7 Сен, 2021

Exempt from the bottle change tax

The Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy has developed a bill to abolish one of the taxes in Russia. We are talking about the abolition of personal income tax from the income of individuals for the delivery of glass and plastic bottles for processing, according to the newspaper «Vedomosti». The authors of the document believe that the current situation prevents retail chains from installing fandomats for receiving recyclable materials.

On the other hand, they have been trying to abolish personal income tax from the disposal of recyclable materials for 20 years, recalled Alexey Kiselev, head of the toxic department of Greenpeace in Russia.

“Low-income people are really engaged in the delivery of containers for money,” he stated.

Kiselev also stressed that in fact, at present, no one pays tax on income for the delivery of bottles for processing. In his opinion, this a priori cannot be a profitable operation.

You can hand over recyclable materials in special devices in stores. Retail chains, however, are in no hurry to lure customers with promotions and bonuses for the delivery of bottles, said the chairman of the committee Andrei Kutepov (United Russia).

“Such reception points as fandomats and the ability to receive money for recyclable materials for the population are an integral part of creating a circular economy,” said Denis Butsaev, CEO of the Russian environmental operator. He believes that in this case, the tax acts as a barrier.

However, at this time, the return money cannot be directly credited to a person’s account as this would be considered taxable income. So, bonus rubles from fandomats go, for example, to the accounts of transport cards or charitable foundations.

In 2019, Dmitry Medvedev, who at that time served as the country’s prime minister, instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Economic Development to work out an initiative to resume the practice of putting bottles in stores. It was assumed that this should contribute to solving environmental problems in the country, among which the number one issue is garbage.


In Russia, there were problems with the BitTorrent protocol against the background of blocking VPN services. According to network sources, Rostelecom has effectively banned the download of torrent files, blocking the BitTorrent protocol. This is due to the recent blocking of VPN services. This is evidenced by user posts that have appeared on the forum of the Open Net portal.


The US administration on Tuesday, September 7, introduces new restrictions on Russia due to its alleged involvement in the incident with Alexei Navalny. Russia, according to the State Department, allegedly violated the American law on the control of chemical and biological weapons and the prohibition of their military use of 1991, which served as the legal basis for the restrictions

According to the American Foreign Ministry, the United States is imposing restrictions on «the permanent import of certain types of Russian firearms.» In addition, additional export restrictions are imposed by the US Department of Commerce «on missile and nuclear-related products and technologies.»


A group of astrophysicists from the United States, Germany and Russia said that a person’s stay on Mars is limited to only four years, otherwise astronauts will have health problems.


In Lausanne, Switzerland, the Nexus Orchestra performed the unfinished tenth symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven, completed by artificial intelligence. For this, the ANN neural network took as a basis the small sketches for the work, which have been preserved, according to CGTN Europe. According to Florian Colombo, the author of the neural network, an employee of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne EPFL, it took him ten years to develop it.


Employers least need graduates in sports, arts and sciences, while technical professions remain the most needed. This is evidenced by the data of the recruiting company HeadHunter.

Employers are unhappy with how well graduates are prepared. The majority of companies (93%) said that the level of professionalism of Russian graduates in 2021 is average or below average.


In the Sverdlovsk region, pensioners who will take part in the elections will be given ration cards for 150 rubles. Seniors will receive gift certificates at polling stations. The chairman of the veteran organization, Yuri Sudakov, told E1.RU that the action was not related to the elections.

The certificates in question are not ration cards. These are “Pyaterochka” gift cards purchased by the “Sverdlovsk Regional Public Organization of War, Labor, Military, Civil Service Veterans, Pensioners,” the X5 Group said. — X5 provides the opportunity to freely purchase gift cards for both individuals and organizations, it is a publicly available tool. At the same time, the activities within which they will be implemented are not specified in the contract, and the terms of their use are established in accordance with the rules of validity of the gift card.


Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) have created a solar panel that outperforms existing models in terms of efficiency. According to Dr. Keen Chern Fong, who participated in the study, double-sided solar cells are much more efficient than single-sided silicon solar cells, they produce 30% more energy, which increases the production capacity of the solar farm. Commercially, experts expect the market share of this type of solar cell to reach 50% over the next five years.

Reversible solar cells promise a conversion efficiency of 24.3% at the front, compared to 23.4% at the back. Overall, this represents a two-person ratio of 96.3%. With regard to the efficiency of the output power, it is about 29%. New world record


Russia and Pakistan are close to launching the construction of the Pakistan Stream gas pipeline; only a few issues remain to be coordinated. This was stated in an interview with RIA Novosti by the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic to Russia Shafkat Ali Khan.


The grandson and great-grandson of Sergei Korolev took a tour of the SpaceX plant. There they were met by Elon Musk. The grandson of the creator of the Soviet rocket industry, Andrei Korolev, said that he and his son were «greeted like a king» and noticed that SpaceX, unlike Russia, has a lot of young employees.

“Unfortunately, I have to admit that the age composition of our assemblers is slightly different,” said the designer’s grandson.

Elon Musk has repeatedly expressed admiration for Sergei Korolev. In July 2020, on Twitter, he called the designer “one of the best”, and in January 2021 he commented on the Roscosmos post about Korolev with the words “he was great”.


Aeroflot has deprived of salaries of several pilots who refused to be vaccinated against coronavirus. The head of the trade union Igor Delduzhov wrote to the head of Aeroflot that the families of the pilots were «deprived of their livelihood, although no one obliged the employer to take such measures» for refusing to be vaccinated. The head of the trade union said that the pilots were discriminated against because unvaccinated employees continue to work in other departments of Aeroflot.

“There is no such situation with dismissal in any Russian airline. The measures applied to employees cause excessive social tension and push them to dismiss, «Delduzhov said.


A deputy of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Boris Vishnevsky, filed a complaint that there are other candidates on the ballot papers with the same name and surname without specifying their previous data.

The election commission said that the law «On the election of deputies to the State Duma» allows you to specify the previous data «only if there is a complete coincidence of the surname, first name and patronymic.» The twins of Boris Lazarevich Vishnevsky have other middle names: Ivanovich and Gennadievich.


Taliban * announced the composition of the new government of Afghanistan

Mohammad Hasan Akhund will become the prime minister.

The post of first deputy prime minister was received by Abdul Ghani Baradar, who now heads the political office of the Taliban.

The son of the founder of the Taliban, Mohammed Yakub, became defense minister. Amir Khan Muttaki has been appointed Foreign Minister.

The Taliban stressed that the government is temporary.

* The Taliban Islamist movement is included in the list of organizations recognized as terrorist in Russia, its activities are prohibited.


The Big Port of St. Petersburg, the ports of Vladivostok and Vostochny (Nakhodka, Primorsky Territory) received the right to process sanctioned goods in transit through the territory of Russia


The head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Evgeny Zinichev, opened a large-scale two-day experimental research exercise in the Arctic zone in Dudinka of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the press service of the ministry told RIA Novosti.

During exercises in the Arctic zone of seven constituent entities of Russia on September 7-8, 12 scenarios for the elimination of emergencies on water and land will have to be worked out and 98 experimental research problems with the participation of more than six thousand specialists will be solved.


Wine production in France will decline this year due to the spring frost in the country, which caused severe damage to vineyards, the country’s agriculture ministry said. Wine production in France is expected to fall to 33.3 million hectoliters this year, down 29% from the previous year.


Afghanistan is running out of food and other essential commodities, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said.

«We call on international donors to provide support quickly and generously,» the French media quoted UN OCHA spokesman Jens Laerke as saying.


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