21 Dec, 2017

European confrontation of democracies

The EU leadership is ready to impose tough sanctions and launch a sanctions procedure against Poland, an EU member if the official Warsaw does not give up judicial reform, which, according to Brussels, is a threat to democracy.

The EU has already issued a warning to all members of the union who will have to join these sanctions, Reuters reports.

The European Commission (EC) for the first time in the history of the European Union launched a sanctions procedure against Poland for violating the fundamental principle of the independence of the court, which could lead to the deprivation of the country’s voting rights in the EU Council.

The first vice-president of the EC, Frans Timmermans, explained that now, under the seventh article of the EU Treaty, Warsaw can be deprived of the right to vote in the council of the community.

President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed two laws on the revision of the judicial system, despite the promise of the European Commission, if adopted, to impose sanctions against Warsaw

Russian and world news digest


Telegraph: US develops plan to strike North Korea

The United States is developing a plan to strike North Korea to stop its nuclear missile program. This was reported on Wednesday by The Daily Telegraph newspaper with reference to informed sources.

Discovered a hundred years ago the first Australian submarine

“Australia’s oldest naval secret is revealed with the discovery of the wreckage of the first Australian submarine HMAS AE1 off the coast of the Duke Islands of New York, part of Papua New Guinea,” the military department said.

Military micro-drones were given a digital communication system

The system of digital communication and video transmission “Reset” will be installed on Russian miniature drones of the new generation and combat mini robots, the Izvestia newspaper reports with reference to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Ships of the Baltic Fleet conducted exercises in the Mediterranean Sea

After the crews of the Ka-27 helicopters, they trained training flights over the water area of the Mediterranean Sea. A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet left the harbor in the Kaliningrad region on October 14

MiG-41 will be the fastest interceptor in the world

The new machine should replace the old Soviet MiG-31, which has been on duty in the domestic Air Force and VKS since 1981. The exact characteristics of the MiG-41 are not yet known.

UNICEF called Donbass one of the most mined regions of the world

Eastern Ukraine has become one of the most mined regions in the world, where unexploded ordnance represents a danger to 220,000 children. This was stated on Wednesday by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships arrived on an unofficial visit to Singapore

A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships arrived in Singapore on an unofficial visit, during which local residents will be able to visit Russian ships, the information department of the Eastern Military District Press Service

The Ministry of Defense of Georgia reported the arrival of air defense systems from France

Georgia purchased new air defense systems in France, they have already been delivered to the country. This, as the Georgian “First Channel” reports, the head of the Ministry of Defense Levan Isoria

Turchinov openly announced preparations for a bloody war in Donbass

The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council specified that “the APU are ready to repel any attacks,” but it is necessary to “strengthen positions at the front.” In other words, Turchinov confirmed the sources’ data on the preparation of a large-scale offensive on the Donbas

Britain at the bottom

For the first time in hundreds of years, Britain has not sent a single large ship to combat duty in the waters of the World Ocean, as The Times writes. The reason for this were ship faults or crew shortages. The condition of the Royal Navy raises concerns, the publication says

Bazurin: APU is bombarding the DPR “Grads”

The Ukrainian military activated the shelling of the People’s Republic of Hungary. The situation on the contact line is deteriorating. This was stated by deputy head of the operational command of the Democratic People’s Republic of Eduard Bazurin

Philippines will introduce a ceasefire for Christmas time

Head of the Philippines Rodrigo Duteret announced the termination of offensive operations during the Christmas period. The politician also called on the rebel organization “The New People’s Army”. This was reported by the site “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with reference to Reuters

The APU is preparing a powerful blow to the Donbas – about 600 ACS

The APU is preparing a massive blow to the Donbas, the Ukrainian command prepared for battle about 600 self-propelled artillery units (SAU), as well as 1.2 thousand units of barrel artillery and multiple rocket systems

The Japanese called the main military threats for the country

Residents of Japan believe that the military threat to their country can come from the DPRK, China, Russia and the United States. This is evidenced by the published on Wednesday results of a joint opinion poll, which the newspaper Yomiuri and the Gallup sociological service conducted in Japan and the United States.

North Korea stated that it does not develop biological weapons

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea stated that it has no biological weapons reserves and does not carry out the relevant developments, thus refuting the data contained in the new US National Security Strategy.


The video caught the video of the “Russian spy” in Ukraine

On the Internet there was a video of the detention of an assistant to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, who is accused of cooperation with “Russian special services”. It is about Stanislav Yezhov, who accompanied the head of the Cabinet at international meetings and on all trips.

The State Department has authorized the supply of American weapons to Ukraine

The United States has approved commercial licenses for the supply of small arms to Ukraine, but the US government does not directly supply weapons to Kiev, a State Department spokesman told RIA Novosti.

Belarus explained the refusal to vote for the UN resolution on Crimea

Official Minsk opposes the adoption of country resolutions of any kind, since it stands for rapprochement of different positions on contentious issues, said on Wednesday Deputy Head of Information Department of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Shuplyak.

Deputy Theresa May resigned due to pornography on the computer

The head of the British Prime Minister’s office and one of the closest associates of Therese May filed a resignation after he was caught in inaccurate statements about pornographic materials on his computer found in 2008, the BBC reported.

In Sovfed threatened to “answer” France in case of revocation of license from RT

The Federation Council was promised to “take retaliatory measures” against the French media if Paris revoked the license from RT France. First deputy chairman of the Council of Foreign Affairs Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Jabarov told RIA Novosti about this.

The President of Poland signed the laws threatening the EU sanctions on the reform of the court

President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed two laws on the revision of the judicial system, despite the promise of the European Commission, if adopted, to impose sanctions against Warsaw, Wprost reports.

Today I decided on two laws: the Supreme Court and the National Judicial Council. These were presidential draft laws. I decided to sign these laws. – Andrzej Duda, Polish politician

In the United States came up with a new type of sanctions

On Wednesday, the world witnessed the birth of a new type of sanctions. Creativity in the field of deteriorating international relations was once again flashed American diplomats.
The patent for this type of sanctions “belongs” to the US permanent representative to the UN Nikki Haley.

The British edition of the Guardian cited with unconcealed astonishment the text of the message of the US ambassador to the members of the General Assembly, in which she threatened them to “remember the names” of all those who support the draft resolution against Washington’s decision on Jerusalem.

“No matter how you plan to vote, I want to emphasize that the president and the US will take your votes to your personal account.” The president will closely follow this vote and demand that I report on those who vote against us, “the Guardian of the American postpred.

Trump threatened the countries that supported the UN resolution on Jerusalem

Trump in early December decided to recognize the city as the capital of Israel and transfer to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv the US Embassy. The Arab countries condemned the president’s decision. Earlier it became known that Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey plan to vote in the United Nations against the transfer of the embassy.

