26 Dec, 2017

Elections in Russia: social networks under control

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a careful analysis of the work of foreign companies in social networks during the pre-election campaign in Russia.

At the same time, Putin stressed that “the space of freedom on the Internet can not be narrowed.” But we need to “carefully look at how some companies work on the Web, in social networks, how much they are involved in our domestic political life,” the president noted.

“Including, it will be necessary to carefully analyze how they will behave during the presidential election campaign,” he added.

In addition, Putin said about the need to improve the acting in Russia law on foreign agents. According to the president, he does not limit the freedom of citizens, but aims to prevent interference in the affairs of the Russian Federation from outside.

On November 25, Vladimir Putin signed amendments to the Russian legislation on media standards that fulfill the functions of foreign agents. The provisions of the law make it possible to recognize a mass media agent as an agent if it receives funding from abroad. In early December, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation published the first list of media outlets that have been granted the status of a foreign agent, including the Voice of America and Radio Liberty. Moscow explained that this is a mirror response to US actions against Russia Today and Sputnik agency, which are considered to be the mouthpieces of Kremlin propaganda in the West.

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CEC denied Navalny the right to participate in presidential elections

The Central Election Commission denied the blogger Alexei Navalny of registering the initiative group for his self-nomination in the presidential election because of undefined previous convictions. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the decision adopted by the Central Election Commission.

I am forced to propose a draft decision of the CEC, the meaning of which is to deny registration of a group of voters created to support the self-nomination of a candidate for the office of Russian President Alexei Navalny. – Boris Ebzeev, lawyer

Foreign Minister of Germany does not see Ukraine and Turkey in the EU in the coming years

Ukraine and Turkey in the foreseeable future will not become members of the European Union. This was stated by German Foreign Minister Zigmar Gabriel in an interview published on Tuesday by media group Funke.

I can not imagine in the coming years either Turkey or Ukraine as an EU member. – Sigmar Gabriel, German politician

The law on foreign agents should be improved, Putin said

President Vladimir Putin said that the law on media-inoagents “needs to be improved.” He said this at a meeting with the leadership of the chambers of the Federal Assembly, RIA Novosti reports.

This law needs to be improved. We need only to make it directed at the solution of the task for which it was created, namely, to exclude all outside interference in our domestic political life either directly or through dummies, by financing their activities within the country. – Vladimir Putin

Putin proposed to extend the amnesty of capital

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke in favor of extending the amnesty of capital and freeing businessmen who transfer their firms to Russia from abroad from paying a 13 percent tax. He made such proposals at a meeting with parliamentarians, RIA Novosti reported.

The first is to extend the term of capital amnesty, referring to those external constraints that do not become smaller, but, on the contrary, appear to have a tendency to increase. – Vladimir Putin

Israel is negotiating the transfer of embassies with several countries

Israel is negotiating with more than 10 states on the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and the transfer of their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, said Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel Tzipi Hotoveli.

Alexander Beglov became the new ambassador in the North-West Federal District

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on appointing a new envoy to the Northwestern Federal District.

Ukraine will introduce biometric control on the border with Russia

The biometric control system will work at the main border crossings of the Ukrainian-Russian border on December 26. This was stated by the press-secretary of the state border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan.

Sobchak submitted documents to the CEC for nomination to the presidency

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak on Monday filed with the Central Election Commission documents for the nomination of the president of Russia from the party “Civil Initiative”, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

Putin appointed the head of the Voronezh region Voronezh mayor Gusev

“To appoint Gusev Alexander Viktorovich as acting governor of the Voronezh region until the person elected by the governor of the Voronezh region takes office,” the decree said. Putin accepted resignation at the request of Voronezh Governor Alexei Gordeev

The Kremlin is concerned about possible new US sanctions against Russia

The Kremlin is concerned about the debate in the US about new sanctions against the Russian Federation, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Monday

Putin promised to fight terrorists in Syria “point-wise”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if necessary, Russia will continue to fight against terrorists in Syria. The struggle will be carried out “point-by-point,” RIA Novosti reports. According to him, at the moment, Syria no longer requires “widespread use of the armed forces of Russia.”

Broad application of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Syria is not required, but we have two points of base, and we will certainly continue the fight against terrorism, including in the territory of Syria. If required, we will work there point-by-point. – Vladimir Putin

Putin will not attend the meeting of the group on his nomination for the presidency

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not plan to participate in the meeting of the initiative group on his nomination for the presidency. This was reported by the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, reports Interfax.

No, the president has no plans. Tomorrow a fairly busy schedule. In addition, in this case, the presence of the president is not required. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Sovfed asked France to allow Kerimov to return to Russia

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation asks the French authorities to allow Russian senator Suleiman Kerimov to return to Russia under the guarantee that he will come to France if necessary, said the speaker of the upper house of parliament Valentina Matvienko at the final press conference on Monday.

We received a decision of the presidium of the Dagestan parliament, which appealed to us so that we could help to ensure that Mr. Kerimov could fulfill his duties as a representative of the legislative authority from Dagestan, protect the rights of Dagestan’s citizens and fulfill his powers. – Valentina Matvienko, statesman

Putin discussed with the members of the Security Council a Syrian settlement

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed with the permanent members of the Security Council the topic of the Syrian settlement and the preparation of the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue.

We talked in detail about the prospects of the Syrian settlement, first of all, taking into account the results of the next round of talks in Astana, which ended recently. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Account Assange disappeared from Twitter

The account of the founder of the organization WikiLeaks Julian Assange disappeared from the social network Twitter. When you try to open Assange’s microblogging on the site, a message is displayed that this page does not exist. Users ask questions, but representatives of Twitter have not commented on the incident.

Putin discussed with Berdimuhamedov cooperation within the CIS

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin discussed with Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in a telephone conversation topical issues on the bilateral agenda, as well as interaction within the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States.


The British ship followed the Russian frigate

The British frigate HMS St Albans accompanied the Russian frigate Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov in the territorial waters of the United Kingdom. Information on this extended Reuters on Tuesday, December 26.

