22 Dec, 2018

For damage to green spaces

The bailiffs arrested the accounts of Denis Mikhailov, coordinator of the St. Petersburg headquarters of oppositionist Alexei Navalny, in the case of the trampled down lawn at the rally “He is not the king to us” on May 5, 2018.

According to officials, 175 shrubs from a kilogradshacker (525 thousand rubles), 15 lilac trees (67.5 thousand rubles), three square meters planted with peonies (9 thousand rubles), two square kilometers of lawn (2.5 million), 60 square meters of viola (180 thousand), 55 roses (247 thousand), three square meters of astilba hybrid (12 thousand).

At the same time, the sum of 11 million rubles, which the prosecutors demand from the organizers of the rally, is approximately equal to the total expenses of the entire gardening enterprise “Central”, serving the Petrograd, Central and Admiralty districts of the city. Every year, the company spends about 12 million rubles to plant these areas.

Briefly about the main thing …


Putin and Medvedev discussed the implementation of national projects

The transcript of the meeting was published on the official website of the Kremlin. Medvedev said that while traveling around Russia, he and other members of the government intend to personally monitor the implementation of national projects. Putin, in turn, urged to pay attention to the execution of national projects in reality.

Ready to resign, but I will not work as citizens

The vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Igor Albin, declared his readiness to leave his post in connection with the problems of deceived co-investors in the city.

Taking this opportunity, I want to say that neither I, nor Zhenya Baranovsky, nor Alexei Zolotov will work with Alla Andreeva on problematic objects of shared construction. I am ready to incur punishment for my intractability and even resign. – Igor Albin

According to him, the activities of Andreeva “reminds self-praying”, and the activist herself is not a deceived real estate investor.

Metropolitan ROC turned out to be a KGB agent

The National Archives of Latvia on the eve, on the day of the Chekist, published on its website documents of the KGB of the Latvian SSR. In the open access were more than 10 thousand documents. One of them at one time was instituted by Alexander Kudryashov, the current Metropolitan of Riga.

Interior Ministry proposed to allow police to open cars

The Ministry of the Interior proposed amendments to the federal law “On Police”, which would allow police officers to open cars in certain situations. This is reported on the site office.

Russia’s population will decrease for the first time in 10 years

The influx of migrants, which in recent years has compensated for the natural decline in the population of Russia, no longer covers the reduction in the number of citizens. The population size for January — October 2018 decreased by 78.7 thousand people, follows from the report of the Rosstat.

The court in the case of the former head of Sakhalin suffered because of the change of lawyer

The former governor of Sakhalin, Alexander Khoroshavin, will have to wait another month in the SIZO for consideration of his appeal. The new lawyer of the official sentenced to 13 years of strict regime asked for time to familiarize himself with the documents, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

The thinking of some modern athletes

They have one conversation, I literally quoted their phrases: loot, Mercedes and behind the “heifer.” Sorry, women, that I repeated, just by the way. This is the thinking of our athletes. – Alexander Lukashenko

The authorities did not believe the statistics on the causes of death of Russians

The government has studied data on the decline in mortality from cardiovascular and oncological diseases and concluded that the statistics provided by medical institutions is unreliable. According to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, cases of incorrect coding of the causes of death were confirmed.

In China, they chose the characters of the year

“Desire” and “exit” became the hieroglyphs of the outgoing 2018 based on the results of the annual Internet voting, which was conducted with the support of the Chinese State Linguistic Monitoring and Research Center.

The Ministry of Health of Buryatia did not include 38 free drugs in the list

As it turned out, in the proposed list of drugs issued free of charge or with a 50 percent discount for outpatient treatment, there are no 38 drugs and two dosage forms that should be prescribed for free.

Tariffs for gas and water in Sevastopol will grow from the New Year

From January 1, 2019, gas supply and wastewater rates will increase in Sevastopol. This is the press service of the Government of Sevastopol. Thus, the tariff for water will be 39.28 rubles per cubic meter, and for water disposal – 29.27 rubles.

The USA will toughen visa conditions for Russians

The cost of a multiple-entry tourist and business American visa for citizens of Russia from January 1, 2019 will increase from $ 160 to $ 303, that is, almost doubled. This is due to the notorious principle of “reciprocity.”

