7 Nov, 2018

Full meeting will not be

Recall that the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Paris was first reported during a visit by adviser to the US president on national security John Bolton to Moscow in late October.

But on November 5, for some reason, the head of the White House changed his mind.

“I’m not sure that we will have a meeting in Paris. Probably not, ”he told reporters, adding that he will most likely intersect with Vladimir Putin on the margins of the G20 summit in Argentina, which will take place from November 30 to December 1.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained why Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump refused the idea of ​​holding a full-format meeting in Paris in November during events marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Indeed, circumstances have changed a bit. The multilateral format of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War does not allow for a thorough meeting of the two presidents. But they will definitely meet “on their feet” – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Briefly about the main thing …..


Russia has banned the anonymous use of instant messengers

Administrators of instant messengers will check whether the user’s phone number is really registered to him.

The possibility of anonymous communication in messengers makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes. The current government decree is a necessary step towards creating a safe communication environment for both citizens and the state as a whole. – Alexander Zharov, Russian politician

State Duma allowed not to prove the absence of debts on housing and communal services

The State Duma in the third and final reading adopted a law exempting citizens from the need to prove the absence of debts in the appointment of subsidies and compensations for the payment of utility bills. This is reported on the website of the lower chamber. The document amends the Housing Code of Russia

State Duma prohibits involving children in unauthorized rallies

As a punishment, an administrative fine is imposed on citizens in the amount of from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles, or compulsory work for up to one hundred hours, or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days, for officials – a fine from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles, for legal entities – a fine from 250 thousand to 500 thousand rubles. The repeated commission of the said administrative offense would entail increased administrative responsibility in accordance with paragraph 8 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code. Consideration of cases on projected administrative offenses will be attributed to the exclusive competence of judges.

“This is a tool that we give to law enforcement agencies and the judicial system in order to give a hand to people who are trying to use our children in their political vested interests,” said one of the authors of the initiative, deputy Yevgeny Revenko (United Russia).

In Moscow, children-pilgrims from Ukraine donated a loaf to Patriarch Kirill

Pilgrim children from different cities of Ukraine presented a loaf to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia at a meeting in Moscow. Representatives of children’s art groups from different cities of Ukraine make pilgrimages to Orthodox shrines of Russia for the 15th time.

The New Times appealed the decision of the court for a fine

The New Times magazine appealed the court’s decision on a fine of 22 million rubles, Yevgenia Albats, editor-in-chief of the newspaper, told RIA Novosti.

“Yes, we filed a complaint, an appeal … In the Tverskoy court,” RIA Novosti quotes her.

Ministry of Health called the main risk factors for disease among Russians

Improper nutrition, low physical activity and smoking have become the main risk factors for developing the disease among Russians, according to preliminary data, more than 50% of those who underwent medical examination in 2018 have diseases that need to be monitored by a doctor, RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the Russian Ministry of Health.

In Russia, recall 8 million pills that provoke cancer

Medicines made on the basis of the Chinese drug, proved to be hazardous to health. It turned out that the active ingredient valsartan with long-term use contributes to the development of cancer. About 8 million tablets are subject to recall from pharmacies

The European Directorate for the Quality of Medical Products (EDQM) in the summer reported that valsartan contains a dangerous admixture of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). In small doses, it was considered not dangerous to health. The fact is that drugs based on this substance are prescribed to be taken for a long course, and this can already cause irreversible effects, including provoke the development of cancer, writes “Life”.

In Russia, they want to limit the number of points with alcohol

The number of stores with alcohol and tobacco in Russia can be reduced by 2.5 times – to about 50 stores per 100 thousand people. The expert council under the government proposed to establish a limit depending on the population of the region and its area. This is stated in the response to the project “Strengthening public health” (available from Izvestia), the document is part of the national project “Demography”. Its goal is to increase the average life expectancy of Russians to 80 years by 2030. For this, including, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. And price, time and space constraints are considered one of the most effective methods in this struggle. Daria Khalturina clarified that for comparison, in Scandinavia, there are about 15 stores per 100,000 people.

Russia needs an organization similar to the Komsomol

In general, the majority of citizens (80%) agree that in modern Russia a youth organization similar to the Komsomol is needed. Recall, as reported by REGNUM, on October 29, 2018, it was 100 years since the founding of the All-Union Leninist Communist Youth Union (VLKSM).

In Russia, interest in overseas travel and expensive leisure has fallen.

In Russia, interest in overseas travel and expensive rest has fallen, according to media reports citing tourist information Tutu.ru. In 2018, sales of tours fell by 40%

Also, the Russians have become more stingy when it comes to rest. Only 8% of Russians can afford to pay out more than 70 thousand rubles, but 45% are ready to rest for no more than 5,000 rubles.

In Russia, the first time they wrote out a fine for a hogweed for 400 thousand rubles

The Rosselkhoznadzor has fined an organization in the Moscow region for overgrowing a plot with weeds, including hogweed, to the amount of 400 thousand rubles, according to the website of the Rosselkhoznadzor Office for the city of Moscow, Moscow and Tula regions.

In the suburbs local doctors will no longer go to the house

District therapists in the Moscow region will no longer go to the house to the sick by the end of 2019. This innovation will not affect children up to seven years old and bedridden patients, said Region Health Minister Dmitry Matveyev on Tuesday, November 6.

Debts of Russians for housing and communal services will begin to knock out collectors

Debt collection on housing and communal services should be regulated within the framework of the 230-FZ, experts say. The law does not apply to the recovery of overdue debts in the housing and utilities sector, except for cases when recovery is carried out by credit institutions or professional collectors.

Petersburgers scored loans for a record amount

As reported by RBC Petersburg in the credit bureau “Equifax”, for the first nine months of this year in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, banks issued 626 thousand consumer loans totaling over 104.3 billion rubles. (for the three quarters of 2017 – 615 thousand and 71.1 billion rubles, respectively).

