17 Apr, 2018

G7 countries supported the attacks on Syria

The leaders of the “Big Seven” (G7) issued a joint statement in which it expressed support for the air strikes, which struck the Western coalition on the night of 14 April to the Syrian government targets in response to an alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city Duma.

The joint statement circulated the office of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who presides over this association in 2018.

The leaders of the G-7 countries expressed readiness for a diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict.

“We remain committed to a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria. We commend and support the efforts of UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura to ensure a comprehensive and credible political transition [of power in Syria], in accordance with resolution 2254 of the UN Security Council and the Geneva communiqué” , – noted in the document (quoted by TASS).

In addition, G7 foreign ministers demanded an “urgent response” from Russia for the incident in Salisbury, where former colonel GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned.

“Any use of chemical weapons, regardless of the circumstances, is a direct violation of the international laws of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” the statement says (quoted by Interfax). It emphasizes that the use of poisonous substances “is a threat to all of us.”

Briefly about the main thing … …


In Yerevan, protesters began blocking the central streets

Participants in the protest action against the election of former President Serzh Sargsyan as prime minister started blocking the central streets of Yerevan, RIA Novosti reports. According to the agency, the protesters blocked the intersection of Tumanyan and Abovyan streets, as well as Mashtots avenue and Amiryan street.

Moscow will bring to the Hague participants in the provocation with the “hematacs” in Syria

Russia intends to bring people who participated in the preparation of provocations in Syria to the next meeting of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

We have irrefutable evidence that any incident on April 7 in the Duma was not, all of this – planned provocation British intelligence services, possibly with the assistance of Washington, in order to introduce the international community in misleading and justify aggression against Syria. – Alexander Shulgin, Russian composer

Trump postponed the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions

US President Donald Trump ordered to stop the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions, the Washington Post reported citing sources.

“Trump consulted with national security advisers on Sunday evening and told them that upset due to the fact that the sanctions were announced officially, because it still does not feel confident about their introduction” – the newspaper writes

Ukraine does not want to end the conflict in Donbass

Ukraine is not interested in ending the conflict in the Donbass, said Verkhovna Rada deputy Yevgeny Murayev on the TV channel “Ukraine 112”. According to the parliamentarian, the Ukrainian authorities do not comply with the Minsk agreements, since they do not care about stopping the war.

Minsk agreements are not being implemented until today. The government did not propose either an amnesty law, an election law, or a constitutional amendment. – Yevgeny Murayev, Ukrainian politician

France will deprive Assad of the Legion of Honor

France began the procedure of depriving Syrian President Bashar Assad of the Order of the Legion of Honor, reports RIA Novosti referring to the agency France Press. Asad was awarded the highest French award during his official visit to Paris in 2001.

The Russian embassy called the charges of cyberattacks a provocation by Britain

Accusations against Russia in cyberattacks are an example of London’s “reckless, provocative and unjustified policy” toward Moscow, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in London told reporters.

The State Duma will consider the bill on anti-sanctions

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin announced that the parliament will consider a bill on antisanctions against the US and friendly states on May 15. Prior to this, the document, which the speaker himself and the leaders of all party factions introduced for the Chamber’s consideration, the deputies will discuss with the experts.

It is necessary to proceed from the fact that the law is a framework law, it presupposes the granting of authority to the government, but only if we can take and replace this or that product, the goods with our production or supplies from abroad, but not lower in quality. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Russia changes its ambassador in Syria

Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinshchak will soon step down, Fontanka reports, citing unnamed interlocutors at the Russian Foreign Ministry. The publication says that the personnel reshuffle in the Russian diplomatic mission in Syria was initiated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Kinshchak will be replaced by the current Russian ambassador to the UAE, Alexander Efimov, writes Kommersant referring to diplomatic sources. Who will take the place of Efimov – the newspaper does not specify.

Trump still wants to meet with Putin

US President Donald Trump still wants to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and believes that it will be better for the world if Moscow and Washington have good relations, but this depends on Russia’s actions

Canada withdraws from Cuba the family of diplomats because of “acoustic attacks”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada has decided to return the families of employees of the embassy of the country in Cuba to their homeland because of the unknown sound impact, which Canadian diplomats had previously undergone in Havana.

The US is developing new trade measures against China

Presidential Administration of the United States Donald Trump is considering the possibility of introducing new measures in the trade sphere towards the PRC under the pretext that the Chinese authorities hamper the work of American technology companies. This was reported on Monday by The Wall Street Journal.

Prime Minister of Japan will go to the US on an official visit

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is on an official visit to the US on Tuesday for talks with President Donald Trump.

California refused to comply with the Trump plan to protect the border with Mexico

The authorities of the American state of California refused to fulfill the plan of US President Donald Trump, implying the involvement of fighters of the National Guard to protect the state border with Mexico. This was reported by the agency TASS.

The EEA will sign an agreement on cooperation with China in May

The Eurasian Economic Union (EEMA) and the People’s Republic of China will sign an agreement on trade and economic cooperation as early as May 2018, Izvestia reported two high-ranking sources in the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Doctors told about the state of health of Skripal

The state of health of the British agent and ex-colonel GRU Sergey Skripal, poisoned in Salisbury, is improving, he emerged from a critical condition. This was reported by the National Health Service of Britain.


Israel refused to confirm its participation in the new attack on Syria

Israel refused to confirm its participation in the new attack on Syria. Earlier, the information portal Al-Masdar, referring to a source in the Armed Forces of the Arab Republic, said that missiles aimed at the base Shayrat in the province of Homs, were released by Israel.