Russian authorities began to discuss raising the age of tobacco sales

The document is expected to spell out in detail a number of measures relating to tobacco products, tobacco heating systems, the sale of alcoholic beverages, etc. Recently, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova warned against raising excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol.

Roszdravnadzor will be able to conduct test purchases

Roszdravnadzor will receive the right to conduct test purchases to identify counterfeit drugs and prevent violations of the rules for the provision of paid medical services. The relevant law was supported by the Committee of the Council of the Federation for Social Policy

The Federation Council approved the increase in the minimum wage by 117 rubles

The Federation Council approved a bill to increase the monthly minimum wage (MW) to the subsistence level – from 11,163 rubles. up to 11,280 rubles. The new size of the minimum wage will be effective from January 1, 2019. This measure will affect 3.7 million people.

A new profession has appeared in Russia

In our country, a new type of professional activity in the securities market has appeared – investment consulting. A law on this was adopted in December 2017. Today, a year later, it takes effect.

The average size of consumer loans for the year increased by almost 20%

JSC National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI) reported that in November of the current year the average loan size for the purchase of consumer goods (consumer loan) amounted to 185.9 thousand rubles, an increase of 19.4% over the year.


German RWE has signed a second contract for the supply of American gas

German energy company RWE and Australian Woodside Petroleum have signed another contract for the supply of liquefied natural gas. This is the second contract of the German company. The resource base for ensuring these supplies is the American project Corpus Christi.

Ukraine received a new tranche from the IMF

Ukraine received the first tranche of $ 1.4 billion under the new cooperation program with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine said on December 21, the UNN news agency reported.

One-third Elite Scotch whiskey turned out to be fake

More than a third of the elite varieties of Scotch whiskey, which were tested by experts from a specialized laboratory, turned out to be fake.

The US Treasury extended the sale of GAZ Group securities to March

The US Treasury extended the period until March 7, for which American investors should get rid of the shares and debt instruments of the GAZ Group, and contractors – to complete contracts. This is reported on the website of the Office for the Control of Foreign Assets.

Belarus will lose $ 383 million from Russia’s tax maneuver in 2019

The loss of Belarus from the tax maneuver in the oil industry of Russia will be $ 383 million, said Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Igor Lyashenko.

Central Bank of the Russian Federation revoked the license from Donhlebbank

The Bank of Russia revoked the banking license from Donhlebbank, the Central Bank said in a statement. According to the results of the third quarter of 2018, Donhlebbank is ranked 288th in terms of assets in the Interfax-100 ranking prepared by Interfax-CEA.

En + shareholders approve relocation to Russia

Preparing to move to the Russian offshore and another company Deripaska, the victim of the sanctions – UC Rusal, the world’s second-largest aluminum producer. Its board of directors also approved a change of jurisdiction in early November. When this issue is considered by shareholders is unknown.

Icebreaking support vessel “Andrey Vilkitsky” delivered to customer

The second icebreaker Andrey Vilkitsky with a capacity of 22 MW of Gazprom’s subsidiary Gazprom Neft PJSC passed the state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation of Vyborg Shipbuilding Plant PJSC (VSZ). The VSZ had problems with the supplier of diesel generators for icebreakers.

Russia’s largest poultry producer expands production

The company is the largest producer of poultry meat in Russia. In 2017, Cherkizovo produced 549,335 tons of poultry meat. “White Bird – Kursk” is a key asset of the White Bird agricultural holding, one of Russia’s largest chicken producers in the past.

Mechel extended contract with Chinese Jidong Cement

Mechel Group extended another contract with a Chinese partner – Jidong Cement Corporation. Under this contract, the group will supply up to two million tons of energy to China. Compared with the current year, the supply will increase significantly.

Analysts of the Central Bank warned of the risk of a mortgage bubble

A week ago, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova promised that by the end of the year the government would introduce new benefits for families to receive a mortgage loan, which would allow 1.6 million people to get support.

There were permutations in the UWC manual.

Roman Savushkin, who is leaving the post of general director, will remain on the UWC board of directors and will oversee issues of its strategic development. On December 20, the UWC Board of Directors re-elected its CEO, the company said.

