23 Aug, 2018

Igor Sechin asks for tax benefits

Igor Sechin, Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft, wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking him to provide tax incentives for the company to develop fields in Western and Eastern Siberia, Interfax reports.

The document says that about 800 billion rubles have been withdrawn from the oil industry due to tax maneuvers. investment resources. The preservation of Russia’s share in the international market can be ensured only through the effective use of the country’s resource potential, 59% of which is concentrated in Western and Eastern Siberia, the letter says. Other oil-producing countries are already preparing to cover the deficit, which in the future is waiting for the world oil market, Sechin said.

According Sechin, it is necessary to introduce deductions from the MET for oil costs incurred for exploration, the document says. If such a mechanism is implemented, additional investments in unprofitable exploration projects of Rosneft will ensure the growth of prepared reserves and an increase in oil production by more than 800 million tons by 2050, Sechin said. By 2027 additional revenues to the federal budget will amount to no less than 200 billion rubles.

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The Moscow City Court found lawful the decision to collect 1 ruble from the Navalny

The Moscow City Court found lawful the decision of the Lublin court on the suit of Mikhail Prokhorov on recovery of 1 ruble from the blogger Alexei Navalny.

Chief architect of Moscow offered to return cars to Arbat

“For me, for example, leaving transport from Old Arbat is still an open question. What I say does not necessarily reflect the thoughts of all the members of the team, Sergei Semyonovich, but there are things that are not obvious.

I believe that cars have their own charm, people love cars. A correct movement at low speed, with traffic lights, rather, animates the street, rather than takes away something from her. Disciplines, including. Somewhere this allows you to work for those functions that require the entrance of the transport of more solvent buyers.

I admit that the Old Arbat is a bit long for a pedestrian zone. The street is heavy, so it is marginally marginalized there. “

He stated this at the radio station “Says Moscow”

The length of the Old Arbat today is about 1.2 kilometers. He became a pedestrian street in 1986.

The court collected more than 2.2 billion rubles from the figurants of the case of embezzlement in the FSIN

Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow satisfied the lawsuits of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) against the former director of the department Alexander Reimer and two other persons involved in the case of fraud in the production of electronic bracelets.

Divide the property by almost 30 billion rubles

The wife of the editor-in-chief of the Moscow Komsomolets, Pavel Gusev, demands through the court to divide jointly acquired property in the amount of almost 30 billion rubles, told RIA Novosti press secretary of the Presnensky Court of Moscow Alexei Chernikov.

Driving schools opposed the reform of driving exams

Russian driving schools considered it very controversial proposal to reform the driving test, which was voiced by the head of the traffic police Mikhail Chernikov in the spring. The fears are mainly related to the idea of combining a “platform” (a test of driving skills in a specially fenced area) and “city” (the test for driving a car in urban conditions), the Kommersant newspaper reports.

In Simferopol, deployed the largest flag of Russia in Crimea

The largest flag of Russia in Crimea was deployed in Simferopol. The action “Color of Russia” is timed to the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation on August 22. The flag of Russia with a length of 28 m and a width of 16 m was deployed on Lenin Square in Simferopol.

Mask explained why he deleted his account in Instagram

“I did not” like “it,” wrote Mask on Twitter in response to a question from the social network user about why he deleted his account in Instagram.

“Instagram is so thirsty, while it kills you with water,” Mask said.

For a meeting with journalists accused of organizing a rally

The administration of the village of Pokrovskoye in the Sverdlovsk region wrote to the prosecutor’s office a complaint against a local resident Irina Kutsenok for calling local residents to a meeting with journalists “Vesti”. This is written by the agency “Between the lines”

The first meeting of the Prigorodny District Court will be held on August 30. A pensioner faces an administrative fine of up to 30 thousand rubles or compulsory work for up to 50 hours.
A bus-temple arrived to Moscow from Tatarstan

The bus arrived in the capital from the small Tatar town of Zainsk to the III International Orthodox Youth Forum

Its creator, the priest Andrei Strelkov, travels around it remote villages where there is no church, preaches and holds liturgies. For seven years the bus-temple worked in more than 30 localities, regularly arriving there

The Ministry of Health proposed options for providing children with prohibited drugs

The head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova said that this issue came into sharp focus after a resonant criminal case against a single mother who resold the banned drug of her disabled son. The Office offers several solutions to the problem.

