2 Aug, 2018

Growth of corruption crimes in Russia

In Russia, the number of registered crimes by article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Receiving a bribe” increased by 11.2%.

For six months of this year, the majority of crimes under this article are registered in the Rostov region – 130, Moscow – 127, Moscow Region – 92, Chelyabinsk Region – 89 and Krasnodar Territory – 75, according to the portal of legal statistics of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

According to Article 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Bribery bargain”, Moscow leads 85 crimes, followed by the Moscow region – 83, Krasnodar region – 59, Volgograd region – 52, the Chechen Republic – 47.

The number of registered crimes under the item “Abuse of official powers” increased by eight percent. The majority of criminal cases were initiated in Bashkiria – 148, Krasnodar Territory – 87, Tatarstan – 74, Samara Region – 50 and Republic of Dagestan – 41.

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The governor of Chukotka told Putin about salaries by a doctor

The governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Roman Kopin said that the average salary of a doctor in the region is 180 thousand rubles. He said this at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, reports the Kremlin.

The availability of doctors is one of the highest in the country. Jobs are not so many, about 12%. There is a problem with narrow specialists. The average salary in the economy exceeds 90 thousand, respectively, the doctor has 180-186 thousand. In schools, it corresponds to the average for the economy, 100% – Roman Kopin, the Russian ruler

Kudrin proposed to cut a third of officials

Chairman of the Accounting Chamber Alexei Kudrin, speaking at a meeting of the Council for the Development of the Digital Economy, said that in Russia by 2024, one third of officials could be cut.

We see that one-third can be reduced for six years of officials due to digitization. – Alexei Kudrin, Russian politician

The Ministry of Communications proposed to introduce electronic birth certificates

The Minister noted that now at the birth of the child parents have to undergo many procedures and receive a number of documents, including a certificate and a birth certificate and a residence permit necessary for calculating the maternity capital.

In Russia, there will be a railway loukoster

Subsidiary company RZD “Federal Passenger Company” (FPK) plans to launch a service of budgetary transportation of passengers in long-distance trains. A loukoster wants to distinguish old cars not yet decommissioned without air conditioners and biotoilets.

Moscow pensioners received benefits for travel in electric trains

Pensioners from Moscow and other citizens of preferential categories from August 1 received the right of free travel on suburban trains. This is reported by the site of the Moscow City Hall.

A new benefit will be available to 1.6 million Muscovites. The right of free travel operates on all suburban trains, regardless of the number of trips. For travel it is necessary to have with you a social card of the Muscovite and to issue a free ticket. – Sergei Sobyanin, Russian politician

Sale of alcohol on the Internet can be legalized from 2019

The Ministry of Finance has finalized the draft law on legalization of alcohol sales on the Internet since 2019. First Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov submitted the document to the government for approval.

30 million citizens are at risk of losing all their labor rights

Recall, as reported BakuToday, the Ministry of Labor proposed a draft amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, according to which it is proposed not to extend labor legislation to self-employed

FAS upheld in court a free 15-minute parking in Pulkovo

The Federal Antimonopoly Service defended a free 15-minute parking at the Pulkovo airport. According to the press service of the antimonopoly authority, the 13th appellate court confirmed the legality of the warning to the company “Air Gates of the Northern Capital”.

Recall that in June 2017 at the airport Pulkovo reduced the interval of free boarding-disembarkation of passengers from 15 to 10 minutes in the zone of the Central passenger terminal.

Nearly 60 metro stations will be built in five years in Moscow

The head of the construction complex recalled that since 2011, in the capital, taking into account the Moscow Central Ring, 121 km of metro lines, 64 stations, as well as seven electric depots

Tourists can not get compensation from “Natalie Tours”

Tour operator “Natalie Tours” still does not return money to customers for canceled tours, “Interfax” quoted the press secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) Irina Tyurinu. Because of this, tourists demand a refund of money from travel agencies.

ROC allocated a site for the temple on the Krestovsky Island

The authorities of St. Petersburg have allocated a plot of land on the Krestovsky Island to the Russian Orthodox Church for the construction of a new church. It is known that a new church will be built on Konstantinovsky Prospekt. The plot of 2.5 thousand square meters was given to the ROC free of charge.

For six months in the Russian Federation, bribery has increased by 11.3%

In Russia, for the first half of 2018, 11.3% were more likely to identify the facts of receiving bribes. This is stated in the collection published by the Prosecutor General’s Office on the state of crime in the country for January-June.

The number of economic crimes in Russia increased by 3.4%

In January-June of 2018, 68.7 thousand crimes of economic orientation were registered in Russia, 3.4% more than in the same period last year, according to the statistics portal of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation.

The government can free self-employed from contributions to the Pension Fund

Self-employed citizens should themselves be responsible for the size of their future pensions, said the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin. This is reported by RBC with reference to the statement of the official.

If we are talking about entrepreneurs, namely self-employed citizens, we are now discussing the possibility of their exemption from insurance payments, but with the condition of assuming full risk to increase the level of their pensions, the level of social pensions. – Maxim Oreshkin, Russian politician

In Tsarskoye Selo a monument to the heroes of World War I was opened

In Pushkin, at the Cathedral of St. Catherine the Great Martyr, a monument “1914” appeared. The monument is dedicated to the feat of Russian soldiers in the First World War.

Three Russian biathletes will compete for the national team of Ukraine

The head of the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine (FBU), Vladimir Brynzak, said that Russian biathletes Ekaterina Bekh, Anastasia Rasskazova and Oksana Moskalenko will compete for the national team of Ukraine, according to “Soviet Sport”

In Denmark, it was forbidden to wear head covering

In Denmark, a ban on wearing in public places covering the head of the headgear came into effect. This is reported by Jyllands-Posten. According to the publication, the authorities of Denmark have forbidden the residents of the country to “cover their faces” in transport, educational institutions, hospitals, and in buildings of state institutions.


