17 Окт, 2021

How many metals does mankind extract

In total, in 2019, mankind mined about 3.2 billion tons of various metals — and 94% of this mass is iron ore!

Aluminum takes the second place with a result of 62.9 million tons, and manganese closes the top three with a result of 56.6 million tons.

In the group of technological and precious metals, tin is the leader, of which 305 thousand tons were mined worldwide in 2019. The second place in the group was unexpectedly taken by molybdenum: 275 thousand tons, and the third — by cobalt (123 thousand tons). Good old gold, for comparison, only 3.3 thousand tons were mined in a year

Rhenium was mined the least of all mined metals: only 49 tons. «Silver» from the end receives beryllium (250 tons), «bronze» — gallium (380 tons)


NASA has sent a research probe Lucy into space, which will study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids.


The Venezuelan government suspends negotiations with the opposition due to the extradition of a citizen of the country, Alex Saab, from Cape Verde to the United States. The extradition was reported on Saturday by local media. The Venezuelan government called it a kidnapping.

This week, Ukraine demanded that Cape Verde extradite Natalia Poklonskaya, appointed Russian ambassador to the republic.


The US will release the only Afghan prisoner remaining at Guantanamo Bay, Asadullah Harungul, who has been there since 2007, Afghan news agency The Khaama Press reported. According to him, the decision to release 40-year-old Harungul is explained by the fact that he did not lead extremist groups, and besides, he regrets what he did in the past.

He personally wrote 900 letters of his innocence, but in 2020 he was denied release. It is also reported that Harungula suffered from severe depression in 2020, the agency said.


Belarus has clarified responsibility for subscribing to extremist Telegram channels. As the Ministry of Internal Affairs explained, subscribing to Telegram channels, which in Belarus are recognized as extremist materials, is not yet criminally punishable, provided that the subscriber does not support the popularization of the channel.


18 people died after alcohol poisoning in Yekaterinburg. They bought alcohol in one of the city markets. The businessman who sold this drink was detained. A criminal case was initiated on the sale of goods that do not meet safety requirements


The programmer, who handed over to human rights defenders an archive of videos with torture of prisoners, asked for political asylum in France. As human rights activists clarified, the programmer, with the help of the staff of the Committee against Torture, was able to leave Russia, and then through Belarus ended up in North Africa. On the night of October 16, he flew from there to Paris.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus has revealed the algorithm of punishment for the use of extremist telegram channels.

According to Sputnik Belarus, if the channel is recognized as an extremist formation:

for this you need a decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the KGB and criminal liability is provided
to attract members of extremist formations under a criminal article will be targeted, taking into account their role
they face up to seven years, will start with administrators
subscribers of Telegram-channels will be attributed to the participants of extremist groups

If the materials of the Telegram channel are recognized as extremist materials:

such recognition requires a court decision; responsibility will be administrative
subscription to channels that are recognized as extremist materials is not yet punishable
if there were reposts from the channel, then — administrative responsibility
those who read such channels out of curiosity just need to unsubscribe.


The Central Bank of Russia has published statistics on personal transfers from the Russian Federation to neighboring countries. In total, in the first half of 2021, $ 5.44 billion was transferred to the CIS countries. Most of the money went to Uzbekistan — $ 2.044 billion. In June alone, migrants transferred $ 720 million home from Russia, which was the maximum over the past three years.


China in August tested a hypersonic missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons, it «caught by surprise» American intelligence, writes the Financial Times, citing sources.

The interlocutors of the publication noted that the rocket could theoretically fly over the South Pole, which would create a big problem for the American military, whose missile defense systems are focused on the northern polar direction.

The Chinese Embassy in the United States did not comment on the data on the tests, but the diplomatic mission stressed that the military policy of the PRC has always been «defensive,» the Financial Times notes.


Plug Power Inc. invested in electric aviation startup Airflow and will be involved in the development of a hydrogen-fueled aircraft engine. Both companies did not disclose the size of their investments.

Airflow is developing a 9-seater aircraft that will fly short distances, 50 to 500 miles, using clean energy.


Volodin proposed to withdraw the Nobel Peace Prize in order to restore confidence in it. The Speaker of the State Duma believes that by some previous decisions the prize was «quite obviously discredited.»

As unsuccessful laureates, he named Mikhail Gorbachev, whose reign «led to the disunity of peoples, the largest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century — the collapse of the USSR,» Aung San Suu Kyi, a politician from Myanmar, whose government in August 2018, «the UN mission accused the Rohingya Muslim nation of genocide «, As well as ex-US leader Barack Obama, who received the award» in the very first year of his presidency, when it was definitely premature to talk about any results of his work. »


Google announced a change to its search engine — now the feed will be endless with continuous scrolling of results. As planned, people will be able to see information that they have not reached before.

Endless Feed has started working on iOS and Android for the majority of English-speaking requests from the US. Later it will be extended to other languages ​​and countries. On computers, the search has not changed yet.


Ex-actor Dmitry Pevtsov, and now the elected deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture, said that the demographic crisis in Russia happened due to the fault of the Western culture of consumption.

According to polls, Russians are in no hurry to have children due to lack of finance (27% of respondents) and lack of housing (15%).


Russian schoolchildren won two gold and two silver medals at the International Romanian Master of Mathematics Olympiad, held annually in Bucharest. They shared the first place with the Chinese national team.

Gold medals were awarded to two 11th grade students of the St. Petersburg Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239, silver medals were awarded to graduates of Moscow schools.


The new Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, visited the damaged Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, met with its staff and checked the progress of the liquidation work at the station. For Kishida, this trip to the nuclear power plant was the first since taking office as head of the Japanese government.

The Russian ambassador to London said BBC journalist Sarah Rainsford will be issued a visa when British authorities take a similar step against TASS reporter


The British authorities have officially named the name of the suspect in the murder of parliamentary deputy Sir David Emess. The detainee’s name is Ali Harbi Ali. He is 25 years old and a British citizen of Somali descent. As The Sunday Times found out, Ali Harbi Ali is the son of a former adviser to the Prime Minister of Somalia Harbi Ali Kullan, who lives in London.


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