14 Feb, 2019

IAEA to check North Korean nuclear facilities

The DPRK has agreed to accept inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at its nuclear facilities, Interfax reports, citing The Korea Times.

A preliminary agreement on this was reached at negotiations between representatives of the United States and North Korea in Pyongyang, a South Korean source told the publication.

In addition, Pyongyang guaranteed the safety of inspectors and non-interference in inspections. The question of the timing and location of inspections will be decided during further negotiations between the United States and the DPRK at a working level.

Briefly about the main thing …

US national debt has reached a historic record

For the first time in history, the US government debt exceeded $ 22 trillion, according to the US Treasury Department, and, according to the ministry, since the beginning of February 2019, this figure has grown by more than 90 billion dollars.

According to Usa Today, under US President Donald Trump, the US national debt is growing at the highest rates, largely due to last year’s tax reform, which cost the US budget about $ 1.5 trillion, as well as increased defense spending.

Drug Lord Shorty convicted on all counts

A jury at a meeting of the US federal court in Brooklyn (New York) ruled that the former ringleader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, Joaquin Guzman, named Shorty, was guilty of all ten articles of the prosecution. The punishment of the drug lord must now be established by the judge, but the former drug lord faces life imprisonment, writes the Financial Times.

In Macedonia, there was an official change of the name of the country

The Prespa Agreement officially entered into force, which provides for the renaming of Macedonia to the Republic of Northern Macedonia – this country officially changed its name.

Berlusconi called Italians not voting for him “crazy”

“How many people vote for Berlusconi? Five or six out of 100. I am ashamed of that. Almost all Italians are crazy. Where did they share their heads?” – said 82-year-old politician, speaking on Tuesday in the popular program of the national television channel Canale 5 belonging to him.

“Berlusconi did a lot. He lowered taxes, provided a role for Italy in the world, created jobs. On the other hand, (Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the 5 stars Movement Luigi) Di Mayo. What did he do? Where did he study? And we We are giving Italy into his hands? You are all crazy. We are crazy people, “the patriarch of Italian politics, now in opposition, summarized.

Airports Belgium suspended work because of a strike

Belgium’s airports closed for a day due to a general strike in the country. Skeyes, which manages the movement of aircraft in Belgian airspace, reported on the suspension of air harbors.

Earthquake Prediction Project Opened in Southwest China

Another 10 million yuan will be spent on related work, said Deputy Director General for International Cooperation of the Administration for Earthquake Observation of China, Van Manta. The project will use a modern supercomputer system for calculations.

Barbie in wheelchair appear in children’s stores

The company Mattel, which is a manufacturer of Barbie dolls, presented new dolls – in a wheelchair and with a prosthesis. Toys will be part of the Fashionistas collection, which already includes dolls of various shapes, sizes and races, writes dailymail.

Scientists have proven that cocoa reduces high blood pressure.

Scientists have proven that cocoa reduces high blood pressure well. With its regular use, you can reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack. The experiment participants added cocoa to their diet.

In “VKontakte” are going to sue the service to search for people by photo

As noted in “VKontakte”, their lawsuit is related to the fact that SearchFace is searching for people from a photo, but at the same time it does not ask the users for consent to collect and use their data.

“Our team initiated the proceedings: to protect the interests of users, we are preparing an appeal to the court and product updates that restrict access to audience data,” – said the source.

Russian accused of Oslo terrorist attack declared insane

The Russian, who attacked a Oslo supermarket in January at a local resident, was found insane after the examination, the Norwegian edition of Nettavisen reports, citing his lawyer Ulu Lunde. Russian accused of terrorism.

“During the forensic psychiatric examination, experts concluded that at the time of the crime, he could be in a state similar to psychosis,” lawyer Ula Lunde quoted the agency.

In Spain, the trial of the leaders of the Catalan separatists began

The Spanish Supreme Court on Tuesday began the trial of 12 leaders of the Catalan independence movement, who are accused of preparing and conducting an illegitimate referendum on secession from Spain and unilateral proclamation of independence, the Spanish television and radio company RTVE reports

The State Duma of Russia adopted in the first reading a bill on sovereign RuNet

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on sovereign Runet, the stated purpose of the document is to ensure the stable operation of the Russian Internet segment in the event of disconnection from the infrastructure of the World Wide Web.

The Center for Information Threats, which will be created on the basis of Roskomnadzor, will provide traffic routing and control. In the event of a contingency, he will assume control of the information flow. – Leonid Levin, deputy

The Nobel Committee registered 304 nominees for the 2019 Peace Prize

The list of nominees for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize includes more than 300 candidates. This was reported in the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The network has a new video about the “estate” Tsepovyaza in the colony

The author of the video about the stay in the colony of the convict in the case of the “Tsapkov gang” Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz Sergei Perin posted on YouTube another entry about the “beautiful life” of the prisoner. According to him, the video captures the “manor, which is separated from the general territory of the colony by a wicket.”

