9 Jan, 2019

Extremely successful company

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that the United States destroyed 99% of the Islamic State terrorist group (organization banned in Russia) (IG), reports TASS referring to the State Department.

According to him, the United States in Syria conducted a “extremely successful campaign.” He also promised that the United States will continue to ensure that the strengthening of the IG, “which occurred during the administration of Obama, will not happen again.”

“We have eliminated 99% of the caliphate. With this you need to start every news material. Right? Do you all agree? ”Said Pompeo.

Pompeo made this statement to reporters on board the aircraft on his way to Amman.

FSIN of Russia reported a reduction in the level of violence

Valery Maksimenko, Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) of Russia, argues that the reduction in violence against suspects is linked to the independence of the ministry from the Ministry of the Interior.

“When a person was in the hands of some organs, really terrible things happened – pressure, pressure, violence, whatever,” the FSIN deputy head told Interfax.

At the same time, Maksimenko acknowledged that cases of unlawful use of force against convicts are still being encountered.

In 2018, the Federal Penitentiary Service found itself at the center of several scandals related to torture and beating prisoners in colonies.

Thailand refused to give out to Saudi Arabia an 18-year-old girl

Thailand refused to give out to Saudi Arabia an 18-year-old girl who is facing death for renouncing Islam. Rahaf Mohammed Kunun was going to fly to Australia to seek asylum. But at the exit from the plane in Bangkok, she was met by a representative of the Saudi authorities, and Thailand wanted to deport because of the lack of a visa.

The girl barricaded herself in a hotel room at the airport, after which she was worried about her fate in Human Rights Watch, and the head of the Thai immigration police, Surachat Haakparn, promised that the country would provide the girl with the best possible protection.

“She is now under the sovereignty of Thailand. No one, no embassy will force her to go anywhere. We will talk to her and do everything she asks for,” he said.

Kim Jong-un came to China with a secret visit

From North Korea through the Chinese Dandong proceeded North Korean special train. Judging by the accompaniment and other factors, there is a high probability that Kim Jong-un is in it, who decided to visit China in secrecy.

The media learned about the idea of ​​Japan to abandon compensation for the Kuril Islands

The Japanese government, in the course of negotiations with Russia, plans to offer Moscow to conclude an agreement with the peace treaty on the renunciation of mutual rights to demand any compensation for the Kuril Islands.

Ukraine because of the incident in the Kerch Strait filed a lawsuit with the ECHR against Russia

Kiev “demands that the court recognize the violation of the rights of the 24 Ukrainian sailors by the Russian Federation during the unlawful attack on the Ukrainian ships, wounded and captured sailors in the Kerch Strait on November 25, 2018, their illegal detention in penitentiary institutions of the Russian Federation and criminal prosecution,” the Deputy Minister of Justice said Of Ukraine.

TV channel BFM refused to cover the protests of the “yellow vests”

BFM refused to cover the protests of the “yellow vests” after beating up their employees and their bodyguards. And in the association of journalists called on the demonstrators to realize their responsibility and stop “animals, for which freedom of the media means nothing.” Meanwhile, on Monday, the former boxing champion, who is suspected of attacking law enforcement officers during a protest rally, surrendered to police.

The Pentagon has declared the legality of finding its ship in the Black Sea

The arrival of the Fort McHenry large landing ship of the US Navy into the Black Sea does not violate the provisions of the Convention on the Regime of Straits and other international acts, TASS reported January 7 with reference to US Navy representative Jeffrey Dorsey.

Prime Minister of France called the total number of sentences “yellow vests”

Since the beginning of the protests of the so-called “yellow vests”, the French courts have handed down over 1,000 convictions in cases involving rallies, French Prime Minister Edward Philippe told TF1, FrancetvInfo reports.

Trump and Trudeau discussed trade and duties

US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed trade between countries as well as duties on Canadian steel and aluminum during a telephone conversation, TASS reports, according to the Canadian Prime Minister’s press service.

Belgian Foreign Minister running for Secretary General of the Council of Europe

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Belgium, Didier Reynders, announced his candidacy for the post of Secretary General of the Council of Europe, who is vacated upon the expiration of the powers of Thorbjørn Jagland on 1 October this year. Statement was made in Brussels on January 7

Estonian Riigikogu Elections: Universal Candidate

Residents of the city noticed that on Monday, January 7, in Tallinn, they hung unusual posters at bus stops. If you call the number indicated on the posters in Russian, then the answering machine will say:

“Hello. March 3rd – elections to the Riigikogu. I am a candidate. We Russians should stick together. Stand on the right side. ”

The second number on the posters is local. According to him, the answering machine speaks Estonian, but the “Russians” in the text have been replaced by “Estonians”. Who the candidate is and whether or not advertising posters are relevant to the election is unknown.

