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1 Дек, 2022

Global Pension Index 2022

The Natixis Global Pension Index 2022 has been released. It shows which countries best support their senior citizens.

The annual report looks at 44 different countries and ranks them based on 18 factors that are grouped into four main categories: health, quality of life, material well-being, finances in retirement.

With an overall score of 81%, Norway ranked first in the ranking of countries with the most favorable conditions for retirement. It is followed by Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Australia.

It is interesting which countries are leading not in general in the TOP, but according to different indicators. For example, Finland ranks first in terms of the quality of life of older people, and Singapore leads in terms of «finance in retirement».

The first place in terms of «material well-being» was demonstrated by the Czech Republic. It is the first in the world in this segment. This could break the country for the first time in the top ten in the overall rankings.

Here, perhaps, it is important how this indicator is obtained. The Wealth Index is based on performance across three dimensions: income equality, per capita income, and unemployment.

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In Indonesia, they decided to put up for sale at once more than 100 uninhabited islands. These are more than 100 untouched islands in the so-called «Coral Triangle», which is in the eastern part of Indonesia. Together they occupy an area of ​​over 10,000 hectares. The one who acquires the islands will have the right to use them in any way he wants.


Metallica have announced their first album in 7 years «72 Seasons» and released a video for the song «Lux Æterna». The name of the upcoming record, according to vocalist James Hetfield, means the first 18 years of a person’s life, which form his true or false self. A collection of 12 tracks will be released on April 14


From September 2021, when the energy crisis began, to November 2022, EU countries allocated 600 billion euros to support consumers to protect them from a sharp rise in prices. The UK has allocated 97 billion euros for these purposes, and Norway — 8 billion euros, according to a report by the Brussels think tank Bruegel.


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