3 Aug, 2018

Growth of Russians’ sympathy for the United States

Sociologists have recorded a sharp increase in the sympathy of Russians to the United States and the European Union. For the first time in several years, positive attitudes began to prevail over negative ones, the Levada Center poll said.

If in May 2018, only 20% of the inhabitants of Russia declared a good or very good attitude to the United States, and 26% said to the European Union, then in July these figures amounted to 42% and 38% respectively.

Also, sociologists recorded a reduction in the number of those who are negative towards Ukraine, from 55% to 49%.

Most of the residents of Russia are not only for the end of the confrontation, but also for economic, political and cultural rapprochement with the West. The number of similar responses for 3 months has grown from 58% to 68%. Only 21% of respondents insist on isolation and confrontation with the United States and Europe – this is 9% less than in May. However, the hopes of Russians for improving relations with the West are rapidly melting – from 46% to 29%.

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In France, Serebrennikov was awarded the Order

In France, Kirill Serebrennikov was awarded the Order. The Russian director became the commander of the French Order of Arts and Literature, reports AFP. The decree on awarding was signed by French Minister of Culture Francoise Nissen.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will toughen the examination for obtaining a driver’s license

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has drafted a bill to complicate the practical part of the driver’s license examination. This is reported on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

“Now it is planned to conduct a second theoretical examination not earlier than 7 and no later than 30 calendar days, and a second practical examination – not earlier than 7 and no later than 60 calendar days from the date of the previous appropriate examination.”

ECHR registered the complaint of journalist Plyushchev on the blocking of Telegram

The European Court of Human Rights registered the complaint of journalist Alexander Plyushchev on the blocking of the telegram in Russia. This was announced on Thursday by the lawyer Pavel Chikov, representing the interests of Telegram.

Diploma thesis offers to check for plagiarism

Student thesis work by analogy with master’s theses can be mandatory to begin to check for plagiarism. With such an offer was made Rosobrnadzor, said the rector of the Higher School of Economics Yaroslav Kuzminov.

The proportion of the works written independently – we can not assess the quality – is a subjective thing, there is someone who made a discovery, but the share of written-off works will immediately show how seriously the university works with its students. – Yaroslav Kuzminov, Russian economist

The extension of the probation period to Navalny was recognized as legal

The court found it lawful to extend for a year the trial period to Alexei Navalny in the case of embezzlement of funds at the enterprise “Kirovles”.

“The decision of the Simonovsky court to change, to exclude from the resolution the order to be Navalny each Monday to the FSIN bodies.” To leave the remainder unchanged, “the Moscow City Court of Appeals quoted Tass as saying.

According to the court’s decision, it will be marked in the bodies of the Federal Penitentiary Service four times, but at any time.

Russia paid Navalny 4 million rubles compensation under the ECHR decision

“Three weeks ago, by the way, the Russian government paid me compensation – more than 4 million rubles. – for the fabricated case of “Yves Rocher” and illegal criminal prosecution, “- wrote Navalny

In Chita convict will pay 70 thousand rubles for poor medical care

The Ingodinsky District Court of Chita ordered the FSIN to pay 70 thousand rubles to the convicted colony No. 5, who complained of being beaten by the staff of the institution. In addition, the victim will be provided with the necessary treatment.

The pipe, which broke through 15 times in three years, decided to replace

In Yekaterinburg, they began to replace the M-24 heating main in Serov Street. The pipe has not been changed since 1978 to date, it has fully developed the regulatory resource – so, the degree of wear exceeded 70%. For example, in 2016, seven injuries were recorded, in the past and the current year – four.

Vournar Meat-Packing Plant was blessed for harvesting

At the end of July Vurnar Meat Packing Plant received a blessing for harvesting. The priest-in-law of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the village of Kalinino, Archpriest Sergiy Moryakov, performed the blessing. Voornar agroholding is not the first time to receive a blessing for harvesting.

Perm doctors refused to recognize the sick child as disabled

12-year-old sick child with a complex type of genetic disease specialists of the federal medical institution in Moscow recommended to recognize as disabled, but the Perm doctors did not see the grounds for establishing the category of “disabled child”. In the establishment of the “disabled child” category, the small patient was refused.

The child was recognized as disabled only after the petition of the children’s ombudsman Svetlana Denisova.

Boris Titov proposed to abolish the notion of retirement age

Russian business ombudsman Boris Titov spoke in favor of the fact that the moment of retirement was determined not by the age of a person, but by his experience.

We believe that there should be no pension age at all. People should retire for work experience. You should have the right to work out the experience, and you can play it: if you want to leave earlier to retire, you can buy the experience, as it is done in many countries. – Boris Titov, Russian politician

UN peacekeepers accused of mass rapes of starving children

The British media accused the UN peacekeepers of mass rape of starving children and women. The investigation of Channel 4 showed that over 1700 peacekeepers have been accused of rape of people around the world over the past 20 years. However, only about 50 cases have reached the court.

Unpublished Hemingway story will be published in Strand Magazine

The magazine Strand Magazine prints the unreleased story of the American writer Ernest Hemingway “A Room on the Garden Side”. The main characters are veterans of the Second World War, according to the website of the publication.

