18 Jun, 2018

For the FBI, “the truth does not matter”

US President Donald Trump criticized the FBI for transmitting information to “fake” media

“Why did the FBI transmit so much information to the fake media? They should not have done this, and knowing that fake news is an enemy of the people, they expose them in a favorable light – the truth for them does not matter! “- wrote Trump.

Briefly about the main thing ….


Poland exerts pressure on the EU due to “Nord Stream-2”

Poland demands that the EU accelerate work on changes in the gas directive, which will complicate the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. This “Polish Radio” said the Deputy Minister of Energy of Poland Michal Kurtyka.

The UN called for ratifying the agreement on the new name of Macedonia

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres welcomed the signing of the agreement on the new name of Macedonia, and also urged Athens and Skopje to ratify it

On the ultimatum of the head of the German Interior Ministry to Merkel

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany and the Christian-Social Union (CSU) Horst Seehofer on Monday will put forward an ultimatum to Chancellor Angela Merkel on the issue of combating illegal migration, Bild reports.

Who helped to establish a dialogue between the United States and the DPRK

According to the American media, the DPRK authorities acted through the entrepreneur Gabrel Shultz. In 2017, the authorities of the DPRK wanted to establish contact with the senior adviser to the head of the White House Jared Kushner, so that he helped organize a meeting between the leaders of the two countries.

China unveiled a list of duty-free goods from the United States

The total amount is about 34 billion dollars. At the same time, Beijing will name the date of imposing duties on medical equipment, chemical products and energy later. Earlier in China, the consequences of the introduction of new trade duties by the US were assessed.


The Pentagon has denied the involvement of the United States and its allies in an air strike on Syria

The US Department of Defense denied involvement in the air strikes on the Syrian city of Bu-Kemal in the province of Deir ez Zor. The United States and the coalition did not strike, said Adrian Rankin-Galloway, a Pentagon press officer

Palestine has issued three rockets to Israel

Palestinian militants have fired three rockets from Israel from the Gaza Strip, RIA Novosti reported, citing a statement by the Palestinian army. Information about the injured or material damage resulting from the strike is currently not available

The Ministry of Defense is reforming military departments in universities

The Ministry of Defense has prepared a reform of the military departments in civilian universities with the aim of optimizing the system of military training. The idea is to unite such departments with training military centers.

The idea for all types of military training was born to create in civilian universities a single unified structure called a military training center. Such centers will implement all three military training programs: the training of reserve officers, career officers, and rank and file sergeants. – Nikolai Pankov, Russian military leader

On the right of the US CyberCommand to preventive attacks

The Pentagon allowed the US cybernetic command to use a more aggressive approach to protect against cyberattacks. As reported by The New York Times, before the cyber command could only react to hacker attacks on the American segment of the Internet and defend, following the defense strategy.

South Korea began military exercises in the area disputed with Japan islands

South Korea began military maneuvers during which actions will be worked out to protect the disputed islands of Tokto (Takeshima), Tass reports with reference to the South Korean Ministry of National Defense. According to the ministry, the navy, the marines, the air force and the naval police are involved in the exercises.

For the Russian Navy will create a new large amphibious ship

The Russian Navy will receive a new large amphibious assault ship with a displacement of about 8,000 tons. According to the TASS source in the defense-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, a draft of a combat ship is being created in the Northern Design Bureau (BKB)

US military drone conducted reconnaissance over the Crimea and the Donbas

The strategic long-range unmanned aerial vehicle of the US Air Force RQ-4B-30 Global Hawk spent many hours reconnaissance flight at Russian borders. According to PlaneRadar, the UAV flew from the NATO airbase located in Sigonella in Italy on Sunday, June 17 at 9:00.

