29 Jan, 2018

Freedom worth a billion dollars …

Prince, billionaire and nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia, al-Walid Bin Talal paid more than a billion dollars for his freedom, DW claims, citing information from AFP. The prince was released on the eve of the day before, while a few hours before in an interview with Reuters, he announced that he was awaiting the removal of all charges.

AFP referring to the business partner Ben Talal says that the charges were lifted for him not just, but as part of a deal that cost him more than a billion dollars. However, at the end of December last year, the media reported that the billionaire required six times more.

A government representative confirmed that al-Valid Bin Talal, who remains head of the Kingdom Holding investment company, entered into a deal with the prosecutor’s office. But officially its terms were not disclosed.

Briefly about the main thing … …


The US imposed new sanctions against Russia

The US expanded the sanctions list and introduced 21 citizens of Russia and Ukraine, as well as nine companies, it follows from the US Treasury Department document. Also, the department specified the scope of restrictive measures for 12 firms.

Alaska authorities intend to develop cooperation with the Far East

The US Consul General in Vladivostok, Michael Keys, after meeting with the Alaska authorities said that they intend to develop relations with the Russian Far East, the government of Chukotka informs. The Consul General informed in his letter to the Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Roman Kopin.

Niniste won the presidential election in Finland

The incumbent president of Finland, Sauli Niiniste, won the election of the head of state, gaining 62.7% of the vote after checking 100% of the ballots, the Justice Ministry said on Sunday.

The Prime Minister of Poland called Russia the greatest threat to the country

Russia today is the most dangerous threat to Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Moravetski said at the World Economic Forum in Davos in an interview with Politico

Pope admitted that he starts and ends the day “in Ukrainian”

Pope Francis on Sunday visited the Cathedral of St. Sophia in the Italian capital, where he prayed with the parishioners of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church for peace in Ukraine and thanked the residents of this country for caring for the elderly Italians. His words broadcast “Radio Vatican”.

Donald Trump “has a lot of problems with the EU

The US president stressed that it is “very difficult” for American products to penetrate the EU market.
“Nevertheless, they send us their goods – without taxes, with very small taxes.” This is very unfair, “Trump said.

Australia did not see a threat in the policies of Russia and China

The Australian Government distanced itself from the new US national defense strategy developed by the United States, in which Russia and the PRC are said to be more serious than terrorism, a threat to peace and security

The Syrian opposition will not take part in the congress of the national expert

As noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow is waiting for a positive response from the UN regarding participation in the event in Sochi. The main objective According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the main task of the congress of the Syrian national dialogue in Sochi is to ensure the functioning of the Geneva process.

I express my extreme regret in this regard. The Congress is a real chance to move forward in rallying the most diverse forces in the interests of implementing the UN Security Council resolution 2254 – Konstantin Kosachev, Russian statesman

US wants to create ultra-high-speed 5G network to protect against “China’s threat”

The national security team of the US Presidential Administration, Donald Trump, plans to create a national ultra-high-speed and secure 5G wireless network to protect against the threat from China, the Axios newspaper reports with reference to the documents at his disposal.

Israel urged Poland not to teach families of Holocaust victims

The leader of the Israeli opposition, Yitzhak Herzog, demanded the recall of the ambassador from Warsaw in protest against the plans of the Polish authorities to impose a criminal penalty for the accusations of the Poles in aiding the Nazis, including the annihilation of Jews during the Second World War.

I appeal to Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu with a demand to recall the Israeli ambassador to Poland for consultations on the law adopted in Poland. From our point of view, the law is inadmissible. – Yitzhak Herzog, Israeli statesman

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine decided to create a patrol police of Crimea and Sevastopol

The authorities of Ukraine plan to create a patrol police of Crimea and Sevastopol, which will work on other sites before the “liberation” of the peninsula. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic Arsen Avakov

A New Coalition Against Russia

President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko, during a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, urged European countries to unite against Russia and create a “new coalition”. A video of the speech of the Ukrainian leader is published on his Facebook page.

“Today we were in a situation when Russia launched an undeclared war against all of us. Therefore, considering this state of affairs, we must think about a new coalition, new programs or a new approach, “Poroshenko said.

Saakashvili announced the resumption of marches for impeachment Poroshenko

Leader of the party “Movement of New Forces” and ex-governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili announced his intention to conduct a march in Kiev against Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on February 4. This will be the first action for the impeachment of the Ukrainian leader in 2018.


Volcker ruled out the use of Javelin missile systems in Donbas

Special Representative of the US State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker stated that the anti-tank missile systems (Javelin) are not intended for use on the conflict line in Donbass

Soccer for athletes allows you to discover military bases

The social network for athletes Strava allows you to discover military bases on the whole planet. This was reported by The Washington Post. According to the publication, “American soldiers and do not suspect that, while making jogs, they disclose sensitive information.”

Kurds have eliminated one of the leaders of pro-Turkish militants in Africa

The Moscow representative office of the self-proclaimed Syrian Kurdistan reported that in Mahmud ad Damis, nicknamed “Aburekan”, was eliminated in Africa during the fighting. He was one of the leaders of the pro-Turkish group “Failak al-Sham.”