The first is to start producing rectal forms of antiepileptic and other necessary medicines by local manufacturers. The development of this issue will begin in September. The Office plans to start negotiations with the Moscow Endocrine Plant.

Secondly, the agency plans to obtain permission from some pharmacies to produce their own preparations.

Alcohol only during lunch

The authorities of the two islands are concerned about the behavior of holidaymakers, which is associated with an unlimited supply of alcohol in hotels operating on the “all-inclusive” system, ATOR reports. Now the supply of alcohol will be limited in Mallorca and Ibiza.

Hundreds of African illegal immigrants broke into Spain

According to some reports, up to 200 people could illegally enter the territory of Spain. All this is reported by the newspaper El País. The publication notes that this is not the first time that African refugees are going to such a break through the border wall.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs offered to issue driver’s licenses with a microchip

According to the document posted on the federal portal of legal acts, the appearance of the driver’s license should change. New certificates will receive an electronic chip that will contain information about the drivers.

The rights will also be placed QR-code, “designed for automated recording and increasing the safety of records, as well as to protect the form and the entries made in it from forgery,” the order says.

The words “driver’s license” on the front side of the rights will be duplicated in French and English.

Operators want to share the costs of the law Yarovaya with Google and Facebook

Russian telecom operators offered to oblige foreign Internet companies, such as Google, Facebook, to pay for traffic, which operators will have to keep in line with the law of Yarovaya. This is written by Reuters referring to the bill in which such a proposal is described.

The program of subsidizing air travel can be extended until 2024

The program of subsidizing air travel can be extended until 2024. This follows from the list of facilities included in the draft comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of the main transport infrastructure until 2024, available to TASS.


Switzerland complied with the requirements of the US sanctions regime

The largest Swiss bank Credit Suisse has frozen about 5 billion Swiss francs (about $ 5 billion) on accounts linked with Russia. Thus, the country’s authorities have complied with the requirements of the US sanctions regime. According to Reuters, the identity of owners of frozen accounts is not disclosed.

Two more Swiss banks, UBS and Julius Baer, also noted that they intend to observe the new anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Washington. However, they did not specify whether the customer accounts from the Russian Federation were frozen.

The Internet first outstripped television by the volume of advertising in Russia

According to the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR), the Russian advertising market grew by 13% from January to June 2018, compared to the same period in 2017, to 219 billion rubles. Experts note that the first place in terms of advertising for the first time was the Internet.

Saudi Aramco postponed IPO for an indefinite period

The world’s largest oil producer, Saudi Aramco, has postponed indefinitely the IPO (initial public offering) on both domestic and international exchanges, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing sources in the industry

“FC Opening” offered 4.5 billion rubles. for the brand of the bank

In the “Opening of the holding company” the fact of negotiations was confirmed and named the amount that the bank offered the former owners – 4.5 billion rubles. The current owners of trademarks stressed that both sides are interested in completing the negotiations.

The Bank of Russia increased the purchase of gold to the maximum since the beginning of the year

The Central Bank has increased purchases of gold to a maximum since the beginning of the year, reports Bloomberg referring to the International Monetary Fund. As the newspaper notes, in July Russia bought slightly more than 26 tons of gold.

Aeroflot insures planes for $ 16 bn

“AlfaSurance” and “Sogaz” insured aircraft of the group of companies “Aeroflot” for $ 16 billion, according to reports of insurance companies

The shadow economy of Ukraine in the I quarter was one third of GDP

“According to the Ministry of Economic Development, in the first quarter of 2018, the level of the shadow economy amounted to 33% of the official GDP, which is 4 percentage points less than in the same period in 2017,” the document says.

Cognac set a new record of sales in the world

The French National Interprofessional Cognac Administration reported on record sales of this alcoholic beverage in the world from August 2017 to August 2018. According to the organization, during this period about 206 million bottles of cognac were exported from France.

Rostov producer of turkey reached a default

The largest producer of turkey in Russia – the company Eurodon – defaulted on payment on a loan from VEB Capital (Vnesheconombank’s investment company). Officially, the situation is not commented either by Vnesheconombank or Eurodon

The Bank of Thailand announced the launch of the digital currency project

The Bank of Thailand (BoT) disclosed plans to develop a wholesale digital currency of the Central Bank (CBDC), which will use the R3 Corda platform in its press release.