Shoigu announced the completion of the construction of military facilities in Russia in the Arctic

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the department actually completed the construction of military facilities in the Arctic.

We actually completed construction in the Arctic. For the entire history of the development of the Arctic such a number of facilities, in this form, in such equipment, with such energy saving capabilities, no one built, no one built weapons. – Sergei Shoigu, Russian military leader

Russia will create a high-speed drones, a source said.

The Joint Design Bureau named after Simonov received a contract from the Russian Defense Ministry to carry out a design for the creation of a high-speed, high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aircraft, a source in the defense industry complex told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

A “true friend” of NATO will replace a new turboprop aircraft

The legendary Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20M, nicknamed “a true friend” by NATO, will be replaced by a new turboprop aircraft. This is reported to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Defense of South Korea is creating a structure for the DPRK

According to them, the emergence of a new unit is associated with the need to more effectively respond to the nuclear missile threat from North Korea.

Russian stealth ships have protected “Shells”

Russian multipurpose combat ships of the near sea zone, called stealth corvettes, armed with long-range cruise missiles Caliber and anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems Pantsir-M.

Engineers of the Russian Army joined the “stealth sappers”

Engineers of the Russian army joined the “stealth sappers” who are able to penetrate the rear of the enemy with the help of artificial intelligence elements. This is reported by “Izvestia”, referring to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The newest frigate “Admiral Makarov” was transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Russia

“The trans-transfer certificate for the frigate” Admiral Makarov “was signed by the plant’s general director Eduard Efimov and the chairman of the state acceptance commission of the Russian Defense Ministry, captain 1st rank Alexei Poteshkin,” the company

Committee of the Federation Council on Defense supported the law on expanding the base in Tartus

The Council of Federation’s Committee on Defense and Security recommended that the upper house ratify the agreement on the Russian naval base in Syrian Tartous, Tass reports. This decision was made at a meeting of the committee on Monday.

Russian Defense Ministry plans to purchase improved drones “Forpost”

The Russian Defense Ministry plans in 2019 to purchase further outposts “Forpost”, improved taking into account the combat experience in Syria and assembled entirely from Russian components, said Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov.

Frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” will give the fleet in 2018

The main frigate of project 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov” will be handed over to the Russian fleet already in 2018. This was told by the President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexei Rakhmanov.


Visa and Mastercard are suspended from Russian technologies

From the association “Fintech”, created under the aegis of the Central Bank for the development of financial technologies, Visa and Mastercard were excluded. This happened about two weeks after the introduction. About this “Vedomosti” was told by three people close to the “Fintekh”.

The Central Bank was told when inflation would approach 4%

The regulator stressed that the dynamics of food inflation in early 2018 may be affected by a decrease in the stocks of domestic potatoes and open ground vegetables. Earlier, the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said that the current low inflation in Russia has no drawbacks.

Penalty for illegal mining of amber in Russia is increased 100 times

The fine for illegal amber extraction for individuals has been increased 100 times in Russia. Instead of 3-5 thousand rubles for such a violation, illegal miners will be fined 200-500 thousand rubles, the press service of the Kaliningrad region government said on Monday.

The Supervisory Board of ALROSA approved the sale of gas assets at an auction

The Supervisory Board of ALROSA on December 22 approved the sale of ALROSA’s gas assets at an open auction, as well as the main terms and parameters of the auction.

Nabiullina said how long the cleaning of the banking sector will last

Clearing the banking sector from dishonest players will last at least two years, the head of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, said.

For a while, the policy of recovery will continue. In the summer we estimated that, probably, two or three years. Rather, two than three, we will still have to revoke licenses a little more often than it should be. – Elvira Nabiullina, Russian statesman

Rosselkhoznadzor lifts restrictions on the supply of tea from Sri Lanka

“As a result of the negotiations, a decision has been taken under the guarantee of Sri Lanka’s quarantine service to remove the time restrictions on the supply of all plant products from Sri Lanka since December 30, 2017,” said the head of the department, Sergei Dankvert

Rosneft and Sistema filed a lawsuit in court on an amicable settlement

Rosneft and Sistema agreed on Friday, December 22, to conclude an amicable agreement on the dispute over the reorganization of Bashneft, which took place in 2014. “Rosneft” demanded to compensate the Bashkir company 170.6 billion rubles. losses

The government approved the rules for determining the price of heat

“The rules will allow to establish at the federal level a single settlement for all settlements in which the target model of the heat energy market is being introduced (heat price price zones), the methodology and procedure for calculating the maximum price level for thermal energy,” the government explained.

Siluanov: inflation in Russia in 2017 will be 2.5-2.6%

Inflation in Russia in 2017 will be up to 2, 5-2, 6%. This was announced by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in an interview with the Rossiya 24 television channel.

Sberbank refinances loans Vnukovo for 9 billion rubles

Sberbank of Russia concluded a deal with Vnukovo Airport on refinancing loans issued by other banks. The deal amounted to 9 billion rubles, the press service of the credit institution.

Large Russian banks complained to FAS on MTS because of the price of SMS

It is noted that the mobile operator increased the cost of one message by 100-120% – from 0,68-0,75 rubles to 1,5 rubles. This appeal was joined by 17 banks, including Alfa-Bank, Raiffeisenbank and Moscow Credit Bank.

Sberbank refinances loans Vnukovo for 9 billion rubles

Sberbank and Vnukovo Airport have concluded a deal to refinance loans issued by other banks in the amount of 9 billion rubles

The Central Bank of China raised the RMB to a maximum of three months

The People’s Bank of China raised the renminbi rate to 6.5683 per dollar – its highest level since September 2017, Xinhua reports. From December 21, the exchange rate of the Chinese currency increased by 138 basis points.

Eurobonds for the return of capital in the Russian Federation are equated to securities

Eurobonds of the Ministry of Finance for the return of capital to Russia will be equated to securities that provide for exemption from tax payments for the amount of exchange differences, Tass said Deputy Finance Minister Ilya Trunin

China increased LNG imports in November by 53%

The import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to China in November increased by 53% compared to November 2016 – up to 4.06 million tons, according to the data of the main customs administration of China.