Britain will build a radar to protect against “Russian aggression”

The new Saksa Vord radar system is designed to protect the country and NATO from “Russian aggression”, said Chief of Staff of the Royal Air Force of Britain (Air Force Commander) Stephen Hillier, who visited the site of the facility.

We will always protect our skies from Russian aggression. This radar is vital for the security of the UK, as we are responding to increasing global threats and increasing our ability to respond to them. – Gavin Williamson, British politician

Denmark will spend an additional 2.14 billion dollars on the defense of the country

The Danish parliament approved a plan to increase defense spending, according to which an additional 12.8 billion kronor (2.14 billion dollars) will be sent to the Danish military budget in the next six years. This was reported by the TASS agency with reference to the government’s announcement.

Kurds declared the destruction of the Turkish tank near AfriN

“Our fighters were able to destroy the Turkish tank, setting up an ambush in the area between the villages of Kamrash and Amar in the vicinity of Raju,” the spokesman said.

In the United States modernized the largest non-nuclear bomb

The US Air Force modernized its most powerful non-nuclear munition – the GBU-57 airbomb, Bloomberg reports with reference to the representative of the department of captain Emily Grabowski. The new modification “is more effective against well-protected and deep underground targets.”

US military mistakenly shot seven people from helicopter in Iraq

The crew of the combat helicopter of the US Armed Forces found during the patrol a cluster of people, some of them were armed. The US military took people for terrorists and opened fire from the armament of a combat helicopter, resulting in the death of seven people, and 11 others were injured.

The Pentagon acknowledged the unreliability of the F-35 aircraft

According to Bloomberg, referring to the head of the Pentagon department for military tests Robert Beler, the report indicates that only 50% of the aircraft are ready for combat, and this number can not be raised since October 2014.

Ex-head of the Pentagon called for a plan for a war with Russia

The former head of the Pentagon noted that the United States did not view Russia as a military adversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, in recent years the situation has changed, and the question arose of the need for a military plan in the event of a conflict with it.

WP learned about Trump’s plans to increase US defense budget for 2019

President of the United States Donald Trump next month intends to request from the Congress $ 716 billion to cover defense spending for the 2019 fiscal year. As reported by The Washington Post referring to US officials, this amount is laid in the US defense budget.

Kurds said they shot down two Turkish drones in the north of Syria

The media center of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) reported that Kurdish forces shot down two Turkish reconnaissance drones in the village of Adam in the north of Syria. In addition, in the Chia area, the SDF managed to attack a Turkish military convoy and kill two soldiers, the report said

China found a way to achieve military superiority over the US

95 percent of the selected specialists have degrees and are well acquainted with the field of control of combat robots. To make China the leading world power in the field of military weapons in July 2017, called on the President of China Xi Jinping, speaking at the Academy of Military Sciences of the country.

US assured Turkey of cessation of arms supplies to Kurds

The official representative of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalyn, told Anadolu that he received assurances from the US National Security Assistant Herbert McMaster that Washington had stopped supplying arms to the Syrian Kurds.

Calculations of the S-400 have started on alert duty in the Volga region

Calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs) S-400 “Triumph” have entered combat duty in the Volga region, said Col. Yaroslav Roshupkin, the assistant to the district commander of the troops.

Syrian opposition: truce in East Guta agreed

At the inter-Syrian talks in Vienna, an agreement was reached on a complete cease-fire in East Gut. This was reported by one of the commanders of the armed opposition from the “Free Syrian Army” Fateh Hassoun.

The members of the UN Security Council will meet with Trump

The presentation was held at the warehouse of the military base in Washington. After that, Haley invited members of the Security Council and US congressmen to study a collection of allegedly Iranian weapons. In addition, during the visit, members of the UN Security Council will visit the museum of the Holocaust.

Military instructors from Canada arrived in Ukraine

Canadian ambassador in Kiev Roman Vashchuk said that 50 Canadian military instructors arrived in Ukraine. They will train Ukrainian servicemen.

“Strengthen our presence – an additional 50 military profits for UNIFIER Washchuk wrote in his microblogging. “We support the Ministry of Defense in upholding Ukraine’s sovereignty, security and stability”


In Primorye tiger attacked two hunters

In the Olginsky region of Primorye, the Amur tiger attacked two hunters. One of the men was hospitalized. Representatives of the administration of the region informed about the incident.

In the United States, five people were killed in a car wash

Five people died on Sunday as a result of shooting at an automotive sink in the US state of Pennsylvania, Fox News reported with reference to the local police

Militants attacked the military academy in the capital of Afghanistan

A group of militants attacked the military academy in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, at the moment there is a gunfight, explosions are heard on the territory of the institution, Tolo News reported.

Russian woman tried to export diamonds to Israel for 8 million rubles

Law enforcement authorities detained a Russian woman in Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, who was trying to take out diamonds worth more than 8 million rubles to Israel. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

In Yakutia, a drunken father threw out a ten-month-old child from the window

The drunk man threw out of his second-floor window his ten-month-old child in the Sutarsky district of Yakutia, the child is in serious condition. This was reported on Sunday by the press service of the regional Ministry of Health.

