9 Nov, 2018

Growth of protest activity in Russia

Experts at the Center for Economic and Political Reforms note a sharp increase in protest activity in the third quarter of 2018. During this period, 1,244 shares were recorded, which is three times more than the beginning of the year and almost three times more than in the third quarter of 2017.

46.5% of the total number of protest actions for the year was associated with pension reform. Most often, protests were organized by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (36.2%), supporters of Aleksei Navalny (13.1%) ranked second, and trade unions took the third place (4.8%). 83.4% of the registered shares were agreed or not requiring approval

Most often, people protest in the Rostov, Saratov, Moscow, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Volgograd regions, Moscow and Krasnodar Krai. Compared to 2017, the Novosibirsk region dropped out of the most protest regions and St. Petersburg was added. The least protest is in Chechnya, Tuva, Ingushetia, Mordovia, Adygea, Kalmykia, Chukotka, as well as in the Nenets and Yamalo-Nenets autonomous districts and the Tver region.

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Fewer Russians make plans for the future

The number of Russians planning the future for the next five to six years has decreased from 17 to 11%, for the next year or two – from 37 to 35%. At the same time, the number of citizens who do not know what will happen to them in the next two months has increased by almost 10% (from 37 to 46%).

Russians prefer domestic products

Domestic vegetables, fish and meat, dairy products and chocolate prefer to buy 90 percent of Russians. When buying clothes, shoes and equipment, half of respondents are guided by imported brands. These polls are published by VTsIOM, reports the TV channel “Russia 24

The deputy head of the FPS told about plans to ban mobile communications in the colonies

The Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) plans to make changes to the legislation, according to which it will be impossible to use mobile communications on the territory of correctional institutions, said Valery Boyarinev, deputy director of the FSIN, told Interfax.

Caribbean Courts Implement an Electronic Justice System

Crimson Logic is a Singapore government company specializing in creating websites for ships around the world. She was the one who developed the e-justice system. The portal was first launched on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean on October 25th.

Ban look at Freddie Mercury

Marker 18+ tape “Bohemian Rhapsody” received because of the scene with kissing men, reports “Siberia. Realia.” The parents of the Khabarovsk teenager wanted to give a receipt that the son would go to the session under their responsibility. But employees of the institution said that the law does not provide for this.

“We were advised to go to the“ Enduring ”, there is a 12+ marker. I asked, how can there be there? After all, there is blood, murder and violence. To which I was answered, but here, they say, men kiss on the screen. After this phrase, we didn’t argue anymore and just returned the tickets, ”the child’s mother told reporters

100 million at the “Crimean Bridge” without competition

Money for the shooting of the film “Crimean Bridge” was allocated by the Culture Foundation on the basis of a letter. This is reported by “BBC” PR director of the Svetlana Brilliantantova Foundation. She clarified that the money was allocated to the picture on the basis of a letter.

“Gromov wrote a letter to the Ministry of Culture. They gave money without any pitching and protection of the project, that is, without the procedures that any film that claims the money of the Cinema Foundation is obliged to go through, ”said another BBC source.

In addition, according to the news service, the film was also assisted by the company Stroygazmontazh of Arkady Rotenberg, the general contractor for the construction of the Crimean bridge. A spokesman for Rotenberg told the BBC that the assistance was only organizational:

“They helped on the shooting – the equipment, the admission to the construction site itself, the organization of the process, and the like. Financial assistance was not provided, ”he concluded.

In Magadan, the costumes of foreign characters were banned.

In the administration of one of the kindergartens of Magadan, parents warned that by the upcoming New Year’s matinee, it was necessary to prepare costumes for the characters in Russian fairy tales. At the same time, outfits from foreign cartoons were called “unacceptable.”

“Teachers of the kindergarten prepared a script for the matinee, which includes the following characters: girls – pupae, boys – characters of domestic fairy tales and cartoons (Buratino, Pierrot, Chipollino, Harlequin, Dunno, heroes, musketeers, etc.). The characters of modern foreign cartoons at the matinee in the kindergarten are not allowed, “- said in an announcement published by Magadan resident Yulia Roshchina on Facebook

In Armavir, 30 officials hid their income and property

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Krasnodar Territory reported on the results of the verification of information on the income and property of municipal employees of Armavir City: 30 officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility for violations of the law.