Russians are more likely to travel to Paris and the Cote d’Azur

Russian tourists in 2017 made more than 230 thousand trips to Paris – 51% more than a year earlier. Cote d’Azur took second place after the capital region, having accepted 220 thousand Russian tourists, which is 19% higher than last year’s figures

Rospotrebnadzor checked the quality of sea water in Sochi

In the midst of the swimming season, the staff of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service selected samples from all the beaches of the resort. By the way, they do it every 10 days. So, since the beginning of the holiday season, more than 2350 samples have been made.

It can be said with certainty that all samples meet hygienic standards. Samples are examined for parasitological, microbiological, virological and sanitary and chemical indicators, “Yasno” was told in the press service of the Federal Service for Consumer Rights and Welfare in Krasnodar Krai in Sochi.

The department noted that there were no cases of infectious diseases associated with bathing in seawater in Sochi

More than 37 million foreign tourists visited Spain in the first six months

During the first half of the year, the largest number of foreign tourists came from Great Britain (more than 8.4 million people), Germany (about 5.2 million) and France (4.8 million). Also, the number of tourists from the Netherlands (15.6%), Russia (14.1%) and the United States (11.8%) is growing every year.

The authorities of Vilnius called on hotels to declare a “cushion” tax

In Vilnius in July this year began to collect a tourist fee called “cushion”, the size of which is 1 euro for one night. No fee is charged for minors, schoolchildren, people with disabilities.

Easter Island was imposed restriction for tourists

On the Chilean Easter Island in connection with the fight against mass tourism since August 1, introduced restrictions for travelers, reports Interfax referring to the publication Evening Standard.

“Ural Airlines” resumed flights to Namangan and Qarshi

“Ural Airlines” resumed flights to Uzbek cities – from St. Petersburg to Namangan and from Moscow to Karshi. According to the press service of the airline, flights to Namangan are performed once a week on Wednesdays

President of Colombia promised to end sex tourism in the country

The elected president of Colombia, Ivan Duque, promised to take decisive measures to combat trafficking in human beings and sex tourism in the country. This is reported by the agency Presa Latina.

“We will not allow Cartagena to become a sex tourism destination. We will move forward in cooperation with the judicial and police authorities, with more brigades and operatives to combat human trafficking and exploitation of women in our cities, “Duque said. He called for the maximum possible punishment for criminals involved in pimping.

Alaska has become the most popular cruise destination

The Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska left behind itself in the ranking of the most popular cruise destinations in Arles and Avignon (France), Quebec (Canada), Budapest (Hungary), Würzburg (Germany), Durnstein (Austria) and the northern capital of Russia St. Petersburg, which took the eighth place in the ranking, ahead of the Croatian Dubrovnik and the French Villefranche.

In Tajikistan, a special subdivision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the protection of tourists

Protection of tourists in Tajikistan will be handled by a special unit created under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the official website of the ministry reports.

“Police officers, if necessary, can be attracted to accompany tourists to their destination,” said Anvarjon Alizoda, head of the Department of Ecology of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan at a meeting with representatives of tourism companies in Tajikistan.

The Vietnamese Danang opened a high-altitude bridge

Da Nang’s bridges are a kind of local attractions. Until June 2018, there were nine of them in the city, the most famous being the rotating bridge-constructor across the Han River Bridge, the Tran Thi Ly bridge in the form of a giant 731-meter sail, the Thuan Phuoc bridge – a copy the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco and the Dragon Bridge or the Dragon Bridge, through the entire length of which lies the figure of the fire-breathing dragon, giving the impression that it is hovering.

However, the new, tenth bridge, named “Golden”, which opened about a month ago, was another major attraction of Danang, thanks to its unique architecture. The yellow bridge 150 meters long rests at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level on two giant palms that “protrude” from the rock. Designers from the architectural and landscape office of TA Landscape Architectur have achieved such an effect that the steel supporting arms of the bridge look as if they were carved out of stone.

Artificial island with international airport

A meeting was held in the ministry of the head of the Israeli government in Jerusalem to close the Sde Dov airport. It is reported by NEWSRU.co.il.

Binyamin Netanyahu ordered to speed up work on the plan for creating an artificial island off the coast of Israel, where a new international airport will be built. This, according to the head of government, will help increase the flow of foreign tourists to Israel.

From Kazan to Paris, London, Milan, Berlin and Beijing

Based on the results of the analysis of statistical indicators, it is established that the top ten destinations for the number of transfer passengers departing from Kazan are Paris, Tel Aviv, Milan, London, Munich, Berlin and other cities.

The plans of the Kazan International Airport are opening flights to these destinations, as well as to Asian cities such as Tehran and Beijing. On domestic flights, the airport plans to open flights to Astrakhan, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk, Grozny, Murmansk and other cities in the near future.

The shore of Lake Manzherok in Gorny Altai turned into a beach

By the end of July, the Republic of Altai completed most of the cleaning of Lake Manzherok, which was allocated 72 million rubles from the federal budget under the program “Development of the water management complex of the Russian Federation.” On its western shore they equipped and opened a beach with showers, toilets, cabanas and other infrastructure. According to representatives of the local tourist industry, this is an important event for all regional tourism.


The Ministry of Natural Resources intends to double environmental charges from business

“We intend to double the collection in 2019 and collect in total 15 billion rubles by 2024,” Kobylkin said.