An explosion occurred at an oil refinery in Taiwan

An explosion occurred in the oil refinery of the Chinese National Oil and Gas Corporation (CNPC) in Taiwan as a result of the fire.

In Ecuador, the regime of emergency was announced after an explosion near a police station

The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, introduced on Saturday a state of emergency in a number of provinces after the explosion at the police station.

“I announced the state of emergency in the province of San Lorenzo and the canton of Eloy Alfaro in order to strengthen the security of our citizens,” Moreno wrote in his microblog on Twitter.

Up to 50 people increased the number of people injured in the explosion in Kabul

The number of victims in the explosion in the Afghan capital of Kabul increased to 50 people. A car bomb exploded on Sadarat Square near the former building of the republic’s Interior Ministry on Saturday morning.

Vandals pitched tombstones at the Red Cemetery

Vandals desecrated over 30 tombstones in the cemetery of the Kirov district of St. Petersburg. This is reported by the press service of the regional head of the Interior Ministry. As representatives of law enforcement agencies explained, the damaged gravestones was discovered by a 58-year-old employee of the cemetery during a detour.

The number poisoned in the gymnasium in Khabarovsk rose to 100 people

In Khabarovsk, 100 cases of acute intestinal infection among pupils and workers of Gymnasium No. 3 have been registered. This is stated in a message on the site of the department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Khabarovsk Territory. Three children were hospitalized in the infectious disease department.

The preliminary cause of the explosion in the center of Baku was named in Azerbaijan

The gas leak, according to preliminary data, caused an explosion near the metro station in the center of Baku, there are no data on the dead, there is a victim, the deputy general director of PA “Azerigaz” Ruslan Aliyev said. Earlier, eyewitnesses told RIA Novosti about the explosion in the center in Baku near the metro station “May 28”.

In the Pacific Ocean, a ferry with 50 passengers on board disappeared

Rescue services in New Zealand joined the search for a lost in the Pacific ferry Butiraoi, on board were 50 people, the newspaper New Zealand Herald.

The reason for shooting in Amsterdam

Police in Amsterdam believe that the likely cause of the shooting incident in the city center is a criminal conflict, according to local television station AT5, citing sources in the police. According to them, the version of the terrorist act is unlikely.

FBI did not find evidence of the violent death of Mikhail Lesin

“The investigation found that there is no evidence indicating that Lesin died as a result of murder or unlawful acts of third parties,” the document says. The body of the 57-year-old Lesin was discovered on November 5, 2015 in the Dupont hotel room in Washington.

The police of Canada believe the murder of the death of billionaire Sherman and his wife

The Canadian police said that they adhere to the version of the double murder in the investigation of the death of billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Hani. This was reported by police spokesperson Susan Gomez during a press conference, a fragment of which publishes Reuters.


The Russian authorities will support the extraction of shale oil

Since 2019, the oil industry will have the opportunity to develop new methods of producing shale oil at selected landfills. Corresponding amendments to the Law on Subsoil have already been prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Izvestia newspaper reports.

In China, 12 banks were fined for illegal trading in securities

The Banking Regulatory Commission of China (CBRC) fined 12 financial institutions for 295 million yuan ($ 46.6 million) for fraud and illegal trading in securities, the statement said on the regulator’s website.

The sum of money leaked from Russia for 30 years is named

The outflow of funds from the Russian economy over the past 30 years has exceeded a trillion dollars. This was told by presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev, speaking in the framework of the World Summit of the blockade held in Moscow and crypto-currency, Rambler News Service reports.

Approximately half a trillion dollars is turned between offshores and the Russian economy – the circuit is about hundreds of billions of dollars annually. And the second half of a trillion has evaporated in an unknown direction. – Sergei Glazyev, Russian economist

Ecuador has concluded an agreement on oil trade with Chinese companies

It is noted that the agreement is preliminary – negotiations will continue for several more days. The revision of agreements with Chinese companies, concluded under President Rafael Correa, is initiated by the new president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno.

The media reported sending a second tanker with Russian gas to the US

The American agency Bloomberg reported that a second tanker with Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) is being prepared for shipment to the US.

Glazyev proposed using crypto-currencies to circumvent sanctions

Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Glazyev proposed to bypass the anti-Russian sanctions with the help of crypto-currencies. He expressed the corresponding point of view in the RNS commentary. According to the adviser to the head of state, Russian banks have become very vulnerable from the impact of sanctions.

Japanese Coincheck Exchange Loses About $ 400 Million in Crypto-Currency

One of the largest crypto currency exchanges in Japan, Coincheck, lost 500 million units in the NEM crypto currency (about $ 400 million). The company claims that the amount was withdrawn from her wallet illegally, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

Magnit will not pay dividends in 2018

Retailer Magnit may refuse to pay dividends in 2018, but may return to payments in 2019. This was announced by the financial director of the company Khachatur Pambukhkhan during the conference call.

