8 Mar, 2019

Facebook protects user data

Facebook will introduce end-to-end encryption of private messages in all of its instant messengers, and will also not store user data in countries with human rights violations. This was announced by the head of the company, Mark Zuckerberg.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook will not store user data in countries where human rights are violated, including freedom of speech and privacy. At the same time, he admitted that this could lead to the blocking of services in these countries.

The head of the social network noted that people increasingly want to communicate in a narrow circle, by analogy with the “closed living room”, while the use of modern open platforms looks like a “city square”.

“I believe that communication will shift more towards private, encrypted services, where people can be sure that what they have said to each other will remain safe,” Zuckerberg said.

He also promised to take measures to enhance the interaction of messaging services – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, so that account holders in them can communicate with any platforms and through any applications.

In Russia, a law has been passed that personal data of Russian citizens should be stored on servers physically located in the country. In February, Facebook was already fined for failing to comply with this requirement. In China, which requires the same, all Facebook services are blocked.

Briefly about the main thing …

Trump’s assistant promised banks sanctions for working with Maduro

Banks cooperating with the government and the president of Venezuela will be subject to US sanctions, said US national security aide John Bolton, in his regular statement.

We will not allow Maduro to steal the wealth of the Venezuelan people. – John Bolton, American politician

Maduro danced to the song that was dedicated to him

Maduro met with representatives of mining companies. The meeting was attended by musicians whom the president of Venezuela, after the end of the official part of the event, asked to play a melody in honor of the past carnival. Those performed a song in which the main words were “Maduro does not leave, Maduro does not leave.” Under this composition, the president and his wife performed several dance movements. At the same time they were surrounded by dancers dressed in festive costumes.

UK Permanent Representative to the UN about Russian science

Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the UN Karen Pierce characterized Russian science as backward, speaking of the results of the new OPCW report on the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Duma and Russia’s reaction to it

The OPCW report on the Duma has been prepared by respected international experts using modern technology. We know that Russians didn’t like it, which is another example of Russian scientific research like “The Land Is Flat” – Karen Pearce, a British diplomat

According to her, Russia should direct efforts to investigate the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian authorities against civilians. The diplomat said that the Russian side “is making a garbage bin from the OPCW report.”

Deputy Spetsstroy received 8 years in the case of the theft of more than 1 billion rubles

The Shcherbinsky Court of Moscow sentenced the former deputy head of the Federal Agency for Special Construction (abolished in 2016) Alexander Zagorulko to eight years of strict regime and a fine of 10 million rubles. in the case of three episodes of fraud and a bribe on the construction of military facilities with damage of more than 1 billion rubles. About this RBC said the press secretary of the court Svetlana Ekhtanigova.

In the US, journalists are blacklisted for helping migrants

The US authorities have created a secret database in which they contribute American journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders who help migrants. Reports about it TASS with reference to NBC TV channel

The Pentagon asks Congress to finance the purchase of the Iron Dome air defense system

Funds for the purchase of several Israeli air defense systems “Iron Dome” requested the Pentagon from the US Congress, writes Foreign Policy. The Pentagon estimates the cost of the purchase at $ 370 million.

US praises Belarus for its position on the Crimea

Washington welcomes the principled position of Belarus on the non-recognition of Russian Crimea, said Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent.

Deputy Tamara Pletnev demanded to treat homosexuals

The head of the State Duma Committee on the Family, Women and Children Tamara Pletneva told on Channel One in the program of journalist Vladimir Pozner how she treats homosexuals. Deputy Tamara Pletnev demanded to treat homosexuals. The parliamentarian considers unconventional orientation to be a disease.

Tchaikovsky was also gay, but he was hiding it, he was shy. What to punish? It is necessary to treat.

Sands explained why in the Donbass stopped sending humanitarian aid

In the course of the daily briefing with the press secretary of the Russian president, journalists asked about the reason for Russia’s stopping the delivery of humanitarian convoys to the Donbass.

No, there is nothing else there, it does not mean that this practice is interrupted. There is just a needs assessment. And depending on how these needs require such assistance, then an appropriate decision is made. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Israel is going to shoot down Syrian S-300s with American THAAD

To ensure the security of its military, Israel decided to use American missile defense systems THAAD, which will intercept missiles launched by Syrian S-300s.

A new US reconnaissance battalion arrived in South Korea

Scouts will stay in South Korea for nine months, and then go home. The fourth to sixth heavy reconnaissance battalion is part of the 16th air assault squadron; he arrived to replace the first-twenty-fifth reconnaissance battalion, located at Camp Humpfries base 70 kilometers from Seoul

Ukraine received Turkish drone drone

The Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles (Bayraktar TB2) purchased in Turkey were delivered to Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said.