In the Chinese Central Bank offer to arrange a “default in the style of Detroit”

China should allow defaults by local governments in the fight against over-crediting of regional authorities. About this in an article for China Business News wrote the head of the analytical bureau of the People’s Bank of China (NBK, the Central Bank of the country) Xu Zhong

In his view, a situation like Detroit’s bankruptcy would convince investors that the central government is really determined to discredit the assumptions about the existence of implicit guarantees for the obligations of regional authorities, Finanz reports.

Medvedev corrected the volumes of oil exported at preferential rates

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has adjusted oil volumes for four Russian fields, which can be exported at preferential rates. The decree was published on the official website of the Russian government.

“Based on the monitoring results of 2016, a reasonable amount of crude oil is clarified, which can be exported using special formulas from the South Talakan, Dulisminskoye, East Messoyakhskoye oil and gas condensate fields, Korchagin “, – reported in the document ….

Vologda Bank “Northern Credit” stopped financial operations

Law enforcement bodies are checking on the Vologda bank “Severny Credit”, which on December 25 ceased all financial operations, said on Monday the deputy governor of the Vologda region Valentina Artamonova

FC Opening, Binbank and Promsvyazbank can unite

Today, on December 25, 2017, it became known that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is discussing the possibility of merging the three reorganized banks, PJSC Bank “Opening Bank”, PJSC “Binbank” and PJSC “Promsvyazbank”.

“Yandex” bought a food delivery service Foodfox. It will be combined with UberEats

The founders of Foodfox Maxim Firsov and Sergey Polissar will lead this direction and will develop a food delivery service in Russia and abroad.

The income of MZD from freight traffic in 2017 will grow by almost 22%

The total revenue of the Moscow railway (MZD) from cargo transportation in 2017 will be at least 67 million rubles, which is almost 22% higher than in 2016, the head of the branch office of the Russian Railways holding Vladimir Moldaver told reporters on Monday.

Sechin and Alekperov called on the authorities to refuse a new fee from business

The leaders of the oil companies opposed the introduction of a recycling fee for heavy engineering products (including oil and gas), power engineering. This is stated in their letter addressed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

The letter was signed by Igor Sechin, chief executive officer of Rosneft, Vagit Alekperov, Lukoil’s president, Alexander Dyukov, Gazprom Neft CEO, Vladimir Bogdanov, Surgutneftegaz, and Nail Maganov from Tatneft.

Head of the State Duma Committee Moskvichev proposed to build in the capital another airport

The head of the State Duma committee, Moskvichev, proposed building another airport in the capital, Tass reports. According to Moskvichev, the construction of the new airport will relieve the airspace over the city.


The increase in work experience will allow to increase pensions by 6%

Raising the minimum requirements for retirement will increase payments by 1.6% by 2030 and by 6% by 2050. This will make the budget of the FIU more balanced, according to the calculations of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Russia chose the main word of 2017

The expert council at the Center for Creative Development of the Russian language chose the word “renovation” in 2017. This is reported on the website “The Year of Literature”. The second place is “bitcoin”, and on the third – “hayp”. Then the words “toxic”, “battle”, “doping”, “crypto-currency”, “fake”, “visa-free” and “harassment / harassment” were added to the rating.

Senators suggested lowering the minimum degree of vodka

Senators Sergei Ryabukhin, Evgeny Bushmin and Vitaliy Shuba proposed to reduce the minimum strength of vodka from 38% to 37.5% in order to remove the contradiction between the law and GOST. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the authors of the legislative initiative.

Account Assange in Twitter recovered

The account of the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange in the social network Twitter is again available. In Assange’s microblogging, new records have already appeared. Earlier media reported that the founder’s account of WikiLeaks on Twitter disappeared

Matvienko told about the New Year corporate in the Federation Council

Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko said that this year the New Year’s corporate in the upper house “will limit itself to a glass of champagne.” This is reported by RIA Novosti. “Everything will be limited to a glass of champagne, to which senators will congratulate each other,” – said Matviyenko

Poll: Most Russians consider 2017 as “medium”

Most Russians (63%) estimate 2017 as “medium.” This is evidenced by the results of a survey of the Levada Center. Another 18% of respondents named the outgoing year as good and 16% as bad.

Intestinal bacillus was found in 30% of the rolls of St. Petersburg

A check conducted by the quality control center in St. Petersburg in restaurants, food delivery services and chain stores in the city showed that 30% of the rolls contained an E. coli. The experts passed the results of the research to Rospotrebnadzor.

FAS: Passengers overpaid for the exchange of tickets for the train

In the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS), it was considered a violation by the Federal Passenger Company (FPK, the “daughter” of the Russian Railways) that the passenger has to overpay when a new ticket is reissued for another train, the press service of the Moscow office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) said on December 25.

Since 2018, the rate for chemotherapy will increase by 80%

The rate for chemotherapy will increase by 80% from 2018. This became known from the words of the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova.

The perpetrators of the terrible year 2017

The legalization of same-sex marriages became one of the events of 2017, which made it horrible for believers. This was stated by the head of the Catholic Church of Australia, Archbishop Anthony Fisher, his words are reported by The Independent.

“Victory” invited Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to fly for free

Low-budget airline Pobeda from December 25, 2017 to January 10, 2018 offers passengers in the costume of Santa Claus or Snow Maiden a free flight on all flights of the route network, subject to availability.

The government has supported the law on lifelong terms for pedophiles

The bill was developed by Irina Yarova, vice speaker of the State Duma. He proposes to enter life imprisonment for crimes of a sexual nature for children under 14 years. The deputy first proposed to establish as an aggravating circumstance joint living with children and adolescents


“Kommersant” reported on the detention of the general director of “Voentelecom”

The head of the subordinated Defense Ministry of the company Voentelecom, Alexander Davydov, was detained on suspicion of embezzling about 500 million rubles during the implementation of state contracts for the supply of special equipment to the Ministry of Defense, the Kommersant newspaper writes on Tuesday referring to sources.