We are watching their vote. Let them vote against us. We will save a lot. We do not care. But since before, when you could be voted against, and then you pay them hundreds of millions of dollars, and no one supposedly knows what they are doing, it will not happen. – Donald Trump

The European Commission launched a sanctions procedure against Poland

The European Commission (EC) on Wednesday decided to initiate a sanction procedure against Poland for the authorities, which the EU authorities decided to derogate from democratic norms as a result of judicial reform, said the first vice-president of the EC France-Timmermans.

The LDPR Congress nominated Zhirinovsky as a presidential candidate

LDPR during the 31st Congress of the party nominated Vladimir Zhirinovsky as a candidate for the presidency of Russia. As reported by TASS, the decision was taken unanimously.

Bloggers can get under the law on media-inoagentah, said Tolstoy

The draft law on media-foreign agents does not affect bloggers, but if they represent the media and are financed from abroad, they will be applied the same measures, said Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Peter Tolstoy.

Putin signed a law on the expansion of the use of the image of the coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the constitutional law, according to which the use of the state emblem of the Russian Federation will now be possible in everyday life, including clothing and souvenirs, at public events, at sports competitions, at congresses of public associations and in other cases of daily life.

Serbia offered Russia to mediate in negotiations with Kosovo

Serbia offered Russia to mediate in negotiations with Pristina, if the format of the talks is expanded, said Serbian President Alexander Vučić.

“Then why are you going to us?”

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who will visit Moscow before the end of the year, said he does not believe in resetting relations with Russia. In an interview with PAP, Johnson suggested recalling the “tragic story” with Hillary Clinton and her “button to reset” relations between Russia and the United States.

We all remember the tragic story with Hillary Clinton and her button for resetting relations with Russia. I do not believe that this is possible at this stage. – Boris Johnson, British politician


More than half of Russians confessed their pride in the country

Most Russians are proud to live in Russia – this figure rose from 70% in 2013 to 83% now, Interfax was told in the Levada Center. At the same time, 67% of respondents feel pride from the present Russia (53% in 2013).

Sergei Sobyanin dismissed the heads of three districts of Moscow

“I fired three heads of districts: Filevsky Park, Khovrino and Nekrasovka for inattention to the needs of residents,” he wrote on his social networking page “VKontakte.”

One – for complaints about unsatisfactory maintenance of roads, the second – for complaints about unsatisfactory maintenance of households, the third – for systematically untimely garbage removal and unsatisfactory maintenance of container sites. – Sergei Sobyanin, Russian statesman

The scandal due to the dried Christmas tree broke out in Rome

Italian consumer protection association Codacons accused the Rome authorities of misusing federal funds because of the scandal with Christmas fir, which withered two weeks after installation in Venice Square

In Sweden, men were required to obtain a clear consent to sex

The Swedish parliament approved a bill that requires a man to obtain a woman’s unequivocal consent before a sexual act, otherwise he can be accused of rape even when having sex by mutual consent.

Salute on New Year’s Eve in Moscow will be launched from 36 sites

New Year fireworks on the night of January 1 will be launched in the capital of 36 places, the Moscow mayor’s office reported on Thursday

Moscow was decorated with Christmas trees from designers Yudashkin, Chapurin, Sergeenko

Seven Christmas trees decorated with leading Russian designers: Valentin Yudashkin, Igor Chapurin, Ulyana Sergeenko, Katya Dobryakova, Julia and Alisa Ruban, Anastasia Romantsova and Julia Kalmanovich – appeared on the site of the “Journey to Christmas” festival on the Kuznetsky Most bridge in Moscow.

Painting the snow with white paint utilities were on video

Communal workers in the village of Udachny paint a snow sculpture with the inscription “2018” with white paint. The organization was informed that the paint performs an important function. It not only makes the inscription brighter and whiter, but also will allow the sculpture to stand longer.

Only Russians can get an internal passport in one hour

Russians can get an internal passport in just an hour. Administrative regulations on the provision of this service are greatly simplified.

Putin signed the law on the extension of the freezing of the funded part of the pension

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the extension of the funded part of the pension. According to the law, the so-called freeze of pension savings is extended from 2019 to 2020.

Putin set the task of increasing the availability of housing for Russians

“I think that we have reached such a level, we have the resources to set ourselves a strategic, national task, namely, in the coming years, to significantly increase the availability of housing for our citizens, and especially for young families with children,” the head of state said. meeting of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and priority projects.

The State Duma passed a law on prison terms for “telephone terrorism”

Deputies of the State Duma adopted in the final reading the draft law on toughening punishment for “telephone terrorism,” RIA Novosti reports.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation began checking the cases of “spy” devices

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia conducts a large-scale inspection of all criminal cases under art. 138.1 of the Criminal Code (“Illegal acquisition of special technical equipment intended for secretly receiving information”), the official representative of the department Alexander Kurennoy told RT television.

Putin approved fines for violating the law on messengers

Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed the law, according to which for breach of the obligations of the messengers created by the laws of Russia, a fine of up to 1 million rubles is foreseen. The document is published on the portal of legal information

Crimean bridge connects the banks of Taman and Kerch

Fully completed assembly of span structures of the highway section of the Crimean bridge. On the eve of the New Year a single bridge between the Kerch and Taman coasts was completely formed. The mainland and the peninsula combined metal structures with a total weight of more than 100 thousand tons, which hold 288 supports.

In the United States, a child appeared from a frozen embryo 24 years ago

In the US, a woman gave birth to a healthy child who grew up from an embryo frozen 24 years ago, CBS News reports. This is the first time a child has emerged from an embryo that has been frozen for such a long time. The girl, born on November 25, was named Emma

The guardianship authorities seized 7 children from the mother because of the hairdress of one of them

Seven children were taken from the foster family in Khakassia. The reason for this was the excessively long hair of a five-year-old boy. The media reported that the children were brought up in the family of a 57-year-old resident of the Bograd region of the republic.

The State Duma extends the maternity capital program until the end of 2021

The State Duma adopted on December 20 in the second, main reading the presidential bill on the extension of the maternity capital program until the end of 2021.

In Russia, they proposed creating criminal courts for adolescents

Criminal cases brought against juveniles must be considered by a special court, they are considered in the Public Council under the Commissioner for the Rights of the Child.
The expert said that the members of the group prepared changes to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the age limit for serving a sentence in an educational colony rises – from 18 to 21:

“Children at the age of 18 are thrown out of the educational colony into a general or strict-regime colony, and they fall into an environment that is completely inappropriate for their age.”

The State Duma has forbidden to charge for parking from cars of special services

The State Duma on Wednesday adopted in the third and final reading the law, which, in particular, is prohibited from charging fees for parking from cars of the FSB of Russia, FSO of Russia, Rosgvardia, and also giving governors the right to determine places for paid parking in the regions.


Blocked at the mine “Esaulskaya” the miners were given food and blankets

The emergency rescue operation at the Esaulskaya mine in the Novokuznetsk district of the Kemerovo region, where the rock collapsed on Wednesday, continues, a supply of food, water, blankets and lamps was transferred to the three miners who were trapped behind the rubble, RIA Novosti reported. region.