Huawei sues US government

The Chinese company Huawei appealed to the Texas District Court against the US government. It is noted that the lawsuit is related to the decision of Washington to ban federal authorities to cooperate with private enterprises using the equipment of this Chinese company. The plaintiffs insist that the US authorities could not present grounds for prohibiting the use of Huawei products.

US Treasury Again Postpones Sanctions Against GAZ Group

On April 6, 2018, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against 26 people, among whom was Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska. The restrictions also affected 15 legal entities, including Basic Element, the GAZ group, as well as En + and UC Rusal.

Husky bit her hand a four year old child

A four-year-old boy lost his arm after an Husky dog ​​attack in Utah. This was announced by the portal Buzzfeed. According to media reports, the boy crawled under the neighbor’s fence to play with the dogs

The House of Lords voted for British membership in the EU Customs Union

British membership in the EU Customs Union was supported by the upper house of the British Parliament. The results of this vote will provide the government and the lower house of parliament – the House of Commons – a chance to avoid catastrophic, according to the initiator of the vote, Labor’s head Wilf Stevenson, the option of leaving the EU without an agreement with Brussels on Brexit conditions, TASS reports.

Volgograd deputy called receiving low pensions as parasites

A deputy of the Volgograd Regional Duma, Hasan Nabiyev, said that “pensions and drunks” receive pensions of 8 thousand rubles, and the poor are to blame for being such. The politician’s speech at the extraordinary meeting of the regional Duma was published by the portal Height 102.

With just one phrase, the Volgograd deputy humiliated many of our fellow citizens who had worked honestly and conscientiously all their lives. We will consider the issue of statements of the Volgograd deputy at the next meeting of the ethics committee. – Yevgeny Revenko, Russian politician

MTS will pay a large fine for bribes in Uzbekistan

A fine of $ 850 million will be paid by the Russian mobile operator MTS to the American Ministry of Justice, RBC reports. The relevant settlement agreement was concluded by MTS, the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the framework of the bribery case in Uzbekistan.

Russian rocket for space tourists will work on ethanol

The components of a suborbital rocket fuel designed for space tourism will be liquid oxygen and alcohol, said Pavel Pushkin, general director of CosmoCourse, TASS reported March 7. In addition, another component of the fuel will be nitrogen in gaseous and liquid form.

Ministry of Transport refused to introduce paid registration at airports

Loukoster general director Andrei Kalmykov said that Pobeda had appealed to the Ministry of Transport with a proposal to allow airlines to charge for registration at the airport. In October 2018, the low-cost airline introduced a paid registration at foreign airports – € 25. The Ministry of Transport refused to support the offer of Pobeda Airlines to introduce paid registration at Russian airports. The department believes that now there is no opportunity for the implementation of this initiative, told RBC in the press service of the Ministry of transport.

Russian Ministry of Health will deal with the imposition of paid services in clinics

The Ministry of Health will develop a draft of changes to the rules for the provision of paid medical services by clinics and hospitals. This is reported on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

In 2018, outflow of the population from Magadan increased by 21 times

Mayor of Magadan published data on the demographic situation in the city. According to them, in 2018, 994 people were born in Magadan, 1015 people died, the natural decrease was 21 people (2017 – a natural increase – 133 people).

Facebook will not store user data in countries where human rights are violated

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the company will refuse to store user data in countries where authorities violate privacy or freedom of speech. His statement is published in the corporate blog. The data will cease to store the social network Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp services. The decision may lead to the blocking of services in some countries, it will also cause problems with access to new markets, Zuckerberg said.

In the US, a Russian woman was found guilty of kidnapping her children

Russian woman Bogdana Osipova, who is under arrest in the United States, was found guilty of kidnapping her children and extortion. TASS writes about this with reference to Professor Tatyana Yakusheva – a member of the public “support group” of the accused, who attended the meeting

Contributions to housing in the mortgage may appear in Russia

Contributions for the accumulation of a down payment on a mortgage may appear in Russia. The corresponding bill is being approved by the government and will be submitted to the State Duma at the end of March, RIA Novosti reports on Thursday, March 7.

HSE: the level of competition in public procurement is falling

Experts conclude that the level of competition is falling, and information is becoming less available in the public domain – the purchases of individual state-owned companies are not disclosed in the Unified Information System, and customers have the right not to post data on purchases from a single supplier, Vedomosti reports.