Leader of Al-Qaeda was taken prisoner

Armed forces of Libya captured one of the leaders of the terrorist group Al-Qaida (banned in Russia) Abu Safyan bin Kama. This is reported by Al-Arabiya referring to military sources. The extremist was captured during an operation in the town of Derna

In Donetsk, Ukraine was accused of organizing a safari for people

The fighters of the APU organize a paid “hunt” for people in the Donbass. With such a statement the head of the press service of the Armed Forces of the Dniester captain Daniel Bessonov spoke. He said that Ukrainian servicemen on the territories of the Donbass controlled by Kiev arrange a “commercial hunt” for civilians.

Belarusian military arrived in Russia for the exercise “Slavic Brotherhood”

Military men from Belarus arrived in Russia near Novorossiysk to take part in the exercises “Slavonic Brotherhood 2018”. This is reported by the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defense Ministry.


The author of the caricature of Poklonskaya and the tsar fled to France

Kamchatka artist Denis Lopatin, who painted a caricature of State Duma deputy Natalia Poklonskaya and Emperor Nicholas II in defense of Matilda, fled to France with his family. There he asked the authorities for political asylum, fearing criminal prosecution, reports Kamchatka-Inform.

Rospotrebnadzor warned about the spread of measles in 28 countries in Europe

Rospotrebnadzor warned Russians planning to go abroad, about the spread of measles in 28 countries of Europe. This was reported by the press service of the department.

Americans lost the meaning of life

Every 13 minutes one US citizen voluntarily leaves his life. The epidemic of suicides has swept the poor, rich, celebrities, and quiet provincials, but the main victims are white men.

Replenish the regional road fund with fines for violation of traffic rules

Penalties paid by violators of the Road Traffic Rules (SDA) will become an additional source of replenishment of the Sverdlovsk Region road fund – funds will be directed to road repairs. The relevant bill of the Council of the Regional Legislative Assembly included in the agenda of the meeting on June 26.

The road fund budget is growing every year. Now it is more than 12 billion rubles. Adoption of the bill will increase its additional revenues to 2 billion rubles. – Lyudmila Babushkina, Russian politician

Teach a lesson to the West in elections

Turkish citizens can teach a lesson to the West by voting in the June 24 elections, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a rally in Istanbul.
According to him, Western politicians would like to see the defeat of the current government, and the only worthy response to this challenge may be the votes of voters in favor of Erdogan himself.

In St. Petersburg there will be a “Night of the Temples”

The idea of the project, which will be made by analogy with the action “Night of Museums”, was also received by representatives of various religious faiths of the city. “In addition to excursions, it is planned to hold meetings with the clergy and religious leaders in the Night of the Temples,” the report said.

Omsk fined for illegally launching a quadrocopter

In Omsk, the photographer was fined for illegal shooting of the holiday with the help of an unmanned aerial vehicle. This “RG” reported in the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office. According to the department, Omsk conducted shooting of festive events in the area of Cathedral Square.

“Disco Accident” and IOWA will cost Ekaterinburg in 6 million rubles

Concerts of the groups “Disco Accident” and IOWA, which will be held in Yekaterinburg on June 27 and July 15, will cost the city treasury 6 million rubles. Information about this is published on the website of state purchases.

Poklonniy cross appeared on the site of the fall of Chelyabinsk meteorite

It is worth recalling that before here, on the shore of the lake, a monument to a meteorite was erected – a stone with metal arcs, which is symbolized by a spaceship flying to Earth

The pension system continues to shake …

The Russian government intends to abandon the point pension system that has been in effect in Russia since 2015. This was reported by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

She noted that after the pension reform, which will begin in 2019, the pension should not be less than 40% of the salary that the citizen received.


Moscow invited the Ministry of Natural Resources to extend the storage of garbage

The amendments suggest extending the waste storage period in landfills from 11 months to seven years. The document, which is at the disposal of the newspaper, explains that the need for such changes is due to the fact that the operation of landfills within the boundaries of Moscow is possible only until 2025.