Companies ’investment in Colombia’s oil industry will increase by 14% in 2019

The company’s investment in the Colombian oil industry in 2019 will increase by 14% compared with this year and amount to $ 4.95 billion, said the Colombian Petroleum Association (ACP).

VTB dismisses Alexey Ananiev from the management of Technoserv

The founder and CEO of one of the largest IT-companies in Russia – Technoserv Group, Alexey Ananiev, has been removed from management of the company, Vedomosti reported. VTB appointed VTB Senior Vice President Dmitry Troshenkov as CEO.

Deprived of the license “Uraltransbank” declared bankrupt

In Yekaterinburg, a license-free Uraltransbank was declared bankrupt. This decision was made on December 20 by the Sverdlovsk Arbitration Court. “To recognize the debtor as bankrupt and to open bankruptcy proceedings,” says the case file on the court website.

Sberbank allowed to recover debts from the largest bank in Azerbaijan

Back in 2017, the IBA announced that it was restructuring liabilities of 3.3 billion in US currency. Creditors were asked to write off part of the debt, with which Sberbank did not agree, appealing to the court under the rule of Gibbs.

Uber fined in France

The transport company Uber was fined € 400 thousand for violating safety standards when storing customer personal data.

In three years, there will be a million more workers in Russia

In three years, the number of labor resources in Russia will increase from 71.8 to 72.4 million people. Such data are contained in the forecast of the Ministry of Labor submitted to the members of the Russian Tripartite Commission for the Regulation of Social and Labor Relations.

State-owned companies have purchased Microsoft products for the future

According to the results of 2018, the volume of purchases of Microsoft products by Russian authorities and state-owned companies may decrease, according to the TAdviser report.

“Admiralty Shipyards” began construction of the platform “North Pole”

It is noted that the vessel under construction will have unique characteristics that will make it possible to achieve a breakthrough in the study of the Arctic. The platform will be a polar station, which will be able to drift in the Arctic Ocean for two years without entering ports.

Roman Abramovich and his partners sold “The Wallody”

Highland Gold Mining (HGM) received FAS permission to buy the major shareholders of Evgeny Shvidler, Roman Abramovich and their partners gold assets in Chukotka for $ 91 million and signed a corresponding agreement.

Qualcomm bans iPhone sales in Germany

On November 30, a Chinese court, in connection with the infringement of two patents, tentatively decided to ban sales of iPhone 6s, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X. After this, Qualcomm also demanded to ban Chinese sales of iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr.

Central Bank of Mexico raised the refinancing rate record

The Central Bank of Mexico announced a 25-point increase in the refinancing rate, to 8.25%. This is a repeat of the record level of January 2008.

Ukraine will begin to publish information about debtors of bankrupt banks

From March 2019, the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine (FGVFL) of Ukraine will begin to publish information about the debtors of bankrupt banks, reports UNIAN on December 20. According to the report, the publication of information about debtors is mandatory in the framework of the new IMF loan program for Ukraine.

VTB Bank is looking for collectors to collect debts

VTB Bank is registered in St. Petersburg and is the second largest bank in the country and the first in terms of authorized capital. The state owns 60.9% of VTB shares. Earlier in St. Petersburg collectors were involved in the recovery of debts on rent

The volume of foreign exchange reserves of Belarus

The volume of foreign exchange reserves of Belarus will be about $ 7 billion by the beginning of 2019, said Pavel Kallaur, chairman of the board of the National Bank of Belarus (NBB).
Authorities’ payments on external liabilities in December will amount to $ 1 billion. This, in particular, is about early repayment of a number of external liabilities, which are attracted on unfavorable conditions, said Kallaur, Belta reports.

Crypto Exchange OKEx launched perpetual bitcoin swaps

Malta-based crypto Exchange OKEx launched a bitcoin-based cryptocurrency derivative, a feature of which is the absence of an expiration date. In the future, she plans to add swaps based on other cryptoactive assets.

Kazargo Holding received investments from the Kazakhstan pension fund

The term of the investment will be 15 years with an interest rate of 10% per annum. The National Bank believes that investments will generate income for UAPF depositors, as well as provide substantial support for the further development and modernization of the agro-industrial sector.

