19 Jan, 2019

Fabrication on Trump’s orders

Former US presidential lawyer Michael Cohen, before the presidential election in early 2015, paid IT companies for falsifying online surveys in favor of the current US president Donald Trump. About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

The publication reports that Cohen paid John Geiger – the founder of Redfinch Solutions – from $ 12 you. up to $ 13 thousand in cash, instead of the promised $ 50 thousand. The amount included payment for activities related to the Trump campaign. It is noted that these actions included “unsuccessful” attempts to rig the results of two online public opinion polls in favor of Donald Trump, as well as creating on Twitter account called WomenForCohen (“Women of Cohen”), in which Cohen himself would be praised, as well as promoted o Trump as a presidential candidate.

Michael Cohen said that he was engaged in falsifying polls “at the direction of Donald Trump.” About this lawyer wrote on Twitter.

As for the @WSJ article on poll rigging, what I did was at the direction of and for the sole benefit of @realDonaldTrump @POTUS. I truly regret my blind loyalty to a man who doesn’t deserve it.

According to the newspaper, the lawyer appealed to the head of the RedFinch company with a request to intervene in the online CNBC survey on the ranking of the top 100 US entrepreneurs.

Earlier, Trump said he never gave orders to violate the law to his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, whom the court sentenced to three years in prison.

Briefly about the main thing …

Chechen residents write off debts

The Grozny District Court ordered the local branch of Gazprom to write off the population’s debt for gas in the amount of nine billion rubles. The relevant information is published on the website of the prosecutor’s office of the Chechen Republic, which acted as a claimant in this case.

The court upheld the claim of the prosecutor’s office, finding that Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Grozny did not fulfill the requirements of the legislation and did not compile the documents necessary for writing off public receivables, which, due to the expiration of the statute of limitations, cannot be recovered.

Requirements to pay utility debts created social tensions in society and could lead to protest actions of the population, according to the prosecutor’s office.

In Chita, the deputy offered to turn off lights for the poor at night

The deputy of the city Duma, Ekaterina Borisova, at a meeting of the committee on housing and communal services suggested switching off the lights for the night in houses where residents, having stoves, illegally use electricity, writes “Chita.ru” She believes that it is simply impossible to make these residents pay their bills, since “they have no money.”

Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in 2019 will reduce several thousand employees

The Pension Fund of Russia will continue to optimize the number of employees of the fund, chairman of the Pension Fund of Russia Anton Drozdov told RBC in an interview. In 2019, the FIU will reduce several thousand employees, including in connection with the development of electronic services. Read in source

We plan to further optimize the number of stock. It is associated with the restructuring within the fund, with the centralization of processes, including through the development of information technology. We have certain plans, as a rule, these are several thousand people. – Anton Drozdov, economist

Bill Gates was photographed in line at a cheap eatery

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was photographed at Dick’s Drive-In fast food restaurant while he was standing in line. Former Microsoft employee Mike Galos shared his post with his photo on Facebook.

Mastercard took control of paid subscriptions

Mastercard will prohibit trial subscription sellers from automatically renewing them without the formal consent of the client. The announcement of this appeared in the press release of the company. Due to constant customer complaints about the renewal of the subscription after the trial mode, the payment system was forced to introduce a new rule

Polish pharmacies started selling marijuana prescription

In Poland, they started selling marijuana in pharmacies for medical purposes. About it on Thursday, January 17, reports TASS. The Canadian company Spectrum Cannabis received a license to supply marijuana from the Polish Chamber of Pharmacy.

The court overturned the arrest of Gazprom shares in Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2

According to the company, the Swiss court completely canceled its decision on the arrest of Gazprom shares in Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2. The arrest of the shares was imposed as part of Naftogaz Ukrainy’s actions to recover $ 2.56 billion from Gazprom.

Medvedev approved a plan for the transformation of the business climate

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that he had approved an action plan to improve the business climate in Russia.

“Now we are moving to a new stage. A single plan of measures on the business climate also covers twelve areas – from technological connection to engineering networks, urban planning, to customs administration and the completion of the reform of control and supervision,” the head of government said.

Russian oil companies complained to Rosgvardia

The heads of LUKOIL, Gazprom Neft, SIBUR and Tatneft Vagit Alekperov, Alexander Dyukov, Dmitry Konov and Nail Maganov complain about the increase in the number of Rosguard prescriptions addressed to private security firms protecting fuel and energy facilities. Oilmen believe that the Russian Guard is trying to take control of the market of security companies and to deprive the company of the opportunity to choose protection on their own, Kommersant reports.