Erdogan announced the defeat of terrorists in Syria

The terrorists of the Islamic State (an organization whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation) were militarily defeated in Syria. This is stated in an article by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, published in The New York Times.

“Turkey proposes a comprehensive strategy to eradicate the main reasons for radicalization,” Erdogan said, adding that the initiative’s goal is, in particular, to eradicate terrorism and ensure a stable future for the population.

More than 450 units of armored vehicles will go to Russian troops in 2019

More than 450 units of armored vehicles will go to the units of the Ground Forces of Russia in 2019, reports the Ministry of Defense.

US destroyed six Al-Shabab militants in Somalia

A US air strike destroyed six militants in Somalia, the African Command of the US Armed Forces reported. The blow was struck on Sunday in the province of Lower Shabelle in the south-east of the country. In addition, one car was destroyed.

In the Syrian Raqqah, a suicide attacker kills five Kurdish soldiers

In the Syrian city of Racca, a suicide bomber attacked a Kurdish fighter from the Forces of Democratic Syria (SDS). He fired at them and committed a self-explosion.

Israel is not allowed to sell old American fighter jets

Tel Aviv signed a contract with Croatia for the supply of twelve used F-16C / D Barak aircraft worth half a billion dollars, but Washington came out against the contract, which, as part of an agreement on military cooperation, prohibited Tel Aviv from selling American equipment to third countries without coordination with the United States

“This week, Director General of the Ministry of Defense Udi Adam and the head of the military export department Michelle Ben will visit Croatia. Their task is to officially convey to the Croatian government that the deal is being canceled, ”the Ninth Channel of Israeli television said in a statement.

Kurds in Syria captured five IS militants, including two Americans

On January 7, Kurds from the Syrian Democratic Forces (CDF) said they had captured five foreign IS militants, including two American citizens. According to the agency AFP, referring to the SDF, among the captured, in addition to two US citizens, were the Irishman and two Pakistanis.

Musk announced the start of construction of the Tesla plant in Shanghai

The founder of the automaker Tesla Ilon Musk announced the start of construction in Shanghai of a plant for the production of electric vehicles.

Britain wants to expand the zone of prohibition for drones near airports

UK authorities intend to expand the area of ​​the prohibition of flying drones near airports, as well as police powers to prevent incidents like the incident at Gatwick Airport, said Transport Minister Chris Grayling.

US informed allies about how they will leave Syria

The US informed their allies in detail about how the withdrawal of American troops from Syria will take place, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is starting a tour of the Middle East, told reporters on board the aircraft.

TV sets will be installed on all Mostransavto buses until July.

From March to July 2019, TVs will be installed on all Mostransavto buses. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Moscow Region, Anna Krotova. And she added that TV sets will be installed for investors’ money, which will pay off when selling airtime.

Black caviar from China and Italy is packaged at Russian plants

Rosselkhoznadzor checked ten samples of black caviar, which is sold in our leading stores.

“We could not trace the path of six samples, the head of department Sergey Dankvert told“ Rossiyskaya Gazeta ”.“ Four samples are made of imported caviar, although there are no domestic names on etiquette ”.

At the same time there are no violations of the law. Caviar is actually produced in Russia, but from raw materials brought from China and Italy.

New dams will protect Transbaikalia from floods

The authorities of Transbaikalia, badly damaged by flooding last summer, will mark points for the construction of dams and other structures that will protect people and settlements from raging elements, said acting Governor Alexander Osipov.

May to spend 20.5 billion on health

British Prime Minister Theresa May said that every year for five years the government will allocate £ 20.5 billion to finance the National Health Service (NHS).

The most expensive company in the world

Amazon’s market capitalization was $ 797 billion, and Microsoft’s $ 789. Shares of the first company grew by 3.4 percent, and the second by 0.1 percent.

On the third place is the Alphabet holding – it includes Google with a market value of 745 billion dollars. It is followed by Apple with 702 billion.

China has sharply accelerated the growth of electricity generation and consumption

China is expected to report on production and consumption of electricity, which figures are expected to increase significantly, reaching a record in seven years, Xinhua reports on January 7 with reference to the Jinji Tsankao Bao newspaper.

