8 Июл, 2021

How the world treats China

According to a 2019 Pew Research Center survey, Russia ranks first among the countries included in the study in terms of the share of the population with a positive attitude towards China: 71% of our compatriots have a positive attitude towards it. World average: 40%

They have a good attitude towards China in Africa (70% have a positive attitude in Nigeria — second in the world), Latin America (51% in Brazil, 50% in Mexico), poor European countries (55% of the inhabitants of Bulgaria and 51% of the inhabitants of Greece look at China positively). Note — mainly in the camp of China-fans of the country, located quite far from it. Well, apart from Russia

But the neighbors do not treat China very much: only 14% of the inhabitants of Japan speak of a positive attitude towards their huge neighbor (the lowest level in the world), this figure is slightly higher in India: 23% (second from the end). South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines — everywhere, most of the population looks at China negatively