S7 will begin to cancel tickets for passengers with the same name

Starting November 11, the S7 will cancel the booking “with the same last name / name of the passenger and route for different departure dates with an interval of less than 24 hours”. And regardless of whether the tickets are issued or not, from Sunday such applications are identified as double. This newsletter was received by agents from the carrier on November 8th.

Bortnikov accused the owner of Telegram

The situation with the decision of the FSB access to the encryption keys of the Telegram messenger remains difficult due to the fact that its company-owner is not ready to assist security officials in the fight against terrorism, the director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov told reporters.

If we are talking about Telegram, then I would like to say that the situation is difficult from the point of view of understanding by the owners of the company of the need to assist structures that are fighting terrorism. – Alexander Bortnikov, Russian judge

The Russians appreciated the attitude of the police to foreigners at the 2018 World Cup football

As stated in the report of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), which was held in October 2018, to the question:

“How do you rate the work of the police at mass events related to the World Cup 2018?”

45% of Russians answered “very good” and “good”. At the same time, 49% of respondents said they did not know anything about the work of the police during the 2018 World Cup.

According to 83% of respondents, the police were friendly and involved foreign citizens who came to Russia during the tournament.

Google will change policy after rallies against harassment

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in a letter to his subordinates, reported on changes to be made to the company’s policies in response to protests against sexual harassment.

Smolny without contests has spent almost 500 million on informatization

The authorities of St. Petersburg, without competition, concluded contracts with one of the state-owned enterprises in the field of informatization in the amount of about 500 million rubles, which created preferential conditions for this enterprise, violating anti-monopoly legislation.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Buryatia wanted to calculate dissatisfied with purchases for officials

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Buryatia became interested in negative comments on an article in the local newspaper “Number One” about expensive public procurement that republican officials intended to commit, and also demanded to provide users with IP addresses, the newspaper’s website says

According to the police, commentators “are inclined to impede the activities of public authorities”

Moscow City Duma deputy proposed to identify and treat citizens-gamers

A mass examination (screening) of schoolchildren and adult citizens for signs of gambling was suggested by the Moscow City Duma deputy, psychiatrist Alexei Mishin, who entered Nov. 8 in an interview with the Moscow City News Agency.

The rates of duty-free import of goods by land transport will toughen

It is reported that the threshold for duty-free importation of goods for personal use will be reduced three times from January 1, 2019. Now citizens will be able to import free goods weighing up to 25 kg in the amount of up to € 500, writes the Federal News Agency.

The authorities in Russia will take control of postal orders

The Russian authorities are going to tighten control over monetary operations, including postal money transfers in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. Under the suspicion may fall and payment of communication services over 50 thousand rubles. The relevant law has already been submitted to the State Duma.

Kudrin said the risk of falling real incomes of Russians for the year

The head of the Audit Chamber of Russia, Alexei Kudrin, said that he sees the risk of falling real incomes of the population in 2018.

It was expected that this year we will have a positive growth and there will be an increase in real incomes of the population. Now we see risks that they will be zero or even negative. – Alexey Kudrin, Russian politician


Pension reform will positively affect the growth rate of the Russian economy

This was stated by the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina during the discussion of the main directions of monetary policy in the State Duma, a REGNUM correspondent reports on November 8.

“Raising the retirement age, also according to our estimates, will make a positive contribution to the GDP growth rate due to the expansion of the labor force — about 0.1% in 2019 and 0.2% and 0.3% in 2020 and 2021,” noted Nabiullina.

US Federal Reserve maintained interest rate of 2–2.25% per annum

On Thursday, November 8, the US Federal Reserve maintained its base rate of 2-2.55% per annum. This decision was made by the Fed’s Open Market Operations Committee following a two-day meeting in Washington. Earlier, at a meeting in September, the US central bank raised the rate.