Minstroy developed a methodology for determining IQ cities

Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing of Russia Andrei Chibis said that the Ministry of Construction has developed a preliminary methodology for determining the level of urban IQ. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia. According to him, an individual algorithm for assigning an index will be created for each city. It is planned to introduce the indices from July 1, 2019.

Chibis added that the dynamics of the IQ level of the city can affect the amount of state support.

In France, a fine was imposed for indecent behavior towards women

French Secretary of State for Equality between Men and Women Marlene Schiappa said that the French Parliament approved the imposition of a fine for indecent behavior towards women.

According to her, in accordance with the new law on “sexual and gender violence” for harassment on the street will be imposed a fine. Shyappa stressed that the penalty will be imposed for “oral” harassment.

The amount of the fine will be from € 90 to € 750.

Pope Francis introduced in the catechism the paragraph on the inadmissibility of the death penalty

According to the decision of Pope Francis, in paragraph 2267 of the text it will be said that “the Church, in the light of the Gospel, teaches: the death penalty is inadmissible”, because this type of punishment does not agree with the notion of the inviolability and dignity of each person. The new version of the text will also say that the Church calls for the abolition of the death penalty in all countries of the world.


Greenpeace investigates air pollution in Yekaterinburg

The ecological organization “Greenpeace” has installed 25 tubes of Palms in Yekaterinburg to find out the level of air pollution with exhaust gases. The experiment is being conducted immediately in nine cities of Russia within the framework of the project “Opaque as air”

Air in Moscow for the second day is contaminated with formaldehyde

The greatest degree of pollution was noted in the Nagornaya region. In the capital there was a strong heat, this afternoon they promise up to 32 degrees.

Scuba divers and volunteers will clean the coastline and the bottom of the Blue Lake

The regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society in the Republic of Tatarstan on August 4 will hold an environmental action to clean up the shoreline and the bottom of the Blue Lake, the organization’s press service reported. The event was supported by specialists from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Foundation of Presidential Grants

The Amur River embankment in Blagoveshchensk was cleared of debris after a flood

Blagoveshchenskaya embankment of the Amur was cleared of sand, branches and tree trunks brought by flood waters. The river level began to decline a week ago and continues to fall.

To remove the bulk of the garbage from there, GTSK experts worked for three days – on some sites manually, and somewhere with the use of special equipment. As a result, almost 40 tons of driftwood and sand were exported. Completely complete the cleaning of the brigade is planned in the near future.

Residents called Nogliki and their surroundings a dump

Sakh.com continues to disassemble the issues of residents of Noglik, received during the direct line. Two people immediately complained about the ecological situation in the city and its environs. They noted the terrible condition of the solid waste landfill, as well as many unauthorized landfills in the area, including the littered coast of the Tym River.

The solid waste landfill is in terrible condition, it seems that there are no jobs on it, besides, garbage is scattered all over the district. In addition, the whole city is filled with heaps of garbage. There are a lot of them in the private sector. Many people take it out at night and dump it. Entire landfills were formed, and this is not far from the administration, the local resident said.


Apple became the first company in the world with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion

The whole world in recent days has been waiting for the moment when the quotes of Apple shares in the course of trading on the Nasdaq will rise to $ 207.05. Then the iPhone manufacturer would be the first public company in the world to achieve market capitalization of $ 1 trillion.

Nord Stream 2 has developed a pipeline route bypassing Denmark

Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the Nord Stream-2 project, has developed a pipeline route that bypasses Denmark without the project becoming more expensive.

Venezuela legalizes the business of currency exchange

Another representative of the assembly, Orlando Camacho, said that the opportunity for Venezuelans to buy foreign currency will help to fight the speculation of currencies in the country.

The Bank of England raised the benchmark interest rate to 0.75% per annum

The Bank of England, as expected, raised its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points, to 0.75% per annum, follows from the information posted on the bank’s website. The Bank of England raised the rate for the first time since November 2017, when the rate was raised from 0.25% to 0.5% per annum.

“Hole” in the capital of the bank “Rublev” was 2.8 billion rubles

The negative capital of Rublev Bank was 2.8 billion rubles, follows from information on the financial condition of the credit institution, published in the Bulletin of the Bank of Russia.

The Stavropol business received nearly 80 billion rubles in loans

A quarter of all loans to businesses in the Stavropol region were received by agricultural producers – over 19 billion rubles in six months. Residents of the Stavropol Territory in the first half of 2018 received in banks 72 billion rubles of loans.

Almost 400 thousand companies in Russia work without employees

The published data published by the Federal Tax Service (FTS) give an idea of how many “empty” companies in Russia are enterprises, where no one works. From the statistics of the Federal Tax Service, which was analyzed by RBC, it follows that in 15.3% of companies whose data are disclosed by the Federal Tax Service, no official is officially employed.

In all, there are 2.5 million companies in the recruitment, of which there are no employees in 381 thousand organizations. In 41.5% of all these organizations, the average number of employees was one. In 10% of companies work for two people, and in 13.7% – from three to five people. Less than 20% of organizations on the list had more than five employees.

