16 Apr, 2018

Great master. Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday

Today, April 16, marks the 129th anniversary of the birth of Charlie Chaplin. The future legendary actor was born this day in 1889 in London. And in 1917 he became the most expensive actor in the cinema at that time.

Briefly about the main ……


The US is preparing to expand sanctions against Russia

Official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova noted that Washington is trying to punish Moscow for the very fact of its presence on the world stage. The United States intends to introduce new sanctions against Russia on Monday, April 16. This was reported by the Permanent Representative of the United States to the UN Nikki Haley.

Sanctions against Russia are on the way. Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin will announce them on Monday, if he has not already done so, and they will affect all companies that worked with technical equipment related to Assad and the use of chemical weapons. – Nikki Haley, American politician

Milo Djukanovic announced victory in the presidential elections in Montenegro

Former Prime Minister and former President of Montenegro, leader of the ruling Democratic Socialist Party, Milo Djukanovic, announced his victory at the presidential elections held on Sunday and promised the people of Montenegro accession to the European Union (EU) until the end of his five-year mandate.

Assad was in the database of the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker”

The Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” added to its database the Syrian President Bashar Assad for visiting his children camp “Artek” in the Crimea

Summit of the League of Arab States condemned the Syrian authorities

The heads of the countries of the summit of the League of Arab States (LAS) condemned the use of chemical weapons by the government of Syria and demanded an international investigation, RIA Novosti reports. “The Arab League Summit strongly condemned the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people,” Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubair said.

Vladimir Putin and Hasan Roukhani discussed US strikes against Syria

Presidents of Russia and Iran, Vladimir Putin and Hasan Roukhani on the phone discussed missile strikes of the United States, Britain and France on Syria. They came to the conclusion that “this illegal action seriously damages the prospects for a political settlement in Syria.”

Response to US sanctions

On April 16, the State Duma will consider a bill on reciprocal measures against countries that supported US sanctions against Russia.
The document assumes not only an actual break in international relations, but also a ban on pharmaceuticals from the US and its allies (mainly EU member states).

We are talking about those medicines, analogues of which are formally in Russia, that is, about the greater part of imported medicines.

Presidential elections in Venezuela will surprise the world

The results of the presidential elections in Venezuela will surprise the world. This was stated by the head of state Nicholas Maduro. He noted that the authorities are ready to organize voting and have already conducted the necessary checks of “software” and “all mechanisms of the electoral process.”

“The elections on May 20 for the whole world will be a surprise,” Maduro said.

The leaders of Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Chile have already stated that they do not recognize the results of the elections.

Djukanovic promised to join Montenegro in the EU for five years

The leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, Milo Djukanovic, in his headquarters announced the victory in the presidential elections in Montenegro. According to TASS, Djukanovic promised Montenegro’s accession to the European Union within the next five years.

Japan wants China to promote the issue of denuclearization of the DPRK

Japan wants China to provide assistance for the full denuclearization of the DPRK. This Japanese foreign minister Taro Kono said on Sunday at a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, State Councilor Wang I.

Britain will hit the assets of Russian oligarchs

The British authorities are preparing measures against the closest circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The source in the British government told the newspaper The Sunday Times.

According to him, London will soon take financial measures against Russian oligarchs with secret assets in the United Kingdom

The basis for solving the Palestinian problem

The establishment of the two states is the basis for the solution of the Palestinian problem, and the European Union will continue to work on the implementation of this plan. This was stated on Sunday by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini at the summit of the League of Arab States (LAS). Broadcasting from the Saudi city of Dhahran is conducted by the Sky News Arabia television channel.

“The EU will not stop its efforts to create two states, which is the basis for solving the Palestinian problem,” the European representative said.


May: Britain strikes Syria for its national interests

It is expected that on April 16 the Speaker of the House of Commons, at the request of May, can hold an emergency debate in Syria on Syria, RIA Novosti reported. On April 14, the United States, Great Britain and France struck missiles on Syria.

