4 Apr, 2018

Facebook blocked the “troll factory”

In the social network Facebook blocked accounts controlled by the Russian “Agency for Internet Research”, which is called a “troll factory.” This is the founder of the network Mark Zuckerberg said in his Facebook.

“Today, we are taking an important step to protect the immunity of elections around the world – we are blocking more than 270 pages and accounts administered by the Russian organization Internet Research Agency.” Most of our actions against the agency at the moment were aimed at preventing interference in foreign elections, “- wrote Zuckerberg.

According to him, this agency repeatedly acted suspiciously and tried to manipulate people in the US, Europe and Russia.

“We do not want them to be on Facebook or anywhere else in the world,” concluded Zuckerberg, noting that the social network management has been following the agency for a long time and is not the first time taking action against him.

Mark Zuckerberg also said that to increase the security of Facebook before the end of the year will hire even more than 5,000 employees, in addition to working approximately 15 thousand, which will deal with information protection of the network.

Briefly about the main ….


Boyars of Russia allowed to collect firewood

After almost a year of debate, the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted amendments to the Forest Code that will allow citizens to harvest firewood for their own needs.
Residents of Russia are forbidden without clearance from officials to cut fallen trees for firewood or to bring wood from the forest.

The new rules, finally, allow people without restrictions to harvest firewood for personal purposes. However, the innovation comes into force only from January 1, 2019.

Ulyukaev complained to members of the PEC on his refusal to meet his wife

Sentenced to eight years in a strict regime colony, former Minister of Economic Development of Russia, Alexei Ulyukayev complained to members of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission (Moscow) about the Moscow City Court’s refusal to meet with his wife, TASS reported citing member of the commission Alexander Ionov.

Activists reported about the detention of eight people outside the FSB building

In Moscow, eight people were detained near the FSB building, two detained activists Alexander Brusentsev and Anatoly Kapustin told RBC. The activists read aloud the correspondence from Telegram’s messenger near the FSB building

Putin signed the law on the right to pay for housing without intermediaries

Consumers of public services in Russia are allowed to directly enter into an agreement with resource-supplying organizations without the participation of a management company. The corresponding law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Facebook deleted hundreds of accounts associated with the “troll factory”

The social network Facebook continues to fight against the unscrupulous use of its platform. On Tuesday, the company announced that hundreds of “Russian accounts and pages associated with the” troll factory “were deleted (the Internet Research Agency is called).

Rospotrebnadzor will create a black list of producers of cheese products

Rospotrebnadzor will strengthen the laboratory control in the trade networks for cheaper cheese products and will publish in public access data on unscrupulous producers and brands.

“Yadrovo” is covered with a film to prepare for degassing

In the Volokolamsky region, the areas of the “Yadrovo” landfill are covered with film for degassing work. This is reported in the Telegram-channel of the press service of the governor of the Moscow region.

Senate of Mexico approves automatic donation from deceased

The Senate of Mexico approved the reform of the health care system. It assumes the automatic assignment of all deceased adults to potential donors. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

YouTube began to mark the content of Russian state television channels

Service YouTube began to label the content of state-owned Russian TV channels. About this TASS on Tuesday, the press service of Google, which owns YouTube.

Pop went to work, I wanted to drink …

Users of the network paid attention to the video, in which the servant of the church performs a blatant song. The video was posted on the page of journalist Alexander Nevzorov on Twitter. On the shots a priest in a cassock loudly sings a well-known blatant song “Murka”, the visitors sing along to him.

According to Andrei Kuraye, judging by the interior, the feast was in the refectory of the Moscow Temple of the icon of the Mother of God “Troeruchitsa” in the Orekhovo-Borisovo district in Moscow.

For storing pictures on your personal page in the social network

Russian Oksana Pokhodin is accused of inciting hatred on grounds of nationality, origin and attitude to religion (Part 1, Article 282 of the Criminal Code). The maximum sentence for this article is five years in prison.

The criminal case against her was brought about because of the pictures posted in the social network VKontakte. They reflected the attitude of the woman to the events in Ukraine, to religion and to President Putin.