China’s foreign exchange reserves in 2018 decreased by 2.1%

The volume of China’s foreign exchange reserves for 2018 declined at an annualized rate of 2.1%, to $ 3.07 trillion. This was reported on Monday by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Control (GUUKK) of China.

Five new guilds and committees

The President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), Vladimir Platonov, reported that over the past year, the number of public structures has been replenished with five new guilds and committees. It is noted that in 2018 the development of departments was the main vector of activity of the chamber.

French company to invest $ 400 million in Venezuelan oil

Recall that today Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world. Also recall that in the framework of the project to increase oil production between Venezuela and Russia signed agreements totaling more than $ 5 billion.

100 billion cubic meters of gas produced at Shah Deniz

From 2006 to 2018, Azerbaijan produced 100 billion cubic meters of gas at the largest gas condensate field, Shah Deniz. BP Azerbaijan, acting as the technical operator of the project, issued a corresponding message today.

Price increase at Amur gas stations due to the increase in VAT

In the NNK group of companies they responded to the request of the editors of the Amur.info news agency to raise gasoline prices. The post-year price increase is associated with an increase in the value added tax rate. From January 1, 2019, VAT has increased from 18 to 20%.

Gas prices have risen since the New Year

Most of the residents of the Vladimir region use gas stoves and use gas exclusively for cooking and water heating. For this category, a separate rate is calculated. Since the New Year, it has risen from 68.97 to 70.11 rubles per person.

Turkmenistan ranks seventh in the world at cheap gasoline prices

Turkmenistan in the world rating of gasoline prices as of December 31, 2018 ranked seventh. In the republic, a liter of A-95 gasoline costs 1.5 manat, which according to the Central Bank’s rate equals 0.43 US dollars.

In Chelyabinsk, a wolf attacked a child.

The incident occurred in the park named after Gagarin. The animal grabbed the child lying on the ground by the leg. Predator pulled for a collar run up woman. According to the Fifth Channel, the animal has long lived in the city, the owners regularly walk it in this park.

Sony began work on the continuation of the “Venom”

American film company Sony has started filming the continuation of the film “Venom” with Tom Hardy in the lead role. The picture was written by Kelly Marcel, who created the first part of the film.

US will complete military operations without sufficient assistance from other countries.

US President Donald Trump said that the United States intends to complete those military operations in which they do not receive sufficient financial and military assistance from other developed countries.

UAV Air Force UAV conducted reconnaissance off the coast of Crimea

The US Air Force’s strategic drone RQ-4B-30 Global Hawk conducted reconnaissance off the coast of the Crimea on Monday, the monitoring resource PlaneRadar reported on Twitter. According to the portal, the drone flew from the Sigonella air base in Italy in the morning and headed for the demarcation line in the Donbas.

Poland is preparing a military reserve of student volunteers

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Poland, Pyotr Muller, reports that in 2019 it is planned to cover about 5,000 Polish students. All of them will become part of the Polish military reserve. The theoretical course will be listened to by volunteer students at the university.

In Finland, US and Estonian winter combat exercises are taking place.

Soldiers from the United States and Estonia undergo a two-week training in winter in winter in northern Finland, state television and radio company YLE reports

In Russia, banned powdered alcohol

On January 8, a ban on the production and circulation of powdered alcohol-containing products, which was established by federal law of 12/27/2018 N 560-ФЗ, came into force in Russia

The Interior Ministry called the most popular among counterfeiters bill

About 30 thousand forged bills were confiscated by police from the beginning of last year in Russia. As the TASS was informed in the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the five thousandth note remains the most popular among counterfeiters.

Nationwide strike begins in India

About 200 million Indian citizens took part in a nationwide strike that began on Tuesday morning and will last two days, NDTV reported. According to him, the initiators of the protest action were the leaders of local trade unions and left-wing movements.

In Athens, the snow fell, closed schools

Snowfalls took place in Greece, on Tuesday night snow fell in Athens, because of bad weather schools were closed in most parts of the metropolitan Attic region. The weather in Greece worsened at the end of December, snow fell in the north and in the central part of the country, in some areas it rained.

Russia has opened a record number of hostels

In Russia in 2018 a record number of hostels opened. And this is in most cases the most budget option for housing for tourists. Yes, hostels are very different, but most often guests get a bed in a dormitory room for 4, 8 or even 12 people, plus a shared shower and toilet.