The square meter near the Kremlin almost caught up with the price tag of Fifth Avenue

A residential complex is being built near the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, where the cost of one meter will be 100 thousand dollars. The apartments will be interesting for businessmen from the Forbes list, realtors are sure.

Developers acquired building rights in 2015. The contract cost 10 billion rubles, which is 1.5 billion rubles at the current rate. An elite residential complex, a hotel with 65 rooms, a restaurant with 48 seats, two cafes, a bank and offices will be built on the territory. Housing delivery is scheduled for 2021.

Ozon launches P2B lending service

Russian online retailer Ozon has started testing the P2B-crediting service (issuing loans to a legal entity or individual entrepreneur). Nikita Saygutin, head of the Ozon Digital Finance division, told the Vedomosti newspaper that the site is called Ozon.Invest.

“Rostec” will buy a stake in the largest producer of freight cars

Rostec will acquire from the IST group a 9.33% stake in Russia’s largest car-building holding, United Carriage Company (UWC), the state corporation said.

Greece has completed the privatization of the operator GTS DESFA

Privatization of the operator of the Greek gas transmission system DESFA has been completed. HRADF, the Greek State Property Fund, has transferred 66% of the shares of the GTS operator DESFA to the consortium SENFLUGA Energy Infrastructure Holdings S.A. for 535 million euros.

Austrian OMV received 5% in gas development concessions in the UAE

Austrian oil and gas company OMV received a 5% stake in the concession to develop the Ghasha Concession gas field in the UAE. The long-term concession agreement is concluded for 40 years.


On the “Victory” sued for paid registration for flights abroad

The Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor’s Office (MITI) has filed a lawsuit against Pobeda Airlines, finding it unlawful to charge a fee of € 25 for check-in at foreign airports to its passengers.

Utair announced the suspension of payments on seven-year loans

“In order to ensure uninterrupted work in the low winter season, the company provided for stopping payments on 7-year loans in December and accumulates resources to meet interest expenses in a profitable summer period,” the company said.

The new movement “Avtobro – do good” covered 22 regions of Russia

In Russia, the flash mob “Autobrow – do good” is gaining momentum, the purpose of which is to make life on the roads more civilized, polite and kind.

The project, initiated by the gas station network Gazpromneft, started on November 15 and has already shown that doing good deeds is simple and pleasant. This was reported by the press service of the company.

Applications for subsidizing flights to the FEFD have filed seven airlines

Seven airlines have submitted to the Federal Agency for Air Transport (Rosaviatsia) applications for subsidizing flights to the Far East, the press service of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development reported.

Departure for the “waffle iron” in Moscow will be monitored using cameras

Next year, the cameras on the roads will begin to be fined for going to a busy intersection with “waffle maker” markings. This was announced at a meeting with journalists by the head of the Center for the Organization of Road Traffic, Vadim Yuriev. Recall that in Moscow for several years wafer markings are applied at intersections.

UAVs began to remove snow in Russia

In the future, Moscow and Tatarstan may join the experiment. Avtonet said that the drones will allow it to clear snow 35% faster by increasing the working time of the tractors. Unmanned mini-tractor company Avrora Robotics called “Agrobot”

In the Moscow region are developing projects of six overpasses over the IDC

In Moscow, there is a design of six overpasses, which will eliminate the intersection of roads and railways on the routes of the Moscow central diameters, the press service of the governor and the government of the Moscow region said.

On the route to the suburbs launched the first Next Electric electrobus

On the route to the suburbs launched the first electric bus project Next Electro. The first city electric bus began to serve the route “Odintsovo – Skolkovo”, informed the Minister of Energy of the Moscow Region Leonid Neganov on Thursday, December 20th.

In the Voronezh region in the new year will increase the cost of travel in trains

In the Voronezh region in the new year, travel in trains again will rise in price – the appropriate decision was made by the regional tariff regulation office

In Tallinn, motorists will pay for traffic jams

Tallinn authorities may impose a special tax on traffic jams. This is the mayor of the city of Taavi Aas said in an interview with the newspaper Eesti Päevaleht.

The list of vehicles for traffic on selected lanes in the capital has been expanded.

Mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, signed a decree that expands the list of vehicles for transporting passengers along dedicated lanes for route transport. It entered into force on December 21, 2018.

The government subsidizes Ural Airlines flights to Ekaterinburg

It will be cheaper to fly to the Middle Urals from the Far East, from Kaliningrad and the Crimea. Several flights of Ural Airlines have fallen into the program of subsidizing air transportation, agreed by the Russian government.

A pontoon bridge was opened between Heihe and Blagoveshchensk

The cargo pontoon bridge was opened between the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk and the Chinese Heihe. This is reported by the government of the Amur region.

The section of the Georgian Military Road has been expanded in North Ossetia

The federal highway A-161, 26 km long, is the Russian section of the road through the Main Caucasus Range, known as the Georgian Military Highway and connecting Vladikavkaz with Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.


“Mad Dog” leaves the Pentagon

General Jim Mattis will retire with distinction at the end of February after serving as minister of defense in my administration for the past two years. During Jim’s work, tremendous progress has been made, especially with regard to the procurement of new weapons. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

US will withdraw half of the troops from Afghanistan

The United States is planning a large-scale reduction of the military presence in Afghanistan — up to half of the troops can be removed from the country. This is reported by the Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal, citing US officials.

A rocket “Proton-M” with a military satellite launched from Baikonur

The Baikonur Cosmodrome launched a Proton-M launch vehicle with a spacecraft on Friday in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defense, according to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry. All prelaunch operations and rocket launch proceeded normally.

Ukraine is moving troops to the coast of the Azov and Black Seas

Ukraine is deploying air assault troops to the coast of the Azov and Black Seas, President Petro Poroshenko said during a visit to a part of the Donetsk region controlled by Kiev.

Also, with the use of our aviation, assault troops are deployed, including units of the 95th Brigade, which also strengthened the protection of the Azov and Black Sea coast basin. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Upgraded Tu-160M2 will enter service with the Russian Air Force

In an interview with the newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda”, Kobylash noted that the engineers had significantly improved the characteristics of the aircraft, which would extend their service life by 40–50 years. Thus, as part of the modernization, the bomber’s cabin will be equipped with fundamentally new avionics.

The ground created by the designers during its design is still far from exhausted. In the near future, long-range aircraft will receive upgraded Tu-160M2 aircraft with improved performance. Therefore, in the coming years, this aircraft has no competitors. – Sergey Kobylash, military leader

A military police unit has been established at the Russian base in Abkhazia

A military police unit has been established in the Russian military base of the Southern Military District (SKR) in Abkhazia. The servicemen are already serving in replaceable patrols.

Germany is developing a response to the Russian “Iskander”

Germany is secretly negotiating with the United States to gain access to a secret technology that will allow developing a new generation of missile defense system to counter the latest Russian weapons, Defense News reports with reference to the government report of the German Defense Ministry.

Columns of American military vehicles left Syria for Iraq

Columns of American military vehicles left the Syrian provinces for Iraq after the announcement of the withdrawal of troops by US President Donald Trump. Photos of dozens of trucks moving to the border were published by Turkish media. The first columns left Syria at 23 o’clock local time yesterday, December 19.

China has experienced an analogue of “Trident” and “Bulava”

The publication notes that the solid-fuel JL-3, created on the basis of a land-based intercontinental ballistic missile DF-41, is comparable to the American Trident II D-5 and the Russian R-30 Bulava-30 and is capable of hitting any target in the US mainland.

NATO has supported the decision of the United States to continue the fight against ISIS within the coalition

NATO welcomes the decision of the United States to continue the fight against the Islamic State (IG, banned in the Russian Federation), together with its coalition allies, despite the intention to withdraw troops from Syria. About this Tass correspondent said on Thursday a representative of the alliance.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban kidnapped ten soldiers

The security official said that after the attack, the Taliban “took with them” ten soldiers. The incident occurred against the backdrop of negotiations between representatives of the Taliban and the authorities of the country, which started earlier this week in the UAE.

The frigate of project 22350 “Admiral Kasatonov” went to sea trials

The second frigate of the project 22350 “Admiral Kasatonov”, built at the St. Petersburg shipbuilding enterprise “Severnaya Verf”, went to sea trials. This Tass reported on Friday in the press service of the enterprise.