He noted that these funds will be used to create a waste-processing infrastructure in the regions. In addition, the size of the corresponding subsidies will be increased

Jellyfish mass arrived “on vacation” in the Crimea

The coast of the western Crimea was flooded with flocks of jellyfish. They are watched by residents and guests of Saki district, Evpatoria and Tarkhankut. This year, sea inhabitants flooded the Crimean coast a few weeks earlier than usual, experts attribute this to a warm winter, according to “Vesti Krym”.

Petersburg scientist told how to protect himself from a wasp attack

According to the head of the entomology department of St. Petersburg State University Vladimir Ivanov, there are different options for interaction with insects.

“For example, you eat jam, and the wasp sat down on your face. What to do? At a sting there can be very serious complications, with wasps it is necessary to keep an eye out. Do not swing your arms and drive away. Imagine that wasps are the same dogs. You will not wave your hands at the dog, because she will feel your hysterics and aggression and bite back. Wasps are the same dogs, only very dull, they have brains for three kopecks. Therefore, treat them appropriately, “says the head of the department.

Environmentalists studied the chemical composition of dust in Krasnoyarsk

Employees of SFU studied the chemical composition of the atmosphere of the capitals of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and found in it particles of soil and waste from industrial enterprises.

Head of the Institute of Ecology and Geography of Russia Ruslan Sharafutdinov connects such research results with poor cleaning of streets, insufficient number of trees near roads and construction equipment. Dust with chlorine, sulfur, carbon and nitrogen compounds spread through the city thanks to the wind.

In “Kolenergo” the mode of the raised readiness because of thunderstorms is entered

At the enterprise the mode of the raised readiness is entered, – have informed in “Kolenergo”. Thus, specialists follow meteorological conditions and conduct extraordinary inspections of sections of overhead transmission lines located in areas of possible risks

Settlements on Baikal are drowning in garbage, tourists and Chinese

From the height of the tourist season, not only the most popular places, such as Listvyanka, Sakhurt and Olkhon, suffer, but also small settlements, which are difficult to reach even by car.

One of these is the village of Big Cats. It is located 20 kilometers from Listvyanka. You can get to it either on the hiking trail or on the water. However, even this does not save the territory from pollution.

Every day a boat with tens of Chinese arrives in the village. Every weekend there come wild tourists. Despite the fact that almost nobody takes the garbage with them and does not take them away. All solid household waste is thrown into a single trash near the pier. Every day it becomes more and more.

On August 1, 2018, the village was littered with garbage. As it turned out, it simply does not take it from there. Responsible person is the Listvyanka administration, but she informs that they do not have the money to export garbage

Ecoactive “Zachisty Rayon” starts in Bogorodskoye

The grandiose environmental project “Zachichny Rayon” starts on August 4, it is designed not only to clean the area, but first of all to make it safe for residents of all ages. The first subbotnik starts in the People’s Square (Krasnobogatyrskaya, 21), from where the volunteers will move to the Yauza River.

“Garbage reform” will be held in dialogue with residents

The reform of the system of collection and recycling of garbage in the country will be conducted in dialogue with the inhabitants, said the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia Dmitry Kobylkin at the “Kuchino” training ground. The topic of landfills and the work of garbage landfills is widely discussed in the suburbs.

We see the development and application of technologies for the use of gas as a raw material for energy. For example, the provision of heat and light to nearby areas. – Dmitry Kobylkin, Russian politician

Greens ask prosecutor’s office to stop Nord Stream-2

The Greens ask the prosecutor’s office to stop the Nord Stream 2 because of the threat to herbs and mosses in the Kurgalsky reserve Greenpeace of Russia asks the Prosecutor General’s Office to suspend the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project due to the need to finalize the project documentation: to the materials on the environmental impact assessment of the project a number of Red Book species of plants were not included.


Debts grow faster than wages

The debts of Russian citizens to banks grow twice as fast as salaries. This follows from the data of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Development, Vedomosti reports.

In June, the volume of loans to the population grew by 15.9% in annual terms, in May the indicator was 15.1%. Real wages for the same period increased by 7.2% against 7.6% in May, and the volume of bank deposits by 7.1% (in May – by 7.7%).

From January to June 2018 inclusive, the portfolio of consumer loans increased by 1.1 trillion rubles – now residents of Russia owe banks 13.3 trillion rubles. Sberbank accounts for a record 714 billion rubles (+ 74% by 2017). Another 400 billion rubles were taken from VTB Bank, which is 32% more than in the first half of 2017.

For six months, Russian oil producers’ revenues grew by 1 trillion rubles

The pre-tax profit (EBITDA) of the largest Russian oil and gas companies in the first half of 2018 grew by about 50%, or by 1 trillion rubles, ACRA analyst Vasily Tanurkov estimated. These estimates were confirmed by Ildar Davletshin, oil and gas analyst at Wood & Co.

According to Tanurkov, the total EBITDA of the seven largest companies – Rosneft, Gazprom (including Gazprom Neft), LUKOIL, Surgutneftegaz, NOVATEK, Tatneft and RussNeft – grew by 46% to 3, 1 trillion rubles. Davletshin analyzed the performance of six companies (all except for RussNeft). According to his estimates, their total EBITDA increased by 49%, to 3.4 trillion rubles.

The Fed kept the base rate at the same level

The Federal Reserve System (FRS) of the United States following the meeting July 31-August 1, kept the benchmark interest rate at 1.75-2% per annum, the regulator press release said. The decision coincided with the forecasts of analysts polled by RIA Novosti.

Loss Economy: One third of Russian enterprises are unprofitable

Experts from the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) concluded that the largest companies of the non-financial sector of the Russian economy record a decline in profitability for the third consecutive year.