Udmurtia loans of 11 billion rubles will pay off more expensive loans

Udmurtia plans to attract non-renewable credit lines for 1 billion rubles. In total, 11 auctions are planned to be held, the total amount of attracted funds will amount to 11 billion rubles, a REGNUM correspondent reports with reference to the data of the public procurement portal

Gazprom has ordered the development of a gas pipeline to China from the Far East

The facility includes a gas trunkline, a gas measuring station and a natural gas preparation unit. Gazprom signed an agreement on the supply of natural gas from the Far East to China with the Chinese National Oil and Gas Corporation (CNPC) at the end of last year.

American Airlines canceled flights to China, Canada and Germany due to rising fuel prices

Earlier, all major US airlines announced their intention to introduce fewer new routes this year than previously planned. Some of them also pointed to the possibility of increasing ticket prices to compensate for increased fuel costs.

The Ministry of Finance decided to create a site for the listing of sanctions companies

The RF Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank are working to create a site for listing companies that have fallen under anti-Russian sanctions. This is what Vedomosti writes, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev said on the sidelines of the international military technical forum “Army-2018”

The head of the Ministry of Economy sees no reason to withdraw super profits from companies

The head of the Ministry of Economy, Maxim Oreshkin, believes that there are no reasons for removing excess profits from metallurgical and chemical companies. He noted that the government has already laid down the parameters of the tax policy and there is no need to change them

In the Samara region, the head of the colony was detained on taking bribes

In the Samara region, while receiving a bribe in an especially large amount for parole, the head of one of the correctional facilities was detained. This was reported to RBC in the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the region.

All property of the family of Colonel Zakharchenko turned into state income

All property of the family of the colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zakharchenko for 9 billion rubles. was turned into the state’s income, his lawyer Alexander Gorbatenko told RBC. In 2016, Zakharchenko was arrested on suspicion of taking a bribe in the amount of 7 million rubles.

Rosneft asked Putin for benefits in Western and Eastern Siberia

Igor Sechin, Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft, wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking him to provide tax incentives for the company to develop fields in Western and Eastern Siberia, Interfax reports.

Sberbank refuses overdraft cards until the end of the year

Sberbank before the end of the year plans to stop providing overdrafts on bank cards due to low demand for services, TASS reports citing the press service of the credit institution.

Members of the US Federal Reserve announced the possibility of an early increase in the rate

“Many members of the Federal Reserve say that, probably,” soon “will require a new increase in the base interest rate,” the agency writes. On August 1 it was reported that the Federal Reserve System of the United States retained the base interest rate at the level of 1.75-2% per annum.


Two Americans in Vietnam convicted of terrorism and an attempt to overthrow the state system

The People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam on August 22 sentenced two Vietnamese-born Americans to 14 years in prison, finding them guilty of terrorism, secretly directing a series of bomb attacks and attempting to “overthrow the state system” in that country, The New York Post reports.

Democrats of the USA have declared FBI about attempts of breaking

The National Committee of the Democratic Party of the United States informed the FBI about an attempt to break into the database with voters, a source in the party told CNN television. It is reported that Lookout, a cybersecurity service company, discovered the double site of the US Democratic Party, which, apparently, was used to collect logins and passwords in order to penetrate into the party’s voters database.

The US introduces duties of 25% on goods from China worth $ 16 billion

Fees of 25% on imported goods from China to the United States, the total value of which is estimated at $ 16 billion, will be introduced on Thursday, August 23. In the apparatus of the US representative in the trade negotiations of Robert Lightheiser stated that this list will include 279 names of Chinese products.

Afghanistan will not participate in the peace talks in Moscow

September 4 in Moscow will be a meeting of consultations on Afghanistan in the Moscow format. The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that an invitation to participate in the meeting was sent to 12 countries, including the United States, which refused

Putin plans to visit the East Asian summit in Singapore

President Vladimir Putin plans to visit the East Asian Summit (SAC) in Singapore in November, said Yuri Ushakov, an assistant to the head of state, to Izvestia.

The US intends to tighten sanctions against Iran

John Bolton, adviser to US President Donald Trump on national security, said that the new sanctions against Iran would be more stringent than those that operated before the conclusion of the nuclear deal. About this writes The Wall Street Journal

The Czech parliament called the commissioning of troops in 1968 an act of invasion

The Czech parliament on Wednesday defined the introduction of troops of the USSR and four other socialist countries into Czechoslovakia in 1968, calling it an act of invasion followed by occupation, which were committed in defiance of international law, the initiator of the decree Jan Bartoszek told journalists.

