25 May, 2018

Government of Russia confessed to the artificial devaluation of the ruble

Over the past year and a half, the government and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation have artificially devalued the ruble by almost 20%.

Shocking recognition was voiced at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2018) at the session on supporting exports from the lips of the head of the MAYOR Maxim Oreshkin. It was about the “budget rule”, under which the RF Ministry of Finance buys on the MICEX currency for all budget revenues from oil over $ 40 per barrel. If not for this, at a price of $ 80 per barrel, the dollar would now be worth 50 rubles as before the crisis and would be cheaper, the Russian economic development minister said.

According to him, a cheap ruble is needed by the authorities to support exports and the stability of its terms. The dollar exchange rate at the pre-crisis level would have knocked out the competitiveness of all, Maxim Oreshkin assured listeners.

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Donald Trump announced the cancellation of the historic meeting

President of the United States Donald Trump announced his decision to cancel a historic meeting with the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-no, which was to be held on June 12 in Singapore. This is stated in the letter of the American leader to his North Korean counterpart, which was published by the NBC television channel.

“Unfortunately, given the anger and open hostility with which your last statements were made, it seems to me inappropriate to hold these negotiations,” the document says.

“In connection with this, I ask you to regard this letter as an official notification that the summit of the two countries will not take place,” the US president stressed and added that the abolition of the meeting would benefit both states, but would damage the world community.

North Korea declared its readiness to hold a summit with the US at any time

North Korea is ready at any time and in any format to hold a summit with the United States, which was unilaterally abolished by Washington, Rönchap reported citing the Deputy Head of the North Korean Foreign Ministry Kim Kye Gwan.

Putin commented on accusations of Russia’s involvement in the collapse of MH17

Putin noted that Russia is not allowed to investigate the catastrophe of the Malaysian liner. According to him, Moscow can recognize the results of the investigation if it takes full participation in it. The President recalled that Moscow initially offered to work together to investigate this tragedy.

The Ukrainian side works there, despite the fact that Ukraine violated international rules and did not close the airspace over the territory where the fighting took place. It works, but Russia does not. Therefore, we do not know what is written there, on what is based what the commission writes there. – Vladimir Putin

Maduro accused the US of intending to stage a military coup in Venezuela

Representatives of the US leadership intend to put an end to the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela through a military coup. This opinion was expressed on Thursday by the president of the South American country, Nicholas Maduro, the site of the television channel Globovision reported.

About the new posts of Rogozin and Shuvalov

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Dmitry Rogozin as the head of Roskosmos

By another decree, the head of state appointed Igor Shuvalov chairman of the state corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank).

Before signing the documents, Putin held meetings with the candidates and officially offered them posts. This is reported on the Kremlin website.

Putin assessed the nature of relations between Russia and China

China is Russia’s largest trade and economic partner, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with Vice Premier Wang Qishan on the SPIEF-2018 fields.

The Chinese delegation is the most representative – 200 people. This is natural, because China is Russia’s largest trade and economic partner. The Chinese-Russian cooperation has acquired an unprecedentedly high and very high-quality character. – Vladimir Putin

US imposed sanctions against Iranian and Turkish airlines

The US imposed sanctions against two Iranian and one Turkish airlines, as well as three logistics companies registered in Turkey.

Twitter will introduce new rules to prevent influence on the elections

Social Networking Guide Twitter introduces new rules for posting political ads to limit the influence of other countries on US elections.

Trump described the spy in his presidential campaign headquarters

President of the United States Donald Trump on Thursday, May 24, said that the former head of national intelligence, James Clapper, confirmed the presence of a spy in his campaign headquarters during the presidential race in 2016.

The authorities of Amsterdam want to ban Airbnb

Representatives of the four ruling parties of the Netherlands proposed to prohibit short-term rental of housing in busy areas through the Airbnb service, reports NlTimes


The US House of Representatives adopted the draft budget of the Pentagon for 2019

The House of Representatives of the US Congress passed a bill on the budget and policies of the Ministry of Defense for the fiscal year 2019 by an overwhelming majority. The total amount of funding for the Pentagon is $ 716 billion in accordance with the request of US President Donald Trump.

Head of UAC reported on state tests of MiG-35 fighter

The head of the United Aircraft Corporation, Yuri Slyusar, announced the start of state tests of the MiG-35 fighter. In addition, he said that the mass production of fighters has already begun. Since 2019, the UAC plans to begin delivering fighter jets to the Russian Air Force, “RIA Novosti” writes.

Exploration at the borders of Russia for a week led 14 aircraft

Fourteen aircraft per week carried out reconnaissance activity at the air and sea borders of Russia. This was reported by the newspaper of the Russian Armed Forces Krasnaya Zvezda.

