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21 Дек, 2022

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

A little about the terms: it is very easy, using the term «AI» right and left, to confuse a neural network tailored for a narrow task with AGI — general artificial intelligence capable of solving problems like a person. AGI has not yet been invented (at least the general public does not know about it), but narrow «AIs» exist and perfectly solve many problems

And the first task that they learned to do no worse than people is to recognize handwritten text! Literally 8-9 years ago this significant event happened. In 2015, the best examples of neural network models were able to recognize images as well as people, a year after that — oral speech. But progress in all these areas has been going on for years, if not decades.

But two other tasks were solved in just a couple of years: understanding text and natural language (see the miracles from ChatGPT)! While someone is fighting for the bonds, someone else is creating the future — and faster and faster, which is very pleasing

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Human Development Index. Best with human capital development in Europe — especially Germany and the Scandinavian countries, USA, Canada and Australia. Worst of all — in Equatorial Africa.


The European Union has agreed on a ceiling for wholesale gas prices. The agreement was reached at the level of EU energy ministers after several weeks of negotiations.

The cap on prices at the Dutch gas hub Title Transfer Facility (TTF) will come into effect from February 15 if they stay above 180 euros per MWh for three days, Reuters reports. They must also exceed the average LNG price by at least 35 euros.


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte issued a formal apology on behalf of the state for the country’s involvement in the enslavement of people in the colonial era, according to the NL Times portal.


In Afghanistan, women have been banned from studying at universities. The ban further restricts Afghan women’s access to education — previously girls were expelled from most secondary schools


A new solar panel efficiency record has been broken. German HZB has unveiled a panel that converts 32.5% of solar radiation into energy. The previous record was 31.3% and was reached in 2021


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