Gazprombank withdraws from MegaFon’s capital

Gazprombank, owning 18.96% of MegaFon’s shares, has completely withdrawn from the operator’s capital, follows from the bank’s message on the information disclosure portal. The bank ceased to dispose of the papers on March 5. Gazprombank acquired a stake in MegaFon from the Swedish-Finnish Telia Company in October 2017.

“Priozersk is a complete out, full”

Sergey Prozorov, a member of the board of the Russian state corporation Gazprom, reprimanded his subordinates after the incident with the gas pipeline in Priozersk of the Leningrad region, the audio recording of his speech was published by 47news.

According to the newspaper, a closed meeting with the participation of about 30 top managers of the company was held on January 10 in St. Petersburg. It clarifies that the management was aware of violations during the construction of facilities in the region, including the disappearance of the gas pipeline in Priozersk, for which 1.7 billion rubles were allocated.

Well, Priozersk is a complete out, full. The facility was built on the personal instructions of Alexey Borisovich (Miller, Chairman of the Board of Gazprom), Prozorov said at the meeting. – Who watched? You, obviously *** (not at all) understood, did not gather male pride to tell me (about this). “

According to him, everything that happened in Priozersk resembles the “devastation of the 90s”, as he saw “unfinished fences, gates and a hole in the back to tyrit everything”.

Migrant boat sank near the Greek island of Samos

The boat with migrants sank near the Greek island of Samos. This writes TASS with reference to local media. In total, the boat was 12 people. 11 people were found and rescued, including three children. But two children died during transportation to a medical facility in Samos.

Netflix for the first time film “One Hundred Years of Solitude”

Marquez himself sincerely believed that, unlike his other works, “One Hundred Years of Solitude” is impossible to be screened. According to the Independent, the notorious producer Harvey Weinstein was negotiating with Marquez to film the novel, but the Nobel laureate refused.

The CW channel will close Arrow after the eighth season

The American TV channel The CW announced that the series “Arrow” will end on the eighth season. It will consist of only ten episodes, and its show will take place in 2019-2020. Recall that “Arrow” was extended to the new season at the end of January, along with nine other TV shows of the channel.

“Channel One” Russia will show a scandalous film about Michael Jackson

The first channel announced a film about pop artist Michael Jackson “Leaving Neverland.” The documentary film is dedicated to the events in the lives of two men: 37-year-old James Seifchak and 41-year-old Wade Robson.

Two museums of Dagestan will create virtual museums on their base

On its base, the National Museum of Dagestan and the Dagestan Museum of Fine Arts named after Patimat Gamzatova plan to create virtual museums. This was reported by Zarema Butaeva at the extended board of the ministry.

Mariinsky Theater will update the speaker system

New sound equipment for 35 million rubles will get the second stage of the famous St. Petersburg theater. Mariinsky Theater intends to purchase a new speaker system. This information appeared on the site of public procurement.

Released trailer biopic “Tolkien”

The Tolkien trailer for Karukoski’s biopic has been published on YouTube. World premiere of the film about the writer John R.R. Tolkien is scheduled for May 3

Mariinsky Theater went on tour to Spain

From 7 to 16 March, the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra, headed by Valery Gergiev, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, will give a series of concerts in eight Spanish cities, TASS reports, citing the theater’s press service.

Missing artifacts of Pharaoh Tutankhamen found in the repository of the Egyptian Museum

The missing pieces of a miniature boat found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen in the 1920s were discovered in a vault in the Luxor Museum (Egypt). Information about the discovery is published in the foreign edition of Archaeology.

Milan Theater “La Scala” will receive funding from Saudi Arabia

Theater director Alexander Pereira revealed on March 7 in the pages of the Stamp newspaper the details of the project. The Saudi side will pay 3 million euros over five years, which implies the inclusion of a representative of the kingdom on the board of directors.

The content of the Milan Opera costs 125 million euros a year, but unlike, for example, the Vienna Opera, La Scala does not receive 80 percent of state funding. Thus, every year the theater has to find at least 45 million euros at the expense of private sponsors. However, the cooperation of the Milan Opera with Saudi Arabia is not limited to financing. The plans include the opening of a conservatory in Riyadh, where teachers from the La Scala Academy will teach. For this, it is expected to receive another 7 million over three years.

Italian painter painted Yekaterinburg with frog dwellers

Italian artist Giacomo Bonino drew a postcard in which he depicted the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg in the images of frogs. The Italian wrote on his website that he had never been to Yekaterinburg, but studied it on the Internet maps

The trailer for “Wiped Personality” with Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman

Oscar-winning owners Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman, as well as Manchester by the Sea star Lucas Hedges, played the leading roles in the film. The film will be released in Russian on March 21, 2019. The world premiere of “Wiped Personality” was held on September 1, 2018

Fans of Marvel movies promised the first gay superhero

The creators of superhero movies and comics Marvel decided to create a superhero gay. He will appear in the movie “Eternal”, which will be released no earlier than 2020. According to the site Out, for the role of the hero of non-traditional sexual orientation, the company is looking for a man of any nationality aged 30 to 49 years

State Duma expanded the grounds for deferment from the army

Deputies of the State Duma adopted in the second reading amendments to the bill, equalizing students in the right to deferment from the army. This was reported on the website of the lower house of parliament.