An average family in Russia can save up for an apartment in 5 years

The average Russian family takes an average of 5.2 years to save up for the purchase of an apartment, provided that it does not need to rent a house at the same time. The relevant data are contained in the study of the company “FinExpertiza”, reports “RIA-Real Estate”

VTB raised mortgage rates

Since November 6, VTB has raised mortgage rates by 0.4%. Under standard VTB programs, mortgage lending rates with comprehensive insurance from this day start at 9.3% per annum. This was reported in the press service of the bank.

Greek authorities decide to stop paying salaries to priests

The agreement provides that in the future the state will send a subsidy to the special church fund once a year to pay salaries to priests. This step means that priests will no longer be considered civil servants, and the church will distribute salaries to them from this fund.

In Germany, the trial began on the 94-year-old warden of the Stutthof concentration camp

In the German city of Münster, the process began over the 94-year-old Johann Rebogen, who, according to investigators, in 1942 – 1944 was a guard at the Stutthof concentration camp. In those years, Rebogenu was not yet 21 years old – his case will be reviewed by the juvenile criminal justice board.

Official from government dismissed for transferring working correspondence to the media

An employee of the government staff was fired for transferring official correspondence to journalists. This is reported by TASS, Interfax and RIA Novosti, citing a source in the Cabinet.


The Ministry of Finance will direct the purchase of foreign currency 525.8 billion rubles of oil revenues

“The total amount of funds allocated for the purchase of foreign currency is 525.8 billion rubles,” the department said in a statement.

It is noted that the expected amount of additional oil and gas revenues of the federal budget in November 2018 is projected at 513.8 billion rubles.

Societe Generale sells Polish Eurobank for 484 million dollars

French Societe Generale sells its retail banking business in Poland for $ 484 million to Portuguese Millennium Bank.

Hugo Boss quarterly abolition reduced by 18%

“A long, hot summer in Europe has had a negative impact on our business,” said Hugo Boss CEO Mark Langer.

The quarterly revenue of Hugo Boss has changed slightly – to 710 million euros, compared with 711 million euros a year earlier.

Nordgold’s net profit under IFRS for 9 months decreased by 4%

Nordgold’s net profit under IFRS for the nine months of 2018 decreased by 4% compared with the same period last year and amounted to 109.2 million dollars, follows from the company’s message.

Kazakhstan places two tranches of Eurobonds in euro for 5 and 10 years

Kazakhstan plans to place today two tranches of eurobonds denominated in euro for five and ten years, a source in banking circles told RIA Novosti
The benchmark yield of the issue maturing in November 2023 is 1.875-2% per annum, with repayment in November 2028 – 2.625-2.75% per annum.

In 2019, the budget deficit of Omsk will be almost 900 million rubles

Thus, the deficit is projected at 8.6%. “Let it not scare you. In principle, we covered the deficit of 2018 with additional revenues from taxes and non-taxes. Therefore, next year we do not plan to increase municipal debt, – said about

Billion city budget deficit discussed in Orel

As the deputy head of the city administration, Igor Kralichev, noted, the expenditure obligations of the city budget, which are to be taken into account in the coming year, amount to about 3.9 billion rubles.

Antimonopolschiki and tax check independent gas stations

The Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Federal Tax Service will be engaged in conducting unscheduled inspections of independent gas stations. They were instructed by the government following a recent meeting with oil workers, which was conducted by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

Chinese CITIC denied negotiations with Rosneft on oil supplies

On October 30, the Vedomosti newspaper, citing sources, said that CITIC Resources (a subsidiary of the Chinese state investment fund CITIC) would become a partner of Rosneft instead of the bankrupt Chinese company CEFC China.

Iraq will increase oil supplies to China by 60% in 2019

For oil deliveries to China, Iraq plans to increase shipments in the Turkish port of Ceyhan. SOMO will announce export plans for next year by the end of this month, said the head of SOMO

“Iraq is ready to supply about 1.45 million barrels per day to China in 2019, based on negotiations with existing long-term customers,” al-Yasiri told the agency on the sidelines of the China International Import Expo. At the moment, supplies are estimated at 900 thousand barrels per day, Chinaoil and Unipec are among buyers of Iraqi oil in China, the head of SOMO noted.

Azerbaijan plans to abandon Russian gas in 2019

“Signing a contract for the supply of additional volumes of gas from Russia is not being considered. Similarly, from Turkmenistan, ”said Ibrahim Ahmedov, a public relations representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), public relations.

Gas prices are rising in Uzbekistan

Prices for all categories of consumers will rise by 10.4%. From November 16, domestic prices for natural gas for all categories of users in Uzbekistan will increase by 10.4%, according to Uztransgaz website.

Russian business fears new US sanctions

A possible expansion of US sanctions raises concerns among 86% of large Russian companies, follows from a survey by Adizes Institute (management consulting company) conducted for RBC. Experts interviewed 1015 owners and general directors of companies from the segment of large business

A third of the Russian budget will go to defense and security

The cost of national defense, security and law enforcement will be 30% of the federal budget for 2019, as well as for the planning period 2020 and 2021.

“The draft federal budget for expenditures in the sphere of national defense and national security and law enforcement is provided in the following amounts. In 2019 – 2 trillion 382 billion, in 2020 – 2 trillion 456 billion and 2 trillion 523 billion in 2021” – this was announced by the director of the budget policy department in the sphere of the state military and law enforcement services and the state defense order of the Ministry of Finance Anatoly Popov.

Director General of Russian travel agency DSBW was declared bankrupt

The Moscow Arbitration Court declared the owner of Karen Goncharov, the tour operator of DSBW-Tours, which suspended in July, was declared bankrupt.

Lukoil and Eni signed an agreement on projects in Mexico

In accordance with the agreement, Lukoil assigns Eni a 40 percent stake in Block 12, remaining the project operator with a share of 60 percent. Eni, in turn, assigns Lukoil 20 percent in Block 10 and 20 percent in Block 14, remaining the project operator.

The GLONASS system will be handed over to Rostec and Russian Railways

As a result, a unified national transport and logistics ecosystem should appear in Russia. It will allow you to create a secure navigation environment for road transport across the country.

