21 Feb, 2019

Honest business in Russia …

Most Russians – 62% – do not believe that you can conduct honest business in Russia, 34% of respondents hold the opposite opinion. The main obstacles for starting a business were high taxes, bureaucracy and general financial expenses. Corruption, administrative barriers and lack of support from the authorities were also mentioned as problems.

“The existing system of state regulation simply does not allow conducting private business in such a way that nothing can be broken,” says Boris Titov, an ombudsman under the President of Russia for the rights of entrepreneurs. In his opinion, there are too many demands for entrepreneurs, including contradictory ones, and it’s impossible to satisfy all of them, while maintaining sufficient profits for business development.

Briefly about the main thing …

Hitler’s pensions continue to pay

In Belgium, 27 pensioners continue to receive additional benefits from the German government, promised in 1941 by the Führer of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler. Their size ranges from 425 to 1275 euros (from 31.8 to 95.5 thousand rubles), writes the Flemish newspaper De Morgen.

Pension recipients are former Nazis who, during the Second World War, joined the SS, or their heirs. The benefits were guaranteed to collaborators personally by the Fuhrer for “loyalty, loyalty and obedience.” Since after 1949 the FRG became the legal successor of the Third Reich and assumed all the responsibilities of the disappeared state, including the pension ones, she had to continue to provide former SS men.

Russian embassy accuses Kiev of interfering in US affairs

The Ukrainian Embassy in the United States openly intervenes in Washington’s affairs, demanding that the Russian military drama “T-34” be banned from being shown in this country, the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States said.

Maduro urged Guaido to announce elections in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on the speaker of the Venezuelan opposition parliament Juan Guaydo to announce elections in the country. Speaking to graduates of the medical university, Maduro called on the “self-appointed clown” to convene elections.

Why does he not call elections to get rid of him by popular vote? Let the self-appointed clown call for an election to be overthrown by voting. – Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan politician

American destroyer went to the Black Sea

Photos of the US destroyer USS Donald Cook (Donald Cook), entering the Black Sea, appeared on the Web. In particular, the pictures appeared on the Twitter of the Turkish Navy. The frame shows how the warship passes through the Bosphorus and enters the Black Sea.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry accused the United States in the transfer of troops to Venezuela

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez, said that the American authorities had transferred their troops to the territory of Venezuela.

Venezuela closed the border in the Caribbean

Venezuelan Vice Admiral Quintero Martinez said that the authorities closed the sea border with the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean, Reuters reports.

Trump has signed a memorandum on the creation of the Space Forces

US President Donald Trump has signed a memorandum on the creation of the American Space Forces. The text of the document on Tuesday distributed the press service of the White House.

The Ministry of Defense will install the latest network of space tracking systems

The Deputy Commander of the Space Forces, Igor Morozov, told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper about the intention of the Ministry of Defense to deploy a whole network of the latest complexes of the space monitoring system. According to him, they will appear in the Altai Territory, the Far East, Buryatia and the Crimea.

“With their entry into service, the Air Force will be able to constantly monitor near-Earth space in all moods and in the maximum altitude range,” Morozov promised. After all, observing and controlling the Universe, one can say that even in this unknown environment, Russian troops are serving in the interests of the country’s national security.

Putin discussed with the king of Saudi Arabia the situation in the oil market

Today, Vladimir Putin and the King of Saudi Arabia Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz discussed by telephone the situation in the global hydrocarbon market

Rosgvardiya update weapons for 395 million rubles

Rosgvardiya placed on the portal of public procurement contracts for the acquisition of various weapons from the budget, the total amount of the order amounted to 395 million rubles.

“United Russia” agreed to reduce the municipal filter

Reducing the municipal filter will promote the development of political competition According to United Russia, the number of signatures of municipal deputies, which will be required for candidates for governors, can be reduced twice – to 5%, and the number of signatures of heads of districts and deputies of urban districts – to 7%

US Congress to check plans for the construction of nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia

Democrats from the US House of Representatives consider the Donald Trump administration involved in US plans to build a nuclear power plant in Saudi Arabia. This is stated in the report of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The report indicates that the informers of the committee “expressed serious concern about possible procedural and legal violations related to the hasty implementation of the plan for the transfer of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.”

Bloomberg: the US is seeking from China to maintain a stable exchange rate of the yuan

The United States in trade negotiations with China insist on maintaining the stability of the yuan, according to Bloomberg. Agency sources argue that the depreciation of the yuan may be a way to resist US duties.

Swedish Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of Hungary

According to the radio station, Shemien called the Minister of Social Security of Sweden Annika Strandhell ​​”a poor, sick creation.” As noted, the statement was caused by Shemen called the Hungarian ambassador to the Swedish Foreign Ministry. At the same time, the ministry called the words of the Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary “unacceptable”.

The Pentagon decided to provide the Ukrainian Air Force with navigation equipment

The Pentagon has announced a tender among the companies of the US military-industrial complex for the delivery of a “blind” landing system for the Ukrainian air forces. Such information is contained in the official statement of the US Air Force.

Donald Trump extended sanctions against Libya

The American leader Donald Trump extended the sanctions on Libya because of the “thunderstorm of instability,” the White House’s head of the congress said. The letter of the head of state states that the United States risks further destabilization if the sanctions remain in force.