Guys hello. We have everything in control. Good luck to all of us. – Aman Tuleyev, Russian politician

In the US, a light-engine aircraft crashed into the street, three people were injured

According to the fire fighting service of the city, the training aircraft fell on two cars parked on the street. Three people who were on the plane, independently left the aircraft and were hospitalized, “on the ground” no one was hurt.

Russian citizen seriously injured in shoot-out in US

As a result of the shootout that occurred in the American city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), a Russian citizen was seriously injured. As reported in the Russian Consulate General in New York, the incident occurred on Tuesday.

The threatened Trumpu resident of Wisconsin was sentenced to 14 years in prison

A Wisconsin resident who sent a message with threats to the White House in the name of US President Donald Trump was sentenced to 14 years in prison. This was reported on Wednesday by Fox News. According to him, the trial of 33-year-old Joseph Jakubowski took place in Madison (Wisconsin).

In one of the restaurants of Hollywood explosion

The explosion occurred on Wednesday evening in one of the restaurants of Hollywood, located on the first floor of a six-story apartment building. This was reported by the fire department of Los Angeles. According to him, as a result of the incident, one person was injured

In Yaroslavl, the teacher wrote on the forehead of a disabled child: “Not ready”

The fact that the teenager’s mother checked the fact found confirmation: a 14-year-old boy, a disabled child, studied at the school from September 2015 to October 2017. In October, at a Russian language lesson, a teacher in the presence of other students wrote on her forehead a teenager: “Not ready.”

The pensioner strangled a six-month-old grandson out of pity for her daughter

A pensioner from Stary Oskol strangled a six-month-old grandson to ease the life of his daughter. This Wednesday, December 20, according to the website of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Belgorod region.

A runaway domestic boar in Poland was found drunk a week later

Running away in Poland from the owner of a domestic wild boar called Khryuk found a week later drunk on one of the farms. As reported by the Federal News Agency, the owner of one of the forest enterprises Pavel Kovalsky reported the loss. A week later the sleeping Hrjumeka found a farmer on his plot

A caricature of Poklonskaya will be inspected for insulting the feelings of believers

Orthodox activists complained to the police about the caricature of Denis Lopatin, dedicated to the struggle of State Duma deputy Natalya Poklonskaya with the film directed by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda.” Before filing a criminal case, they decided to send a caricature for examination to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kamchatka Territory.

Maria Alekhina of Pussy Riot was detained for action near the FSB building

The participant of the Pussy Riot Maria Alyokhina was detained during the rally in front of the building of the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Moscow, Olga Alekina, Olga Borisova, said.

The State Duma passed a law on the right of the Cabinet to “close” information on legal entities

The State Duma passed a law authorizing the government to limit the disclosure of information on the activities of individual legal entities and individuals.

The Supreme Court upheld the verdict of two hackers from “Humpty Dumpty”

The Supreme Court upheld the sentences of two members of the hackers group “Humpty Dumpty” Konstantin Teplyakov and Alexander Filinov in the case of illegal access to computer information. This is reported by RIA Novosti. Thus, the appeal filed by lawyers in September was not granted.

The State Duma passed a law on the terms of detention of drunken citizens

The State Duma adopted in the third reading a bill on which a citizen in a state of intoxication can be detained for no more than 48 hours. Corresponding amendments will be introduced in the Code of Administrative Offenses.

In the Stavropol region, an automobile bridge collapsed through a canal

“On Wednesday in the Andropov region between the settlements Dubovaya Balka-Kiankiz there was a partial collapse of the motor bridge across the large Stavropol canal,” the report said.

Unknown attacked with a knife on a world judge in the Chelyabinsk region

Law enforcement officers of the Chelyabinsk region are looking for an unknown person who attacked on Tuesday night a world judge in the city of Emanzhelinsk. A criminal case was opened, the press service of the regional department of the Investigative Committee (SC) said on Wednesday.

New Year gifts for children tried to steal from the administration in Omsk

From the administration of Oktyabrsky district of Omsk, two men tried to steal 30 boxes of New Year gifts for children amounting to 7,415 rubles.

The American, who killed a guy for the sake of video for YouTube, was given six months in prison

A resident of Minnesota, Monilisa Peres, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz, the Star Tribune newspaper reported. The girl will spend six months in prison and will be under the supervision of law enforcement officers for the next ten years.

Bitten by a cobra teenager asked for advice in social networks and died

In Indonesia, a 14-year-old teenager died as a result of a bite of a domestic cobra. After the attack, the young man, instead of addressing a doctor, spent several hours chatting with friends in social networks, counting on their advice


In Sweden, the IceHotel was opened for the 28th time – with numbers sculptured from the ice by the world’s best sculptors

This year, all comers are invited to 35 rooms, as well as an ice bar, an ice concert hall and ice galleries. The temperature in the rooms is from -5 to -8 degrees Celsius.

In the US, the hotel wrote off $ 350 for a bad tip from the woman and insists that it was stipulated in the rental rules

The hotel insists that the lease contains a clause specifying the rules for settlement of claims. The State Attorney General’s Office has a different opinion on this matter.

Rosaviatsia reduced six airlines to charter flights for the New Year

The Rosaviatsiya Working Group together with the representatives of Rosturizma limited the international charter programs of six airlines to the New Year holidays. The reason was the shortage of aircraft for servicing the declared volume of traffic.

Petersburg is recognized as the most popular tourist city of Russia

The site for booking accommodation Tvil.ru recognized Petersburg as the most popular tourist city of Russia by the results of 2017. During the year tourists booked accommodation in St. Petersburg on average for five nights and spent 2.8 thousand rubles a day for living.

Chile: budget travel direction

Accommodation: Cheap flights to Chile can be difficult to find, but once you arrive there, it will be very easy for you to live. The prices for hotels start from $ 20 per night, and a good dinner with local wine can cost only $ 10.

Russians will celebrate the New Year in travel with a minimum budget

“About half of the respondents intending to go on a guided tour of Russia are planning to spend less than 30 thousand rubles. per person per travel duration from four to seven days, “the EY report says.

Aeroflot resumes sales in the Nepalese market

Sales in Nepal are resuming after a two-year hiatus. This will help strengthen Aeroflot’s position in the South Asian market and promote tourism in this direction.

The number of placements on “Arkhyz” increased by 20%

The number of tourist accommodation at Arkhyz Resort in Karachaevo-Cherkessia has increased by 20% and exceeded 500 at the moment, the press service of the North Caucasus Resorts (KCK), which controls Arkhyz, reports.

China and Russia are thinking of visa-free groups of 3 tourists

China and Russia are thinking about expanding their travel options to each other without visas. If at present one of the visa-free options is a tourist trip up to 15 days for a group of five people, then it will soon be possible not to care about visas and groups of three people.

Demand for the New Year Crimea lags far behind the Krasnodar Territory

Many Russians who prefer to celebrate the New Year, although not at home, but in Russia, choose the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. Crimea, too, will take some of the New Year’s stream, but, as reported by RATA-news tour operators, while the Crimean resorts are several times behind Krasnodar resorts.