Lavrov spoke about Russia’s plans to send the S-300 complexes to Syria

In January it became known that after the reduction of the Armed Forces of Russia factions in Syria at the airbase Hmeymim remain powerful air defense system, including anti-aircraft missile systems S-400.

President Putin raised this issue. He recalled that a few years ago, at the request of our partners, we decided not to supply the Syrian S-300. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Achieve military domination in space

Washington plans to seek military domination in space, said US Vice President Mike Pence.

According to him, the head of the US state, Donald Trump, ordered the Pentagon “to strengthen space systems” in order to withstand the threats “associated with the aggressive development of anti-satellite weapons by Russia and China”

The Syrian Duma resumed battles between the army and the militants

After the withdrawal of wishing militants from the city of the Duma in East Gut, the detachments of the National Guard of Syria began sweeping the territory of those radicals who did not want to leave the city. The clashes between government forces and militants broke out in the Rahmani quarter.

The NATO Secretary General called the purchase of the Russian S-400 a sovereign right of Turkey

The purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 is the sovereign right of Turkey. This was stated by the Secretary General of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg during his visit to Ankara

The EU supported the air strikes of the United States, France and Britain on Syria

On April 16, the press service of the European Union published a document in which the EU expresses its support to the countries that attacked Syria in the morning of April 14. According to the Union, in the current situation and suffering of the Syrian people, it is the regime of their country that is to blame

China adopted a new ballistic missile

The People’s Liberation Army of China adopted a new medium-range ballistic missile. This was reported on Monday by the TASS agency, referring to the report of the Central Television of the People’s Republic of China, which showed the transfer of new weapons to the missile brigade


Engineer Valery Pshenichny died because of torture and rape in the remand center

The criminal case file on embezzlement at the Ministry of Defense during the construction of the submarine was raped and strangled in the St. Petersburg remand prison. His death was given for attempting to commit suicide, Novaya Gazeta writes.

According to the publication, engineer Valery Pshenichny died on February 5 after the investigative actions. On that day, the escort of the St. Petersburg SIZO No. 4 discovered him hanging from a hood of 40 centimeters long on a cord. Employees of the detention center gave out the suicide case.

A forensic medical examination carried out in February-March showed that Pshenichny did not commit suicide, but died as a result of physical injuries. The arrested were tortured, raped, and then strangled. On his body were found cut and stab wounds, in the mouth – marks from electrotrauma, in addition, his spine was broken.

The victim Valery Pshenichny was prosecuted in a criminal case about the theft of money during the construction of the Varshavyanka submarine for the Defense Ministry. He was the owner of the company Novit Pro, which developed a three-dimensional computer model of the boat.

Kolokoltsov awarded the most distinguished employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The ceremonial awarding of state and departmental awards to employees of law enforcement bodies, which showed courage in saving people, was held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. This was reported by the official representative of the agency Irina Volk.

Service in the police has always been and remains a matter of courageous and noble people, with a strong spiritual motivation, ready to risk themselves for the sake of others. And such actions, undoubtedly, deserve public recognition and cause respect for the police. – Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Russian statesman

Former member of the SS accused of involvement in the murder of more than 13 thousand people

In Stuttgart, Germany, a 94-year-old former SS member and guard of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp (Auschwitz) was charged with involvement in the murder of 13,335 people. This was reported by a representative of the local prosecutor’s office on the air of n-TV.

The State Duma may impose a restriction on registration in apartments or houses

Sale of microrodols (for example, one hundredth) in apartments and houses can be prohibited, as well as restrict the right of homeowners to register third parties. Registration can be obtained only in the event that for each tenant will account for not less than the accounting standard of the area.

Prosecutor’s Office of Yakutia checks data on the hunger strike of firefighters

The prosecutor’s office of Yakutia began checking after information appeared in the media about the hunger strike of fire department employees number 10 of the village of Kangalasy. The firefighters resorted to such measures because of violation of their labor rights, said the prosecutor’s office of the republic.

In the center of Moscow, the participants of the protest against the blocking of Telegram

On the Lubyanka Square in Moscow, several activists were detained against the Telegram blocking. A total of seven people were detained, among them Maria Alekhina and Dmitry Enteo, Rain reports. Later, Mr. Entea told Interfax that the number of detainees had risen to 13 people.

Users of the Network found the oldest meme

Internet users found the oldest meme in history. So, the first satirical pictures from the series “Waiting vs Reality”, drawn back in the 1920s, were found.

The Briton took the medicine and became gay

A resident of the British city of Louth, Lincolnshire, said he had become gay because of an anesthetic that was prescribed to him after a fracture of his leg. This is reported by the Daily Mail. 21-year-old Briton Scott Perdi believes that a change in sexual orientation led to a drug.

The Catholic Cardinal learned to cast out the devil by phone

Cardinal Ernest Simoni (Ernest Simoni) admitted that he was conducting exorcism sessions on his mobile phone.

Austrian police suspect 12 people in fraud with doping in the IBU

Austrian police suspect 12 people involved in the case of fraud with doping tests in the International Union of Biathlonists (IBU), according to nrk.no, citing a spokesman for the Austrian Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Economic Crime Ingrid Mashl-Clausen.

Abroad is dearer than home again

Tour operators noticed a surge of interest of Russians to foreign trips. There are growing demands for sea holidays and trips around Europe. Petersburg fixes an increase in requests for processing travel passports.

