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24 Дек, 2022

Gas field found off the coast of Cyprus

A consortium of the Italian energy company Eni and the French TotalEnergies discovered new natural gas reserves in the Zeus-1 well, the volume of which is tentatively estimated at 2-3 trillion cubic feet, according to the Euraktiv portal.

According to the publication, 2 trillion cubic feet equals approximately 72 billion cubic meters of gas, while the annual consumption of this fuel in the European Union is estimated at almost 400 billion cubic meters.

This is the third consecutive major gas discovery in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus, in a maritime zone known as Block 6. In August of this year, a deposit was already found there in the Cronos-1 well, in 2018 — in Calypso-1.

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Members of the European Parliament proposed to ban manufacturers of equipment from the use of non-removable batteries. The corresponding provision was published on the website of the European authority. The forthcoming law aims to increase the service life of devices and improve the environment


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