Rosneft signed a contract for the supply of oil to Poland

According to the contract, the volume of oil supplies to the Polish company by the end of 2020 will be from 6.4 to 12.6 million tons. As previously reported BakuToday, in June 2018 in some regions of Poland, the prices for gasoline rose sharply.

The export of oil from Iran for the year increased by 185 thousand barrels

Iran on average exported 2.3 million barrels of oil per day for the first four months of 1397 Iranian calendar year (March 21 – July 22), which is 185 thousand barrels higher than the average daily exports last year. Consumption in India of Iranian oil jumped in June by almost 50%, reports Iran.ru.

Transmashholding merges with Lokotekh

The control in the new structure (79.4%) will be received by the companies of Iskandar Mahmudov, Andrei Bokarev, Dmitry Komissarov and Kirill Lipa, and the French Alstom package will drop to 20%. Owners of 100% of Transmashholding JSC and 100% of Lokotekh-Service LLC (part of the Lokotech group) have pooled their assets, TMH reports.

Welfare for July grew by 5 billion rubles

In dollars, the volume of SWF increased by $ 52 million, to $ 77.164 billion. As it became known, in July the Ministry of Finance placed a fund in the amount of 633 million rubles for a deposit in VEB. for financing the construction of the airport in Saratov

The new Mexican government plans to reduce the trade deficit with China

The future government of Mexico under President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador intends to reduce the existing trade deficit with China, Marcelo Ebrard, who will take the post of Foreign Minister, said on Thursday.

Saudi Arabia reduces oil prices

As noted by Bloomberg in the article Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Pricing as It Boosts Supply to Meet Demand, state-owned company Saudi Aramco reduces the prices for September supplies of all brands of oil for its largest market – Asia.


Trump received a new letter from Kim Jong Un

President of the United States Donald Trump received a new letter from the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un on August 1 to develop their agreements at a summit in Singapore, White House spokesman Sarah Sanders told reporters on Thursday.

“The current correspondence between the two leaders follows their meeting in Singapore, and also aims to expand the commitments undertaken by the United States and North Korea (during this summit),” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

Senators presented new anti-Russian sanctions

US senators presented a bill that, they said, would put pressure on Russia in response to Moscow’s interference in the US elections. This is reported by Reuters.

“The current sanctions regime could not keep Russia from interfering in the upcoming midterm elections in 2018,” said Republican Senator Lindsay Graham.

According to RIA Novosti, the bill introduces sanctions against politicians, businessmen and the Russian state debt.

Russia and ASEAN intend to cooperate in the field of cybersecurity

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced his intention to cooperate with ASEAN in the field of cybersecurity. He said this at a press-conference on the results of meetings with ASEAN foreign ministers.

We welcome the development of our relations with ASEAN in all areas, including those related to the reflection of new challenges and threats, first of all, I mean terrorism and foreign terrorist militants. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Ukraine protested Hungary because of “unfriendly steps”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on July 31 expressed its protest to Hungary’s temporary charge d’affairs in Ukraine László Pápa because of the “unfriendly steps” of the country. This is reported on the official website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

“The recent actions of Hungary show the choice of confrontation instead of cooperation and direct intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine,” the statement said.

Unknown people gave Petro Poroshenko a guide to the Crimea

The administration of the President of Ukraine announced the list of gifts received by the head of state Petro Poroshenko for three years. The list is published on the site “112”. Journalists identified the most unusual items, among which were mostly books and toys.

Israel supported the preservation of Assad’s power in Syria

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman supported the preservation of the current regime in Syria. In his opinion, the situation in this country is stabilizing, and there is no need to overthrow the government headed by President Bashar Assad

The current head of state won the presidential elections in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe announced preliminary results of the presidential and parliamentary elections, which took place on Monday, July 30.

Dodon hopes for the influence of the Russian-US dialogue on the Transnistrian conflict

Moldovan President Igor Dodon expressed his hope that the meetings between the leaders of Russia and the United States would influence the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict and help to smooth out the situation in Eastern Europe. On the air of the television channel Accent TV, Dodon said that the dialogue of two such world powers, as the US and Russia, is extremely important.

Our government is afraid of solving the Transnistrian problem, because another 200,000 voices may be expressed in support of the pro-Russian forces. For the same reason, they are not interested in giving the right to vote to 600,000 Moldovan migrants in the Russian Federation. – Igor Dodon, Moldovan politician

Sponsor Trump tried to get $ 5 billion in state subsidies through his lawyer

In exchange, the lawyer was to use his connections at the White House so that Heini received the $ 5 billion state subsidy he needed to complete the project to build a nuclear power plant in Alabama, the Wall Street Journal reported citing people familiar with the story.

When the parties to the conflict in Yemen meet

The meeting of representatives of the belligerents in Yemen can be held already on September 6 in Geneva, the UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths asked the United Nations Security Council to support this proposal.


“We are surrounded”: the Ukrainian military declared about the Russian “boiler”

The Russian army surrounded the territory of Ukraine from the north, east and south. With such a statement on the air of the Ukrainian television channel ZIK, the former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Igor Romanenko, wrote, “The Political Navigator.”