Regions with the highest cost of housing services

Most of all in Russia for the maintenance and repair of houses pay residents of Kamchatka – 44.83 rubles. for 1 square. m. This is reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to the analytical service of FinExpertiza. Among the most expensive regions were also Chukotka AO – 43.35 rubles. and the Yamalo-Nenets AO – 35.67 rubles. for the “square”.

The highest tariff for housing services in the country is 13.5 times higher than the lowest.

The least paid residents of Ingushetia – 3.3 rubles. for 1 square. m. Among the cheapest in terms of housing content of the regions were also the southern republics. Owners of apartments in Kalmykia deduct 9.31 rubles. for 1 square. m, and Kabardino-Balkaria – 11.71 rubles.,

The residents of Khabarovsk complained about the threat of collapse of the house

Residents of a newly built house in Khabarovsk told the All-Russian People’s Front (ONF) that because of the actions of the construction company their housing could collapse, the regional branch of the organization reports. The construction company RIA Novosti assured that the construction is carried out according to all the standards.

ROC about the benefits of raising the retirement age

In the Russian Orthodox Church, the retirement age is 75 years old, and elderly clergymen are trying to create sparing working conditions, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, head of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, said. On air of the TV channel “Russia 24” he noted that the ROC does not seek to reduce the retirement age.

Speaking about the proposal of the economist Alexei Kudrin to raise the retirement age, Metropolitan Hilarion noted that this decision has both pluses and minuses.

According to his observations, many priests and people who perceive the profession as a vocation, retirement is a big blow – they are hard to survive it.

In Rybinsk, due to debts for electricity, trolley buses

In Rybinsk, the lines of JSC “Rybinskelectrotrans” were cut off from power supply. The company did not pay debts for electricity. Trolleybuses got up at 3 pm on April 16.

Tickets for flights from Russia will rise by 6-7%

In accordance with the resolution of IATA (International Air Transport Association), exchange rates in global distribution systems are recalculated from Tuesday to Wednesday.
“From Wednesday, April 18, the rate will rise to 62.5 rubles per dollar and 77 rubles per euro, so tickets for international flights will rise in price by 6-7% .In average cost of flight abroad and back to 300 euros, the cost of tickets in rubles will change rather sensitive, “- said in the online reservation service OneTwoTrip.


Experts: “Winter Cherry” caught fire because of the leakage of the roof

The fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo was due to a short circuit that could cause leaks through the roof of the building.

The court arrested the person involved in the case of “seaside partisans” Vadim Kovtun

The Primorsky regional court imprisoned one of the defendants of the case of “seaside partisans” Vadim Kovtun for three months. As reported by “RIA Novosti”, the measure of restraint was changed at the request of the prosecution.

Moscow City Court left under arrest the brother of the co-owner of Sumy

The Moscow City Court dismissed the defense’s complaint for the arrest of Magomed Magomedov, the brother of the co-owner of the Suma group. This is reported by RIA Novosti. Thus, the accused will remain in custody until 30 May.

Police did not tie the pedestrians in Manchester with the terrorist attack

A pedestrian trip near a shopping center in English Manchester is most likely not a terrorist act. At least this conclusion has already been made by the local police, informs RIA Novosti with reference to the British media.

Moscow City Court overturned conviction for death of patient to doctor

The case was returned to the prosecutor’s office, the correspondent of Vedomosti reports. The Moscow City Court examined the appeal of the defense and the presentation of the prosecutor’s office against the verdict of the Cheremushkinsky district court against the hematologist Elena Misurina. She was convicted under point “c” of Part 2 of Art. 238 of the Criminal Code

In Tanzania at least nine people were killed because of downpours

In Tanzania, at least nine people were killed in the city of Dar es Salaam because of the heavy rains that go on for three days. This is reported by Citizen TV with reference to the police

Armenian Ministry of Health reports 46 injured in clashes in Yerevan

Some of the patients already received outpatient care and were discharged. One of the policemen needed surgical intervention. Protest actions are held in Yerevan against the nomination of former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan for the post of prime minister.


Russia cut its investment in US government bonds

Russia in February 2018 reduced the amount of investments in securities of the US government from $ 96.9 billion to $ 93.8 billion. For the entire 2017, Russia made the most investments in May – $ 108.7 billion, TASS reported citing the US Treasury.

The Central Bank lifted the restriction on raising the key rate

The key rate of the Bank of Russia can go both up and down – the regulator lifted the restriction on the impossibility of raising it. This statement was made by the head of the department of monetary policy of the regulator Igor Dmitriev.

China’s GDP in the first quarter of 2018 grew by 6.8%

“According to preliminary estimates, China’s GDP growth in the first quarter of 2018 was 6.8% per annum,” the report said. It is noted that this indicator was better than the official forecast and higher than the experts’ expectations.

Industrial production in Russia in the I quarter of 2018 increased by 1.9%

Industrial production in Russia in January-March 2018 grew by 1.9% compared to the same period in 2017, according to Rosstat.

The Central Bank is considering measures to limit foreign exchange lending

The Central Bank of Russia is considering new measures to limit foreign currency loans, seeking to prevent a new wave of accumulation of currency risks in the system. This was reported by the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank Ksenia Yudaeva, speaking at the international banking forum “Treasury 2018”.

In these conditions, it is very important for us to prevent a new wave of accumulation of currency risks in the system, so we are now considering the feasibility of introducing additional measures to limit foreign exchange lending. – Ksenia Yudaeva, Russian statesman

Dvorkovich considers the growth of the dollar to 64 rubles uncritical

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that the fluctuation of the national currency and its weakening to 64 rubles per dollar is not critical.