Putin for the second time a day made a comment to the head of Tatarstan

Russian President Vladimir Putin, for the second time in a day, criticized the behavior of the head of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov. The head of state made another remark to the official at the extended meeting of the State Council Presidium, which took place on Tuesday, February 12.

Rustam knows for sure what we are talking about. Yes, Rustam Nurgalievich? Rustam Nurgalievich … Do not be distracted, why are you. He does not listen to us … Well, let’s not put the head of the republic in a difficult position, he did not hear what we are talking about. – Vladimir Putin

Peskov commented on Putin’s jokes on the head of Tatarstan

President Vladimir Putin made humorous remarks about the head of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, because of their trusting relationships. This was stated by Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, RBC correspondent reports.

This is the case when the media, as they say, guessed all the letters, but could not name the word. Indeed, there is a very trusting relationship between Putin and Minnikhanov. The President appreciates the way work is conducted in Tatarstan. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

ECHR awarded compensation for the arrest of opposition members in Moscow

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) obliged Russia to pay € 5,000 in compensation to oppositionist Sergei Sharov-Delone and editor-in-chief of the Daily Journal Alexander Ryklin. They were detained per share on the occasion of the three years anniversary of the May events at the Bolotnaya Square in 2012.

Putin gave a start to meetings on national projects with the public

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a series of public meetings as part of the implementation of national projects. He said this at a meeting with representatives of public organizations in Kazan, which is dedicated to the project “Housing and the urban environment.”

It is extremely important to establish joint work between the federal center, the regions and the municipal level, and those who are directly involved in the implementation of all these projects. These are public organizations first of all, business, professional environment, community. We all need to join forces. – Vladimir Putin

The European Commission agreed on amendments to the gas directive of the European Union

It is noted that the new rules are designed to ensure compliance of third-party pipelines with EU legislation, as well as to improve the work of the EU gas market. Miguel Arias Cañete, European Commissioner for Climate and Energy, confirmed that the amendments were agreed.

Abandon private cameras on the roads

From the Russian roads, video recording cameras belonging to private owners can completely disappear. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov. According to him, a fully state system of video recording of violations of traffic rules may become in the next five to six years.

Now the camera is a means of commercialization. We are replacing the main motive – to ensure that no one breaks on this site. And now the motive is to ensure that they break as often as possible, because cash flow becomes the main measure. – Maxim Akimov, Russian politician

In Russia, work will begin on the creation of weapons on new physical principles

This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov. According to him, the work will be carried out by the Era military technopolis, which will receive six promising new directions, including the development of weapons based on new physical principles, the development of small spacecraft, as well as military geo-information platforms.

In addition, it is planned that the technopolis will lead the development of artificial intelligence technologies that will be used for the development of military equipment, as well as in the interests of the development of weapons.

IAEA inspectors will check North Korea’s nuclear facilities

North Korea agreed to be inspected by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for its nuclear facilities to be inspected. It is reported by The Korea Times.

The United States will send armored vehicles to Europe to confront Russia

The United States plans to strengthen Europe’s defense capabilities by deploying Stryker multifunctional armored fighting vehicles on its bases. According to Fox News, the decision to send armored vehicles was made on the basis of a report from the RAND research center on “hostile measures of Russia in Europe.”

WSJ: US company demanded $ 500 million from Venezuela

The American company Owens-Illinois filed a lawsuit for $ 500 million to the authorities of Venezuela. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal. According to the agency, the company went to court in connection with the nationalization of its factories by the Venezuelan authorities. As noted, two factories owned by the company in Venezuela were nationalized by the authorities of the republic in 2010.

India has experienced a high-speed interceptor missile

India on Tuesday successfully tested high-speed interceptor missiles near the coast of Orissa, which is located in the east of the country. About it reports the edition of Odisha Sun Times.

Matvienko proposed to introduce an embargo on the export of timber from Russia

The speaker of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, proposed imposing a temporary embargo on forest exports from Russia.

At one time, we changed the Forest Code … we believe that the changes were lobbied by certain groups of people. We lost the owner in the forest, the number of foresters decreased significantly, we lost funding, then we transferred all this to the regions without providing them with money. – Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

The United States created an artificial intelligence strategy to deter Russia

The strategy of artificial intelligence repeats the promise of the existing US defense and nuclear strategies, where Russia and China are called the main opponents, and their deterrence in order to maintain US dominance in the world is called the main goal.

Norway accused Russia of “imitating an attack” on a military radar

Lt. Gen. Morten Haga Lunde, speaking to members of the military community in Oslo, said that on February 14, 2018, 11 Russian Su-24s allegedly flew from the airfield in Monchegorsk in the Murmansk region, flew to the Barents Sea and pretended near the Norwegian settlement Vardo.