Philippines will not give up Russian weapons despite US threats

The Philippines will not give up Russian weapons, despite the US threat to impose sanctions. This was stated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Asian country Alan Caetano during the meeting of ASEAN ministers in Singapore. Cayetano described Washington’s threats as hypocrisy

The authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany detained the alleged member of “Djebhat an Nusra”

The alleged member of the “Djebhat An-Nusra” grouping in Syria (a terrorist organization, banned in the Russian Federation) was detained on Thursday in Germany, the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office reported.

India conducted a successful test of a supersonic interceptor missile

On Thursday, August 2, India successfully tested a supersonic interceptor missile, which was created specifically for the national missile defense system. It is known that the launch was made from the island of Abdul Kalam off the coast of eastern state of Odishi.

The US is creating its own underwater vehicle with a nuclear charge

It is already known that the speed of Poseidon exceeds the speed of any known submarine ships, and the warhead of the UAV is a 2-megaton nuclear charge. The system for “sea defense” is created by China.

Minister of Defense of Japan visited the cruiser “Aurora”

Earlier it was reported that on the eve of the Japanese Defense Minister met in St. Petersburg with the acting commander of the troops of the ZVO, Lieutenant-General Victor Astapov

Defense Ministry of Israel showed a new armored car Nemera

The video of the new Israeli armored car Nemera, which is being prepared to replace the already obsolete armored personnel carriers M113S, was published by the Israeli Defense Ministry. At the moment, the first copies have been put into service in the 603rd battalion of the IDF, according to the Defense portal.

The military of Russia ensured the withdrawal of the UN mission from Syria to the Golan Heights

Columns of UN representatives for the first time in six years could reach the foot of the Golan Heights through the territory of Syria thanks to units of the Russian military police. This was reported by the deputy commander of the Russian Federation in Syria, Lieutenant-General Sergei Kuralenko

Air Defense of Syria destroyed Israeli drones under Damascus

On the use of Syrian air defense systems, the government agency SANA reported. They said that the forces of the Syrian army had spotted two enemy air targets west of the capital Damascus and destroyed them. At the same time, SANA did not indicate who owned the aircraft.

OSCE reported on more than 160 victims of the conflict in the Donbass since the beginning of the year

Only since the beginning of 2018 as a result of the armed conflict in southeast of Ukraine more than 160 civilians were killed. Such data were cited by the first deputy head of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, Alexander Khug, on Thursday, August 2

In the military universities of Russia will begin to train specialists in robotics

In the military universities of Russia in the near future there will be a direction for training officers for the management and design of combat robots, the Izvestia newspaper reports with reference to the Ministry of Defense.

Russian Military Police in the Golan Heights

As reported BakuToday, eight posts of the military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are deployed opposite the UN posts on the line of demarcation in the Golan Heights to exclude the possibility of provocation.

Armed Forces of Canada announced the holding of exercises in the Arctic

The Canadian armed forces announced annual maneuvers to work out the actions in the event of emergencies in the arctic regions of the country. This was reported in the Ministry of National Defense of Canada.

The ambassador of Ukraine told about the forthcoming delivery of combat boats from the USA

Ukraine has reached a new level of interaction with the US, as evidenced by the supply of anti-tank complexes Javelin, and opens up new pages in terms of obtaining weapons. This was stated in an interview with Ukrinform by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valery Chaly

The fate of military facilities in Russia in Belarus will be decided in 2020

As explained in the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, Moscow and Minsk should decide the fate of military facilities located on the territory of the republic, until June 6, 2020

At the airport in London, the parts used in the creation of warheads

Employees of the border guard service at Heathrow Airport in London, while inspecting the cargo bound for Iran, discovered and seized rubber sealing rings that could be used to create warheads, the Evening Standard reported.

Media reported dozens of deaths from the strike of the Arab coalition in Yemen

As a result of the air strikes of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia over the Yemeni port city of Hodeide, more than 40 people were killed. This is reported by Al Masirah TV channel referring to its correspondent.


Fedor Smolov confessed to driving in an accident in a car BMW

“Kuban news” note that in an accident Smolov got on his BMW M5 in the version of First Edition, and such cars in Russia are not more than 20, and the price for them starts from 8,990,000 rubles. As told the publication, the football player left the scene and did not make an accident.

Unknown aircraft approached the Russian airliner over the Black Sea

The unidentified aircraft dangerously approached the Russian passenger plane A330 of the iFly airline, which followed from Antalya to Moscow, RIA Novosti reported. The incident occurred on August 1 at about 10.00 Moscow time.

Court of Venice released the detainee in Italy, ex-Senator Krivitsky

The Venice Court released the detainee in Italy, at the request of the Russian authorities, the person involved in the “road case”, ex-senator Dmitry Krivitsky. This was reported by the TASS agency with reference to Krivitsky’s lawyer Mauro Anetrini.

The motor ship, where people have massively poisoned, arrives in St. Petersburg

Passengers of the ship “Moonlight Sonata”, who interrupted the river cruise and urgently returned to St. Petersburg because of mass poisoning, feel better. About this correspondent IA REGNUM said the general director of the company “Infoflot” (the organizer of the cruise), Andrew Mikhailovsky.