Nicaragua has suspended exports to Venezuela because of the threat of US sanctions

Earlier in late 2017, the US expanded the list of sanctions on Venezuela, including nine individuals, including high-ranking officials. Prior to this, US President Donald Trump imposed new sanctions against Venezuela against the backdrop of protests in that country

The Ministry of Agriculture of Tatarstan reported problems during the sowing campaign

Akhmetov added that the farms will not be able to make advancement of the sowing campaign at the proper level due to a decrease in purchasing prices for sugar beet, they lose their finances

The President of Turkmenistan called the last year successful for the country’s economy

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov declared 2017 successful for the country’s economy, noting that Turkmenistan’s GDP growth was 6.5%, the Russian-language newspaper of the government “Neutral Turkmenistan” reported on Saturday.

The maximum rate of deposits in banks will continue to fall

The average value of the largest interest rates on deposits in the 10 largest banks on attracting deposits from the population of banks has updated the historical minimum, declining by 0.13% per annum for the second quarter of this year in 2018 to 7.115%, according to the Central Bank

EU allocates € 18 million to Cuba for the development of alternative energy

The European Union will support Cuba in the development of alternative energy. As the Cuban agency Prensa Latina said on Friday, € 18 million will be earmarked for this purpose in the near future.

Minsk increased export duties on oil by more than 50% per year

Let’s remind, Belarus several times a year raises export duties on oil and its products. The last increase was on January 1, 2018. In the new year, crude oil export prices rose from $ 105 per tonne to $ 114.4 (an increase of 8.9%).

Dividends of “LUKOIL” for 2017 may amount to 125 rubles per share

“LUKOIL” adheres to the policy of constant growth of dividend payments, which makes the company stand out among the rest of the industry, and in 2018 we expect the continuation of this trend.

According to our estimates, the company’s dividends for the year 2017 will be 125 rubles. (+ 4% y / y) per share in addition to the already paid 85 rubles. per share for the 9 months of 2017, which corresponds to an annual dividend yield of 5.4% based on the total amount.

At the end of 2018, we forecast an increase in total dividends of 7% to 225 rubles, which corresponds to an annual yield of 5.8%. It should be noted that the dividend policy of LUKoil guarantees their annual growth by at least the level of annual inflation in the Russian Federation.

Russian investors were offered to invest in the project Ilona Mask

The idea Hyperloop (“hyperpipe”) introduced in 2012, an engineer, entrepreneur and investor Ilon Mask, an ideologist and the founder of companies such as SpaceX and Tesla Motors


Navalny was released from the police without drawing up a protocol

Police on Sunday without drawing up a protocol released oppositionist Alexei Navalny, detained on Tverskaya Street in Moscow, his lawyer Olga Mikhailova told Interfax.

The actions of the opposition in Russian cities were without gross violations

The actions of supporters of Alexei Navalny in the cities of Russia passed without gross violations of public order, Interfax was told in the press center of the Russian Interior Ministry on Sunday.

Ksenia Sobchak held a single picket in Grozny

Russia’s presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak held a solitary picket in the Chechen capital Grozny. She stood at the “Monument to journalists who died for the freedom of speech” in the square of the Journalists with a poster “Freedom Oyubu Titieva.” Oyub Titiev is the head of the Memorial Human Rights Center in Chechnya.

Patriarch Cyril held a “children’s” liturgy in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill performed a “children’s” liturgy on Sunday in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Then the Primate read a sermon to large families and children of servicemen who died during the service, Tass reports. The patriarch urged the adults to strive for the same pure soul as children.

Ministry of Labor forecasts a decrease in the number of unemployed

The number of unemployed Russians will decrease this year by almost 100 thousand people, according to the materials of the Ministry of Labor. The Office notes that the number of unemployed citizens will decrease from the current 3.9 million to 3.8.

In Ukraine, they will remove a patriotic film about the nationalist Petlyura

In Ukraine, a film about the nationalist Simone Petlyura will be filmed for patriotic education of the population. This was reported by Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Rozenko.

The use of matcapital for adaptation of disabled children is simplified

The Government of the Russian Federation has changed the procedure for using maternity capital to purchase goods and services related to social adaptation and integration of disabled children into society. The procedure for using maternity capital for these purposes has been substantially simplified

A sample census of population in Russia will be held in October

The sample census will be held in Russia from October 1 to October 31, 2018 and will cover approximately 550 thousand people. This is stated in the order published on the website of the government of the Russian Federation.

The nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia is put under arrest in an apartment

Arrested on suspicion of corruption in Saudi Arabia, Prince Al-Walid bin Talal lives in a gilded apartment with a study, a kitchen and a dining room. This disgraced member of the royal family told in an interview with Reuters.

Russians will be able to complain about non-payment of salaries through the application

Users of Rostrud’s mobile application “I’m an inspector” will be able to complain about the delay in wages, said Vitaly Losev, deputy head of the department’s informatization projects department on January 26.