List of free medical services in Russia

  1. Needles, syringes, medicines and other consumables in the hospital.
  2. Medical products that are implanted in the human body.
  3. Hardware diagnostics – CT and MRI (conducted both in inpatient and outpatient).
  4. Medical aid for dental diseases (the exception is dental prosthetics).
  5. Filling and consumables in dentistry, MRI and CT recording disks and X-ray film.
  6. Medicines for the treatment of cancer.
  7. Blood tests (including hormone tests).
  8. Reduction of the waiting period for gastroscopy, ultrasound or radiography.
  9. Massage, exercise therapy and other types of rehabilitation.
  10. Consultation of neurologists, lors, oncologists, surgeons, oculists and other “narrow” specialists.

Ukraine has reduced gas reserves in underground storage facilities to 43%

In “Ukrtransgaz” stated that the volume of gas in underground storage facilities of Ukraine decreased to 43%. Reports about it UNN with reference to the data of the company. It is noted that the volume of gas in underground storage facilities of Ukraine as of January 6, decreased to 13.377 billion cubic meters.

The cost of exported assets from Britain due to Brexit

On the eve of Brexit from the UK in the new financial centers in the European Union will move assets worth about £ 800 billion ($ 1 trillion), calculated in the consulting company EY, reports Reuters.

China received a record number of patents for its inventions

In 2018, Chinese inventors obtained a record number of patents in the United States, reports Bloomberg, citing data from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO).

The average cost of housing in Manhattan fell below $ 1 million in 2018

The average cost of a deal in Manhattan, including new and secondary housing, was $ 999,000 in the fourth quarter of 2018. The main reason for the decline is competition with new buildings, the average prices for which fell by 25.5% per year to $ 2 million.

Turkey asked the United States to give her American bases in Syria

Turkey, in talks with Ankara’s visiting national security adviser John Bolton, appeals to Washington for the transfer of American military bases in Syria or for their destruction, the Hurriyet newspaper reported on Tuesday.

In Germany, attacked the deputy of the Bundestag

In Germany, unidentified persons attacked the deputy of the Bundestag, chairman of the Bremen State Department of the Alternative for Germany party, Frank Magnitz. It is reported by Deutsche Welle, citing the police.

In Germany, a government plane broke down

In Germany, for the second time in the past two months, a government plane has failed. Due to the breakdown of the liner, Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Muller is forced to make adjustments to the program of his visit to the countries of southern Africa, according to Deutsche Welle.

EU legalizes sanctions against Iranian intelligence

The EU agreed to legalize sanctions against Iranian intelligence services for conspiracy to kill in Europe, said Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen.

In Turkey, the trial began on the murder of the Russian ambassador

The second court of Ankara on especially grave crimes opened the first hearing on the case of the murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, RIA Novosti. There are 18 people in the dock, four of them participate in the live broadcast from prisons in different regions of Turkey

Dave Batista will play in the film adaptation of “Dune” by Dany Villeneuve

Actor Dave Batista, best known for his role as Drax in “The Guardians of the Galaxy” and his episodic role in Blade Runner: 2049, will play a major role in the film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s cult novel Dune. About it reports the publication Variety.

Watch the new trailer for the movie “Captain Marvel”

Studio Marvel Entertainment has released a new trailer for the film “Captain Marvel” with Brie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelson. The action of the film Anne Boden and Ryan Vleck unfolds in the 1990s

The creator of the “Clan Soprano” revealed the details of the coming prequel

The creator of the series “Clan Soprano” David Chase in an interview with Deadline told about the upcoming prequel of the popular show. As previously reported, the prequel to the mafia drama will be called “Many Saints of Newark”. Chase confirmed that one of the heroes will be the young Tony Soprano.

The logo of the Kirov factory made a board game character

The famous gear appeared hands with a jackhammer and a hook, as well as three pipes, of which smoke

The leader of “Auktsyona” Fedorov recorded an album on the verses of Pushkin

The leader of the St. Petersburg group “Auktsyon” Leonid Fedorov released the album “Hymn of the Plague”, recorded on the verses of Alexander Pushkin. The project is published on the educational portal Arzamas. Fedorov recorded the record with Igor Krutogolov, the bass player of the Krusenstern and the Steamship band.

Japanese drummers will perform in Irkutsk in March

A group of Japanese drummers Dadada-Dan Tenko will perform at the Irkutsk Regional Philharmonic on March 11, according to the “Poster” section of the IrCity portal. Dadada-Dan Tenko combines modern art and Japanese traditions. The message emphasizes that this is a synthesis of music, theater and dance.

Theater them. Pushkin waiting in London

From 5 to 9 February in the capital of Great Britain in the international cultural center “Barbican” will be touring the Moscow Drama Theater. Pushkin.