The work of the Housing Fund will be extended until 2026

The work of the Housing and Communal Services Reform Facilitation Fund will be extended until January 1, 2026. Such a bill the government submitted to the State Duma. The foundation was supposed to cease operations on January 1, 2019.

Rosneft net profit under IFRS for the nine months increased by 3.4 times

EBITDA for nine months increased 1.6 times, to 1.593 trillion rubles. Rosneft’s revenue for the reporting period increased 1.4 times, to 6.073 trillion rubles.

Rosnedra developed an accelerated assessment of oil reserves in the Russian Federation for inventory

Rosnedra developed a module for accelerated assessment of oil reserves in the Russian Federation for inventory, including in the context of price volatility, the head of the department Yevgeny Kiselev said.

43% increase in exports of agricultural products from Russia to China

For the first 9 months of 2018, the volume of agricultural exports from Russia to China grew by 43% compared to the same period in 2017 and reached a figure of $ 1.8 billion

Flood damage in Italy estimated at three billion euros

The damage from the rampant weather in Italy is estimated at billions of euros. The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of the country, Danilo Toninelli, stated this during a trip to the most affected areas in the Liguria region.

Apple shares began to decline due to low demand for iPhone XR

Apple asked manufacturers of its smartphones Foxconn and Pegatron not to increase the number of lines for the production of their most affordable iPhone model, called XR, due to low demand, the Nikkei Asian Review found out

Samsung announced the launch of QLED 8K TVs in Russia

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of the world’s first QLED Q900R 8K TVs production with the most accurate and most realistic screen resolution available today. The company’s plant in the Kaluga region will produce for the local market devices with diagonals of 75 and 85 inches.

New light transport aircraft “Baikal” will be released in 2020

The production of three prototypes of the Baikal light transport aircraft (TVS-2DTS), which will replace the An-2 (Kukuruznik), will begin at the Ulan-Ude aircraft plant in 2020, a spokesman told AirShow China 2018 on Wednesday. holding “Helicopters of Russia”.

VTB subsidiary in Ukraine ceased operations

The BM Bank’s license was revoked by the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), UNIAN reports on November 6. According to the report, “BM Bank” is a subsidiary of the Russian bank VTB. “BM Bank” voluntarily decided to terminate its activities, the NBU also excluded the bank from the state registry of banks

Ferrari quarterly profit grew by almost 5%

Italian automaker Ferrari presented financial results for the third quarter of 2018, according to which earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA) increased by 4.7% yoy and reached EUR 278 million ($ 316 million).

China and Arab countries discuss clean energy prospects

The sixth Sino-Arab Energy Cooperation Conference is being held in Cairo, discussing the creation by the parties of a joint center for training in clean energy, Xinhua reports on November 6 with reference to the statement by Liu Baohua, deputy head of the State Energy Administration of China.

Chinese Chengtong is negotiating the purchase of the hotel “Beijing” in Moscow

China Chengtong, a Chinese state-owned company, is in talks with Gals Development (owned by VTB) to buy a Beijing hotel in the center of Moscow, reports Reuters, citing sources

RusHydro launches wind power plant in Yakutia

The power company “RusHydro” put into operation a wind power station with a capacity of 900 kW in the Arctic village of Tiksi in Yakutia, RIA Novosti reports

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan sold another $ 10.85 million to support the national currency rate

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan on Monday sold $ 10.85 million in the domestic market to support the rate of the som, the national currency, the regulator’s website reports. This is the third intervention since September, the 28th since the beginning of 2018, taking into account transactions with day-to-day settlements and different from the date of the transaction.

VTB will finance EnergoTechService LLC for two billion rubles

As part of the limit, the bank entered into a loan agreement worth 200 million rubles for a period of two years. Borrowed funds are provided to finance the current activities of the company.

Venezuelan PDVSA has reduced the debt to Rosneft to $ 3.1 billion

In January-September 2018, Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA reduced its debt to Rosneft under a fuel supply contract to $ 3.1 billion, according to a presentation by a Russian company to an IFRS report.

The increase in oil reserves in Russia is reduced

The head of Rosnedra, Yevgeny Kiselev, said that this year the increase in oil reserves in Russia will reach 520-530 million tons. The degree of reproduction of black gold is declining despite the growth in funding for exploration. This was reported by the publication oilcapital.ru.


The Prosecutor General of Ukraine said he was resigning

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that he would file a resignation letter. He connected his decision with the accusations of an unfair investigation of the case of the attack on the adviser to the mayor of Kherson, Ekaterina Gandzyuk.

I have done my work and will do it. Everything that I promised Ekaterina Gandzyuk in the hospital was done and will be done. But I can’t allow myself to take the dual power in the country when the law-enforcement system is being destroyed, even in case of solved crimes. – Yury Lutsenko, Ukrainian politician

Erdogan called the “wrong” US sanctions against Iran

Turkey will not refuse to buy hydrocarbons from Iran despite the sanctions imposed by the United States, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, according to the Milliyet newspaper. He noted that the US sanctions against Iran “upset the balance in the world”, contrary to international law and diplomacy

EU extended for a year sanctions against Venezuela

The EU extended the sanctions against Venezuela for a year – until November 14, 2019. This is stated in a statement by the EU Council, circulated in Brussels on Tuesday.

Facebook blocked Trump’s campaign video

The Facebook social network refused to show for money an election video of US President Donald Trump about a “caravan of migrants” heading for the southern border of the States. The company decided that the video violates the rules of advertising in the social network.

Prime Minister of Bavaria elected Marcus Soder

Markus Soder was re-elected Prime Minister of Bavaria, 110 out of 202 deputies of the new parliament (land parliament – Ed) voted for him in October, N-tv reported.

State Department plans to introduce new sanctions against Russia

The US State Department intends to act in accordance with the law, which requires the introduction of new sanctions against Russia in connection with the case of the ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the official representative of the American Office Heather Nauert.

The head of the European Council said the “serious threat” of the withdrawal of Poland from the EU

The question of a possible exit from the European Union is regularly discussed in Poland against the background of reforms that are criticized by European institutions, the refusal to accept migrants and a critical attitude to the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, who previously served as prime minister of the country and is the co-founder of the current opposition Citizen Platform .