“Additional opportunities will allow citizens to inform state labor inspectorates most promptly about the facts of non-payment of salaries and industrial injuries,” he said at a meeting of the public council of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment

In the Kuban, the average salary of doctors will be raised to 56 thousand rubles

According to the Deputy Minister of Health of the Kuban, in October-December of 2017 the average monthly salary of the doctor was 49257, the average medical staff – 26330 rubles, and the junior medical staff – 21223 rubles

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will conduct a check because of the stamp on marriage in the passports of two men

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will check on the fact of putting a stamp on the registration of marriage between two Russian males, the official representative of the agency Irina Volk told RIA Novosti. She noted that the employee who committed the violation, will be dismissed, as her immediate supervisor.

“Metallurg” has booked a five-star hotel in Turkey

As it became known Lipetsk Metallurg almost solved the issue with the training camp in Turkey. Football players will live and train in the five-star “Starlight Resort Hotel”, located in the town of Kyzylgach, 15 kilometers east of Side

Armed Russians want to oblige to wear special vests

The bill, which will oblige arms owners to wear special vests or identification signs, like that of law enforcement officers, is being developed in the State Duma, said the deputy head of the Just Russia faction, the author of the initiative Oleg Nilov.

Once a person took a pistol with him, he should be designated so that everyone around him knew about this fact, so that he could be seen by the police and security officials who could at any time check whether the citizen meets all the requirements. – Oleg Nilov, deputy


In mosquitoes-carriers of a fever Zika have appeared in Turkey

It is expected that mosquitoes may soon appear in the central regions of the country and on the northern coast of the Black Sea. “Official authorities are taking measures to curb the spread of mosquitoes that carry Zik fever in Turkey,” the department added.

Near Saray-Batu there will be a camp

Fans of cognitive tourism can now not only visit the ancient capital of the Golden Horde stylized city of Saray-Batu, but also comfortably relax on the picturesque shore of Akhtuba. Already this year, there may be a camping site.

Airline “Russia” warned about “fake” tickets to Mexico

“One of the tourist companies decided to blackmail the Rossiya airline by issuing invalid tickets for the flight, thereby forcing the carrier to accept passengers for transportation to the chartered flight,” TASS said.

Robert De Niro opens the hotel for adults

Famous Hollywood actor Robert De Niro talked about his plans to participate in the hotel business. This year he plans to open an adult hotel in southern Spain

Customs began to track purchases of Russians abroad

Customs began to quickly learn about expensive purchases of Russians abroad and to check the goods imported into the country. This is reported by the newspaper Vedomosti, owned by the family of Demyan Kudryavtsev.

Owners of hotels from the black list of Rosturizm began to reduce prices

Anti-advertising from Rostourism turned out to be the maximum effective measure of influence on the price level. Recall that the black list was 41 hotels in Russia, and led the list of Kaliningrad hotel without the stars “Agora”, inflated the cost of living from 2,400 rubles to 129,200 rubles on match days.

For tourists in the Kuban developing a mobile service

In the Kuban are working out a mobile service for tourists, which will collect all the necessary information on rest in the province in the “one-stop-shop” mode.

There is no snow – but you hold on! Opening of the “Leader”

In the mountains of the Chechen Republic earned the first ski resort “Veduchi”. The official start of his work was given by Ramzan Kadyrov. The cable car, a children’s track and a route for beginners, a service center are already ready and waiting for the first fans of winter sports.

Camps and tent camps will be built in the Crimea

“As the main events, it is planned to form a unified base of campsites and camp sites,” the press service noted. The Office recommended that local authorities, especially the eastern Crimea, create such places on unoccupied beach areas.

Unique traces of the dinosaur will be a new attraction of Kislovodsk

Initiative residents of Kislovodsk ask the authorities to decide the fate of a unique paleontological object – traces of a dinosaur. They are on the outskirts of the resort in the gorge, but people’s access to unique antiquities is closed.


Sharapova has a new boyfriend

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova began meeting with British businessman Alexander Gilks

The nutritionist has opened a secret of sharp slimming Alla Pugacheva

Leading nutritionists told the secret of the fast growing weight of the prima donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva. It turns out that to look perfect, the singer went under the surgeon’s knife.

Madonna appeared in the image of a pregnant woman

The Fallovers criticized the Madonna for a bad example. Madonna has published a provocative video on her page in Instagram. The pop star turned into an image of a pregnant woman, though, judging by her behavior, very irresponsible.

“Three Victory Victims”: Buzova disgraced in Yoshkar-Ola

Actress and singer Olga Buzova surprised users of social networks with illiteracy. In history in Instagram the artist invited the residents of Yoshkar-Ola to the play with her participation in the recreation center “X, X, X, Victory”, referring to the House of Culture of the XXX anniversary of the Victory.

The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations has denied rumors of a love affair with Trump

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, commenting on the rumors about her alleged love affair with President Donald Tram, called these reports completely false. The American diplomat said this to Politico magazine.

Similar rumors appeared after the publication of the book “Fire and Fury: in the White House of Trump” journalist Michael Wolff.