Engra’s drawing sold for a record amount

The work of the French artist Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres was sold at auction for 900 thousand euros. Cloth acquired collector from the United States. The painting depicts Count Louis-Mathieu Mole, who served as Secretary of State. According to auctioneers, “the Mole figure was not very well known in the XIX century, which is why the artist could draw it with a simple pencil, therefore the sketch has a special value.”

Mastercard decided to change the logo

The American company MasterCard Incorporated decided to conduct a small rebranding. From the logo of the international payment system will disappear its name. Now, on all new maps produced, as well as in outdoor and video advertising, only intersecting red and yellow circles will remain.

HTC introduced on CES 2019 autonomous VR-headset Vive Cosmos

The exhibition CES 2019, has traditionally become a platform for the presentation of many new products. HTC also did not stand aside and showed a teaser image of a Vive Cosmos VR headset running on the Vive Reality System.

Intel demonstrates 10 nm processor Ice Lake

At CES 2019, Intel is showing off its first 10-nm Ice Lake processor, based on the new Sunny Cove microarchitecture. Intel builds Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6 and DL Boost (deep learning momentum) into these Ice Lake laptop and PC chips to take advantage of them.

Samsung has introduced a gaming notebook Notebook Odyssey

It is known that the basis of the device is an eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor. The cost of new items has not yet been announced. The South Korean company Samsung presented at the CES 2019 gaming notebook Notebook Odyssey.

Introduced Razer Raptor gaming monitor with WQHD resolution

Razer showed a new 27-inch Razer Raptor gaming monitor at CES 2019, which is said to be “in its early design stage.” Its production starts at the end of the year.

SanDisk showed a 4 TB flash drive

SanDisk brought a 4 TB flash drive to CES 2019. SanDisk itself says that this is the most capacious drive of this format. At the same time, models with a volume of 2 TB entered the market a couple of years ago, except that their cost exceeds $ 1,000, which makes such devices extremely niche.

Released “High Performance” ARM Processor

The fastest ARM processor Huawei has introduced the Kunpeng 920 server processor, which it calls the industry’s most productive processor based on the ARM architecture.

Xiaomi has released a new “smart” column XiaoAi Speaker HD

The Chinese company Xiaomi has released a new “smart” column XiaoAi Speaker HD. The device is similar to the devices Amazon Echo and Google Home, reports resource IXBT. The gadget has the shape of a cylinder, and when you make the device used fabric.

TV Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro will receive a 55-inch OLED panel

The first product, Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro with a 55-inch OLED-panel with a resolution of 4K, support for extended dynamic range, color depth of 10 bits, the proprietary operating system Xiaomi PatchWall and 20-watt speakers

The first version of Android 10 Q will be released in May

Already by May of this year, all pre-installed applications in Android 10 Q should support night mode. In the same month, the first preview-version of Android 10 Q is expected to be released, and the final version of the new operating system will be released only in August 2019

LG introduced the TV LG OLED TV R

South Korean brand LG introduced LG OLED TV R, which is hidden inside the stand. The novelty was shown at CES 2019 (Consumer Electronic Show), which takes place in Las Vegas, USA. A prototype device was introduced at last year’s CES 2018 event.

An updated version of the column JBL Flip 5 and JBL PartyBox 1000

The JBL PartyBox’s most powerful portable speaker system has been added to the new three-channel model JBL PartyBox 1000, which retains all the advantages of the 200th version, such as a wireless connection to the source and other series systems, lighting effects, and a whole set of inputs for connecting USB-carriers, microphone and tool.

Headphones Xiaomi AirPods looks like a similar Apple headset

In November 2018, Xiaomi presented Mi AirDots wireless headphones, which look like a similar Samsung Gear IconX headset. In addition, the novelty is almost copied from the Apple AirPods, but it is much cheaper.

An alarm clock that can charge smartphones

Anker presented an alarm clock that is equipped with a gadget charging function. It is noted that charging the smartphone is very easy – just put it on the alarm clock.

Captcha tricked by speech recognition service

American technologists have developed an algorithm that cheats audio captcha for visually impaired people. An article describing the operation of the algorithm is published on the website of the University of Maryland in College Park. Captchas are tests aimed at distinguishing users and computer programs.

Fat-burning hormone improves memory in Alzheimer’s disease

The hormonal compound irisin, which is formed from the precursor protein FNDC5, which is synthesized in the body during physical activity, can improve memory performance as well as increase synaptic plasticity in Alzheimer’s patients

The Little Ice Age may cool the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

Two scientists, one from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and another from Harvard University, have found evidence that the ocean floor is gradually cooling. The reason for this may be a small ice age.