Military ecologists went to clear the garbage island Wrangel

Military ecologists went to Wrangel Island to continue clearing the territory of metal debris accumulated from Soviet times, said on Monday the chief of the press service of the Eastern Military District (VVO), Colonel Alexander Gordeyev

Residents of Transbaikalia again arrange landfills where they were removed

On the map of Transbaikalia 119 dumps of garbage are designated. 35 are now in the harvesting stage, and 29 are already completely eradicated. The head of the executive committee asked the residents of the region not to arrange landfills, but to help in their liquidation.

The vicinities of the Voronezh village turned into a garbage dump

In the village of Shaposhnikovka of the Olkhovatsky district landfills appear as mushrooms after the rain. The surroundings of the village of Shaposhnikovka of the Olkhovatsky district turned into a continuous garbage dump. Last year, villagers even filed a complaint with the Department of Ecology of the region.

Rospotrebnadzor has traditionally “rejected” water in the Irtysh

Office Rospotrebnadzor Omsk region checked five beaches located on the territory of the city. Compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards, water and sand conditions are checked at Central 1, Central 2, Kirov, Pervomaysk and Soviet beaches.


Duty to pay any purchases in online stores

The Federal Customs Service (FCS) sent a proposal to the Ministry of Finance to impose a duty to purchase any value in foreign online stores. Two federal officials told this to Vedomosti.

“One window” for reporting companies

The government will introduce the “one-stop-shop” principle for companies’ reporting. The decision to eliminate duplication in reporting “demonstrates the willingness of the state” to go to the creation of a “single window” system as a whole and may lead to the verification of all legislation with respect to duplicate powers, said RBC in “Opora Rossii”.

The Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Development will bring small business to the exchange

The Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Development can help small businesses to enter the stock exchange with their shares and in the issue of bonds. This was told to Izvestia by the head of the Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Ensuring the Availability of Financial Services of the Central Bank Mikhail Mamuta.

Three OPEC countries will veto a proposal to increase oil production

The representative of Iran in OPEC, Hussein Kazempur Ardabil, urged the countries participating in the agreement on the reduction of oil production to oppose the proposal of Russia and Saudi Arabia to increase the production of black gold. About this writes the agency Bloomberg

Rosstat said the slowdown in gasoline prices

A sudden slowdown in the rise in gasoline prices was noted by Rosstat. According to statistics, changes were fixed this week. So from June 5 to 9, fuel costs increased by 0.1%.

The cost of gasoline in the Kirov region exceeded 50 rubles

This follows from the data of Kirovstat. So, on June 13, 2018 the average price of gasoline of the automobile brand AI-98 and above was 50.95 rubles.

The prices also increased for other brands of motor fuel. So, for example, the AI-92 went up to 43.02 rubles. At the same time, a liter of the 95th on average began to cost car enthusiasts 44.73 rubles. Meanwhile, as early as the beginning of May, a liter of 92nd gasoline at gas stations was sold on average at 39.67 rubles, and on the 95th – at 42.17 rubles.

Diesel fuel became more expensive. On average, its value for the region varies around 44.69 rubles per liter.

The extraction of coal in Chukotka in January-May 2018 increased by 23.2%

Decrease in production is associated with a decrease in the demand for coal in Anadyr CHP in connection with gasification. The volume of natural gas production in January-May amounted to almost 12.4 million cubic meters. m (4% growth). The volume of gas production in the region is determined by the needs of the Anadyr gas-fired thermal power plant (GM CHPP)

Avoid closing the refinery due to tax maneuvering

The Russian government decided to support a group of small oil refineries, which may be closed due to the completion of the tax maneuver in the oil industry.

We are talking about refineries with a capacity of 600 thousand tons, which did not have time to complete the modernization and do not yet supply Euro 5 gas to the domestic market, they explain, but the names of specific refineries do not. These refineries will be able to receive a refundable excise tax for a further three years under milder conditions than others, when supplying not only gasoline and naphtha, but also diesel, etc. to the domestic market, explains one of RBC’s interlocutors.