Saudi Arabia admits the possibility of OPEC’s dissolution

Saudi authorities have ordered a study on the possible dissolution of OPEC. This was written by the American newspaper Wall Street Journal on Thursday, November 8

The Yandex.Taxi service enters the Finnish market.

On 9 November, Yandex.Taxi will launch an online service for ordering a taxi in Helsinki, it will be called Yango (short for Yandex go). This was reported by the press service of “Yandex.Taxi”. Investments in expanding the geography of presence in the company are not disclosed.

Tesla Board of Directors chose a new chairman

Robin Denholm has been appointed the new chairman of the board of directors of Tesla and will replace the founder of the company, Ilona Musk.

Shares of Revival cost VTB 9.7 billion rubles

Previously, the cost of the package was not disclosed. At the first stage of the transaction, VTB acquired an 85% stake in Vozrozhdenie, and the state bank plans to buy another 15% of the shares after the mandatory offer to shareholders. The bank brand after the merger will not be saved.

Net profit of Sberbank under RAS for 10 months increased by 22.5%

Net profit of Sberbank under Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) for 10 months of 2018 increased compared with the figure for the same period last year by 22.5% to 686 billion rubles, the bank said. A year earlier, the profit amounted to 560 billion rubles.

Oreshkin spoke about the prospects of trade with China

During the November 7 meeting of the heads of government of the two countries, an agreement was signed on the development of trade in services with China.

“We have made good progress in merchandising, this year we will have about $ 110 billion in trade. The $ 100 billion target set for this year will definitely be exceeded. But for trade in services, the volume is still much smaller – about $ 4 billion. Here the potential for developing relations is very large, ”said a representative of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Net profit of Commerzbank jumped 14 times in January-September

The net profit of Commerzbank AG, the second largest bank of Germany, attributable to shareholders, for January-September 2018 amounted to 751 million euros, which is 14 times more than last year, the financial organization said.

Bailiffs called the amount of debt of Russians

In the Federal Bailiffs Service there are 31.3 million enforcement proceedings worth 3.8 trillion rubles in respect of individuals and individual entrepreneurs. These are the data on October 1, told RT in the department.

TripAdvisor net profit increased by 176%. Shares jumped 13%

Shares of the world’s largest travel site TripAdvisor soared by 13% after the company’s quarterly results significantly exceeded analysts’ expectations. Net profit of the American company increased by 176% compared with the third quarter of 2017, reaching $ 69 million.

IFRS net profit of Alrosa in January-September increased by 33%

AK “Alrosa” in January-September 2018 increased its net profit under IFRS by 33.3% compared to the same period last year – up to 82.491 billion rubles, follows from the company’s report. Sales revenue increased by almost 11% in annual terms and amounted to 238.3 billion rubles

Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Quarterly Net Profit Up 20%

According to the results of the 3rd quarter, the net profit of one of the world’s largest stock exchange operators – Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. (HKEx) – increased by 20% due to increased income from trading and listing.

$ 1.8 billion music industry has earned advertising on YouTube

The music industry has earned more than $ 1.8 billion from YouTube advertising, according to a report on the fight against piracy owned by Google’s video service company.
Ford Motor entered the market of electric scooters

As the head of Ford X, a division of Ford Motor in charge of new mobile solutions, Sunny Madra, the business associated with electric scooters, told the Financial Times newspaper, “is developing everywhere simply phenomenally” and “the product’s conformity with the market becomes quite obvious.” According to him, the goal of Ford Motor is to launch an electric scooter rental service in more than 100 cities in the next year and a half.

Nabiullina urged not to be afraid of a possible increase in the key rate

The head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina urged not to be afraid of a possible slight increase in the key rate. As TASS reports on November 8, this will reduce the likelihood of a significant increase in the future.

RZD’s investment program for 2019

The investment program of Russian Railways (RZD) for 2019 will amount to more than 680 billion rubles, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at a government meeting.