Macron thanked the French army for the “excellent operation” in Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed gratitude to the French army for the “excellent operation” in Syria.

May accused Russia of blocking the investigation of chemical substances in Syria in the UN

British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the Russian side’s veto in the UN Security Council regarding the resolutions on Syria was an attempt to block the investigation of the chemical in the country. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the speech of the politician, which is available to him.

In Kamchatka, Russian nuclear submarines played a duel

Atomic submarines Vladimir Monomakh and Alexander Nevsky conducted exercises in Kamchatka, playing a duel, Captain 2nd Rank Nikolai Voskresensky, head of the information department of the VVO press service for the Pacific Fleet, said.

Poroshenko considers the Ukrainian army one of the most effective in the world

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wrote on Twitter that he considers the Ukrainian army to be one of the most effective in the world, RIA Novosti reported. According to him, over the past four years, Ukraine has managed not only to revive the army, but also to turn APU into one of the most effective armies in Europe.

Another confirmation of this is the participation of our paratroopers in the course of counter-assault operations in Poland, where our military showed the best results. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Johnson: new attacks on Syria are not planned yet

Britain is not yet considering the possibility of a new blow to Syria, since “the Assad regime is not so stupid” to re-use chemical weapons, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said in an interview with the BBC.

Nikki Haley: US will not allow the use of chemical weapons in Syria

The US will not allow the use of chemical weapons in Syria, “the country’s permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, said. In an interview with Fox News, she said that this is a matter of her own security, since such an incident can occur in the territory of America.

The US wants to quickly withdraw the military from Syria

The US administration is still interested in the speedy return of the American military from Syria to their homeland. This is stated in the statement of the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.


Free the place for the ex-governor

The election commission of the Kemerovo region was violated by issuing a deputy mandate to ex-governor Aman Tuleyev, said member of the Kemerovo headquarters of the ONF Maxim Uchvatov, Znak.com reports.

Uchvatov recalled that the 73-year-old Tuleyev early resigned as head of the Kemerovo region on April 1, a week after the tragedy in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”.

Two days later, he became a deputy of the Council of People’s Deputies of the Kemerovo region, taking advantage of the vacant mandate of Wang Wai-Chen (Wang Wai-Cheng, a native of China, known as Aman Tuleyev’s personal doctor, also called a “court medic”).

And on April 10 Tuleyev headed the Kemerovo parliament. The previous speaker of the Council of People’s Deputies Alexei Sinitsyn freed his place specifically for the ex-governor.
Care for children should be taken to a new level, Tsivilev said.

The tragedy in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”, where 64 people died in a fire on March 25, should bring to a new level communication with people and caring for children, said the governor of the Kemerovo region, Sergei Tsivilev.

The journalist who wrote about the Wagner PMC

In Ekaterinburg, the journalist Maxim Borodin died, who first wrote about the death of members of the squad PMC Wagner in Syria. He died, not coming to his senses, after falling from a window. This is reported by MBH Media.

Earlier it was reported that on April 13 Borodin fell out of the window of his apartment on the fifth floor. He suffered serious injuries, fell into a coma and was taken to the hospital.

Proficiency of drivers in the Russian Federation want to check every 10 years

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia proposes to conduct retraining of professional drivers once every 10 years. This is stated in the recall of the department to the draft law of the Ministry of Transport, which Izvestia got acquainted with.

In Paris, bikers made a protest because of speed limits

Hundreds of motorcyclists temporarily blocked Sunday’s Paris road to express their protest against the speed limit of up to 80 kilometers per hour on minor roads, which is due to enter into force on July 1, reports the radio station Europe 1.

In St. Petersburg, they painted graffiti on the blocking of Telegram

Petersburg artists from the art group “Yav” portrayed graffiti on the blocking of Telegram. The authors of the work note that the situation with the rest of the messengers is in question. According to artists, everyone understands that the authorities do not like it when they can not control something.

Ministry of Health of Russia prohibits HIV-negative

The Ministry of Health publishes for discussion a bill prohibiting the dissemination of appeals for the refusal of medical examination for the detection of HIV or from the treatment of infection.