The Central Bank will sell a sanated Asian-Pacific bank

The Bank of Russia intends to sell the Asia-Pacific Bank (ATB) before the end of the year, this asset will be of interest to private investors, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev told journalists.

Capital export by the private sector decreased almost to zero

“As a result, the net outflow of private sector capital was near-zero in the second quarter of 2018 after $ 21.5 billion a quarter earlier,” the Ministry of Economic Development said. The outflow of capital on the financial account was $ 9.9 billion compared to $ 14.4 billion in the first quarter.

“Aeroflot” received a loss in the first half of the year

The net loss of Aeroflot under Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) for the first half of 2018 amounted to 7.18 billion rubles. against profit of 2.31 billion rubles. for the same period of the previous year.

Bank “Otkritie” provided Inteco with more than 20 billion rubles

“Bank Otkrytie” successfully implemented the first stage of the global cooperation development program with Inteko, within the framework of which bank loans for a total of 14.8 billion rubles were refinanced, and an additional limit for project financing was approved, “the report says.

The credit limit can be used by Inteko to complete the construction of existing real estate projects, as well as to implement new projects for integrated residential development.

Sberbank cut interest rates on consumer loans

Sberbank announced a temporary decline in rates for consumer loans. Within the framework of the autumn campaign, rates for various types of consumer loans were reduced by 0.2-1.2 percentage points compared to the base conditions.

“Gazprom” in January-July increased gas exports by 5.8%

“Gazprom” in January-July increased gas exports to the far abroad by 5.8% compared to the same period last year – to 117.1 billion cubic meters, the company said.

Chinese terminal in Shenzhen launched LNG terminal

The ninth terminal is in Shenzhen Dapeng District. The facility is equipped with four fuel storage tanks with a total capacity of 160,000 cubic meters and is capable of handling up to 4 million tons of LNG per year. It is also equipped with a specially designed berth for fuel-carrying vessels.

“The power of Siberia” almost reached China

The main pipeline “The Power of Siberia” almost reached China. The gas pipeline was built already at 90.5%, laid 1954 kilometers. According to Gazprom, the bulk of construction and assembly works will be completed this year.

Record slowdown in manufacturing activity in China

Experts explain the slowing of the activity of the consequences of trade wars between China and the United States. In July, the US imposed a 25-percent protective tariff on imports of Chinese goods worth $ 34 billion, which should further affect the Chinese production

Capitalization of Rosneft for the three months rose by 7.5%

For three months, the shares of Rosneft on the Moscow Stock Exchange rose by 7.5%, according to the data of exchange trades. If at the beginning of May the shares of the Russian oil company traded at 385.3 rubles. for a paper, then on August 1 the value of the share rose to 414.3 rubles.

In Finland, they announced the overcoming of the Russian food embargo

Finland managed to overcome the Russian food embargo, supplying oil, eggs and other products to third countries, said Esa Vrang, head of the Export Development Program of Food From Finland.

“What we lost on Russian exports, over the three years we managed to catch up on other markets. Exports of dairy products, beverages and meat remain the hottest exports, “- PRIME agency quotes the words of Vrang.

He added that thanks to the Russian ban, Helsinki managed to master new markets. For example, the volume of supplies of butter to France reached € 65 million (4.8 billion rubles) in 2017.

Recall that in 2014, Russia adopted a ban on the importation of certain types of agricultural products from countries that have applied anti-Russian sanctions: the United States, Canada, the EU countries, Australia and Norway.


Foreign Ministry: no one hid the Russian instructors in the CARs

In a report published in March 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that 5 military and 170 Russian civilian instructors were sent to train the local military in the CAR. As reported BakuToday, on July 30 in the CAR, Russian journalists were found killed on the highway 24 km from the city of Sibu.

The murdered Russian journalists, proceeding from the location of the detection of bodies, did not move at all to the place where the instructors work. Moreover, based on information received from the local side, they ignored warnings that they are leaving the zone controlled by local law enforcement agencies. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

Erdogan says he is ready to restore the death penalty in Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his readiness to restore the death penalty in the country, if the relevant bill is adopted in parliament.

Trump demanded to stop the “Russian business”

US President Donald Trump said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should “immediately stop” the case of Russia’s “interference” in the US elections. He wrote about this in his Twitter account.

This is a horrible situation, and Attorney General Jeff Sience should immediately stop this faked hunt for witches before it continues to further dirty our country. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Poroshenko plans to file a lawsuit against Russia

President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko said that he intends to bring a lawsuit against Russia for “damage inflicted in the Donbass”.

Appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a request to take measures for the early establishment of an appropriate interdepartmental coordinating body. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

After the elections in the capital of Zimbabwe, the military shot an opposition rally

The military in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, opened fire on demonstrators in support of the opposition, awaiting election results, injuring and killing several people. According to TASS, this is reported by the site of the American newspaper The Washington Post

Three Ukrainian hackers were arrested in Europe at the request of the United States

The United States is accused of three Ukrainian citizens in cyber attacks and involvement in the FIN7 hacker group, also known as Carbanak, they were arrested in Europe, according to a published statement by the US Justice Department

Turkey promised the US to respond to the imposition of sanctions

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Ankara will respond to US sanctions, RIA Novosti reports. “An attempt by the US to impose sanctions on our two ministers will not be left without an answer,” he said.

An attempt by the US to impose sanctions on our two ministers will not be left without an answer. We will not be able to solve our problems if the US administration does not understand that it can not reach its illegal demands with this method. – Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Turkish politician

Trump looks forward to a new meeting with the leader of the DPRK

President of the United States Donald Trump thanked the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-no for his assistance in recovering the remains of American servicemen who died during the war on the Korean peninsula and said that he was looking forward to a new meeting with him.