The total capacity of the factories that received a delay is approximately 15 million tons, that is, about half of all capacities that should have been shut down due to maneuvering

SOCAR’s income from activities in foreign countries increased

The revenues of the Azerbaijani SOCAR in 2017 from activities in Switzerland amounted to 78.63 billion manat compared to 40.44 billion manat in 2016. This is stated in the report on financial activities of SOCAR over the past year.

The Central Bank is preparing to accelerate inflation due to higher VAT

Acceleration of inflation is not the only negative consequence of the government’s decision to raise VAT, the Central Bank acknowledges in the report: next year the economy may react with a decline in business activity.

The amount of transfers of Kyrgyz migrants from Russia is disclosed

About 95 percent of the money transferred to Kyrgyzstan falls on Russian citizens working in Russia. In 2017, Kyrgyz migrant workers sent home about 2.4 billion dollars, of which 2.2 billion dollars were sent from Russia.

Strabag refuses to pay dividends to Deripaska because of sanctions

Recall that Deripaska was on the US Ministry of Finance’s sanctions list on April 6. If Strabag pays dividends in favor of Rasperia, then the concern itself may face secondary sanctions of Americans. Corresponding explanations have made in the American Ministry of Finance on May, 25th.

“Rosneftegaz” moves to pay dividends twice a year

The government managed to agree with Rosneftegaz on the company’s transition to payment of interim dividends on the results of six months. This is reported by Vedomosti with reference to three federal officials

Forbes: Russian banks experience a dramatic outflow of capital

The amnesty of capital did not help to turn the outflow from Russia. A part of Russian business prefers to leave capital abroad, Forbes writes, referring to the data of the Central Bank.

Google invests $ 550 million in the Chinese competitor AliExpress

Google decided to invest $ 550 million in the Chinese online retailer JD.com, the second largest player in the country after Alibaba (owns AliExpress). This is reported by the Reuters agency.


A dry cargo ship with fertilizers landed in the Gulf of Finland

Rescuers received a signal that a boat was boarded in the Gulf of Finland near the island of Seskar, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Leningrad region told RBC.

The court recovered from the Ministry of Internal Affairs 5 thousand rubles in favor of activist Dadin

Mr. Dudin asked the court to recover compensation for moral damage in the amount of 7,000 thousand rubles. He said that he was not provided with food on January 31 and February 3, 2015, when the court was considering an application for a preventive measure

At the mine in Kuzbas, coal mining after smoke

Coal mining at the Yerunakovskaya VIII mine (PJSC Raspadskaya, part of Evraz) in the Novokuznetsk district of Kuzbass, where smoldering and evacuation of workers took place on Monday, is temporarily suspended, RIA Novosti was told in the coal industry department of the Kemerovo region.

In the Netherlands, a minibus drove into the crowd at the festival

In August 2017 in Barcelona, a minibus drove into a crowd of pedestrians, after which the driver disappeared from the scene of the crime.

The son-in-law of the King of Spain has jailed for almost 6 years

The son-in-law of the Spanish king, the Olympic handball champion Inaki Urdangarin arrived in prison in the city of Avila to serve a sentence of five years and ten months. This is reported by the newspaper Observador.

Passenger plane urgently boarded in Barnaul

The plane, which flew from Irkutsk to St. Petersburg, made an emergency landing at the airport in Barnaul. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry for Emergency Situations in the Altai Territory. “There are no casualties, all passengers are taken out of the plane, placed in the airport building,” the message says.

In the Urals, an ex-official is convicted of bribing an apartment

The former deputy mayor of the Aramil of the Sverdlovsk region Alexander M. was sentenced to nine years. Such a verdict was announced by the court of the city of Sysert, the correspondent of IA REGNUM reports. Also, the ex-official will have to pay a fine of 4.7 million rubles, noted in the regional prosecutor’s office.