In Volgograd, the plane landed urgently because of the smoker on board

The plane Pobeda, which made a flight on the route Vladikavkaz-Moscow, in the evening on Monday, December 25, made an unplanned landing in Volgograd because of the smoker. This is reported by TASS with reference to the representative of the airline.

In Japan, more than 500 people died from mysterious bacteria

In 2017, more than 500 residents of Japan contracted a mysterious infection due to “carnivorous bacteria.” As The Asahi Shimbun writes, 525 people have been diagnosed with streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS).

The driver of the bus with children was hit with a knife on the road in St. Petersburg

The owner of SUV Range Rover attacked with a knife on the bus driver carrying children after the excursion to the museum of St. Petersburg in the Kirovsky district of the Leningrad region. The bus driver is hospitalized in serious condition, the criminal is looking for the police

The African has tried to remove a cross from a Christmas tree in Italy

In Italian Milan, a Gambian native tried to remove a cross from a Christmas tree. This is reported by the publication Il Giornale. The incident occurred on December 22 in front of the Central Station of Milan on the Duca d’Aosta square.

In Ostankino, a memorial was opened in memory of those killed in the crash of Tu-154

As a result of the crash, the crew of the First Channel, correspondent Dmitry Runkov, cameraman Vadim Denisov and sound engineer Alexander Soidov perished; journalists of the NTV channel – correspondent Mikhail Luzhetsky, cameraman Oleg Pestov and sound engineer Evgeny Tolstov, and the crew of the Zvezda TV channel – journalist Pavel Obukhov, cameraman Alexander Suranov and assistant Valery Rzhevsky.

I remember the despair and powerlessness of those days and the pain. The pain was dulled, but it did not go away. Today we are opening a memorial plaque in memory of our colleagues who died exactly one year ago. – Konstantin Ernst

The organizer of the murder of a Mexican journalist was detained

In Mexico, the alleged organizer of the murder of a correspondent of the influential Jornada newspaper was detained. This was stated by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country Anhel Osorio Chong.

In Berlin, the car drove into the headquarters of the SPD

In Berlin, a man in a car rammed the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). The city police reported this on its Twitter page. The incident occurred around midnight.

Figurantke case “Seventh studio” Apfelbaum extended house arrest

The Moscow Basmanny Court left until April 19 of the following year, under the house arrest of the director of the Russian Academic Youth Theater (RAMT), Sofya Apfelbaum, who was detained in the criminal case of the “Seventh Studio”, the Interfax correspondent reports.

IG claimed responsibility for the explosion in Kabul

The terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG, banned in the Russian Federation) claimed responsibility for the explosion that took place in the capital of Afghanistan on Monday. This was reported by the Reuters agency.

The shootout took place at the Apraksin Dvor market in St. Petersburg

There was a gunfight in the Apraksin Dvor market in St. Petersburg. This is reported by the “Fifth Channel”. According to journalists, about 50 people became participants in the conflict.


New Year in the Red Square again will not work

Free entrance to Red Square on New Year’s Eve will be closed due to filming of the holiday program, reports Interfax, to get to Red Square will be possible only by invitation cards.

Red Square will be closed on December 26 because of the all-Russian tree. Also, access to the Kremlin will be restricted, except for the passage from the Borovitskaya Tower to visit the Armory Chamber and the Diamond Fund. Also, in connection with the Christmas tree, the streets around the Kremlin will be blocked. From 08:30 to 15:00 they will block the streets of Varvarku, Moskvoretsky, Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge and Vasilyevsky Descent.

Tverskaya Street will become a pedestrian for three days, festive events there will begin already on the afternoon of December 31.

Rosturizm: Typhoon “Tembin” moves to the coast of Vietnam

Russian tourists who are in Vietnam, or plan to fly there, are asked to take into account the approach to the coast of the tropical country of the typhoon “Tembin”, the press service of the Federal Agency for Tourism informs.

Entry to 77 museums in Moscow on New Year’s holidays will be free of charge

In the New Year holidays from 2 to 7 January, the entrance to 77 museums of the Department of Culture of Moscow will be free, the official portal of the mayor and the government of the capital. In particular, you can visit the exhibition “Immense Ryazanov”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of director Eldar Ryazanov, in the New Manege.

Tibet authorities approved helicopter tourism for local attractions

Tourists now have the opportunity to enjoy the views of the capital of Tibet Lhasa from a bird’s-eye view, reports Xinhua News Agency on December 25. The municipal government of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China approved helicopter tours in trial mode.

In the Kuban have developed uniform standards for the design of beaches

Accomplishment according to uniform standards has already been implemented in Sochi and on the Spit of the Yeisky District. It is based on this experience, the Ministry of Resorts and decided to equip the beaches in one style.

The first Japanese onsen in Russia is built on Sakhalin

Russian-Japanese private investments will create the first Japanese onsen on Sakhalin. The complex area of 7,4 thousand square meters. meters will include two levels. The central part of the first level will be onsen – a traditional Japanese bath with the use of natural healing water of a certain temperature

Dangerous mosquitoes in the Canaries

Departments refer to the regional health authorities of the island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary archipelago in Spain, which report on the captured mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, the owners of dangerous diseases of Zeke, Dengue and yellow fever.

In the mountains of Sochi opened a deer farm

Skiers and snowboarders can go down to the Deer Farm on the blue H road, and to the usual tourists the resort offers to get to the center by snowmobile.

Konyukhov will make a “round-the-world trip” across the Crimea

In May-June of 2018, they plan to conduct a “Crimean round-the-world trip” on the peninsula. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Resorts of the Republic Vadim Volchenko during the regular meeting of the Council of Ministers. A famous traveler, Fedor Konyukhov, will lead the journey through the historical places of the peninsula.

