7 Май, 2021

G7 adopts communiqué

In a communiqué following the meeting of foreign ministers in London, the G7 stated that it expects stable and predictable relations with Russia. The document indicates the readiness to cooperate with Russia in resolving regional conflicts.

“Nevertheless, we will continue to strengthen our unity in order to contain the behavior of Russia, which threatens the established world order, including in matters of cybersecurity and the spread of disinformation.

In addition, in the prepared communiqué, Russia is blamed for the threat to the democratic systems of other states. In addition, the G7 reiterated its call to investigate the possible use of chemical weapons against Alexei Navalny.

  • wants stable relations with the Russian Federation, but will step up efforts to counter the threatening behavior of the Russian Federation, as well as cyber threats and disinformation
  • calls on the Russian authorities to take measures to «de-escalate the situation» on the border with Ukraine and in Crimea
  • concerned about the situation with human rights in the Russian Federation, restrictions on the opposition, human rights defenders and the media
  • calls on the Belarusian authorities to release political prisoners and hold new elections
  • believes that China should cooperate constructively within a rules-based international system
  • called on the DPRK to avoid provocations and solve the nuclear problem diplomatically
  • considers the JCPOA the best way to solve the Iranian problem and welcomes contacts of the parties to the deal

China MFA of PRC: G7 on human rights violations infringe on China’s sovereignty

The Chinese authorities consider the joint statement of the heads of the diplomatic departments of the G7 (G7) countries an infringement on their sovereignty, accusing the PRC of pursuing policies that violate human rights in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang

Zoologists have discovered a «magnetic compass» in the cornea of ​​the eyes of bats

European biologists have found that bats use the cornea of ​​the eyes as a kind of compass that helps them determine their position in space during seasonal migrations.

Australian scientists explain the role of the appendix in the human body

Scientists have conducted a study to more fully understand why a person needs an appendix and what role it plays in the body. The mice were infected with Citrobacter rodentium bacteria. It turned out that rodents with an appendix survived the disease relatively well, unlike their counterparts without an appendage. The latter suffered from diarrhea and a significant deterioration in their condition, including deaths.

The study found that the appendix contains lymphoid cells, which are part of the immune system. If the organ is removed, this inevitably leads to a weakening of the immune system, since there is no place for lymphoid cells.

Blue Origin will first launch New Shepard with people on board in July

Blue Origin announced that it will launch its first New Shepard rocket with people on board on July 20, with one of the passenger seats being auctioned. Previously, the company conducted 15 tests, but none of them contained people in the rocket capsule.

The New Shepard launch vehicle is designed to fly six passengers at an altitude of 100 km above the Earth in suborbital space (for comparison, the ISS orbit is on average at an altitude of 420 km). It’s high enough for tourists to experience a few minutes of weightlessness and see the curvature of the planet, Reuters notes.

The State Duma supported the reduction of the speed limit.

The State Duma supported the reduction of the non-penalty threshold for speeding. Irina Chirkova, a member of the transport committee, told Rise that this would help reduce accidents.

“I can appreciate it as a driver with great experience and as a mother. The penalty threshold of 20 km / h is, of course, a lot. 40 km / h and 60 km / h, 60 km / h and 80 km / h are a big difference. When there was an increase to 20 km / h, I didn’t really like it as a person who worries about pedestrians and accidents on our roads. «

Earlier, «Kommersant» wrote that the authorities have returned to discussing the initiative to reduce from 20 to 10 km / h the free threshold for speeding. The government commission on traffic safety, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Transport to submit by August 1 an «agreed position» on this issue.

Foreign agent from Pskov transferred money to officials and politicians

The Pskov journalist, recognized as a foreign agent, transferred money to officials and politicians. Denis Kamalyagin pointed out in the report of the Ministry of Justice that the mayor of Pskov, the governor of the region and the State Duma deputy from the Pskov region received funding from a «foreign agent».

“I sent them funds by phone number, which were tied to a mobile bank, and in the last report of the Ministry of Justice reported that they received financing from a“ foreign agent ”. At that moment, the State Duma adopted a law on persons affiliated with “foreign agents”. In theory, these comrades who will participate in the elections should indicate at least 15% of their [advertising] space that they are associated with “foreign agents”. I did it back in mid-January; I’m interested in what will happen, ”the journalist told Meduza (recognized as a foreign agent).

According to him, after he made the story public, officials returned the money to him.

The Russian government decided to approve and submit to the president a proposal to denounce the open skies treaty.

Germany is ready to accept refugees from Belarus and Russia

Angela Merkel considers the option of accepting political refugees from Belarus and Russia

«Those who are in direct danger should be offered, if possible, to move to Germany.»

Sony has stopped selling SLR cameras

The Japanese company Sony has removed from the official website information about its latest released SLR cameras A99 II, A77 II and A68. Sony has not yet commented on this information.

In Japan, Canon holds the first place in terms of sales of digital cameras, controlling 36.8% of the market. Sony is in second place with 19.5%, Nikon is in third with 12.6%.