29 Dec, 2018

France blamed Russia …

Official statements of Russia in connection with the situation in Eastern Gute contradict each other. This is stated in a statement by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, published on the ministry’s website.

“For several days now, Russia has been multiplying contradictory official statements on chemical attack in the Duma: at first there were no himataks at all, the next day it was carried out by some armed groups, a day later it was Western manipulation,” said Mr. Drian.

According to him, Moscow does not care about “consistency and truth” and seeks only to “sow doubts and confusion.”

“Now Russia is distributing videos with the participation of children, whereas it’s about attacks that cost the lives of 45 people and injured many others,” the French Foreign Minister said in a statement.

Jean-Yves Le Drian also accused Russia of not allowing OPCW specialists to enter the Syrian Duma.

Briefly about the main thing …

Putin signed a law on partial easing of an article on extremism

Vladimir Putin signed a law on partial easing of Article 282 of the Criminal Code, under which cases are initiated for extremist actions. The corresponding document is published on the Internet portal of legal information.

According to the documents, it will not be possible to initiate a criminal case against people who first violated the law. At the same time, their actions should not constitute “a serious threat to the foundations of the constitutional system and the security of the state.”

In Crimea, built a fence on the border with Ukraine

In the north of the Crimea, a fence was built on the Russian-Ukrainian border, reports RIA Novosti, citing the press service of the Crimean border department of the FSB

Rospotrebnadzor is concerned about the influence of the US laboratory in Georgia

In the summer of 2018, a group of Russian tourists returned from Georgia in serious condition – they suffered from an acute intestinal infection. The Georgian National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) stated that they detected an acute intestinal infection in Russian children caused by the well-known colibacillus medicine, as established by the Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center of Georgia funded by the United States.

Former Georgian State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze said at a press conference in Moscow on September 11 that US military and private contractors could conduct experiments on people in laboratories in Georgia.

The State Duma made a bill to create a financial supermarket

The State Duma deputies, headed by the head of the financial market committee, Anatoly Aksakov, submitted to the lower house a bill to create a so-called supermarket of financial products in Russia. The document is located in the legislative support system.

As follows from the explanatory note, the essence of the initiative is the introduction of transactions with financial organizations using information technologies to provide banking, insurance services, securities market services, transactions with financial instruments, property trust management contracts, and other financial transactions.

In the Donbass agreed New Year Truce

Kiev’s plenipotentiary Yevgeny Marchuk reported that the security group of the Contact Group on the settlement in the east of Ukraine agreed on the terms of the New Year truce, RIA Novosti reports. According to him, the truce will begin tomorrow, December 28, from 00.00 hours.

The contact group supported the decision of the working group on security issues, confirmed the willingness of the parties to the conflict in the Donbas to ensure a sustainable and indefinite cease-fire from 01.01 Moscow time on December 29, 2018. – Vladislav Daney

Social advertising about European values will appear in Ukraine

The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has prepared social commercials that tell what “Europe and European values are”.

Ukraine will impose sanctions on archaeologists in Crimea

Kiev will impose sanctions on archaeologists for conducting excavations in the Crimea, said Vadim Chernysh, minister for temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons in Ukraine, on Thursday.

Ukraine applies sanctions not only to politicians or businessmen of the Russian Federation. The list also includes archaeologists who illegally excavated in the Crimea. – Vadim Chernysh, Ukrainian lawyer

Rostec has developed a mine sweep for battleship tractors

The Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (ChTZ, Rostec corporation Uralvagonzavod Group) developed a mine sweep for its armored tractors of the B10M2S and B12S models, the press service of the corporation reports.

Germany plans to recruit foreigners

The document does not disclose whether recruited foreigners will serve with the Germans, or whether it will be a foreign legion. According to the same information, the country’s defense ministry plans to limit potential recruits to those who have lived in Germany for several years and speak German fluently.

Ukraine has announced the exposure of the Russian intelligence network

As the representative of department of counterintelligence of SBU Vladimir Nastuk declared, activity of an agent network of the Russian military intelligence is stopped in the Nikolaev area. He noted that another leader was detained on December 20, the holder of two passports at once – Ukrainian and Russian. It is reported that this is a man born in 1961, the captain of the first rank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the reserve.

“It has been established that he was recruited by a staff member of the State Administration of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol and repeatedly traveled to the annexed Crimea to conduct intelligence meetings,” Nastuk quotes the TV channel 112.