WP: China has a military base in Tajikistan

It is not known how the military base was built, to whom it belongs and where it receives funding from. A WP journalist said he had met several Chinese soldiers at a market in the village of Murgab, which is closest to the base.

Poroshenko introduced to the parliament a bill on the admission of foreign armies

Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko submitted on February 19 to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law “On approving the decision of the President of Ukraine on admitting units of the armed forces of other countries to the territory of Ukraine in 2019 to participate in multinational exercises”.

China has created a nationwide oncology registration system.

China has established a cancer registration system with 574 registries across the country and 438 million people covered by the system, Xinhua reported February 19.

Chinese authorities have published tips for the development of agriculture

China’s central authorities have issued a number of guidelines that set priorities for agricultural and rural development. This is reported by the Xinhua News Agency.

In Chinese Tibet, held a census of ancient Buddhist books

Palbar Tsering, deputy librarian of the Tibet regional library, said that the study of ancient books is planned to be completed by 2020. Note that Tibet is home to many ancient Buddhist books, which are usually kept in monasteries.

In Beijing, ready to develop bilateral relations with New Zealand

China reacted positively to the recent statement by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jasinda Ardern, from which it follows that her government views China as an important partner and appreciates the ties and relations between the two countries. This was reported on February 19 by Xinhua, citing the words of the Foreign Ministry spokesman Gen Shuang.

“China is ready to move bilateral relations together with New Zealand on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit,” the diplomat said, adding that their sustainable development is in the interests of both parties.

German insurers lose EUR 380 million due to diesel scandal

In Germany, insurance companies lost over € 380 million due to the diesel scandal with the Volkswagen concern. This is reported by the media with reference to the data of the German Insurers Union (GDV), published in the publication Bild.

Children found meat with “white tentacles” in school soup

Pupils of the secondary school in the village of Yurgamysh of the Kurgan Region found in one of the plates with a strange-looking school soup a piece of meat with white processes similar to tentacles or insect larvae. The photograph was published in the Incident Kurgan group on VKontakte.

“All finished products are checked before serving. Violations in the preparation was not. Also, during the day there were no complaints from children and their parents, ”said Valentina Markova, a representative of Yurgamysh secondary school.

How much do Venezuelans spend on food?

The cost of the consumer basket at the beginning of 2019 amounted to more than 360 thousand Bolivars, which exceeds the corresponding figure in the previous month by almost 243 percent. An ordinary Venezuelan family would need about twenty salaries to pay for food in January. This was reported by employees of the analytical center Cenda.

Most Russians said it was impossible to do honest business in Russia

The study showed a gradual improvement in the attitude of Russians towards business since 2009 (at that time, 79% of respondents had a positive attitude towards entrepreneurs. The share of those who have declared negative attitudes has decreased – in 2009 it was 13%

Rebirth detox

Member of the Federation Council Igor Kahramanyan launched an initiative to revive the sobering centers in the country. It is assumed that the police will deliver drunk citizens to the sobering centers, and the violators themselves will pay for their stay there.

The Ministry of Health believes that the revival of the sobering centers will prevent some crimes and ensure the safety of citizens’ lives, according to Izvestia.

Investors are allowed to restore cultural monuments

The draft law proposes that cultural heritage objects (with the exception of sights, objects of science and technology, objects of archaeological heritage, religious monuments) that are in poor condition can be restored within the framework of concession agreements and public-private partnerships.

Ministry of Justice Recognized Media Support and Assistance Center

The Center for Media Support and Assistance has entered the register of foreign agents after an unscheduled documentary check, the report says on the website of the Ministry of Justice. The center is engaged in research and development in the field of social sciences and humanities, the publication of newspapers and books.

Alfa-Bank accused of providing passport data to third parties

A young man ordered a credit card from Alfa Bank, which he was taken to the workplace. At the time of the transfer of plastic, a representative of a credit organization took a picture of Maxim with a unfolded passport in her hand. A day later, a young man accidentally saw the same picture on the instagram-page of his friend, who had previously worked at Alfa-Bank. Maxim’s passport details were clearly visible, and offensive inscriptions were on the picture.

“As a result of a small investigation, we find out that the employees involved in the delivery of credit cards have a general chat, where they merge photos like:“ Haha, look, what a funny type, also works in the sex shop ”,“ user Picaba wrote under the pseudonym TelkaKotova, who presented herself as the girl of the affected client.

Real incomes of Russians fell again

The real incomes of Russians in January 2019 were lower by 1.3% compared to the same period in 2018, it follows from the data published by Rosstat.

Tax for self-employed want to enter throughout the country since 2020

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov instructed to develop proposals on how to impose a tax on professional income (known as a tax for self-employed) in all regions of Russia since 2020, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the spokesman for the Minister Andrei Lavrov.

“In the summer of 2019, Siluanov instructed to submit a report on the first results of the project and proposals for its further implementation, including the dissemination of a special regime as fully operational throughout the country as early as 2020,” the statement reads.

The Accounts Chamber revealed the worst over 10 years of budget spending

The federal budget expenditures in 2018 were executed at the lowest level in the last 10 years, follows from the analytical note of the Accounts Chamber (TASS refers to the materials).