Training on antiterror in the Far East regions

More than 10,000 servicemen take part in a comprehensive training on countering terrorism, which began in the Far East, May 25, the press service of the Eastern Military District (VVO) reported.


Unknown beaten in the capital of the figurant of the “swamp business” of Nikolai Kavkazsky

According to the Caucasian, one of the attackers pushed the activist’s satellite, and “then said that it was he who pushed him.” After this, the activist was knocked to the ground and began to beat with his feet. Causes of the attack are unknown

The deputy of the European Parliament from Lithuania was banned from entering Russia

The deputy of the European Parliament from Lithuania, investigating the murder of Boris Nemtsov, was banned from entering Russia

“I have just been informed that I have a five-year ban on entry to Russia, perhaps the ban is related to my function in the Council of Europe and my role in the investigation of the circumstances surrounding the murder of Boris Nemtsov,” said Lithuanian politician Emanuelis Zingeris.

Committee to Protect Journalists Condemns Ban on “RIA Novosti” in Ukraine

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) urged the Ukrainian authorities to refrain from blocking the sources of information, regardless of their nature, the report said on the organization’s website.

The Swedish parliament passed the law “On consent to sex

According to the document, in the absence of explicit verbal or physical consent of the partner, the sexual act is equated with rape.

“This is modern legislation based on modern relations. This should be fixed in the mind of every boy or man in Sweden – he must make sure that the one with whom he is going to have sex, does it voluntarily, “said Justice Minister of Sweden Morgan Johansson.

With the adoption of the law, Sweden became the 10th country in Western Europe that recognized sex without consent as rape.

The law comes into force on July 1, 2018.

The action against the “growing repression” of law enforcers

Human rights activists announced in Moscow an action against “growing repression” of law enforcers

The initiative belongs to human rights activists led by the leader of the movement “For Human Rights” Lev Ponomarev and the head of the MHG Lyudmila Alekseeva. The idea was supported by opposition parties and politicians. The fear of human rights activists is caused by actions against civil society.

“We are extremely concerned about the human rights situation, and after the inauguration of the president, different prohibitive initiatives have appeared again, both in the legislative field and the powers of law enforcement bodies have increased quite severely.” All this represents a threat to democracy in the country and a threat to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, “Ponomarev explained.

In South Korea, for a salary debt, a Russian ship was arrested

On the arrested ship there are eight Russians – residents of the Primorsky Territory and the Sakhalin Region. Currently, according to the captain, the crew received a salary for March, waiting for payments for April. The shipowner promises to pay off the debt after selling the products.

The State Duma supported the increase of the duty for a new generation of passports

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on increasing the state duty for issuing a new generation of passports. According to the initiative, for the receipt of a document with an electronic information carrier, an adult will need to pay five thousand rubles, and a child under 14 years of age -2.5 thousand rubles.

In 2018, the ferry service between Sakhalin and Japan is canceled

In 2018, the ferry service between Sakhalin and Japan is canceled, Tass reports. It is noted that the operator of the company “Hokkaido Sakhalin Line” this year will not conduct a ferry service between Korsakov and the Japanese port of Wakkanai on the island of Hokkaido

In Russia, enhanced security measures begin to take effect

Strengthened security measures on the eve of the World Cup on football are beginning to operate in Russia today. Around fan zones, you can not buy alcohol and other soft drinks in glass bottles.

Named the most favorite occupation of Russians

The study, which brings the most pleasure and pleasure to Russians, was watching TV – 34% of respondents answered that, 26% enjoy when they get good money, and 24% enjoy spending time with children, according to the poll of the Levada Center,

Golikova proposed to develop in Russia a system of corporate pensions

On May 24, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said within the SPIEF that there will be no return to the mandatory funded pension system in Russia, today it is necessary to develop a voluntary pension system. In Russia, since 2014, there is a moratorium on the formation of pension savings.

Volumes of insurance premiums, which used to be used for accumulation, go to the distributed part. This discussion is inevitable. Undoubtedly, it will continue in the context of changes in principle in the pension system, which are to be discussed. – Tatiana Golikova, Russian economist


Stroytransneftegaz plans to build another gas pipeline to China

One of the main owners of Stroytransneftegaz, Gennady Timchenko, told RBC’s correspondent at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum that after the completion of the construction of the Siberia Power pipeline, the company plans to start building another gas pipeline to China.

Siluanov spoke about the government’s work on tax reform

The SPIEF-2018 takes place in St. Petersburg on May 24-26. MIA “Russia Today” acts as an information partner of the forum, broadcasting news on information screens and telling about key events on its flagship website.

