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15 Дек, 2022

Entertainment industry revenue

The total revenue of the video game industry in 2021 was $192 billion. That provided the gaming industry with the first place in terms of revenue among all «entertainment» industries. In second place are books (with total global sales of $120 billion), and cinema (together with cartoons, TV shows, and so on) took third place, slightly short of $100 billion. The music industry looks very modest compared to competitors with its 25.9 billion dollars in revenue.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is ahead of former US President Donald Trump in the Republican popularity poll by 23%. More than 60% said they want a candidate who will continue Trump’s policies, but is not Trump, 31% want a former president to run


According to Forbes and Bloomberg, Bernard Arnault, the head of luxury goods company LVMH, has now become the wealthiest person on the planet.


The market value of SpaceX has become known. Based on insider dealings, knowing the price of one share, Bloomberg calculated that SpaceX is worth about $140 billion. This puts the corporation in 80th place in the list of the largest on the planet. For comparison, Tesla is now worth 510 billion, Samsung is 300, and Netflix is the same 140.


Trump has filed a lawsuit against the Pulitzer Prize Board over its 2018 New York Times and Washington Post awards for coverage of his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. He has already called for newspapers to be stripped of the award, but in July the award board rejected the ex-president’s claim.


In Germany, they were allowed to celebrate the New Year with fireworks. The sale of pyrotechnics to private individuals in the country is possible only from December 29 to 31, and the launch without special permission is only possible on New Year’s Eve. In the past two years, due to anti-pandemic restrictions, this has also been banned, according to the German information network RND.


Christmas concerts were organized for residents and guests of the Czech capital in the Prague metro. The musicians performed for several hours at two stations. Previously, such events were held annually, but due to the pandemic, they had to take a break. Now the transport company of Prague has decided to revive a good tradition.


Iranian protesters set fire to the Isfahan Technological University. He was engaged, among other things, in the development of drones. The laboratory of the Chemical Institute of the Industrial University of Isfahan also served military needs. There are dead engineers who are involved in the development of various types of Iranian weapons.


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