RGO and Rosturizm will develop a concept for the development of Arctic tourism

The Russian Geographical Society in conjunction with Rosturizm will develop a concept for the creation of tourist infrastructure in the Arctic regions of Russia, said on Saturday at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum Deputy Executive Director for Regional Development Society Alexei Tikhomirov.

Infrastructure of Sevastopol is not ready for influx of tourists

The fact that the infrastructure of Sevastopol is not ready to accept the tourist flow, which can dramatically increase after the opening of the Crimean bridge, said Boris Zelinsky, chairman of the board of the Russian Union of Tourist Industry (PCT) branch in Crimea and Sevastopol.

We are very worried about the upcoming season and how the city authorities are preparing for it. In connection with the opening of the Crimean bridge the traffic flow to Crimea will increase. How are we ready to accept this traffic flow, considering that there are a number of problematic issues in the city that are solved in principle, but for some reason they are not solved from year to year?

The deputy of the Primorsky Legislative Assembly for a year became the billionaire

The deputy of the Primorsky Legislative Assembly, the chairman of the United Russia faction, the head of the company “Akvatotechnii” Sergei Slepchenko for a year could become a billionaire, earning in the past twelve months almost 1.3 billion rubles.

Named the richest Russian minister in 2017

The other day Russian officials told about their incomes. As a result of 2017, most of the rest was earned by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin. He is recognized as the richest member of the Russian government with an income of 2.912 billion rubles, the declaration says.

In Russia, mortgages can be withdrawn without a down payment

A mortgage loan without a down payment or with a minimum contribution in the future can form a mortgage bubble. In addition, the initial contribution at a high level will allow potential lenders to approach the decision to assume financial obligations to the bank.

In Khabarovsk Krai, the shareholders have stolen about one billion rubles

The damage to the amount of about one billion rubles was caused to participants in the shared construction in Khabarovsk Krai by three directors of construction companies, the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The access to the Yadrovo training ground was again blocked by local residents

Protesters against the work of the yard “Yadrovo” residents of Moscow region Volokolamsk on Sunday again blocked the entrance to the test site, representatives of the initiative group of activists told Interfax.

Boycott Starbucks because of a racist scandal

Users are going to boycott the Starbucks coffee chain, after two black men in Philadelphia were banned from using the toilet in the institution.

As reported by CNBC, the scandal occurred at the end of this week. Two blacks were waiting in a cafe at their friend’s table, while they did not order anything.

One of the visitors went to the toilet, then the coffee shop workers stated that the restroom was intended only for customers. Black men were asked several times to leave the institution, they refused. Then the staff called the police, which detained unwanted visitors.

In protest against the behavior of the company’s employees, many users offered to visit the coffee shop from time to time, sit down and do not order anything.


Rusal’s shares fell to a record low

Shares of Russian aluminum giant RusAl continued to fall when a new trading week was opened at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

In Russia they want to ban cheese-like products

In Russia, they want to ban the production and sale of cheese-like products, which contain 50 to 100% of vegetable fats. At the same time in stores such a product is sold under the guise of real cheese, although it is not.

In Venezuela released an alternative Bolivar currency

According to the Globovision channel, all in circulation issued bills in 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 caribe. Each unit of the new currency corresponds to 1 thousand bolivars, which at the black market rate equals an insignificant value of two thousand US dollars.

German MediaMarkt leaves Russia and sells its stores “M.Video”

Previously closed stores of the MediaMarkt network will sell M.Video. According to the publication “Media Factory”, the German company Media-Saturn-Holding began negotiations with the Russian retailer as soon as it closed the last supermarkets of household appliances in Russia

Sberbank reduced profitability on a number of ruble deposits

Sberbank has reduced the yield on certain deposits, which are opened in rubles. A report on this was circulated by the credit center’s press center. The deposit “Save” previously had an annual yield of 5%. Now the rate is lowered to 4.2%. A similar picture with “Popolnyay” and “Replenish Online”

Russian specialists will help to save Georgian enterprises

Georgia is located on the ninth line of the Doing Business-2018 rating, which assesses the degree of ease of the conditions for doing business. Thus, the country improved its positions by 7 lines within a year.