 NOVATEK offered Mitsubishi a stake in Arctic-LNG-2

According to the local newspaper Nikkei, the company is in talks with Mitsubishi Corp. and Mitsui & Co, Prime reports. It is not excluded that about half the cost of the share will be paid by the Japanese authorities. Recall, Arkik-LNG-2 is being built on the basis of the Morning Field in the YNAO.

Ministry of Economics proposed to encourage the export of Russian cinema

The Ministry of Economics proposes to support the export of Russian cinema and animation by privileges. The expansion of financing of content producers is being discussed, as well as tax breaks for companies selling films and TV series abroad for more than $ 1 million per year.

According to the results of 2018, Tavrichesky Bank increased its profit by 170%

According to the results of 2018, the profit of Tavricheskiy Bank increased by 170%, reaching 890 million rubles. Recall that since March 2015, Tavrichesky Bank has been under rehabilitation, with the participation of JSC JSCB International Financial Club

Repsol discovered the largest gas field in Indonesia in 18 years

The Spanish company Repsol announced the discovery of the largest gas field in Indonesia in 18 years. Its reserves can be estimated at about 2 trillion cubic feet of gas, which is equivalent to two-year gas consumption in Spain.

Exports of gold from Russia fell more than three times

Russia reduced gold exports in 2018 by a factor of 3.3 compared with the previous year, from 56.6 tons (1.82 million ounces) to 17.05 tons (548,083 ounces), the Assay Office reported to RIA Novosti . Refining plants in 2018 increased gold production by 2.45% to 314.42 tons (10.1 million ounces).

Central Bank wants to expand access of banks to state programs

“Profile” borrowers include individuals, SMEs, state or municipal unitary enterprises, all the rest are “non-core”. Banks with a base license are banks with a capital of 300 million rubles or more. up to 1 billion rubles.

For the year, fraudsters stole 1.3 billion rubles from Russian bank cards

The Central Bank estimated the volume of unauthorized transactions with Russian bank cards, and also for the first time told how much of the stolen banks compensated customers. In 2018, fraudsters withdrew 1.3 billion rubles from bank cards. This is 44% more than the year before (961 million rubles).

Russian investors save over 17 billion rubles on taxes

In 2016–2017, Russian investors saved 17.57 billion rubles in taxes, told Izvestia at the Federal Tax Service (FTS). This is one of the tax deductions for individual investment accounts (IIS). It allows you to return 13% of the amount not exceeding 400 thousand rubles.

Sistema and Rostec have announced a merger of assets in microelectronics

A source close to Sistema told RBC that within 18 months from the close of the transaction, AFK will pay Rostec 1.35 billion rubles. Considering the difference in the value of the contributed assets, AFK Sistema will buy a stake from Rostec to the control for 1.35 billion rubles. Calculations must occur within one and a half years, for the period of installments interest is charged at the rate of the Central Bank rate, a representative of Rostec said to RBC.

Danske Bank ceases operations in Russia

Earlier on Tuesday, the Estonian financial supervisory authority demanded that the Danske Bank branch cease operations in the country within eight months after issuing the prescription, the bank must submit the appropriate plan within 20 days.

The Ukrainian State Statistics Service reported on the results of 2018.

Russia ranks first among all countries importing Ukrainian products. In the Russian Federation came Ukrainian products worth $ 3.7 billion (out of a total of 47.3 billion dollars). In second place – Poland (3.3 billion) and Italy (2.6). Most of the products in Ukraine are also imported from Russia (8.1 billion dollars). Russia ahead of China (7.6 billion) and Germany (5.9).

The government has placed a secret deposit of 200 billion rubles. in Promsvyazbank

In December 2018, the government approved Promsvyazbank’s capital increase of 20 billion rubles, as reported by the credit institution and the Ministry of Finance, but even earlier, the government had placed a ten-fold amount of money in a Promsvyazbank deposit – 200 billion rubles. This happened in October, bypassing the usual rules of placing funds of the federal budget on bank deposits, RBC found out.

200 billion rubles. were placed “on the basis of a separate government decision without concluding a master agreement and conducting a selection of applications,” the Accounting Chamber reported in a policy brief on budget execution for 2018 (RBC has the document). But the agency did not name the organization in which the deposit was placed.

Stocks in the Russian budget reached a record

At the end of 2018, balances of the federal budget increased 1.7 times and reached 10.2 trillion rubles, the Accounting Chamber reported. This is an absolute record.

Ukraine has sold the arrested property of “Gazprom”

The closed non-diversified venture capital investment fund Goldman acquired 40.2% of the shares of PJSC Gaztranzit, which used to belong to the Russian company Gazprom. It is reported by UNIAN with reference to the press service of Gaztranzit. They noted that 16.65 thousand shares of a private joint-stock company were sold at auction on the PFTS stock exchange on January 29 for UAH 41 million (over RUB 99 million).

Saudi Arabia intends to buy deposits in Russia and the United States

Saudi Arabia intends to take part in a major Russian project for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The largest (along with Russia and the United States) oil producer in the world thus shows its desire to increase the consumption of blue fuel.

Gasoline becomes cheaper on the exchange and rises in price in retail

Producer prices for gasoline in January on average in Russia decreased by 19.1%, according to Rosstat materials. Diesel prices fell by 9.2%.

Iran is self-sufficient in gasoline

Iran has become self-sufficient in gasoline, the country’s oil minister, Bijan Namdar Zangane, said after the launch of the third phase of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery oil refinery in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas. Iranian Oil Minister Bizhan Namdar Zangane.