Turkey has tested its own development bomb

The Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey reported on successful tests of the first MK-84 self-developed bombs. The tests were supervised by the head of the ministry, Mustafa Varank

In Finland, detained a Russian woman at the request of the United States

A Russian citizen was detained on December 15 in Finland at the request of the US authorities, the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Finland reported. The US authorities accuse the Russian woman of violating anti-drug laws and money-laundering laws while staying in the US in 2013–2016. The detainee denies his guilt.

“On December 15, the Finnish border guard at the Vantaa airport detained Russia’s Terada Mira, who was traveling from Saint Petersburg to Spain, who was traveling to Spain in transit (until 2017 – born in 1988). On the same day, the Finnish authorities notified the Russian side of the incident. In particular, they informed us that the arrest was made on the basis of an Interpol order on the appeal of the American authorities, ”the TASS cites the consulate’s statement.

Putin signed a law banning animal abuse

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law on the responsible treatment of animals, which imposes a ban on any manifestation of cruelty towards them, sets the rules for walking pets and requirements for their maintenance.

Turkey introduces a security tax for tourists

The Turkish authorities have decided to impose a fee to ensure the safety of tourists from abroad. The tax will be charged upon arrival at airports from January 1, 2019 and will amount to 1.5 euros, the portal tornosnews reports.

The tax will not affect the airports of Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Milas-Bodrum, Ankara and Izmir, on which international flights from Russia are made, from a circular issued by the Turkish Airports Authority (DHMI)

Movement “Sober Russia” proposes to ban discounts on alcohol

Sultan Khamzayev, the head of the “Sober Russia” movement, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, offered to ban alcohol discounts in stores. “Aggressive advertising and discounts on alcohol products attract additional attention of Russians, increase their demand,” RIA Novosti quotes him.

Ministry of Transport will support the tightening of the speed limit

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation will support the reduction of the non-penalized speeding threshold from 20 to 10 km / h. This was reported to journalists by the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Dietrich.

Now we have come to the conclusion that such a decision is possible, and the Ministry of Transport will support the reduction of the non-fine threshold to plus 10 km / h to the existing speed limit. – Evgeny Dietrich, Russian lawyer

The second block of the Simferopol TPP is brought to rated power

The second block of the Simferopol (Tavricheskaya) thermal power station is brought to rated power, both units supply energy to the network, TASS was informed by the Rostec press service.

Sberbank will close less visited branches in cities

Sberbank plans to close less-attended branches in cities, while the network of branches of Sberbank may eventually acquire the status of advisory centers. This was stated by the head of the bank German Gref on Thursday in an interview with the TV channel “Russia-24”.

Globally, people will be less and less going to the offices in order to get a service there. Most likely, our network will remain as consultation points when it will be convenient for a person to come in and get advice. – German Gref, Russian politician

In several US states, there was a massive Internet shutdown.

Mass disconnections of the Internet and telephone communications occurred on Thursday in several US states due to problems with the telecommunications company CenturyLink. This was reported by the Associated Press (AR).

In Moscow, will begin to use drones against drones and copters

Currently, in the capital imposed a ban on flying drones within the Moscow Ring Road. For launching copters beyond the ring road, permission from the Moscow Regional Security Department will be required.

In 2019, in the suburbs it is planned to open 55 plants and factories

The governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyov, said that next year, the region plans to build about 55 plants and factories.

“This year we will open about 55 plants and factories that will allow us to ensure both economic growth and create new jobs,” the governor said on the TV channel “360”.

Israel has become one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world.

“At the time of Eurovision, which will be held in Tel Aviv from 14 to 18 May 2019, many hotels have already been fully booked, and the remaining hotels put up crazy prices. But the problem is not only Eurovision: in recent years, Israel has become one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world “, – writes the newspaper Haaretz

Thus, a room in a network hotel Sheraton in Tel Aviv will cost 1139 shekels ($ 302) on a regular weekend. The same room in Zurich, Switzerland and Berlin costs 565 shekels ($ 150), in Barcelona – 394 shekels ($ 105).

Aeroflot started selling tickets to Palma de Mallorca

From June 1, 2019, the Moscow-Palma de Mallorca-Moscow route will launch regular flights. Aeroflot Airlines has opened ticket sales to Palma de Mallorca, Moscow-Palma de Mallorca-Moscow scheduled flights will be launched from June 1 2019 years.