But, as we see from the dynamics of the market, supply and demand gradually come into balance, because everyone knows that we should not expect further sharp leaps. Everything happens quite smoothly. – Arkady Dvorkovich, Russian statesman

Annual inflation in Russia in April will be 2.3-2.6%

Annual inflation in April, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, will be 2.3-2.6%. This is stated in the Information and Analytical Commentary of the Ministry of Economic Development “The Picture of Economy”.

The profit of the bank “Saint-Petersburg” has doubled

The net profit of Bank St. Petersburg for the 1st quarter of 2018 amounted to 1.1 billion rubles, doubling compared to the results for the 1st quarter of 2017. Net interest income was 5.1 billion rubles (+ 17.8% compared to the results for the 1st quarter of 2017).

The US wants to change the credit policy of the World Bank

Washington is trying to change the credit model of the World Bank (WB). This was reported on Monday by the Financial Times.

According to the publication referring to its sources in the US Treasury, the head of this department, Stephen Mnuchin, is negotiating with the World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim on the bank’s credit policy, which provides for an increase in the WB capital by the country’s shareholders by $ 13 billion with a reduction in lending to the PRC and the allocation of more funds developing countries.

The Financial Times writes that according to the World Bank data, in 2017, China was the largest borrower of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a member of the WB Group, receiving loans for $ 2.4 billion, which is 11% of the volume of its lending, which is more than the bank allocates on education and health programs around the world.

Prices for gasoline at Moscow’s gas stations rose by more than 0.5%

From 9 to 16 April at the gasoline stations in the capital, petrol and diesel fuel went up by 0.55-0.62% compared to last week, the Moscow Fuel Association
Due to high oil prices and the depreciation of the ruble, petrol and diesel fuel are still more profitable to sell for export: the difference with the wholesale price for diesel fuel is 6 thousand rubles. per ton and 10 thousand rubles. per tonne of AI-95.

Only reliable banks will be able to participate in state contracts

In Russia, new requirements are introduced for banks involved in the implementation of government contracts. This was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting with vice premiers. For such financial institutions set a minimum level of credit ratings.

The document that I signed introduces additional requirements for banks that participate in the execution of government contracts, their reliability should not cause any doubts, since the system of public procurement is significant for the country and should be under control. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

Banks with capital below 1 billion rubles are deprived of the right to issue guarantees of payment of taxes

A number of large private banks participating in the deposit insurance system (CERs) in Russia are deprived of the right to issue bank guarantees for their acceptance by the tax authorities. This follows from the decree of the government, which comes into force on May 3.

The export duty on oil from May 1 will rise to $ 118.5 per tonne

According to the calculations of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the export duty on oil from May 1, 2018 will increase by $ 7.1 to $ 118.5 per ton.

Transit of petroleum products through Ukraine fell 9 times

The volume of transit of petroleum products through Ukraine fell by 9 times. As the correspondent of RIA “New Day”, if in the first quarter of last year it was 140 thousand tons, this year – only 17.5 thousand tons.

Azerbaijan increased oil production, export and drilling

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) in January-March 2018 increased drilling volumes compared to the first quarter of 2017 by 14% – up to 40.5 thousand meters, Interfax reported. In total, the company drilled 15 wells in January-March 2018.

In total, oil production in Azerbaijan in the first quarter of 2018 amounted to 9.7 million tons and increased by 2.4% compared to the same period last year.
The extraction of natural gas during the period under review amounted to 7.3 billion cubic meters (an increase of 5.2%).

Japanese Kawasaki implements gas chemistry projects in Uzbekistan

Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd plans to take part in the construction of a gas-to-gasoline (GTG) plant in Uzbekistan.

Japanese Marubeni will enter the project “Novatek”

The project concerns the construction of a liquefied natural gas storage facility. Following the meeting of the Russian delegation with Marubeni and discussing the prospects for cooperation, Japanese businessmen announced their readiness to invest in construction.

The regulator of the Federal Republic of Germany took into account the “Nord Stream-2” in terms of development of the country’s gas network

The Federal Grid Agency of Germany began consultations on the development plan for the country’s gas network in 2018-2028, taking into account the Nord Stream-2 project. This is reported in a press release of the regulator.


Lolita is not allowed to attend her daughter’s school prom

Lolita is not allowed to attend the event in honor of the release of her daughter from school. This year, the girl takes the final exams. The singer noted the impossibility of being present at this solemn event, as the Ukrainian authorities added her to her “black list”.

Angelina Jolie was secretly taken to the hospital

Presumably, Jolie fainted in her own house, and she was immediately hospitalized. In this case, that the star was in the hospital, was not known until now. Doctors after the examination recommended the actress a normal diet – it is believed that Jolie was depleted and weak.

Buzova all night flirting with a famous hockey player in a nightclub

It seems that the newly-made singer Olga Buzova is tired of being alone and yet decided to discover the world of other men. The star came for a birthday to the hockey player Ilya Kovalchuk in a nightclub and spent the whole holiday in the company of another hockey player Alexander Radulov

The former soloist of “Leningrad” sells itself for 100 thousand rubles

Alisa Voks, the former soloist of the Leningrad band, began collecting money on the Internet for the release of her solo album. Last week, the star “Labutenov” announced a fundraiser for the record “Pop”, which is due to see the light this summer.