Chinese actress was hospitalized after a concert in the Kremlin

According to reports, the actress was taken to one of the metropolitan hospitals. Yang Mannan, 23, participated in the Wind Blown ballet, which she presented on the stage of the Kremlin Palace of the PRC Opera and Ballet Theater. She became ill during the performance, the actress was taken to the hospital right from the stage. Doctors diagnosed the artist stretching the ligament apparatus of the left knee joint. She also has dizziness.

James Cameron spoke about the plot of the second part of “Avatar”

American film director James Cameron spoke about the preparations for the shooting of the second part of the blockbuster “Avatar” and the plot of the new film. Cameron shared that the new film will tell about the fate of soldier Jake Sally, who remained to live among the Navi tribe.

On VDNH will pass the festival of Japanese culture

VDNH invites March 30 and 31 to the largest annual festival of Japanese culture in Russia, Hinode Power Japan. Here you can get acquainted with the customs of the Land of the Rising Sun, listen to modern Japanese music, see athletic performances, learn about new video games and recall anime characters. The program includes a national selection of the World Cosplay Summit cosplay contest, performances, lively shows and master classes. The chefs of the best restaurants in Moscow and Japan will surprise the guests with culinary masterpieces for two days.

DC will not release a comic about Jesus

The comic tells about Jesus returning to Earth and his relationship with the superhero Sunman, whom people began to worship. The conservative human rights organization CitizenGo opposed the release of the comic book; more than 200 thousand people signed the petition.

Gosfilmofond digitizes posters for Soviet and pre-revolutionary films

In Russia they plan to create an electronic catalog of film posters for more than 30 thousand Soviet and pre-revolutionary films. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. As described in the department, Gosfilmofond will be able to digitize its extensive collection in the framework of the national project “Culture”.

Netflix showed the trailer of the film “The Dirt” about the group Mötley Crüe

On the YouTube channel Netflix came the trailer for the film “The Dirt”, based on the eponymous autobiography book of the American glam metal band Mötley Crüe. The film starred Ivan Reon, Douglas Booth, Machine Gun Gan Kelly, Daniel Webber and others. The film was directed by Jeff Tremaine.

Colin Farrell will play ruthless whaler in the series “Northern waters”

The novel takes place in the 1850s. Colin Farrell will play the main role. He will play Henry Drax – a harpooner and a brutal killer, whose immorality was formed because of the severity of the world around him.

A new exhibition of paintings will open in the Museum “Garden Ring”

The museum “Garden Ring” on March 1 will open a new exhibition of paintings. The exhibition will present the work of artist Olga Fokina. On the official website of the cultural institution said that the exhibition was called “Goodbye, winter!”.

International Russian Language Festival launched in the capital

A correspondence tour of the Annual International Festival of the Russian Language has started in the capital. To take part in it, it is necessary to fill in the registration form.

In Ingushetia, they will shoot a documentary film about the Dolakovsky battle

By the 100th anniversary of the Dolakovsky battle, which occurred in 1919 in the Ingush village of Dolakovo, by the end of the year a documentary film will be shot

Teaser of the fourth season of the series “Man in high castle”

On the official YouTube channel of the Amazon Prime Video service, there appeared a teaser of the fourth season of the series “The Man in High Castle”, based on the novel of the same name by Philip Dick

Folk-rock band Troll Gnet El will present a new album in Irkutsk

Folk-rock band “Troll Gnet El” will perform in Irkutsk on March 5 with the presentation of the new album “Trolley Labyrinth”, according to the “Poster” section of the IrCity portal. The album was recorded in 2018. The concert will be held in Rock’n’roll pub.

Jazz at Baikal festival will be held in Irkutsk for the 14th time

The fourteenth time the international music show will open on April 5 with a march of competitors in the historical part of the city – 130 block with an improvised concert. It is reported by the press service of the regional government.

Monument to Soviet pop and opera singer Georg Ots will appear in the capital of Estonia

The authorities of Tallinn made such a decision taking into account the merits of Georg Ots to the Republic of Estonia and to the city, as well as to perpetuate the memory of the singer. The monument will appear next to the Estonia Opera and Ballet Theater on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ots, which will be celebrated on March 21, 2020. The name of the singer, a native of Petrograd, are the streets in Tallinn and several cities in Russia.

Crossroads of cultures of Estonia and Russia at an exhibition in Moscow

The exhibition Russia-Estonia: Crossroads of Cultures opened in the New Building of the Russian National Library. The exhibition is timed to the Independence Day of Estonia, which is celebrated on February 24.

Google will change the system of penalties users YouTube

Google makes changes to the system of penalties provided for the publication of content that violates the rules of video hosting YouTube, February 20, according to an announcement published in the official blog of the video hosting YouTube Creator.

According to the new system of punishments, at the first violation, the author of the material instead of the sanction will now receive only a notice of the violation found and a warning that does not have a statute of limitations, and the material that violates the rules will be deleted. However, starting from the second violation, the system of so-called “strikes”, which has already been in effect since the video hosting was founded in 2005, will be applied.

The name of the flexible smartphone Samsung

Authoritative leak finder Evan Blass shared details about the Samsung flexible smartphone, which has not yet been officially announced. If you believe the source, the novelty will be called Galaxy Fold.