The money is obviously rather big. It is clear that there may be adjustments in either direction, depending on how priorities are set and how these funds will be spent. They need to be sent, of course, to the solution of the most important tasks facing RZD. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

2.6 billion rubles. for the death of the satellite

Insurance companies Sogaz, Ingosstrakh, Megaruss-D and VSK paid Roscosmos state corporation almost 2.6 billion rubles. after the death of the meteorological satellite “Meteor-M” in an accident in November 2017. This was reported on the site “Sogaz”.

Russia benefited from US sanctions against Iran

Russia was able to expand the supply of oil, food and technology thanks to the sanctions that the US imposed on Iran, found out in The Wall Street Journal. Russia took advantage of the restrictions and occupied the markets in which Iran had previously traded

Armenia negotiates with Russia to reduce gas prices

Armenia is negotiating with Russia, aimed at reducing the price of gas, the acting press told journalists on Thursday. Minister of Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resources of Armenia Garegin Baghramyan.

Construction at the Taz field will begin in 2020

Commissioning and commercial development will begin in 2021. The field’s development timelines were identified at a working meeting of the first deputy governor of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district, Alexei Sitnikov, with representatives of Gazprom Neft’s subsidiaries. Taz field is one of the largest

Mintras intends to increase the volume of water transportation

Redistribute cargo flows between the railway and river carriers intend to the Ministry of Transport of Russia. This step will increase the economic efficiency of river transport, said Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, head of Rosmorrechflot, Yury Tsvetkov, reports IA news agency PrimaMedia.

The court sought from the ex-banker Motylev 33 billion rubles

The Moscow Arbitration Court collected from ex-banker Anatoly Motylev in favor of one of his former banks, Rossiysky Kredit, 33 billion rubles. – in this amount were estimated losses from transactions of an entrepreneur from 2014 to 2015. Reports about it «RIA Novosti».

European business complained to Siluanov about “Google tax”

Frank Schauff, CEO of the Association of European Businesses (AEB), complained about the “Google tax” in a letter to the First Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov and the head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin

Russians scored auto loans for a record amount

According to the results of the third quarter of 2018, Russians took over 181 thousand car loans for a record 132.9 billion rubles, which is 11% higher than the figure for the same period last year, according to a study conducted by the Equifax bureau of credit histories.


The head of Ingushetia asked the Constitutional Court to check the border agreement with Chechnya

The border treaty between the two republics provoked mass protests in Ingushetia. In the capital of this region, from October 4 to October 16, a rally was held around the clock against the unfair, from the point of view of the protesters, treaty with respect to the Ingush

Putin noted the high level of relations between Russia and South Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the participants and guests of the First Russian-Korean Interregional Forum and noted the high level of relations between the Russian Federation and South Korea, the corresponding telegram published on the Kremlin website.

US Vice President to visit Japan

US Vice President Mike Pence will be making an official visit to Japan next week, the Associated Press said on November 8. Pens will hold talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other senior officials of the Japanese government.

Peskov called the resignation of US Attorney General US internal affairs of Washington

In response to a request to comment on the resignation of Seshn, Peskov stressed: “This is not our question, this is a question of the United States.” US President Donald Trump fired Jeff Sessions from the post of Attorney General, the United States Attorney General.

This investigation is a headache for our American colleagues. It has nothing to do with us. We also have nothing to do with it and do not want to have it. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

The concept of human rights with “Chinese characteristics”

The Chinese understanding of the concept of human rights has received support and recognition in the UN Human Rights Council, said Deputy Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China Le Yucheng, the Global Times reported November 8.

“China’s view of human rights was understood, recognized and supported,” Le Yucheng said

The US Treasury Department has entered the sanatoriums of Crimea in the sanctions list

Earlier, the US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker told reporters that sanctions are being imposed against investment projects, privatization objects and individuals supporting the integration of Crimea into Russia.

The United States accused Russia of trying to lift the sanctions on North Korea in the banking sector

Russia is seeking to lift the sanctions against North Korea in the banking sector in order to “curb” the Pyongyang nuclear program. Washington will not allow Moscow to do this, said US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley, reports Reuters

Trump extended anti-Iran sanctions from 1979 for another year

US President Donald Trump extended the sanctions against Iran, introduced in 1979 as part of an executive decree of former country leader Jimmy Carter. This was reported in a letter to Trump at the White House website.