The State Department praised Facebook

The State Department welcomes the decision of Facebook to remove a number of accounts managed from outside the US, a spokesman for the Heather Nauert department

India will impose the death penalty for maritime piracy

The Government of India has approved a bill providing for the death penalty or life imprisonment for sea pirates. Currently, according to local lawyers, the punishment is too mild – the prison term, and to fight the pirates, the measures are the most stringent.

The US treated Manafort worse than the gangster Al Capone

US President Donald Trump believes that the ex-head of his campaign headquarters, Semi Manafort, who is accused of financial fraud and tax evasion, are worse than the legendary gangster Al Capone.

The US Senate will reveal the testimony of the Russian woman Butina

The US Senate Intelligence Committee agreed at the request of the defense to disclose the contents of the testimony of the arrested Russian woman Maria Butina, said attorney Robert Driscoll.

The US intends to continue pressure on China in the field of trade

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said that the US plans to continue to exert pressure on China in the area of trade. She said this at a briefing.


The US Senate approved the defense budget for 2019

The US Senate passed the defense budget for the fiscal year 2019 at $ 716 billion. The document approved by both chambers of Congress is now signed by US President Donald Trump. Earlier it was reported that part of the military budget was approved by the House of Representatives of the US Congress.

The US Senate approved the decision to allocate $ 250 million for defense needs of Ukraine

The US Senate approved the country’s defense budget, which provides for the allocation of $ 250 million to Ukraine to help strengthen the country’s defense capability. This was stated in the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States

In Tajikistan, a terrorist attack against the Russian military was prevented

In Tajikistan, terrorists were eliminated, who were preparing to commit an armed attack on the Russian military base in Dushanbe. It is reported that the militants were detained back in February this year, but the information was still classified

Syrian military were ambushed militants

Militants of the “Islamic State” * organized an ambush in the area of Dumeir airport in Damascus, RIA Novosti reported a source in the Syrian security service

The ships of the Northern Fleet conducted exercises in the Barents Sea

During the training events, the tasks of organizing all types of protection and defense of the detachment of ships at the sea crossing were worked out. In the Barents Sea, a planned exercise was conducted on the actions of ships and support vessels as part of a grouping of the diverse forces of the Northern Fleet.

Minister of Defense of Japan visited Kronstadt

On August 2, an excursion of the Japanese Defense Minister to the cruiser Aurora is scheduled. Petersburg Onodera arrived from Moscow, where on August 1 a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu took place. It was also attended by the Foreign Minister of Japan, Taro Kono.

Sweden will purchase the US Patriot defense system

Sweden reported that to protect its sky will purchase the US Patriot defense system. The decision will be made on August 2. Sweden has decided to put on US air defense systems.

Suspects in recruiting mercenaries for Donbas arrested in Italy

Law enforcement authorities in Italy arrested six people, whom the investigation suspects of recruiting mercenaries for “participation in a military conflict abroad” – in the Donbass. It is reported that in the apartments of seven more citizens were searched

The Ministry of Defense was going to order 14 refueling aircraft

The Ministry of Defense is considering the possibility of concluding a state contract for the supply of 14 Il-78M-90A fuel tankers to 2027, said Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko.

In response to NATO actions in Georgia, Abkhazia will strengthen cooperation with Russia

As a symmetrical response to NATO military exercises in Georgia, “Worthy Partner 2018”, the Abkhaz side intends to intensify military-technological cooperation with the Russian Federation in order to ensure the defense and security of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Israel threatened Iran with war in case of blockage of the strait

According to the head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu, whose words lead Reuters, if in Tehran they decide to block the strait, which is the only way out of the Red Sea, then an “international coalition” will enter the case, which will include all types of Israeli armed forces.

China will take part in military exercises in Australia

The joining of the Chinese military is surprising, because Beijing is in conflict with Washington on a number of issues, including the conflict in the South China Sea. This will be the first time that China will participate in military exercises with Australia.

In Colombia, the rebels and the authorities did not agree on a ceasefire

Earlier observers expected that on Wednesday morning the parties to the conflict would sign a cease-fire agreement. On August 7, Colombia will host the inauguration of Ivan Duake, the new president, who came to power from the party of opponents of peace agreements with the rebels.


In Japan, the Russian captain of a fishing vessel was detained

In Japan, a Russian citizen was detained – the captain of a fishing vessel flying under the flag of Togo. This is on Thursday, August 2, Kyodo reported. The vessel was seen in the Japanese exclusive economic zone.

The court sentenced the Tyumen citizen to 16 years in prison for terrorism

The court sentenced a resident of the Tyumen region to 16 years in prison for participating in hostilities on the side of the international terrorist organization “IGIL”, the press service of the FSB department for the Tyumen region said on Wednesday.

The court extended the arrest of the brothers Magomedov

Tverskoi court of Moscow extended until November 5 the arrest of the owner of the group “Sum” billionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov, his brother ex-senator Magomed Magomedov and the head of the “Summa” company Inteks Artur Maxidov. Such a decision was made by Judge Olga Zatomskaya, RBC correspondent reports.

Arrested top manager Urban Group

Savyolovsky Court of Moscow authorized the arrest of one of the senior managers of the Urban Group, the general director of Ivastroi Andrei Puchkov in connection with the criminal case of abuse of authority. The criminal case against him was opened in mid-July this year.

The Fields Prize winner was stolen after the award

Kurdish mathematician Kautcher Birkard was stolen by the prestigious Fields Medal right after the awards ceremony at the international congress in Rio de Janeiro. The incident was reported by the organizers of the event.