“The prosecutor asked for real imprisonment for actually storing pictures on his personal page in the social network,” the lawyer said.

It is interesting that the images were in a closed album. It is unclear how the law enforcers discovered them. Lawyer was told about this by lawyer Vladimir Vasin from the international human rights group “Agora”

Greenpeace opposed the transfer of coal in Primorye

Greenpeace experts say that this is not an isolated case of pollution, but a system problem of the ports of Primorye, where coal is transshipped in an open way. At the same time, a huge amount of coal dust is released, which is carried for many kilometers around and damages people and nature.

The leadership of the colony decided to sue Maria Alekhina

The Nizhny Novgorod correctional colony No. 2 decided to sue the feminist and a member of the punk band Pussy Riot Maria Alekhina. Another defendant on the suit said the publication “Interlocutor.” The claim for protection of business reputation was filed because of the article on the conditions of work of prisoners, Medizona reports.

In Slovenia, a beer fountain was opened

In the town of Zhalets, located in eastern Slovenia, the opening ceremony of the beer fountain was held. Thus, local residents celebrated the onset of Catholic Easter and the climatic spring, according to the Slovenian newspaper Delo.

The real size of the average pension in the Russian Federation in February grew by 1.1%

The real size of the average monthly pension in Russia in February 2018 grew by 1.1%. This was reported on Tuesday, April 3, by the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat).

Waste resorts burned at the expense of the whole of Russia

We are talking about the construction of a second-generation MTES, to which RT-Invest, a member of Rostek, proposed in 2017 four stations in the suburbs (700 thousand tons of garbage a year, 280 MW) and three (510 MW) in the south Russia – in Sochi, in the area of Minvod and Taman for the burning of Crimean garbage.


Police confirmed reports of shooting at the YouTube office

The shooting at the headquarters of the YouTube company in San Bruno was opened by a resident of the State of California Nasim Agdam, ABC News reported citing sources in law enforcement agencies. According to them, Agdam lived in the California city of Riverside, as well as in San Diego.

I was just informed about the shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno. All our thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered. I express my gratitude to our remarkable law enforcement officers and those who first reacted to what was happening. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

In Italy, an ex-officer of the US Army killed his wife and committed suicide

A former US Army officer and his wife were found dead in a house in Italy. Presumably the officer’s wife was a native of Russia. This is written by RIA Novosti with reference to the Italian and American media.

From a kindergarten in Novosibirsk, 45 children were evacuated

This morning in the kindergarten, located in the Leninsky district of Novosibirsk, an evacuation was carried out because of the fire in the switchboard room. This was reported by Interfax-Siberia with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the region.

Former Executive Director of the RFB Dmitry Domani detained in Montenegro

Former Executive Director of the Russian Basketball Federation (RFB) Dmitry Domani was detained in Montenegro. His detention was carried out at the request of Russian Interpol, Tass reports. As reported in the Montenegrin police department, at the moment the procedure for his extradition has been started.

Two metro trains collided in the west of Germany, 35 people suffered

The injured received medical care, two of them were seriously injured.

“Aeroflot” withdrew the suit against the wife of football player Arshavin

The Russian company Aeroflot has withdrawn the lawsuit against the wife of football player Andrei Arshavin Alice, TV channel 78 reports, referring to the joint press service of the St. Petersburg courts. The air carrier demanded from Arshavin more than 56 thousand rubles for a rowdy on the plane, where she was with two children

A new accusation against former Prime Minister of Dagestan Hamidov

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation brought charges of exceeding the official powers of the former prime minister of Dagestan Abdusamad Gamidov, accused also of embezzlement of funds from the republic’s budget. Tass was informed about this by the lawyer of one of the defendants of the case, Dagir Khasavov.

The Kemerovo department of the Ministry for Emergency Situations has begun seizure of documents

“The investigators carry out the seizure of documents for all inspections conducted in the SEC, as well as on inspections of state contracts,” the source said. He noted that investigative actions have been held for the second day. “Interfax” does not have an official confirmation of this information.


My native country is wide

Only in the first quarter of 2018, the Russian government managed to spend almost 75% of the reserve fund, that is, about 157 billion rubles.