We have something to offer our colleagues – we have opened a market for almost two billion people in other countries, we can offer companies to settle here and from here duty-free to provide their products to Russia, China and other countries, “said the director of the group of companies Universe Business Group Roman Badalyan

US indices decreased on bank financial statements

Major US stock indexes finished trading in the red on the backdrop of ambiguous indicators of financial accountability of American banks, it follows from these trades.

Gazprom and Slovenia signed a five-year gas supply contract

Source of the photo: gazprom.ru – Press service of the company “Gazprom” Within the framework of the contract, deliveries will be made in the volume of 600 million cubic meters of gas per year, the report says. In general, in five years Slovenia will receive three billion cubic meters of Russian “blue fuel”.

Russia and Belarus will soon discuss the date of the gas talks

Russia and Belarus will soon return to discussing the date of the gas talks. This was reported by TASS with reference to the statement of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich following the working meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Vladimir Semashko.

Ukraine threatened to raise gas transit prices

Ukraine may increase tariffs for gas transit on its territory this year, unless an acceptable agreement is reached with Russia on maintaining the volume of transportation of fuel after 2019. This was stated by the chief commercial director of Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko, TASS reported.

Rosselkhozbank gives agrarians 288 billion rubles

In January-March 2018, Rosselkhozbank sent 288 billion rubles to support enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. Significant amounts of funds were issued in the direction of crop production – 46 billion rubles, food and processing industry – 62 billion rubles, and livestock – 23 billion rubles. +

At the same time, out of the total volume of extraditions, 58 billion rubles is directed to investment purposes. According to the results of the first quarter of 2018, the loan portfolio of the bank in the direction of the agro-industrial complex exceeded 1.2 trillion rubles.

Rosteh will switch to “Russian SWIFT”

The Bank of Russia and the country’s largest industrial holding plan to switch over to the Russian financial data transfer system.

SFFS is built on the capacities of the Bank of Russia, and it provides an opportunity for both information exchange within the country and control over SWIFT messages that arrive to or from Russia.

In the Irkutsk region, the decline in industrial production

According to Irkutskstat, in January-March 2018 the volume of industrial production in the Irkutsk region decreased by 2.7% compared to the same period in 2017.

The extraction of mineral resources increased by 2.1%.

10.9% was a decline in processing activities.

The production of other vehicles and equipment, furniture production decreased 1.8 times. The repair and installation of machinery and equipment, the output of machinery and equipment not included in other groupings decreased by 18-19%.


Volochkova pleased the audience in the karaoke bar with dances and songs

Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova pleased the visitors of the Moscow karaoke bar with her performance. Together with her beloved she sang and danced with the composition of Willy Tokarev and a song from the cartoon “The Bremen Musicians”.

Anna Sedokova told me about Nikolai Baskov in bed

The action takes place in the car, where Anna checked the driver’s abilities of a colleague. During their conversation, the conversation turned to how good the Basque was in bed. Anna Sedokova published a funny video, which has become somewhat viral in social networks.

Ronaldo admitted that he still loves Irina Sheik

The star of Madrid “Real” Cristiano Ronaldo still loves the Russian supermodel Irina Sheik, whom he met for several years. According to the publication of The Sun, this football player admitted to his friends.

70-year-old Vladimir Steklov showed a two-month-old child

70-year-old Vladimir Steklov became the father for the third time, his civil wife gave birth to a girl. The People’s Artist first showed a 2-month-old child. People’s Artist of the country Vladimir Steklov January 3 marked the 70th anniversary.

Leading the “Good Morning” Olga Ushakova became a mother for the third time

Only recently did the TV presenter speak frankly about herself. In July last year, Olga married businessman Adam Karim, and in January 2018 it became known that she would become a mother for the third time.14 The baby was born.

