12 Mar, 2019

Huawei’s fate is a foregone conclusion

Huawei can take any legal maneuvers, but their outcome is predetermined, said Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security John Bolton on March 10 on FoxNews.

Thus, John Bolton commented on the filing of a lawsuit by the Chinese corporation Huawei to the United States government in a court in the Eastern District of Texas. According to John Bolton, the equipment of the Chinese company represents a “substantial” potential threat to US national security. This is precisely the reason why the ban on the purchase of Huawei equipment by US government agencies is motivated, the politician stressed.

Briefly about the main thing …

Sanctions on the “Nord Stream-2”

According to The Wall Street Journal, citing sources. The US government has decided to impose sanctions on the Nord Stream II gas pipeline project.

According to the publication, it is possible to establish restrictive measures in the framework of the law on “counteracting the opponents of the United States through sanctions” (CAATSA). Sanctions will apply to investors and companies that have contracts for the laying of pipes.

According to several US officials, the sanctions against the “Nord Stream – 2” will be introduced with the help of an amendment to the existing measures against Russia, which are provided for by the “Law on Counteracting America’s Opponents through Sanctions” (CAATSA). Sanctions will be directed against investors and companies that have signed contracts for laying pipes, writes WSJ.

According to an anonymous US security official who is in touch with the briefing with US President Donald Trump, the American leader considers the Nord Stream 2 project incompatible with the “military shield America is holding over Europe.”

“If you want us to protect you from the beast, why are you feeding him?” Trump mused this way, a source told the WSJ.

FAS: people pay twice as much for utility services

“Most of the citizens in the majority of communal positions have long overpay more than 100% of the cost, and all this talk that we are poor there, underpaying these communal monsters is all bullshit,” said Artemiev in an interview with the Pozdnyakov program on NTV, transmits TASS.

The most expensive highway in Russia to Sochi will cost 1 trillion rubles

In September 2018, a construction project in the Krasnodar Territory of a high-speed road along the Black Sea coast of Dzhubga – Sochi for 1.6 trillion rubles was included in the list of objects proposed for investment by private investors. Rosavtodor found a way to reduce the estimate by more than 1.5 times – up to 1 trillion rubles. (with VAT in prices of the IV quarter of 2018), reducing the length to 80.5 km. Although the project in the documents is still referred to as Dzhubga – Sochi, now Rosavtodor proposes to build a road to Sochi not from Dzhubga, but from Tuapse.

Traffic police offered to put airbags in passenger buses

The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate proposes to introduce a requirement for equipping passenger buses with airbags to state standards. About this, according to TASS, said the head of the department of technical supervision of traffic police Sergey Chipurin.

Visa will increase the maximum amount for purchases without a PIN code

Visa international payment system will increase the amount of purchases that do not require entering a PIN code for contactless payment, up to 3 thousand rubles. About this with reference to the letter with the new rules, sent to banks, according to RBC. The new rules will take effect in mid-April, sources said.

The latest Buk-M3 air defense system in 2019 will go to Siberia

The new Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile system (ZRK) will enter the 41st All-Arms Army deployed in Siberia in 2019. This was reported on Monday by the army commander, Major General Jacob Rezantsev.

The Telegraph: May has lost the support of the Cabinet because of Brexit

The crisis situation due to the exit of the UK from the European Union (Brexit) led to the loss of Prime Minister Theresa May of support for almost the entire cabinet. This was reported by the newspaper The Daily Telegraph on Sunday, March 10.

Russian airfields in the Arctic will be all-season

Major-General Igor Kozhin, head of the naval aviation of the Russian Navy, said that the modernization of most of the airfields in the Arctic zone in the coming years will result in them becoming all-season and capable of receiving all types of aircraft. This was reported by the “Red Star”.

Guaydo announced the readiness of Germany and Japan to help Venezuela

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaydo tweeted that Japan and Germany are ready to help resolve the energy crisis in the republic. According to him, he assembled a team of technicians and experts to observe the escalation of the crisis.

