25 Май, 2021

Exports of Russia in the 1st quarter of 2021

In total, in the 1st quarter of 2021, Russia exported goods more than $ 92 billion — 1.7% more than in the 1st quarter of 2020

The main export item, traditionally, is fuel and energy products (49 billion out of 92): primarily crude oil (almost 20 billion) and gas (9.6 billion). For about the same amount as gas, we exported metals and metal products, more than 8 billion — food, more than 3 billion — wood and pulp and paper products

Industrial products appear only towards the end of the list: chemical products from Russia were exported for $ 6.9 billion in the quarter, machinery and equipment — for $ 5.3 billion.


The flight of Russian cosmonauts to the moon will cost from 400 billion to 1.7 trillion rubles — Roscosmos


Google does not filter enough content banned in Russia, Roskomnadzor does not rule out slowing down the traffic of the company’s services in the Russian Federation — department


The actions of the Belarusian aviation authorities around the emergency landing at the Minsk airport of the Ryanair aircraft were in accordance with international standards, the fighter was raised taking into account the fact that there was a Belarusian nuclear power plant nearby — Russian Foreign Ministry


Ukraine completely stops air traffic with Belarus, will redirect all flights bypassing its airspace — NSDC Secretary


3 billion euros of EU investment aid to Belarus frozen until Belarus becomes democratic — head of the European Commission


Lufthansa announced the suspension of flights in the airspace of Belarus — AFP


The human rights movement Gulagu.net announced the end of work on the territory of Russia, some of the human rights defenders who worked with him have already left the country, the founder of the project Vladimir Osechkin told Open Media. The project will now conduct all its work only from abroad — “out of reach of operatives of the FSB, FSIN, Ministry of Internal Affairs and KGB,” the source said.


EU summit decided to ban Belarusian airlines from flights to the EU


Air France announced the suspension of flights over Belarus


Singapore Airlines changes itinerary to avoid flying over Belarus — Channel News Asia


A ban on the reception and departure of aircraft crossing Belarus has come into force in Lithuania. According to the Minister of Communications and Transport Marius Skuodis, the ban will affect about 180 flights in 26 directions during the day, this mainly refers to the routes of the southern direction.


Austrian Airlines stops flights over Belarus


One of the largest Japanese air carriers, All Nippon Airways, will temporarily not use the route over the territory of Belarus


Biden called Protasevich’s detention «a shameful attack on political dissent» and instructed his administration to develop a response. The US President called for the release of Protasevich and «hundreds of political prisoners who are being unfairly detained by the Lukashenka regime.»


Deputy Mufti of Ingushetia Magomed Khashtyrov read a speech about bitcoin, where he called on all believers to abandon this type of business. According to Khashtyrov, well-known Muslim theologians, after consulting with economists, issued a fatwa stating that cryptocurrencies do not comply with Sharia law. Instead of bitcoins, Khashtyrov called on his fellow countrymen to deal with fruits and vegetables.


The Hamas movement, which the Belarusian authorities accused of reporting on the mining of a Ryanair plane, denied any involvement in the incident. The Islamists asked them not to demonize them and stressed that «they do not resort to such methods.»


In Mineralnye Vody, controllers from the local Gazprom Region tore off the seal from the gas meter and issued an impressive fine to the owner of the house for this. They would have gotten away with it, but the gas inspectors did not take into account that a video surveillance system was installed in the house.


In relation to Alexei Navalny, a case was initiated for insulting judge Vera Akimova, who was considering a case of libel against a veteran. The politician himself announced this on Instagram.


In Yakutia, they decided to oblige everyone to be vaccinated. Employers who do not provide vaccinations to their employees were threatened with fines of 200 thousand rubles, and the employees themselves, if they refuse the vaccine, will not be allowed to work.

The regional government’s website says that the decision was made «in accordance with federal and republican regulations.» What normative acts we are talking about is not specified. Earlier, the Kremlin and the Ministry of Health have repeatedly stated that vaccination against Covid-19 can only be voluntary.

Sources in the government of Yakutia told «Rise» that a «clarification» is now being prepared for the published decree of the republic’s chief sanitary doctor on compulsory vaccination.


The press secretary of the head of the republic Afanasy Noev told «Rise» that the decision of the sanitary doctor was about organizing a mass vaccination campaign, and not mandatory. Meanwhile, all messages about this have been removed from the social networks of the administration.

