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12 Янв, 2023

Growth in real wages in G20 countries

Real (that is, inflation-adjusted) wages in Indonesia and India between 2008 and 2022, according to the latest Global Wage Report. increased by 35%

The absolute world leader in the growth of real wages of the population is China, where they grew by 160% over the period 2008-2022! Of the developed countries, South Korea leads the way with a score just below 25%.

The main outsider of the inter-crisis period is Italy, where real wages fell by 12%. About 4-5% lost the inhabitants of Mexico and the UK, 2% — the inhabitants of Japan

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The 80th Golden Globes have ended in Los Angeles. The triumph of the evening was the tape «Banshee Inisherina». Eddie Murphy and Ryan Murphy Honorary Awards for Contribution to Film and Television

Steven Spielberg’s Fabelmans — Best Drama Film, Spielberg himself — Best Director
Austin Butler (Elvis) — Best Drama Actor
Cate Blanchett («Tar») — Best Drama Actress
«Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro» — Best Animated Feature Film
Best non-English film — «Argentina, 1985»
Kevin Costner («Yellowstone») — Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series
Zendaya («Euphoria») — Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series
«House of the Dragon» — Best Drama Series
The Banshee of Inisherina — Best Comedy/Musical, Best Actor in a Comedy Award went to Colin Farrell


In Russia, it was not allowed to allocate frequencies for 4G networks, which large corporate users need to create. The reason is the impossibility under the conditions of ensuring electromagnetic compatibility with radio-electronic means of government and special purposes.


For the first time, artificial intelligence will act as a lawyer in a trial in the United States. AI legal assistant DoNotPay helped people challenge parking tickets. Now, for the first time, this technology will be tested in a real courtroom.

Through the earpiece, artificial intelligence will teach the defendant in the courtroom what to say to avoid fines and the consequences of a speeding charge, DoNotPay said.


Scientists managed to grow retinal cells that fuse with natural ones. This is an important study — they learned how to grow a retina from stem cells plus or minus ten years ago. However, until that time, scientists had problems with its implantation in specific people and the ability to turn from dummies into really working mechanisms.


Cars can now move sideways — Hyundai introduced the e-Corner system, which allows you to ride in a «crab» style. The main goal of the technology is to simplify parallel parking in tight spaces. In the system, each wheel has its own motor, which allows them to move and accelerate independently of each other.


Swiss engineers have created a drill drone that can drill holes in walls at any height. After aiming, the drone «sticks» to the surface with vacuum suction cups, and then rotates the main part of the frame, providing strong pressure. According to the developers, you can screw not only a hammer drill, but any power tool to perform dangerous work in hard-to-reach places


In Japan, they have invented a device that allows you to smell from movies and video games. Its cost is about $600, but you also need to buy extra cartridges with aromas. With it, you can truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of cinema.


LG introduced a TV-window: OLED T in the off state becomes completely transparent. In addition, if you are tired of the gray reality, various visual effects can be added to the “window”, whether it be raindrops, flickering or fish floating in the air. The TV shouldn’t be on sale anytime soon, but that’s the direction LG plans to go in the future. A small step for the TV manufacturer, a big leap for the window revolution


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