1 Янв, 2022

How did the Russians last 2021?

According to a survey by the Levada Center (included in the register of non-profit organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent), most Russians rated the outgoing year as “average”. At the same time, 28% of respondents called the outgoing year a bad one — by 22 pp. less than in 2020; 2021 was called a good year by 12%.

At the same time, more than half of the respondents noted a deterioration in relations between Russia and the West, a deterioration in the health care system, and a decline in living standards.

If you look at a longer-term trend, you can see that the share of optimists in our country, alas, is decreasing: if in the 2000s, somewhere between 20-30% of respondents said that the outgoing year was better for them than the previous one, now the share of optimists is fluctuating around 10%


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Ramzan Kadyrov and his parents were declared honored human rights defenders of Chechnya. The awarding ceremony was carried out by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the republic.


The activities of a Russian employee of the UN Mission for the Interim Administration of Partially Recognized Kosovo violate the security of the republic, the Foreign Ministry said. In autumn, the authorities decided to expel two Russian diplomats


The actions of the authorities of partially recognized Kosovo, which declared a Russian employee of the UN Interim Administration Mission in the Republic (UNMIK) persona non grata, are a provocation, the Russian embassy in Serbia said.


Rogozin reported problems with the ISS hull and equipment. The head of Roscosmos reported about the discovered problems, congratulating the cosmonauts on the ISS on the New Year. The state corporation clarified that it is not about new problems, but about the last place of the air leak in the Zvezda module.


The Belarusian agency «Interfax-Zapad» announced the termination of work on January 1, 2022, since its only founder is a foreign company — the Russian «Interfax», which violates Belarusian legislation


The authorities of the USA, EU, Australia, Great Britain and Canada in a joint statement expressed regret regarding the decision of the Russian court to liquidate the International Society «Memorial» (recognized in the Russian Federation as an NGO-foreign agent) and the human rights center of the same name (recognized in the Russian Federation as an NGO-foreign agent).


The Greeks named the most significant archaeological finds of 2021. Among the main finds of the year: amphorae from the sunken in the II-III centuries A.D. ships, a bronze figurine of a bull from ancient Olympia, a 2500-year-old Temple of Aphrodite in Turkey, a complex of Byzantine winery buildings, a gold coin minted in 638-639 AD, a 1500-year-old Byzantine church overdoor stone and other valuable artifacts.

One of the greatest archaeological finds in 2021 was a chariot excavated in Pompeii. She remained almost intact. Thanks to this, experts were able to establish that the chariot was made of beech wood. It is known to have been used for ceremonial purposes and was painted black and red, according to the Greek Reporter.


The physical flow of gas through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline to Germany from January 1, 2022 has not yet resumed, despite the announced capacity for pumping from Gazprom, it follows from the data of Gascade. The reverse to Poland has quadrupled.


The Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan reported that according to the amendments, all foreign companies that sell services and goods through online platforms will be required to pay VAT to the budget of the republic. The VAT rate is 12% on the amount of goods and services sold. Kazakhstani payers will not be affected by this


The application for pumping gas through Ukraine in the direction of Slovakia on the first day of 2022 fell by 40.9%, according to data from the Slovak gas transmission operator Eustream.


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