I am afraid that the desire in Europe to keep Poland at any cost may be less than in the case of Great Britain. So the situation, in my opinion, is very, very serious. – Donald Tusk, Polish politician

Governor of the Pacific island of Guam first elected woman

The first female governor elected on the Pacific island of Guam, which is the territory of the United States, according to the publication Guam Daily Post. On Wednesday morning, the first election results appeared.

200 km of the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline were laid

Already 200 km of the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline has been laid along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, the press service of Nord Stream 2 AG reported on November 6. According to the management company, 20 vessels are working on laying the pipeline, and laying is on schedule.

Washington removed Iranian port and railroad from sanctions

Washington removed international sanctions from the Iranian seaboard Chabahar, which is used to transit energy resources to Afghanistan and India, RIA Novosti reports on November 6 with reference to a representative of the US State Department.

In France, detained six people who prepared the attack on Macron

In France, six people were detained for their intention to attack the country’s president, Emmanuel Macron, BFMTV reported. It is noted that the attackers are close to ultra-right circles.


US anti-submarine aircraft conducted reconnaissance at the Kerch Strait

The Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft of the US Navy held a reconnaissance flight on the Kerch Strait and the Crimean Peninsula on November 6, the monitoring portal PlaneRadar reported on Twitter.

Lukashenka considered the Russian military base in Belarus unnecessary

During a meeting with a group of American analysts in Minsk, Lukashenka said that although Belarus is in military alliance with Russia, there are no plans to deploy a foreign military base in the country, reports BelTA.

Fictitious problem. We are in a military-political alliance with Russia. There will be a military base here, there won’t be – there is absolutely no difference. And we do not place this base here, not because we want to show you or someone that we are sovereign and independent. We do not place it, because it is not needed here. – Alexander Lukashenko

Macron proposed to create a pan-European army

French President Emmanuel Macron proposed the creation of an “all-European army independent of the United States.”

We will not be able to defend the Europeans if we do not decide to create a real pan-European army. We must have a Europe that protects itself mostly independently, without the United States. – Emmanuel Macron, French politics

The volume of development of new types of weapons increased by 35%

As REGNUM news agency reported, in recent years, the volume of export supplies of military products is at a consistently high level, at about $ 15 billion. The main advantage of Russian manufacturers is the consistently high quality of military products, which has no analogues.

Russia and China have agreed on the supply of weapons

Russia and China agreed at the Zhuhai air show about new supplies of Russian weapons. On this, as RIA Novosti reports, the head of the Rostec delegation at the forum Viktor Kladov said

Russia has increased the number of cruise missiles 30 times in six years

Army General Shoigu added that during this time “the number of carriers of land, sea and air basing increased by more than 12 times, and high-precision cruise missiles – more than 30 times.” The minister said about the reasons for such growth

Israel allowed the possibility of a strike on the S-300 in Syria

One of the Israeli ministers said about the possibility of a strike on the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems in Syria, supplied by Russia, in the event of an attack on the Israeli Air Force aircraft.

The radius of the S-300 is large, covers the entire territory of Israel, so the Syrians, if they wish, may try to shoot down a military plane over the territory of Israel or even a civilian plane. – Zeev Elkin, Israeli politician

Modernized air defense system checked in Iran

The Iranian army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps carried out strikes against training targets with Sayad-2 missiles compatible with Talas air defense systems used to destroy aerial targets at medium and high altitudes, Interfax reports.

Military-political management will strengthen the spiritual potential of the armed forces

The main military-political department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was established this year. One of the results of 2018 was the creation of the Main Military-Political Directorate within the structure of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

More than 33 thousand people left the Ukrainian army without permission

More than 33 thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine without permission left units or deserted for four and a half years. This was reported by several military-diplomatic sources of “Izvestia” with reference to the report of the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios on the state of law and order and military discipline in the country’s armed forces. Excerpts from the document is in “Izvestia”.

“This number includes both those who left behind without permission and deserters. What is the share of those and others, the chief military prosecutor does not specify. They catch very little, from the beginning of this year to September only 1587 fugitives were detained, ”said the source.

Russian weapons at an exhibition in Indonesia

Samples of Russian weapons for all types of troops will be presented at the International Exhibition Indo Defense Expo & Forum 2018 in the Indonesian capital, said Rosoboronexport.

The company clarified that the Pantsir-ME air defense system, the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system, the Su-35 multi-purpose super-maneuverable fighter aircraft and much more will be shown in Jakarta. Including ships “Karakurt-E” and “Sarsar”, amphibious aircraft Be-200, tanker aircraft IL-78MK-90A, BT-3F armored personnel carrier

NATO Anakonda large-scale exercises will start in Poland on Wednesday

NATO Anakonda military exercises begin in Poland on Wednesday and will be the largest exercises for Poland this year. The exercises are being launched with the aim of integrating allies and jointly countering possible hybrid and ordinary threats, RIA Novosti reports.

Russia and China signed three arms contracts

At the Airshow China 2018 air show in Zhuhai, the Russian and Chinese sides signed three new arms supply agreements. As noted by the channel “Russia 24”, which reported the conclusion of contracts, “their details so far are a military secret.”


Bitcoin mining turned out to be more energy-intensive than gold mining

The energy costs of mining some cryptocurrencies are comparable and even exceed the energy costs of extracting metals of equivalent value. A study on this is published in the journal Nature Sustainability.

The ozone layer will fully recover by 2060

According to the report of the World Meteorological Organization, the ozone layer of the Earth has been restored since 2000 by about 1-3% per decade. At this rate, it will fully recover in the Northern Hemisphere by the 2030s, and on the entire planet by 2060.

In China, a robot and drone taught to jointly explore the environment

China has created an algorithm that allows the drone and the robot to jointly create an environment map and avoid obstacles in it. In this way, the environment can be explored faster than one by one. An article about the experiment is presented in the Cornell University Library.

New experiments allowed to clarify the radius of the proton

The results of new experiments showing that the proton radius is 5% less than the generally accepted one were presented by physicists of the University of Virginia (USA).