Khabarovsk residents prefer to celebrate the New Year under the palm tree

Tour operators note the high demand for vouchers to the countries of Southeast Asia for the New Year holidays, reports IA “Khabarovsk Territory today.” Traditionally, the most popular destination for tourists from the Khabarovsk Territory, wishing to celebrate the New Year under the palm tree, is Thailand.

Relax with meaning invites the Republic of Komi

In early December, Syktyvkar hosted the premiere of a new tourist route called “Delicious North”.

Slopes of Armenia against the Sochi mountain skiing: service and prices

Already bold conclusions are drawn that Sochi is giving up positions, but this is not so. Dozens of scheduled flights from all over the country fly daily to Adler. The price for round-trip ticket in high season is about 35 thousand rubles per person.

Top 10 most popular tourist cities in Russia

The first place in the top 10 was taken by St. Petersburg, on the second – by Moscow, and on the third – by Kazan. This is followed by Ekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk, Pskov and Voronezh. It should be noted that the list does not include the resort cities of Russia.

The cost of a one-day ski pass at the resort “Veduchi” in Chechnya will be 400 rubles

The cost of a one-day ski pass for adults in the first season of the ski resort Veduchi in Chechnya will be 400 rubles, which is several times lower than in other resorts of the North Caucasus


Mikhail Shirvindt presented the autobiography “Memoirs of the Doubtful”

TV presenter Michael Shirvindt presented an autobiography “Memoirs of a doubleman”, the newspaper “Izvestia” informs. It is noted that the presentation was visited by the author’s relatives and colleagues, including his father, the artistic director of the Satire Theater Alexander Shirvindt

“Chart dozen” in 2018 will open a hologram of Vladimir Vysotsky

In February next year, the annual annual presentation of the prestigious “Chartova Dozen”, dedicated to Russian rock, will take place. Organizers of this celebration said that at the beginning of the show the orchestra will accompany the hologram of Vladimir Vysotsky.

“Christmas sports games” will unite over a thousand Volgogradians

The residents of the city will be offered a drum show and bright interactive – the performers will play 60 musical instruments, IA “City News” reported to the press service of the mayor’s office. All these events will be held within the framework of the “Christmas Sports Games” program.

Trailer of the criminal militant “Soldier” with Benicio del Toro

The trailer was posted on the network of the action-packed criminal militant “Soldier”, whose main role was played by Benicio del Toro, the film should be screened on big screens in July 2018, the video was published on December 19 on the Yutube channel New Trailer Buzz

Nizhny Novgorod director became the winner of the festival “Kinostart”

The Nizhny Novgorod director became the winner of the festival “Kinostart” in the nomination “Best short film”. On the eve of an open regional festival of amateur and professional short film “Kinostart” was held in Vladimir.

Warner Bros. decided to change the name of the movie “The Jungle Book: The Beginning”

Warner Bros. decided to change the title of his film “The Jungle Book: The Beginning” (Jungle Book), now the film directed by Andy Serkis will be called “Mowgli”, this was announced by the portal Variety on December 19.

A student from Krasnodar received the international award “Art open world”

A student of the KGIK Alexander Makarenko was awarded an international award in the nomination “Variety Vocal”. Alexandra performed Christina Aguilera’s song “Tough love” at the contest and became a laureate of the 1st degree.

“X-Files” back on January 4

The cult television series “X-Files” is back on TV screens. In January of the coming year, the new, eleventh season of the series starts. In Russia, the new series will be shown on the TV-3 channel, starting from the fourth of January.

What films are released this week?

“Party” Sally Potter, sustained in black and white scintillating absurdist comedy about the mores of Londoners, finally got to the Russian hire. The plot of this film is this: during a domestic feast in the company of friends, the mistress’s husband, Janet officials, makes a shocking statement

The most popular Christmas song of 2017 is named

Arrangement of Mariah Carey “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is expected to be the most auditioned Christmas song of 2017 in the world. “Газета.Ru” got acquainted with the published statistics and made a playlist based on its motives.

Crimean artist Simonova will address the royal family of Belgium

The master of sand animation, Ksenia Simonova, Crimean, will perform in Brussels with the National Orchestra of Belgium in the presence of the royal family. This is reported on the official website of the artist.

The best Dombrists of the Southern Federal District visited Astrakhan

In Astrakhan, the Russian contest of performers on dombra was held. This year the Caspian capital hosted more than 100 participants from Kalmykia, Dagestan and other regions and cities.

Passed the competition of academic songs in the Udmurt language

The competition was attended by 15 people – professional singers, students and teachers of music schools, as well as performers amateurs. The jury awarded the title of the best performer of the academic song in the Udmurt language to Maria Grozdova from Mozhga

Orchestra musicAeterna and Theodore Curentzis begin the first big tour around Russia

The musicAeterna orchestra and conductor Theodore Curentzis are launching their first big tour around Russia. This was reported on Wednesday by the press service of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater.

The nominees of the theater prize Proryv

In January, the jury will begin the work of the ninth prize “Breakthrough”, which will review nominees for several months. The decision of the professional jury will be announced at the award ceremony, which will be held on March 12, 2018 at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater

The ballet “Goya” will celebrate the centenary of Kara Karaev in Baku

The Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater in Baku is actively working on the ballet Goya for the music of Kara Karaev and Faraj Karaev, the production is dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Kara Karayev, the press service of the theater

In the Theater. Vakhtangov saved the play

“The Queen of Spades” goes to our Art Cafe as a repertoire, “director Kirill Krok told The Theater.

In Crimea, theater spectators were treated to a spicy “French Dinner”

The play “Pajamas for Six, or Dinner in French” is popular in Russia and has been successfully staged on the stages of more than fifty local theaters. Following the wonderful rule: every comedy is a holiday of laughter and mischief, the collective of the Crimean theater has chosen, in our opinion, the most win-win play.

Vera Kuzmina became the winner of the Golden Mask Award

In the nomination “For outstanding contribution to the development of theatrical art”, Vera Kuzmina, an actress of the Chuvash Drama Theater named after Konstantin Ivanov, became a laureate of the special prize “Golden Mask”. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Culture of Chuvashia

The theater named after K. Tinchurin will present the premiere of the play “The tricks of Gulshayan”

The young artists of the theater Dilyara Fattakhova, Salavat Khabibullin, Kamilla Galeeva, Artem Piskunov, Almaz Fatkhullin, Ilnur Bainazarov, Rustem Gayzullin, Aidar Fathrakhmanov


Angelina Jolie teaches her children Russian language

Few people know that the children of the famous Hollywood actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt never went to school. 16-year-old Maddox, 13-year-old Pax, 12-year-old Zahara, 11-year-old Shylo and 9-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox are on home training because of the increased attention to them.

Anastasia Volochkova cursed the author of her intimate shots

The ballerina cursed Cheren Dzotov, calling him a man devoid of any morals, and also explained how this situation could arise in her life.