Bureyskaya HPP has entered normal operation

The Bureyskaya HPP (owned by RusHydro) entered the normal winter mode of operation and increased electricity production. This became possible after the military cleared the canal in the rubble at the Bureya River feeding the station, RusHydro and the Ministry of Defense reported.

EU countries in the UN Security Council accused Russia of “fueling” the Ukrainian conflict

Five EU countries that are members of the UN Security Council (Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and Poland) accused Russia of “fueling” the Ukrainian conflict

Philippine President Proposes Renaming Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte supported the idea of ​​the former President of the Republic Ferdinand Marcos to abandon the current name of the state and rename the country to the “Maharlika Republic”. It is reported by the Philippine edition of “Manila Bulletin”

Erespal is seized in France as dangerous to the heart

In France, the cough medicine Pneumorel (Pneumorel), known to the Russian consumer under the name Erespal, is being withdrawn from circulation. This drug is intended for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, is popular as a cough medicine. In Russia, included in the list of vital.

Ministry of Industry and Trade suggested selling alcohol 10 meters from social facilities

The distance from schools, hospitals and other social facilities to stores with alcohol will be from 10 to 50 m. The corresponding “sobriety radius” has proposed to establish the Ministry of Industry and Trade. At the same time, as Izvestia was told in the department, the regions will not be able to set restrictions outside the proposed framework.

The court ordered The Insider to remove an article about fishing Medvedev

The Adlersky District Court of Sochi ordered the Insider publication to remove an article on the organization of illegal hunting and fishing for officials in the Caucasus Nature Reserve. This is reported by Free Media.

The material under the heading “” I came to fish and Medvedev. ” How poaching hunting and fishing for VIPs in the Caucasian Reserve is organized ”was published on February 15, 2018. Its author is Sophia Rusova.

The size of the penalty for slow driving on the highway offered to triple

Amendments are proposed to make in Art. 12.11 of the Code of Administrative Violations (CAO). The penalty for driving on a motorway at a speed of less than 40 km / h, as well as for stopping on a motorway outside special parking areas, has been proposed to increase from 1 to 3 thousand rubles.

Most Russians have learned about the exhibition Kuindzhi after stealing paintings

The majority of Russians (90%) learned about the exhibition of paintings by Arkhip Kuindzhi in the Tretyakov Gallery after the theft of the painting “Ai-Petri. Crimea”. According to the VTsIOM survey, only 9% of respondents knew about holding an exhibition before the news of the theft.

The study showed that 81% of the respondents were aware of the abduction of the painting. 19% of respondents have not heard of this. The most informed of the theft are citizens over 60 years old, half (53%) of the age group 18-24 years old heard about it for the first time.

In Russia, brought the first case of involving minors in rallies

Ivan Luzin, the first administrative case in Russia, was brought to the resident of Kaliningrad in accordance with part 1.1 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code (“Involving a minor in an unauthorized meeting”), according to the Telegram channel “Apology of Protest”.

Milonov proposed to attract citizens to snow removal for discounts on utility services

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (United Russia) proposed to the Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation Vladimir Yakushev to involve citizens in cleaning cities during snowfall with discounts on housing and public utilities or other mechanisms.

According to the deputy, utilities in many cities can not cope with heavy snowfall and differences.

But, nevertheless, in the period of extreme and anomalous spontaneous manifestations, such civic consciousness should not only be welcomed by the state, but also should be stimulated, said the deputy.

Janitors in Moscow fined for protest against processing

The Chertanovskiy court of Moscow considered that Zhasur Bozarov, Ravshanjon Dekhkonov, Fayoz Ubaidov and Shukhrat Hudaiberdiyev violated the procedure for holding a mass rally, fining everyone 10 thousand rubles, writes Mediazone.

“We insisted that there was no rally. It was a meeting of workers with their superiors, a video was attached to the case, which shows that they communicated with the head of the State Budgetary Institution “Zhilischnik” without shouting slogans and demands, ”said defender of workers Ruslan Gadzhimuradov.

A boat with dead North Koreans has been nailed to the shores of Japan.

The Maritime Security Service reported that last year the number of North Korean fishing boats nailed down to the shores of Japan reached a maximum. Total recorded 105 such cases.

Hackers broke into the newest American BTR Stryker

The Pentagon did not specify what specific types of cyber attacks in question, but the fact of hacking was confirmed. The American armored personnel carrier Stryker Dragoon, which is also known as the XM1296, proved to be cyber-vulnerable. This has already been admitted to the Pentagon, notes the edition of The Drive.