The White House intends to limit the provision of shelters for migrants

The administration of US President Donald Trump is going to limit the conditions for granting political asylum to an illegal migrant, reports Reuters. According to White House officials, the existing legislative system for granting asylum to migrants only contributes to the further influx of illegal immigrants into the country.

Posters with Putin and gratitude for “BJAEXIT” appeared in London

Billboards bought by a group of activists Proud Bear. On two of them there are identical photos of a winking Putin on a blue background, but different inscriptions: “Let’s celebrate the red-white-blue VYAH_T” and “VYAH_T means VYAEH_T”. “R” in the word Brexit is replaced by the Russian “I”.


The supply of US weapons abroad increased by 13%

The United States increased arms sales abroad in fiscal 2018 by 13% to $ 192.3 billion, the State Department said on Friday.

The Khrunichev Center will complete eight Proton-M missiles by the end of 2018

The Khrunichev Center will complete 8 Proton missiles by the end of 2018 to provide up to 10 launches in 2019, the company’s press service told reporters on Thursday.

Mi-38 in the version for the military made the first flight

The transport assault helicopter Mi-38T, created on the instructions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, on November 3 made the first flight. This was announced to journalists at the Airshow China exhibition by the head of the Russian Helicopters holding company (part of the Rostec state corporation) Andrei Boginsky.

Russia in the shortest possible time will deliver India S-400

Russia will supply India with five regiments of S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems as soon as possible – by the spring of 2023, TASS reports, citing a military-diplomatic source familiar with the terms of the contract.

Su-57 will make deck fighter

Su-57 will be able to sit on the strip twice as short as the one that will be needed by the 4 ++ Su-35S generation fighter. This broadcast of the program channel “Star” said the chief designer-director of the Sukhoi Design Bureau Mikhail Strelets

Serial IL-76MD-90A made the first flight

Serial IL-76MD-90A made the first flight on November 7th. This was announced on his Facebook page by the Director General of the Aviation Complex named after him. S. V. Ilyushin Alexey Rogozin.

“Orsk” for the ninth time went to the Syrian Tartus

According to Turkish observers, the Orsk goes to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the base of the material and technical support of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea is located. It is noted that this is the ninth trip of the ship to Syria in 2018.

Russia and Kazakhstan signed a program of strategic cooperation in the military sphere

In Astana, the ministers of defense of Russia and Kazakhstan, Sergei Shoigu and Nurlan Yermekbayev, signed a program of strategic partnership between the two countries in the military field for 2019-2021. In addition, the heads of the military departments approved a cooperation plan for 2019 between the ministries of defense of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

Company officers will return to the army

The Ministry of Defense returns the company commanders. The first posts have already been created in motorized rifle units and formations. The changes are connected with the formation of the Main Military-Political Directorate (GlavVoenPUR).

Russian cruise missiles will be equipped with electronic warfare systems

Mikheev noted that Russian cruise missiles have a full-fledged airborne defense complex, RIA Novosti reports. It is especially important to protect such strategic weapons well. EW systems have already been tested and are now being commercialized, Mikheev said

The Ukrainian General Staff has forbidden to let priests into military units

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the country impedes the pastoral work of the chaplains of the UOC, said the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Russian nuclear “Dead Hand” declared useless

The Russian automatic control system for the massive perimeter reciprocal nuclear strike (known as the Dead Hand in the West) uses only a limited number of missiles if necessary, the former chief of the Rocket Forces General Staff (1994-1996) told Zvezda weekly strategic destination Viktor Esin.

The UN said that in the Syrian refugee camp there are terrorists

Amin Awad, director of the Middle East and North Africa Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said there are terrorists in the Rukban refugee camp in Syria. According to him, the criminals use civilians as human shields, reports Gazeta.ru.


