the author of “Mr. Robot”. The main role was played by actress Julia Roberts, this is her first multi-part participation on small screens.

The third season teaser of the series “Man in a High Castle” was released

On the yutube channel of the streaming service Amazon Prime Video appeared teaser of the third season of the series “Man in a High Castle”, based on the novel of the same name, Philip Dick.


Samsung has created a new wireless charging

Developers of Samsung have created a wireless charger Samsung Wireless Charger Duo, which can charge just two devices. Samsung next month will introduce a new smartphone Galaxy Note 9, which, according to experts, can compete with Apple products.

Four IT-giants have joined forces for the convenience of users

Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft have joined forces to work on the Data Transfer Project for the convenience of users. As stated in the message on the site of the social network Facebook, so IT-giants try to simplify the process of transferring clients data between different services

The new Instagram function displays friends online

Developers of the Instagram application told about the launch of a new function. Now users can see which subscriber is online. Facebook has developed a new version of its project Instagram.

Huobi introduces cloud technology for OTC transactions

Holding Huobi announced the launch of its own cloud platform Huobi Cloud, through which users can create transactions based on an existing service. More than 10 international companies have already signed an agreement on future cooperation with the company.

Experts predicted the death of WhatsApp and Google Maps

Mobile expert Jessica Ekholm predicted the death of WhatsApp and Google Maps applications. It turned out that in the US and Europe the boom of various programs has passed, so soon the whole world will move into a new era.

Ekholm considers one of the main problems for application developers is the attempt to “tie users to themselves”. People get used to the software they need and stop installing new ones. As a result, one third of programs are forgotten. The competition in the market is huge and many developers can not earn and survive in this environment.

In the AppStore, about 2.2 million applications are fighting for a penny. The Google Play Store has almost 3.4 million. Many of them, in fact, only copies of original original ideas. YouTube, Tinder, Netflix or Facebook are protected by a network effect, but often integrate other people’s concepts into their services, calling them new features. A good example is the similarity between Snapchat and Facebook. Over time, individual elements become uninteresting, and users prefer complex applications. Artificial intelligence and other innovations will replace them.

Google Maps has a convenient feature, but few people know about it

Today, the function has grown and migrated from mobile devices to the web version. So, Google Maps can tell users when they should leave. This convenient function is created so that people are not late for important meetings while sitting on the Web.

Error in WhatsApp allowed users to bypass privacy settings

Users of WhatsApp were able to see when the last time a particular person visited the application. You can do this regardless of the privacy settings. This is due to the incorrect operation of the web version of the messenger.

New smartphone Xiaomi Mi A2 on the “clean” Android

The official display of the smartphone will be held July 24 in Barcelona, live sales of the device will begin in August. Recall, the Mi A2 will install a 5.99-inch screen with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels

Samsung intends to combine Galaxy S + and Galaxy Note in one line

According to Korean major publications, the company’s management decided to combine the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines into one. Combine the series are planned since last year and a number of suppliers have already been informed that orders for components can be reduced several times

In Russia, pre-order a new version of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 +

It is known that very soon and the Russians will be able to get a new version of the flagship: in our country pre-order for the updated Samsung Galaxy S9 + is already open. It is expected that smartphone sales will start on September 3.

Instant charging technology for iPhone

Instant charging technology for iPhone was developed by specialists from the University of Adelaide and the University of Ramsay. The basis for the innovation lies in the principles of rapid charge transfer.

Samsung Galaxy S9 taught to shoot in slow motion shooting mode

South Korean company Samsung has updated the flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 +. Smartphones have learned to shoot video in slow motion at 480 fps. The image quality at the same time is 720 pixels.

The new OS Fuchsia from Google can replace Android in five years

The American company Google can get rid of the Android operating system within the next five years. To replace it, she is developing a new OS Fuchsia. As reported by Bloomberg, over the novelty Google has been working for two years and creates a new operating system from scratch.

Dr.Web helps in blocking malicious sites

Dr.Web has the right to demand the blocking of resources with malicious content. Coordination Center of the national domain of the Internet gave it the status of a competent organization, Vedomosti reported. The domain gives an “address” to sites, mailboxes, command servers that control viruses

Samsung will release the world’s first micro-LED screens in September

South Korean company Samsung in September this year will launch the display in accordance with the technology of micro-LED. After the release of trial lots, mass production will be launched. Modular TVs will be called The Wall.