South Korea first to launch commercial use of 5G

South Korea will be the first country in the world to begin commercial operation of the 5G network. This was announced on Wednesday by the Deputy Prime Minister for Economy, Minister of Planning and Finance Hon Nam Gui, speaking at a meeting on innovation development. His words are quoted by Yonhap.

Insiders: Apple is preparing a new iPad mini in the old building

The exception is the microphone, which will be placed in a new place. According to an insider, he does not trust the source to 100%, but his information echoes the previously received information. Apple will also introduce a new iPad, the screen diagonal of which will be 10.2 inches.

Introduced Energizer HardCase ruler phones

Renowned brand Energizer has released a new version of durable mobile phones called HardCase. The official show of new products will be held at the upcoming exhibition in Barcelona. However, the line includes four modifications under the following designations: H241, H242, H242S and H280S.

FBI calls signs of fraudulent ICO

The main signs of fraudulent projects on primary token allocation (ICO) are unrealistic promises of future profitability and distortion of the professional experience of startup managers, experts at the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said

Telia begins testing the world’s first 5G cinema

The equipment in the cinema satisfies its own needs, including providing access to Wi-Fi inside the entire building. It is also reported that with the help of 5G, it became possible to conduct live broadcasts of various events.

Why grapes in the microwave spew plasma

According to the author of the study, plasma is formed due to the appearance of huge energy indicators at the site of contact of two grapes and the presence of alkali metal ions on their surface with high conductivity. It is the latter that begin to resonate with the radiation of a microwave oven, leading to the emergence of an ion cascade and plasma acting independently of the grapes.

Found neurons that are simultaneously responsible for taste and location

Scientists have discovered a special group of neurons in the brain of rats that are activated when an animal senses a certain flavor in a certain place. The results are published in the Journal of Neuroscience. In the brain of many animals there are special groups of neurons that are responsible for individual body functions.

Physicists have discovered exotic spiral electrons

Scientists discovered that chiral excitons, consisting of an electron knocked out by radiation and a positively charged hole, are formed on the surface of a crystal of bismuth selenide under intense light exposure.

Machine learning misleads science

The findings of the study by Genevera Allen from Rice University, represented in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, show that the wide popularity of machine learning plays a cruel joke with scientists and leads to a “crisis in science.”

“Often, such studies hide their unreliability until someone else applies the same methodology to another data sample and says,“ Oh God, the results of these two studies do not overlap, ”the BBC quotes.

Revealed one of the secrets of the appearance of Stonehenge

Scientists at University College London studied the quarry, which mined blue stones for the construction of Stonehenge, and determined how the production of monoliths. This is reported in a press release on EurekAlert !.

The researchers found that the field is a naturally formed dolerite column. Unlike obelisks and blocks in ancient Egypt, they were easy to hollow out of the rock, driving wedges into the gaps between them.

Fauna of the Earth has not changed since the days of dinosaurs

Previously it was believed that new species appeared gradually, in ancient times the fauna was poorer than it is now. But the study of the fossil record refuted this theory. Scientists analyzed data collected over the past two hundred years in more than 30 thousand different regions. As a result, experts found that the number of species remained stable for very long periods.

Environmental noise has helped in the transmission of energy along the line of ions

A team of researchers from several institutions in Austria and Germany has demonstrated that introducing environmental noise into a line of ions can improve energy transfer. In an article published in the journal Physical Review Letters, researchers describe their experiments and explain why the results can be useful to their colleagues.

Sleds for the transport of super heavy cargo over ice were tested in Antarctica

Scientists in Antarctica near the Russian polar station “Progress” have successfully completed the first tests of high-tech sledges for the transport of super heavy cargo on ice.

Scientists have found a way to prolong life

Austrian researchers have discovered a new substance that can slow down cell aging. Experts have found that a substance from the class of flavonoids prolongs the life of invertebrate animals. It is able to reduce the oxidative load on the cells and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In nature, the substance 4,4-dimethoksikhalkon occurs in the leaves of the Japanese plant Angelica keiskei koidzumi, which is actively used in Asian traditional medicine. The results of the experiment are published in Nature Communications.

Scientists have figured out how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics

Canadian scientists have identified a mechanism that makes bacteria resistant to antibiotics. It turned out that over time, the bacterial cell membrane hardens and it becomes difficult for the drug to penetrate it.

In Russia, create a rocket for operational launches of satellites

A light rocket for operational launches of satellites into orbit is being developed at the Russian Typhoon Research and Production Association. The novelty is created on the basis of the MN-300 meteorological rocket.

“Roskosmos” will send to the ISS two space tourists

“Roskosmos” will send two space tourists to the International Space Station by the end of 2021. According to the state corporation, the space flight will be conducted under a contract with the American company Space Adventures. The amount of the transaction and the names of the tourists are not specified.

This is the first contract for amateur cosmonauts over the 10-year period when there are no tourists on board the ISS. We are also launching a project for circling the Earth along the short Gagarinsky route, which will make it possible to reduce the time taken to prepare for the flight to see our planet from space. – Dmitry Rogozin, Russian politician

Space station with artificial gravity

The space station will be a transit point for astronauts and is based on the drawings of the German scientist Werner von Braun. The project, which, if approved, will receive a sponsorship of the US government in the amount of 300 billion dollars. By the way, the construction of the ISS took half the money

SBU called the name of the perpetrator of the death of MH17 in the Donbass

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) put Oleg Ivannikov on the wanted list, whom Bellingcat website called the “GRU officer”, who is involved in the case of the crash of the MH17 aircraft in 2014 in the Donbas, 112 Ukraine television channel reported.