Dana Borisova renewed relations with married ex-boyfriend

About 15 years ago, the stars already had a romantic connection, Borisova even starred in a clip from a popular singer at the time

The priest from “House-2” almost threw out his beloved from the eighth floor

Walter Solomentsev can not find a place. A former participant in the reality show “Dom-2” rushes between the ex-spouse Galina, with whom they will soon have a third child, and Olesya Lisovskaya. The girl does not know how to escape from the compulsive suitor.

The girl of the football player of “Lokomotiv” will perform at the “Eurovision-2018”

I believe in Croatia’s victory at Eurovision and I hope that the sympathies of Russians will be with us, “said the football player. Well, we wish Frank success in Lisbon, and Vedran good health and excellent football in the Premier League in the “Locomotive” and at the World Cup – 2018 in the colors of the Croatian national team.

Proklova defended Rudkovskaya and justified her strict methods of education

For the producer has already stood up Xenia Sobchak, who does not see anything terrible in such methods of raising children. The other day Elena Proklova also defended Rudkovskaya and justified her methods of upbringing. The actress herself brought up two daughters.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar first received the Pulitzer Prize

Rapper Kendrick Lamar was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in musical nomination for his fourth studio album DAMN.

In St. Petersburg will choose the best young vocalists

The jury members will select the best vocalists for participation in the concert of chamber vocal music and the final grandiose gala concert of the winners of the show, accompanied by a symphony orchestra, which starts on April 21 at the Chapel of St. Petersburg.

Rammstein began recording the seventh studio album

In support of their words, the musicians also published several reportage shots from the studio. Impressed and the way, there is a discussion of new songs in the patio La Fabrique. About that Rammstein composed about 35 songs, back in March 2017 their guitarist Richard Kruspe informed.

The exhibition “The Ming Dynasty: the Shine of Scholarship” opens in Moscow

In the museums of the Moscow Kremlin on April 16 opens an exhibition of art objects belonging to the Chinese era of the Ming Dynasty. “The beautiful samples that will be in the exhibition halls of the Kremlin museums will allow the viewer to show practically all aspects that the culture of the Ming epoch is famous for,” the museum said.

In Germany, a scandal erupted over the award of rappers-anti-Semites

In Germany, hotly discussed results of the annual music award, one of the winners were the rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang, accused of anti-Semitism, reports The Guardian. It coincided that the solemn ceremony of awarding was appointed for the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Being drunk is the norm”

The Scottish band The Jesus and Mary Chain, when she was at the height of glory in the 1990s, nicknamed “Sex Pistols number two” – and not only for noisy music, but also for disgusting behavior at concerts.

The musicians could go on stage with a delay of two hours, play five songs, standing with their backs to the fans, and then go to the pub, leaving the concert hall to be torn to the furious crowd.

In 2019, the festival “Russian Seasons” will be held in Germany

“Russian Seasons”, designed to acquaint foreigners with Russian culture, will be held in Germany in 2019, and it means the creation of special projects for this country. This was announced on Monday by the State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky.

Experts found a mistake in the name of the picture of Ivan Shishkin

Specialists from the Saratov Historical and Art Museum named after Radishchev found an error in the name of the picture of Ivan Shishkin, the newspaper Izvestia reports. For 94 years, the canvas was exhibited in the Serpukhov Museum under the title “Forest in the Spring”

According to experts, a copy of this picture, made by Nikolai Khokhryakov, is in the Saratov State Museum and is called “The Swamp in the Forest”, and on the reverse side is the inscription “The Last Leaf”.

The final trailer for the movie “Chernovik” was released based on Lukyanenko’s novel

In early March, studio Sony Pictures released the first trailer for the movie “Draft”. At the end of December 2017 the creators of “Draft” showed the first materials for the film. In the video with a welcoming speech made Sergei Lukyanenko.

The Hermitage launched a series of online excursions in the “VKontakte”

Photo courtesy of the Hermitage The State Hermitage launched a series of online excursions on its social networking page VKontakte. The first of them was laid out by the Hermitage on Monday. Let’s note, excursions pass in the air

British football players found the film “Coach” very realistic

Director Danila Kozlovsky was able to answer the question why people around the world love this sport, this is the opinion of the stars of the English Premier League.

“It’s a great movie, it shows the right way to sports, to football, that’s why I really liked it,” says Chelsea FC defender David Luiz.

“Yes, the film is very realistic, very similar to how we feel when we play,” adds Chelsea FC defender Gary Cahill.

American director is working on a series about crypto-currencies

In the United States, work is under way to create a series dedicated to the blockbuster and virtual currencies. The author of the anti-utopian project “HardFork” is directed by Doug Carr. As it became known, the multiseries tape will tell about the future, where the power was in the hands of a group of rogue states.

Kim Jong Eun watched the ballet “Red Women’s Squad”

Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong-un and his wife Li Sol Zhu watched the ballet “Red Women’s Squad” performed by the Chinese art troupe. At the end of the performance, under the stormy applause of the audience, Kim Jong-un and Li Sol Zhu rose to the stage and shook hands with the artists, Xinhua reports.


Viber warned Russian users about messenger messaging

The popular Viber messenger warned users of the messenger on the territory of Russia about possible failures in their work when using the built-in telephony function.

Windows Anti-Virus started blocking uTorrent service

Built-in antivirus Windows Defender began to consider the service uTorrent viral and block the program, reports ExtremeTech. Windows already warned users that the uTorrent program is “potentially unwanted software”

In WhatsApp a new feature will appear

Messenger developers are testing a new feature: images, videos, documents and voice messages from users will be stored on the server. After removal from the phone, they can be restored within two months.