“This is a complete lie,” she said. And added: “But this is due to the fact that we need to always remember that every time I noticed this in my life, that if your strong point is the mind, there will always be a small number of people who try to put this in doubt, belittle you with the help of lies, “said the Permanent Representative.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan shocked in his own words about Vladimir Vysotsky

Armen Djigarkhanyan very warmly responded about the film “The meeting place can not be changed”, where he was a partner of Vladimir Semenovich, and then the actor surprised the audience.

He is not an actor, he is a phenomenon, a scandalous phenomenon. Just like Marilyn Monroe. Well, is she a good actress? This type, this thinking, it’s philosophy. He had a way to sing, a way to insist, a way to impose. I personally, as a spectator, did not like it very much. To my taste, Pushkin is better than Vysotsky. – Armen Jigarkhanyan, actor

Keti Topuria and rapper Guf have posted almost joint photos from Thailand

Keti Topuria and Guf, in the world Alexey Dolmatov, in their accounts laid out intriguing photos from Thailand, continuing to tease the fans. Frames are made so that, having presented them side by side, on the “general” photo the Guf-Topuria pair in Thailand would have turned out

Photo of naked and drunk Panin with his wife

Alexei Panin again tried to attract the attention of fans, which are getting smaller. The actor published in a social network a photo of five years ago, on which he is completely naked and drunk with his wife. The picture really shocked the users

In the maternity hospital confirmed the birth of his son Dmitry Malikov

In one of the maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg confirmed that Dmitry Malikov was born a child, according to the Fifth Channel. The nurse voiced the sex of the newborn and reported that the baby is still under medical supervision.

Media reported on Brad Pitt’s feelings for Jennifer Aniston

As the tabloid InTouch Weekly writes with reference to an informed source, now former spouses are closer than ever. “They help each other outlive problems in family life,” the source told reporters.

“Pioneer” announced the end of the show “The Death of Stalin”

The film “The Death of Stalin”, which the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation withdrew from the hire, was canceled at the Pioneer cinema, starting from January 27, the audience will be refunded for tickets, the official group of the cinema on Facebook reported.

Timur Batrutdinov confessed his feelings towards Olga Buzovy

Timur Batrutdinov confessed to the truthfulness of feelings towards Olga Buzovoy. A comedian met a TV presenter during a vacation in Phuket, and they returned together to Moscow. The star of the channel TNT Timur Batrudinov met Olga Buzovoy in Thailand, when she arrived on vacation.

500 thousand rubles sue for a stolen song

Three years ago, the leader of the group “Animals” began a lawsuit with the creators of the film “Graduation.” The singer did not like the fact that without his knowledge his composition was used. For three years Roma Bilyk argued in court that the song “Southern Night” was used as a soundtrack to the film without his consent.

Megan Fox shocked fans with a snapshot in a lacy corset

A popular Hollywood actress and model, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, pleased fans with a new photo in frank underwear.

The series “Charmed” peresnimut

The popular American television series “Charmed,” which consisted of eight seasons, was decided to reshoot. As reported by the media, the original series came out from 1998 to 2006. It starred Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, Shannen Doherty

The audience found in the James Bond films elements of racism and homophobia

Internet users found in the films about the special agent James Bond elements of racism and homophobia. This is reported by the media with reference to the statements of users of the social network Twitter.

Young Khabarovsk artist awarded at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow

January 26, 2018 in the Hall of Church Councils of the cathedral church of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the winners of the XIII International Children’s Creativity Contest “The Beauty of God’s World” were awarded, among them Khabarovsk Diana Slipetskaya, IA AmurMedia reports with reference to the website of the Khabarovsk diocese.

Irina Sheik published a photo in a transparent body

Irina Sheik published another erotic picture in Instagram. In the frame, the star appeared in a sexy, transparent black body. Like other models, Shake has to regularly try on different images.

Yakut film won the prize at the American Film Festival

The premiere of the film will take place on January 18-28 in Park City, Utah, USA. The festival is organized by Sundance Institute, which was founded in 1981 by actor Robert Redford and a group of his friends and like-minded people, to create the conditions for the formation of an independent American cinema.

Maria Lyman showed a bare photo in the pool from Thailand

Maria Lyman showed her naked photo in the pool from Thailand. The popular Russian model Maria Liman has published on her page in the Instagram network a new photo. On it the girl appeared predictably naked.

The painting “Salute-7” received the “Golden Eagle” as the best film of the year

The painting “Salute-7” directed by Klim Shipenko received the “Golden Eagle” award as the best film of 2017. The awarding ceremony took place on January 26 in the first pavilion of “Mosfilm”. In the nomination “Best Director’s Work”, the jury named Andrei Zvyagintsev (“Dislike”).

Almost like Leps. Ex-mayor of Yekaterinburg Chernovetsky quail of Vysotsky

Arkady Chernetsky came on the stage of “Space” during a concert in honor of the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky. According to Alexander Sklyar, who spoke at the party, their joint appearance with the senator turned out to be an impromptu. Without preliminary rehearsals and showings

The US Congress will force Apple to pay musicians

One of the main purposes of the law is to simplify the process of licensing music so that performers can receive royalties for listening to music online without delay. Also, the law provides for the introduction of a specific fee for musicians.