Brahmos-2 hypersonic rocket will be created and tested by 2024

A joint Russian-Indian hypersonic air-launched missile Brahmos-2 is planned to be built and tested by 2024, Brain’s director of information technology at Brahmos told Prain at the Aero India exhibition.

The Ministry of Defense asks retailers for benefits for order bearers

“In order to improve the social status of citizens of the Russian Federation awarded the Order of Courage and (or) the Medal for Courage,” it is proposed to consider the possibility of granting them preferences in the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel retail chains. ”

According to one of the interlocutors of “Kommersant”, the proposal went away to “at least eight players” and four of them answered that they “positively consider the idea”. In the networks of Okay, Dixie, and The Alphabet of Taste, they declined to comment, but did not refute the receipt of the letter. In “Magnit” and “Auchan” they didn’t respond to the requests of “Ъ”. The “tape” reported that they are not familiar with the proposals of the Ministry of Defense

In St. Petersburg, 11 schoolchildren were hospitalized after a test for tuberculosis

In the 72nd school of St. Petersburg, after conducting a skin test to determine tuberculosis, 11 students felt unwell and were taken to hospital, TASS reports. The Office of Rospotrebnadzor suspended the use of the diaskintest until clarification of the circumstances.

In the Moscow region in the dining room of the school collapsed roof

“In the village of Troparevo, there was a partial collapse of the roof on an area of ​​146 square meters of a separate building of the school canteen,” the agency’s source said. According to him, at the time of the emergency, there were 226 people in the school. There are no dead and injured as a result of the collapse.

Abe called the negotiations with Russia a priority for Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during a speech in the Japanese parliament said that the promotion of negotiations with Moscow is the main priority for Tokyo. According to Abe, the success of the negotiations depends on how “they can be held in a quiet atmosphere.”

The court in Thailand allowed the extradition of Russians in the US

The Bangkok Criminal Court allowed the extradition of Russian citizen Dmitry Ukrainian, who was sentenced in Thailand to 10 years in prison for money laundering, to the United States, RIA Novosti reports. Last year, a court in Thailand approved the extradition of Mr. Ukrainian to Russia

Thousands rally against anti-Semitism took place in France

Thousands of rallies against anti-Semitism have taken place in Paris, Marseilles and dozens of other cities in France, reports RFI. The reason was the increasing frequency of anti-Semitic antics on the actions of “yellow vests” and acts of vandalism.

The United States can lower the level of diplomatic relations with Russia

The first deputy chairman of the committee of the Federation Council on international affairs, Sergei Kislyak, believes that the US authorities can lower the level of diplomatic relations with Russia against the background of internal political disagreements in the United States. About this Kislyak told the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Foreign Ministers of Russia, China and India will meet on February 27 in China

The meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, India and China in the framework of the tripartite format will be held on February 27 in the city of Wuzhen in eastern China. This was announced at the briefing by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Gen Shuang.

Turkey is not satisfied with the US proposal for the Patriot air defense system

Turkey is not satisfied with the terms of deliveries of the Patriot US anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM), negotiations with the United States are continuing, the head of the defense industry secretariat, Ismail Demir, said.

Israel showed a video of the destruction of the Russian S-400

The Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries announced the development of a new anti-burglar munition Mini Harpy, to demonstrate the capabilities of which it provided a videotape on which one can easily recognize the destruction of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile system, more precisely its radar 96L6E composition

Satanovsky warned about the destruction of the Earth

Military expert Yevgeny Satanovsky recalled that if Western countries continue to threaten the Russian Federation, in whose arsenals recently began to receive new innovative types of weapons, this could lead to a serious conflict. The political scientist told about this on the air of the radio “Vesti”. The analyst said that our planet can survive until the moment when Moscow is forced to use its new weapon against a potential enemy ….

 “If we are finally reached, there will be a big war”: Satanovsky reminded the West about the new weapons of Russia

Parents staged a mob on fifth-grader

According to DEITA.Ru, the incident occurred at school No. 2 in the Big Stone of Primorsky Krai. As noted, parents in front of everyone dipped the child’s head in the toilet. Eyewitnesses claim that this happened after the schoolboy beat the girl, and she was taken to hospital. It is emphasized that complaints about the behavior of a fifth-grader have been received repeatedly, but there was no response from management.

The United States will put Ukraine a system of “blind” landing

The US Air Force announced a tender among US defense companies for the manufacture of navigation equipment for the Ukrainian military, with which it is possible to carry out blind landings, RIA Novosti reports.

About 30 thousand Russians registered as self-employed

Since the beginning of 2019, 30,000 Russians have registered as self-employed in the My Tax application, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said at a meeting of the board of the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

 “Victory” stops flying to Irkutsk

“We stop flying to Irkutsk due to the airport’s refusal to comply with our standard“ No touch policy ”, that is, not to touch the aircraft with any parts of ground equipment other than the tanker truck. It is very important for us to comply with our standard to reduce the risk of damage to the aircraft,” interlocutor of TASS.