Putin called the meeting with Trump useful

Russian President Vladimir Putin called a useful meeting with American leader Donald Trump, which took place in Helsinki on July 16. This is reported on the Kremlin website.

“Nobody expected that in a two-hour conversation we could resolve all issues that were considered controversial,” Putin said. He noted that the exchange of opinions is always very useful.

The Kremlin refused to pay compensation for the “Soviet occupation”

The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, reacted to the statement of Estonia and Latvia about getting compensation from Russia for “Soviet occupation.” According to him, the Russian side does not agree with the term used in the Baltic countries.

And do not forget about the contribution that was made to the development and infrastructure, and the economic and social sphere of the Baltic countries during the Soviet Union. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

Putin said that the visit to Austria was of a purely private nature

The visit of Vladimir Putin to Austria was of a purely private nature, however, during this trip the president managed to discuss matters, in particular with the Chancellor of Austria and the Foreign Minister of the Republic.

A newly baked husband, he is not a stranger to me, a former sportsman, a judoka. It always unites. – Vladimir Putin

The vice-president of Abkhazia resigned

I consider it necessary to resign my powers by resigning, for the reason that I can not defend my right and my honor under the law, even at such a high office. I have this opportunity to act only in Abkhazian, for which I need to resign. – Vitaly Gabniya, politician

Georgia filed a lawsuit against Russia in the ECHR

The Georgian Justice Ministry sent a lawsuit to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against Russia, accusing Moscow of occupying the country’s territory and deliberately harassing ethnic Georgians in the republic. This is reported on Wednesday on the website of the Justice Ministry of Georgia.

German Foreign Minister published an article on rethinking relations with the US

On August 22, the German Foreign Minister Haiko Maas published an article on the state of relations between Europe and the United States. An article titled “For a Balanced Transatlantic Partnership” is available on the official website of the German Foreign Ministry.


In the US, a video of the discharge of a nuclear bomb from the F-15 was published

It is noted that the test discharge of a nuclear bomb was July 11, 2017 at the Tonopa (Nevada) test site. The fighters dropped two B61-12 bombs – from medium and low altitude. Sandia National Laboratories are one of the 16 Laboratories of the US Department of Energy.

The terms of the first test of the impact drone “Hunter”

The Russian heavy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “Hunter” will first rise in the air in September 2018, TASS reported August 23, citing sources in the aviation industry. In terms of equipping with artificial intelligence, “Hunter” will be the prototype of the sixth-generation fighter.

The Ministry of Defense summed up the interim results of the military operation in Syria

The press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense published a video in which “in figures” the interim results of the military operation to combat terrorist groups in Syria are summarized.

The Ministry of Defense will receive two fighters of the fifth generation of the Su-57 until 2020

The RF Ministry of Defense and Sukhoi Company signed a contract for the supply of two fifth-generation fighter aircraft, Su-57, until 2020, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the signing ceremony.

Contact group on Donbass agreed on a new truce

The new armistice in the Donbas by the beginning of the academic year, which will come into force on August 29, was agreed upon at a meeting in Minsk, said on Wednesday Victoria Talakina, press secretary of the plenipotentiary of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in Denis Pushilin’s contact group.

In Russia, they will create a flying hypersonic “Anchar-RV”

The Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering (MIT) signed a contract for the development of the long-range hypersonic “long-range aircraft” Anchar-RV on the fields of the “Army-2018” forum, the RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the signing ceremony. Details and terms of the creation of “Anchara” were not disclosed.

Cambodia and Russia signed an agreement on cooperation in the defense sphere

During the meeting, the parties discussed prospects for further cooperation in the military-technical sphere, the Defense Ministry said. However, the details of the agreement have not yet been disclosed. Earlier, “Big Asia” has already talked about the interaction of Russia and Cambodia in the line of defense departments.

Deputy Defense Minister named the terms of the first “Armat” arrival to the troops

132 units of T-14 tanks and T-15 infantry fighting vehicles on the Armata platform will supply Uralvagonzavod to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. As Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said, the first samples will be delivered to the troops already in 2018.

