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28 Авг, 2022

Farmers invest in green energy

The Netherlands has launched the country’s largest onshore wind farm. The station was opened in the vicinity of the city of Zewolde in the central part of the country. It has 83 wind turbines that will power about 300,000 households, according to the NL Times portal. The station will replace more than 220 old wind turbines.

It is noteworthy that the power plant is wholly owned by the inhabitants of the region, mainly by farming families. About 200 households have attracted investments totaling half a billion euros and now own the wind farm. It is reported that there are not many wind farms in the world that are wholly owned by citizens: most often companies are also co-owners.

It is planned that the electricity generated in Zeevold will be sold for the next 15 years to the large Swedish energy company Vattenfall, which produces electricity in Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.