In Skolkovo represent ideas for EXPO-2025

The city of the future is created in the Skolkovo Technopark. There a forum was opened at which talented developers and authors of the best innovative projects from all over the country gathered. Similar meetings are now held in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Ilon Mask launches flamethrowers for children on sale

Famous American inventor and businessman Ilon Mask is preparing to launch children’s flamethrowers. This conclusion was reached by users of the social news portal Reddit, who managed to pick up a password to the site of The Boring Company

Medvedev said the need to create an infrastructure for communication 5G

According to the chairman of the government, equipment suppliers and operators all over the world are already preparing for the introduction of 5G communication. Also, Medvedev noted that “radio frequency bands and international standards will be approved in 2019”.

In Russia, some companies are also trying to test this technology. By 2020, the picture will be clear. So, you need to think in advance about the frequency range, which is to be allocated for the launch of the fifth generation networks. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

Google users will be able to disable compulsive advertisements

Google has announced that users will now be able to disable intrusive advertisements if they have seen them many times already. The developers reported in his blog

Google hired professional photographers to train the AI-camera

As Google explains in the new blog, the brand’s engineers turned to professionals and hired a “documentary filmmaker, photojournalist and visual arts photographer” to create visual data for training the neural network feeding the Clips AI-camera.

Samsung patented the user’s authentication through the bloodstream

Samsung has applied for a patent, which describes the user’s authentication through the bloodstream. The documentation describes a method for measuring and analyzing the blood flow of a user using special sensors.

Apple will only release one iPhone with an OLED display this year

The expert predicts that Apple will release three iPhones – two with an LCD panel and one with a 6.5-inch OLED display. Thus, the American vendor will repeat its achievements. Last year, Apple also introduced two smartphones with an LCD display (iPhone 8 and 8 Plus) and one with OLED (iPhone X).

Samsung patented a new mode of operation for the electronic pen S Pen

There was information about the innovation from Samsung to work on Galaxy Note 9 with the pen S Pen. A new feature of the electronic pen will allow you to record on top of a running browser or any other application.

Smartphone Meiigoo Mate 10 received four cameras

The case of the novelty, equipped with 6 GB of RAM and a 128 GB RAM, is protected on both sides by a glossy 2.5D-glass. Meiigoo Mate 10 is based on the 8-core chipset GPU Mali-G71MP2. 5.75-inch smartphone will receive a dual camera Sony with modules for 16 and 5 megapixels, as well as front 13- and 5-megapixel matrix.

Acer will present the world’s first tablet with Chrome OS

The world’s first tablet computer manufactured by Acer, managed by Chrome OS, will be presented in the near future. This became known at the Bett Show 2018. Chrome OS has found its application in the world of tablets.

In the United States created a “smart” battery with a cooling function of beer

In the United States developed a “smart” battery with a capacity of 114,000 mAh, capable of supporting beer in the cold state for up to 10 hours. This device has 11 ports for USB, there is also an outlet on the socket and charging from the car battery.

The BLU Pure View smartphone is equipped with a 5.7 HD + screen and a double self-camera

The company BLU Products has prepared for release a new smartphone – the Pure View model, which should interest primarily lovers of self-portraits. The fact is that a dual camera is installed in the front of the device. It consists of 8-megapixel sensors.


Neuronet decided that the Voynich manuscript was written in Hebrew

Artificial Intelligence was 97% able to determine the language of the carrier of the declaration. As a result, experts from Canada agreed that the manuscript was written in Hebrew. The creator of the manuscript exchanged words among themselves and removed some of the vowels from his lines – scientists suggested.

Scientists have voiced the cause of premature aging

Science has proven that shortening the length of telomeres leads to the emergence of accelerated aging, the development of cardiovascular diseases and premature death. Therefore, scientists concluded that living in areas with contaminated air can cause premature aging.

Chinese scientists edit DNA against diseases

Experts believe that oncological diseases and other serious ailments are caused in a person due to changes in the structure of his DNA. Scientists, in turn, will return the changed cells to the opposite state.

ProjectDR technology will allow doctors to look under the skin of patients

Canadian scientists have developed a novelty ProjectDR. According to the description, the technology allows doctors to look through the skin of patients. Developers have created software for the system, which shows the doctor the projection of organs.

To treat the brain, a special needle

To treat various brain diseases, scientists created a special needle. With the thickness of the human hair, it can deliver the medicine to its innermost parts.

Scientists have discovered a molecular “switch” of allergy

The above antibody prevents the binding of IgE to the effector molecules CD23 and FceRI on the cell surface, which results in blocking the development of the immune response. Scientists expect that the so-called molecular “switch” will form the basis of drugs for allergies.

Scientists have found out how plastic debris kills corals

Scientists have investigated about 150 coral reefs, where about 1.1 billion plastic fragments settled. Specialists found that the risk of disease in the absence of interaction with waste is 4.4%, and when interacting, it rises to 89%.