The development of a new generation of anti-submarine weapons began in Russia

In Russia, work is underway to create a new generation of anti-submarine weapons, which, in terms of combat capabilities, will surpass existing models

Russian battle ship in the English Channel

The British army escorted the Russian warship Admiral Makarov, which passed through the English Channel. The military of the United Kingdom conducted surveillance over it from the water and in the air, the country’s Defense Ministry said.

In Russia, the Iskander missile systems have been modernized

In Russia, work began on the modernization of operational-tactical complexes (OTRK) Iskander. About this “RIA Novosti” said the general designer of the “Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering” Valery Kashin.

Serial production of air defense systems “Pantsir-SM” will be launched in 2019

In the SM version, the complex will receive a new high-speed missile with a range that is doubled – up to 40 km. Complexes “Pantsir” are designed for near defense of civil and military facilities, including long-range air defense systems.

The media reported on the suspension of the DPRK dismantling facilities at the Sohae cosmodrome

The DPRK suspended the dismantling of facilities at the Sohee cosmodrome in the province of Pyongan-Pukto, where they tested the intercontinental ballistic missile Khwason-15, according to the 38 North American-South Korean portal referring to satellite photo data.


Ivan Krasko divorced from his young wife

It became known that the 87-year-old actor Ivan Krasko decided to leave his young wife Natalya Shevel. He stated that he was returning to the mother of his children. For three months the couple have not lived together.

We call up, we communicate, of course, I know everything that’s going on. But the question of our parting with her is inevitable. Marriage with Natalia Alexandrovna – it was an experiment on my part! Such a pedagogical move. I wanted to help her and will help her until the girl gets to her feet. – Ivan Krasko, actor

57-year-old Eddie Murphy will be the father for the tenth time

This week it became known that the cult comedy actor Eddie Murphy in a few months will be the father for the tenth time. The child of 57-year-old Murphy will be born by his beloved, 39-year-old Australian model Paige Butcher.

44-year-old Hilary Swank married a second time

Hollywood star Hilary Swank married her lover, businessman Philip Schneider. The 44-year-old actress played her second wedding in California, IA Nation News reported. Wedding photos of the two-time Oscar laureate, known for the movie “Baby in the Million”, appeared in social networks.

Baranovskaya refused to marry several times a year

The host confused journalists with their statements In a recent interview, Channel One star Yulia Baranovskaya commented on her personal life. After parting with Andrei Arshavin, the TV channel often hinted to its subscribers in the social network that they met another man.

Dzhigarkhanyan’s ex-wife was noticed in the company of Shalyapin

Former wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya was noticed in the company of singer Prokhor Shalyapin. They appeared together in one of the Moscow hypermarkets in Fili. One of the visitors of the hypermarket told that Shalyapin and Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya bought food and looked at the wine.

Actress Emma Loman accused Harvey Weinstein of rape

Famous German actress Emma Loman accused the director and producer Harvey Weinstein of rape

Pugacheva started dancing with Orbakayte and Galkin in Jurmala

A representative of the domestic show business performed an incendiary dance at the concert of the daughter of 47-year-old Christina Orbakaite during her performance in Jurmala. On the stage with a bouquet of white roses, along with Alla Borisovna, her young husband, TV presenter Maxim Galkin, also rose.

91-year-old Gina Lollobrigida had fun on the yacht with Ksenia Sobchak

On the video Gina dances under the incendiary performance of the invited musicians. The case takes place on a white yacht cruising along the emerald coast of Sardinia. 36-year-old Sobchak did not cease to admire the beauty of the icon of Italian cinema and even managed to make several successful shots with the actress

In the US, opened a supermarket from the “Simpsons”

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a supermarket from the animated series “The Simpsons” appeared. It looks like its prototype and sells several products that Matt Greing characters bought in the “original” store.

Timati was cut from the clip to the hit Kirkorov

The television channel RU.TV censored the clip of the singer Philip Kirkorov “The mood color is blue.” In the video, the face of rap artist Timati, who starred in one of the episodes, was retouched

Hayter insulted Buzov and other stars in the cartoon

Anonymous heather-animator under the pseudonym “Kuzma Pravdorub” insulted Olga Buzova and many other stars in the cartoon, which collected more than 2 million views in the social network “VKontakte” today.

Animation in this video is more like a twitching slideshow, but much more unpleasant is it washed away, because the author in a poetic form reports that such stars as Olga Buzova, Kim Kardashian and Ksenia Sobchak “macaques” and prostitutes.