RT journalists were not allowed to rally for free Internet

The Russia Today TV crew was not allowed to a rally for the free Internet, which was organized by the Libertarian Party of Russia in Moscow, the journalists were told in the official Telegram channel. A press secretary of the Libertarian Party said on Twitter that she hadn’t let journalists from the RT television channel and Life publications into the press zone.

The RT channel saw in the actions of the head of the libertarians’ press service “a violation of Art. 144 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – obstruction of the lawful professional activities of journalists “and” Art. 58 of the Law “On Mass Media” – responsibility for infringement of freedom of mass information. ” RT lawyers intend to file a complaint.

Assad has declared an economic blockade of Syria

Syrian President Bashar Assad during a meeting with the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Chen Xiaodong, said that the war against the SAR is now mainly conducted in the form of economic sanctions and blockade.

The United States and Norway will conduct an observation flight over Russia

On March 11, the RT television channel reported that from March 11 to March 16, the United States and Norway plan to perform a joint observation flight over the territory of Russia. It is reported that the American aircraft OS-135B will take off from the airfield in Khabarovsk.

Americans create a new anti-radar rocket

New development allows the warhead to get new tactical information and analyze it in real time

The destroyer of the US Navy Zumwalt DDG 1000 went on his first combat campaign

On March 8, 2019, the US Navy destroyer with Zumwalt missile weapons (DDG 1000) set out on its first voyage for operational deployment at sea. From San Diego, the destroyer headed for the Canadian naval base Esquimolt. This was reported by the press service of the US Navy.

Seoul monitors the possibility of rocket launch in the DPRK

There are fears that the DPRK is preparing a rocket launch. This statement was made by the official representatives of the Ministry of Defense of South Korea. Earlier in the American and South Korean media there was information that suspicious activity was recorded on the DPRK missile test site Tonchhanni.

China stopped flights of Boeing 737 Max 8 after crash in Ethiopia

The airline Ethiopian Airlines announced the suspension of the use of passenger aircraft Boeing 737 Max 8. The decision was made after one of the aircraft crashed on Sunday, the tenth of March. This was reported on the social network Twitter.

For the construction of the wall, Trump asks another $ 8.6 billion from the US Congress

US President Donald Trap, who in the winter of 2019 could not get a single extra dollar to build a wall on the border with Mexico, which ended with the suspension of the government’s work for a record 35 days, intends to demand another $ 8.6 billion from the congress early next week goals.H

Erdogan accused the participants of the march “Night of feminists” in contempt of Islam

Participants of the march “Night of feminists” in Istanbul, booing azan (call to prayer from Muslims), showed disrespect for Islam, said Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

Farmers Debt in the United States updated the record for 30 years

American farmers are in distress – the number of bankruptcies reached a ten-year high, the debt burden is comparable to the agrarian crisis of the 1980s, and business profitability is very close to the 17-year low

“In the past five years, there has been a sharp increase in farm debt. Since 2013, it has increased by 30 percent, from $ 315 billion to 409 billion. And last year alone, from 385 billion to the level of the 1980s,” the US Secretary of Agriculture said. Sonny Purdue agency Reuters.

Experts note that the vast majority of American agricultural producers will not be able to repay their debts. More than half work at a loss, the rest only sometimes go to zero or get very low profits.

China wants to eradicate poverty and encourage the birth of children

Growth of Chinese economy is planned at the level of 6-6.5%. One of the main goals is the complete eradication of poverty by 2020. The main drivers of economic growth should be public investment and the promotion of business development through tax cuts.

Another problem that China will have to solve in the short term is the demographic one. When in the 70s of the last century, the population of China was rapidly increasing, the country announced a restrictive policy of “one family – one child”. The birth rate has declined markedly, the population has aged, now this demographic bias has to be corrected.

