26 Май, 2021

Gazprom plans to build Lakhta Center 2

Gazprom plans to build a 703-meter skyscraper in St. Petersburg, Interfax reports, citing the company’s press service. Lakhta Center 2 on the coast of the Gulf of Finland will become the second tallest building in the world and the absolute record holder for the height of the observation deck (590 m). The spiral tower, which, according to Gazprom, will symbolize «an inextricable link with the history and traditions of St. Petersburg,» will exceed the first Lakhta Center by 241 meters, which cost the company $ 2.5 billion.

Earlier, Gazprom paid $ 3 billion for the finishing of the new office of the Lakhta Center. This is more than its construction. Also, Gazprom will build a yacht club near St. Petersburg for 27 billion rubles


The heads of state and government of the EU countries have decided to expand sanctions against Belarus, as well as to include new persons and organizations in the sanctions lists, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

“We discussed this issue very intensively, and everyone agreed that this was an unprecedented and unacceptable act,” she said, referring to the landing of the Ryanair passenger liner in Minsk and the subsequent arrest of ex-editor-in-chief of Nexta Telegram channel Roman Protasevich and Russian woman Sofia Sapega. who flew this flight.

“We ask Belarus to release both of them immediately,” Merkel added.

According to the chancellor, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) must urgently investigate the incident with the airliner, since in this episode there was a violation of international agreements.


The Belarusian pro-government Telegram channel has published a video with Sophia Sapega. In a half-minute video, Sapega gives his details and place of residence, and then says that he is the editor of the telegram channel Black Book of Belarus, «which publishes personal information of employees of the internal affairs bodies.» The girl’s mother, Anna Dudich, told Rise that she didn’t believe in her daughter’s connection with this telegram channel: “I’m sure it’s not true!”


A Novaya Gazeta source said that on May 25, Sfya Sapega was interrogated in the presence of a lawyer on duty in the KGB pre-trial detention center. Her lawyer Aleksandr Filanovich was not allowed into the isolation ward. The Belarusian authorities suspect Sofya Sapega of organizing mass riots, a source familiar with the case file told Novaya Gazeta. If Sapieha is transferred to the status of an accused, she faces up to 15 years in prison, the newspaper notes.

“She was charged under Part 1 of Art. 293 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (Organization of mass riots accompanied by violence against a person) and Part 1 of Art. 342 of the Criminal Code (Organization of group actions that grossly violate public order and are associated with obvious disobedience to the legal requirements of government officials or entail disruption of transport). «


The UN called the forced landing of a plane to kidnap Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend Sofia Sapega «a stunning case» and a new round of repression in Belarus.

“The way Protasevich was kidnapped from the jurisdiction of another state and transferred to the jurisdiction of Belarus under the threat of the use of military force is tantamount to extraordinary extradition. Such abuse of state power against a journalist for the exercise of functions that are protected by international law deserves the most severe condemnation, ”the UN statement said.

They called for the release of the detainees and emphasized that information obtained under pressure cannot be used against Protasevich in any legal process. Such forced confessions are prohibited by the Convention against Torture.