Police discovered the circumstances of the abduction of the cat Behemoth

In 2005, the museum management announced a contest to find the Behemoth cat, which became a symbol of the institution and its full-time employee. In the morning on Wednesday the museum staff filed an application for the loss of Behemoth to the police. Later it was reported that the cat was found without a collar near the Mossovet Theater.

In the case of torture in the Yaroslavl colony appeared four new figurants

An application for the arrest of four more defendants in the criminal case on torture in the colony was received in the Zavolzhsky District Court of Yaroslavl, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, press secretary of the Yaroslavl regional court Natalia Sargunova. According to her, the date of consideration of the petitions “has not yet been appointed.”

In the Vladimir detention center found a torture room

In the Vladimir region FSIN officers were prosecuted: they are suspected of exceeding official authority. In the local pre-trial detention center No. 1, a torture room was found by prosecutors, where detainees and prisoners were regularly beaten and tortured.

In Kaliningrad, the FSB detained nine involved in the IG recruiters

In Kaliningrad, officers of the regional FSB in the course of a special operation detained nine members of the conspiratorial cell of radicals implicated in the terrorist group “Islamic State” *. This is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the department

The employee of the Central Research Institute of Information Technologies passed confidential information online

The accused in the state treasury of the Central Research Institute of the Economy Viktor Kudryavtsev handed over secret data on Internet correspondence, TASS reported citing a source familiar with the situation. Kudryavtsev, 74, a Candidate of Technical Sciences, was arrested in late July

The death of a correspondent of AIF is not criminal in nature

Preliminary conclusions of the investigation amount to the fact that the death of the journalist of the journal Argumenty i Fakty by Sergei Grachev is not criminal. This is reported by the Investigation Department of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Touched an electric shocker to sign the protocol

A criminal case was opened on the abuse of official authority. As TASS clarifies with reference to the prosecutor’s office of the region, an electric shock was used against the local resident. He was suspected of violating the Rules of the Road.


Alla Pugacheva is trying to obtain a residence permit in Europe

The prima donna, together with her husband and children, went abroad. Last year, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin bought property in Cyprus. Now the whole family has gone to Europe, presumably in order to complete all the documents

Dana Borisova accused Danko of being brutally beaten

True, a new beloved artist expected an unpleasant surprise: Dana Borisova admitted that at that time they were still in a relationship with Danko. After these words, Siluyanova ran out of the studio

Ani Lorak’s husband kept women for his wife’s money

The web gloats over the family crisis of the famous Ukrainian singer. On the eve of the Network, it was said that Ani Lorak’s husband openly betrayed her. While the wife earns money on tours (Lorak is now in Baku at the festival “Heat”), the husband hangs out with extraneous girls.

Valery Meladze spoke about quarrels with Albina Dzhanabaeva

Valery Meladze admits that he is the first to go to reconciliation after quarrels with Albina Dzhanabaeva. The actor presents her with a gift so that she does not take offense. In 2014, the singer Valery Meladze married the former soloist of the group “VIA Gra” Albina Janabaeva.

Buckwheat refused to perform on the same stage with Zemfira

The girl did not go to the person, moreover, she diplomatically noted that the statements of the senior colleague on the shop – her own business, and Zemfira is still good. But refused to speak with her on the same stage.

“Buckwheat – very bad,” – with such words Zemfira last month began a scandal.

Larissa Dolina drove her husband out of the house because of treason

The wife herself does not comment on the information, but the situation speaks for itself: Valley and Spitsyn ceased to be published together. At many events, the 62-year-old artist now appears with her 7-year-old granddaughter Alexandra. The international festival “Rendezvous” by Laima Vaikule was no exception.

Artem Pindyura twisted the novel with the star “House-2”

It was rumored that the singer of the band MBand met with the singer Nyusha. Also there were rumors that Artem took the girl away from Alexei Vorobyov. And the other day the journalists of the Super.ru portal found out that the new member of Pindyura was ex-participant of “Doma-2” Marina Mexico

Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin secretly married

While the fans of Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin are waiting, when in their Instagram will appear wedding photos, lovers secretly signed. At least, the source close to the pair reports.

Armen Djigarkhanyan appeared in public for the first time in a long time

After a loud divorce from his wife and all subsequent scandals and health problems, Armen Jigarkhanyan did not appear in public for several months. The long-awaited return of the master occurred today, on August 1, at the Theater of Armen Borisovich

Yuri Loza spoke about the “ridge” Buzovoy

Yuri Loza criticized Olga Buzov, having examined her creativity and behavior on stage and in front of cameras. According to the artist, the former participant of the project “Dom-2” is comparable to “pirozhkom with nothing.” Earlier, with criticism of Buzovy, well-known politician Vitaly Milonov also spoke.

Johnny Depp accused the ex-spouse of assault

It is the fact of assaulting and became the final chord in the marriage, lasting a year and a half. By the way, she herself repeatedly told journalists that it was Depp who drank, behaved aggressively and beat her. However, now the actor intends to prove the opposite

Sobchak told about the ideal holiday

The TV presenter shared her thoughts with her subscribers on the topic of what should be a day of rest. In her opinion, the perfect rest is sex, yoga, then he can continue with a massage and reading a good book.

The jacket of Khan Solo was put up for auction

Jackson Harrison Ford, which the actor wore as Khan Solo in the fifth part of the “Star Wars”, will be auctioned in the UK. As TMZ reports, the auction will be held in September. Organizers expect to get for their outer clothing about one million pounds, this is 1.3 million dollars.