International festival of ice and snow opened in Arshaan

Hyangan Aimak and Arshaan sincerely welcome visitors wishing to enjoy ice, snow, hot springs and winter landscapes. Arshaan – a city county of Inner Mongolia aymak Hiang.

Metropolitan Kirill found Satanism in the name of the Sverdlovsk region

Metropolitan Kirill of Ekaterinburg and Verkhotursk insists on renaming Sverdlov Avenue and the Sverdlovsk Region itself.

“In the name of our streets and regions there are satanic names. The evil genius Sverdlov left such a bloody trace that it is better not to remember about him at all. In this regard, we have a great confusion in our heads, ”said the bishop.

Magnitogorsk refused to bury the dead man due to death from AIDS

It is reported that a hearse arrived for the deceased, after which they asked for a death certificate. The document stated that the woman died of AIDS, and also had other diseases. The church said that they would not read the funeral of the deceased, as AIDS is a viral disease.

A very dangerous disease was brought to Primorye after a holiday in Thailand.

Dengue is a very dangerous disease. In recent years, this infection literally “blooms” in resort countries, especially in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, the Philippines, and Singapore – in short, in those places where Primorye residents like to relax.

In Belarus, pregnant women are forbidden to drive

In Belarus, amended the law on the ban on driving pregnant women. Previously, women, from 7 months of pregnancy, were prohibited from driving. At the moment, the period has changed to 3 months.

The outbreak of swine flu in Georgia is associated with the development of biological weapons

The specialist believes that the outbreak of the deadly swine flu could be the result of military developments being carried out in the medical center of Lugar, which is located in the Georgian village of Alekseyevka.

In Buryatia may prohibit building autonomous stokers

Dirty air in Ulan-Ude is increasingly becoming the cause of the disease of residents of the capital of Buryatia. ONF activists in the Republic of Belarus talked about this at a round table held in Ulan-Ude with the participation of interested ministries and departments.

ALROSA workers got access to telemedicine services

ALROSA employees working in the Mirny region of the republic gained access to the online consultations of Moscow doctors. The TV channel “Yakutia 24” reports that this has become an addition to the standard social package of the company’s employees.

“Telemedical consultations will not replace an on-site visit to the doctor, but will be useful during a business trip, a holiday abroad, when a personal visit to the doctor is temporarily impossible, as well as in emergency situations before an ambulance arrives,” says Yulia Kulakova, director of the company’s Medical Center.

The government ordered the subsoil of Russia until 2035

The Strategy for the Development of the Mineral and Raw Material Base of Russia until 2035 has been approved in Russia. The corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, according to the website of the Russian government. The main goal of the strategy is to ensure rational and careful subsoil use.

The government declared readiness for indexation of pensions from January 1

The funds needed for indexation are budgeted for both 2019 and the next three years, Siluanov noted. From January 1, 2019, a gradual increase in the retirement age will begin in Russia – as a result, it will be 65 for men and 60 for women.

All the preparatory work is completed. The increase in pensions in 2019 will receive 30 million 778 thousand of our citizens – non-working old-age pensioners. For each person it will be an individual enhancement. Increase will be higher than inflation. Pension indexation will be 7.05% from January 1, 2019. – Tatyana Golikova, Russian politician

Russia’s international reserves increased by $ 1.1 billion

Over the week, Russia’s international reserves grew by $ 1.1 billion and as of December 21 totaled $ 466 billion against $ 464.9 billion as of December 14. This is reported on the website of the Bank of Russia.

The external debt of Ukraine during cooperation with the IMF has grown by $ 13 billion

Over the entire history of cooperation with the IMF, Ukraine paid only $ 3 billion in interest only, and now another billion dollars has arrived. The external debt of Ukraine should have been reduced.

Novak did not rule out a drop in oil production in Russia in 2021-2022

The Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, did not rule out a decrease in oil production in Russia in the years 2021-2022 in the absence of incentive measures. He told reporters on Thursday.

If we introduce these measures, in Western Siberia additional volumes of production from five to 10 billion tons will become profitable. Now they are unprofitable. – Alexander Novak, Russian politician

Novatek is going to enter the Japanese market

The Russian gas company hopes to optimize LNG supplies to countries in the Asia-Pacific region by using the capacity of the Hibiki Japan LNG terminal. This terminal will contribute to the diversification of the consumer base and increase the flexibility of deliveries to the premium LNG markets.