In Russia, developed an automatic external defibrillator

Russian designers have developed and launched a fully automatic external defibrillator. A compact and light device allows a sudden heart to stop using a high-voltage discharge.

In China, build a transport system for the project Hyperloop Ilona Mask

Soon, the Chinese will be able to evaluate trips in the high-speed system Hyperloop, the idea of which belongs to the inventor and entrepreneur Ilona Mask. According to the “People’s News”, the first ten kilometers of the railway line will be built in the city of Tongren.

Consumption of fish reduced mortality from all causes

Scientists from China found that the consumption of fish and other products in which omega-3 was present helped to reduce mortality, both in women and men. In the experiment, 420,000 people took part. The researchers analyzed the information about the nutrition of the subjects.

In the United States discovered a new kind of dinosaurs

Paleontologists of the United States announced the discovery of a new species of dinosaurs. About reported on the Youtube channel of the Museum of Natural History of Utah. The new species was named Akainacephalus johnsoni (Akainocephal Johnsoni), he belonged to the ankylosaur infra.

Scientists have dispersed nanoparticles to a billion revolutions per second

A billion times per second is far from the maximum speed of rotation of particles for such a medium, moreover, it is not even capable of breaking down elements.

Artificial Intelligence was taught to distinguish between birds singing

Scientists managed to teach artificial intelligence to determine the species of birds by their singing. Since the problem of the disappearance of birds is especially relevant today, experts consider it necessary to create a modern system for counting and controlling their populations

Whale sharks can live up to 130 years

In total, data were collected on the dynamics of the growth of 44 sharks, mostly young. On the basis of these data, scientists have compiled a mathematical model that allows us to determine the age of the shark by its size. According to the model, male whale sharks reach puberty by the year 25 of life and live up to 130 years.


Facebook creates a satellite to distribute the Internet to the world

Facebook has begun developing a project to create a special satellite, its mission will be to distribute the Internet around the world. The engineering group is working on progressive technology, it received the name PointView Tech.

“Soyuz-5” will cost “Roskosmos” twice as much as it was supposed

The state corporation Roskosmos is ready to pay for the development of a new medium-class carrier rocket Soyuz-5 twice as much as laid down in the Federal Space Program. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

Scientists talked about the role of the moon in the origin of life

Life on Earth appeared 750 million years ago. The first living creatures lived not on land but in the ocean. As far as we know, for the ebb and flow of the moon, the main companion of our planet. Once upon a time, the Moon was much closer to the Earth, and therefore the tides and ebb more depended on it. Perhaps after some ebb on the shore there were living creatures who moved later to live on land.

Mars Curiosity could not drill strange rocks

Planethod Curiosity discovered mysterious rocks on Mars, which he failed to drill. Scientists gave the command to the device to receive new soil samples, but it could not fulfill it

Scientists have captured the laser center of the Milky Way

To note the laser center of the Milky Way, the scientists managed quite accidentally during the testing of the MeerKAT telescope capabilities. Researchers, using the photosensitive lenses of the device, were able to take several photos of the location of the bright spot.

The NASA launches the first probe in the history of the Sun

The National Space Research Agency announced the launch of the first probe in the history of the Sun to study the atmosphere of the star. The launch of Parker Solar Probe was announced in August, the probe is designed so that it can withstand both solar heat and radiation.

Americans are going to return to the moon

After the implementation of several landings on the moon in the US, they decided to curtail the program for its development, but soon it could be renewed because of the helium-3 isotope.

In September, India will launch satellites

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) plans to launch in September a commercial launch vehicle with two British satellites.

Over the North Atlantic, Wi-Fi has been installed

The Falcon 9 rocket orbited the Canadian communications satellite Telstar 19 Vantage, designed to transmit broadband signals in the Americas. Its launch took place on Sunday, July 22, at 8:50 Moscow time.


Compact car Volkswagen Touran got cross-version of CrossTouran

The car has a cross-version. Touran of the second generation has bypassed the Russian market side, but in China it has been produced for two years and is popular.

Company Ferrari has patented a new engine

The company Ferrari has patented in Europe a new engine with four cylinders and an electrical superstructure, unique for the entire world car industry.

Engineers Hyundai working on the flagship sports car for the N-brand

According to the head, the first step in the promotion of sports cars with the letter N will be the start of sales of the Veloster N and i30 N models. Only after a successful launch the company will start building its own sports car.