Mastercard will protect the identification data with the help of a blockade

According to the electronic edition of CoinDesk, the operator has already applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to officially register its know-how. The system proposed by the developers will function with the help of a private or semi-private block.

Roskomnadzor will require the removal of Telegram from the App Store and Google Play

Roskomnadzor will send inquiries to App Store stores and Google Play stores and will require the removal of the Telegram messenger. This was stated by the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, TASS reported.

Application Kate Mobile to access “VKontakte” fully earned

On March 16, 2018, the social network administration VKontakte blocked the API for accessing the news feed for the Kate Mobile application. Immediately it is worth noting that this program, according to many, is the most convenient and simple client for the Russian social network.

The new Facebook-virus attacks computers in Kazakhstan

Residents of Kazakhstan complain about the operation of the Facebook-virus, which attacks computers and endangers thousands of people a day. The system of action consists in that the attack is performed on a certain user after his transition to a special link.

Facebook is trying to restore its reputation

In the Facebook User Tape today, April 16, a suggestion was made to check the security and data transfer settings for other applications that are connected to the social network account

Roskomnadzor is studying tools to bypass the Telegram lock

As Tass learned from the press service of Roskomnadzor, specific decisions will be taken based on the results of the audit, noting that the court’s decision to stop creating conditions for access to Telegram is entrusted not only to the agency itself, but also to “other persons”, including including the owners of VPN and proxy services.

Experts reported on the elimination of a glonass in the GLONASS system

The glonass in the work of the Russian navigation system GLONASS has been eliminated, the system is operating in the normal mode. This is reported by TASS with reference to the representative of the company “Russian Space Systems” (RKS).

The new smartphone Xperia XZ2 Premium introduced by Sony

The flagship smartphone Xperia XZ2 was introduced by the manufacturer from Japan Sony. It should be noted that the diagonal of the screen of the device is 5.8 inches, there is a HDR-display 4K with a resolution of 2160×3840.

New threat for gadgets based on Android

The Android.Click.245.origin, a Trojan found in the Google Play catalog, downloads cyber-sites from sites where users are lured. If they click the “fraudulent” button responsible for downloading applications, an automatic subscription to paid content offers. The virus can deceive users and force them to subscribe themselves.

The Trojan is distributed under the guise of known programs, including the GetContact application, designed to make calls and perform actions with contacts. The Trojan can also masquerade as the voice assistant “Alice”, built-in “Yandex”, but not yet available as a stand-alone software

Xiaomi can prepare for the presentation of Mi A2 and the release of Redmi 6A

The presentation of the smartphone Mi A2 and the release of Redmi 6A can be prepared by the Chinese company Xiaomi. It is also possible to stop sales of the previous model Xiaomi Mi A1. Experts noted that Mi A2 is an analog of the Mi 6X, but the first is planned to be sold on the international market.

Samsung and LG reported the end of production of LCD TVs in China

About the termination of release of models of LCD TVs in China have informed companies Samsung and LG. Experts believe that such a decision of companies is explained by the imposed duties on the part of the United States on a number of goods imported from China.

Samsung has created a smartphone with a cut-out in the screen, like the iPhone X

Everything indicates that soon Samsung can start releasing smartphones with a cutout in the display similar to that of the iPhone X. And since there is no fingerprint scanner on the back of the future case, it is guaranteed to be built right into the display, as in telephones Vivo X20 Plus UD and Vivo X21 UD.

Oppo patented the fingerprint in the display

Let’s remind, that earlier technology of placing of the scanner of a fingerprint in the display has patented Meizu. The pioneer in the market, which produced the first device with a fingerprint sensor in the display, was the vendor Vivo, who presented the smartphone X20 Plus UD in January

Sony has reduced the Digital Paper reader based on E Ink with a stylus

Sony introduced a smaller version of its tablet based on digital ink Sony Digital Paper. Earlier, it released 13.3-inch readers, and now became available 10.3-inch model. If the predecessors were in A4 format, then the model with the Sony DPT-CP1 label is closer in size to A5.

VTB creates a hybrid data warehouse

VTB creates a hybrid store for retail data and analytical solutions. This is stated in the message of the bank. Investments in the project will amount to more than 1 billion rubles.

“2GIS” began to cooperate with Apple

In “2GIS” they told that they have been cooperating with Apple since the middle of March. They provide the company with information about institutions in 290 cities. The service declined to comment on the financial side of the cooperation.

In the application “Suburban ticket” launched the function of QR-code

In the updated application “Suburban ticket” introduced the function of generating QR-code. As explained in the press service of the Moscow-Tver PPK, now when buying a ticket for electric trains of the Leningrad direction on the smartphone’s screen, its symbolic copy will be displayed.

KOOLNEE reduced the cost of K1 to 139 dollars

The company KOOLNEE has reduced the cost of the smartphone K1. The device with a large screen of 6 inches and a dual camera can be purchased on the trading platform of AliExpress for only 139 dollars


The mathematical model explained the plankton paradox

Scientists mathematically modeled the life of microbial communities, explaining how they manage to maintain diversity and stability simultaneously. Scientists call this the plankton paradox. One of the main theories explaining the paradox is based on two basic principles.

The first is that some bacteria eat the waste and waste that secrete the rest. Another relies on the fact that newcomers in the community should choose free ecological niches or, better than other members of the community, occupy existing ones.