There will be a decrease in respect of direct taxes. As for the oil industry workers, we plan to complete the tax maneuver. We have already decided to reduce excise taxes on refined products from July 1. – Anton Siluanov, Russian statesman

VTB and SOGAZ sign an agreement on combining insurance business

VTB Group and SOGAZ insurance company signed an agreement on the sale of 100% of VTB Insurance at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2018), the Interfax correspondent reported from the signing ceremony.

OPEC countries and Russia are thinking about increasing oil production

The agreement is being fulfilled by 150%, the FT notes, that the participating countries of OPEC + do not bring to the market even larger volumes of oil than the 1.8 million barrels a day they agreed on in 2016. This is also explained the fall of oil production in a deep economic crisis in Venezuela.

Siluanov: reduction of excise taxes on gasoline will deprive the budget 140 billion rubles

First Vice Prime Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov said that the volume of budget revenues falling due to the decision to reduce excise taxes on gasoline will be about 140 billion rubles.

Putin approved the completion of the tax maneuver in the oil industry

Exactly evaluate the effect will be possible only after the appearance of the final parameters for completing the tax maneuver, but in any case, transferring the load in the extractive segment from the export duty in the MET allows significantly increasing tax revenues by expanding the tax base in physical terms more than 2 times, says the director of the Moscow oil and gas center EY Denis Borisov.

The average price of gasoline in Russia exceeded 42 rubles

The average price of diesel fuel overcame the mark of 43 rubles. per liter. As of May 21, diesel fuel was sold for 43.1 rubles. per liter. Over the week, gasoline prices rose by 1.8%, diesel fuel – by 1.6%. The production of gasoline for the week decreased by 1.2% – to 657.6 thousand tons

The reduction of excise taxes will not lead to a drop in gasoline prices

The implementation of the Russian government’s plans to reduce excise taxes on gasoline will not actually lead to a reduction in fuel costs, said Vagit Alekperov, head of Lukoil

Mubadala Petroleum Fund and RFPI buy out 49% in Gazpromneft-Vostok

On Monday, May 21, Gazprom’s board of directors approved a deal to sell a stake in Gazpromneft-Vostok. The buyers are the Mubadala Petroleum Fund and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

“Rusal” invited the government to purchase aluminum in reserve

Under the US sanctions, Oleg Deripaska appealed to the government with a proposal to buy aluminum from Rusal in the state reserves. This is reported by news agencies, journalists in the margins of the SPIEF said a source in the government

Megafon and SLV closed the deal to merge Svyaznoy and Euroset

“MegaFon” and SLV group Oleg Malis closed the deal to unite “Svyaznoy” and “Euroset”, TASS reported citing a spokesperson for the operator

Total and Novatek are planning a new joint project

The French Total, participating in the Novatek project Yamal LNG and a shareholder of the Russian company, and Novatek itself are planning a new joint project, Tovs co-owner Novatek Gennady Timchenko said.

“Today, Novatek will sign another serious agreement, Total is ready to enter the next stage of cooperation, another joint project,” Timchenko said.

Timchenko added that this is a big, serious project that will add 0.15% of GDP per year, but did not give details.

Netflix became the most expensive media company in the world

American entertainment company Netflix on Thursday, May 24, overtook Disney and became the most expensive company that deals with online streaming.

International reserves of Russia fell by $ 1.4 billion

International reserves of Russia showed a decline of $ 1.4 billion in a week, Gazeta.Ru reports with reference to the Central Bank. On May 18, they amounted to $ 456.3 billion compared to $ 457.7 billion a week earlier

Kudrin named the way to find money to fulfill the “May decree”

It is preferable to receive money for execution of the “presidential decree” by not raising taxes, the head of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin stated in the fields of SPIEF-2018.

“I think if we need to choose between adjusting the budget rule for five dollars or raising taxes, then here is an unambiguous conclusion – it’s better to adjust the budget rule and not raise taxes,” he quotes RIA Novosti.

The National Bank of Ukraine has allowed the state banks of the Russian Federation to capitalize their “daughters”

On May 24, 2018, the National Bank of Ukraine authorized Russian state-owned banks to capitalize on their subsidiaries under sanctions. This is stated on the website of the Ukrainian regulator.


The naked daughter of Lubov Uspenskaya made a furor

Tatyana Plaksina, daughter of the national artist Lyubov Uspenskaya, struck the web users with piquant pictures, where she poses naked. Corresponding shots appeared on the page of the girl in Instagram.