In Italy, immediately arrested 104 members of the Mafia

As a result of a special operation of law enforcement agencies in Italy, Bari and other cities in the province of Puglia, 104 members of the Mafia were arrested, Rainews reports on Monday, June 18.

The case of fictitious registration of almost 10 thousand migrants

In Ordzhonikidzevsky District Court of Yekaterinburg, a criminal case was filed against Vyacheslav Makeyev, accused under Article 322.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Fictitious registration of foreign citizens at the place of stay in a residential building in the Russian Federation”. This was reported by the press office of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Sverdlovsk Region

The curator of the “Blue Whale” Ilya Sidorov admitted guilt partially

Earlier, the criminal case was going to be examined in a special order: this is when the defendant fully admits guilt, and the verdict is carried out without evidence of the parties. And at the first meeting Ilya Sidorov agreed with this. But now he changed his mind, the KP reporter from the courtroom reports.

Selfi on the background of the waterfall ended in tragedy

In Karelia, rescue service officers are looking for a tourist from the Leningrad region, who decided to make selfy against the backdrop of the Kivach waterfall and fell into the water, TASS reported.

Drowned in the tank from the tractor

The investigators began checking on the fact of the death of a year and a half-year-old boy in the Orenburg region. The child drowned in the tank from the tractor. According to law enforcement agencies, the baby was accompanied by a 13-year-old boy and seven-year-old brother.

Tesla Model S caught fire while driving

The Tesla Model S, which belongs to the Hollywood director Michael Morris (“House of cards”, “According to wolf laws”), caught fire during the movement. About this in his Twitter wrote his wife – actress Mary McCormack. She also published a video of the incident.

In Turkey, the quarrel between the three Syrians turned into a shootout

The domestic conflict between representatives of the Syrian diaspora in the Turkish city of Gaziantep led to three victims as a result of gunfire and the use of cold weapons, Haberturk television channel reported.

Suspect in the preparation of the terrorist attack in London released from custody

A citizen of Finland, detained on June 10 at London’s Heathrow Airport on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act, was released from custody, reports Scotland Yard on Sunday.

The shooting in New Jersey was due to criminal fights

The shooting at the night festival in the US Trenton (New Jersey) was due to criminal fights.


Cousin Elizabeth II and descendant of Pushkin preparing for a gay wedding

The cousin of the British Queen Elizabeth II who is a descendant of Pushkin is preparing for a gay wedding. This was reported by the British tabloid Daily Mail.

Irina Sheik shocked fans with a radical change of image

Internet users did not recognize Irina Sheik in the new image. The 32-year-old Russian model made a short haircut with a bang and published pictures in Instagram. Irina’s fans were shocked by such changes.

The first failure: Megan Markle appeared at the wedding in a boring outfit

For the release of light Megan chose a dress of light tones and an original hat. However, some fashionable critics have already disillusioned in the attire of Mark, considering it too boring for the wedding and called it the first fashionable failure of Megan, which previously demonstrated an impeccable taste.

A friend of Oleg Yakovlev got the right to own his apartment

After the death of the artist, the struggle for his inheritance began. But it turned out, in his will, Oleg indicated the heir to Roman Radov’s friend. His lover Alexander Kutsevol does not agree with this decision.

Russian idlers have fun at the wedding of the daughter of a billionaire

Some Russian celebrities had a good time at the wedding of the daughter of billionaire Irina Chigirinskaya, who was preparing for the holiday for several months

Olga Buzova promised grandmother to give birth to great-grandchildren

Fans Buzovaya made a lot of compliments to her grandmother, and also noted that Olga should get a good mom.

Alena Vodonaeva arranged a nude in the bathroom

One of the last pictures of Alena was no exception. In the photo Vodonaeva is imprinted in the bathroom, with only panties on her, and bare chest is not covered.