Winter fairy tale begins. The parks of the city invite you to plunge into the magic

22 metropolitan parks for the New Year will be designed in a special style, and in each of them you can skate, ski, cheesecake and participate in fascinating master classes


The network “merged” sex photos of the most expensive in the world model Gisele Bundchen

In the Internet, sex photos of the highest-paid model in the world – 37-year-old Giselle Bundchen were caught. The pictures were published by Telegram Channel Super. The former model Victoria’s Secret is posing on the photo absolutely naked on a bed with white linen.

Coat Kate Middleton was three times more expensive than the outer clothing Megan Markle

The mods immediately “figured out” how much the Prince’s bride cost her wardrobe. They found out that the handbag cost the hot mulatto $ 1,325, the earrings in 4,685. In this case, the actress’s coat turned out to be the cheapest – only $ 1,340.

The 45-year-old actress Cameron Diaz will become a mom

It is known that the future son and daughter will not be from the US, since in America there is a long waiting list for the adoption of children. The actress herself stated that the thought that another baby will find a home warms her more than pregnancy. Friends of the family say that Cameron will make an excellent mother.

Leonid Agutin pays all expenses of the groom’s daughter

The artist paid the girl a trip to London. The 21-year-old Polina will go not alone, but with her young man, for whom the singer also paid. In order to pay for the groom’s daughter, Leonid Agutin does not see anything criminal.

Armen Djigarkhanyan met his son for the first time in 20 years

To fly from Las Vegas, where Stepan lives, he asked the artist himself through friends. It is known that they have not seen each other for 20 years. After the communication, Armen Jigarkhanyan handed a adopted document to his adopted son.

All in the old-fashioned way: New Year’s flame – Pugacheva with a new song

The singer confirmed that the audience will be able to see her on New Year’s Eve, she will perform a new song of Oleg Vladi “I flew”. “Especially for the New Year’s fire on the First at the request of the fans,” Pugacheva wrote in Instagram

The bride of Dmitry Tarasova teases Olga Buzov with hints of pregnancy

Almost a year ago, Dmitry Tarasov divorced Olga Buzovoy. For the leading “House-2” this period of life became very difficult. In order not to think about the adultery of the ex-husband, in which she accused him, the TV host began to build a singer’s career and now prefers not to talk about her personal life.

Elena Proklova frankly told about the novels with Tabakov and Yankovsky

The famous actress Elena Proklova became a guest in the program “In fact” on the First Channel. The star frankly told us about the famous men she had published in the whole country with her novels. According to the artist, she had relations with actors Oleg Tabakov, Andrei Mironov and Oleg Yankovsky.

The winner of the show “Success” on STS was “opponent” Gnoy Yves Nabiyev

Yesterday the final release of the show “Success” was released on STS. The winner of the teleproject was the 32-year-old musician from Perm, Yves Nabiyev. The main prize – a certificate for recording a song in one of the best studios in Los Angeles – Permyak received from the hands of Philip Kirkorov himself.

Ex-husband of Fyodor Bondarchuk twisted the affair with a young photographer

The former wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk after a divorce from the famous director first appeared in the company of a young man. 49-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk elected a famous photographer Sergey Tabunov, much younger than her. Even the 12-year-old age difference did not prevent the beloved from finding happiness.

Megan Fox congratulated fans on Christmas in lace lingerie

American actress Megan Fox, who considers one of the sexiest women in the world, congratulated her fans on Christmas in seductive lace underwear. Thus, she not only showed the ideal figure, but also fueled interest in launching her own line of laundry.

Alyona Vodonaeva boasted of Christmas tree and New Year’s mood

Alena Vodonaeva in her microblogging bragged to subscribers of the Christmas tree, which was prepared for her by professional designers and florists.

The former husband of Rosa Syabitova called her false and dirty

Ex-husband of the country’s main matchmaker Rosa Syabitova producer Yuri Andreev revealed the whole truth about the relationship with the famous TV presenter. At this step, he decided after another interview with the presenter, in which she told that the ex-husband was cruel to her

Schoolboy from Prikamye Cyril Yesin will perform at New Year’s show of NTV

The show was attended by 16 participants of the vocal competition “You are super!”, Which started a year ago on NTV, the jury members of the contest and pop stars. The guys sang along with Sergei Lazarev, Ani Lorak, Svetlana Loboda. A schoolboy from Prikamye Cyril Yesin made a speech with Timur Rodriguez and sang the song “For You”.

Fans are depressed by overweight Catherine Strizhenova

It seems, more recently, Catherine Strizhenova looked more fit. In September, changing her hairstyle, the TV presenter published in her Instagram commercials about the work of stylists, and. Several years ago, profile editions noticed that usually slender Ekaterina Strizhenova unexpectedly sharply gained weight

Anna Dovlatova told why “First Channel” recruited Shepeleva

Radio presenter Anna Dovlatova explained to Oskar Kuchere, why “First Channel” recruited Dmitry Shepelev. So, the company needs such a scandalous host for rating his show.


“Mosfilm” took part in the exhibition “Immense Ryazanov”

Many of the things that are shown at the exhibition were provided by the Mosfilm cinema concern, because Eldar Alexandrovich was connected not only with working relations with the main film studio of the country, but also with many Mosfilm actors – major filmmakers.

Trailer comedy “I’m losing weight” with Sergei Shnurov

A new trailer for Alexei Nuzhny’s film “I’m losing weight” was released, in which the leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov appeared, the video was published on December 25 on Youtube-channel Universal Pictures Russia. “I’m losing weight” is a comedy about one of the most sick issues of our time.

In Kirzhach opened a memorial plaque in memory of Valery Khalilov

In memory of the conductor Valery Khalilov in Kirzhach a memorial plaque was opened. It was installed on the building of a local children’s art school. The solemn opening ceremony of the memorial plaque on which relatives, friends and colleagues of People’s Artist of Russia Valery Khalilov came, was held the day before.

The Hermitage will bring ruins to the architectural biennale in Venice

Head of the Department of Contemporary Art of the Hermitage Dmitry Ozerkov, as curator, will prepare an exhibition for Venice in the framework of the parallel program of the Architectural Biennale of 2018. It will open in the local art museum Palazzo Fortunia on May 26, 2018.