The number of applications for unemployment benefits in the US decreased

The number of initial claims for unemployment benefits in the United States decreased by 1,000 compared with the corresponding figure a week earlier.

Matvienko promised to ensure the growth of Russian salaries

The stagnation of the income of Russians is a serious problem, the Russian authorities will take all possible measures to ensure the growth of wages. This was stated by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

Ukraine received a loan of € 350 million under the guarantee of the IBRD

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine received about € 350 million in loans from the German Deutsche Bank under the guarantees of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). On this December 27 informs the press service of the Ukrainian department.

According to the ministry, the funds were received in two tranches: the amount of the first was € 53.2 million (four years), the second € 296.1 million (ten years).

Every fifth ruble of Russian banks abroad found in Cyprus

Russian banks hold funds in Cyprus in the amount of 37.8 billion dollars in the form of claims against foreign residents. Reports about it RBC with reference to the data of the Central Bank. As of October 1, 2018, the total claims of Russian banks to foreign residents amounted to about $ 182.1 billion.

Central Bank of South Korea expects inflation at 2% for two years

In turn, if inflation exceeds the forecasts of the Central Bank, it will be forced to raise rates again, hindering economic growth. The central bank will conduct a review of its forecasts and inflationary policies every two years, and more often if necessary.

Bhutan’s budget deficit could reach a critical $ 570 million

According to Kuensel’s Bhutanese news agency, Finance Minister Namgai Tshering reported that the country would soon receive an interest-free loan of $ 4 billion ngultrumov (approximately $ 57 million) from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

In 2019, Rostov-on-Don will take another loan of 1.2 billion rubles

It is planned to take a state loan in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles, Vitaly Kushnarev, city manager of Rostov-on-Don, said at a press conference. – But, according to the results of the year, if we collect additional revenues to the budget, it may be possible to reduce the amount – according to the example of the current year, when we also needed additional money: we expected to take 1 billion rubles, but we were able to reduce it to 450 million rubles – under 8.23 percent per annum. This money was spent on the social sphere – for the most part, to pay for construction work on educational facilities, and to a lesser extent – on (healthcare) facilities. In 2019, funds will also be spent on the social sector.

Kuzbassrazrezugol will increase production to 48.4 million tons

Kuzbassrazrezugol (KRU) will produce in 2018 48.4 million tons of coal. In this case, the production target will be fulfilled by 101%, reports Sibnovosti.ru. According to the company, its enterprises have already produced 47.9 million tons and processed 354.1 million cubic meters. m total overburden.

Kazakhstan named the most profitable state-owned companies

According to the results of the first nine months of 2018, among the state-owned companies of Kazakhstan, KazMunayGaz JSC received the largest amount of profits – 648.2 billion tenge ($ 1.7 billion), which is 43% more than a year earlier, the Kursiv newspaper writes.

The net profit of the gas transmission company KazTransGas increased by 135% to 156.2 billion tenge ($ 415 million), the nuclear company Kazatomprom – by 67% to 92.9 billion tenge ($ 247 million).

The top five in terms of net profit also included the telecommunications company Kazakhtelecom with a profit of 40.4 billion tenge ($ 107) and the mining company Tau-Ken Samrku – 39.1 billion tenge ($ 104 million).

Arcticgas began oil production at the Yaro-Yakhinsky field

Arcticgas began industrial oil production at the Yaro-Yakhinskoye field in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, OTP reports to the Novatek company. Arcticgas is a joint venture of Novatek and Gazprom Neft.

Launched the world’s largest floating LNG plant

The world’s largest floating LNG plant, the Prelude FLNG, began operations. Reports about it worldmaritimenews.com. The ship, owned by Royal Dutch Shell, will be operated in Eastern Australia.

A resident of Ukraine has lost an apartment because of a loan for a mobile phone

A resident of the Kiev region lost an apartment because of a loan to buy a mobile phone, received in 2006, writes the newspaper Politeka. According to the woman, she took a loan not for herself, but for a friend. In total, she borrowed from the bank 3100 hryvnia (about eight thousand rubles at the current exchange rate).