Film festival “Zerkalo” distributed its prizes

A team of experts composed of Marina Razbezhkina (Russia), Milan Marich (Serbia), Giza Morchani (Hungary), Alina Tashiyana (Turkey) and Arvo Iho (Estonia) noted the following pictures: – Grand Prix of the XII film festival – the film “Do not forget me” (Israel)

Terry Gilliam lost the rights to the film “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”

The Paris Court of Appeal ruled that the rights to the film Terri Gilliam “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” belong to the production company Alfama Films and its head Paolo Branco, according to the publication Screen Rant. The court also ordered Gilliam to pay Branco 10 thousand euros.

The season of open-air cinema starts in Krasnoyarsk

In the cinema “Dream” a summer auto cinema opens. Movies in the parking lot of the cinema will start showing on June 22. In total there will be 5 shows, the season will finish on August, 17th.

A film about building a new capitalism will be shot in Orenburg region

Proshkin acts as a director and screenwriter. The genre of the painting he described as a western. Under the scenario, the film will narrate about the brutal construction of new capitalism

Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin began a promotional tour in support of “Killer 2”

It is noted that the photos were taken during one of the events of the world promo tour, which the actors went to. In the upcoming film, two intelligence agents (Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin) will be tasked to initiate a war between drug cartels

Rumor: in the development there are as many as nine films on the “Star Wars”

A striking hearing about the “Star Wars” shared the portal Comic Book. According to the voice actor Tom Kane (gave voice to Yoda, Admiral Akbar and many, many heroes of the animated series “The Clone Wars”), now Disney and Lucasfilm have nine (!) Films on Star Wars


Scientists have identified cells that are capable of regenerating the body

Scientists explain that the properties of some cells support restoration and even give the body the ability to regenerate. Similarly, they actually exist practically in the structure of all tissues, but require the presence of a catalyst that has not been successfully detected so far.

Neuronet was taught to create 3D worlds independently

An innovative computer vision system, created by DeepMind experts, can independently study the scene and “figure out” its 3D representation. The material dedicated to the unique development appeared on the pages of the authoritative scientific publication Science.

The stress experienced by a child accelerates the development of his brain

Scientists said that the stress experienced by the child further accelerates the development of his brain. This is especially evident during adolescent maturation. Specialists conducted the study for 20 years, selecting 129 children as study objects.

Scientists have discovered gold nanoparticles in wild plants

Scientists have discovered gold nanoparticles in wild plants, according to the information-analytical publication evo-rus.

Parachute parachutists determined the strength of the wind before the flight

Large spiders-crabs from the family Thomisidae use a web for air flights, and, before taking off, conduct a series of “meteorological observations” – estimate the speed and direction of the wind.

Lactic acid bacteria have helped mice to defeat cholera

American biologists have shown that the causative agent of cholera Vibrio cholerae does not feel well in the presence of lactobacillus bacteria Lactococcus lactis and perishes.

Scientists: Animals chose a nocturnal lifestyle because of fear of people

American scientists from the University of Berkeley after observing said that animals began to choose a nightlife, although they were previously active. This is due to the emerging fear of people.

Underwater cables will help scientists predict tsunamis and earthquakes

Thanks to the latest technology, scientists will be able to predict earthquakes by changing the signal of the transoceanic cable. In addition, the cables can be used not only as seismic sensors, but also as a tsunami warning system

Scientists: Vegetables will make concrete and wood stronger

Experts are still studying how hard it is to make concrete harder. It is assumed that about 0.5 kg of fibers will reduce the amount of cement needed to produce a cubic meter of concrete by more than 35 kg.

Genetics turned a male mouse into a female using non-coding DNA

British geneticists from the Francis Crick Institute for the first time in history turned a male mouse into a female. The scientists succeeded in achieving success by using non-coding DNA – Enh13.

Scientists have found evidence of the existence of water under a solid layer of the moon

Japanese scientists at Tohoku University put forward the assumption of a real existence of large massifs of water within the Moon. This conclusion is made after a detailed study of the existing debris found in north-west Africa lunar meteorite

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