Dairy products in East Asia began to be produced 3300 years ago.

Specialists from the Max Planck Society for Human History Institute conducted a genomic analysis of the remains of 22 East Asian residents who lived in the period 1380-975 BC and were buried in the territory of modern Mongolia.

In the UK, launched a computer that simulates the human brain

The Spiking Neural Network Architecture (SpiNNaker) supercomputer launched in the UK can perform more than two hundred million million (!) Operations per second, and thanks to this incredible performance, it can imitate a human brain

Men have more chances

Last year, scientists analyzed data on nearly 20,000 cases of cardiac arrest and found that a man has a chance to get first aid from a passerby and survive is 23 percent higher than that of a woman.

Coffee reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

The results of the study were published on the pages of the specialized publication Frontiers in Neuroscience. The fact that drinking coffee reduces the risk of dementia, scientists have long been aware of – the last study on the topic was conducted in 2011.

The effect of temperature on the activity of bacteria in the Arctic

A research team from the Tyumen State University and the Tyumen Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, under the leadership of Academician RAS Vladimir Melnikov, estimated the effect of temperature on the growth and enzymatic activity of bacteria of the genus Bacillus isolated from frozen deposits

Scientists compared the adaptation and growth of crops at temperatures of 5 ° C, 22 ° C and 45 ° C. It turned out that at a temperature of 22 ° С cultures grow with the greatest speed. Cultivation at 5 ° C significantly slows the growth of bacteria, but allows you to achieve the highest density of cells. At high temperatures of 45 ° C, the culture of bacteria grows so rapidly that it does not have time to achieve comparable indicators.

Scientists have learned to create antimatter with a laser

Scientists from the University of Lisbon have developed a new, even more effective way to create pairs of matter and antimatter.

“We have developed an“ optical trap ”that does not allow electrons to move too far after the moment of emission of gamma rays. We catch them and hit them again with powerful laser pulses, creating more gamma rays, which gives us even more pairs of particles, ”says researcher Maria Vlanich

Scientists have turned solar energy into liquid fuel

Swedish physicists from Chalmers University of Technology have developed a liquid that can absorb the energy of sunlight in molecular bonds, store it for several years and release it if necessary.

Proved that childhood stress is associated with adult depression.

Scientists believe that enlarged “depressive” cells may be associated with a change in the hematological barrier, which becomes more vulnerable, leading to a change in brain development and depression.

A hybrid of bacteria and yeast revealed the mysteries of the origin of mitochondria

Even people very far from biology remember that mitochondria are the “power stations” of eukaryotic cells necessary for the production of energy in the form of chemical bonds in ATP molecules.

Scientists have established the danger of noise to the vessels and the heart

The risk of heart attack and stroke increases threefold. Doctors now intend to find out whether it is possible to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the level of noise.

Scientists managed to recreate the sound of the interior of the Cordova mosque

Participants in the research project “Architecture, Heritage and Sustainability: Acoustics, Lighting, Optics and Energy” were able to restore the acoustic history of the Mesquita, the mosque of the Andalusian city of Cordoba, which is an architectural monument of world importance.

Removal of the appendix reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease

Scientists have found that removal of the appendix significantly reduces the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. The mechanism of its occurrence is associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

Earth weighed with neutrinos

A trio of researchers from the CSIC-Universitat de València and Universitat de Barcelona used data from the IceCube neutrino detector in Antarctica to measure the mass of the Earth. In their article, published in the journal Nature Physics, Andrea Donini, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz and Jordi Salvado describe the results obtained.

The participants call their method “neutrino tomography” and hope that as they accumulate observations, it will be able to produce more accurate results.

Scientists have taught the robot and the drone joint exploration of the world

Scientists from the People’s Republic of China have developed an algorithm that manages a tandem of a ground robot and a flying drone, and allows the apparatus to effectively create a map of the surrounding world.

The Japanese created a dog control system using lasers

Engineers under the direction of Satoshi Tadokoro from Tohoku University implemented the same principle of control using external stimuli in a different way – using a laser spot on the floor in front of a dog.

In the house of the first American president, the children found an ax

In the Mount Vernon Museum, which in the past was the estate of George Washington, two teenagers managed to find an ancient Indian stone ax. It is known that they lived on the territory of Virginia more than 8.5 thousand years ago.

The secret of successful Viking voyages in tar

It was tar that allowed the Vikings to make long sea voyages to Europe and swim across the Atlantic. This is the conclusion made by archaeologists from Sweden, writes The Guardian.

Researchers have found many pits in which tar was made. One such pit yielded up to 300 liters of tar, with which it was possible to grind several ships at once.


On board the ISS, a computer crashed.

“Roskosmos” confirmed that one of the computers of the Russian segment of the ISS failed. Earlier this was reported by the media with reference to unofficial sources.

Kazakhstan chose the American Falcon to the Russian “Union”

On November 20, it is planned to launch the first two Kazakhstani scientific and technological satellites with the launch vehicle Falcon-9 of the American company Space X, said the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan Aset Nurkenov.

Roscosmos will build a lunar base with robots avatars

Roscosmos specialists stated that for ten years a permanent visited base will appear on the moon, on which robots-avatars will work. The robots will study our satellite and will independently carry out all the research work.

It is about creating a long-term base, naturally, not habitable, but visited. But basically it is the transition to robotic systems, to avatars that will solve problems on the surface of the moon. – Dmitry Rogozin, Russian politician

Scientists have suggested the alien origin of an interstellar asteroid

The interstellar asteroid Oumuamua may be part of an alien research mission. This assumption was made by scientists Shmuel Byali and Abraham Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, a press release published on the portal of the Cornell University Library.

In Russia, will be created holding a space engine

The Russian holding of space engine building will be created in the country in the middle of next year. NPO Energomash will become the integrating company of the holding. The general director of NPO Igor Arbuzov told this at the Airshow Airshow China-2018, RIA Novosti reports.