Dostoevsky film with Chinese actors

Famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica plans to make a film based on the novels of Fyodor Dostoevsky. According to him, he ponders over the script of the film based on the novels of the classic Russian literature “Crime and Punishment” and “Idiot”.

123 years ago, the first film show

December 28, 1895 in the Grand Café on the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris was the first commercial film screening. French inventors Auguste and Louis Lumiere, on a Cinema and Projection apparatus, showed the audience several short films. This day went down in history as the birthday of cinema, and the Lumiere brothers as the founders of a new art form.

Jamie Oliver Receives Cameo in Star Wars Episode 9

Famous British chef and TV presenter Jamie Oliver will appear in the upcoming ninth episode of the Star Wars saga in a secret cameo role, reports The Sun.

Penguin saved relatives from predatory petrel

A flock of furry babies went somewhere about their business, when suddenly a huge petrel blocked their way. Birds of prey often feed on penguins, choosing to sacrifice defenseless young.

The first three participants of the festival “Chernozem-2019” became known.

The organizers reported this in the official group. Today, December 27, the organizers of “Chernozem-2019” announced the first participants of the rock festival. They will be Knyaz, Vadim Samoilov and “Alice”. The information appeared in the official group of the most spiritual event of the year on VKontakte.

Baikal Christmas Festival kicked off in Ulan-Ude

The festival opened on the evening of organ music on December 27 with the traditional organ music evening in Ulan-Ude the 10th Baikal Christmas Festival opened

Singer Olga Peretyatko and violinist Maxim Vengerov will perform together for the first time

The pre-New Year gala concert will be given on December 28 in the metropolitan hall named after Tchaikovsky soprano Olga Peretyatko and violinist Maxim Vengerov. Singer and musician will perform together for the first time.

Helavisy has an animation clip

Helavisa presented an animated video for the song “Shea” from the album “Luciferase”. The director-animator was Nikolai Belov. This is the first drawn video-work of Helavis, despite the fact that the artist dreamed of making a cartoon on one of her songs for a long time

The rapper from Vladikavkaz Busya recorded a new track

Fans of talent immediately began to write enthusiastic reviews about the new track. Some even decided to shoot their video on the words of the new track. As RIA Region online reported earlier, the album of rappers from Vladikavkaz Miyagi and Endgame entered the top 10 in VK.

Exhibition of dolls and scenery from the movie “Hofmaniada” opens in Moscow

In the Roerichs Museum there are more than 35 cartoon characters and five scenery layouts. Place for the exhibition was not chosen by chance.

In addition to the exposition, the director will show films of the director, viewers will also see a tape about the creation of the “Hoffmaniada”. This picture has become a landmark for Soyuzmultfilm – the studio has not produced full-length animated films since 1985.

Six paintings by Edvard Munch disappeared in Norway

The lack of pictures was discovered when the staff of the newspaper completed an audit of the Stenersen collection, which includes about 900 works by various masters. In 2017, the Munch Museum reported the disappearance of 26 works. However, from the revision “Dagbladet” it follows that at least 34 paintings by Edvard Munch have disappeared without a trace. Among the missing works are “Death of Marat”, “Omega cries”, “Weeping girl at the bed.”

Shell gas station network in Russia expanded to 300 stations

The next, three hundredth filling station of the Shell network opened in St. Petersburg. The jubilee station is located at 87 km of the outer radius of the ring road and, among other things, is equipped with ICU modules for charging electric vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz has equipped its cars with the latest anti-theft system

Sales of Mercedes-Benz models with satellite security system started on the Russian market. According to the press center of the Russian representative office of the brand, the system works with the help of the infrastructure of the Russian security operator Caesar Satellite.

GM develops new compact Unibody pickup for 2020

Insiders report that a solid-cast truck will replace the outdated Chevrolet Montana (in the photo) and should appear somewhere in 2020. Based on GM Global Emerging Markets, the pickup will compete with Renault Oroch and Fiat Toro, as well as the new Ford Focus based pickup.

Supercar Reiter Xymera will get off-road tires and V10 engine

From the video teaser, it can be seen that the car will receive a suspension with push rods, a mid-engine layout, a longitudinal V10 engine and “toothed” off-road tires.