Scientists have suggested the existence of two parallel universes

According to the new theory, during the Big Bang, two “symmetrical” universes were formed. In one time, the time goes in the usual way, and the other – the mirror and with the same speed is removed into the past. This conclusion was made by Canadian scientists from the Institute of Theoretical Physics.

The growth of the jellyfish population due to ocean pollution destroys ecosystems

A number of scientists are of the opinion that the number of jellyfish grows with climate change, since they reproduce well in warm waters. In addition, they are able to survive well in conditions of severe pollution of the world’s oceans.

Genetics found an ancient mechanism of plant fertility

Genetics have found an ancient mechanism of fertility of such plants as mosses, algae and liverworms. The DUO1 gene produces floating sperm cells. Scientists Takashi Araki and his co-author Frederick Berger conducted a study of some primitive plants, finding a previously unknown mechanism of fertility.

Found genes associated with adaptation of beech to climate change

Biologists of the Siberian Federal University (SFU), together with colleagues from Germany and Switzerland, investigated the genetic basis of the adaptation of European beech to changes in climatic conditions. The work will help keep this kind of plants

Yeast drive alcohol to not overheat

Yeast processes glucose into alcohol with the release of carbon dioxide, which is needed for bubbles in bread, and alcohol, which is needed, for example, for beer. Naturally, in the process, the yeast also receives energy for itself, a part of which they store in chemical bonds, for example, in ATP molecules.

Three new open clusters discovered in the Milky Way

Using data from the ESA Gaia satellite, Brazilian astronomers have discovered three new open clusters in the Milky Way. The clusters, labeled UFMG 1, UFMG 2 and UFMG 3, were found in the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. This is reported in an article published on the pre-print server arXiv.org.

Self-cleaning space suits designed

Engineers have developed self-cleaning spacesuits that will enable astronauts to survive on Mars. Information shared foreign edition of the Daily Mail.

According to the developers, cosmic dust on the Red Planet has abrasive properties, plus, it moves faster than particles on Earth, which increases the likelihood of wear of a spacesuit on contact. Also, engineers were faced with the task of protecting against radiation and static electricity. To solve this problem, experts applied a process called electrophoresis. We are talking about the technology of carbon nanotubes, which makes it possible to get rid of super-abrasive cosmic dust.

The star in the center of the Orion Nebula prevents the birth of new stars

Using NASA’s Infrared Astronomy Observatory Stratosphere (SOFIA), astronomers found that the stellar wind from a newborn star in the Orion Nebula prevents the formation of new stars in its environment.

The supercar Brabham BT62 has a road version

The revived Brabham supercar introduced last spring was designed exclusively as a track car that does not have access to public roads.

Jeep Gladiator will get a version of Hercules Performance

The model debuted at the end of November 2018 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but it still hasn’t appeared at dealers of the brand. Meanwhile, the Network is filled with rumors about the development of modifications of the pickup. Although it is not on the pickup Allen hinted. If the Gladiator in the version of Hercules gets the “green light”, it will obviously be equipped with a power plant with a return of more than 285 hp power and 353 Nm of torque, which gives the current 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 in the usual Gladiator.

Officially introduced Lamborghini Huracan Evo

Lamborghini officially unveiled the updated Huracan. Supercar, as previously reported, received the prefix “Evo”, a modified appearance, a new system for controlling dynamics and a more powerful engine.

BMW 7-Series 2020

The other day on the web there were fresh pictures of the next generation BMW 7-Series sedan. Probably, the pictures were taken at a private event organized by BMW for the demonstration of the 7-Series – model 750i

Audi RS Q3 2020 tested in Sweden

A turbocharged five-cylinder 2.5-liter engine is installed in the engine compartment; its power will be 400-420 hp. The model will be equipped with a robotic gearbox and proprietary all-wheel drive system. Presentation of new items can be held in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

In Texas body for sale BMW E30 M3

A resident of Texas put up for sale a new body from the BMW E30 M3, which was brought directly from the factory. On the back there is a sign without a VIN-code, which confirms its originality. Production of the body was stopped 25 years ago, the seller wants to get about 30 thousand dollars for it.

The network appeared teaser Subaru WRX STI S209 without camouflage

On the Internet, the teaser image of the limited edition Japanese “charged” Sedan Subaru WRX STI S209 was published. The photo shows the car in a new kit and without camouflage coverage.

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