Right after the New Year in Arkhangelsk there will be a rock festival “FROST”

For the first time the festival “FROST” was held in St. Petersburg in 2012 in the “Aurora” Central Concert Hall, having taken a confident position among the best and bright rock festivals in the country

A free music festival will be held in the Manege

During two evenings – on December 29 and 30 – Petersburgers will be able to listen to live music of different directions free of charge, and in the performance of leading music groups and in an informal atmosphere – freely moving around the room and admiring the photos of Svyatoslav Dozmorov and the installations of Natalia Tsvetkova.

The Moscow Theater hosted the “Improvisational Battle of the Two Capitals”

On Monday, December 25, at the Moscow theater under the leadership of Oleg Tabakov, the “Improvisational Battle of Two Capitals” was held for the first time. On stage came the actors of Moscow and St. Petersburg, to introduce viewers to the art of improvisation, according to the website of the mayor of Moscow.

The Kurians are invited to the New Year concert of the Russian Chamber Orchestra

December 29 in the assembly hall of KSU will be a festive New Year concert of the Russian Chamber Orchestra. The concert will feature traditional New Year music – Poles, Strauss’ marches, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Frank and many others. Conductor – Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Professor Sergei Proskurin.

The film “In the open” will be shown in “Film production”

In Nizhny Novgorod on December 25 in the space “Filmfacture” will be an open show of the documentary “In the open.”

“In the open” – a documentary by Nizhny Novgorod artist Nikita Nomerz, dedicated to the study of domestic street art and graffiti. The film contains recorded interviews with bright representatives of street art, the process of creating works, exhibition and festival practices. Material for the tape was collected for six years

The Cinema Foundation announced a competition to support films in the box office

During the year, the Cinema Foundation will hold four competitions for financial support and (or) reimbursement of expenses related to the rental of national films:

from January 15, 2018 to January 26, 2018 to 18-00 hours – for national films that are available for rent in the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2018;

from April 2, 2018 to April 13, 2018 to 18:00 hours – for national films that are available for rent in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2018;

from July 23, 2018 to August 3, 2018 to 18:00 – for national films that are available for rent in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2018;

from October 22, 2018 to November 2, 2018 to 18-00 hours – for national films that are available in the fourth quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.

Financing for these projects will be allocated on a return basis.

NTV completed the shooting of the series “Copper Sun” with Vladimir Mashkov

The NTV channel completed the shooting of a new large-scale film project – “Copper Sun”. The main role in the picture – the conductor of a musical company – was performed by People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Mashkov. The plot unfolds in 1991 in a remote village of the Central Asian republic.

The word about the cat. A unique exhibition opened in Moscow

The exhibition, on the eve of New Year’s holidays, bearing the playful name “Koshkin House, or Big Cotovasia”, occupies six rooms of the famous Moscow house IS. Ostroukhova in the Trubniki.
According to the author of the project – the leading research officer of the Natalia Rebrova Museum – the exhibition is based on the general ideological design of the House, in which a cat lives, the space of which is conventionally divided into Rooms with the meaning: “Children’s”, “Living Room”, “Library”, “Attic “Krysha”, “The Cabinet of the writer”, “Gaming”.


Minkomsvyazi conducted exercises to intercept calls and SMS

The Ministry of Communications has tested the possibility of intercepting calls, SMS and geolocation through vulnerability in the networks of mobile operators.

Experts: Russian industrialists underestimate the cyber threat

Most of the Russian industrial enterprises underestimate the cyber threat. This is reported by “Kommersant”, referring to the expert of the company Positive Technologies Yevgeny Gnedin

In Sevastopol for the first time will create a civil vessel on 3D-model

In Sevastopol State University, a scientific research ship (NIS) “Pioneer-M” is created. It will be the first civil vessel in Russia, designed by 3D-model. This was reported by the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovation Activity of SevGU Maxim Evstigneev.

TV channels launch a single player for Internet broadcasts

At the end of this year, VGTRK, National Media Group (NMG), STS Media and First Channel agreed to use a single technical platform – a common player for Internet broadcasts, told Vedomosti staff of two channels.

USC creates in St. Petersburg a competence center for programming

The United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) began to create in St. Petersburg a special competence center for the development of advanced software for ships and ships. This was told to journalists by the president of USC Alexei Rakhmanov

Experts examined the Russians for the adoption of technology blockade

Another area of effective application of smart contracts, the expert called health. In general, according to the expert, blockade technologies are increasingly gaining the trust of both private and public companies.

Bank Otkrytie launched the function of money transfers from a photo

Since 2018, noted in the “Opening”, money can be transferred to the owners of cards of other banks. Earlier, the analytical center of Comparison.ru included the banking service “Tochka”, previously owned by “Discovery”, in the list of the best banks for small businesses.

EBaoTech launches eBaoCloud InsureMO

EBaoTech Corporation, the world’s leading provider of digital insurance solutions, announced the global launch of eBaoCloud® InsureMO ™ (Insurance Middle Office) after its successful implementation in China and several other markets in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe

Apple undermines the business of selling private user data

In September, Apple, referring to concerns about privacy, introduced a new feature in its Safari browser, Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which limits the use of cookies to track those sites that users viewed.

The next version of Android will learn to hide data about the signal of the cellular network from users

In the next versions of the Android operating system, it will be possible to hide information about the signal strength of the cellular network, according to network sources.

Starting from 2018, the import of electronics with cryptography in the Unified Energy System will be simplified

The list includes public software, computers without software, with software from this list, with software, where the encryption function is an auxiliary one.

In Sailfish Mobile OS RUS appeared support for computer vision

One of the important applications of the computer vision technology Smart Engines for devices based on Sailfish Mobile OS RUS is the creation of mobile software and hardware systems for retrieving, processing and transferring personal data in the interests of organizations that impose increased demands on information security.

Huawei will soon release a laptop MateBook D

Soon, the market should see a laptop company Huawei – MateBook D. It is expected that the device will be able to create competition for the device Xiaomi Notebook Pro. It is reported that the laptop will receive a 15.6-inch display, which will please the user with the picture quality of the standard FullHD.