NASA has found a landing site on Mars

The United States Aerospace Agency NASA announced the final selection of the site for landing the InSight station on Mars, the Zvezda TV channel reported on November 6 citing agency representatives.

A new unique star discovered in the Milky Way

An international team of scientists discovered in the Milky Way galaxy the oldest star about 13.5 billion years old, formed immediately after the Big Bang. The study will be published in the Astrophysical Journal, and the Phys.org portal briefly describes it.

Scientists have named new planets and satellites for the relocation of people

Simply put, if apple trees bloom on Mars, people will want to move. In addition to the “red” planet, humanity can move to the moon, but the conditions on the satellite of the Earth are not the best – the almost complete absence of the atmosphere and high levels of radiation

Scientists want to communicate with aliens using a laser

According to the Daily Mail, the laser power provided by American scientists should be enough to “reach” aliens living twenty thousand light years from Earth. This, if anything, is not so much by the standards of the vast universe.

In India, scientists have found ancient drawings depicting aliens

In India, in the temple of Charam, scientists have found ancient drawings depicting aliens. Especially the researchers were surprised by the fact that the walls depicted whole stories about their travels in space. In India, scientists have made a unique discovery in the form of ancient drawings of aliens.

China presented the layout of the base module of the space station

At the opening of the Zhuhai International Air Show, China for the first time presented the model of the base module of a promising space station, reports Xinhua. According to the plan, the assembly of the Tyangun space station (“Heavenly Palace”) in orbit will be completed around 2022.


Innovative toothbrush cleans teeth and gums in 6 seconds

The smartest toothbrush in the world created by UNOBRUSH. It can ensure gentle cleaning of teeth and gums in 6 seconds. Equipped a toothbrush device with the ability to transmit pulsed sound vibrations.

The five-chamber flagship Nokia 9

The expected five-chamber flagship Nokia 9 appeared on video and renderers. A selection of materials declassifying the appearance of the smartphone, appeared on the pages 91Mobiles

Presented by Huawei MateBook 13 with Share 3.0 and NFC technology

Huawei has presented a new laptop MateBook 13, which is an alternative to the recently introduced MacBook Air. Huawei has created MateBook 13 as an alternative to the Apple device. Their device received a screen with a diagonal of 13.3 inches.

November 8, Xiaomi will show the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

After the appearance of the first rumors about the launch of a new flagship smartphone at the London conference, experts immediately thought that it was a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. However, it has now become known that manufacturers can present the local version of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro smartphone to the public.

Apple has released an updated firmware watchOS 5.1.1

Owners who have failed after the update, are advised to exchange them for free with new ones. In the new version watchOS 5.1.1, bugs with Walkie-Talkie have been fixed and Fall Detection has been improved.

SK Hynix Unveils New 4D NAND Flash Memory

The company SK Hynix introduced a new memory, which was called “4D NAND”. Now this memory has become less by 30% and faster by 25% when reading.

The Barnes Noble Nook 10.1 Tablet is priced at $ 130

Barnes & Noble introduced the new Nook Tablet 10.1. In the US, the novelty costs only 130 dollars. The device is equipped with an IPS screen with a diagonal of 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels (the site has 1920 x 2000 pixels, but the pixel density is indicated at 224 ppi, which corresponds to a resolution of 1920 x 1200).

The amount of flash memory is 32 GB, there is a slot for microSD cards, and the autonomy should reach 8.5 hours. Also, there are two cameras with a resolution of 2 megapixels. The device dimensions are 261.9 x 158 x 9.7 mm. The tablet is running Android, but with its own shell of the company.

Startups will revive foldable communicators with a QWERTY-keyboard

The British company Planet Computers, specializing in gadgets with a hardware keyboard for typing, introduced the unusual Cosmo Communicator smartphone and launched a campaign to raise funds for it on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

HTC is preparing a mid-range smartphone with Snapdragon 435

Today it is known that the Qualcomm SoC 435 will serve as a base for the 2Q72XXX. It was built on an earlier Cortex-A53 model with 8 cores, 28 NM and 1.4 GHz clock frequency. The developers added a new HTC Adreno 505 as a graphics processor. The modem with modest technical capabilities is the X8, which has Cat.7 connectivity up to 300 megabits per second.

Hyper introduced the first USB hub for the new iPad Pro

The novelty was presented by Hyper. USB-C Hub, released by this manufacturer is suitable for this year’s iPad Pro with 11- and 12.9-inch displays.

Smartphones Realme will get fast charging

Managing Director of Realme India, Manhav Scheth, answering a user’s question on his Twitter, said that the new Realme 3 and 3 Pro smartphones will support VOOC fast charging technology. However, it’s not clear whether both smartphones will get this feature.

Xiaomi introduced the 65-inch TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4

The company Xiaomi has expanded the range of TVs 65-inch model Mi TV 4, which will cost about $ 755. The novelty boasts a thickness of 7.5 mm, a resolution of 3840: 2160 pixels, a refresh rate of 60 fps, 178 degrees viewing angles, support for HDR10, a single-chip system with four cores Cortex-A53 and ARM Mali-450 graphics with a frequency of 750 MHz , 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory, support for artificial intelligence PatchWall, as well as 8-watt speakers with support for Dolby + DTS

New version of Google Chrome will block intrusive ads

The new version of Google Chrome 71, which will be released at the end of the year, will be able to block ads that are annoying and misleading. Chronic violators of the rules waiting for the blocking of any of their ads, said on Tuesday, November 6, Ars Technica.

Tim Berners-Lee Introduces Network Code for Governments and Corporations

The creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee launched a campaign designed to persuade corporations, government and citizens to sign the “Network Code” – a set of rules to protect the free and open Internet, reports Reuters.

“Now for the Internet the turning point has come. We need a new “Network Code”, with a clear and rigid set of rules for those who have the power to make it better, ”said Berners-Lee at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon.

Facebook came up with a new way to spy on users

A Facebook patent was found on the Web, which describes an unusual method for finding friends. For its operation, the company will use the NFC and Bluetooth sensors located in the smartphone, reports Mirror. The patent was registered in 2016, but appeared on the Internet only today.