According to the authorities, residents of the republic, at the direction of the employer, must come to the vaccination center and deliver the vaccine or «issue an informed refusal of vaccination or a medical withdrawal.» Noev assures that the employee can refuse the vaccine for personal reasons, he will not be punished for this.


A protocol was drawn up against the Novosibirsk activist Viktor Sorokin, who was detained on the way to the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov, under Art. 20.3.1 Administrative Code (Incitement to hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity) due to the expression «bandits in uniform». This was announced to Open Media by his lawyer Vasily Dubkov.
Open Media reports


Russia proposes to Saudi Arabia to create a working group on the development of hydrogen energy


The State Duma in the second reading introduced fines for keeping silent about transfers from 600 thousand rubles a year through foreign wallets, RIA Novosti reports.

the penalty for failure to submit a report will be from 20% to 40% of the transferred amount

for violations in reporting — from 2-3 thousand rubles for citizens to 40-50 thousand for legal entities (in case of repeated violation up to 20 thousand and up to 600 thousand, respectively)

for a delay — up to 1.5 thousand rubles for citizens and from 20 to 50 thousand rubles for legal entities.


Sophia Sapega was arrested for 2 months, her lawyer Alexander Filanovich told Open Media.

“Today there was an interrogation of Sophia. She is suspected of committing a criminal offense. A preventive measure was chosen — detention for a period of 2 months. The place of detention of the suspect is the KGB pre-trial detention center. The investigation is being conducted by the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus, a non-disclosure subscription was taken from the lawyer. Adequate legal assistance has been and will continue to be provided to her. In the near future, the lawyer intends to visit Sofya at the place of her detention, ”he said.


The State Duma adopted in the first reading a draft on toughening criminal liability for drunk driving. Anyone who has already become the culprit of a drunken accident with the dead or injured and again got behind the wheel drunk will receive 3 years (instead of 2) and a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles (instead of 300 thousand).


The leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union at the summit in Brussels expressed solidarity with the Czech Republic and supported it after the diplomatic scandal with Russia. This follows from the statement adopted at the event.

“The European Council condemns Russia’s illegal, provocative and destructive actions against the EU, its members and other countries. The EU reaffirms unity and solidarity in the face of these actions, and also expresses support for its eastern partners, ”the statement said.

In addition, the EU reaffirmed its adherence to the «five principles» in relations with Russia, which include the implementation of the Minsk agreements and limited cooperation.


The salaries of the management of the All-Russian State TV and Radio Company in 2020 increased to 334 million rubles compared to 245.6 million in 2019.


A third of the population of Russia reported a decrease in income during the coronavirus pandemic, with one in five claims to have spent most of their savings in a year — a survey by FCTIS RAS


Spanish Iberia will not fly over the airspace of Belarus


The State Duma of Russia adopted in the II, main reading a bill prohibiting those involved in the activities of extremist organizations from participating in the elections

▪ by the second reading the draft was amended, according to which the ban will apply to any elections, not just the Duma

▪ founders and leaders will not be able to be elected for 5 years from the moment of the ban of the organization, and members and others involved in its work — for 3 years

involvement in the activities of extremist organizations will be considered:

• statements (including on the Internet) in support of an extremist organization or its individual event

• transfer of money to an extremist organization or its individual event

• organizational. advisory or other assistance to an extremist organization or its individual event

▪the court will establish involvement

the law will not apply:

• to those who helped such organizations during the period when their activities were not extremist

• to those who could not know that the organization is conducting extremist activities

• to those whose assistance to the extremist organization was not related to extremism


The investigator called Belsat journalist Arina Malinovskaya from the phone of her sister’s husband and said that her relative had been detained, and soon the same would happen to her grandparents. In order for them to be free, the journalist must return to Belarus. Malinovskaya left the country a few days ago, after the heroes of her program and other journalists of the Belsat TV channel were arrested.


Rule of Law Index 2020 from the World Justice Project! The leaders in this index (as in many others) are the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. 5th place in terms of «law-abidingness» was shared by the Netherlands and Germany. And the United States, for example, is only slightly ahead of Uruguay. Russia is in 94th place out of 128 countries included in the rating, on a par with Tanzania and Uzbekistan. And below such strongholds of law as Belize and Kyrgyzstan