Net outflow of capital from the Russian Federation in 2018 increased by 2.7 times

The net outflow of private capital from the Russian Federation in 2018 increased 2.7 times, to $ 67.5 billion, compared with 2017, when it amounted to $ 25.2 billion, according to materials from the Bank of Russia.

Chubais supported in the State Duma and offered to fine Russians

It is necessary to introduce a rigid system of fines for the inefficient use of energy resources. This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy Pavel Zavalny, whose words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

Russians have no incentives for a more economical attitude towards energy resources. In this regard, it is necessary to introduce additional requirements in the form of fines for the “theft” of energy, as was previously done in the USSR, the deputy believes.

In Ukraine, increased the penalty for selling books from Russia

The State Committee of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting has increased the amount of the fine for the sale of books imported from Russia. This is reported on the site office. The committee claims that the measure is associated with an increase in the minimum wage from January 1, 2019

The Ministry of Energy has concluded modernization agreements with 9 oil refineries

The Ministry of Energy has concluded capacity modernization agreements with nine refineries (refineries) for the period up to 2026. During this time, about 300 billion rubles are invested in recycling plants. This is stated in the message of the Ministry.

Russians spent more than a trillion rubles on New Year’s holidays

The Russians spent 1.1 trillion rubles on New Year’s holidays, the press service of Sberbank reported on the results of a joint study with the FDD Platform fiscal data operator.

The price of palladium for the first time exceeded $ 1,400

Analyst Refinitiv GFMS Sassmson Lee in a conversation with the agency associated with the lack of supply in the market. In December 2018, palladium went up to a record level of $ 1,233.82 per troy ounce, then its value approached the price of gold, which was selling for $ 1,239.92 per ounce.

ECB wants Deutsche Bank to join European bank

Today, January 17, 2019, it became known that the European Central Bank (ECB) is considering a cross-border merger of Deutsche Bank, while the German authorities want to merge it with the local Commerzbank. This is reported by Bloomberg.

The National Bank of Ukraine made an inflation forecast for 2019

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) made an inflation forecast for 2019. The regulator expects a reduction in inflation this year to 7%, said the head of the NBU Jacob Smoliy. Smoliy said that the goal of Ukraine is about 5% inflation.

“Moscow-Kazan” will be built on the money of the oligarchs from the “list of Belousov”

The construction of the Moscow-Kazan-Yekaterinburg high-speed highway is considered the highest priority and costly in the list, and they will spend 621.6 billion rubles for it.

130 thousand people welcomed Putin in Belgrade

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, was greeted by 130,000 Serbs near the Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia.

Novak announced Russia’s readiness to increase gas supplies to Serbia

Russia is ready to increase gas supplies to Serbia, said Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak. He noted that Serbia is a long-time partner of Russia through which gas transportation takes place.

IMF delegation to visit Greece next week

The delegation of the International Monetary Fund will visit Greece next week to assess the economic situation in the country, said IMF spokesman Jerry Rice.

Unit 47 in Oman will develop Eni and Oman Oil

Exploration at the field will begin in 2019 Permission for exploration and production at block 47 was received from the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Oman by the Italian oil and gas company Eni and the Oman state company Oman Oil, the Eni report said.

Belarus opened a new oil field in Russia

The Russian company Yangpur, owned by the Belarusian production association Belorusneft, opened a new field in the Russian Federation with reserves of 600 thousand tons of oil.

Chinese Petrochina resells Yamal LNG gas to Europe

The Chinese oil and gas company Petrochina resells liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Yamal LNG project to Europe amid reduced demand in the Asian market, Reuters reports, citing sources in trading circles.

Israel and Egypt are building an energy corridor

Israel has confirmed that it is conducting extensive negotiations with Egypt on the construction of a new underwater gas pipeline between the two countries. Negotiations are taking place within the framework of a previously agreed deal worth $ 15 billion to export Israeli gas to Egypt.

Trump canceled the visit of the American delegation to the forum in Davos

US President Donald Trump decided to cancel the trip of the American delegation to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos because of the continuing US shatdaun (suspension of the activities of part of government agencies due to lack of funding) .Read in

Due to the fact that 800,000 wonderful American workers do not receive salaries, as well as to ensure that their team works at the proper level, President Trump canceled his delegation’s trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos in Switzerland. – Sarah Sanders, American politician

US may waive duties on Chinese goods

The United States is considering the idea of ​​waiving duties on Chinese goods. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the discussions. It is noted that this idea belongs to Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin.

Japan launched Epsilon-4 missile with seven satellites on board

Japan launched an Epsilon-4 rocket with seven satellites on board. The launch was broadcast by the Japanese aerospace agency JAXA.

The USA will place in Alaska new missile interception systems.