Experts have announced the possible bankruptcy of 200 Russian developers

In 2018 198 developers were threatened – their creditors announced their intention to file for bankruptcy. This is the conclusion reached by analysts of the rating agency of the construction complex (RASK), Kommersant reports. Now these companies are building 861 objects with an area of ​​7.8 million square meters. By the end of 2019, up to 30% of small and medium-sized developers can leave the market. Mass withdrawal of developers is expected in the summer after the entry into force of amendments to the law on shared construction, follows from the publication.

Foreign investors have noted the deterioration of the business climate in Russia

The share of foreign investors, who noted the deterioration of the business climate in Russia, has more than doubled – from 22% in 2017 to 50% – in 2018. These are the results of the survey of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) and the agency FleishmanHillard Vanguard. Only 10% of foreign investors noted the positive dynamics of the business climate, whereas a year earlier their share was 33%. 40% of investors did not see changes versus 45% a year earlier.

The media learned about the plan of “Gazprom Energy Holding” to enter into a joint venture with Siemens

The German energy concern Siemens is considering a proposal to buy out a share of Power Machines in a joint venture of companies – Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (JV STGT), Kommersant reports, citing sources.

Net profit Tele2 in 2018 amounted to 2.7 billion rubles

Tele2 revenue in 2018 increased by 16.4% compared with 2017 and reached 143 billion rubles. EBITDA amounted to 43.7 billion rubles – increased by 43.2% compared to the same period last year.

New buildings continue to go up across the country

The prices for the “primary” in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk rose noticeably. In Moscow in the last month alone, the average cost of an economy-class property has grown by 8% – to 122.1 thousand rubles. per square meter, and in the comfort class, an increase of 2%.

Timer Bank decided to classify data

It became known that Timer Bank PJSC decided to classify part of the data, namely, financial statements, information on affiliates, decisions on issues of securities and so on.

New videos of torture in the Yaroslavl colony

Novaya Gazeta published two videos from Yaroslavl IK-1 with torture of a prisoner. Entries were given to the publication by lawyers of the Public Verdict Foundation.

In the UFSIN of Russia in the Yaroslavl region, it was reported that the security service revealed video published by Novaya Gazeta on February 16. “The video from the camera of the DVR was identified by employees of its own security department and the operational department of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Yaroslavl region and transferred to the investigating authorities for legal assessment,” the agency’s press service reported (quoted by TASS).

Shoigu spoke about the growing number of high-precision cruise missiles in six years.

For six years, the Russian army has increased the number of high-precision cruise missiles by more than 30 times, said Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.

A resident of Arzamas stabbed a friend for not serving in the army

The resident of the city of Arzamas, accused of murdering a friend, is detained. According to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Nizhny Novgorod region, the cause of the crime was a dispute that arose between friends about service in the Armed Forces

Spring proposes to prohibit the transfer of debt collectors for utilities

State Duma Deputy Speaker Irina Yarovaya on Monday made a bill to the lower house of the Russian parliament banning the transfer of debt to utility collectors, the parliamentary press service said.

HRO asked senators to reject fake and contempt laws

The Presidential Human Rights Council (HRC) asked the Federation Council to reject bills on fake news and fines for contempt of the authorities on the Web adopted by the State Duma and to send documents for revision.

“The Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation recommends that the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation reject the analyzed laws in the form presented and send them for revision within the framework of the conciliation commission,” the report says.

The Kremlin told about the support of the free Internet

According to Peskov, both in the presidential administration and in the government, everyone is in favor of Internet freedom, and no one supports “the idea of ​​some kind of Internet cuts or restrictions on the work of the World Wide Web.”