Half of this money was received by the regions of the country, and the rest was spent on a variety of ongoing projects, ranging from the “Russian Seasons in Italy”, ending with state investments.
The publication Kommersant reports that now the government has only 53 billion rubles left, which means that if there is an emergency, it will be necessary to revise the country’s budget

Transneft suspended negotiations with Sumy to buy a stake in NCSP

Advisor to the president of Transneft Igor Demin reported on the suspension of negotiations with the group “Sum” on the purchase of a stake in PJSC “Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port” (NCSP). He stressed that the oil transportation company “remains interested in increasing the share in the share capital of the port.”

The State Duma adopted in the first reading the draft law on NDM in the oil industry

The State Duma adopted in the first reading the draft law on the Tax on Additional Income (NDM) in the oil industry and rejected an alternative draft law on the tax on the financial result (NFR). This is reported by RIA Novosti. The bill on the NFR in the State Duma was made by the Duma of KhMAO in 2015.

The European Union closes the case of Gazprom

A six-year antimonopoly investigation can end without fines and claims. The European Commission may already in April accept Gazprom’s proposals for resolving antitrust claims and close the case against the company without imposing a fine, Reuters reported yesterday, citing sources.

Yamal customs officers have issued for export more than a million tons of LNG

Yamal customs officers in the first quarter of this year issued for export more than one million tons of liquefied natural gas and more than 100 thousand tons of gas condensate

Business can be allowed to register without an office

If the new rules are approved, they will come into force in July. The idea of allowing companies to register without the office of the Minister of Economic Development, Maxim Oreshkin, was announced in January. He suggested registering companies on the basis of a mailbox in electronic form without fees.

FAS suggested prohibiting banks from mentioning in advertising about state participation

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) and the Central Bank are discussing the introduction of a ban on mentioning information on state participation in the bank’s capital in advertising of banking services, said Andrei Kashevarov, deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, at a congress of the Association of Russian Banks

Putin signed a law on the repatriation of foreign exchange funds from non-residents

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law establishing the obligation to repatriate funds from non-residents due to them in accordance with the loan agreement. The document adopted by the State Duma on March 23 and approved by the Federation Council on March 28 was published on the official portal of legal information

China plans to create a network of new ports of free trade

Chinese President Xi Jinping will announce at the opening of the Asian Economic Forum (April 8-11) that the Chinese authorities intend to initiate the creation of new ports of free trade, the level of openness will be higher than that of Hong Kong and the Shanghai zone.

The tax free system will work in the host cities of the World Cup 2018

In cities that will host the World Cup 2018 matches, a pilot project for the implementation of the tax free system will be implemented.

Since April 10, those outlets that will participate in the system, within the locations, while the limited ones that are defined, will be able to write out these checks. Accordingly, those foreign citizens who purchase goods that are now in the system will be able to receive a VAT refund. – Viktor Yevtukhov, Russian statesman

RussNeft plans to reduce investments in 2018 to 23 billion rubles

“RussNeft” plans to invest in 2018 at the level of 23 billion rubles. This was reported by Olga Prozorovskaya, Senior Vice President for Economics and Finance of the company during the teleconference.

World prices for raw materials in January-March increased by 1.7%

The cost of American hot-rolled steel jumped by 33% on news about the introduction of duties on imports of this metal.

Meanwhile, the most significant growth in percentage terms was recorded in prices for cocoa beans, jumped by 35% on fears for the harvest in West Africa. The cost of soybeans increased by 7% due to a drought in Argentina and fears that China could impose import duties on soybeans from the United States.

Prices for gold and oil also rose last quarter, but growth was moderate.

Meanwhile, natural gas fell 9%, mainly due to increased production in the US, which in turn caused a drop in demand for coal, which fell in price by 31%.

Sugar fell by 17% against the background of growing supplies from India, and iron ore has fallen in price by 16%.

Experts with caution assess the future prospects of commodity markets.


The British laboratory did not establish the origin of the poison “Novice”

British specialists could not determine the origin of the nerve agent, which was poisoned by the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter, the head of the military laboratory in Porton Down, Harry Aitkenhead.