Subaru will bring to Russia the largest crossover Subaru Ascent

Subaru is going to bring its largest Ascent crossover to Russia, now available on the US market with a seven- and eight-seat cabin. Negotiations about this with the headquarters of the Japanese company are already underway. In the Russian market, the novelty will compete with Volkswagen Teramont and Toyota Highlander

Britain is preparing to launch a hydrogen train

The British authorities intend to abandon trains on fossil fuels. One of the largest leasing companies in the country – Porterbook – has already offered an alternative. Its developers presented the rolling stock running on hydrogen

Renault unveiled van Dokker Stepway

Renault Russia introduced the Dokker Stepway van, which will be available in the first half of 2019. Prices and configuration of the model will be announced later, the press service of the French brand.

In 2019, JAC will bring two new crossovers to Russia

As it became known, the Chinese automaker JAC announced the launch of two new crossovers S4 and S7 in the Russian market. Cars will appear in the Russian Federation next year. Cars equipped with a 1.5-liter engine.

Volkswagen introduced a portable charging station for electric vehicles

Volkswagen introduced a portable charging station for electric vehicles, built on the principle of external batteries for mobile gadgets.

“Gazelle Next” will equip airbags in 2019

Gazelle Next will receive airbags and an electronic dynamic stabilization system (ESP) in mid-2019. Component suppliers and prices of updated cars will be announced closer to the start of sales. This was announced by Drom with reference to the press service of GAZ

Mitsubishi withdraws 5 thousand cars in Russia

The Russian representation of Mitsubishi Motors has initiated a recall of Outlander crossovers because of the possibility of fire. All costs for the diagnosis and repair will be borne by the manufacturer. The service campaign will affect almost five thousand Mitsubishi Outlander, sold in Russia from March to August of this year.

Roborace races can be held in the framework of the Grand Prix Formula 1

Initially, the head of the unmanned series of Roborace Lukas id Grassi planned to hold a competition between absolutely autonomous race cars. But at the end of 2018, a DevBot cockpit was presented, which is controlled by shift pilots and “robots”

MIT 3D printer prints a three-meter clear glass column

The flow of glass stops when the nozzle furnace is turned off. Earlier, Bugatti Automobiles tested a brake mechanism printed on a 3D printer – the product withstood several braking cycles, during which it heated up to more than 1,100 ° C

VKontakte launched the function of encrypted video calls from computers

The social network VKontakte launched in test mode the possibility of voice and video calls protected by end-to-end encryption in its VK Messenger application for computers, the company said.

Wing drones in Australia scare people and dogs

As you know, trade organizations view unmanned aerial vehicles as a promising means of delivering orders. The Alphabet company within the framework of the Wing project conducts testing in Australia, where the Wing drones deliver orders to one of the local fast-food chains and one pharmacy chain.

An island has disappeared on Franz Josef Land

The disappearance of the island of Pearlescent was discovered by the hydrographs of the Northern Fleet. It became clear during the expedition. He still remains on the maps, but he is no longer in the harsh arctic reality.

For the Arctic, such a disappearance and the appearance of islands is a natural process, the score goes to dozens, ”said Alexander Kirilov, director of the national park. – This is due to the climate change of the planet, which will give us many more surprises. Very much opens up as glaciers degrade. It is quite possible that the contours of Franz Josef Land will in reality turn out to be completely different from those on modern maps.

Biochemists played tic-tac-toe DNA molecules

American biochemists from the California Institute of Technology have developed a system of tunable DNA origami, in which in the already prepared structure the selected element can be replaced by another. Scientists have shown the efficiency of the proposed approach by playing a game of tic-tac-toe on a micrometer field completely constructed of DNA molecules. The method is based on the principle of partial complementarity of interconnected DNA segments, which in the future can be used, for example, to produce customized molecular machines, scientists write in Nature Communications.

MIT 3D printer prints a three-meter clear glass column

The flow of glass stops when the nozzle furnace is turned off. Earlier, Bugatti Automobiles tested a brake mechanism printed on a 3D printer – the product withstood several braking cycles, during which it heated up to more than 1,100 ° C.

Medical technologies for lunar expeditions will work in Antarctica

Medical support technologies for future lunar expeditions are planned to be worked out at the Russian Vostok station in Antarctica, Yevgeny Ilyin, MD, chief researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Problems (RAS), told the TASS interview.

