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29 Jul, 2019

Environmental debt continues to grow

The representative of the world wildlife Fund (WWF) of the Russian Federation on Monday, July 22, said that the day when people completely exhausted the earth’s resources for 2019 and began to live “in debt”, will come on July 29, three days earlier than in 2018.

“The day when the earth’s population begins to spend the planet’s resources “on credit” falls in 2019 on July 29,” WWF Russia added.

Given the pace of consumption in 2018, humanity needs 1.74 planets for a “break-even” existence. It was clarified that on July 29 — the average indicator of the Day of the ecologist across the planet. However, each country forms its own reserve of bio-intensity, and the style and manner of consumption of resources are very different. In this regard, scientists also calculate national dates.

Most of the Earth “owed” residents of Qatar, for which The day of the ecologist came on February 11, and the smallest debt to the planet in Indonesia, where the date falls on December 18