Ivan Urgant will sing in the continuation of the New Year’s franchise “Yolki”

Ivan Urgant will record the soundtrack for the continuation of the Russian comedy “Elki”. This is written by TASS referring to the performer of one of the main roles in the film by Sergei Svetlakov

Twitter launched a new flash mob about the movie

The American Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences organized a flash mob in its Twitter. Users retell the scenes of their favorite movies with five words.


The first promo-frame from the new “Terminator” appeared on the web

The Russian premiere of the film will be November 21, 2019. The “Paramount” studio presented the first official frame from the restart of “Terminator”. So, it shows three heroines.

In the network appeared trailer of the Russian film “T-34”

The first official trailer for the T-34 film, which will premiere on December 27, was posted on the YouTube channel of Central Partnership, RIA Novosti reported on Russia-1 television channel participating in the production of the picture.

Started shooting the ninth episode of “Star Wars”

The ninth episode of “Star Wars” came to the finish line: August 1 at the London studio Pinewood began filming the finale of the newest trilogy of the famous space saga.

Started shooting the first screen version of the novel “We” Eugene Zamyatin

Today the shooting of the first Russian film adaptation of the famous novel “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin started. Until now, no other director has dared to make a film based on the famous anti-utopia.

Nicole Kidman defeated the influential maniac USA

In addition to Kidman, the film starred Charlize Theron in the role of ex-leading TV channel, the newspaper Variety reported. It is noted that Roger Ayles was a well-known personality in the republican circles and influenced the promotion of the three US presidents: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Warner Bros. are preparing a rebuff “Alpha”

In rebuy, Alf will return to the Earth, but will already live with other people. To create the restart will be involved in the writers of the original series – Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco. So far, the development of the series is at the earliest stage; It is not known even on which channel it will be shown.

The performer of Venom’s role mounted a two-hour version of The Hobbit

The popular Hollywood actor Tofer Grace, known to viewers as Venom in Spider-Man 3: The Enemy in Reflection, audited the Hobbit trilogy of the New Zealand director Peter Jackson and mounted his two-hour version of it.


WhatsApp has introduced a paid service for sending messages to businesses

The WhatsApp messenger, numbering about 1.5 billion users, led the function of paid messages for companies in the WhatsApp Business application, according to his corporate blog.

Facebook and Instagram have entered a counter spent on sotsseti time

Representatives of Facebook and Instagram Amit Reneidiv and David Ginzberg said that in these social networks will be able to track the amount of time spent in them

Google will launch in China a search engine with built-in censorship

Google can create a search engine with built-in censorship in China. This should happen within the framework of the project “Golden Shield”, as required by the policy of local authorities, reports The Intercept. According to the website, the Chinese authorities have already familiarized themselves with the preliminary version of the application.

In Alaska moved for typewriters

As a result of cyberattacks on computer networks, the administration of the Matanuska-Susitna district in Alaska was moved to typewriters, the BBC reported. According to the television channel, we are talking about the virus Ransomware. Insidious worm attacked almost all the computers of the district.

Parallels introduced new tools for Mac

A set of several dozen of the most popular users of Mac features received additional functionality. Parallels Toolbox – a utility that is a universal set of the most popular tools that make it easy to perform everyday tasks on your Mac

The Facebook feature will feature karaoke Talent Show

Facebook is preparing an update for karaoke fans. Users wishing to demonstrate their vocal data will soon be added a special feature of the Talent Show. The source code of the service was discovered by researcher Jane Manchum Wong.

Yandex launched a free service for creating surveys

There is an opportunity to show a person different questions depending on how he responded to the previous ones. After creating the form, you can give the respondents a link to it or get the ready-made code to embed on the site.

Google banned unnecessary notches on the screens

In anticipation of new items, Google has prepared a number of requirements for smartphone manufacturers who want their product to work on Android. First of all, experts strongly recommend not to do so-called “cut-outs” on the screens.

Xiaomi released a smart trash can

The lid is hermetically sealed, so that the smell of debris does not penetrate the apartment, thus not attracting insects. The clever gadget will be available for purchase on September 11th. The price of a bin from Xiaomi will be $ 29 (about two thousand rubles).

Only about 2 million North Koreans own smartphones

According to the source, the tenth year has passed since the North Korea officially allowed mobile phones. At the moment, about 5 million people in the country have mobile phones, which is about 20% of the total population. At the same time, about 40% of them own smartphones.

IPhone with iOS 12 operating system can not be charged from computers

An interesting feature of the iPhone was discovered by experts. Oddness concerns the operating system iOS 12. When testing a new product from Apple, it became known that the smartphone stops charging, if it does not touch more than an hour.

The feature does not apply to charging from a conventional power source. The system will automatically disconnect the connector only if the device is connected to the computer and it has not been unlocked for more than an hour. The innovation is due to additional protection of the personal data of the iPhone owner. Since the Apple administration believes that with a long connection to the computer, data can be copied from the gadget.

One of the world’s largest sites reported a data leak

Imageboard Reddit informed its users about the cyber attack and the data leak. The administrators noticed a hacking on June 19. The audit showed that an unknown hacker had access to personal information of users: messages, passwords, e-mail addresses for two years, from 2005 to 2007.


Scientists have discovered a fungus that turns flies into obedient “zombies”

Biologists from California have discovered an unusual fungus that penetrates the brain of fruitfly flies and turns them into obedient zombies that spread it among healthy insects. Their findings were presented in the journal eLife.

Electronic sticks will change the taste of food on the sour or salty

Among the taste sensations, it is customary to distinguish five main flavors: salty, sour, sweet, bitter and taste minds. Usually these tastes are asked when preparing food, but scientists have long been working on creating devices that can simulate at least some of these tastes

Waymo will test unmanned vehicles on the “last mile”

Waymo will use unmanned vehicles as a means of delivering passengers to and from public transit stations. The pilot project will be launched in August in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, according to the Waymo blog.