Discovered Japanese battleship sunk during World War II

About a year ago, Japanese researchers discovered a shipwreck using sonar. According to historical reports, the battleship “Hiei” (orig.) Sank in 1942.

In Aleppo, an exchange of prisoners

In Syria, in the province of Aleppo there was an exchange of prisoners of war. Representatives of the government troops and the armed opposition agreed to meet in the village of Deir-Kak.

Putin promised a reduction in mortgage rates

German Gref, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank, does not exclude that by the end of the year mortgage rates will decrease in the country. However, Sberbank itself since January 14 raised mortgage rates by 1 percentage point Now the base mortgage rate ranges from 10.8% instead of the previous 9.8%.

In the future, indicators should not only equalize, but also begin to decline. – Vladimir Putin

Gazprombank raised mortgage rates

The key reasons for the bank to adjust mortgage rates were the December increase by the Bank of Russia of the key rate (Gazprombank is one of the few banks that, after raising the key rate, kept mortgage rates low), as well as an increased reservation of loans with a low contribution

Oreshkin: No new increase in the retirement age is provided for in the Russian Federation

The forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development and the budget forecast of the Ministry of Finance does not provide for raising the retirement age, said Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin in an interview with the Vedomosti newspaper.

The reform is designed so that in the next decade this issue will no longer be raised. In our forecast until 2036 and in the budget forecast prepared by the Ministry of Finance, a further increase in the retirement age is not provided. – Maxim Oreshkin, Russian politician

Ural oligarch Zyuzin creates his own pension fund

Metallurgical company Mechel, the largest shareholder of which is Igor Zyuzin, plans to return to the market of non-state pension funds (NPF). This was reported by three sources of Kommersant, familiar with the situation.

Far East will provide more subsidies for air travel

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with senators of the Russian Federation promised that the government will allocate additional money to subsidize air tickets for Far Easterners, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

The Chamber of Accounts launched an online monitoring of the implementation of the May decree

The Accounts Chamber launched on its website a service for monitoring the achievement of national development goals until 2024, set in a presidential decree in May

Two large pension funds from the United States invested in cryptocurrency

Morgan Creek Digital Capital received the first cryptocurrency investment from US state-owned pension funds. Organizations from Fairfax County, as well as an insurance company, university and private funds have invested $ 40 million in digital money, Bloomberg writes.

The Central Bank will consider the introduction of a 15-day CTP policy

Recall that on Tuesday, February 12, the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market recommended rejecting the bill providing for the introduction of one-day OSAGO policies. Against this project were the government of the Russian Federation and the Bank of Russia.

Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to change the definition of the trading network

As noted in the explanatory note to the document, “the purpose of the draft law is to remove small and medium-sized commercial businesses from the definition of the trading network and from the relevant restrictions of the trade law.”

The surplus of banks liquidity fell to 2.7 trillion rubles

The Bank of Russia noted a reduction in the size of the structural surplus of bank liquidity to 2.7 trillion rubles in January 2019

The main Moscow region fighter against corruption was beaten to death

The death of Dmitry Gribov, head of the Moscow region branch of the public organization Center for Combating Corruption in State Authorities, initiated a criminal case under part 4 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code (“Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm that caused death”).

Non-residents increased their investments in OFZs by 55 billion rubles in January

Foreign investors, according to stock data, in January increased their investments in federal loan bonds (OFZ) by 55 billion rubles, according to the report of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on banking sector liquidity and financial markets.

National Bank of Ukraine is waiting for a slowdown in inflation to 6.3% in 2019

The annual inflation in Ukraine in January slowed down to 9.2 percent from 9.8 percent in December. In January, the NBU retained the key rate at 18 percent and explained this decision by the need to achieve a reduction in inflation to the target of 5 percent in 2020.

“Bad mortgage” has grown in Russia

The largest increase in arrears with a delay of 90 days and more was demonstrated by mortgage: in this sector the number of “bad” loans increased by 13 percent, to a level of 62 thousand units.

In 2018, the credit debt of residents of Kazakhstan increased by 15%

As of January 1, 2019, the total credit debt of Kazakhstani residents to financial institutions amounted to 6 trillion tenge ($ 16 billion), which is 15% more than a year earlier. This February 12 reports the analytical portal Ranking with reference to the data of the First Credit Bureau.

The household debt in Russia in 2018 increased by 22%

The index of household debt on bank loans for 2018 increased by 22% and by the beginning of 2019 amounted to 16 trillion 065 billion rubles. This is evidenced by data on the website of the Bank of Russia.

Venezuela wants to create a trade union without the use of dollars

Venezuelan authorities are hoping to create a trade bloc that would include China, India and Russia, reports Reuters. This would help Caracas to carry out settlements for the supply of oil not in US dollars, but in other currencies.