Two dozen ground-based interceptors will be deployed by the United States at Fort Greely base in Alaska. The total number of anti-ballistic missiles will eventually grow to 64. In addition, there will be new radars and sensors for the immediate detection of foreign missiles.

Our strategy provides for 20 new ground-based interceptors based on Fort Greely in Alaska, as well as new radar and detection devices that will immediately detect foreign missiles launched against our great power. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

In the Netherlands, discovered an unknown picture of Van Gogh

In the Netherlands, discovered an unknown picture of Van Gogh. The canvas for many years was a family heirloom of a 92-year-old resident of The Hague. The woman decided to donate a masterpiece to the house-museum of the artist in the city of Drenthe, reports RTV Drenthe.

Berlusconi plans to run for the European Parliament

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi plans to participate in elections to the European Parliament, the Moscow Post reports, citing local media. According to them, he made such a statement during one of the events of the Forward Italy party in Sardinia.

I decided to participate in the European elections in order to give my voice in Europe, which should be changed. – Silvio Berlusconi, Italian politician

Corbin urged the opposition to refuse to cooperate with May

The leader of the opposition Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, urged his party members to abandon cooperation with the British government on Brexit.

Finnish journalist disappointed taste of Russian products

Finnish journalist Marjo Nyakki, in her article in the Yle newspaper, expressed disappointment about the quality of some products that are produced in Russia, explaining that with the food embargo that was imposed on Western countries as a response to sanctions

China warned Canada about the consequences of the Huawei equipment boycott

The ban on using Chinese Huawei’s equipment in Canada will have bad consequences for the Canadian side, said Lu Xai, the Chinese ambassador to Ottawa, CBC reported.

Ukrainian company will pay US $ 4.6 million

The law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom will pay the US government $ 4.6 million, the press service of the United States Treasury said.

Cohen said he falsified polls at the direction of Trump

A former lawyer for US President Michael Cohen said that he was engaged in falsifying polls “at the direction of Donald Trump.” About this lawyer wrote on Twitter.

In Japan, officially announced the visit of Shinzo Abe to Russia

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will make an official visit to Russia on January 21-22, said the Secretary General of the Japanese government, Yoshihide Suga, Kyodo reports. It is noted that the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe will be held in Moscow on January 22.

In Syria, the US coalition struck at the command post of terrorists

The command post of terrorists of the Islamic State group (an organization whose activity is prohibited in the Russian Federation) has been destroyed in the village of Sa-Safiyah (Syria), the so-called anti-terrorist coalition on Facebook informs the US-led.

Facebook has deleted 512 pages and accounts related to Russia

Facebook has decided to remove 512 Russian-related accounts from the social network. They are believed to have been propaganda against Western countries and Ukraine.

If this is not censorship, if we continue to believe that Facebook is such a liberal platform, where everyone shares liberal ideas, well, we are probably just very poorly informed or just fools. – Margarita Simonyan, Russian journalist

FSO supported the bill on the “sovereign runet”

A spokesman for the Federal Security Service (FSO), Vitaly Pugachev, said that the agency supports the bill on “sovereign runet”

“There are a lot of white spots on the colorful map of the Russian Internet. White spots, they are sometimes inexplicable, that is, sometimes they turn out to be black. And therefore, this bill is aimed at removing these white spots, coloring, maybe making them more transparent, ”said Mr. Pugachev at an expanded meeting of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy

Amendments to the laws “On Communications” and “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection” were made to the State Duma on December 14. They suggest the creation of an infrastructure in Russia, “ensuring the operability of Russian Internet resources in case of impossibility of connection” to foreign servers.

American F-16 fighter repainted under the Russian Su-57

The American F-16C aircraft will receive the “digital” camouflage of the Russian Su-57 fighter, reports the Aviationist publication. Some time ago, the commander of the 57th air wing of the US Air Force, Robert Novotny, invited Facebook users to choose one of the color schemes

The Sevmash government defense order program has been completed in full.

The Sevmash state defense order program for 2018 has been fully implemented. This is the press service of the enterprise.

Two rescue boats will replenish the fleet of the Pacific Fleet in Kamchatka

Upon completion of the formation of crews for new boats, the personnel will go to the factory to study the material part, conduct factory and road trials, after which they will make the transition to their home sites in Kamchatka, the press service informs.

Japan is going to abandon the assembly of the F-35 domestically

In Japan, they announced that they intend to abandon the final assembly of American aircraft of the 5th generation F-35 in their country. Since 2013, Japanese manufacturers have a license for this kind of assembly by one of the enterprises of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Gas exploded in the building of a gas company in the Murmansk region

The gas cylinder exploded in an extension to the administrative building of the Murmanskoblgaz company in the village of Lovozero, Murmansk region. Two people were injured, one died, reports on Thursday, January 17, RIA Novosti.