Rosa Syabitova showed a chic breast on a massage table

The 56-year-old TV presenter showed her breast to the young doctor. In social networks she laid out a photo where she lay on the couch in front of the doctor absolutely naked.

Samburskaya was first published after a terrible “beating”

Nastasya Samburskaya was first published after “beating”. The star of Univer and the leading Revizporo was noticed by fans in the photo, which was published in Instagram by secular lioness Ulyana Bananova. The picture was taken at the birthday of DJ Smash.

Angelina Jolie can stay without children for a long time because of Brad Pitt

Between the Hollywood actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt again flared serious scandal. However, this time on the horse was Pitt, and his ex-wife can be without children for a long time.

Vladimir Sterzhakov first frankly told about the fight against cancer

In “Live” Sterzhakov admitted that he was diagnosed with cancer of the abdominal cavity. About that he is not healthy, they started talking after he was taken to the ambulance practically from the stage

Edward Matsaberidze spoke about the fight against cancer

The famous actor and TV host Eduard Matsaberidze recently shared with the fans the terrible news – doctors diagnosed him with lymphoma. The artist decided to share with the fans details of the fight against cancer.

Victoria Bonya believes participation in the “House-2” hard work

Telediva remembered the project, which gave her fame throughout the country. Victoria said that her popularity makes one feel responsible. Yesterday, the 38-year-old telecast star met with students of the Higher School of Television and Cinema Ostankino.

Eight women accused Morgan Freeman of harassment

The 80-year-old actor has not yet commented on these charges. Eight women accused the popular Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment and unacceptable behavior, CNN reports.

Anyone who has known or worked with me knows that I am not the kind of person who will deliberately and intentionally insult someone or make them feel awkward. I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespectful – it was never my intention. – Morgan Freeman, American film actor

The performer of the role of Gandalf lamented the lack of gays in the movies

British actor Ian McKelen, known for the role of Gandalf in the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings,” said the lack of homosexual characters in modern cinema, according to the magazine Time Out. In this case, according to the actor, half of all Hollywood actors has an unconventional sexual orientation

The director of “Logan” will put spin-offs of “Star Wars” about Bobo Fett

For now, the unnamed solo film will be a new part of the anthology of the “Star Wars”, which began in 2016 with “Izgoya-one.” This year, the light saw a new spin-off – “Khan Solo.”

The video “Adventures of Tirion in Russia” appeared on the web

The video depicts a man very much like an actor who played the role of Tirion, Peter Dinkleiding. It is not clear exactly where the action takes place, but the landscape, reminds one of the Russian courts. The video has already scored more than 1 million views in the social network “VKontakte”.

In Kazan filmed a documentary tape “Thread. Kazakhstan”

The film is part of the series of documentary films “The Turkic Peoples of Kazakhstan”. Filming takes place in the Kazan Kremlin, the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, parks and squares.

The fate of the seventh part of the “Transformers” was in question

Initially, the release of the seventh “Transformers” was scheduled for next summer. Perhaps it’s just a matter of postponement of the premiere. The sixth part of the franchise will be released on December 21 this year.

John Malkovich will play Hercule Poirot in the mini-series

The famous American actor John Malkovich will play the role of the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot in the television adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel “Murder in alphabetical order”. In the mini-series will also participate Rupert Green, known for the role of Ron Weasley in the movie about Harry Potter.

Daniel Craig again approved for the role of James Bond

Studio MGM officially announced that the main role in the film “Bond 25” will again perform Daniel Craig.

The first frames from the new animated series of the creator of the “Simpsons” appeared

Stripping company Netflix published footage from the comedy animated series for adults “Disappointment.” Incredible interest in the project is explained by the figure of its creator – for Matt Graining, father of the legendary “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”, this is the first new animation work for 20 years.


Physicists have uncovered the mystery of the disappearance of particles and antiparticles in graphene

Researchers from MIPT and Tohoku University (Japan) were able to explain the paradoxical phenomenon of mutual destruction of particles and antiparticles in graphene, which is known to specialists as Auger recombination.

Scientists: Children with high pain threshold choose the same friends

Scientists from Norway came to the conclusion that children with high pain threshold choose their own friends. This is reported in the journal Scandinavian Journal of Pain. Scientists interviewed 997 volunteers from eight schools.

Obesity in infancy negatively affects the development of the child

It turns out that full babies have worsened spatial thinking, intellect and working memory. There is already a lot of information about the links between obesity in infancy and the fact that it negatively affects the child’s cognitive abilities. For example, excess weight leads to memory deterioration.

The laser will help to make nanopulsar from the pore in a solid

A group of theoretical physicists discovered that irradiation of a spherical pore inside a solid with powerful laser pulses can lead to its collapse with the formation of a very dense proton nucleus.