For citizens who choose a secondary vocational school, we proposed two amendments – the first time they can take advantage of the postponement when they study at school, if they have reached the draft age, and the second time – directly while studying for secondary vocational education programs. – Andrei Krasov, Russian military leader

Poklonskaya told about compromising, which gathered at the colleagues from the State Duma

Earlier in September 2018, Natalia Poklonskaya reported that five deputies of the State Duma were to be tested for compliance with the anti-corruption law.

And from one of his colleagues in a strange coincidence, the mother’s company received more than one billion rubles of budget funds in the same field of activity in which the Committee of the State Duma headed by him carries out legislative regulation. – Natalia Poklonskaya, Russian politician

Medvedev changed the algorithm for considering amendments to bills

If earlier the cabinet at meetings considered only the bills themselves, now it will also consider the amendments proposed by the government to bills that have already passed the first reading.

“Starting from today, such projects are subject to consideration at a government meeting along with draft federal laws. All ministers and deputy prime ministers understand what I am talking about, ”Medvedev said at a meeting with members of the government.

Tymoshenko pledged to return the Donbass and Crimea to Ukraine in writing

A candidate for the highest Ukrainian state post, Yulia Tymoshenko, gave a written promise to return the Donbass and the Crimea under the control of Kiev, if she is elected president of the country. Tymoshenko said that in case of non-fulfillment of this commitment, she will leave the presidency.

In Russia, will adjust the doctrine of food security

“The doctrine of food security of the Russian Federation will be adjusted in 2019. The need for adjustment is associated with a change in the socio-economic situation of the country, with the formation of new risks caused by economic sanctions imposed on Russia,” the Russian Security Council’s release said.

UK tightens investor visa rules

Businessmen who invest in securities will not be able to obtain a Tier 1 visa. The tightening of the rules is explained by the fight against money laundering in the UK. It was originally planned to introduce more severe measures.

A bill has been submitted to expand the powers of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and First Vice-Speaker Alexander Zhukov submitted to the State Duma a project on the empowerment of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, follows from the electronic database of the lower house of parliament

NATO believes that Russia is preparing for a large-scale war

In a published analytical report by the NATO Defense College, an alliance military expert, Dave Johnson, an employee of the defense policy department, states that Russia has been preparing for a large-scale conflict in recent years, as evidenced by the 2018 exercise.

Wife Rogozin announced the creation of a fan club “Roscosmos”

The wife of the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, Tatiana announced the creation of a state corporation fan club. She wrote about this on the morning of March 7 on her Facebook page. She explained that the fan club is needed to support the state corporation in the context of constant information attacks on Roscosmos.

The ECB has kept the base rate at zero

The Board of Governors of the European Central Bank (ECB) at a meeting on Thursday, March 7, decided to keep the base interest rate at 0%. This follows from the regulator’s press release.

Abramovich refused to share on the “First Channel”

The VTB Capital investment division VTB Capital bought 20% of Channel One from the company owned by Roman Abramovich, ORT-KB, RBC reports. The conclusion of the transaction was confirmed by the head of VTB Andrei Kostin. “The deal was closed yesterday,” Mr. Kostin told Interfax.

ALROSA increased sales by 19% in February

In February 2019, ALROSA sold $ 345.6 million worth of diamond products, the company said. This is almost 19% more than in January (+ $ 64.1 million)

In Ust-Luga in June, will begin to build a new port for 45 billion rubles

In Ust-Luga, Novotrans in June will begin construction of a universal terminal Lugaport for 45 billion rubles. Approximate volumes of grain transshipment are 6 million tons per year.

In Russia, cryptocurrency owners will be identified

The Russian State Duma Committee on the Financial Market is planning to amend the draft law “On digital financial assets”, according to which it will be necessary to go through a special identification to carry out operations with cryptocurrencies. This was reported to Izvestia by the chairman of the body, Anatoly Aksakov. The press services of the Central Bank and Rosfinmonitoring did not respond to Izvestia’s questions about whether they support the amendment on mandatory verification of cryptocurrency holders. The draft law “On digital financial assets” was adopted in the first reading at the end of May 2018.

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