5 Сен, 2021

Housing conditions in Europe

According to Eurostat standards, a household (apartment or house) should have at least the following rooms:

— One common room
— One room for each pair
— One room for each single adult
— One room for every two teenagers (12-17)
— One room for every two children under 12

A couple without children must live in a kopeck piece, with 1-2 children — in a three-ruble note. True, if two children are very different in age, each will need his own room and will need a «four». Etc

On average in Europe, only 17.1% of residents live in conditions that do not meet these requirements! This figure is highest in poor countries: Montenegro (63%), Romania (45%), Poland (37.6%). The lowest is in Cyprus: only 2.2% of the island’s population cannot afford such living conditions. In Ireland the figure is 3.2%, in the UK — 4.8%.


The United States has already accepted more than 25 thousand refugees from Afghanistan, and is preparing eight military bases for their deployment. The Pentagon noted that eight «small towns» will be able to accommodate a total of 50 thousand refugees, there are no plans to increase their number yet.


The settlement of the armed conflict in Donbass will be discussed not only in the «Normandy format», but also with the participation of the United States, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine said. According to her, Washington joined the work from the day of the meeting of the presidents of the two countries.


Two St. Petersburg officers of the Russian National Guard, who planted drugs on a 16-year-old schoolchild in 2019, explained their act by «financial difficulties.» The prosecutor’s office asked for 15 years in prison for them.

In the summer of 2019, Nikita Lavrentyev and Alexander Boykov stopped a boy on the street, allegedly found drugs on him and demanded 300 thousand rubles. The teenager had 40 thousand rubles, which he wanted to give to law enforcement officers. And while they were driving to the ATM, the guy went to the police.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has prepared a draft order, according to which labor migrants and foreigners who come to Russia for a period of 90 days or more will be required to receive a plastic card with personal data, a photograph and a fingerprint chip, the order will come into force on December 29, 2021.


China has banned the appearance of effeminate men on television — it is supposed to promote traditional, revolutionary and socialist culture, the authorities said.

«It is necessary to strictly control the selection of actors and guests, the style of the show, clothing, jewelry, make-up. Resolutely suppress the appearance of effeminate men» and other abnormal aesthetics, «the regulator writes.

The authorities also demanded not to allow the popularization of ostentatious enjoyment of life, gossip about personal life and scandals, vulgar Internet celebrities and negative hype on television.


An Afghan extradited from Germany, convicted in 2012 of raping his own child, has now returned from Afghanistan as a refugee, writes Spiegel.

A few days earlier, an Afghan who was deported for rape returned as a refugee to the United States, the Washington Times wrote about this. The inspectors might not have noticed the records of the accusations in his dossier, or considered them insufficient grounds for refusing to evacuate during the crisis, the newspaper writes.


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