Each of us in life has sex, but to photograph a woman during this – how is this even possible? A woman, when experiencing pleasure, she closes her eyes. How is it possible to photograph. – Anastasia Volochkova, Russian ballet dancer

Ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan can become the presenter of the “First Channel”

Recently there was information that Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya would soon become the lead of some kind of program. Representatives of television and radio constantly ask her to cooperate

The former husband of Dana Borisova allowed her to take her daughter from school

Dana confessed that she feels much better after the ex-husband allowed her to see her daughter. Now the TV presenter can take the child out of school every other day. She warmly thanked the ex-spouse for the opportunity

Aguilera’s birthday was Barbie

On December 18, Christine Aguilera turned 37 years old. The star arranged a home party, to which came friends and relatives. Christina appeared on the holiday in the style of Barbie.

Inshakov called New Year’s joke of a message about his hospitalization

Stuntman, actor Alexander Inshakov said that he reports about his hospitalization as a New Year joke.

In the child molestation, the producer of Terminator-2 was accused

Famous Hollywood producer Gary Goddard, who was working on the creation of the cult film “Terminator-2”, was accused of corrupting and attempting to molest minors.

Press secretary Zhirinovsky threatened with a lawsuit Barbara Brylsk

A spokesman for the leader of the LDPR faction, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, threatened a lawsuit against actress Barbara Brylsk, reports the Fifth Channel. Earlier it became known that Zhirinovsky found a cult of drunkenness in the comedy “The Irony of Fate, or With a Light Steam!”, In which she was shot Brylska

The court provisionally released the young man of the soloist of the AIGEL group

The court paroleed Temur Khadyrov, a young man of AIGEL’s group Aigel Gaisina, on parole and poet on his Facebook page.

Poster posters for Los Angeles “She knew” about Strip and Weinstein

Poster posters “She knew” about actress Meryl Streep and producer Harvey Weinstein were posted on Los Angeles, reports Telegraph.

Singer Nyusha and her husband joined the movement of the Putin Team

The site of the “Team of Putin” earned in Russia on November 24 at www.putinteam.ru. The founder of the movement was the hockey player Alexander Ovechkin.

Dzhigurdy had an attack of hypertensive crisis

Nikita Dzhigurdy had an attack last night. The actor suffered a hypertensive crisis. About his health, the artist reported directly at the court session.
For the first time, at my request, the court session was postponed. At night, I had a hypertensive crisis. I gave the information. Tablets, medications, I am sausage. – Nikita Dzhigurda, actor

The star of “Desperate Housewives” Eva Longoria awaits the first-born

The baby will be born in the spring of 2018, reports Mirror. Representative of the actress confirmed her pregnancy to the publication. At the same time for Eva Longoria, this will be the first child, and for her husband, businessman Jose Antonio Baston – the fourth.

The former wife of Weinstein after the divorce can get $ 12 million

After the divorce, wife Harvey Weinstein Georgina Chapman can claim an amount of about $ 12 million, reports TMZ. This amount was formed after last week, December 15, it was exactly 10 days since the wedding of the Hollywood producer and the British actress.

The daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were bared together for a picture in the bath

Three daughters of Hollywood stars Demi Moore and Bruce Willis – Tallulah, Rumer and Scout, constantly shock the public with shocking acts. Here and this time the youngest of the sisters in the Instagram unveiled a picture, in which they together depicted nude. Girls are constantly in the epicenter of scandals.

Galkin said why they did not immediately “married” with Men’shova

The artist explained why, in his opinion, viewers often criticize the updated program and tandem leading. It is known that earlier the transfer on the First Channel was conducted by Andrey Malakhov, but after his departure to “Russia 1” in “Tonight” appeared Galkin and Men’shova

Shepeleva was criticized for the invitation to the studio of the participants of “Dom-2”

TV host Dmitry Shepelev was criticized for being invited to the studio of participants of “Dom-2”. The audience was outraged by the new guests “In fact.”


The Central Bank of Japan has kept the interest rate on a negative level

The Bank of Japan again kept the interest rate at a negative level – minus 0.1%, the financial regulator said in a statement on the results of the December meeting. The decision coincided with the forecasts of analysts. Eight members of the Central Bank voted for the preservation of the negative interest rate, against – one

China can not get off the debt needle

The IMF and the World Bank have called on China to fight the growth of debt, even if it slows down the economy in the short term. By easing its policy, Beijing, however, makes it clear that it intends to maintain relatively high growth rates and is ready to tolerate the increase in debt to achieve this goal.

Court of London arrested the assets of Kolomoisky for $ 2.5 billion

The High Court of London issued an order for the worldwide seizure of assets of the former owners of the Ukrainian “Privatbank” Igor Kolomoysky and Gennady Bogolyubov, as well as six allegedly owned companies. This is reported in a press release of the bank

The revenues of Gazprom in 2018 will beat the records

According to the results of the last year, the revenue of the gas monopoly of Russia reached values of 90.6 billion, and according to the results of the outgoing the company will earn, as expected, by 14 percent more – within $ 103.6 billion.

Kommersant learned of the intention of the Central Bank to tighten the mortgage

As the interlocutors of the newspaper told, in the Central Bank serious concerns were caused by the indicators put in the strategy of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML), which provided for the possibility of an increase in mortgage lending in Russia more than doubled, to 10 trillion rubles. in the year 2020.

Austria switched to the purchase of Qatar’s liquefied gas

Russia’s key partner in the European gas market – Austria will begin to purchase liquefied natural gas in Qatar. On Wednesday, a long-term contract for the purchase of Qatar LNG was concluded by the Austrian oil and gas corporation OMV, reports The Gulf Times

Poland will raise the issue of the price of transit of Russian gas to Germany

The Polish government will raise the issue of the price of transit of Russian gas through the country to Germany, said Polish government commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure Perth Naimsky in an interview with the weekly Gazeta Polska

The media learned of the termination of Gazprom’s purchase of pipes for Nord Stream 2

Gazprom has terminated contracts for the supply of pipes for the land section of the North European Gas Pipeline, better known as the Nord Stream-2, due to the fact that they considered their cost to be too high. This is written by Vedomosti with reference to two employees of the gas company’s counterparties.

“Naftogaz” announced plans to get $ 16 billion compensation from Gazprom

The company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” expects to receive from the Russian “Gazprom” compensation of up to $ 16 billion, UNIAN reports. The Ukrainian side expects such a sum after the Stockholm arbitration considers the claim under the contract for transit.

Gold reserves in Russia’s reserves for November rose by 1.6%

The reserves of monetary gold in the international reserves of the Russian Federation in November 2017 increased by 1.55% (+ 27.99 tons) and as of December 1 made 58.8 million ounces (1828.88 tons), according to the materials of the Bank of Russia.

Marble bug destroyed more than half of the mandarin harvest in Abkhazia

Insects-pests have caused great damage to the agriculture of Abkhazia, President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba said on Wednesday in Sukhum during his speech with the annual message to the parliament of the republic.