The first large oil field in South Africa is found on the shelf

At one of the promising oil and gas fields of this year, huge reserves of natural gas and gas condensate have been found in the coastal waters of South Africa. This place could be the new oil Klondike and change the energy future of South Africa

Fukushima-1 conducted fuel extraction experiments for the first time.

The TERSO energy company began an experiment to raise molten nuclear fuel from the bottom of the containment shell of the second reactor at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant on February 13, the company’s press service reports.

Ministry of Culture refused to restrict the sessions of foreign films

In the fall of 2018, the Ministry of Culture published a bill on state regulation of screening films in cinemas. It proposed to limit the number of sessions of each foreign film shown in the cinema with two or more rooms, up to 35% per day

22 Russian film companies owe the Cinema Foundation more than 700 million rubles

Domestic film companies owe the Cinema Foundation about 700 million rubles. This means that for any reason the release of the film, funded by FC, did not take place. The “black list” of film companies is published on the official website of the institution.

Netflix acquired the rights to the Russian TV series “Sparta”

Netflix has acquired the rights to show the Russian television movie Sparta, a representative of the production company Sreda, which has produced the series, told TASS on Tuesday. “The deal was closed a week and a half ago,” said a representative of the production company.

Rapper Face released the soundtrack for the film Mikhail Idov “Humorist”

Rapper Face released the soundtrack to the film “The Comedian” by Mikhail Idov. Ivan Dremin (real name Face) decided to record a song after seeing the movie.

In the “Manege” opened six exhibitions

Olga Sviblova shared with TASS information that on February 14 a few more expositions will open at the biennial museum. These include the Pirelli calendar exhibition. This year it was shot by the classic of the world photo Albert Watson.

Estonia will shoot a film about the “Soviet occupation”

The Estonian Film Institute (Eesti filmiinstituut, EFI) allocated € 600 thousand to create a film called “O-2”, in which the action takes place in 1939 and the theme of “Soviet occupation” is played up, reports Sputnik.

The screenplay was written by Estonian writer Tiit Alekseev (chairman of the Estonian Writers’ Union), Eriika Etolen-Paju from Finland and American Tom Abrams. The film’s director is Margus Paju.

The Academy named Shtiglits talk about Mahatma Gandhi

On Tuesday, the international festival “Indian mosaic” opened at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry named after A. L. Stieglitz. Its main exposition is devoted to the policy and national hero of India Mahatma Gandhi.

Season 3 of The Servant’s Tale series received the official premiere date

Recall that the main role in the TV series “The Maid’s Tale”, based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood, was played by Elizabeth Moss. For her reincarnation in June Osborne, the actress received all the most prestigious television awards – Golden Globe and Emmy.

Personal exhibition of Sergei Vorzhev will be held in Krasnodar

February 21 in Krasnodar exhibition opens Sergei Vorzheva “Amazon”. It will last for a week. The exhibition will feature works devoted to the traditional life of the Cossacks, the history of the Kuban, ancient Greek myths and Amazons, the press service of the Krasnodar Territory told CLEAR

Movie trailer “Yesterday

Jack Malik is a poor musician, penniless, interrupted by odd jobs and performances in cheap pubs. Everything changes one night when, during a global power outage, he is hit by a bus. Jack survives and wakes up in a familiar, but very strange world – there has never been a band The Beatles

Georgian woman to represent Cyprus at Eurovision-2019

Makeup artist, rugby player and bullying victim: who will go from Georgia to Eurovision 2019 >> Tamta Goduadze will perform at the contest with the song Replay.

Tanzania hosts African Music Festival

On the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania is the 16th Sauti za Busara Music Festival, according to BBC Swahili. More than 100 musicians from different African countries take part in the festival.

Google has patented self-assembly smartphones.

The American company Google has filed a patent application, according to which the new flagship smartphone will be sold unassembled. Thus, the buyer will be able to assemble a modification suitable for him. A similar idea has previously been implemented in Moto Mods.

Russia ranked third in the world in terms of e-sports audience

China ranked first in terms of e-sports audience in the world last year, where the figure was almost 150 million people. The second place was occupied by the United States with more than 50 million viewers, the third – Russia with 22.3 million people

Apple WWDC 2019 Conference will be held in June

The first proof is that the McEnery Convention Center, which has been hosting the Apple Developer Conference for the past two years, has already been booked with another event in the week of June 10th. This is very good, but there is always a chance that Apple decided to hold an event somewhere else.

Google plans to produce its own chips for smartphones

The Reuters publication reports that Google will develop its own single-chip schemes in the near future. Currently, the search giant is recruiting engineers from India for its gChips team, which will be working on chipsets

OnePlus integrated Google Duo application into OxygenOS

More specifically, you can now make video calls directly from the native Phone and Messages application via Google Duo. This is quite an interesting decision, considering that OnePlus is not at all obliged to integrate this Google service so deeply into the system.