Programmers have developed a new algorithm for the protection of personal data.

Programmers from Stanford University have developed a system for the protection of personal data of users on the Internet. The algorithm is able to distribute incoming information into segments and encrypt separately.

In Japan, created the first ATM with artificial intelligence

Japanese developers have created an ATM with artificial intelligence. The terminal is able to analyze human behavior and, if necessary, cancel the issuance of money, reports Inforeactor.

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Air Purifier air purifier

Chinese brand Xiaomi produces various smart gadgets and devices under the brand MIJIA. Another new product was the Mi Air Purifier air purifier. The developers managed to ensure that the device was significantly more economical and more efficient than competing models.


In the Vatican will show masterpieces from the permanent exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery

The exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery “Russian way. From Dionysius to Malevich ”on November 19 will show more than 50 exhibits of Russian art in the Vatican. 47 exhibits will be from the Tretyakov Gallery, the remaining 7 – from other domestic museums.

Gallery director Zelfira Tregulova said that the entrance to the exhibition will make free, as it was supposed to first. She also noted that all art objects will be placed in special glass showcases.

In Sevastopol, it is planned to create a large cultural cluster

On November 6, after the reconstruction, a memorial complex of the city’s defense monuments “Malakhov Kurgan” was opened in Sevastopol. It is one of the six objects of the State Museum of Heroic Defense and Liberation of Sevastopol. In 2018, extensive repair and restoration works and landscaping were carried out on its territory, which have not been carried out since the late 1950s.

Tapestries of Joan Miro worth € 1 million saved in Venice

Two canvases were immediately delivered to a special workshop, where they were lowered into baths with calcium-free water for many hours and neatly washed the surface with nylon sponges from traces of sea water. Then tapestries rubbed infusion of field herbs and conducted thorough analyzes.

Thanks to the operational “drying” of canvases, only a little late in the palace “Dzaguri” on November 4, the long-planned exhibition called “From Kandinsky to Bottero” opened. The exhibition presents 100 works of masters from different countries and eras.

In Georgia, the newlyweds will give the book Shota Rustaveli

“We decided to restore the old Georgian tradition, according to which the newlywed family was given a dowry poem” The Knight in Tiger’s Skin “as a symbol of love, loyalty and equality”

Restoration of the Mikhailovsky Castle in St. Petersburg will continue

The Kuibyshevsky District Court of St. Petersburg refused to suspend the reconstruction of the courtyards of the main building of the Russian Museum – the Mikhailovsky Palace within the framework of the relevant lawsuit. This Tass reported in the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

On the sights of Russian cities will tell in “Zaryadye”

Moscow park “Zaryadie” began screenings of the film-excursion “Flight over Russia”, which tells about the natural and cultural attractions of the country. This Tass reported in the press service of the park.

140 years ago was born Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

One can only dream of such a creative fate that Petrov-Vodkin has developed. Thanks to a happy coincidence, from the shoemaker’s son in the county town, he rapidly grew into a famous painter, actively working in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Paris, Rome and Munich.

Michael Douglas got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The star of 74-year-old actor Michael Douglas appeared on Hollywood Walk of Fame. The ceremony took place on November 6, with Michael Douglas’s spouse Catherine Zeta-Jones and his father, the legendary actor Kirk Douglas.

Vladimir Spivakov recognized as a leading figure among Russian cultural figures.

The survey, which was attended by over 500 representatives of various media outlets from Eurasia, was held on the eve of the 13th International Media Forum for Young Journalists “Dialogue of Cultures”. It will be held in 2018 from 7 to 9 November. The award ceremony – the presentation of the sign “For a significant contribution to the dialogue of cultures” – will be held on November 8 at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg will host the V Film Festival of Switzerland

Cinemafilm Cinema Club presents the 5th jubilee Swiss Film Festival, which will be held from November 7 to 11 at the Giant Park cinema center.


The filming of the second part of “It” is completed

Andres Musketti officially completed the second part of the super successful horror “Ono” on the same co-lophobic work of Stephen King.

On the completion of the shooting period, which took 86 days, the director notified in his Instagram-account, having published a minimalist teaser poster

On the cult cycle of Terry Pratchett “Flat World” will remove the series

This was reported resource Deadline, referring to the source. However, there are still no details, except that in the first season, called “The Watch” (The Watch), six episodes are scheduled. It is unclear for how exactly the books of this volume series will continue to work. The script is occupied by Simon Allen (“Musketeers”), producer – Hilary Salmon (“Luther”). There is no certainty regarding casting and dates.

Andrew Lincoln starred in three films

According to Variety, Grimes, played by Lincoln, will be the main character of three full-length films that will be released on the AMC cable channel. The first film starts next year, its plot will be closely linked with the Walking Dead. This means that Sheriff Grimes will survive, despite the heavy wound received in the final of the last season.

Netflix showed the final trailer for the Cohen Brothers film

The Netflix channel showed the final trailer for the Cohen brothers’ ballad Buster Scruggs tape. Western will be available on November 16, and a week before this will be released in a limited rental in cinemas, reports buro247.

At the heart of the picture – six stories about different characters, whose action takes place in the Wild West. The leading roles in “The Ballad” were performed by James Franco, Liam Neeson, musician Tom Waits.

Ministry of Culture will allow to show in Russia “Hunter Killer”

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky during his visit to Sevastopol said that the American film Hunter Killer would be shown in Russian cinemas. Over the tape, which tells about the salvation of the Russian president by Americans, worked as director Donovan Marsh.

Started shooting the full-length film “Deadwood” on the popular TV series

Recall, the original show of the HBO channel showed from March 2004 to August 2006. It is based on the real story of the foundation in Deadwood of the state of South Dakota in the US state. The events of the series take place during the “gold rush”.

Claire Foy spoke about preparing for the role of Lisbeth Salander

English actress Claire Foy told how she prepared for the role of a hacker Lisbeth Salander in the film “The Girl Who Is Stuck in the Web”, RIA Novosti reports. Foy clarified that it took her three months to prepare for the performance of the tricks.