China urged WTO members to resist US economic policy

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced its readiness to mirror the actions of Washington, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC accused the US of ignoring the interests of business and consumers. In late March, US President Donald Trump signed a memorandum on “Combating China’s Economic Aggression,” which allows for restrictions on products produced in China.

How many times will gas transit through Ukraine

The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine after the commissioning of the Turkish Stream and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines will continue, but will be reduced to 10-15 billion cubic meters per year, said Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller.

We are not talking about the fact that we completely block transit through the territory of Ukraine. Because there are contiguous states, there are regions that are on the border with Ukraine from Europe, and without a doubt, supplies to these regions of Europe will be carried out through transit through the territory of Ukraine. – Alexey Miller, Russian economist

State Department: Russia can send a replacement to US diplomats expelled from the United States

All expelled diplomats with their families left the United States on March 31, just 171 people returned to Russia. In response, Moscow declared non grata persons 58 employees of the US embassy in Moscow and two employees of the consulate general in Yekaterinburg, they must leave the country before April 5

Venezuela intends to pay Russia for auto parts in the crypto currency Petro

Venezuela is discussing the possibility of buying from the Russian Federation spare parts for KamAZ vehicles for petro crypto, said the Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investments of the country Jose Vielma Mora, Tass reports. This issue was discussed at a meeting of the bilateral intergovernmental commission in Caracas

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked Trump to clarify the words about the military at the border

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday officially demanded from US President Donald Trump the explanations regarding his words about enlisting the army to protect the border of the two countries. Earlier, Trump said that he would involve the military in protecting the borders with Mexico, promising to discuss this prospect with the Pentagon.

The captain of the seiner “Nord” declared bullying in Ukraine

The crew of the Crimean fishing vessel “Nord” arrested in Ukraine is deprived of basic amenities and deliberately subjected to bullying by the border guards of Ukraine. This is said in the appeal of the captain of the ship Vladimir Gorbina, to which RIA Novosti refers.

Russia could complicate the passage of Ukrainian ships through the Kerch Strait

The Russian side, in response to the seizure of a vessel by a Crimean fish farm, may strengthen the technical inspection of Ukrainian vessels in the Kerch Strait and restrict their navigation, and measures of a military nature may also be applied to protect Russian shipping in the Azov and Black Seas, the chairman of the Russian Fleet Support Movement (DF) candidate of political science, captain of the first rank Mikhail Nenashev.

Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not exclude revision of decision on expulsion of Russian diplomats

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva admitted that the authorities of the republic could reconsider the decision to expel Russian diplomats. This was announced by the head of the foreign ministry in an interview with the television channel bTV.

China called for abandoning the Cold War thinking in the “Skripal case”

The diplomat urged the parties to resolve the existing contradictions based on the principles of mutual respect and equality.

In the United States made the first verdict in the framework of the “Russian case”

Former Skadden Arps attorney Alex van der Zwang was sentenced to 30 days in prison as part of the investigation by Special Attorney Robert Mueller about the Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016. He also must pay a fine of $ 20 thousand, the agency Reuters reported.


The US will provide the Baltic States with military assistance worth $ 170 million

The US will provide the Baltic States with military assistance worth $ 170 million, said US President Donald Trump, according to a White House statement.

In Russia, they denied the version of the hit in the Boeing MH17 “invisible” missiles

Representatives of the Almaz-Antey Concern denied the statement of the Dutch side that Russian radars could not detect a missile that shot down a passenger Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines in 2014.

In the Caspian Sea, a modern naval base system will appear

The presence in the fleet of ships, marines, aviation, combat and logistics, development of communication systems will allow to have in the Caspian a balanced, self-sufficient in forces and means a universal grouping of the forces (forces) of the fleet.

Under the Eastern Guta, underground tunnels of militants were found for cars

After taking control of the territory of Eastern Guta, the Syrian military found a large system of underground tunnels dug by the militants, RIA Novosti reported the statement of sappers. In the tunnels, you could even move on small vehicles.