Apple found a way to open cars without a key

As reported in the document, currently there are two main systems in use to gain access to road transport – with and without a key. The second case involves the use of a special key fob, which recognizes motor vehicles and opens the door.

Instagram tests private messages in the browser.

According to application researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who tweeted a screenshot of this feature, Instagram is testing its personal messaging function (direct) for the browser on mobile devices and on desktop PCs.

Scientists have named the regions of Russia, where it is advantageous to use the energy of the sun

According to the press service of the Russian Science Foundation (RNF), experts studied the efficiency of using thermal solar energy in seven locations in the country: Astrakhan, Moscow, Vladivostok, Omsk, Arkhangelsk, Yakutsk, Oymyakon. The study was conducted on the basis of the work of the adsorption heat converter, an installation that is suitable for domestic needs.

Defined protein that promotes recovery after a stroke.

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center conducted experiments on mice that made it possible to isolate a protein that promotes better recovery of nerve cells after a stroke. The work was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Anthropologists called seven “universal moral principles”

As it turned out, around the world, seven rules are valued: helping the family, helping members of their group, paying good for good, being brave, obeying the highest in rank, fairly distributing resources, and respecting other people’s property

Environmentalists: Every fourth animal dies at the hands of man

Man is one of the 35,000 representatives of vertebrates on the Planet, and most of the deaths occur in his share. About 3 years ago, environmentalists concluded that the Earth was experiencing the sixth mass extinction of animals.

Thanks to research with GPS beacons, the real influence of people on wildlife is confirmed. The researchers were able to fix the fate of 120,000 representatives of the animal world living on land. Of these, 12,000 died at the hands of man, 50% of deaths were the result of poaching and other illegal forms of hunting. Legal hunters turned out to be about 17%, and “accidental” deaths, for example, on the road, turned out to be no more than 10%. The research results are published in the scientific journal Global Ecology and Biogeography.

The Chinese built a smart cat shelter in Beijing

Wan Xi, an engineer from China, created a smart cat orphanage with food, water and face recognition, says Bored Panda. Wan is a computer engineer and Beijing native. He admits that he always loved animals, fed stray cats and gave them water.

Scientists have found that people with tattoos love risk

Owners of tattoos show a greater propensity for risk than people who do not have patterns on the skin. Such conclusions were made by the staff of the University of Miami (United States of America) on the basis of a research project aimed at studying the psychology of tattoo fans.

Americans have volunteered to clear 90% of the Earth’s surface

US chemical scientists are developing a new technology for recycling plastic waste into automotive fuel. In case of a positive outcome, test production will begin in one of the US states in the next 5 years, reports DEITA.RU.

Scientists have proven: fish oil protects women from miscarriages

When used in large quantities of fish oil, pregnant women can significantly reduce the risk of miscarriage, proved American scientists.

Scientists: Breast implants can cause cancer

The ministry noted the connection between breast implants and rare cancer of the immune system – we are talking about anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Over the past ten years, as American scientists note, there have been much more cases of this disease than before.

The sale of the Internet sites of the moon called fraud

Any sales by private companies of sections of the lunar surface are illegal, said Professor Von Der Der Dank of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Law Institute.

Currently, the network put up for sale surface areas not only on the moon. Different planets of the solar system are offered. For an acre of the natural satellite of the Earth asking for 24.99 dollars. The cost of the maximum size of the site – 20 acres (8 hectares) – will cost 499.8 dollars. RIA Novosti shared this information.

The magnetic shield of the Earth is booming like a drum, scientists say

Scientists for the first time managed to fix the vibrations of the earth’s magnetopause and show that the magnetic shield of our planet thunders like a drum under the influence of strong impulses of the solar wind. The results of the study are presented in the journal Nature Communications.

50+ do not believe that they will find work in case of dismissal

More than half – 57% – of working Russians over the age of 50 do not believe that they will be able to find an equivalent place in the event of their dismissal from work. Only 34% believe that they can find an equal workplace. Difficult to assess the possible situation 9% of the surveyed by the NAFI Analytical Center, reports TASS.

In the last couple of years, 20% of respondents admitted trying to find work, but only half of them managed to find work. Most often, people were denied due to age – 55%, and respondents also talked about wages (18%), lack of vacancies (14%). Another 8% indicated the difficulty to get a job

FSB and FTS conduct searches in several agroholdings

Employees of the FSB and the Federal Tax Service hold on February 13 seizure of documents at enterprises of large agricultural holdings due to possible non-payment of taxes. In general, searches are underway in 13 regions, Interfax reported, citing a source who is familiar with the situation.