Summit in Astana format will be held in early 2019 in Russia

Leaders of the countries of the Astana trio (Russia, Turkey, Iran) will meet in early 2019 in Russia. This was announced to journalists on Friday by the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

Netanyahu said he did not recognize Russia’s position on Syria

Experts do not exclude that on the background of a new air strike on Syria, relations between Russia and Israel may cool significantly, since the Israeli side violated a number of agreements concluded with Russia a few weeks ago, while Netanyahu stressed that Israel does not recognize the position Russia for Syria.

Russian frigate “Admiral Makarov” went to Cyprus

On December 29, the frigate will leave Limassol and will continue to perform its tasks as part of the permanent compound of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean. “Admiral Makarov” – the ship from the new series of frigates of the project 11356R / M.

In the US, showed a prototype of a new high-speed helicopter SB 1 Defiant

In the United States, the first prototype prototype demonstrator of the SB> 1 Defiant multipurpose high-speed helicopter, developed jointly by Sikorsky (part of Lockheed Martin) and Boeing, was rolled out

A black soldier sued the British Army

According to The Daily Mail, Michael Asiama was born in the African country of Ghana, but has long been a British citizen. In 2016, he served in the British army and froze during military exercises. According to Michael, the officers could not give him warm clothes.

The oldest veteran of World War II in the USA

American survivor, the oldest veteran of World War II, Richard Overton, died at the age of 112 years. This was reported on December 28 by Fox News. It is noted that Overton was also the longest-lived man in the United States.

A visit to the cinema, museums and theaters reduces the symptoms of depression.

In an article published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, scientists report that even a moderately intensive “cultural life” — going to cinemas, museums, and so on — reduces the risk of developing depression by 32 percent, and if you do it at least once a month, already at 48 percent.

Weapon exports from Germany continue to decline

Arms exports from Germany have been declining for the third year in a row. This year, the volume of contracts fell by 1.5 billion euros. “By the end of 2018, exports of military products will be approximately 1.5 billion euros lower than last year,” said DPA.

Putin approved fines for involving children in uncoordinated actions

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that imposes administrative responsibility for involving minors in unauthorized actions. The document is published on the official online portal of legal information.

Patients plastic surgeons asked to check with psychiatrists

An appeal was sent to the Ministry of Health stating that examination at psychiatrists is obligatory for patients of plastic surgeons. This idea was proposed by the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region Vladimir Petrov (“United Russia”).

Sistema and VTB create a pharmaceutical holding

Partners invest in the business through a joint company Ristango Holding Limited. Sistema and VTB have agreed that the company will redeem the bank’s stake in Ristango in the next three years, according to the report. In general, a consortium of investors acquired 95.14% at Obolensky for 15.5 billion rubles.

Accounts Chamber Identifies Ineffective Alcohol Market Regulation

“The Chamber of Accounts checked the use of funds aimed at controlling the production and circulation of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products. The main conclusion of the controlling body – Rosalogolregulirovanie not effectively performs these functions,” – said in a statement.

According to the control department, Rosalkogolregulirovanie in 2016-2018 received from the federal budget 5.8 billion rubles as part of the state program to regulate the alcohol market. At the same time, about 45% of the main expenses of the service are accounted for by the maintenance of its central office and territorial bodies.

Putin signed a law on the inclusion in the tariffs of costs for “smart meters”

The cost of introducing smart electricity meters in the Russian Federation will be included in tariffs and charges for connecting new consumers to the electricity grid, according to a law signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Metrostroi debts amount to 23 billion rubles

The company owed both its own workers and other organizations and banks. The debt of the company “Metrostroy” to contractors and their employees is 23 billion rubles, said Vice Governor Nikolai Bondarenko. In addition, the company owes its own employees 480 million rubles.

Brazil denied Total a mining license at the mouth of the Amazon

Brazilian authorities refused to the French energy concern Total to issue a license to drill exploratory wells at the mouth of the Amazon. This was reported on Thursday by EFE, citing a statement from the Brazilian Institute for Environmental Protection and Renewable Natural Resources.

The United States is preparing for the development of oil and gas resources of the coast of Alaska

A recent report by the US Energy Information Administration, which analyzes the potential impact of natural gas and oil development on Coastal Plain, has shown that expanding access to Alaska’s energy resources in this area will help ensure the country’s energy security.

Damage from oil theft in Mexico in 2017 exceeded $ 3 billion

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that the state-owned oil and gas company Pemex lost more than $ 3 billion in 2017 due to fuel and oil theft. According to his calculations, an average of 600 tanks with a capacity of 15 thousand liters each were stolen per day.