Convertible BMW 8 Series lit up on tests without camouflage

The company BMW has begun road tests of the revived BMW 8-Series in a body convertible. On the eve of the portal AutoExpress published the first spy photos of the car. The novelty was noticed during the tests on the roads of Scotland.

Volkswagen takes off the legendary Golf GTI

The German automotive concern Volkswagen announced the discontinuation of production of the cult Gatchy hatchback Golf GTI because of the forthcoming environmental standards (WLTP) coming into force in Europe.

Hatchback and wagon Peugeot 508 GT will receive a full drive

Hybrid Peugeot 508 GT will be available in the European market with a hatchback or estate. In the meantime, in the Old World, the usual modifications are offered at a price starting from € 31,250. For comparison, for a sedan Mazda 6 ask 27 950 euros, and for BMW 318i – 33 400 euros.

Became known the prices of the new BMW M2 Competition

Recall, under the hood of the BMW M2 Competition is a 3-liter gasoline engine with two turbines with a power of 405 hp. With such an engine and a manual gearbox, the car accelerates to “hundreds” in 4.2 seconds, and with a robotic gearbox – in 4 seconds exactly.

Judging by the online configurator, opened by the American division of BMW, the cost of the coupe starts at $ 58,900 or about 3,740,000 rubles. The top version of the sport car will cost a little more – at 67,120 dollars or 4,260,000 rubles.


Multiplayer in Stardew Valley will appear very soon

Publisher Chucklefish finally called the day when fans of the famous simulator of village life Stardew Valley will be able to settle on one farm. The update, which opens the multiplayer, will appear on August 1

BetConstruct initiates live betting on a poker tournament

Within the framework of the Vbet Russian Poker Tour, BetConstruct software developer offers players a new solution for live betting on real Bet-on-Poker poker games.

List of characters SoulCalibur 6 added to Woldo

The web has a new trailer SoulCalibur 6, dedicated to Voldo – he added to the list of characters that will be available on the release day of the game.

VAC banned 61 thousand accounts per day. This is the record

The previous peak occurred on August 18, 2017, then VAC banned 44.5 thousand accounts. The VAC action extends to many games on Steam, including Dota 2, CS: GO and Team Fortress 2.

Authors Spec Ops: The Line announced shooter The Cycle

German company Yager, known for the shooter Spec Ops: The Line and aviasimulyatorom Dreadnought, announced a project called The Cycle. This is a fantastic shooter, the feature of which is short encounters with opponents.

The story trailer of “Spider-Man” is presented

Sony has published a trailer for the video game “Spider-Man”. In the new game, Spider-Man has to confront not only the villains of the Marvel universe, but also to avoid the police.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker has found the exact release date

Deep Silver named the exact release date of the isometric role-playing game Pathfinder: Kingmaker, having prepared two new trailers at once. The release of the game will take place on September 25 only on the PC.

The recent patch of World of Warcraft almost broke the game

Soon after installing patch 8.0, World of Warcraft’s sabreddid was filled to the brim with angry posts of players who shared their bugs and problems they found – there were incredibly many of them

DICE showed the brightest moments from the Alpha Battlefield V

Studio DICE presented a video showing the brightest moments from the previously closed alpha-test Battlefield V. And if you missed the opportunity to join the ranks of fighters of the new “battles”, then do not be afraid – Electronic Arts confirmed that it will conduct an open beta testing of the game.

The new Asgard slot from Pragmatic Play

Norwegian god of thunder and mighty Thor are ready to help every gamer win a big cash prize in a new slot machine called Asgard from Pragmatic Play. The theme is interwoven with the previously released company Realtime Gaming slot machine Asgard Slots.

In the fighting game Absolver there will be a new mode

Studio Sloclap is preparing to release an update to its simulator of martial arts Absolver

The authors of Sir, You Are Being Hunted announced The Light Keeps Us Safe

Studio Big Robot, known for the games The Signal From Tölva and Sir, You Are Being Hunted, is working on a new project. The Light Keeps Us Safe will be released in the early access of Steam on October 11, and its release is scheduled for March 2019

Ghost Recon Wildlands will appear the mode of passage with an irreversible death

In Ghost mode, allies take damage from your bullets, the main weapon can be just one, and death is irreversible. You can change equipment only from boxes with supplies or by taking it from dead enemies

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