There is no connection between brain cancer and electromagnetic fields

Experts from the Barcelona Institute of Global Health have used a large-scale selection of the INTEROCC study to show that there is no obvious link between brain cancer and high exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The work was published in the journal Environment International.

Earth bacteria die fast

Representatives of the University of British Columbia conducted a study in which they established that the bacteria living on Earth die very quickly. Thus, this information refutes the theory that microorganisms can not disappear in large numbers due to their great diversity.

Geologists discovered the mystery of the birth of blue diamonds

Famous blue diamonds are formed at a record high depth, in the lowest layers of the Earth’s mantle, and their ancestors are special rare minerals present at the bottom of the seas. This is written by geologists who published an article in the journal Nature.

Doctors called the main pluses and minuses of vegetarianism

According to Antonina Starodubova, a nutritionist at the Moscow Department of Healthcare, it is extremely difficult “to provide the body with all the nutrients, especially protein and vitamins, especially when it comes to more strict types of vegetarianism.” And if it is a positive effect of a diet without meat on the heart, then do not limit yourself to only plant foods, and eat eggs and dairy products.

Specialist believes that “sparse” vegetarianism can especially harm the child’s body, depriving him of the necessary for normal growth of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. The same opinion is shared by the doctor, gastroenterologist-hepatologist of the highest category, Candidate of Medical Sciences Leila Bolatchiev, RIA Novosti reports.

There is such a thing as irreplaceable amino acids, and in plants we will not get them. And if we do not give the body the necessary elements, it can sooner – maybe later, but it will necessarily somehow manifest itself negatively, “the doctor explained.


Comet flies to the Earth Incredible Hulk

The giant comet Incredible Hulk will approach the Earth on August 7.

The model of Russian satellite “killer” OneWeb will be shown for the first time in public

State Corporation Roskosmos will present at the forum “Army-2018” in late August a model of the satellite communication system “Efir”.

Physicists from Russia and the US have found traces of a “new type” of neutrinos

Unique “balloons” flying over Antarctica, helped Russian and foreign scientists to find potential traces of so-called “sterile” neutrinos. Their conclusions were presented in an article accepted for publication in the journal Physical Review Letters.

The NASA showed Hubble filmed the “older sister” of the Milky Way

The NASA agency showed the “older sister” of the Milky Way. The picture was taken by the famous Hubble telescope. Galaxy NGC 6744 is 200,000 light years in diameter, which is twice the size of the Milky Way, but astronomers still claim that it looks like no other to our galaxy.

China will create a “fast-assembly” micro-rocket

The Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) presented its new micro-rocket “Lightning Dragon No.1”. This was reported by the Xinhua News Agency. The missile is capable of lifting a cargo weighing 150 kilograms to a sun-synchronous orbit with a height of 700 kilometers.

Such a missile can be prepared for launch within 24 hours after delivery to the cosmodrome, and its assembly can be performed six months after the contract is signed.

Theory of sudden chaos: scientists have told how the Universe will instantly disappear

In the scientific world, the premature death of the universe was announced. The authors of the above discovery are researchers who study the influence of dark energy on being in outer space. So, the rapid expansion of the above-mentioned energy will cause a large-scale explosion.


New Volkswagen T-Cross

The German company has started road tests of the new subcompact crossover Volkswagen T-Cross, which was seen by photo shooters without camouflage. Experts note that the overall style of the novelty is similar to the older model – the crossover T-Roc

Opel declassified the design of future models

No further details are reported by the manufacturer about the novelty, as well as a new art concept, which was named Opel Compass. Thanks to the video about GT X Experimental, you can say something else: on the contours of the presented model you can guess that this is a hatchback.

Motorcycle project “Cortege” will enter the market under the brand “Izh”

Motorcycle project “Cortege” will enter the market under the brand “Izh”. This was reported to journalists by the head of Rostekha, Sergei Chemezov.

The motorcycle is planned to be sold both in the country and abroad – in this regard, we do not put any marks of difference between the markets. The price has not yet been determined, but it will be in the market. – Sergey Chemezov

The Russian prices for the new Jeep Compass crossover are named

The American brand Jeep, under the control of the FCA concern, announced the Russian prices for its Jeep Compass crossover. The model will enter the market in three versions and will cost from 1,999,000 rubles. The novelty, introduced in 2016, reached the Russian market only now.

Renault starts selling in Russia special version of the crossover Renault Kaptur

The main difference between the limited series of SUVs was an expanded package of options and a multimedia system with an integrated Internet platform Yandex.Avto. The first cars have already arrived to dealers and are available at a price of 1 114 990 rubles.

Nissan to close Almera model production at AvtoVAZ

In October this year, Nissan will turn off the production of the Almera sedan on Avtovaz, Vedomosti reports. In the Japanese autoconcern are sure that by the middle of autumn in the central warehouse there will be a sufficient stock of machines “to maintain sales until the spring of 2019 while maintaining demand at the current level.”

The Regal Avenir version appeared in the Buick Regal family

Buick Regal Avenir will have LED headlights, a multimedia system with an access point, wireless charging for gadgets, a rear-view camera, a premium audio system, a one-lane holding system, adaptive cruise control and an automatic parking system.

Mercedes-Benz has started testing the flagship electric car

The novelty can receive a body Shooting Brake, on a plan of the company, at first the light will see electric crossover EQC which will show already this autumn in Paris. Then the hatchback EQA is expected to come out and is followed by the EQS flagship

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