Moscow City Court upheld the arrest of a scientist from TsNIIMash

The Moscow City Court recognized as legitimate the arrest of an employee of the Central Scientific Research Institute, Viktor Kudryavtsev, on charges of treason. The scientist himself did not plead guilty. Lawyer Yevgeny Smirnov noted that the 74-year-old Kudryavtsev does not understand what he is accused of.

In Ukraine, a minibus exploded with a deputy

In the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine, a minibus exploded, in which was a deputy of the Kamensky City Council from the “Fatherland” Vitaly Chernyavsky. About this on Thursday, August 2, reports the local news site “Event”.

The helicopter Mi-2 crashed in the Kuban

The Krasnodar Transport Prosecutor’s Office organized a check on August 2 in connection with the crash of the Mi-2 helicopter in the Krasnoarmeysky district.

The court will examine the merits of the case of Colonel Zakharchenko on August 14

Presnensky Court of Moscow appointed on August 14 a hearing on the merits of the case of Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zakharchenko on bribes from the owner of elite restaurants, refusing to return the case for further investigation, told RIA Novosti the senior prosecutor of the state prosecutor’s office of the General Prosecutor’s Office Milan Dihayev

The drug addict tried to deliver narcotics and became a material

In the city of Novomoskovsk (Tula region), intruders tried to use the cat as a courier for delivering narcotic substances to the correctional colony No. 6 (IK-6).

A rapper from the Moscow group died of a stab wound in London

One of the participants in the rap group Moscow17 died of a stab wound during a fight in southern London, RIA Novosti reported. Known under the pseudonym of rapper Incognito was wounded Wednesday night. He was told about his death on the official page of a musical group on Twitter.

Court in Moscow arrested all three sisters on suspicion of murdering his father

Ostankino Court of Moscow issued sanctions for the arrest of three sisters who murdered their 57-year-old father allegedly because of ill-treatment, they will soon have a psychiatric examination.

Ex-head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kuzbass was taken from the pre-trial detention center to the hospital

The former head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kemerovo region, Alexander Mamontov, who is accused of a criminal case of a fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry” and arrested on the petition of the investigation until September 25, was hospitalized.

Police found weapons and ammunition in the car of the US Congress

In a parked car next to the US Congress in Washington, a car was found with firearms and ammunition, police detained the owner of the car, CNN reported citing a police spokesman.

Artist Pavlensky placed in the punishment cell of the French prison

Scandalous Russian artist-actionist Pyotr Pavlensky is placed in a punishment cell in a French prison, where he is under arrest on charges of arson of the bank building.

In the center of Moscow, the passer-by took away 5 million rubles and the phone

“At the address Mantulinskaya Street, 12 five unknown people took the man from the 5 million rubles and the phone, then disappeared in a yellow taxi,” the source said in the law enforcement agencies, the agency “Moscow”.

Police in London detained a suspect in the preparation of the terrorist act

Employees of the counterterrorism unit of Scotland Yard detained a 20-year-old suspect in the preparation of the terrorist act. This was reported in the press service of the London police

In Greece, a suspect was arrested in five arsons in Attica

In Greece, a man who was suspected of five fires in the Marathon area in Attica was arrested at the crime scene, the country’s fire service reported.


Angelina Jolie wants to become a mother for the seventh time

The web has information that a large family of 43-year-old Angelina Jolie will soon again replenish. According to some reports, the actress decided to adopt a Syrian boy whose parents died during the conflict. The age of the child has not yet been reported.

70-year-old Vladimir Steklov showed the newborn daughter

Well-known actor Vladimir Steklov, who recently had his third daughter Arina, first showed the newborn in the studio of the program “Live” with Andrei Malakhov. The new joy of paternity for the 70-year-old Steklov was presented by his fourth wife Irina, who is younger than her husband for 33 years

Prince Harry defended Camille Parker Bowles

Many assumed that the sons of Prince Charles had to have tense relations with his stepmother. Imagine their surprise when Prince Harry told him that everything was exactly the opposite.

Singer Sasha Savelyeva was hospitalized after a 1.5-day fast

Savelieva recently decided to test one of the most famous methods of weight loss – starvation. However, only 1.5 days after the start of the celebrity process, it became very bad. As there was no improvement in the state of health, the musician decided to call an ambulance.

Ex-girlfriend Timati was suspected of being pregnant

Former girlfriend Timati Anastasia Reshetova surprised the fans with an unexpected statement. The model, which often puts in pictures of socials from their candid photoshoots, placed another such shot in Instagram. In the photo the girl is posing in one underwear in an empty room, where, it seems, is being repaired.

Revelations of Jennifer Aniston

“Jennifer does not want to have children, because she’s selfish and careerist” – these are the two most important misconceptions about me.