Doctors ambulance ate at KFC instead of helping an unconscious man

The ambulance doctors who arrived at the call to the KFC restaurant did not help the unconscious person and instead ordered food for themselves. A video of the incident that took place in Odintsovo near Moscow was published in the local public “Typical Odintsovo” on the social network VKontakte.

Rock band Red Hot Chilly Peppers will give a concert at the pyramids of Giza

The American rock band Red Hot Chilly Peppers (RHCP) will perform for the first time with a concert on the Giza Plateau before the Egyptian pyramids of Cheops, Khafre and Mykerinos. This was reported on Thursday by the Egyptian streets.

Appears trailer for “Comedian” by director Mikhail Idov

The trailer for the dramatic tape “The Humorist”, the debut film directed by Mikhail Idov, known for writing “Summer” and “Londongrad” as a scriptwriter, was posted online. The story takes place in the mid 80s of the last century.

Asia Dance and Music will be held in Vladivostok

The festival will take place this weekend on January 19 and 20, and for the fourth time in Vladivostok, the international contest-festival Asia Dance and Music will be held.

Gibson released a guitar in honor of Chris Cornell

The company Gibson has released a limited-edition guitar dedicated to Chris Cornell – Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335. The instrument was presented at a concert in memory of a musician I Am The Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell, which took place on January 16 in Los Angeles. The concert in memory of Cornell was attended by musicians from all his projects (Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog), as well as Foo Fighters, Metallica and many others. The money raised from ticket sales was sent to charitable foundations.

“Soyuzmultfilm” is preparing a continuation of “Carlson”

Soyuzmultfilm Studios is negotiating with the heirs of Astrid Lindgren to create a continuation of the Soviet cartoon “The Kid and Carlson.” Negotiations are expected to be completed in the spring of 2019. This was reported to journalists by the chairman of the board of Soyuzmultfilm Juliana Slaschova.

Discovered the largest database of stolen data

An expert in the field of information security Troy Hunt (Troy Hunt) reported on the discharge of a large database of email addresses and passwords. He published his investigation on his personal website. The data array called Collection # 1 contains 12 thousand files with a total weight of 87 gigabytes. Hunt discovered it on the famous hacker forum. The researcher called this leakage of personal data the largest in history.

Oxford has stopped receiving funding from Huawei

Oxford University announced the suspension of receiving financial assistance from the Chinese company Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd ”against the background of growing disapproval of the corporation’s activities by the world community

Rambler reissues LiveJournal with AI

The developers have updated the technology core of LiveJournal, made it easier and more convenient to navigate, and are also working on a new mobile application. However, the key innovation of the updated LiveJournal is, according to the head of the Rambler Group, Natalia Arefyeva, a new content categorization.

New iPad will be available in the first half of 2019

The cost of the device for schools was $ 299, for individuals – $ 399. The design of the new iPad remains unknown. Recall that the iPad Mini was last updated in 2015.

Samsung Galaxy A60 smartphone with a hole in the screen is expected in April

According to the source, the smartphone Galaxy A60 will be higher than the A50 and simpler A70. The model is described as a “lightweight” version of the Galaxy A8s, which became the first Samsung dot-cut smart phone in the screen under the front-facing camera.

The network is distributed undetectable encryption virus

The network found actively spreading undetectable cipher virus Djvu. Information about the hacker attack was provided by cybersecurity researchers. Malicious software written on the basis of the STOP virus gets onto the computer and downloads four files subordinating the attacked equipment.

Google has acquired the manufacturing technology of smart watches Fossil

Guide Google has announced that a deal has been concluded with the Fossil Group, which provides access to new technologies for manufacturing modern smart watches from a developing American manufacturer. At the same time, the company received the Fossil development team. The contract is estimated at 40 million dollars.

The company “Beeline” began to insure smartphones through the application

Representatives of the company “Beeline” offer domestic users to insure the screen of smartphones, using the application “My Beeline”. In order to properly arrange the contract, you must specify your data, as well as the version of the flagship and IMEI smartphone.

Nikon introduced the Coolpix B600 with 60x optical zoom

The Japanese company Nikon Corporation announced the release of the Coolpix B600 compact camera with a superzoom. The main feature of the new product was a lens with a 60x optical zoom, which can cover a wide range of focal lengths from 24 mm to 1440 mm (35 mm equivalent).