On a popular Russian resort in India recorded a deadly virus

On the territory of the Indian state of Kerala, which is a popular resort among the inhabitants of Russia, the Nipah virus is rampant, the death rate from which reaches seventy five percent.

Scientists were able to create a self-healing material

It is reported that the researchers managed to create such material with the help of elastomers. These are elastic, but fragile substances, combined with a material based on liquid metal.


The terms for the start of construction of the second stage of the Vostochny cosmodrome

The creation of the second phase of the spaceport of the East is going to be done already in June this year, the Roskosmos was informed. It is known that the general contractor for the construction of the second stage of the cosmodrome was the company PSO “Kazan”. The total volume of investments should be about 40 billion rubles.

Scientists: Pluto is a huge comet

Astrophysicists found Churumov’s comet Gerasimenko and Pluto resembling a chemical analysis of the surfaces of both bodies. Thus, scientists from the Southwest Research Institute are confident that Pluto has attracted to itself an infinite number of cosmic bodies.

Curiosity Rover for the first time in two years began “drilling work” on Mars

During the sampling of the rock specimen, the seventh in the course of the Curiosity work on Mars, the rover transmitted to Earth a signal about the failure of the mechanism, which should pull the drill bit from the rover’s “arm” while drilling, and draw it back after the completion of this operation .

President SpaceX proposed to excavate the colony on Mars

Gwynn Shotwell, the head of SpaceX, proposed to dig a colony on Mars. Most likely, the project will be responsible for the Boring Company. Tunnels are planned for the colonists.

China is going to launch 11 more BeiDou-3 satellites

Until the end of this year, China will withdraw 11 more BeiDou-3 satellites, which should increase the Chinese system of land. Thus, BeiDou are going to turn into a true rival GPS and GLONASS.

The American apparatus will fly to the Sun with the names of a million people

After the completion of the last maneuver planned for December 2024, the probe will enter the heliocentric orbit with a period of 88 days and perihelion passing at a distance of only 0.04 AU. (5.9 million km) from the surface of the Sun.

Astronomers have received the most detailed picture of the pulsar in history

The pulsar PSR B1957 + 20 located 6.5 thousand light-years from the Earth is extremely well-formed: it forms a double system with a brown dwarf that loses substance, leaving behind a tail – like a comet, but a larger one

In “Zone-51” they noticed a black hole with “tentacles”

The satellite took pictures in the “Zone-51”, which shocked the public. The researchers noticed a large black hole with “tentacles”, and many versions appeared. According to one, an aggressive humanoid escaped from the American secret facility and now he can be anywhere.

The cargo ship Cygnus successfully docked to the ISS

The cargo ship Cygnus successfully docked to the International Space Station (ISS), according to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


Tesla Model Y crossover debuts on March 15, 2019

Founder and head of the American corporation Tesla Ilon Mask announced the long-awaited premiere of the new electric crossover Tesla Model Y on March 15, 2019. He told about this in his Twitter, answering the subscriber’s question about the release date of the novelty.

The new sports car Porsche 911 will receive two hybrid versions

The German company Porsche with headquarters in Stuttgart will release two hybrid versions of the updated sports car Porsche 911. More sporting Porsche GT2 RS GT3, GT3 RS will remain exclusively gasoline.

Honda developed a pickup truck based on Civic Type R

Honda Company presented its unusual development under the name Project P. This is a conceptual pick-up truck developed on the platform of the latest generation of Civic Type R. The creation of the car involved specialists of the engineering department of Honda at the brand enterprise in Swindon.

Pick-up Ford F-150 Raptor received a new suspension

Ford has equipped its large Ford F-150 Raptor pickup with a new, more passable off-road suspension. Its main feature was the intellectual system of depreciation of Fox Racing, interacting with the electronic systems of the car.

In the web, the showroom of the new Hyundai Lafesta coupe was declassified

The South Korean auto giant Hyundai is preparing for the premiere a new youth four-door coupe Hyundai Lafesta. Recently, photo spyware from foreign publications published the first photos of the novelty salon.

The first images of the Audi A6 Allroad wagon appeared on the network

It’s about the new Audi A6 Allroad, the first renderer of which was presented by the independent designer Tobias Buttner. The render shows that most of the design solutions for the exterior are borrowed from the Audi A6 sedan of the latest generation.

Honda introduced the roadster S660 Modulo X

Japanese automotive company Honda presented roadster S660 Modulo X. The prototype of the above vehicle was presented earlier this year as part of the tuning show that was held in Tokyo

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