Lavrov commented on EU plans to introduce new sanctions

The Financial Times newspaper, citing sources, reported that the United States and the European Union are close to adopting new sanctions against Russia in response to the incident in the Kerch Strait. This issue, according to the publication, will be discussed on February 18 at a meeting of foreign ministers of EU countries.

We are open to dialogue, but we will proceed from the fact that we should not depend on the people who do this, including with their obligations regarding the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis in February 2014. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Most Russians refused to protest for the sake of change for the better

Only 22% (against 77%) of the respondents showed readiness to participate in street actions. 10% of respondents are ready to push for changes by nominating their candidacy in elections of various levels, while 8% support public and political organizations with money.

“In reality, those who want to take to the streets will be many times less than it follows from the survey data,” predicts the expert. “Responding to the questions of sociologists, people dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities simply send up signals about their dissatisfaction, while at the same time not going to go and protest,” said political analyst Abbas Gallyamov

Pope Francis responded to Maduro’s letter

Pope Francis responded to a letter from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Italian media reported. According to the Corriere della Sera newspaper in Milan, the Pope’s message was written on February 7, the pontiff used the message “respected Mr. Maduro”, but not “President Maduro”. The publication points out that “beyond the limits of diplomatic caution, the opinion of Francis and his advisers regarding Maduro is, to put it mildly, negative.”

China began negotiations with the opposition of Venezuela

China began to establish contact with the opposition of Venezuela. About this writes The Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, Beijing is concerned about the fate of its investments in the Bolivarian Republic, and sent diplomats to discuss the situation with the camp of President Juan Guaydo, who declared himself president.

“China is negotiating with the political opposition of Venezuela to protect its investments in a troubled Latin American country, securing itself as the pressure on Nicolas Maduro is increasing,” the text says.

The United States intends to increase the number of military in Poland

The United States intends to significantly increase the presence of the American military in Poland at the request of Warsaw, the Moscow Post correspondent reports with reference to the US ambassador to the Republic, Georgette Mosbacher. According to her, the number of troops in the country will exceed a hundred, a few hundred.

Alexander Marshal invited all critics of Putin to leave Russia

A well-known Russian blogger and journalist Yury Dud asked the singer Alexander Marshall in a new edition of the VDud program whether he is a supporter of Putin.

“I do not understand, and who is not his supporter? You are not? Well, why do you then live here? Go to another country, live there, ”said Marshal.

In addition, the musician stressed that he does not understand why people stay in Russia if they don’t like something: “What do you suffer? He took and left.

The Pentagon stated the need to upgrade the nuclear warheads

One of the high-ranking officials of the US Department of Defense said that the future of the country’s nuclear arsenal should be linked to innovations in warheads, rather than the traditional orientation of the Pentagon to the modernization of delivery systems

The Ministry of Justice proposed to oblige parents to contain children students

The Justice Ministry considers it necessary to oblige parents to support their adult children while studying in universities, said Alexander Konovalov, head of the department, at the government hour in the Federation Council. As the minister said, it is also necessary to establish a minimum amount of alimony.

The Ministry of Transport offered to increase fines for stopping on motorways

The Ministry of Transport has proposed increasing fines for stopping on motorways. Amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses were published on the portal of draft regulations. As follows from the text of the explanatory note, the amount of the fine can grow from 1 to 3 thousand rubles.

In six years, she will have powerful “gravity.”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke about the future of the country’s economy. Medvedev predicts the Russian economy powerful “gravity”

“It can attract the best minds and ideas, both domestically and from abroad,” writes Medvedev in a column for the RIA Novosti news agency.

The head of the Cabinet noted that the main role in accelerating the economy will be played by 12 national projects, the implementation of which is planned to send 25.7 trillion rubles. Medvedev admitted that for the powerful “gravity” of the economy, by 2024, it is necessary to do a great job. Among other things, it is necessary to improve health care, make a “breakthrough” in the field of education, improve the quality of investments in fixed capital and revise control and supervisory standards.

Booking.com shifted the payment of VAT to Russian partners

Until now, the service paid VAT from the commission received (it is 10-25 percent) for individuals, and legal entities and entrepreneurs did it themselves, but now the law requires Booking.com to pay VAT itself for all Russian partners.

Central Bank of Russia attracted volunteers and robots to search for financial pyramids

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has launched a pilot project to attract volunteers in the regions in order to identify unfair practices in the financial market. Volunteers have already helped the regulator to eliminate several financial pyramids.

Tankers and oil tankers will be put under the hammer

In Kazan, public tenders have been announced for the sale of vessels owned by Sadko LLC. The company specialized in renting out watercraft, but was declared bankrupt. Two tanker-bunkers and two oil tankers are put up for auction

Federation Council asked for measures to contain gasoline prices

The resolution with a request to the government to provide for additional measures to curb the rise in fuel prices within the limits of inflation was adopted at the plenary session of the Federation Council, reports TASS.