On the fate of the US military in Syria

The head of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces (CENTCOM), General Joseph Votel, spoke about the tasks that his country faces in Syria today and noted that their presence in the UAR will help stabilize the situation in the regions liberated from terrorists in the region.

CNN learned about the US plan to send additional troops to Syria

The US military was working on a plan to send additional troops to Syria. This is reported by CNN referring to several representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the country, as well as the administration of US leader Donald Trump.

Attacks on US military in Syria: media reported a new diversion

Seven people died as a result of the attack, about another ten were injured, WarGonzo’s Telegram channel cited a source from among the Kurds. At the same time, according to the media, in the quarter were not based military servicemen of the US armed forces, but mercenaries from an American private military company.

The US decided to create two military bases in the Syrian area of Manbije

The US is creating two military bases in the control of the Kurdish “People’s Self-Defense Forces” (YPG) region of Manbijah west of the Euphrates River, the media reported.

US recorded a test of Russia anti-satellite weapons

Russia March 26, 2018 in Plesetsk conducted the sixth test of an anti-satellite missile intercept system anti-missile and anti-space defense A-235 (development work “Nudol”), reports The Diplomat, citing sources in the Pentagon.

Chinese Defense Minister visits Taman Division

China’s Defense Minister, Colonel-General Wei Fenghe, during his visit to the Taman Division, got acquainted with the process of combat training of motorized rifles. This was reported on Tuesday in the press service of the Western Military District.

MO Venezuela: Raise cooperation with Russia to a new level

According to the Venezuelan Minister, during the meeting the subjects of the pilots exchange were discussed so that pilots of the Su-30 aircraft of the Venezuelan Air Force could visit Russia and share experience, and Russian military pilots, who had already gained invaluable experience in Syria, could in turn share it with Venezuelan comrades


Anna Netrebko’s family was asked from the theater

The Russian opera diva Anna Netrebko, along with her husband and son, was not allowed to go to the show at the Prince Edward Theater in London. According to the singer, they were kicked out of the hall a few minutes before the show began. About the incident Netrebko told in her “instagrame.”

In fact, it does not matter who you are – famous or rich. It can happen to any person. – Anna Netrebko

“New political cycle”: Ksenia Sobchak starred in a wet swimsuit

“I deserve it!” – Sobchak announced loudly and went to rest in warm regions.

In the Thai resort, the ex-presenter of “House-2” appeared in her more familiar image of a glamorous girl. Sobchak changed strict glasses to sunny, elegant suits for a candid swimsuit and shared her new old image in the social network.

Secret love Karachentsova demonstrated evidence of their novel

Elena Dmitrieva, who is a famous ballerina, continues to insist that their secret affair with Karachentsov lasted more than 20 years. Now she demonstrated the evidence of this. The novel, said Dmitriev, was not permanent

Strap and dark room: Rudkovskaya told how she raised her son

Rudkovskaya honestly confessed: in Sasha’s life there is not only sport, work and little joys, but also punishments. And this is not only banal deprivation of toys, but also a dark room, and a belt.

“This is too much”: Nastya Kamensky was convicted for a candid photo of the buttocks

30-year-old Nastya Kamensky has published in the microblogging candid shots from the rest, in which she demonstrates her appetizing forms. However, instead of laudatory comments, the singer received a portion of criticism from her subscribers.

Adele married friends at home

Comedian Alan Carr in the program This Morning said that his wedding with Paul Drayton in January this year, Adele. The ceremony took place in the backyard of the singer’s house in Los Angeles.

Singer Hanna hides her rounded stomach

Singer Hannah, according to fans, will soon become a mom for the first time. Recently, in the wardrobe of the actresses, “outfits” of free style, hiding her figure. But even in them the most attentive fans of the artist saw the outline of a rounded belly.

Alyona Vodonaeva began to lose weight rapidly on her own system

Alyona Vodonaeva lost 3.5 kilograms per week due to her personal system. The former participant of “Doma-2”, the blogger and TV presenter believes that it is necessary to eat nutritionally, balancedly and deliciously.