HP brought computers to the new generation of PC 2.0 in Russia

According to Konstantin Kimmelman, director of business development of personal systems HP in Russia, in the concept of PC 2.0, the company also includes support for new connector standards, energy-efficient technologies. This new model implies a transition to contractual services (DaaS).

The manufacturer of video cards left the miners without a guarantee

The manufacturer of video cards PNY decided to excommunicate the miners from the warranty service of their video cards. The corresponding change is included in the description of the product warranty. On the video card PNY provides a warranty of three years.


Aggregator Metacritic called the worst games of 2017

In the nomination “The Worst Game of 2017” won Vroom in the Night Sky for the game console Nintendo Switch. The number of points scored by her was 17 out of 100. This automatically ranked the game to the status of one of the worst games, it was preceded only by the Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade with 11 points and Ride to Hell: Retribution with 16 points scored.

Next on the list of anti-games of the year there is a game of fights on motorcycles in the open high-grade world of Road Rage for PS4, which scored 26 points. Closed anti-triple: Randall, estimated at 38 points; the same indicator in the puzzle game with embedded horror elements Dying: Reborn; another unsuccessful development called Troll and I, which scored 39 points.

Next on the list are less criticized gaming platforms: Drive Girls (39 points), Inner Chains (40 points), Tokyo Tattoo Girls (41 points), Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle (42 points) and Rugby 18 (42 points).

LawBreakers has reached the bottom: 0 people online on PC

In December, the maximum number of PC players in the game was only sixty-seven people. The project also came out on the PS4, but data for this version of the public is unknown.

Super Meat Boy for Switch will add a new mode

Developers from Team Meat named the release date of the famous platformer Super Meat Boy on the Nintendo Switch. The game will appear on the console on January 11, and it will have a completely new mode “Race”. The announcement took place on the studio’s Twitter, but there were no additional details published

Remake Half-Life received a major graphic update

Fans of the original Half-Life have been making a remake called Black Mesa for several years, but the game still fails to complete. But progress is still visible – for example, recently Black Mesa received a major graphic update, after which the remake looked much better.

The author of Uncharted criticizes the system of conservation

Earlier, Marganow worked on games Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The developer spoke about the system of preservation of progress, tied to the online component.

Leaked: Free January games became available for PS Plus subscribers

According to one of the users of Reddit, he accidentally learned about the upcoming free games in January 2018. for the subscribers of PlayStation Plus from the prematurely appeared ads on Facebook.

According to the leak, on the New Year holidays Sony will give PlayStation owners two hits at once: the first season of Batman: the Telltale Series and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Of course, it will not do without the party game That’s You, which Sony has been persistently distributing for several months already

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom will create your kingdom

It turns out that in Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom it will be possible not only to fight, but also to create – in the game there will be a special mode of “building the Kingdom”. With the help of it you can build your own ideal country, whose inhabitants will come to your aid in the coming battles.

Director of Rise of the Tomb Raider will join the authors of Spider-Man

From January 1 to the development team will join a veteran of the game industry Brian Horton. Game designer will help the studio in the development of Spider-Man for PS4 and will assume the role of director of design

The authors of GTA Online have updated the Christmas event

Studio Rockstar Games recently launched a special event in the GTA Online in honor of Christmas. The event was called Festive Surprise.

In War Thunder the French ground technology

The company Gaijin Entertainment reported on the installation on the servers of the multi-user military simulator War Thunder one of the most ambitious updates called La Résistance. With the release of the patch 1.75 in the game appeared French ground technology

WG Fest 2017: Wargaming shared plans for 2018

In the gaming zones of WG Fest, more than 550 game stations of key Wargaming projects were deployed. World of Tanks WoT introduced release 1.0 – the largest update in recent years.

EGT Interactive has released two new slots

In the midst of the festive season, EGT Interactive presents two new games: 5 Burning Heart is an excellent option for traditional devotees who like simplicity and classics, while Almighty Ramses II is a continuation of the already beloved video slot with elements of research.

Psychonauts 2 is postponed until 2019

The release of the hotly anticipated platformer Psychonauts 2 from the studio of Double Fine Productions is postponed. Initially, the game was announced for 2018, but now the developer confirmed that the project will not be released until 2019.

Crazy game about the destruction of lamas Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse will be released in late February

The release of the game was supposed to take place before the end of the year, but recently the developer said that Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse will be released later, on February 26, 2018, on the PC and Xbox One.


In Japan, created a huge robotic snake to be sent to the nuclear power plant “Fukushima”

Engineers of Japan created a huge robot in the form of a snake, which is planned to be used for research of the Fukushima-2 nuclear power plant. As you know, in 2011 in Japan, two nuclear power plants – Fukushima – 1 and Fukushima – 2 – stopped working because of a powerful tsunami and earthquakes.

Scientists found out which age is best for training

Teens learn better and faster information than children and adults. This conclusion was made by Dutch scientists who studied the activity of the anatomical structure of the human brain. The information about the conducted researches is given by the journal Nature Communications.

Scientists told why people in marriage are happier than single people

Specialists from the Vancouver Economic School conducted a large-scale study, taking into account the reasons for satisfying the life of the British, and found that the happiest people are those who are married.

Rust of wheat threw away unnecessary genes and became superfine

Stem rust (a dangerous pathogen of wheat) becomes more contagious by “throwing out” genes that encode markers recognized by the plant’s immune system.

Coloring a peacock spider will help improve high-precision optics

Scientists led by Bo-Kai Hsiung from Akron University decided to study two species of Australian peacock spiders (Maratus robinsoni and Maratus chrysomelas), which, unlike other animals with structural color, have a belly that, when turned around, covers all visible spectrum

Scientists: apples and tomatoes can save the lungs of smokers

The results were not published until 10 years after the experiments. Note that people who ate a few apple slices and two tomatoes every day could inhale 80 ml of air in the lungs more than volunteers who do not use these foods

Russian scientists have developed a polymer similar to Swiss cheese

Scientists of St. Petersburg State University and the Institute of Organic Chemistry named after ND Zelinsky of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a polymer that resembles a Swiss cheese under a microscope. This was reported to Rosbalt by the press service of the St. Petersburg University. The raw material for the “cheese” polymer is calcium carbide and carbohydrates.
The structure of the polymer will allow it to be used in point delivery of drugs to tissues and organs. The polymer dissolves well in some solvents and is completely insoluble in others.