China conducted successful firing of the S-400 air defense system bought from Russia

The Russian anti-aircraft missile system (ZRS) S-400 passed the successful test shooting, which was conducted by the military of the People’s Liberation Army of China. The missiles hit a ballistic target that flew at a speed of 3 km / s, a military diplomatic source told TASS on Friday, December 21.

Hungarian military ordered more than 40 Leopard 2 tanks from Germany

Hungarian Defense Minister Tibor Benko stressed that the delivery of the ordered equipment will strengthen the level of cooperation and compatibility between the Armed Forces of Germany and Hungary.

Georgia will receive from the Federal Republic of Germany € 500 thousand for the development of the defense sector

The money will be spent on the development of the defense sphere, including the intended by the Georgian School of Institutional Renaissance of Defense (DIB). Germany has allotted similar sums to Georgia twice – in 2016 and 2017 – as part of the SNGP package, designed to promote the rapprochement of Georgia with NATO.

In the US, reported on the testing of the Russian Zircon rocket

Russia conducted another test of the Zirkon supersonic anti-ship missile, against which the United States currently does not have protection, CNBC reports citing two sources familiar with the US intelligence report. It is indicated that this rocket will go to the arsenal by 2022.


OSCE calls to investigate human rights abuses in Chechnya

American diplomats have already called on their allies to extend sanctions against those who, in their opinion, are involved in human rights violations in Chechnya. Russia’s Permanent Representative to the OSCE, Alexander Lukashevich, called the OSCE report “biased and based on information from dubious sources.”

The sharp critical tone of the review and the biased conclusions contained in it, which are based on information from dubious sources, indicate the initial deliberate politicization of this topic. – Alexander Lukashevich, diplomat

US House of Representatives Agrees to Allocate Money to Trump Wall

The discussion will take place on Friday. If elected representatives support the initiative, the document will be sent for signature to US President Donald Trump. Note that the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, previously stated that his party members will block any resolution providing for the financing of the wall

US accused two Chinese citizens in hacker attacks

The United States has filed charges against two Chinese citizens for hacker attacks against the United States and 11 other countries in the interests of Chinese intelligence, a source in the US Department of Justice said on Thursday. The charges were filed against Zhu Hua and Zhang Shilong, who, according to Washington, acted on behalf of the PRC intelligence.

In the Kemerovo region approved the second name of the region

The Council of People’s Deputies of the Kemerovo Region approved the Kuzbass as the second official name of the region. According to TASS, the decision to make a corresponding amendment to the regional charter was made unanimously.

The French National Assembly approved the Macron’s response to the protests.

The National Assembly (lower house of parliament) of France approved a bill containing proposals from President Emmanuel Macron in response to mass protests.

Svetlana Goryacheva remained a senator in the Federation Council from Primorye

The governor of Primorye, Oleg Kozhemyako, signed a decree authorizing Svetlana Goryacheva to empower a member of the Federation Council from the region. This is stated in the relevant resolution of the governor, posted on the official website of the regional administration.

Venezuela and Colombia Mutually Expel Embassy Employees

Moduro considers involved in the assassination of Colombia and the United States, but they deny their involvement. In response to such a statement, the Colombian authorities expelled Venezuelan ambassador Carlos Pino from the country. The Venezuelan authorities have not disregarded this action and in response also sent the Colombian ambassador.

Peskov said about the accumulated questions to the BBC

Peskov noted that at the same time many people had questions for the BBC for a long time because of the “tendentious coverage of certain events”. According to him, the work was conducted “not in the mode of the media, but in such a programmed and biased.”

For a long time, many questions have been accumulated to Air Force News in terms of a biased coverage of events. But no one has the right to blame the company. This can only be done by a department authorized by law. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Roskomnadzor began checking against the channel BBC World News

Roskomnadzor began checking against the BBC World News channel in connection with the decision of the British regulator Ofcom regarding RT, according to the Ministry’s website.

The supervisor will examine the information disseminated by foreign media in Russia, including on the Internet, for compliance of the materials with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Later, the Office will announce the results of the audit.

Abdulatipov appointed as a permanent representative at the OIC

Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Ramazan Abdulatipov as the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, relieving him of his duties as the special representative of the head of state for humanitarian and economic cooperation with the Caspian states.