Goof and Keti Topuria shared a “hot” shot

Goof laid out a very spicy shot in his Instagram. In the photo, he hugs his girlfriend, but not at all friendly. In the comments to the photo, the rapper left emotoji hearts.

Ksenia Sobchak has denied rumors about her divorce

Former presidential candidate, TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak refuted the conjectures about the difficulties in the family. Recently, Sobchak flew to rest in the US with her friends. Therefore, on the Internet immediately spread rumors that the star decided to divorce her husband.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk arranged either a wedding or a holiday

Gwyneth Paltrow may have married her boyfriend, the producer Brad Falchuk. They arranged a party for 400 guests at the Los Angeles Theater on the evening of April 14, 2018.

Brad Pitt leaves Hollywood

Of course, Brad will not be able to carry out his plan in the very near future. After all, very soon he will have to work on the set of a new film by Quentin Tarantino – “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, where one of the main roles is played by another famous celebrity, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Vladimir Kristovsky showed a photo of his son’s baptism

Musician Vladimir Kristovsky laid out in Instagram a photograph of the baptism of his little son Fyodor, whose birth was not particularly publicized and before this child did not show to the general public

Conchita Wurst stated her positive HIV status

The winner of the Eurovision-2014 contest is the “bearded woman” Conchita Wurst, under the pseudonym of which the Austrian singer Tom Neuwirth acts, stated her positive HIV status. Such recognition Wurst published on Sunday on her page in Instagram.

Russian wrestlers came out against Buzov’s concert in Vladikavkaz

Head coach of the Russian national freestyle wrestling team Dzambolat Tedeev reported this in his Instagram. The coach of the national freestyle wrestling team spoke in his post in the social network for the cancellation of the concert of Olga Buzovoy in Vladikavkaz

Musician Jamie Stewart to present his first solo album in Moscow

American performer Jamie Stewart, known for working with the band Xiu Xiu, will perform in Moscow. April 22 in the Moscow club “Forest” musician will present the first solo album called An Aggressive, Chain Smoking Alcoholic.

At an auction in the US for $ 250 thousand sold guitar Stevie Ray Vaughn

At an auction in the US for 250 thousand dollars was sold electric guitar, owned by singer Stevie Ray Vaughn. This is reported by the Associated Press. As noted, this guitar was used by the musician in the first studio recording and early performances

Group Bon Jovi hit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the USA

The American band Bon Jovi was officially included in the Hall and Museum of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the USA. The solemn ceremony was held on April 14 in Cleveland.

Lolita Milyavskaya is preparing to sing a duet rap song

As it turned out, the star intends to record a track in the style of rap with an unnamed performer. As Lolita Milyavskaya said, by and large she is not a fan of rap culture and the performance of songs in this style, but she always supports the manifestation of creativity, whatever genre it is.

Serebrennikov received the “Golden Mask” for the best directing work

Theater director Kirill Serebrennikov won the “Golden Mask” award in the nomination “The best work of the director in opera”. This is reported on the page of the festival in Facebook.

I want to thank all the theatrical community for the fact that we all support Cyril. And I want to express my confidence that justice will prevail. Cyril, we are with you! – Pavel Kaplevich, Russian artist

Mark Zakharov was the first to stage a play on Shakespeare

One of the first speecktals was watched by the correspondent of the OTR Anna Tarubarova. “Falstaff and the Prince of Wales” is the case when the idea of staging is already an event. In his work, Mark Zakharov turned to the dramaturgy of William Shakespeare for the first time.

“Miss Russia – 2018” shared impressions after the victory

Eighteen-year-old owner of the title Yulia Polyakchikhina announced her intention to develop and adequately represent the state at world-class events

“Rampage” with Dwayne Johnson became the leader of the rental in the US

Since the beginning of the film, the horror film has almost reached the bar $ 100 million, which for this genre is a great success. And over the past week the picture collected $ 67 million, which was the best result in the American box office.

French historical series “Versailles” closed because of sex

The historical television series “Versailles”, which for already three years seemed to be very successful on TV screens of the whole world, was decided to close after the third season.