Scientists have named a new species of marine spiders in honor of Bob Marley

On the coast of Australia, scientists have discovered a completely new species of marine spiders, named after the artist Bob Marley and his composition “High Tide or Low Tide.” Specialists noticed arthropods at low tide.

The mutations of deafness and illness of Lou Gehrig were cleared from the genes

The newest method of editing the genome CRISPR / Cas9 continues to demonstrate its effectiveness: two days ago two articles appeared about how the system of CRISPR / Cas9 managed to cope with deafness and neurodegenerative disease of Lou Gehrig (or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

In Novosibirsk, scientists have launched a prototype of a plasma engine

In the future, the system created will allow heating components from 10 million degrees. The prototype of the plasma engine was reported by Alexander Ivanov, who holds the post of deputy head of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the SB RAS for scientific work.

Ubisoft opened a department for the development of artificial intelligence

The French company Ubisoft is developing computer video games and is one of the largest publishers of games in Europe.

The new division of the company, called La Forge, will focus on developing artificial intelligence for creating video games, as well as for the scientific community.

It is noted that in the game Watch Dogs 2, the company has created a virtual version of the San Francisco Bay area, in which pedestrians and cars are controlled by artificial intelligence for orientation in the urban environment.

It is assumed that such a development can be useful in creating unmanned vehicles. Game technologies could be applied when testing autonomous driving in difficult situations.

In Britain, created the smallest Christmas card in the world

Scientists of the National Physical Laboratory in the UK created the smallest Christmas card. The card size is 15 to 20 microns, which is four times less than the thickness of a human hair, the online edition of the Indicator reports.

Scientists have created sensors for determining the quality of wine

During the experiments, the “Electronic Language” system with the help of new sensors was able to determine three samples of red wines made from one kind of grapes, but with different indices of polyphenol.

Burning of osmium from the alloy made it possible to obtain a stable water-splitting catalyst

Burning of osmium from the iridium-osmium alloy made it possible to create a catalyst that significantly accelerates the splitting of water under the influence of electric current.


SpaceX has overtaken Roskosmos in terms of the number of successful launches in 2017

As of December 25, the private US company SpaceX outperformed the Russian state corporation Roskosmos in the number of successful launches in 2017. The statistics of space launches drew the attention of American astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell

What does the supernova remnant consist of?

With the help of the X-ray telescope “Chandra” and other observatories, it was possible to find out the elemental composition of this cloud – and it turned out that in Cassiopeia A there are all elements. Included in the DNA: carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus, nitrogen and oxygen.

Scientists have suggested that the universe can be in a black hole

Maybe the star came too close to the black hole and ceased to exist, or maybe it interacted with a too dense interstellar medium, scientists said, but both of these only partially explain the unusual brightness of the flare.

Scientists from Russia revealed the secrets of the first “bricks of life” of the Universe

In the early days of the universe, the luminaries almost entirely consisted of hydrogen and helium – all other elements, including carbon, nitrogen and oxygen originated in their interior and were then scattered throughout the galaxies during supernova explosions.

NASA astronomers received detailed photos of the “asteroid of the century”

The Arecibo radio telescope received detailed photographs of a large near-Earth asteroid Phaeton, which in the middle of December approached the Earth at a record distance in the 21st century, reports NASA


Aston Martin will recall about 5.5 thousand cars due to defects

The British manufacturer of sports cars Aston Martin will recall in early 2018 in the US about 5.5 thousand cars due to problems with the transmission and wiring.

Nissan recalls almost 128,000 Note and Tiida cars in Russia

The Russian subdivision of the Japanese automaker Nissan Nissan Nissan Manufacturing Russia recalls almost 128,000 Note and Tiida cars in Russia, Rosstandart reported. 127,738 cars produced from August 30, 2008 to August 1, 2014 are subject to the review.

“When the driver’s airbag is triggered, the internal pressure of the gas generator can increase excessively, which can lead to the rupture of the gas generator body,” the report said.

KamAZ can start assembling engines for Hyundai

The company Hyundai plans to establish the production of engine components and gearboxes for models Creta and Solaris in Russia. It is not ruled out that the production of components of power units will begin on the sites of KamAZ.

Cadillac cars will rise in price in 2018 by 6-8%

Starting from January 1, 2018, the cost of Cadillac cars will increase by 6-8%. So, Cadillac Escalade and Cadillac XT5 will rise in price by an average of 400 thousand and 300 thousand rubles respectively, the press service of Cadillac Russia.

In Finland they created an autopilot for driving on snow-covered roads

Finnish scientists have created an autopilot capable of driving on snow-covered tracks without marking. Research Center VTT released the autopilot Martti, installed on the basis of the car Volkswagen Touareg. The first tests of the system have already been completed with a positive result.

In BMW announced an increase in prices for the range from January 1, 2018

The Russian office of the Bavarian brand published new prices, but there are no specific reasons for the price increase. However, from January 1, excise taxes and recycling charges become more expensive, as previously reported.

Suzuki launches new compact XBee crossover on the market

Japanese company Suzuki has replenished its lineup with a new subcompact crossover called XBee. The premiere of the vehicle became one of the most important for the brand. It was held as part of a showroom in Tokyo

Kia told about new products for Russia in 2018

According to the press service of the Korean brand, on the motor show they will show a number of new products that will go on sale in the Russian market next year.
The audience will be shown the fastest model Kia – Stinger. Sales of new items in Russia should be expected in the first quarter of 2018.

Another premiere at the motor show will be restyled crossover Sorento Prime

Finally, Kia will bring to Moscow an all-road version of the hatchback Picanto called X-Line.

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