Britain, following the US, accused China of cyber attacks

Recall that earlier on December 20, the administration of US President Donald Trump accused two hackers who were allegedly in the ART 10 group and were allegedly connected with the Department of State Security of the People’s Republic of China, in spy actions against dozens of American companies, as well as companies from eleven other countries.


XIV European Union Film Festival ends in Kaliningrad

In just 15 days, Kaliningrad viewers saw almost 40 films from 25 EU countries. Among them were paintings created by Russian directors and producers, together with their European counterparts, in particular, from Lithuania, Ireland, France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Disney Company is preparing to restart “Pirates of the Caribbean”

The writers are tasked to refresh the franchise, bring more energy and vitality to it. According to some reports, the captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, will not return to the new film. The main heroine of the studio is thinking of making a pirate Redd, familiar to visitors of the original Disneyland attraction

Preparing to restart the comedy “Home Alone” with Macaulay Kalkin

It is noteworthy that just yesterday, fans of the comedy “Home Alone” indulged in nostalgia with a new Google ad. After 18 years, Macaulay Culkin returned to the role of Kevin McAllister and recreated scenes from the famous tape.

Daniel Radcliffe confronts Steve Buscemi in the new series “The Miracles”

The mini-series “Wonderworkers” was created based on the book by Simon Rich “What in the name of God.” The trailer for the series was presented by TBS. According to the plot, God is no longer interested in the inhabitants of the earth, because he was disappointed in them

“Black Mirror” will receive a full-length film

Serial anthology “Black Mirror” will receive a full-length film, writes portal The Wrap. It was expected that the premiere season 5 will be held December 28. But now, on this day, most likely, a picture called “Brandashmyg” will be released on Netflix for a total duration of 312 minutes.

Nicole Kidman in the new Time of Reckoning trailer

Crime time thriller “Retribution Time” received the final trailer and a fresh localized poster. The main roles in the film from the director of “The Body of Jennifer” Karin Kusama performed Nicole Kidman and Sebastian Stan.

Days of French Cinema to be held in Krasnodar

The Days of French Cinema in Krasnodar will be completed by the film “Men – Women” by Jean-Luc Godard (16+). The festival will be held in Kubankino. On the opening and closing days of the festival admission is free.

“Beverly Hills 90210” will return with original actors

CBS plans to revive the 1990s teen hit series Beverly Hills 90210, featuring actors from the original show: Jenny Garth, Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling, Jena Ziring, Brian Austin Green and Gabriel Carteris, according to Deadline.

New Year’s Short Predator has been released

In defense of the New Year’s grandfather, brave elves and deer rose, the last in the fight against the Predator to lose a lot of comrades. By the way, see the animated short film Ooze about the young elevator operator and his internal demons.


Pushkin Museum invites you to the Christmas Fair

Especially for the New Year, a limited collection of gifts has been created based on sketches of the painted ceilings of the Main Museum Building. Children will be shown two performances of the Home Theater of Arseny Epelbaum – “The Man Who Made the Snow” and “The Snow Queen”.

At the Moscow Conservatory will be held “Concert by request”

The chamber music festival with the traditional “Concert by request” will be held at the Moscow Conservatory from January 8 to 14. The program includes masterpieces of chamber music, rarely performed works, as well as Russian premieres of domestic and foreign authors. “Concert by request” are taking into account the wishes of the performers.

An exhibition of works by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera opens in the Manezh

“Viva la Vida” – “Long Live Life” is the name of the exhibition of works by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, which opens in the Manezh Capital. The exhibition includes drawings, paintings, graphics and lithographs, most of which are on display at the Dolores Olmedo Museum in Mexico City. A total of 40 works by Diego Rivera and a complete collection of works by Frida Kahlo, consisting of 26 paintings. Swiss collector Anne-Marie Springer provided 20 love letters from artists from her collection.

ICE FANTASY ice sculpture exhibition opens in St. Petersburg

In 2018, visitors are offered to make a “Journey Around the World”. At the exhibition you can see the sculptures that are associated with any country or city. Among the exhibits are carved ice Venetian gondoliers, Egyptian pharaohs and the Statue of Liberty from New York. For the young visitors to the exhibition, the organizers have come up with one more entertainment: in honor of the year, the pigs will be offered to look for pigs hidden in the territory of the festival, for which they can receive prizes.