“No one knows what I experienced physically and emotionally.The women are under pressure to have children, and if not, it is a bad product.It is possible that my goal on this planet is not to multiply, but I have other things that I must do ”

“I can also lose my composure, but I do not throw my failures at others, I do it in my space, for example, the same headlines … They are created based on the needs of the society. And I’m focused on how to make the world a better place ”

“I do not have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but there are my friends who can argue for hours because of fasting, and now I think:” My God, how many people lose time. “With the advent of social networks, we have forgotten how to communicate …”

Anastasia Volochkova horrified fans with a porn-dress in the mesh

The other day Anastasia Volochkova visited the designer Vladimir Kozyrev and tried on his new outfit. Designer “porn dress” in the mesh just shocked the fans of the ballerina

The daughter of Mishulina agreed to act with Eremeev

Mishulina’s daughter agreed to act with Eremeev. The heiress of the famous actor admitted that he was ready for a good role for a lot. The daughter of the famous actor Spartak Mishulin is not going to forget about the scandal that erupted because of the illegitimate son of her father – Timur Eremeev.

Petrosyan and Stepanenko divide property in court

The application for the division of jointly acquired property in Khamovnichesky Court of the capital filed Stepanenko. This happened a month ago, on July 4, but this is only now known. The suit will be considered on August 6 at 10:50, the National News Service reports.

Sedokova complained for a month without sex

Singer Anna Sedokova laid out in a social network a very frank post, in which she told that she has been living without love, hugs, kisses and sex for a month, and the last one with whom she kissed, and then the woman from her new video.

Victoria Romanets was justified for her romance with a married man

The former participant of the project “Dom-2” Victoria Romanets was justified for her romance with a married man. It is about her current wife Anton Gusev, who before her was married to Eugene Feofilaktova and brought up her son. There were rumors that it was Romanets who broke the star family.

Serena Williams brings up a daughter-child prodigy

A tennis player can not spend a single day without her adorable Olympia. Serena Williams is convinced that she has a unique talented daughter. As the tennis player told, she has already begun to teach the little girl, who has not yet turned a year, a foreign language!

“For example, when I say that Olimpia should wash her hands, she usually goes to a dog’s bowl and rinses them there quickly. Not so long ago I started asking her to wash my hands in French. And then in the same language I remind her that it is necessary to do this in the bathroom. And she, to my delight, has already learned to understand me! “- says Williams.

Monetochka and Noize explained their position on the “Invasion” in the new song

Rapper Noize MC (Ivan Alekseev) and singer Monetochka (Elizaveta Gyrdymova) recorded a joint track “People with automatic weapons”, in which they substantiated their position on the scandal related to the sponsorship support that the Defense Ministry provides to the rock festival “Invasion”.


Warner Bros will restart the series “Alf”

Sitcom “Alf”, popular in the 1980s, narrating about a friendly aliens living in an earthly family will restart the studio Warner Bros. It will be removed in a new scenario with characters unfamiliar to the viewer. Alf will return to earth again and find new friends.

Selected hero for the new spin-off “Spider-Man”

Studio Sony Pictures launches the next spin-off super-hero blockbuster “Spider-Man.” The central character of the upcoming film will be Craven-Hunter

Andy Serkis screens “Animal Farm” for Netflix

Strimming giant Netflix acquired the rights to the screen version of the cult novel by George Orwell “Animal Farm”, directed by Andy Serkis.

Trailer “King of Thieves” with Michael Kane

In the network appeared a complete trailer for the new James Marsh film (“The Universe of Stephen Hawking”) “The King of Thieves”. The tape is removed on motives of a robbery of safes in the London jeweler quarter Hatton-Garden.

Vladimir Mashkov told about shooting in the new film “Billion”

Other partners of Vladimir Mashkov on the set were Daniil Spivakovsky, Dmitry Astrakhan, Marina Petrenko, Gela Meskhi. Filming takes place in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Cote d’Azur and will last until the end of September.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will contrive McDonald’s

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and the company 20th Century Fox have conceived a new large-scale project based on real events. Details of the plot described in the article “As a former policeman falsified the game” Monopoly “from McDonald’s and stole millions,” published in the online magazine The Daily Beast.

Tired by the moon

The main role in the film was played by Timothy Shalame (“Call me by your name”), the rising Hollywood star and the youngest nominee for Oscar (22 years) in the acting category for the last 80 years


“Rostelecom” will release mobile devices for officials

In Russia, they plan to create a unique telephone for officials. This was reported by specialists of Rostelecom. The head of the Russian network corporation, Mikhail Oseevsky, said that it was a device with a higher level of protection.

Burger King will check after the scandal about “data collection” of Russians

Roskomnadzor will conduct a review of Burger King in 2019 because of suspicions of collecting personal data of users of the restaurant chain application.

Xiaomi will release its first button cell phone for $ 29

Buyers are offered two models: Qin1 and Qin1s. The first, which will cost $ 29, can only work on 2G networks, while the second one is equipped with a 4G modem (2G and 3G are also supported).

The thickness of the phone is 8.5 mm, it is equipped with an IPS display with a diagonal of 2.8 inches with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The screen is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass.

The device has space for two SIM cards, a Wi-Fi module, can report weather, can serve as a remote control for TV and home appliances thanks to the infrared port.

In addition, the phone is equipped with a system of intelligent translation of speech in real time (supported by 17 languages).