The exact number of endangered species of animals, scientists have calculated

Experts have found that a huge number of endangered species are not listed in the Red Book of the planet. According to a group of researchers from the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands), more than 600 species of animals that are not included in the Red Book, are still on the verge of extinction, RIA Novosti reports.

Ilon Mask warned about the imminent completion of the referral program Tesla

Buyers, in turn, could charge their car for free for six months. However, this referral program will soon cease to exist, said the founder and head of the company, Ilon Mask, on his Twitter page.

Louis Vuitton released wireless headphones

AirPods have fashionable competitors: the Louis Vuitton brand has released a collection of Horizon wireless headphones in four shades – red, white, black and with color stripes

Xiaomi Yunmi 118L refrigerator priced at $ 100

Xiaomi has expanded the range of household appliances with a Xiaomi Yunmi 118L Double Door Refrigerator refrigerator, which is priced at just $ 100. Such a low price is due to the small volume – 118 liters. The volume of the freezer is 29 liters.

Riotoro CR400 case is suitable for an inexpensive gaming PC

The company Riotoro has released a computer case CR400, designed to form a relatively inexpensive gaming system. The Mid-Tower device contains an ATX, micro-ATX or mini-ITX size motherboard.

Swiss watch Alp Concept Concept Black worth 350 000 dollars

The Swiss watch company H. Moser Cie introduced the Swiss Alp Concept Concept Black watch – a mechanical watch that once again underlines the design of Apple, but they do not have hands and dials – the only thing on the front panel is a flying tourbillon mechanism that counteracts gravity effects.

Software Update Enhances GoPro Fusion Camera Resolution

GoPro has released a public beta for the Fusion spherical camera. According to the manufacturer, this is the most significant update since the release of the camera.

Lenovo Z5s users can copy data from iCloud and Xiaomi accounts

Users can copy data about contacts, calendar entries, and so on. Now, the developers have done everything to ensure that users can quickly and easily transfer data from their old Xiaomi smartphone to the new Lenovo Z5s.

Scientists told how to improve memory and brain function.

A group of American researchers found that physical activity, including walks or household chores, helps improve memory and other cognitive functions of the brain. The findings of scientists can be found in a press release published on the portal EurekAlert !.

Selection pressure causes the nuclear genome to remember its roots

If the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes are in dissonance, then the proteins encoded by the nuclear genes do not work well with mitochondrial proteins and their carriers experience problems.

Scientists have found prostate cancer gene

During the study, American scientists from Rutgers University (Rutgers University) found the NSD2 gene responsible for prostate cancer. “Disabling” this part of the DNA can be the prevention of tumor development in men.

Scientists have invented anti-icing coatings.

Physicists at the University of Houston reported the invention of a durable silicon polymer material, which, after being applied to surfaces, is capable of preventing icing over many years.

Found the world’s oldest periodic table

In Scotland, found the world’s oldest periodic table of chemical elements. This is reported on the website of the University of St. Andrews. As specified, the table was found in 2014 by Dr. Alan Aitken during the cleaning of the warehouse

Amazon showed robots that will replace people in warehouses

The robot has a sucker attached to one hand, and a grip, on the other, and in experiments showed that it can look at a trash can full of objects and come up with the best way to move them. Amazon has already shown robots that will replace people in warehouses

Silicones have learned to get at low temperatures with the help of air

The new technique will allow you to create these substances using cheap and safe reagents, at low temperature and atmospheric pressure under the action of oxygen. The compounds obtained open up prospects for creating self-healing, electrically conductive, thermo-and morse-resistant silicones

Antibiotic with anti-tumor activity found in the fungus

Scientists of the First Moscow State Medical University named after IM. Sechenov (MGMU) together with Russian colleagues isolated a protein called emeritlipsin A. from soil fungi. It turned out that it possesses antitumor and antibacterial activity.

A dangerous defect is found in the engines of the Angara rocket

A structural defect in the engines of the Angara rocket RD-191 can destroy it at launch. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the documents of the manufacturer of the rocket – NPO “Energomash”

In the center of Khrunichev reported on the critical state of the module of the ISS

The equipment of the first module of the International Space Station (ISS) Zarya operates outside the warranty period of service.

In Russia, began the development of the ship for space tourists

Space reusable suborbital spacecraft for tourist flights to near-Earth space is developed by specialists of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. This is stated in the theses of the relevant report prepared for the Korolev reading.

The device Juno photographed the storm part of Jupiter

Photos of the turbulent southern hemisphere of Jupiter were taken by the Juno spacecraft on December 21, during a closest approach to the gas giant, reports NASA. The new picture includes two storms at once.