Alexei Yagudin has rushed to the hospital

Health problems of the famous couple Alexei Yagudin and Tatyana Totmianina happen often. At the end of last year, the figure skater, for example, was hospitalized with a leg injury, physicians imposed a gypsum on the athlete and banned her physical activities

Actress Aronova arranged a scandal on stage because of the salary

Actress Maria Aronova on tour in Surgut with the play “Little Comedy” turned from the stage to the audience, refusing to begin the show, until the organizers paid the artists a fee. Together with Aronova on the stage were People’s Artist of the RSFSR Sergei Shakurov and actor Mikhail Polizeymako.

This lady, who does not mention her name, lets you into the hall, humiliating me, the national actress, laureate of the state award. Go out to you, lie, talk about technical problems, without our knowledge, give a second call. Now we are sitting, humiliating you, humiliating ourselves, waiting, completely ready. – Maria Aronova, Russian actress

The number of the performance of Yulia Samoilova in the semifinal of “Eurovision” is determined

To remind, the song contest “Eurovision-2018” will be held in Portugal for the first time, in the Lisbon arena of Parque das Nacoes. The first semi-final will be held on May 8, the second, in which Russia is speaking, on May 10.

Eminem released a horrible clip in the style of horror

The musician regularly jumps from one image to another. Yesterday, the premiere of a new video for the track of the American rapper Eminem, entitled “Framed”. It is reported that this impressive video was filmed by a director named James Larsse, and the video itself is presented in the style of horror.

The first trailer of the militant with Milla Jovovich “The World of the Future” was released

Trailer for a new futuristic action movie with Milla Jovovich in the title role “The World of the Future” appeared on the web. The video is posted on the YouTube video service. Jovovich’s team-mate was James Franco, who also acted as one of the film’s directors.

Gurchenko hated the song that glorified her

Aslan Ahmedov, an artist and a close friend of the famous Lyudmila Gurchenko, said that the actress hated the song “Five Minutes”. And this despite the fact that the film “Carnival Night” brought Gurchenko fame. About this Ahmedov wrote in his book “My Lyusya.”

The festival of documentary films Beat Film Festival will be held in Moscow

In Moscow, from May 31 to June 10 will be the festival of documentary film Beat Film Festival. The festival will be opened by the British film Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami. The film was filmed by documentary Sophie Fiennes about the singer and actress Grace Jones.


Google Chrome was caught in secret scanning of files

The popular Google Chrome browser was found to secretly scan personal files stored on computers running Windows. Information with reference to Kelly Shortridge, a cyber security specialist, provided the Motherboard portal

A stolen messaging in messengers is detected

Specialists have discovered a virus that abducts correspondence from instant messengers. Researchers at Trustlook Labs said that malware runs on Android devices. The program can steal information from almost all messaging services.

Google will remove all extensions for mining from Chrome

Google has issued a message banning mining extensions in its products, because through them, attackers were able to covertly hide crypto currency without the knowledge of users.

Roskomnadzor switched to Dialog

Experts believe that the launch of the official channel of Roskomnadzor in the Russian instant messenger Dialog may indicate an early blockage of Telegram in Russia.

Intel company presented the first six-core processor Core i9

It should be noted that the six-core Core i9 supports Intel Optane technology. Experts, in turn, out of the shortcomings in the new chip indicate a TDP of 45 watts. Presentation of the first mobile processor from Intel was held in Berlin.

Yandex has implemented a password manager in the browser

The manager uses a multi-stage encryption system. First, the browser encrypts passwords with a random key, and then protects the key with a master password. If a person forgets it, a spare key will help, which can be created together with the master password.

Created a mini robot capable of lifting up to 4 tons of cargo

Specialists of the company Trailer Valet (USA) presented a mini robot RVR. The developers demonstrated that the device is capable of lifting up to four tons of cargo at a time, with the robot weighing 44 kilograms.