All are in favor of Internet freedom, and the authors of this bill, and in the presidential administration, and the government no one is in favor of the idea of ​​some kind of Internet cuts or restrictions on the work of the World Wide Web. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

A new opera house will open in Hong Kong

The new opera house was built in a combination of traditional elements of Chinese culture and modern style. The center will have two halls with 1073 and 200 seats, as well as spaces for seminars and creative meetings. In addition, eight new studios have already been established in the new theater for rehearsals of artists and master classes. The new building is part of the project of the largest in Asia Cultural Center “West Kowloon”, which will consist of 17 cultural institutions. Xiqu Center will receive its first viewers on March 14th.

The Forum “Theater – XXI Century. A New Look”

During the forum, master classes and seminars, thematic conferences and plenary sessions will be held in the city, where the issues of theatrical development strategy in Russia until 2030 will be discussed.

In London, because of the scandalous film demolished the statue of Michael Jackson

After the premiere of the scandalous film “Leaving Neverland” in London, the statue of Michael Jackson, which was installed in 2014, was demolished near the National Museum of Football.

Astrakhan library made a bid for trainings

In the regional library named after Nadezhda Krupskaya opened a platform for trainings in the framework of the project “In Croup and Bit by Grains”. Psychologists, conflictologists, sexologists, teachers of etiquette, specialists in public speaking, image-makers will share their knowledge here. The closest training will be held in the library in April

At the architectural festival in Moscow

City planners from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Moldova will present more than 350 projects in the framework of the XX Festival “House on Brest invites: architecture, design, landscape”, which will be held in Moscow from March 13 to March 22. This was reported on Monday by the press service of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department.

This year, new nominations have been introduced: “Improvement of small gardens” and “Temple architecture”, and “Architecture of public and residential buildings” is divided into two: public buildings and residential facilities, ”said Sergei Levkin, head of the Moscow city planning policy department.

The event will be held in the institution “Mosstroyinform”, the exposition of competitive works will be open on the first floor in the hall of the interactive map.

A fragment of the movie “Dumbo” by Tim Burton

The debut passage of the film about the flying baby elephant “Dumbo” film company Walt Disney Pictures appeared on the Internet, wrote on Monday Gazeta.ru. Earlier, Disney studio unveiled the Dumbo trailer on YouTube. Roles in the film were played by Eva Green, Danny De Vito, Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton

The action of the International Festival “Cinema without barriers”.

On March 12, the traditional action of the International Festival “Cinema without Barriers” starts. At the five sites of the city, game, documentary and animated pictures about the life of people with disabilities will be shown and discussed.

The festival “Cinema without barriers” is held every two years in Moscow, this year it celebrates its 15th anniversary. After its completion, the films of the program are sent to a kind of “tour” in the cities of Russia, so that more people can see the life of a person with a disability “from a different angle”.

Kursk will host an animation film festival

Shows at open shows for viewers of two categories who have reached 6 and 12 years will be held from March 13 to March 16 at 5:00 pm in the Art-space “Luna” (4B Shchepkina Street, Manezh Shopping Center, 3rd floor). March 14 – at 18:30 in the Kursk art gallery named after Deineka. Animation films will be shown to viewers of 12 years and older.

A book about Robert Kubica published in Poland

At the end of February, the publishing house Ringier Axel Springer Polska published a biographical book about Robert Kubica, which was written by Polish journalists Caesars Gutowski and Aldona Marciniak. The name of the book can be translated as “Enduring.

In essence, the life and career of Kubica in motor sports develop according to a very dramatic scenario, according to which you can already shoot a film, because the Polish rider managed almost impossible – he returns to Formula 1, despite the consequences of the terrible accident, which eight years ago hit the rally track .

Krista Bell released a music video

Christa Bell, American singer, actress, songwriter, producer, showed on her official YouTube channel an allegorical appearance on the track Everest

MegaFon launches cashback for paying for communication

MegaFon was the first mobile operator to include in the line of its tariffs a service usually provided by banks – a cashback for paying for communications, including international roaming, the company said. It will be 20% of the monthly subscription fee.

Google has received a patent for a game controller.