Astronomers have uncovered the mystery of the rings of Saturn

The mass of rings around the planet turned out to be unexpectedly less than scientists believed – about 15 quadrillion tons. This means that Saturn acquired rings no earlier than 100 million years ago, and both the natural satellite of Saturn and a large comet could become their progenitor, reports Science.

The Chinese device “Chang’e-4” completed a biological experiment on the moon

The Chinese unit Chang’e-4, working on the far side of the moon, completed the first biological experiment in the history of mankind on the lunar surface, according to the official account of the Chinese program for the study of the moon on the WeChat social network.

The first OneWeb satellites will go into orbit on February 19

The president of the British company OneWeb, Greg Wyler, confirmed that the first communications satellites that will provide broadband Internet access around the world will be launched on February 19 from the Kourou space center in French Guiana.

Russian scientists propose to send a spacecraft to explore Mars and Phobos

A promising spacecraft for the study of Mars and its satellites is being proposed to be sent to the “red planet” by scientists from the Lavochkin Scientific Production Association. They prepared a report on the development of a ballistic flight pattern of a prospective spacecraft intended for the study of Mars and its satellites by remote and contact methods.

“The launch of a spacecraft from the Earth in the range of 2026-2035 is considered. The launching of a spacecraft onto the flight trajectory to Mars is performed with the help of a launch vehicle and a booster block of a heavy class,” the speakers note.

Volvo V40 will be replaced by a new cross-coupe

Volvo plans to replace the V40 hatchback with a new model. However, the car will not receive a direct replacement – its place in the model range will take a cross-coupe with a more sporty character.

In France, found an abandoned collection of 80 valuable retro car

In France, they found an abandoned collection of 81 cars, among which were even such rare models as the Lamborghini Miura P400 and the first generation Jaguar E-Type. According to local media, on January 20th all cars will be put up for auction.

The network presents a render of a new generation of BMW Z4 2020

Most recently, the Bavarian automaker introduced us to a completely new coupe Z4, which was created in collaboration with Toyota. However, fans are already dreaming of a new car 2020 model year. Renders were created by Kleber Silva and published on the portal.

QX Inspiration concept car named the best at the Detroit show

New Infiniti QX Inspiration, presented at the Detroit Auto Show, received three awards at once from the famous collection of automotive designers EyesOn Design, including the title of “Best Concept Car”. This was reported by the press service of the company.

26 automakers raised prices for their models in Russia

The promised increase in VAT in Russia (from 18 to 20%) led to a natural increase in prices for all new cars. According to analysts of the Avtostat agency, for the last month, 26 companies raised prices for their models, most of them (20) did it right after the new year.

Limousine “Volga-Cortege” sell for 4 million rubles

Limousine “Volga-Cortege” of the 90’s for sale for 4 million rubles, and released it in 1995. This is a concept car, created by NAMI specialists, who equipped the car with a ZMZ-402 engine having a power of 100 hp. In tandem with the power plant works four-speed mechanics, and still used drum brakes. Reportedly, Volga-Cortege was restored, and work was carried out in the Smirnov design bureau, where the limousine received a repainted body and a restored saloon

In the State Duma have developed a project to provide benefits to young tourists

State Duma Deputy Natalya Kuvshinova drafted a bill (available to RT), according to which youth tourism in Russia should become a priority: young people will be able to take advantage of specially designed programs, benefits and offers while traveling around the country.

Rybinsk to build hydrographic vessel for the Navy

A hydrographic vessel for the Navy “Yakov Lapushkin” will be laid at the shipyard in Rybinsk. According to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the solemn ceremony of laying the vessel will take place on January 22 at the Vympel shipbuilding plant.

The Baltic Fleet Receives the First Small Rocket Ship of the Karakurt Project

The Baltic Fleet received the lead small rocket ship (MRK) of the project 22800 Karakurt called Mytishchi. Izvestia was the first to be on board and evaluate the capabilities of the vessel.

In Russia, offered to sell alcohol and tobacco in special stores

State Duma Deputy Andrei Svintsov drafted a bill according to which alcohol and tobacco products can only be sold in specialized stores. The document states that entry to the sale of these goods will be prohibited for persons under 18 years of age.

Large retail chains refused to work with counterfeiters

The largest retailers have agreed not to cooperate with suppliers whose products have repeatedly been recognized as falsified or poor quality. Such information is contained in the protocol of the Commission on the application of the Code of Good Practice, which Izvestia has become familiar with.

Russian scooters can equate to mopeds

The initiative was made by the Union of Pedestrians. Its head, Vladimir Sokolov, proposed to equate the electric scooters to mopeds and accordingly apply the rules of the road to them. The electric scooter can accelerate up to 50 km per hour.