Turkish refinery STAR produced the first batch of products

The plant is gradually being commissioned and will reach its design capacity, presumably in early 2019. This was stated by the General Director of the STAR Refinery Mesut Ilter. According to him, the refinery has already produced the first batch of products that will be put on the market in January next year.

In Astrakhan, the case of ex-deputies accused of pedophilia will be sent to court

Investigators have completed the investigation of the criminal case against two ex-deputies of the Astrakhan region, accused of crimes against sexual inviolability of minors, the SUSK of Russia in the region reports.

The case of infecting children with hepatitis C in the Amur region

Deputy State Duma Speaker Irina Yarovaya (United Russia) sent a letter to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee (SK) of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, with a request to transfer the case of infecting children with hepatitis C in the Amur Region to the staff of the central staff of the Investigative Committee.

Mick Jagger creates ballet to the music of The Rolling Stones

Musician, producer and actor Mick Jagger together with the ballerina Melanie Hamrick creates a ballet to the music of his legendary group The Rolling Stones. About this newspaper The Times.

El Fanning becomes a singer in the trailer “For a Dream”

A trailer for the movie “Behind the Dream” appeared in the network, the premiere of which in Russia is scheduled for May 23, 2019. The film will be the directorial debut of actor Max Minghella, known for the TV series “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

In the story, the main character Violet (played the role of El Fanning) from childhood dreams of glory and tries to win the international singers competition and become a star

English song Basti “Stay” released

On the official YouTube channel of the creative association “Gazgolder”, a clip appeared on the English song “Stay” by Basta. In the video, the rapper goes beyond his genre, plays the acoustic guitar and sings instead of reading the lyrics.

“Bricks” celebrate the anniversary of the record “Death on the rave”

As Vasily Vasin told, on the occasion of the memorable date, the team will perform two songs live from this album that they had not played at concerts before. On January 6, the Bricks group will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album Death on a Rave with a big concert.

Tribute Concert dedicated to Arete Franklin

A big tribute concert dedicated to Arete Franklin will be held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on January 13, 2019. Zhanel Monet, SZA, Common, Celine Dion, John Legend, Alisha Keese and many others will take part in it, reports Pitchfork.

A new trailer for “Alphabet Murders” with Malkovich and Grint has been released

New adaptation of detective Agatha Christie deal with Amazon and BBC One. In the role of the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, whose beard in the trailer changes color several times, is renowned actor John Malkovich, and his counterpart in the detective workshop is Rupert “Ron Weasley” Grint.

Points to control the robot at a distance created in Russia

Earlier, official representatives of the Shvabe holding company said that glasses for remote control of robots would become part of a large system with which it would be possible to navigate the terrain and recognize targets.

Apple patented a flexible smartphone

Flexible smartphones have become an obsession for manufacturers. Next year, Samsung and Huawei will show some groundwork in this area, and now Apple has joined them. Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a document that describes a development from Cupertino.

“Wearable” robot LG CLOi SuitBot has become less like an exoskeleton

The new model LG CLOi SuitBot is now less similar to the exoskeleton, although it still corresponds to its purpose – the empowerment of workers in lifting and moving heavy loads.

Declassified the first information about the flagship smartphone LG 2019

Information shared Korean resource ETNews. LG Electronics plans to release the flagship smartphone LG G8 in Korea and on the international market at the end of March 2019. The version of LG G8 with LTE support for the first time for the company will receive a three-dimensional scanning system of users’ faces.

Samsung HW-N950 Premium Soundbar and Harman Kardon

The Samsung Harman Kardon HW-N950 is one of the prime examples. It is equipped with 17 speakers, including two additional ones, which direct the sound up and to both sides of the listener, creating the effect of complete immersion.

In Brazil, discovered the rarest birds, considered extinct

In Brazil, after several months of searching, they discovered rare birds – Stresemann topacolo (Merulaxis stresemanni). Ornithologists believe that on the planet there are only a few individuals of these birds. Topacolo – medium-sized birds with a long tail and a characteristic tuft at the base of the beak.

People prefer to look at the upper eye.

American psychologists have found that if the head of the interlocutor is tilted, the person is always fixed on the eye that is higher, and this distortion of attention is already observed when the head is tilted by 11.25 degrees

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