In Bashkiria, placed the state procurement of food in the kindergarten for 495 billion rubles

An employee of the Tuymazinsky District Administration placed the purchase of baby food for 459 billion rubles. As reported by RIA Novosti, it later became clear that this was a mistake. A lot of state procurement of baby food in the garden of Bishkuraevo, Tuymazinsky district in the amount of 459,872,409,248 rubles appeared on January 16, 2019.

State Duma deputy called the main reason for the discomfort in the reserved seat

A member of the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction, Alexander Vasilyev (United Russia), called dirty socks of passengers cause discomfort in second-class carriages. He stated this to the Agency of urban news “Moscow”, speaking of conflict situations occurring on the railway transport.

“It is obvious that, probably, many things that are associated with the comfortable and safe movement of our citizens in trains and long-distance trains could be adjusted if the controlling authority, for example, Rostransnadzor, had the authority to conduct such checks . Now, in my opinion, they only conduct technical inspections: fire safety in the car and such things. But the dirty socks of passengers who disturb everyone who passes in the reserved seat … In other countries, a fine is provided, but we cannot come to this to oblige a person, for example, not to smoke in the vestibule, not to be drunk in transport, or not to interfere with each other by the fact that he does not comply with hygienic requirements. Therefore, in order to do this, it is necessary to give powers to the supervising bodies, and in general, all the structures connected with auditing supervision should be transferred to the state so that the state can do it. ”

The son of the President of Azerbaijan has real estate on Rublevka

The son of Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev owns land and a house on the Rublyovo-Uspenskoye Highway worth $ 35 million, the “Project” reports with reference to the Rosreestr.

At the time of the acquisition of the mansion in 2007, the president’s son was only nine years old. The area of ​​land in the village of “Gardens Meiendorf” – more than seven thousand square meters, the area of ​​the mansion – 1.6 thousand square meters. The house stands on the border of the village close to the Podushkinsky forest park, next to the Big Barvikhinsky pond. Earlier, local residents complained that it was completely blocked by a fence. Not far from this mansion is the residence of the Russian President and the Prime Minister.

Bottles of vodka in the form of a chapel appeared in the stores of Krasnoyarsk

In the Krasnoyarsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), a new design of vodka packaging from a local manufacturer was criticized, which recently went on sale. About this on Tuesday, February 19, writes NGS24.RU.

New GOST for road reagents will appear in Russia

In Russia, in the near future will develop a new GOST with the requirements for anti-icing agents. Reports about it “Kommersant” with reference to the representative of Rosstandart. The project is created by order of the association of winter road maintenance. It will first describe the size of granules of solid reagents: 1–8 mm. This is necessary to combat dust in cities and cases where particles of reagents damage cars.

Muscovites refused to move to a new house on the program of renovation

22 residents from three houses in the metropolitan area of ​​Konkovo ​​require not to relocate them to a new house under the renovation program, trying to challenge its quality in the Moscow City Court. The lawsuit against the city authorities states that the new 19-storey building does not have ventilation, smoke filters are not installed, loggias are too narrow, and there are no “continuous fences” – all this violates the fire prevention and construction standards

Turkey will increase the flow of medical tourists from Russia

According to experts, affordable prices and the active dissemination of detailed information about the possibilities of thermal spas and clinics in the country will help Turkey eventually to find its niche in the market of health and spa tourism in Russia.

VKontakte starts selling goods with AliExpress

On the VK Apps platform, the first version of the AliExpress marketplace application will appear on the social network VKontakte. Already at the end of February, users will be able to make purchases on the popular Chinese trading platform, paying for them, including through the VK Pay payment system.

Tax revenues in the consolidated budget of Russia increased by 23%

In 2018, the consolidated budget received 21.3 trillion rubles, which is almost 4 trillion rubles, or 23% more than in 2017. This was announced by the head of the Federal Tax Service (FTS), Mikhail Mishustin, at the extended board of tax authorities, RBC correspondent reported. Revenues of regional budgets grew in 2018 by almost 15%, said First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

In Russia, they can introduce a new indicator of quality of life.

The introduction of a new indicator of the quality of life in Russia – the minimum consumer budget (BCH) – is being discussed by a working group under the Ministry of Labor. Izvestia was told about this in the office of Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova. Confirmed the information and in the department.

The Ministry of Finance predicted the growth of debts of the Russian regions

By 2022, the national debt of the Russian regions could grow to 2.9 trillion rubles. As of January 1, 2019, the debt amounted to 2.2 trillion rubles.

We are now on the basis of materials from the Ministry of Finance, which we received, we can conclude: the current financial condition of the regions does not allow them to fulfill their social obligations in full. – Andrei Makarov

Poland will become the center of LNG re-export from the USA

Poland will become the center of re-export of American liquefied gas, US Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher said at a seminar on Wednesday in Warsaw.

Southern gas corridor will work in 2020

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, the head of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Energy, Parviz Shahbazov, stated that gas supplies via the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) should start in late 2020. Ilham Aliyev opened the Southern Gas Corridor

Rector of Tyumen University arrested by security forces

The siloviki detained and took with them Shishkin and the head of the planning and economic department, Olga Bulashova. The rector’s laptop and financial documents of the university were also seized. According to an insider, Bulashova returned to work a day later.