Samsung Galaxy On8 new generation estimated at $ 250

There was information that the Samsung Galaxy On8 was valued at $ 250. The device was already presented in India, the device went to the local market. In many ways, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy On8 recalls the Galaxy J8.

HAL 9000 from Kubrick’s Space Odyssey became a smart column

Most likely, smart speakers HAL 9000 will not respond to the failure of the owner’s teams. Master Replicas was licensed to create models HAL 9000 in early 2017 and launched a croweding campaign on the site Indiegogo – it will end in late August this year.

Xiaomi introduced wireless speakers for PC for $ 60

The connection of the speakers to the computer will be via Bluetooth, and the speakers are not only for the computer, since it can be connected to both the tablet and the smartphone.

Intel will release the 28-core Skylake-X processor until the end of 2018

Intel opens a new line of processors – A-series. Its first representative will be the 28-core processor on the Skylake-X platform. The creators will release the novelty in a desktop format.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be presented on September 15

Early rumors pointed to the announcement of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in September. The new data indicates September 15 as the exact date. This information is taken from an advertising image, however, obtained from unofficial sources.

YouTube copies Instagram and introduces Stories

YouTube copies Instagram and enters its own Stories, an icon with a pop-up photo or video. The function is available only for the selected – a small number of authors and developers.

Google began indexing information from the field of journalism data

Google began collaborating with several news organizations, including ProPublica, and will show more information from the data journalism projects in the search.

The date of presentation of the new OC Android has become known

Google in recent years released the final version of Android in August, but according to recent data, she decided not to change this tradition. According to the authoritative insider Evan Blass, the final version of Android P will be released on August 20, this operating system will get the number 9.0.

Laptop Origin EON15-S received Intel Core i7-8750H and 64 GB of RAM

The novelty was equipped with an eight-core Intel Core i7-8750H processor, a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card with 6 GB of memory or a GTX 1050 Ti, a Full HD screen, 8 to 64 GB of RAM, two M.2 drives up to 3 TB, USB 3.1 ports (x2), USB 2.0, USB-C 3.1, HDMI 1.2 and Mini DisplayPort (x2) interfaces, audio connectors, RJ45 and a card reader.

The application Musical.ly officially almost ceases to exist

Western media reported that on August 2, the Musical.ly application loses its independence and ends its existence, in accordance with its obligation to the Chinese company.


Scientists talked about the dangers of alcohol hand washing aids

Scientists from Australia conducted a study and found that some microorganisms began to develop resistance to alcohol, which is the main component of disinfectants

Scientists first transplanted a pig grown in the laboratory lung

Specialists of the University of Texas (USA) were the first to grow live lungs in a laboratory and successfully transplant them to experimental pigs. This is reported in a scientific article published in the journal Science Transplantation Medicine on August 1

Lemurs were on the verge of extinction

It turned out that 105 of the 111 species of Madagascar lemurs listed in the Red Book are under threat of extinction. Thus, 95% of the lemur population is endangered. Scientists told about the imminent disappearance of these animals.

Archaeologists revealed the homeland of the “Stonehenge builders”

The chemical analysis of the bones of people buried near Stonehenge indicated that they were not born in the south of Britain, but migrated there from Wales, where a part of the monument stones was mined

Radiation of mobile phones does not lead to brain cancer

The results of the study were published in the journal Environment International. Electromagnetic waves emit many modern devices, from microwaves to mobile phones. A lot of people are afraid of this radiation, believing that it can lead to the formation of brain tumors.

The boy lost most of his brain and kept a high IQ

A surprising story of the seven-year-old resident of the United States was shared by Cell Reports magazine: this boy lost a sixth part of the brain, but his body managed to adapt to this without losing his intellect. The child underwent an operation that required the removal of several lobes, and his brain after that still was able to restore its functions.

After the surgery, the boy was observed for the next three years. Scientists were able to make sure that eventually the left hemisphere of the brain realized the mechanism of compensation and the very beginning to perform the functions of the missing parts – in particular, it became responsible for the recognition of persons and objects. The only downside: when the boy is looking forward, the visual information is not processed from the left side of the brain, and it becomes necessary for him to turn his head

Scientists have discovered a new type of cells in the lungs

As it turned out, they are responsible for the synthesis of the CFTR protein that regulates transmembrane conductivity. It is the genetic abnormalities in these cells that provoke a dangerous hereditary disease – cystic fibrosis. It is also known as cystic fibrosis. If the CFTR gene is not working properly, the fluid-releasing cells begin to improperly isolate biological fluids, such as sweat. Because of the occurrence of frequent infections of the lungs and upper respiratory tract, as well as the liver.

Aaron Jaffe, an employee of Harvard University, notes that this dangerous disease should be treated with an increase in CFTR activity due to a greater number of pulmonary ionocytes. In addition, the discovery of new cells will allow the development of methods for genetic correction of mutations.