Tretyakov Gallery told about exhibitions in 2019

The main event will be a large-scale retrospective of works by Repin. The exhibition will be presented on three floors in the largest exhibition halls of the New Tretyakov Gallery. Over 180 paintings and 130 graphic works from 26 museums and private collections in Russia and abroad will be shown there.

In the Engineering building will open an exhibition of works by Edvard Munch, which will include about 70 paintings and 30 graphic works, including a graphic version of the painting “Scream”.

Another retrospective will be held in September – 150 works will be presented at the exhibition by Vasily Polenov. In the New Tretyakov Gallery will present a project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Museum of Pictorial Culture, as well as an exhibition of geometric abstraction 1960-2000.


Kia presented the driver’s emotion recognition technology

On Thursday, December 20, the South Korean company Kia at the Consumer Electronic Show, a consumer electronics show in Los Angeles, presented the innovative Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving technology, which is able to recognize and analyze the emotional state of the driver.

The new Kia Sportage 2019 has a completely redesigned interior.

According to the pictures that Kia published, the new Sportage, known in China under the name KX5, will receive a completely redesigned interior: a new front panel, a soaring touchscreen monitor of an impressive multimedia system, a different center console with an upgraded climate control unit and a partially virtual instrument panel.

McLaren made a super hybrid P1 GTR in the car of Ayrton Senna

The car received a race car livery in the style of the legendary Ayrton Senna, in which the driver won his first championship title in 1988. McLaren introduced the hybrid supercar P1 GTR, made in the style of a racing car Formula 1 racing driver Ayrton Senna.

Honda prepares for off-road debut Honda Civic

The premiere of the novelty will be held at the motor show in Tokyo. The Japanese automaker showed a design sketch of an experimental all-road modification of the Civic hatchback, which was called the Versatilist. Relevant information reports portal speedme.ru.

Discovery Sport off-road vehicles appeared in the car-sharing service Matresh

Thanks to the leasing program of VTB Leasing Bank, customers of one of the leading car sharing services will be able to use one of 30 Land Rover Discovery Sport 2020 vehicles of the model year. It is worth noting immediately that this is not the only Jaguar Land Rover vehicle from this operator.

Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda are recalled in Russia

Concern Volkswagen found in Russia 96 cars of different brands and models, which have problems with the welded seam of the rear seats. Under the review came Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia. The list of VIN-numbers is published on the site of Rosstandart.

The next generation Nissan Dayz is being tested in Spain.

The compact hatchback is designed for the domestic market of Japan, while the road tests it passes in Spain – away from the curious Japanese journalists. However, in Europe, the model also does not hide – the other day photos of Nissan Dayz in dense camouflage were published on the Internet.

Toyota will present two new products in Russia in 2019

The Japanese company Toyota announced its intention to deliver two new products to the Russian market in 2019 – the RAV4 crossover and the Corolla sedan. Already from the beginning of the year, the aforementioned sedan model will be available from official dealers.

New Nissan Leaf will be shown in January at CES

The electric car Nissan Leaf in the new version of E-Plus (the name is supposed) will receive a battery of capacity increased from 40 to 60 kW / h and an electric motor with a power of 200 hp. (now 150 forces). Insiders say that with an increased battery, the Lif’s power reserve will increase from 241 to 362 km according to the US EPA standard. (Chevrolet Bolt and Kia Niro EV competitors travel 383 km in the same cycle.) In addition, the charging speed will increase: the CHAdeMO protocol and terminals will work with returns up to 100 kW. They also say, thanks to the reformed motor, acceleration to a hundred will take 6.5 seconds (now 7.9). According to rumors, the E-Plus version will appear on the European market in May 2019 and will cost 5,800 euros more than the standard Lif.

Dealer Aurus began to take advances on the car

The official dealer of the Aurus brand Avilon Group of Companies began accepting orders for Senat sedans. Those wishing to buy a car, you must make a deposit in the amount of 1.5 million rubles, the waiting period is six months

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