Stores may be entitled to the sale of OTC medicines

“Within the framework of the existing monopoly of pharmaceutical and medical organizations that have the exclusive right to sell medicines, the sale of over-the-counter drugs in stores will stimulate the development of competition in this industry and lead to a reduction in the prices of certain categories of medicines,” says an explanatory note to bill

Another Pyramid of Mavrodi collapsed

The founder of the financial pyramid of MMM Sergey Mavrodi, convicted for fraud, announced the restart of his own Mavro crypto currency and announced the approach of the “financial apocalypse”. He said this in his Twitter account.

Russian banks expect a record profit in 2018

According to the Central Bank, for 11 months of 2017 the profit of banks grew by 10.4% and amounted to 870 billion rubles. By the end of the year, the figure could approach one trillion. According to Matnovnikov, Russian banks would have earned 1.5 trillion rubles, if there had not been a reorganization of the “Discovery” and “Binbank”.

EU complained to the WTO on Russia because of restrictions on imports of pork

As reported by Reuters, the amount of sanctions against Russia could amount to € 1.39 billion a year. According to the agency, the request to the WTO will be sent on January 3. In February, Russia was unable to obtain from the WTO a review of the decision to ban 2014 on the import of pork from the EU countries.

Oreshkin announced the completion of structural reforms in macroeconomics

Structural reforms in Russia’s macroeconomic policy are coming to an end, in the future the country will develop more steadily and with less dependence on external factors. This was announced at the meeting by the European Business Association by the head of the MAYOR Maxim Oreshkin, according to Rambler News Service

The Federal Tax Service allowed enterprises to operate without cash registers

The FTS allowed users, in the operation of cash registers, to fail, to make settlements without using it. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the letter of the deputy head of the Federal Tax Service, Daniel Egorov, to the Federal Tax Service for the regions

Norway and the US gas through Poland will leave the power of Ukraine without gray schemes

Poland’s plans for Baltic Pipe The representative of the Polish government on strategic energy infrastructure Peter Naimsky announced his desire to supply Ukraine with 6-8 billion cubic meters of gas per year, including the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline

Belarus completely refuses to import Russian electricity

Previously, Belarus planned to abandon the import of electricity in 2020, after putting into operation blocks of the BelAES under construction, and even consider export options.

Belarus re-exported 6 million tons of Russian oil in 2017

The Republic of Belarus used its right to re-export 6 million tons of Russian oil from the deliveries for the year 2017 to the republic of 24 million tons. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko, on Wednesday, December 20

Bank “Russia” bought the Crimean winery “Novy Svet”

As reported by the Federal News Agency, the transaction value was 1.5 billion rubles. The main activity of the new owner of the plant is consulting on matters of commercial activity and management.

Regions of Russia will receive another 55 billion rubles for budget loans

The Russian government will allocate an additional 55 billion rubles to provide budget loans to the regions. The corresponding order was given by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev

Mechel will supply coal to Chinese Jidong Cement

“Mechel” within a year will send the Chinese company Jidong Cement up to 3 million tons of power coal extracted at the Elginsky cut (OOO “Elgaugol”) and the section “Neryungrinsky” (JSC “HC Yakutugol”).

Estoin can still release “cryptotoken”

ECB President Mario Draghi said in September: “No EU member state can issue its own currency.” In response, Estonia developed a strategy of “technological neutrality”, and Korjus was able to convince politicians that Estcoin would not be a currency but a “cryptotoken”.

The Ministry of Construction will prepare amendments on regulation of housing payments

The Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation will draft amendments to the legislation on regulation of housing payments at the federal level, RIA Novosti, the head of the department, Mikhail Men.

Gazprom will contribute 11.9 billion rubles to the capital of Gazprom Energoholding

“To agree on the acquisition of a stake in Gazprom Energoholding by the acquisition of a stake in OOO Gazprom Energoholding by making an additional contribution of 11.936 billion rubles, with payment in cash, following which the nominal value of the 100% stake in OOO Gazprom owned by PJSC Gazprom energy holding company will be 227.036 billion rubles, “the company said.

Sberbank will pay 150 billion dividends for the current year in 2018

At the end of 2016, Sberbank sent about 135 billion rubles for dividends, or about 25% of its annual profit under IFRS, a year earlier the bank paid dividends of about 44.5 billion rubles, or 20% of its net profit under IFRS.

The budget includes 150 billion rubles. It is clear that on dividends agreed with Sberbank and the Central Bank that we will look at the stability, capital adequacy. So let’s see what the profit will be. Maybe the dividends will be around this figure, maybe a little less. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

About 2.5 billion rubles will be able to help the authorities for building the Mosobldumy

About 2.5 billion rubles will be able to help the authorities of the Moscow region for a 10-story building of the Moscow Regional Duma, told reporters the chairman of the regional parliament, Igor Bryntsalov.

Chinese ZPEC may acquire a stake in the Chon project of Gazprom Neft

The second source confirmed ZPEC’s interest in Chon. The sources did not name the size of the stake that the Chinese company wants to buy in this project. In October, Deputy Head of Gazprom Neft Vadim Yakovlev in an interview with Reuters expressed his hope to create a Russian-Chinese joint venture for the development of the Chona until the end of 2017

BP intends to acquire a stake in the gas project of Rosneft

British oil company BP plans to acquire a stake in the subsidiary structure of Rosneft – the Chita company Kharampurneftegaz.

The production of liquid hydrocarbons in Norway in November fell by 5%

The volume of liquid hydrocarbon production in the Norwegian oil and gas fields in November, according to preliminary data, declined by 5.3% compared with the final data for October, reaching 1.813 million barrels per day, according to the report of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD).

At the Kirov refuellings petrol and diesel fuel again went up

Kirov residents actively discuss in social networks the next increase in prices for gasoline. So, the price of 92nd at the Kirov refueling stations fluctuates around 38 rubles 60 kopecks. Thus, the brand of the most popular gasoline has risen in price for December by about 50 cents


YouTube will create a music service with Sony and Universal

YouTube has signed long-term contracts with the largest music labels Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. Service sees two goals in cooperation: to improve the protection of songs from piracy and the development of a new music service in early 2018.

Google Chrome will start blocking ads from February 15

Since February 15, 2018, the Google Chrome browser will begin to block ads that prevent users.

New test from Google: images in AdWords text ads

Google is conducting another test in AdWords. This time, an image taken from the landing page was added to text ads in mobile delivery

Spammers want to officially allow to buy personal data

According to the document, Russians will be offered a fee for using their personal data in business. The Internet Initiatives Development Foundation has created a new law on managing large amounts of data. The document assumes the inclusion of special intermediary companies.

“Yandex. Translator »learned to translate emoji

In general, the translator provides the information as accurately as possible. The difficulty here is that many emoji do not have one definite meaning, and on the network each user can use them in messages as he sees fit

In Moscow, earned the Internet laboratory of things

In the capital, the Internet of things worked. The IOT laboratory of MTS presents solutions for everyday life, industrial systems, including security, retail, utilities, a smart city and a smart home

Shazam now recognizes the artist without connecting to the Web

Shazam released an update for iOS with the addition of offline mod. With it you can recognize the track even without an internet connection

Review WebSite X5 Evolution 14: creator of sites for amateurs and pros

In the version of WebSite X5 Evolution 14 in the bundle is free hosting and domain name for one year. Innovations touched mainly on the internal interface, So, the site menu has now become an object for which you can choose your own design.