Scientists talked about the dangers and benefits of thalidomide

Thalidomide, which was the most popular sedative and hypnotic drug 60 years ago, causes vices in newborn children. For a long time it was believed that it does not cause side effects and is harmless to the body


A black hole is a “fluffy tangle” of strings

Some physicists believe that the black hole around the perimeter is surrounded by a firewall that burns everything that gets into its gravitational field. However, a team of scientists from the University of Ohio carried out new calculations of what would happen if an electron falls into a typical black hole that weighs one solar mass.

“The probability that an electron collides with a photon of radiation and burns out is negligible, and it becomes even smaller if we are talking about larger known black holes,” says Samir Mathur, professor of physics at Ohio State University. The study was published in the journal Joyrnal of High Energy Physics.

Scientists have named exoplanets with ideal conditions for the origin of life

Appropriate celestial bodies were selected from 4 thousand exoplanets. Having studied them, scientists came to the conclusion that to start a new life on the planet, not only liquid and heat, but also various amino acids, sugars, nitrogenous bases and other complex organic molecules are needed.

These include, for example, the Kepler-452 and Kepler-62 systems, which by characteristics strongly resemble the Earth at the dawn of its existence.

In Russia, began to test the high-speed satellite communication system

Russia began to work out a high-speed data transmission system from satellites in order to increase their competitiveness in comparison with foreign analogues, the Russian Space Systems company (part of the Roskosmos state corporation) said in a statement to RIA Novosti.

Commercial structures are not yet able to maintain the ISS, said in NASA

NASA’s General Inspector notes that an audit of NASA’s plans casts doubt on the agency’s plans to increase commercial activity in near-earth orbit. The company Boeing previously announced its desire to privatize the US segment.

Boeing postponed the first flights of the spacecraft Starliner

It was expected that Starliner will make the first flight – without a crew – in August, and a manned flight will take place in November. Now, Boeing plans to conduct an unmanned flight of the device either at the end of this year, or at the beginning of 2019, reports The Verge.

Kepler’s supernova appeared due to the fusion of two stellar remnants

The supernova explosion, which was observed by the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1604, was provoked by the fusion of two so-called star remains – writes the information resource actualnews.org Kepler’s supernova, as is known to modern scientists, was in the constellation Ophiuchus.

NASA has published the instruction on assemblage of a rover in house conditions

A detailed description of the assembly of the prototype rover Curiosity with a list of necessary elements was published by NASA engineers in the public domain. You can build your own rover for 200 hours and 2 thousand dollars.

The brightest star of the Galaxy staged a hot show

The largest and brightest star of the Galaxy 200 years ago threw hot bundles of matter at a speed of 20 thousand kilometers per second.


KIA in Russia started selling updated KIA Rio and Sorento Prime

KIA dealers in Russia began selling updated Kia Rio and Sorento Prime, which are positioned as cars of the 2019 model year. At KIA Rio in the complete set Luxe is now available a radiator grille with a “three-dimensional” pattern and finish with black gloss

Declassified appearance of the serial BMW X7

The most noteworthy details of the appearance of the concept of the BMW X7 iPerformance were a huge radiator grille and narrow headlights.

Minivan Citroen Grand C4 Picasso received two special versions for Russia

The cost of Citroen Grand C4 Picasso in the performance of Summer White starts from 1,619,000 rubles.

The new Ford Ranger will receive a unique space tracking system

The model, which will go on sale in the US early next year, will receive a special blind zone tracking system called BLIS. It will allow the driver to “see” other cars in the immediate vicinity of the towed trailer.

Lexus will bring the most affordable model of the brand to Russia in winter

The Japanese automotive company Lexus delighted its admirers in Russia. Already at the end of this year or at the beginning of the next in the domestic car market, it will be possible to find the most affordable of the brand models – the UX crossover.

The world premiere of new cars brand Aurus will be held in August

The world premiere of new Aurus brand cars will take place in August at the Moscow International Automobile Salon. This is reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta referring to the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. The European premiere will be held in 2019 in the framework of the Geneva Motor Show.

Submitted the new budget hatchback Honda Brio

The Japanese company today introduced a new budget hatchback Honda Brio, which will go on sale in Indonesia. Within the framework of the Indonesian Motor Show (GIIAS), the Honda brand introduced a new hatchback, the cost of which starts at a mark of 570 thousand rubles.

Passed crash tests Nissan March and Mazda 2

The South American organization Latin NCAP demonstrated the results of the crash tests that took place in the compact hatchbacks Nissan March and Mazda 2. It should be noted that the tests were carried out on cars that were produced in the Brazilian and Mexican plants.

Model Nissan March could earn only one star out of five possible for the protection of adult passengers and two for children.

Mazda2 received two stars for adult protection and three stars for protecting children.

Aston Martin will release a hardcore version of the DBS Superleggera AMR sports car

It is assumed that if the novelty is released, it will be called DBS Superleggera AMR. The prefix “AMR” is used by the British automaker only for “hardcore” versions of its models. Of those that have already been released, you can cite the example of Rapide, Vantage and DB11.

Mitsubishi is testing a new generation minivan Delica

The company Mitsubishi is testing the prototype minivan Delica a new generation. This is evidenced by eyewitnesses who noted that the car had a right-hand drive layout. It is interesting that the “right-handed” test pattern runs on European roads

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