Deputies and the Central Bank will compete with zeroing e-wallets

State Duma deputies promise to go into the fight against the practice of withdrawing funds from inactive e-wallets in favor of the service operator. Now, many operators have such an opportunity under an offer contract, and therefore does not contradict the law.

Nissan and Mitsubishi Gona accused of illegally obtaining 7.8 million euros

Nissan Motor Co and Mitsubishi Motors Corp said Friday that the former chairman of the boards of both companies, Carlos Ghosn, illegally received 7.8 million euros from their joint venture registered in the Netherlands.

Hyundai agreed to make cars with Russian engines

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus also made commitments to manufacture passenger cars using key Russian components – engines, automatic transmissions and control system elements.

Russia will slow down the economy of Belarus

The economic growth rate in Belarus in the medium term may be significantly below 2% if Moscow refuses to compensate Minsk for the costs of implementing the tax maneuver in the oil industry, according to the forecast of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Earlier, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that if Moscow refuses to compensate Minsk for the costs of implementing the tax maneuver, Belarus’s losses will amount to $ 500 million in 2019. However, even with the worst version, maneuver in Russia will not be a disaster for Belarus, Lukashenko stressed.

The volume of the monetary base of Russia decreased by 325.5 billion rubles

in a narrow definition on January 11, according to the Bank of Russia, amounted to 10 trillion 423.5 billion rubles. By the previous reporting number – December 28 – this figure was 10 trillion 749 billion rubles. Thus, during the reporting period, the denbase decreased by 325.5 billion rubles.

Central Bank appreciated the effect of raising the key rate

The decisions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in September and December 2018 to slightly raise the key rate stabilized the market and had a positive effect on the economy, said Alexander Morozov, director of the Bank of Russia Research and Forecasting Department, speaking at the Gaidar Forum.

Swedish parliament elects Leuven as prime minister

The Swedish parliament supported the appointment of the acting head of the provisional government, Stefan Leuven, as prime minister. On this January 18 reports SVT. The head of government was elected after about 4.5 months of negotiations to form a cabinet of ministers.

Expand the competence of the Ministry of the East in the Arctic

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the proposal of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to expand the area of ​​responsibility of the Ministry for the Development of the Far East to the Arctic zone. Transcript of the negotiations of the head of government and the president published on the Kremlin website

Naftogaz has put forward new terms for signing a gas transit contract

The briefing is broadcast by the Ukrainian Channel 5. Kobolev expects that the new operator of the gas transmission system of the country will work from January 2020. The current contract for the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine expires at the end of 2019.

Pushilin announced large-scale military exercises in the DPR

Large-scale military exercises will be held in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in the coming days. This was told the head of the DNI Denis Pushilin. According to him, this is absolutely logical and logical.

Singapore intends to buy a batch of F-35 fighter jets

Singapore authorities intend to begin negotiations with the United States on the acquisition of a “small batch” of F-35 fighter jets to fully assess the aircraft that are supposed to be replaced by the F-16 in service.

France will maintain a military presence in Syria and Iraq in 2019

French President Emmanuel Macron during a visit to a military base in Toulouse said that France would maintain a military presence in Syria and Iraq in 2019.

US will deliver $ 18 billion worth of weapons to India

Regarding the defense sphere, the ambassador noted that India expects the delivery of military equipment, which cost $ 18 billion.

The guards stole toys collected for seriously ill children

The incident occurred at a warehouse on Elektrozavodskaya Street, which rents a children’s hospice – it is here that donated and collected things and toys for seriously ill children are brought here

Kevin Hart will star in the film “Monopoly”

Earlier, Ridley Scott was interested in the film adaptation, and the script was written by Andrew Niccol. But it was not possible to launch the project. In 2019, viewers will see Kevin Hart in the film “Jumanji 2”, and he voiced the character in “The Secret Life of Pets 2”

Named release date biopic “Tolkien” with Nicholas Holt

Studio Fox Searchlight Pictures announced the official release date for the Tolkien biopic – a picture of the creator of The Lord of the Rings will be shown on wide screens on May 10 this year. The plot of the biographical drama will focus on the youthful years of JRR. Tolkien (Nicholas Holt) before the First World War.

The heroes of the new film in the universe DC “New Gods”

The main hero of the picture will be the son of the ruler of New Genesis, sent during a truce as a hostage to the camp of his enemies. The ruler of Apocolipse Darkseid, whose arrival we were promised in the League of Justice, may not appear again. As the main antagonists, reports ScreenRant will be the Good Grandmother (Granny Goodness) and the Virgin Furies (Female Furies).