Warner Brosers to launch Paddington Triquel

Warner Bros. going to take down Paddington’s triquel. David Heyman – producer of the film, said that the director of the first two parts – Paul King, does not plan to return to the director’s chair of the project, but will keep shooting the upcoming film under control

In the 9th episode of “Star Wars” will appear the young emperor Palpatine

According to The Weekly Planet Podcast, in the ninth episode of Star Wars, viewers will see the young emperor Palpatine, who was killed by Darth Vader in the final of the Return of the Jedi. According to rumors, in the new film he will play Matt Smith, who joined the cast of the film in August

A trailer for a documentary film about Areta Franklin

The tape will tell about Franklin’s performance in the building of the Baptist church, where she sang songs included in the record Amazing Grace, recognized as the best gospel album in history. Work on the film took 46 years due to several lawsuits related to copyright. In 2008, Pollak, on the eve of his death, asked producer Alan Elliot to buy back the footage and finish the picture. In a wide release film should be released in 2019.

Universal Pictures will remove the continuation of “Shrek” and “Puss in Boots”

Universal Pictures Film Studio intends to withdraw the sequel to the cartoon films “Shrek” and “Puss in Boots.” This was told by the producer of the cartoon “Despicable Me” Christopher Meledandri in an interview with the publication Variety. As Meledandri noted, he intends to create something new, and not just a tape from a chain of sequels.


A-ha will perform in St. Petersburg in the autumn of 2019

A-ha will perform in St. Petersburg in November 2019. The concert will take place as part of the tour dedicated to the first album of the Hunting High ád Low.

Denis Matsuev will speak at a cultural forum in St. Petersburg

The concert will be held under the auspices of the Irkutsk Regional Philharmonic. According to the publication, the institution will pay the musician 2.19 million rubles. The International Cultural Forum will be held in St. Petersburg from 15 to 17 November.

The musicians from the “Bi-2” gathered the Cobain Jackets supergroup

According to the guitarist and songwriter “Bi-2” Shura (Alexander Uman), the initiative to make an unusual format, within which musicians from different groups and solo performers come together, was born after the end of work on the album “Event Horizon”.

Famous French guitarist Eric Franseri will perform in Tver

Text: Alexander Kharchenko Tver classical guitar lovers will meet again with one of Europe’s most talented musicians. Famous French musician Eric Franceri will perform at the Regional Academic Philharmonic on November 7

Feduk showed a mirror preview of the album “More Love”

Rapper Feduk has posted a video preview of several tracks from his upcoming album “More Love”. The album will be released on November 8, 2018

Sting came to Russia with concerts

British singer and composer Sting opens Russian tour with a concert in Yekaterinburg. Further in November, he will perform in three more cities of Russia. Together with Sting, American reggae performer of Jamaican origin Shaggy will appear on the stage of the Yekaterinburg-Expo center, organizer of concerts in Yekaterinburg and Kazan, Ivan Gomelsky, told reporters.

“Night snipers” celebrated their 25th anniversary with a concert in Moscow

The program consisted entirely of hits. “Catastrophic”, “Actress”, “Asphalt”, “Sounding”, “31st Spring”, “Roses”, “Boundary” – three dozen songs in three hours.

“I made a set list, based on what songs turned out to be the brightest in those 25 years. I want people to listen to what they love,” said group leader Diana Arbenina.

Muse will perform in Moscow next summer.

The concert will take place on June 15 in support of the eighth studio album of the group “Simulation Theory”. Its release is scheduled for November 9th. Tickets for Muse’s Moscow performance will be available from November 16th.

“Troitsa” brought “Tsar-Agony” from Belarusian expeditions

The Minsk ethno-trio “Troitsa” released the album “Tsar-Agony” in early November 2018.

Tokio Hotel travels to Russia with an anniversary show

The Tokio Hotel will give concerts in Russia as part of their world tour Melancholic Paradise. Performances will be held in St. Petersburg on June 13 and in Moscow on June 20, 2019, but the venues will be announced later.


Volkswagen introduced the compact pickup Volkswagen Tarok

The German automaker introduced a compact “cargo” model. The premiere of the Volkswagen Tarok concept was held at the Sao Paulo Motor Show. The model is focused primarily on emerging markets in Latin America.

A new model of the truck on the hydrogen plant introduced Nikola

According to the American automaker, the new tractor will be available in several versions, and the most powerful will receive a power unit with a capacity of 1000 hp. All the characteristics of the model have not yet revealed, but it was noted that the range of the model, depending on the version, will be from 500 to 1200 km. Nikola Motor will offer Tre in Asia, Australia and Scandinavia.

Updated cross Haval F7 received a price tag of 1 million rubles

The all-wheel drive system for the crossover is offered as an option. In the basic configuration, Haval F7 was priced at 109,000 yuan or about 1 million rubles, and for the most expensive option, 149,000 yuan or a little more than 1.4 million rubles will be asked.

Tesla Roadster will be the “fastest production sports car in the world”

Recall that the new Tesla Roadster debuted a year ago as a prototype. This electric car received installation with three electric motors

FAW unveils Hongqi HS7 serial version

The novelty becomes the serial version of the concept Hongqi S-Concept. The latter was introduced two years ago. At the base of the car is the platform that was used in the Hongqi H7 sedan, and this is the old Toyota Crown’s trolley.

Chrysler built a sleigh for Santa Claus

The American automaker Chrysler built a sled for Santa Claus based on its model, the Dodge Challenge. Christmas video, which shows how a brutal man dressed as Santa sits in a car with runners, has already appeared on the Web

Subaru accepts orders for a particularly powerful version of the WRX STI model

The Japanese carmaker Subaru began taking orders for a particularly powerful version of the WRX STI model. It is worth noting that the manufacturer will release only 50 copies of the cars of the specified modification. It is also known that the vehicle will be sold only in the Japanese market.

Officially introduced the new generation BMW S1000 RR motorcycle

At the EICMA 2018 motor show, BMW introduced the new generation S1000 RR motorcycle. The new bike received a new engine and suspension, it became lighter and faster than its predecessor.

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