The product is called SlashGear. Earlier, Google talked about the development of game streaming service Project Stream. The service will allow users to play using only Google Chrome browser.

LG has released a new line of premium TVs in 2019

The company LG Electronics has released a line of premium TVs in 2019, including the advanced OLED and NanoCell models. This year, the share of OLED-models will be 20 percent of all premium televisions of the company.

150 GByte MongoDB public database found on the network

The leak occurred during an office e-mail check, when the company’s website was connected to the Internet. It was at this moment that the base became available to all users of the network. More than 808 million email addresses and other entries in plain text turned out to be in the public domain. The leakage volume was 150 GB. Found the database of Bob Dyachenko from Security Discovery and Winnie Troy from NightLion Security.

“After the check, I was shocked by the huge number of email addresses that were publicly available to anyone connected to the Internet,” said Dyachenko.

The head of BlackBerry called bending smartphones “problematic”

BlackBerry CEO John Chen called bending smartphones useless and problematic devices. According to Chen, flexible screens are not a revolution in the “construction” of smartphones. He argues that the practical use of such phones is very doubtful. As an example of a truly worthwhile innovation, the director of the BlackBerry cites the user’s recognition system by the eye shell and fingerprint reading ….

Synchropters will be optionally manned

The American company Kaman Aerospace, the world’s only manufacturer of serial synchroppers, began developing an improved version of its K-Max aircraft. According to Defense Aerospace, the new vehicles will become optionally manned, that is, they will be able to fly both under the control of a pilot and in unmanned mode.

Nvidia Corporation intends to acquire Mellanox Technologies

According to the Israeli business online edition Calcalist, the American developer of graphics processors and systems-on-chip Nvidia announced its intention to acquire Israeli company Mellanox Technologies, a leading manufacturer of equipment for high-speed switched computer networks Infiniband.

A keyboard appeared in Google in Dagestan languages

An innovation is that Google has developed a mobile keyboard that supports 6 Dagestan languages ​​- Kumyk, Dargin (Dargwa), Avar, Lak, Lezgin and Tabasaran. This feature will allow ethnic residents to correspond by telephone in their native languages.

NVIDIA refuses 3D Vision

NVIDIA has announced that it is abandoning 3D Vision technology. Its support will be discontinued with the release of the 418th GeForce Game Ready Driver driver line. However, critical errors will be corrected until April 2020.

FBI catches pedophiles on live bait

The FBI has chosen a new tactic in the war against child pornography: hacking the suspects’ online pages in order to penetrate closed groups that distribute illegal content.

New features in the browser version of Skype

  • Now you can make HD-video calls.
  • Added call recording function.
  • The notification panel has been updated to help track the responses to your messages and mentions in group conversations.
  • There is a special field for searching messages in the current conversation.
  • A chat gallery has been introduced in which all the images sent in the chat will be displayed.

It is noted that the new version of Skype only works with the latest versions of browsers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Live broadcast from the depths of the ocean will appear on the Internet

Anyone on the planet can feel like a diver without leaving home. This will require only Internet access. Participants of the international project Nekton Mission want to launch the first live broadcast from the depths of the Seychelles.

Estonia may claim rights to Russian lands

Henn Põlluaas, Deputy Conservative Estonian People’s Party (EKRE), announced plans to present Russia’s claims to Ivangorod. Põlluaas said that Russia should either give up the city of Estonia or pay for its use.

The Turkish economy is in recession for the first time in ten years

Given that the third quarter ended with a fall in the country’s economy by 1.6%, Turkey officially entered the recession zone – a state where the economy has been declining for two quarters in a row. This happens to Turkey for the first time in the last decade.

Spain increased the amount of financial security for a Schengen visa

The association clarified that the amount of financial support was increased due to the increase in the minimum wage in the country (SMI) to 900 euros, and by law the daily rate of financial support for one foreign tourist per day should be at least 10% of SMI

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