Good Grandmother is a ruthless educator of gladiators and a soldier of Darkseid, immortal and powerful. The Furies are her most fanatical followers, the leader of which will be the main character’s girlfriend, Big Barda, at the beginning of the film.

At the exhibition “Wonderful Catch”

The works of Albrecht Durer and Lukas Cranach are presented at the exhibition “The Wonderful Catch”, which opened in the Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts. The exposition of more than 70 works on famous biblical scenes. Presents facsimile prints, graphic series, paintings and decor items. They represent various artistic styles and eras – from Renaissance classics to abstractions of the 20th century. The exhibition will run until March 3.

The Ministry of Culture will conduct an audit of Russian film festivals

The Ministry of Culture will conduct an audit of Russian film festivals, for which public funds are allocated. The Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky announced this on January 18 at a meeting with the heads of the ministries of culture of the Far Eastern Federal District in Vladivostok, where the Theater Marathon opens.

International Circus Festival opens in Monte Carlo

The highest award of the show in Monte Carlo “Golden Clown” artists consider circus “Oscar”. In 2019, more than 150 artists from 15 countries will take part in the festival.

WhatsApp for Android massively deletes user conversations

WhatsApp messenger users for Android around the world began to complain about the loss of important messages

In the laboratory for the first time grown human vessels

A group of scientists from the University of British Columbia was able to grow ideal human blood vessels in the laboratory, which was carried out for the first time in the history of science.

Thousands of new species found in human microbiome

Biologists from the University of Trent (Italy) conducted a large-scale study of human microbiome and found almost four thousand new species of microorganisms. Most of them belonged to the “non-Western population.”

Turn Buckingham Palace into a hostel

German architects proposed to turn Buckingham Palace into a dormitory for 50 thousand people In this extravagant way, the architects of the Opposite Office in Munich took part in an international project to collect ideas for creating affordable housing in London

The coach of the German club said that it selects players by member size

Head coach of the German football club “Cloppenburg” Imke Wubbenhorst responded to the sexist provocations of journalists. Answering the question of whether the players of the club dress before her arrival in the locker room, Vyubbenhorst told the following in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt:

“Of course not. I am a professional, I choose the composition according to the length of the penis.”

Open Russia activists go on hunger strike in Pskov

Coordinator of the public movement “Open Russia” Lia Milushkina detained in Pskov and her husband Artem went on a hunger strike. They are suspected of selling drugs on a large scale. Milushkina court arrested for two months.

Milushkin detained at home on the night of January 17, reports Interfax. They are located in the temporary detention center in the police station of the village of Ugrad, Pskov district. Today, January 18, the court arrested Milushkina for a period of one month and 27 days. The defense asked the court to choose a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest.

According to investigators, the coordinator’s spouse illegally acquired and sold 2.19 grams of amphetamine and was detained during a test purchase. According to investigators, Milushkin received one thousand rubles from the sale of a drug. At trial, he stated that he did not sell drugs.

Renault will sell cars in Russia via the Internet

The company is preparing to launch an online car sales system that will allow customers who have fully paid for the purchase to receive a car delivered to their homes. This tool is scheduled to launch in May-June.

US State Department urges Russia to investigate human rights abuses in Chechnya

This statement was made by the State Department after reports of new attacks in Chechnya on members of the LGBT community.

“We urge Russia to fulfill its international obligations and the obligations of its constitution,” the document says. In addition, the ministry called on Russia to release all illegally detained persons, including Oyub Titiyev.

EU sanctions on the case of Skripale

The European Union will expand the list of sanctions “for the use of chemical weapons” in the case of the poisoning of agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the British Salisbury. According to RIA Novosti, the list will include the so-called “agents of the GRU,” Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, whom London called the direct poisoners. Inclusion of the Russians in the list has made the UK in order to prevent them from entering the territory of EU countries and freeze assets.

Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the DPRK Labor Party, Kim Yong Chol, arrived in Washington

According to the newspaper Munhwa Ilbo, at a meeting with the head of the US State Department, Mike Pompeo, we can talk about signing a peace treaty, which would contain a clause on the lifting of sanctions against Pyongyang. For its part, Pyongyang is ready to dismantle nuclear facilities in Yongbyon to confirm readiness for denuclearization.

In the US Democratic Party announced the attack of hackers from Russia

The hacking group Cozy Bear or APT29, which is linked to Russia, tried to attack the servers of the National Committee of the Democratic Party (NKDP) of the United States. According to ABC, this is a phishing attack on dozens of email boxes during the midterm elections to Congress in November 2018. It is noted that the hackers did not succeed in achieving their goal, but the statement of the NKDP states that the hackers were connected with “Russian intelligence”

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