The official reason, which was indicated on the French channel Canal +, responsible for the production of the project, is the fall in ratings. And informal sex. Rather, the sex scene, which is too richly flavored film.

Reviews from staff of the CIA

American scouts often watch films and series about their work and write critical reviews of pictures that they did not like.

Beijing hosts the 8th Beijing International Film Festival

The opening ceremony of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival was held on the territory of Huairou District in the northern part of the Chinese capital on Sunday.

She was invited by actors Celina Jade (USA), Tong Liia (China), Vivian Dawson (New Zealand), Sean Yue (Hong Kong), Zou Yuanqing (Hong Kong), Shu Qi (Taiwan). The film forum will end on April 22

“Dislike” received the “Golden Arch”

The best actor recognized Romanian Bogdan Dumitrack for his role in the French-Romanian film Konstantin Popescu “Pororok”. The best actress was named Daria Zhovner for her role in the film “Tightness” by Cantemir Balagova. The Golden Arch is presented to the authors of films created in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

The shooting of the teaser for the film “Dyatlov Pass” was completed

On the Internet, they report the end of filming the teaser for the expected film about the pass of Dyatlov. The film tells about a hike on the pass, which forever left a mark in the history of mankind

George Clooney replaced himself in “Catch-22”

George Clooney abandoned the idea of playing Colonel Cathcart in the new TV screen version of the novel “Catch-22”, which he produces. As reported by Just Jared, Kyle Chandler (“The Wolf from Wall Street”, “Manchester by the Sea”) will perform this role instead.


Opera VPN stops working on April 30

In the company Opera Software reported that the service Opera VPN stops working for the operating systems iOS and Android from April 30. At the same time, they promised to help users with the protection of confidential data.

The account in the Crimean messenger “Dialog M” was broken in three minutes

The account in the “Dialogue M” messenger, developed by the state company “Krymotechnology”, was hacked three minutes after its launch. This was reported by TJ portal user Artem Legotin, who detected a vulnerability in the application

AVG Antivirus FREE received a new design and algorithm for searching for viruses

AVG AntiVirus FREE is a powerful, multifunctional antivirus from AVG, which secures the local computer and protects users from Internet threats. On the eve they received a new design, an interface, as well as new algorithms for launching and searching for malicious programs,

Experiment Google allowed to “communicate” with books

Google Corporation announced a couple of experiments that will help artificial intelligence better understand the semantic connection between words. Despite the serious task, the programs themselves are designed in the form of games in which the answers of participants constantly improve the capabilities of the algorithm.

Google will add self-destructing emails to Gmail

Google engineers are working on the new features of Gmail, it will let the letters self-destruct. The service will be updated to please minimalism, experts say, external changes are also expected, visually they will be very simple

Telegram X was removed from the App Store in Russia

The reason for the loss of Telegram X from the App Store is currently unknown. Approximately at 15:10 Moscow time, the application also disappeared from the search for a store. Earlier it was reported that the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov asked users to remain calm.

Kaspersky assured Telegram users of VPN security

Telegram moves to VPN – a virtual private network, as the court decided to block the messenger. Many users are worried about the security of such actions. Kaspersky specialists say that VPN will not affect the anonymity of the data.

Sega released a greatly simplified version of the PlayStation 5

Sega announced the release of a simplified version of the fifth PlayStation. It is reported that the device will be inexpensive, compared with its colleagues from Sony and Xbox One X. While two powerful companies are developing new devices, Sega has decided to release a simpler console.

Robot-stylist will help men choose the right shirt

The report says that the Smart Sizes program developed by experts of Proper Cloth will help men to pick up the shirt they need. It is noted that first the client needs to answer 11 questions, on the basis of which the robot-stylist must determine the client’s preferences.

Apple plans to repair Apple’s clock batteries for free 2

Apple Corporation will offer users of Apple’s watch 2 a new service. Kupertinovtsy plan to repair the blown-up batteries for free. Service service is designed for the second series of smart watches in the 42-millimeter version, which due to a malfunction of the battery stopped turning on.