Rostekh sells its stake in developer YotaPhone

Rostek decided to realize the option to sell its 25.1% stake in Yota Devices, the developer of mobile devices, including YotaPhone. This was reported to RBC by a source familiar with the plans of the state corporation.

Magic Leap first showed glasses of mixed reality on the Web

The startup Magic Leap first showed its glasses of mixed reality. This project was spent 6 years of continuous work of specialists and here the final result is obtained.

Apple will release the following AirPods in the second half of 2018

According to the analyst, Apple will release an updated version of wireless headphones AirPods in the second half of 2018. As Ming-Chi Kuo notes, the AirPods assembly will continue with the Taiwanese manufacturer Inventec, and components will be supplied by companies such as Unitech, Compeq, TXC and HLJ.

Microsoft launched a service to summarize the year for gamers

Microsoft summarizes the results of the year. For American developers, it was saturated: first the company launched a new service Xbox Game Pass, and after it released the world’s most powerful console Xbox One X

IPhone 5S will be exhibited in the museum of the Academy of Cinematography

The Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences is building its own museum and selecting exhibits for the exhibition. One of them will be the iPhone 5S, which was shot by Sean Baker’s “Mandarin”. It was the first production, completely filmed on the iPhone.

Beeline launches trade-in program for smartphones Apple and Samsung

The representative of Vimpelcom Anna Aibasheva explained that the launch of the trade-in program is motivated by the increase in the consumption of the services of the operators by customers after switching to new devices. Recall, in early November, the trade-in program for smartphones Apple and Samsung were launched in M.Video

Frameless Meizu M6S with a lateral fingerprint was shown on video

The network got a small video with the upcoming phone Meizu M6S. The video confirms a frameless design with a screen almost to the entire front panel, as well as a fingerprint scanner on the side of the phone

Company Xiaomi will not release a smartphone Redmi Note 5

The official website of Xiaomi Corporation revealed that these mobile devices are intended to replace the famous line of Redmi Note 5. It is reported that earlier models differed only in inches, and now with the increased version of Redmi 5, there is simply no need for the Redmi Note 5 device.

Experts called Xiaomi smartphones that can compete with the iPhone

“The iPhone killers” experts called the models Xiaomi Mi A1, Xiaomi Mi6 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Xiaomi Mi A1 is an analog iPhone 5s, and costs only 15 thousand rubles. Smartphone Xiaomi Mi6 in terms of not worse than the iPhone 7, while it costs 10 thousand cheaper

LG will produce products with artificial intelligence under the brand ThinQ

South Korean company LG has presented a subbrand of ThinQ, under which all home appliances with artificial intelligence will be released. The first products the company will present in January at the annual exhibition CES 2018 in Los Angeles.


The online games industry has brought China $ 8.2 billion

Over the current year, Chinese computer game developers have earned more than $ 8.2 billion in foreign markets. Compared with last year’s indicator, revenue increased by 14.5%. Today, China is a key exporter of computer games in the world.

A new part of Half-Life has been released. But not original

An independent development team announced the release of a new part of Half-Life. For four years, she worked on Half-Life 2: ICE. The project continues the story line of the original Half-Life 2. According to the developers, the game takes place in Antarctica.

Announced the first DLC for Call of Duty: WWII

DLC The Resistance will be released on the PlayStation 4 on January 30, a month later will be released on a PC with Xbox One.

«Kingdom: Classic» became on Steam temporarily free

All users of the Steam service can receive one copy of the game free of charge. Company Company Raw Fury announced the launch of a free action to distribute its game Kingdom: Classic. Download the application by logging into your Steam account.

In Steam there were games about “King Lion” and “Aladdin”

The company “Disney” pleased fans of the classic games. In the Steam store, three retro-platformers appeared at once: The Lion King, Aladdin and The Jungle Book. All projects were previously published in the early 90’s.

Update for Gwynth: The Witcher added more than 100 new maps to the game

The game has more than 100 new maps, a daily job system and redesigned functions, as well as a new visual style of the deck designer and the map replacement screen.

Ubisoft distributes for free Black Flag, World in Conflict and Watch Dogs

The promotion will last until December 23 and finish at 13:00 Moscow time. If the series Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs do not need a presentation, then some of our readers might not know about World in Conflict. This is one of the best classic RTS, released in 2007.

Blizzard is looking for a developer for the first person game

Blizzard announced the search for a new developer. He will work on the game from the first person. A future employee should engage in transportation

Developers have started to create a new part of “Zelda”

The company Nintendo began work on creating the next part of The Legend of Zelda. There were confirming reports from Eiji Aonum, who is the producer of the series.

Rumor: Riot Games is working on a new game

Niko Parters video analyst Daniel Ahmad, in his tweet, drew attention to a new game called “The Adventures of Timo,” which seems to be developing by Riot Games. The mention of it was found in the list of projects approved by the commission for sale in China.

Destiny 2: What is The Dawning and when it starts

Soon in Destiny 2 starts the first seasonal event The Dawning, in which players expect a lot of different gifts, as well as the real game of snowballs.

Leisure Suit Larry’s obscene quests will appear on Steam

Larry Lafer, the famous old Lovelace-loser, will soon appear on the Steam platform. Valve plans to add to its store the entire series of humorous quest quests Leisure Suit Larry, the first part of which, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, was released in the far 1987.

Steam blocked in China

According to the Greatfire tracker, the Steam community has not been available in China for four days. The service specializes in tracking blocked sites on the territory of the state. Access to the community of Steam Community has been closed in China since December 15.


US reported future problems with GPS

In the US, state auditors have warned of future problems in the management of the upcoming Global Positioning System (GPS) of the third generation. Information on the complexities of GPS management does not apply to civilian applications of the program

Jerks in the side improved the gait of people with Parkinson’s disease

Shocks in the side can improve the stability of gait patients with Parkinson’s disease and thereby reduce the likelihood of their fall. Scientists have created a device that pulls the patient to the sides with the help of ropes and thereby trains his gait.

Scientists demonstrated a transistor with the effect of negative capacitance

A group of specialists presented a new generation of transistors to the world using the effect of negative capacitance, which will allow many devices working on electricity to use energy much more efficiently.

Scientists: Melting ice stops the development of flora and fauna in the Arctic

Russian scientists in the course of the Arctic expedition found out that the water area released after melting ice remains unoccupied. There is a theory that when melting ice there is an increase in the so-called productivity of the ocean, that is, the increase in the number of representatives of flora and fauna.

Scientists: The brain unconsciously divides people into enemies and friends by their faces

The brain had a couple of seconds to understand what image he saw. It is noted that most of the volunteers recognized the faces of people who have power and strength. Experts say that when choosing a partner, the brain functions in a similar way.