Functions of the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

On April 3rd, one of the insiders on the Web distributed a video in which they presented the functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet. Thanks to the video it became known that the bracelet received a color screen, and also it has gesture support. However, similar options for the third generation of the model Mi Band 2 is not

HMD Global announced the launch of sales in the Russian market of Nokia 7 Plus

Company HMD Global announced the launch of sales in the Russian market for a new smartphone Nokia 7 Plus. The Nokia 7 Plus is equipped with a solid 6 inch display with an aspect ratio of 18: 9

Instagram stops application support for Apple Watch

Official representatives of this one of the largest social networks Instagram have informed that they stop supporting their application on the “smart” clock of Apple Watch. It is reported that this application was not very popular among users.

Xiaomi introduced its own voice assistant Xiao AI

Chinese company Xiaomi formally introduced to the general public its voice virtual assistant called Xiao Ai. Apparently, while this novelty will work only in China.

Xiaomi showed a 36 W memory with two USB and support for Quick Charge 3.0

Xiaomi Company presented today a new device, which became a charger for two USB ports with a nominal power of 36 W and a quick charging option Quick Charge 3.0. The novelty costs three times cheaper than all existing analogues.

Samsung patented a smartphone with a “fish eye”

The front camera will receive a resolution of 8 megapixels, which does not affect the operation of lenses. More detailed information about the new widget on the device should appear before the presentation of the smartphone. Currently, the technology of “fisheye” uses the brands LG and Sony.

Flagship smartphone LG G7 ThinQ debuts in late April

Smartphone LG G7 ThinQ will be officially presented in April this year. According to information from insiders in the company, the device received a lot of differences from other flagships, which will become known after the premiere. LG earlier reported intention to abandon the usual formation of smartphone names.

Mail.ru Group bought a digital real estate agency “33 elephants”

Holding Mail.ru Group announced the purchase of 100% of the shares of the digital agency for the sale of real estate “33 elephants”, according to a press release. The company integrates “33 elephants” in its application for the search for housing “Yula Real Estate”, the report said.

In Snapchat launched group video calls

Developers of the popular Snapchat application have released an update that adds interesting new features. First, we are talking about group video calls. The user can start a video conference with 16 friends at the same time.

The Mozilla project released a browser for virtual reality

The Mozilla project introduced the Firefox Reality browser, designed for use in autonomous helmets of virtual and augmented reality. Unlike many existing browsers for such devices, it is cross-platform and has open source code, the project blog says.


Scientists have created a copying bat robot

Researchers often use animals as prototypes for their designs. German engineers were no exception. As it became known, scientists tested a new robot that copies a bat. He can even imitate the flight of an animal. At rest, the German-designed robot hangs upside down. After that he is able to spread his wings and fly ….

Physicists have found the optimal branch geometry for retaining large drops

Physicists from the USA and Belgium studied how relatively large drops of various liquids are held on the bends of thin rods or at the junctions of several branches of a tree. It turned out that the largest drops can be hung on a bend with a solution angle of 36 degrees, scientists write in Soft Matter

A new form of anomalous matter is discovered

American physicists discovered the formation of topologically ordered phases in artificial spin ice – a system of elongated magnetic nanoparticles located at the sites of a two-dimensional sakti lattice

Scientists have found a clear division of labor among bumblebees and interchangeability

Insects that are considered social, are the most evolutionarily successful animals. Among these, in addition to ants, bees, wasps, termites, are also bumblebees, in the colonies of which a clear division of labor and interchangeability.

Lizards lost the third and fourth organs of sight

Scientists from Yale University found that fossil lizards – the ancestors of modern lizards – had four eyes: two ordinary eyes and two parietals. Earlier it was believed that in the jawbone there could be only three photosensitive organs.

Scientists have developed a wound healing wound

Scientists from the Texas Agricultural and Technical University created a wound healing bandage. A new development of specialists will help to provide prompt assistance in case of need. They claim that the nanogel dressing is capable of stopping blood, and also administering medications to the patient’s body.

Physicists have created a mass spectrometer “with four points of view”

In the modern world, mass spectrometry is used to clarify impurities in such areas as metallurgy, oil and gas, food industries, pharmaceuticals and cosmetology. In addition, doping control of athletes is also conducted using mass spectrometry.