A new code name was given to Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The new code name was received by Samsung Galaxy Note 9. According to insider sources, the novelty will be called “Crown”. Experts report that Samsung has begun pre-release testing of its Galaxy Note 9. Its premiere may take place in July or early August this year.

HMD Global announced the restart of the first Android-smartphone Nokia X

Company HMD Global announced the restart of its first Android-smartphone Nokia X, which debuted in 2014. Presentation of the novelty will be held in China on April 28. Information about the “reincarnation” devaysa appeared in the profile edition.

In the smart watch Apple Watch will support third-party dials

The developers found in the firmware code watchOS 4.3.1 for the smart watch Apple Watch mention of a separate function, designed to create and use custom dials

Xiaomi will release smart hosi shoes Huami

The durability of the Huami Amazfit Antelope Light is guaranteed by the characteristic rippled surface of the sole, which also has anti-slip properties. Sneakers from Xiaomi received a chip MIJIA Smart Core 2, which tracks physical activity and fixes the distance traveled in steps

Xiaomi Mi 6X will get artificial intelligence support for the camera

It is expected that the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6X will receive a dual main camera with 20 megapixels and 12 megapixel resolution, as well as a 20 megapixel camera camera with Face Face support for Face Unlock, which works, of course, due to software algorithms.

Russian “operating system” Sailfish for smartphones was a complete failure

Recently, Rostelecom acquired the domestic operating system Sailfish OS for $ 50 million for installation on tablets and smartphones, the programmers worked on the project for several years, but as a result, everything turned out to be a failure.

The company Inoi was one manufacturer of gadgets on its platform, but later refused to continue working with OC. Earlier in the market appeared smartphones Inoi R7, operating on the basis of Sailfish OS. The project was not interested in Russian buyers, dealers sold a meager number of models with this program. As it turned out, the sales level did not cover 5% of the cost of creating smartphones with this OC.


In Sweden, opened the way for charging electric cars

While the service is used re-equipped mail trucks. In 2016, Sweden already opened a section of the road with a design for recharging electric vehicles, but then the contact rail was laid high on the transmission lines, so they are still only using electric vehicles.

Physicists have learned to control the electronic properties of graphene

Scientists have developed a way to modify two-layer graphene, which allows you to control its electronic properties. French specialists decided to move away from its traditional linear structure.

Scientists: Monkey marmotets develop and learn to “talk” their parents

German scientists during their recent research have established that the smallest monkeys in the world of marmosets are developed and taught to “talk” by their parents.

Scientists for the first time connected two atoms to a molecule with a laser

In an article published in the journal Science, it is reported that scientists using a special laser tweezer, including two lasers with different wavelengths, acted on cesium and sodium atoms to create a stable bond between them. Thus, the chemists obtained the NaCs molecule.

Scientists have developed a bracelet that protects from robbers and rapists

Scientists from the United States have developed a bracelet that is able to independently call the police. Development serves as a defense in the attack of robbers and rapists. Scientists have made life easier for many women, creating a clever bracelet from robbers and rapists

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, people at risk of losing their memory

Scientists have found out that inactive people who do not lead an active lifestyle are more likely than others to lose the ability to use declarative memory. Previously, other studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of death, accelerates the aging of the body.

Scientists told about three unexpected skills of fish

Fish-sprays can shoot with a stream of water, knocking down insects flying at a speed of 25 cm / s at a height of no more than 2 meters above the water surface. It is noteworthy that the fish draw water in the mouth, creating from their language the likeness of a tube to make a shot. Similar skills spryguns learn a long period of time.

Another unusual fish – mangrove Rivulus, which is able to survive on the surface of the land. Writhing and pushing with its tail, the fish hunts on the surface, although this is considered impossible.

The third feature of fish is the presence of intelligence, which allows fangs to use stones to open the shell


Mask wants to keep the second stage of the rocket with the help of a balloon

Head SpaceX Ilon Mask suggested returning the second stage of the launch vehicle after its launch with the help of a giant balloon. The owner of the space company wrote this on his Twitter page.