Finnish Atria is thinking about selling a business in Russia

Russian business Finnish Atria, producing sausages, can be sold. This is stated in the annual financial report of the company, published on February 13. Atria Russia products are manufactured under the Pit-Product, KampoMos, Atria and Casademont brands.

Another fighter against corruption detained in Yekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg, an employee of the department of economic security and anti-corruption of the regional administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Dmitry S. According to the publications, he was detained in the transfer of money in the amount of 2 million rubles. Currently, a police officer is detained.

The first teaser of the film about Tolkien

The Fox Searchlight film company has posted online the first teaser for the biographical film about John Ronald Tolkine. Exit paintings with Nicholas Holt and Lily Collins is expected in 2019.

Set date for the premiere of the sequel to the comedy “A Trip to America”

Studio Paramount Pictures decided on the release date of the sequel to the popular comedy of 1988 “A Trip to America”. According to Collider, the premiere is scheduled for August 7, 2020.

Chris Evans to play Antoine Fuqua’s “The Infinite”

Thriller tells about a group of almost immortal men and women who for centuries have reincarnated and are known as “endless”. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this is the film adaptation of the book by D. Erik Meikranz “The Reincarnationist Papers”, published in 2009.

Spa shower Nebia will save 3.7 billion liters of water

Silicon Valley engineers have begun to raise funds for an updated version of the Nebia Spa Shower unit, which will significantly save water consumption. The development is designed to change the approach to the daily bath ritual for the benefit of the ecological prosperity of the planet. “Millions of tiny droplets are sprayed more efficiently than in ordinary shower heads,” say the creators of the Nebia Spa Shower. The developers include former engineers from NASA, Tesla and Apple, and among those who love spa soul are Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google’s board of directors. When using this device you can save 65% of water

Ford smart bed will fight with sleeping egoists

Ford introduced the concept of the smart bed Ford Lane-Keeping Bed. Her main feature is to automatically hold a sleeping person on his side of the bed. The bed is equipped with pressure sensors and a rotating mattress.

Smartphone pancreas

Experts from Skolkovo created the world’s first artificial pancreas, which can be controlled using an application on a smartphone. The pump will be able to perform all the functions of an organ removed in patients with injuries and oncological diseases, as well as maintain the required level of insulin in diabetics.

Apple wants to create “Netflix for news”

The service is supposed to be created on the basis of the Apple News application. If everything goes according to plan, it will appear at the end of 2019. The cost of the subscription will be $ 10 per month, however, this figure may still change.

Samsung has patented a touchscreen TV with a mirror function.

Samsung at the end of last year patented a touchscreen TV with a mirror function. In particular, we are talking about the TV, which in the off state acts as a mirror.

In Japan, the robot taught to hang things washed

Scientists from Japan have developed a robot to help in washing, he is able to hang and stack the washed things. It is reported by the IEEE Spectrum. The robot is mounted on a frame located on a wheeled platform.

Scientists have found the remains of the first animals on the planet

The remains of the oldest multicellular organisms that lived on the planet about 2.1 billion years ago were found in African Gabon. According to preliminary estimates, these creatures could be the first “animals” on the globe

Intestinal bacteria can affect mood

A study by Belgian scientists has shown that many intestinal bacteria can produce substances that affect the function of nerve cells and, possibly, mood, writes Science. The results of the work published in the journal Nature Microbiology

BMW introduced the X3 M and X4 M sports crossovers

The cost of the new BMW X3 M and BMW X4 M has not yet been announced, but the Bavarians say that mass production will begin at the plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in April 2019.

The most powerful and fast MINI hatchback will be 300-strong

The model will be called Mini John Cooper Works GP and it will be created on the basis of the concept of the same name. which was shown in 2017 in Frankfurt. Mini intends to release a limited edition of only 3,000 units. The new version of the hatchback will be available in 2020.

Range Rover Sport HST gets a hybrid version

Manufacturers have released a hybrid version of the Range Rover Sport HST SUV. The car received an Ingenium gasoline engine and an electric motor. Developers under the hood of the car installed a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 395 horsepower, which came to replace the old V6.

Maserati will launch Maserati Alfieri in 2020

It is argued that the top-end modification will be able to dial the first “hundred” in less than 2 seconds. As a result, it became known that the assembly of the new Maserati Alfieri will begin in 2020, and its sales will start towards the end of the same year.

Hyundai will release a sports hatchback i20 N in 2020

In 2020, the South Korean company Hyundai will release a sports modification of the popular Hyundai i20 hatchback. Despite the fact that previously announced plans to offer improved equipment in the past year, but the project was postponed for more in-demand tasks that put more priority

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