In Novosibirsk, the deputy head of the clinic Meshalkin was detained in the case of embezzlement

Deputy head of the National Medical Research Center (NMIC) named after academician Meshalkin was detained in Novosibirsk. He is suspected of embezzling more than 1.3 billion rubles, Interfax reports

Michael Scott’s scandalous movie trailer released

HBO channel released the first trailer of the documentary “Leaving Netlandia”, telling about the secrets of the King of Pop Michael Jackson and his relationship with children

The exhibition “Treasures of the Imperial Palace of the Gongun” will be held in the Kremlin

As part of an exchange cultural project with China in August 2019, the Moscow Kremlin Museums will open an exhibition from their collection, The Ceremonies of the Russian Imperial Court, in the Beijing Museum of the Gugun Palace, devoted to coronations in the Kremlin.

Google Project Stream can show the world in March

The MSPowerUser resource reports that the Google Project Stream gaming service (previously known under the code name Yeti) can be officially presented at the conference for game developers GDC 2019 next month.

Bitcoin has become safer. Wallet key can now be stored in the cloud

Coinbase Wallet users can now store their private keys in Google Drive (for Android) or iCloud (for iOS). In case of loss of a mobile device or personal data, the exchange client will retain access to the application and its funds.

Windows 10 will allow access to Linux files from Windows Explorer.

In the April update of Windows 10 there will be a new feature related to the Linux subsystem. This subsystem appeared almost immediately after the release of the “dozens” and actively developed. Now, as expected, support for accessing files and file systems directly from Explorer will be added.

Australia is the first victim of global warming

Melomys rubicola can recognize the first species, irretrievably lost due to anthropogenic climate change. Scientists announced his disappearance in 2016, but only now this information was recognized by the official authorities. Rats were considered the only endemic mammals of the Great Barrier Reef.

Scientists have called YouTube the main source of the myths about the flat Earth

After watching a video, the channel offers similar topics, so these people have seen enough convincing plots about a flat Earth (for example, “200 proofs that the Earth is not a rotating ball”) created by participants of the “Society of Flat Earth”, and then similar video and believed in what is still deceived about the shape of the Earth.

Scientists have called the secret of a happy marriage

Scientists from the United States have found that a happy marriage is associated with affection, which depends on the OXTR genes. They differ from person to person and are designed to control the release of oxytocin, the “love hormone.”

Scientists: Dementia made the brain less “soar in the clouds”

Structural and functional changes found in the brain of patients with dementia by scientists from Australia and the UK, provoke a decrease in the ability to “wander in the clouds” – writes the publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Bees prefer to turn right when choosing a new nest

Scientists have found that bees prefer to turn right when they enter open space. This choice can help them make a collective decision about where to build new nests.

Developed a blood test predicting heart attack.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh have developed a blood test that predicts the development of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack, long before the onset of the first symptoms, reports The Daily Mail. The test determines the presence of troponin protein, a marker of cardiac diseases.

Biologists: “old” sperm give healthier offspring

The offspring were grown for two years, and the authors monitored the condition of the fish in two groups. It was found that the descendants of the “old” spermatozoa differed on the whole in better physical form, reached larger sizes and lived longer than their counterparts, who were born from the “young” spermatozoa.

NASA recorded a decrease in temperature on Earth for the second year in a row

The past 2018 showed a slight decrease in global temperature on Earth compared with the peak of 2016, but still entered the top five of the hottest years on the planet since 1880.

Fully deciphered great white shark genome

In total, the genome of white sharks, as experts found, about 24.5 thousand genes. It is noted that it is approximately 1.5 times as long as human (in the latter – 3.23 billion base pairs, in the shark genome – 4.65 billion). In the genome of the white shark, researchers have found at least 67 genes that maintain mutations in DNA at a low level, related to ensuring the integrity of the genome. It is assumed that new results and future genetic studies of sharks may be useful in the fight against aging and cancer, as well as help to learn more about the processes of wound healing.

AvtoVAZ is negotiating the supply of cars to Iran

The automaker AvtoVAZ is in talks to supply cars to Iran. The director of international cooperation and regional policy of Rostec, Victor Kladov, told reporters on the sidelines of the Aero India – 2019 air show.

The debut of the new crossover from Alfa Romeo will be held in early March in Geneva

Information about Alfa Romeo’s plans for the upcoming 2019 Geneva Motor Show in 2019 has appeared. If the report is accurate, it means that we are just a few days away from the world premiere of the compact crossover, as the show will open its doors to the media on March 5th.

Nissan officially unveiled the new Nissan Livina compact van

After acquiring the stake in Mitsubishi Motors, the auto brand created the Nissan Livina model, which is nothing more than the previous generation Mitsubishi Expander, with some modifications and changes in the exterior.

Genesis featured updated Genesis G90 L limousine

For storage of magazines or newspapers in the cabin of the updated limousine provided special “magazine pockets.” There was no change in the motor gamma and the Genesis G90 L is still driven by a 5.0-liter 425-horsepower engine, a pair of which is an eight-speed automatic.

Canadian has put up for sale 55 Volkswagen campers

A resident of Canada put up for sale immediately 55 Volkswagen Westfalia campers, built on the basis of a Type 2 van and the American model Vanagons. The collection is sold as a single lot for 350 thousand dollars (23.2 million rubles)

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