In China, presented the world’s first virtual presenter

Chinese Xinhua news agency and the Internet company Sogou presented the first virtual TV presenter with artificial intelligence at the Fifth World Conference on Internet Governance in Wucheng. As an example of the program, the developers presented a hologram of the famous Chinese TV presenter Qiu Hao.

Samsung showed a smartphone bending in half

Samsung, at the Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco, announced the Infinity Flex Display display technology, which will form the basis of bend-in-half devices.

Use during update

Google is introducing a new API for Android, which will allow users to continue using applications in the process of installing updates in the background. Previously, the corresponding opportunity was not provided.

Exit smartphones with 12 GB of RAM is expected in 2019

Network sources add that new chips can equip smartphones with 12 GB of RAM. The first such devices are expected to hit the market as early as next year. Add that at present, the amount of RAM in smartphones reaches 10 GB

Netflix mobile app can be controlled with the eyes

Netflix introduced a way to control an iOS application using the Eye of the Eye, CNET reports. This feature works with Face ID and ARKit. The system recognizes eye movement and executes the appropriate commands.

Camera Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 got Super Night Scene mode

The company Xiaomi has released a new version of the firmware MIUI 10 (8.11.7) for the flagship smartphone slider Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. The previous firmware, released just a couple of days ago, had problems supporting some applications and functions, and therefore the new update was not long in coming

Xiaomi released all-in-one device

ZMI Travel Assistant Z1 is equipped with a physical keyboard, two SIM slots, 4G support, and the battery capacity is 5000 mA • h. The device can serve as a Wi-Fi access point for 10 users simultaneously, as well as be a USB modem.

Notebook Huawei MateBook 13 received a screen with a resolution of FHD +

Huawei has announced a laptop MateBook 13, which will receive a screen with a diagonal of 13 inches and FHD + resolution. Information about the cost of the device, preparing for the presentation next year, is not yet available. The screen of the new laptop will be different color reproduction standard sRGB

10 minutes to delete the sent message

In Facebook messenger, the function of deleting sent messages will soon appear. The user will receive 10 minutes to do this, reports Slashgear. According to insiders, Facebook Messenger users will be able to remove any message from the chat within 10 minutes from the moment they were sent.

Fossil Sport – a bright smart watch on the new Qualcomm platform

The company Fossil is one of the market leaders in smart watches, but it sells the lion’s share of devices under the mass of third-party fashion brands. However, the new model does not hide behind other brands and is called Fossil Sport. As the name implies, the manufacturer positions its novelty to athletes.

Panasonic Lumix S1 and S1R will receive a neutral variable density filter

As is known, built-in neutral filters are used in some video cameras. Apparently, Panasonic will use them in its full-frame mirrorless Lumix S1 and S1R.

Bentley introduced high-speed Wi-Fi technology for cars.

British premium brand Bentley presented the fastest Wi-Fi system for cars. This system has become Advanced Connectivity, so luxury cars can be transformed into a functional mobile office.

MacBook Air gets a modular keyboard and battery

New MacBook Air from the American company Apple equip modular battery and keyboard. This will allow you to replace them even without removing the back panel of the laptop. Soon, the new MacBook Air from Apple Inc. will receive an update.

Mad Catz R.A.T. Gaming mice

The company Mad Catz announced at once four computer mice, designed for users who are fond of games. New items were named R.A.T. Pro S3, R.A.T.4 +, R.A.T.6 + and R.A.T.8 +.


In Russia, again offered to change the rules of technical inspection

According to Boris Ionov, a service is being developed that allows you to create an “individual program” for a vehicle based on its characteristics, operating features, data on accidents, insurance claims, mileage, maintenance and recall campaigns

Harley-Davidson brand presented its first electric bike

The first electric bike was shown at the EICMA show in Milan. Harley-Davidson demonstrated a prototype of the model in 2014, but then electric vehicles were not yet so relevant.

Genesis featured updated G90 sedan

The premium Genesis brand featured the updated G90 flagship sedan. You can not see much on the teaser image, but it is already clear that the car will be very different from its predecessor.