Scientists: a man of a modern type appeared earlier than was thought

It is believed that modern humans appeared in Africa about 160-200 000 years ago and began to migrate from the continent about 100 000 years ago. The Israeli find indicates that people were present outside of Africa much earlier.

Contact lenses measure the level of sugar in diabetes

In South Korea, a device has been developed that will allow people with diabetes to measure glucose levels in the body without piercing the skin. The glucose concentration sensor is built into a soft contact lens equipped with a light-emitting diode: if the sugar level exceeds a certain threshold, the LED will signal.

Obesity has signs of an infectious disease

Obesity has signs of an infectious disease. This conclusion was made by medical specialists from the University of South Carolina. This is told by the publication JAMA Pediatrics

The cause of premature aging is named

As scientists have already established, the shortened length of telomeres is associated with cancer, cardiovascular diseases, decreased cognitive abilities, accelerated aging and premature death

Telomeres are end sections of chromosomes that protect the loss of DNA in cell division

China will launch the first commercial rocket in the summer of 2018

Private Chinese company Lingtai Kongjian in June 2018 will launch into space the country’s first commercial missile. The company will create compact rockets for satellites, which will cost “very inexpensive”. This is reported by TASS with reference to the statement of the general director Lingtai Kongjian.

The test stand for the Angara missile will be built in Omsk

In 2020, the first fully manufactured light Angara-1.2 will be manufactured at the Polet enterprise. In the same year in Omsk, a second test and test stand should be built, which will allow the production of a heavy “Angara-A5”.

Ilon Mask announced the date of the launch of the Falcon Heavy missile to Mars

There was an official confirmation of the information that the launch of the super-heavy Falcon Heavy missile on Mars is scheduled for February 6, 2018.
It is worth noting that the company SpaceX expects to return to Earth all three parts of the first stage of the rocket ….


In the network appeared the video-tester Mercedes-Benz Sprinter of the new generation

The network has the first official video with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibus of a new generation. It should be noted that the video turned out to be quite detailed, so you can easily consider not only the exterior of the car, but also the interior decoration.

Mitsubishi will recall to China more than 50 thousand cars because of problems with brakes

Japanese automotive concern Mitsubishi Motors announced the recall of 51,500 vehicles sold in the Chinese market. According to the source, the reason for the launch of the recall campaign was serious problems with the brake system, namely, with the parking brake off-road cars Mitsubishi Outlander.

At the motor show in Geneva, an electric car from Georgetto Giugiaro

Famous Italian designer Georgetto Dujararo at the upcoming auto show in Geneva for the first time will present his own conceptual electric car from GFG. Co-author of the unique concept will also be the Chinese company Envision, which supplied electrical equipment for it.

New crossover DFM AX7 successfully launched in the Russian market

In the Russian market, since the start of sales of the DFM AX7 crossover, 400 units have been sold. Now in Russia the company DFM offers only two models and this is a new crossover DFM AX7 and a high hatchback DFM H30 Cross.

In Russia there will be a crossover Citroen C3 Aircross of the new generation

Officials of the French engineering giant Citroen reported that a crossover Citroen C3 Aircross of the new generation will appear in Russia. The next generation of stylish SUV should enter the Russian market during the first quarter of this year

AvtoVAZ patented a new crossover LADA XCode

In the database of Rospatent, in the open access there was information about the patent, which was issued for a new crossover from PJSC AvtoVAZ. It’s about LADA XCode, which in the form of a prototype was presented at the Moscow Motor Show two years ago.

Changan announced the start of sales of a budget copy of Land Rover Discovery

Changan automotive concern announced the start of sales of a budget copy of Land Rover Discovery of the third generation. The crossover, called Changan X70A, entered the car market in China at a price ranging from 49.9 thousand to 72.9 thousand yuan (439 thousand – 642 thousand rubles).

Pickup Ram 1500 2019 received a new luxury version of Laramie Longhorn

As it became known, the manufacturer is preparing for the release of the Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Edition, from which, probably, the sales of the model will start.

Great Wall will launch a new Haval pickup for competition with Ford Ranger

It is worth noting that Great Wall has already tried to conquer the Australian market, but it has not succeeded. This time the company’s management decided to create a new pickup truck under its Haval brand, which will be the future rival of Ford Ranger

Company Lifan showed a new generation of drone Smily

Researchers from the profile company Baidu took several months to create a modern electric car Lifan Smily. According to the manufacturer, the car received improved artificial intelligence.

Nissan equipped the Japanese hotel with slippers-drones

Nissan decided to show how to use their parking system ProPILOT Park. For the first time, ProPILOT Park was demonstrated on the next generation Nissan Leaf. In this electric car, when the button is pressed, the car itself is parked without the help of a driver. Now this opportunity is available and the usual slippers.

The automaker equipped the whole hotel with slippers, which themselves park in the proper place. All the possibilities of shoes were shown in the video. As the “ASTERA”, slippers are used a set of sensors, as in the system ProPILOT Park, which is installed in the electric car Leaf.

BelAZ proposed a new model of a 55-ton dump truck

At the BelAZ plant, a new mining dump truck has been set up, its weight is 55 tons, while the truck has been significantly upgraded.

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