Birds are guided in space with the help of eye protein

Scientists involved in the study of birds at Oxford University, learned that birds are able to feel the magnetic field of the Earth and perfectly navigate in space. This is evidenced by the fact that birds fly to foreign countries, but always return home on time, without getting lost


Scientists have established how plasma jets form in black holes

Russian scientists using radio-telescope “Radio Astron” have established that in black holes plasma jets (jets) are formed in the accretion disk, and not in the ergosphere. This is reported in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Astronomers recorded outbreaks of unknown origin in space

Astronomers from Southampton University (Great Britain) recorded in space short-term light flashes of unknown origin. This is reported on the website Phys.org. A total of 72 bright light bursts were recorded

ISS will be replaced by a printer that has worked for 17 years

The docking of the spacecraft with the station is scheduled for Wednesday. Among other things, the ISS crew will receive a new printer, and the old one, who has worked for 17 years, will be written off. HP Envy ISS is a special printer model created by Hewlett-Packard.

The dimensions of our galaxy are constantly expanding

Studies of scientists have shown that the Milky Way Galaxy increases every second by 500 meters in size

Lockheed Martin is going to build a “quiet” supersonic aircraft

According to the assistant to the head of the Aeronautics Department of NASA, Javon Shin, the aircraft will be created specifically to refine the technology, “which will make supersonic flights over the Earth, but quietly.”


BMW brought to the final tests of the new generation BMW X5

It is expected that the premiere of the new BMW X5 will take place in the near future. It is already known that the car will be based on the new CLAR platform, due to which it will become easier.

The most compact Citroen is updated and got an improved engine

The company Citroen has updated its most compact in the lineup model – hatchback C1. As part of the upgrade, the car received a number of additional options, and also acquired a new, improved engine

Lifan X70 is released in Russia

To the Russian dealers Lifan the novelty will arrive on April, 17th. By this date will be information on the trim levels and prices for the crossover.

The updated crossover Toyota RAV4 will receive a seven-seater version

The head of the North American division of Toyota Motor Jack Hollis does not exclude the appearance of a three-row version of the updated crossover RAV4. He stated this to the media at the Motor Show in New York. Information on this reported CarRu.

KIA Quoris new generation will be on the conveyor in Russia

The release of the premium Kia Quoris sedan of the new generation will be arranged in Russia. Like its predecessor, the car will stand on the conveyor of the Kaliningrad enterprise “Avtotor”. The first generation KIA Quoris is produced in Russia in 2013.

The network has the first spy photos of sports Kia Cerato GT

According to preliminary data, the tests were noted sports Kia Cerato GT, which will be presented in the second half of this year.

Jaguar can release a new large SUV J-Pace

According to the head of the Australian division of Jaguar, the model is still at the stage of discussion. If the appearance of J-Pace is approved, then a separate platform will be designed for it. At the same time, the flagship model will not be a novelty.

Chevrolet brought to test the new generation Cobalt sedan

Photo shooters managed to capture a new Chevrolet Cobalt, which passes tests on the roads of Brazil in dense camouflage. According to foreign media reports, the restyling version of Chevrolet Cobalt is based on a new platform that was developed by GM specialists and the Chinese company SAIC.

Acura extends the range with four-cylinder engines

In plans Acura is a gradual installation of a motor in four cylinders on most future models. To do this, use the package A-Spec Trim. Currently, it is used only on the sports Acura V-6.

Great Wall will launch a plant in Russia in the first quarter of 2019

The Chinese corporation Great Wall Motor Corporation Ltd (GWM) plans to launch production at its enterprise in the Tula region in the first quarter of 2019, said Deputy Governor of the region – Economic Development Minister Grigory Lavrukhin.

Head of Fisker confirmed the development of an affordable model

By the way, this device will be the third car Fisker Inc. after the flagship of Emotion and the autonomous city shuttle Orbit, which should be presented this fall. The company allows you to evaluate the appearance of the Orbit model so far only according to sketches

Final tests of the SUV Rolls-Royce Cullinan will show National Geographic

The British company decided to make a final series of tests for its ultra-luxurious SUV Cullinan – for this purpose it teamed up with the National Geographic TV channel.

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