On tests the prototype of a sedan of BMW 1-Series is noticed

BMW will release the European version of the new BMW 1-Series sedan, now available only in China and Mexico. On the eve of the portal Motor1 published the first spy photos of new items from road tests in Munich.

Bicycle company Biomega introduced a miniature electric car

Danish bicycle manufacturer Biomega introduced its first car. Electric car named after the city-state of Singapore SIN

Aston Martin called the release dates of the first crossover

Aston Martin will introduce the first in its history serial crossover in the fourth quarter of 2019. It is reported by the press service of the British brand.

The car will be assembled at a new plant in St. Atan, Wales, where more than 700 jobs will be created. Production of the crossover will start in early 2020. The same plant will produce Aston Martin electric cars, as well as new luxury cars that will be sold under the Lagonda brand.

GM creates a Chevrolet Silverado ZH2 pickup for military

The division of the American company engaged in the creation of vehicles for the needs of the army, published a video demonstrating the military version of the pickup Chevrolet Silverado ZH2.

Ares Design Tuners Prepare Roadster Based on Tesla Model S

Italian tuners have published teaser images of the future. Tuning studio has posted on the web a teaser for a new project – an electric roadster, which will be built on the basis of the Tesla Model S sedan. The image was published on the official page of the Italian company on Instagram.

Debuted new minivan Oushan Cosmos

The Chinese company Changan presented a new minivan Oushan Cosmos, which is characterized by the makings of a premium class. The manufacturer notes that an inexpensive new product can later serve as a worthy alternative to such models as the Honda Odyssey or Kia Carnival.

The company Mercedes-Benz will begin production of electric cars EQC in 2019

Next year, at the company’s brand in German Kamenets, mass production of batteries for the new EQC electric car will start. In this regard, the company intends to increase the number of employees at this plant.

Brazil presents pickup Nissan Navara Frontier

Brazilian design studio Nissan presented at the São Paulo Motor Show a special version of the Frontier pickup (sold in Russia under the name Navara) for rescuers

Volkswagen presented three new products at the taxi fair

Within the framework of the taxi fair, the German automaker Volkswagen officially presented three new products at once. Model Crafter Kombi, e-Caddy Maxi and e-Caravelle are designed for comfortable transportation of passengers. Volkswagen Crafter Kombi is designed for nine passengers at once.

Mazda will introduce the new Mazda 3 in Los Angeles

Mazda will unveil the next-generation Mazda 3 on November 28 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The first teaser image of the new “treshka” in the hatchback and sedan body today was published by the press service of the Japanese automaker.

Two new Citroen minivans are shown for Russia

The French company Citroen has named prices and a complete set of new minivans C4 SpaceTourer and Grand C4 SpaceTourer for Russia.

Chevrolet introduced the “racing” Chevrolet Corvette with admission to ordinary roads

Plus forged wheels (19-inch front and 20-inch rear) and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 track tires. The standard Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 rated at 659 hp. In Vengeance Racing, this unit was dispersed to 862 horses.


Russian Film Week opens in Paris

The film “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov opened on Wednesday evening in Paris the Russian Film Week. On the wide screens of France, the picture will be released on December 5. The program kinonedeli nearly two dozen films.

Netflix released the trailer for the film “Mowgli: Legends of the Jungle”

Such famous actors as Christian Bale, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Harris and Tom Hollander presented their voices to animals in Mowgli: Jungle Legends. Recall, it is expected that Netflix will release a picture in 2019, the exact date of the premiere is not called

The Documentary Film Festival “Siberia” will take Omsk

The Siberia Film Festival is held in Omsk for the 12th time. It will last three days – from 14 to 17 November. In early October, the festival of the documentary film “Russia” took Nizhny Tagil.

The world’s largest festival of Russian cinema begins in Poland

The traditional festival of Russian cinema “Sputnik over Poland” begins in Warsaw. As reported. TASS director of the show director of the show Malgorzata Skulska, in 2018 107 films from Russia in 16 categories will be shown on six screens of three cinemas.

“I can safely say that our festival is the largest in the world compared to other Russian cinema shows in other countries. There are no such number of films anywhere,” Skulskaya shared.