Scientists have identified more than 100 new genes that determine hair color

The predominance in the hair of the first element betrays to them a dark color. Under the influence of pheomelanin, women develop a more reddish shade. For his research, Spectrum together with colleagues analyzed about 300 thousand people among Europeans and identified previously unknown 124 genes that determine hair color.

Physicists first obtained metallic silicon at atmospheric pressure

Korean scientists for the first time received a metallic phase of silicon, which remains stable at atmospheric pressure and passes into a superconducting state at a temperature of about 12 kelvins.

For portable electronics, flexible and efficient solar panels have been created

Scientists from Japan and the United States have developed flexible solar panels that can convert light into energy with an efficiency of up to 10 percent and retain efficiency when heated to 100 degrees Celsius, according to the developers in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Neural network taught to draw cartoons in the text script

Developers from the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the University of Illinois created the CRAFT (Composition, Retrieval and Fusion Network) system, whose task is to generate an animated picture in text description

A new danger of painkillers is found

Taking paracetamol and ibuprofen during pregnancy harms the reproductive system of the fetus. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, reports MedicalXpress.

Scientists have discovered a fish with a “folding knife” in the cheek

American scientists have discovered another protective mechanism – spikes, retracting into the cheeks. With the help of these “folding knives” wart scares the enemy and nails the one who tries to eat it. For the movement of thorns there are many small muscles, for some of which this is the main function.

An implant has been created that will protect women from sexual transmission of HIV

The authors of the new technique proposed the use of hydroxychloroquine, a drug against malaria that has a mild immunosuppressive effect and is prescribed for certain diseases of the immune system

Genetically modified people will appear in Europe

British scientists said that the first genetically modified people will appear in Europe, since now studies on the modification of human DNA for the treatment of blood disease have been successfully carried out. This is transmitted by the overseas media.

Scientists have found 80 new depressive genes

Scientists managed to identify about 80 new genes responsible for the onset of depression. This disease is one of the most common abnormalities of the mental state. Depression, accompanied by severe symptoms, affects millions of people.

Protection from the immunodeficiency virus

Just one injection of modified antibodies protects the macaque from the monkey immunodeficiency virus on average by 20 weeks, according to a study published in Nature Medicine. The results of this work in the future can help in the development of injections for the prevention of HIV infection

Singing serenades with the tail of a hummingbird reduces the Doppler effect

Biologists found that males of a species of hummingbirds sing love songs with the help of tail feathers. At the same time, they counteract the Doppler effect in order to appear attractive to females. More information about this research can be found in the journal Current Biology.


SpaceX postponed the launch of the missile with the telescope TESS for the search for exoplanets

The US company SpaceX postponed the planned launch on Monday of the Falcon 9 missile, which is to put into orbit a new NASA telescope to search for potentially suitable for life planets. The fact that the launch of the postponed company SpaceX reported on its page on Twitter.

A potentially dangerous asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower flies to Earth

A potentially dangerous 2013 US3 asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower flies to Earth at a speed of 8 km / s. Heavenly body as close as possible to our planet on April 29 at about 18.29 Irkutsk time.

Russia and Belgium will work together to develop microsatellites

The companies will be engaged in the joint assembly and launch of the CubeSat microsatellites. On Monday, the press service of the Glavkosmos company informed that the organizations of the Russian Federation and Belgium will cooperate in the space sphere.

The reason for the unsuccessful launch of the Chinese missile Changzheng-5

Based on computer simulations and ground tests, experts determined that the launch of the Chinese Changzheng-5 missile was unsuccessful due to a malfunctioning engine turbine nozzle of the first stage.

In the first half of 2018, China will launch a new satellite, “Fengyun II”

As reported in the news agency Xinhua, China Aerospace Corporation decided to launch into orbit a new meteorological satellite “Fengyun II”, which should complement the groupings of such vehicles. Its launch is planned in the first half of this year.

Infiniti named prices for the updated QX80 for Russia

For the Russian market, the model will be offered in two trim levels with one engine and in seven- or eight-seat versions.

The initial cost of the seven-seat version of the crossover is 4,855,000 rubles, and for the base version of the eight-seat version, 4,870,000 rubles will be asked. The second equipment of the 7-seat version is estimated at 5 185 000 rubles, and 8-seat – 5 200 000 rubles.

“AvtoVAZ” presented an “off-road” version of the sedan Lada Vesta

The company AvtoVAZ presented sedan Lada Vesta Cross. The novelty was shown at a special event in Moscow, which took place on the evening of April 16. It is reported that the cross-version of the four-door was presented by the chief designer of AvtoVAZ Steve Mattin.

Volkswagen brought to test a new generation of hatchback Golf

Unlike its predecessor, the hatchback of the new generation will become lighter by 70 kilograms. It is assumed that the new Golf will use the design of the elevator Arteon and crossover Touareg. In the cabin will be a completely digital instrument panel.

Overclocking of the 5007-strong hypercar from Devel was shown on video

The video showed a hypercar, in which the ICE only works on 20% of its capacity. It is worth noting that the engine for Devel Sixteen is being developed by a company that deals with motors for dragsters. For 5007-strong output, the engine was equipped with four turbines.

Child seat with airbags for the first time went on sale

A video with tests of the world’s first child seat with airbags was published on the web. The cost of the chair from 780 dollars and it is still available only in the UK.