Scientists: Loud mating of fish stuns fur seals and dolphins

Loud mating of fish in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico stuns fur seals and dolphins. The scientists recorded the sounds that some aquatic vertebrates produced during the mating period, and came to the conclusion that they could lead to complete deafness of some other marine inhabitants.

In the US, approved gene therapy for the treatment of hereditary blindness

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States approved a drug that changes DNA and reverses progressive, inherited blindness

Two-layer graphene was squeezed into a film with diamond properties

Double-ply graphene under strong compression reversibly forms a film with a comparable cross-stiffness to diamond, as well as a puncture-resistant diamond.

Europeans have experienced a system of machine vision for unmanned landing

The European aircraft construction concern Airbus has tested the new Eagle machine vision system, which is being developed specifically for prospective unmanned aerial vehicles

Scientists: Thermal vision helps to find flowers for bees

Employees of the University of Bristol in the UK found that bees in their search for suitable flowers with pollen helps thermal vision. According to scientists, during the pollination buds of most plants are heated, attracting insects.

The method of creating graphene tissue was adapted for mass production

Scientists have developed a method for creating electrically conductive tissues with reduced graphene oxide, suitable for mass production. It is assumed that the technology will produce about 150 meters of tissue per minute, according to a study published in the journal ACS Nano

“We saw the process predicted 43 years ago”

A neutral current arises when a neutrino exchanges a neutral Z boson with a quark. As a result, the particles interact with each other (for example, repel), and during the interaction their properties do not change


Ilon Mask first published a photo of a heavy Falcon Heavy rocket

The founder of SpaceX on his Twitter account for the first time published photos of the company’s largest and heaviest rocket, Falcon Heavy. In all, there are 27 engines on the picture, nine on each of the three accelerators. Mask wrote that the missile is now in a hangar at Cape Canaveral, in Florida.

US will send “dragonfly” to Titan

NASA plans to send a DragonFly (dragonfly) device to search for life on Saturn’s moon – Titan. According to scientists, the device will be equipped with a nuclear power plant, the resource of which will last for many years.

On December 21, the asteroid Teros-939 will enter the Earth’s atmosphere

Numerous conspiracy experts have repeatedly claimed that according to the Mayan calendar, which was re-deciphered, humanity will die on December 21, 2017. Today there will indeed be an unusual event. The Earth’s atmosphere will include a celestial body named Teros-939, belonging to the class of asteroids

Astronomers saw a giant anomaly on the star

Abnormal convective cells on the red giant π1 Gruis were recognized by an international group of astronomers. The star is 530 light years from Earth. The dimensions of these bubbles, caused by convection of the plasma, reach 120 million kilometers.

The surface of ancient Mars absorbed water like a sponge, scientists believe

Scientists from the Oxford Department of Earth Sciences suggest that the surface of ancient Mars reacted with

Scientists: many clouds on Earth can have a “cosmic” origin

A large number of “embryos” of clouds appear in the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of the interaction of droplets of aerosols with cosmic rays of high energies, scientists say in an article published in the journal Nature Communications.

Scientists of NASA will send astronauts into space for three years

Researchers from NASA plan to study how a long-term stay in space can affect the human body. For this, scientists, before flying to Mars, will first send astronauts to open space for three years.

Scientists: In a billion years on Mars can appear organic life

Scientists do not rule out the emergence of organic life on Mars. In this case, such a development of events, in their opinion, should not be expected earlier than in a billion years. Scientists have proposed a theory that implies the development of Mars in the distant future.

Astroscale will not resume the project of the satellite that died in the accident of the “Frigate”

Astroscale Japan, which created the IDEA OAG 1 satellite to track the space micro-debris, will not resume this project after the accident of the Fregat upper stage with 19 satellites, the head of the press department Tie Noguchi told in an interview with RIA Novosti.


The tests saw a Bentley Flying Spur sedan of a new generation

Judging by the fresh spy photos that appeared on the pages of the US motor portal motor1, the new Bentley Flying Spur was put on road tests in dense camouflage, which, however, did not stop to consider some of the design features

The ceremonial Mercedes-Benz Adolf Hitler will be auctioned off

Rare car in the period from 1939 to May 1941 was used as a ceremonial car of Adolf Hitler. Interestingly, the machine was created specifically for Hitler, and with preferences and his driver, too

Audi recalls about 330 thousand cars because of problems with the heater

Audi recalls about 330 thousand cars in Germany because of problems with wiring, a defect was detected in the heater, this was reported by Automotive News on December 20

Crossover DW Hower H3 successfully passed the crash test at the NAMI training ground

Chinese brand DW Hower brought to the Russian car market crossovers H3 and H5 this spring. The first model successfully passed the crash test in Dmitrov at the NAMI training ground.

In China, began selling four-door sedan Changan Raeton CC

The new four-door car Changan Raeton CC received Chinese dealer centers, where it is offered in seven versions at a price of 89,900 yuan, in the Russian equivalent of 800 thousand rubles. Dimensions Changan Raton CC reach 4780X1465X1825 mm, and the wheelbase is 2 770 millimeters

Crossover Audi Q8 will appear on the market in Russia in July 2018

Audi executives plan to launch the implementation of the Q8 crossover on the Russian market in July 2018. Next year, Russian motorists will also be able to purchase models A6, A7, A8 and RS3, which will appear in the period from March to October.

In Russia recall 124 minivan Citroen C4 Picasso because of a bonnet defect

Official representative of Citroen and Peugeot in Russia, Peugeot Citroen Rus, announced a recall campaign of 124 minivans Citroen C4 Picasso. The cars that have been sold in the country since October 2016 are subject to the review. The reason is an incorrectly glued hood

“AvtoVAZ” brought to the road tests sports sedan LADA Vesta Sport

The company “AvtoVAZ” has started road tests of sports sedan LADA Vesta Sport. The model hit the lens of the photo spy camera. The pictures were published in the RCI News community “VKontakte”.

In the network appeared the first pre-series photos of the new crossover BMW X7

The company BMW continues to warm up interest in the future flagship SUV BMW X7. This time the company published a series of photos from the assembly site in the US, where they began to produce pre-series copies of the crossover. Recall, the assembly line will be established in late 2018.

Hatchbacks MINI changed the “automatic” to “robot” with two clutches

For example, when approaching the turn, the box will “throw off” the stage in advance, and with a bunch of bends – it will not change it until it reaches the straight section. As noted in the company, the box was also tuned for smooth traffic in traffic jams, so that its work was no different from the traditional “machine”.

Nissan started producing new electric cars in the EU Leaf

Nissan has commenced to mass-produce the updated model of the electric car Nissan Leaf in the European Union, it is expected that the model will go on sale in February 2018, this was announced on December 19 by the CTV News portal.

Chinese company SWM will develop a new crossover

The Chinese brand SWM, created by the engineering company Brilliance and Shineray Motorcycle Company, is developing a new crossover. The first outline of the model has already been made public on the Internet. To date, information has appeared that the crossover will be assigned the factory marking S402.

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