Festival of short films “Steps”

On November 21, the All-Russian festival of short films “Steps” will be held in Bogorodsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. This is reported by the organizers – the TV channel Bogorodsk TV, with the support of the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Igor Tyurin.

Disney Film Studio will remove the Star Wars series prequel

Disney intends to begin shooting the series in 2019. One of the roles in it will be performed by Mexican actor Diego Luna. The release date of the series is currently unknown, and the name for the project has not yet been selected.

Looks like the human ancestor, shows the trailer for the “Missing Link”

The first trailer for the cartoon “The Missing Link” was released on November 8, 2018. His main character, Mr. Link, is the real missing link between a monkey and a man.


Frequent mood swings are symptoms of schizophrenia.

Scientists suggest that mood swings can be the initial symptoms of schizophrenia. For accurate diagnosis, doctors take into account other features of human behavior.

Universal vaccine may appear in five years.

A universal flu vaccine that can protect people from both viral infections and bacterial complications at the same time can appear in five years, said Larisa Rudenko, head of the virology department at the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

Mushrooms that produce electricity

A group of biologists from the Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) under the leadership of Sadip Joshi created the first bionic organism capable of conducting electricity from ordinary champignons, reports Nano Letters.

Glaciologists did not find large lakes under the ice flows in Antarctica

German glaciologists conducted a study of the subglacial part of the Recover glacier, one of the largest ice streams in East Antarctica, and did not find large lakes there.

The remains of the smallest monkeys on the planet found in Kenya

Scientists have discovered the remains of the smallest monkey, whose weight was no more than 3.5 kg. She lived about 12.5 million years ago in Kenya. According to the anthropology professor James Rossi from Stony Brook University in the USA, this species of monkeys died out because it lost in the competition for food to small sized monkeys.

In the camp of the ancient Gauls discovered a skull with traces of embalming

A total of 11 skulls were found with characteristic cuts, indicating that the brain was removed. Scientists believe that the embalming technology used by galls allowed them to preserve the remains of their enemies

Scientists have deciphered the DNA of America’s oldest mummy

Scientists have recreated the genome of the oldest mummy of America, which helped them identify the ancestors of modern Indians, as well as learn more about the history of their settlement in the New World. The remains of the mummy were discovered about 50 years ago in one of the caves located in the southern United States.

Revealed the mystery of the pygmies

An international team of scientists has proposed a new explanation for the small growth of pygmies living in the jungle. According to researchers, short legs and, therefore, short steps are an evolutionary advantage in tropical forests.

Cancer immunotherapy will be more efficient and more accessible.

Specialists from the University of California presented a new method of the effects of immunotherapy on cancer cells. In particular, we are talking about the error-free targeting of the drug to malignant cells, which makes it possible to treat the disease not only much more efficiently, but also faster.

The scientific community can change the weight measurement standard

Today, a kilogram is the last unit of measurement, which is determined using a physical artifact – a bar of metal from an alloy of platinum and iridium. All other measures — meter, second, mole, and others — are measured by physical constants. Next week the situation may change. The International Bureau of Weights and Measures can abandon the standard adopted in the 19th century, replacing it with a Kibble balance device.

The transition from a metal cylinder as a standard of kilogram to the measurement of this value by the “Kibble balance” will allow to solve many problems, including national security, said Kibble’s former colleague Ian Robinson.

“One of the main reasons for the transition is to ensure international security. If the pavilion de Breteuil burned down tomorrow, and the kilogram in its storehouse melted away from the heat, we would have no way to verify the authenticity of the measurements. This will affect the entire metric system – there will be chaos in the world.

But this vulnerability will soon be in the past. We will adopt a new method of weighing a kilogram and free ourselves from a physical artifact, the disappearance of which could jeopardize the entire world trade, ”he said.

NASA and Google presented an interactive map of Mars

Journalists say that Google Mars is one of the most accurate images of the Red Planet, which was created using satellite data. Also recently, NASA released an interactive starry sky map with fictional constellations

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