It sounds crazy, but SpaceX will try to return from the orbital speed the top step, using a giant ball for parties. – Ilon Mask, an American engineer

NASA launches a telescope to search for aliens

The new space telescope TESS, which is designed to search for exoplanets, NASA is ready to launch into orbit with the aid of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle on Monday, April 16. Telescope TESS will be launched from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Roskosmos reported on the costs of missiles “Angara”

The costs of creating the Angara A5 booster are estimated at 3.4 billion rubles. The total amount invested in the project is about 110 billion rubles. The head of the scientific and technical council of Roskosmos State Corporation Yuri Koptev announced this, RIA Novosti reported.

Russia and Angola are negotiating the creation of a new satellite

Russia and Angola are negotiating the creation of an Angosat-2 satellite. It is expected that the negotiations will be completed by the end of May. The predecessor – Angosat-1 – was put into orbit by a rocket that launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome

“Double” stars are pushed out of the system of the planet

Scientists believe that about t87% of binary stars eventually lose one planet. Such processes can lead to the destruction of the entire stellar system, the portal arXiv reports.

Danish company created fertilizers for growing vegetables on Mars

The authors of the study told that fertilizers will be made from the products of the life of the colonists. During the experiment, experts developed a scheme for fertilizing vegetables, which provides for the production of certain types of fertilizers by plants in different periods of development.

The launch vehicle Atlas V started from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral

The launch vehicle Atlas V started on Sunday night from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral in the US state of Florida with a mission for the US Air Force Space Command

Giant black holes appeared on the Sun

Three huge coronal holes appeared on the Sun – in these areas, the temperature and density decreased several dozen times. Scientists believe that the phenomenon can lead to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.


In Germany, sell “Brezhnevsky” limousine ZIL-114 for 1 million euros

The owner of the rare ZIL-114 says that the car is in the city of Coswig (Germany). Information about how this car got to Germany, no. We know only its sky-high price – 1 million euros, which is equivalent to the amount of 77 million rubles at the current rate.

Atelier G-Power introduced the updated 500-horsepower BMW M3 E92

A well-known tuning studio G-Power presented an updated version of the “charged” sedan BMW M3 in the body of the E92. The new package of upgrades was named 35 Jahre Edition, becoming a jubilee for this model.

The new Nissan Navara will not receive a diesel engine from Mercedes

The representative of the German company said that the current cooperation agreement between Mercedes and Nissan involves the creation of a sports version of the Navara, but that does not mean that the above vehicle will be equipped with a 3-liter diesel power plant.

Photo Spies have noticed the new Mercedes-Benz GLS on tests at the Nurburgring

The German automotive giant Mercedes-Benz is currently actively testing the latest generation GLS crossover, which was found at the Nürburgring. The network is actively discussing the photos of the car appeared on the network

On the market comes an updated pickup Wingle 5

Chinese giant Great Wall began selling an updated version of the famous pickup Wingle 5 in the Euro Edition, whose cost starts at 75.8 thousand yuan. The model has a new radiator grille, slightly modified headlights and fog lights with LEDs.

Model Volkswagen Beetle in 2018 will receive a new power unit

According to the latest data, a new 1.8-liter atmospheric engine will enter the engine line of the car. Thus, the Volkswagen Beetle 2018 model year will be presented in the European market in three different versions.

In the network appeared the new generation of “charged” Ford Focus RS

Journalists of the authoritative foreign portal Motor1 published the first render images of the new “charged” hatchback Ford Focus RS. The author was the independent designer Kleber Silv, who drew them on the basis of recently presented official photos of the novelty.

The new Lexus CT will compete with Tesla Model 3

The Japanese company Lexus can launch by 2020 a competitor to the compact electric car Tesla Model 3. According to the authoritative edition of Automotive News, the next generation of premium hatchback Lexus CT, in addition to the hybrid, is likely to receive a fully electric version.

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