Kia announced the premiere of the versatile Ceed

South Korean auto giant KIA is preparing for the premiere a serial version of the new version of its popular model Cee’d in the body of Shooting Brake. It is expected that the car will officially be presented this fall at the international motor show in Paris.

Company Aiways presented electric crossover U5 Ion

The other day in China, a presentation of a new electric crossover U5 Ion, which was created by Aiways. The model will go on sale only in 2019. The model is built on the basis of the MAS architecture, on the basis of which 15 more new models of the company will be built.

Skoda showed a new crossover Skoda Kamiq

The novelty will be the smallest and affordable crossover of the company, and its debut will be held at the Auto Show in Beijing in April. Previously, a crossover named Skoda Kamiq has been seen many times by photo spies, and now the manufacturer has published the official sketches of the model.

DS has published a teaser of the new DSX E-Tense concept with a smooth silhouette

DS brand, controlled by Citroen brand, showed a teaser video of the new DSX E-Tense concept. With this prototype, the French showed their vision of cars in 2035.

Haima showed a crossover with a design in the style of the new Hyundai Santa Fe

The novelty will officially be presented on April 25 at the international motor show in Beijing. It is noteworthy that the Chinese have “borrowed” the design of the front part of the SUV from the new Hyundai Santa Fe: the car received similar head optics on LEDs and a hexagonal grille.

Porsche assembles sports car 911 Turbo from cubes Lego

Porsche Company presented a copy of the classic sports car 911 Turbo 3.0, which was collected in full size from cubes of Lego. The car became part of the exposition of the German stamp museum in Stuttgart.


Virtual Skyrim helped the player lose 4.5 kilograms per week

The player in Skyrim was able to significantly lose weight with the help of virtual reality technologies. About his technique, he wrote on the forum Reddit. The user under the nickname elliotttate claims that he managed to turn the VR-version of Skyrim into a specific exercise device for physical activities.

Riot Games develops a new online shooter

The game will have much in common with Counter-Strike. Considering the company’s experience in developing similar projects, besides successful ones, Riot Games is likely to be able to press Valve again. Information about the development of a new online shooter surfaced on Twitter’s account of Guillaume “neL” Canelo.

On GOG, the sale of the most coveted games of service began

CD Projekt Red carefully watched the most coveted games among gamers and today has arranged a real holiday: in GOG, a sale began, at which the games got the games that gamers wanted to acquire the most.

The new part of God of War was seriously influenced by the creator of “Mad Max”

This Friday, gourmet gaming action games, waiting for the long-awaited release of God of War, available for PlayStation 4. The inspirer and creator of the further adventures of Kratos Corey Barlog, admitted that he was inspired by the past cooperation with the director of the second part of “Mad Max” George Miller.

Cracking Far Cry 5 has opened access to the game on the web

Hacking the game Far Cry 5 allowed to distribute the game on the Internet. A group of hackers from the CPY association told about the corresponding action. The product was able to hold out with a full license for only 18 days, which is significantly less than the achievement of Far Cry Primal.

Developers of the strategy Iron Harvest collected 1.5 million dollars

Initially, the authors requested 450 thousand dollars – this money was collected for the first day. The rest of the amount allowed to unblock the announced super-targets: the “new game +” mode, test maps, the fast battles mode, cooperative scenarios and even a new campaign.

New trailer Kingdom Hearts III

Disney introduced the new trailer Kingdom Hearts III – the next part of the series of role-playing games in which the characters of Final Fantasy meet with characters from various Disney universes. The video is dedicated to mini-games that will be present in the project

State of Decay 2 will appear on Steam

During the stream a message appeared about the impossibility of connection to the Steam server. It also became known how much space the game will take on the hard drive – in the Microsoft Store there was information about the game, among which was the “weight” of the future game. The version of the game for the PC will occupy 20.31 GB.

The author of the amateur remake of Ocarina of Time showed dungeons

Currently, CryZENx is working on an amateur remake alone, and when the project is ready, it is not known. In addition, it can close at any time, because Nintendo disapproves of the user transformation of their projects.

Sega released a simplified and inexpensive version of the PlayStation 5

Developers Sega introduced a new model of the console called Mega Drive. The developers plan to put the device into production already this year. It will be a cheaper and simplified version of the PlayStation 5. Not an approved price is about $ 100.

Logitech Australia will sponsor Gfinity Elite Australia

Damian Lepore, Managing Director of Logitech Australia in New Zealand, added: “Logitech G and Astro are an integral part of the gaming community, and our partnership with Gfinity Elite Series Australia in 2018 demonstrates our commitment to the development of eSports”

MapleStory 2 is sent to the West

The company Nexon is preparing to release a Western version of the prequel of one of the oldest online role-playing games MapleStory. At home, in Korea, MapleStory 2 was released in 2015. And on May 8, beta testing of the English version will begin.

The game about the escape from hell Agony was censored

Developers urge users not to be upset about censorship, as all the main points remain the same. Agony gives users the opportunity to go out of hell. Gamers can turn into a spirit, become a martyr or demon.

Kotaku: the creators of Mafia 3 are working on a new BioShock

Notorious Kotaku editor Jason Schreyer conducted another large-scale investigation and found out that some of the key developers of Mafia 3 had moved to the new secret studio Take-Two Interactive and were working on a new part of BioShock.

In the Sea of Thieves “Insatiable abyss” will try to absorb the players

In the current year, the Sea of Thieves will receive a number of updates. The first of them will be released in May under the title The Hungering Deep, translated into Russian means: “Insatiable abyss”.

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