63-year-old brother of Michael Jackson is going to marry

Western media informed that Michael Jackson’s 63-year-old brother Jermaine is ready to tie himself up for the fourth time: he is going to marry a 23-year-old model of Madaya Velasquez.

It should be noted that Michael Jackson’s brother has seven children: the three were born by the first wife model Hazel Gordey, where he was married for 15 years, two sons appeared in a civil marriage with the television producer Margaret Maldonado, and two more – from the second wife of Alejandra Oaziza

Married Diana Shurygina seen with a new man

Scandalous Diana Shurygin will soon give an occasion to talk about yourself again. At least, so consider the careful subscribers of her pages in social networks.

Star “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” secretly married

Star Hilary Swank married businessman Philip Schneider secretly and without the presence of journalists. The solemn ceremony was held in California Redwood, after which the young and their guests went to the banquet hall. The actress reports that she is happy now, having spent an important day for her surrounded by people whom they both love very much.

“It’s more important for me to be happy than married”

TV host Yulia Baranovskaya admitted that she was not in a hurry to get married, although only in the last year there were several such offers. She said that she is looking for a person with whom she wants to bind herself for life.

Critics of Nicky Minage in horror from low ticket sales for her concerts

The rap queen takes positions, which is sure not only American music critics, but also many fans of “the most famous girl in hip-hop.”

The aged Buzov was laughed at for interfering in politics

The singer with might and main prepares propaganda leaflets for September 9 and even intends to attract voters with a new crypto currency. Users are puzzled: did the TV presenter decide to follow in the footsteps of her colleague Ksenia Sobchak?

Buzov will be sold on credit

To Buzova did not sing in a half-empty room, the organizers of the concert of the Krasnogorsk found a way out and decided to sell tickets to Buzov in installments. The prices for tickets range from 1400 rubles, to 12 thousand – the amount is not everyone can. The website for selling tickets says that you can buy them a kind on credit from 1652 rubles for 90 days. Every day, the penalty will be 0.2%.

On the web, a candid photograph of Asia Argento and her underage lover

In the web there was a picture, where actress Asia Argento lies from the bed with 17-year-old colleague Jemmy Bennett. Despite one hundred percent proof, the TV star denies all sorts of connections with the young man. In 2004, the guy played the role of young son Argento in the film “Tiptoe”, and went to bed with her in 2013.

“Soyuzmultfilm” will pay income from the works of Uspensky to heirs

As noted in the message, shortly before his death on August 14, Ouspensky signed a contract with Soyuzmultfilm to use his scripts for the animated film about Prostokvashino. We are talking about ten stories that were not previously filmed

Shnurov will coach the new season of the show “The Voice”

The press service of the First Channel named the mentors of the new season of the show “The Voice”. They will be Sergei Shnurov, Konstantin Meladze, Ani Lorak and Basta

Paul Oakenfold will be the first to perform at Stonehenge

Two-time nominee for the Grammy Award, Paul Oakenfold will be the world’s first musician to play in the British Stonehenge. According to NME, the performance will continue the series of trans-DJ concerts in unusual locations – previously he had already played on the Great Wall of China and in the base camp on Mount Everest.

The new album of rapper Pharaoh will be released this week

Storis in the Instagram of the musician, who appeared on the night of August 22, report that the mixtape should be released this week. In public, dedicated to Pharaoh, subscribers write that tracks from the new album are now uploaded to music platforms, which will take 4 days

Mike Shinoda, the second Linkin Park vocalist, returned from the world of darkness

August 31 at the club “A2 Green Concert” will make a second vocalist and one of the founders of the legendary rock band Linkin Park Mike Shinoda – he will bring his new solo album and the best hits of deceased colleague Chester Bennington. Mike heavily suffered the loss of a colleague and friend.

Kevin Spacey accused of rape

The Los Angeles prosecutor’s office began an investigation into the rape allegedly committed by actor Kevin Spacey. The celebrity in this act accused the aggrieved party


Xiaomi introduced the cheapest smartphone on Snapdragon 845

The company Xiaomi introduced its new flagship smartphone Pocophone, the cost of which will start from $ 300. The smartphone will work on a Snapdragon 845 system with a capacity of 2.8 GHz. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh.

The budget version of the iPhone 9 will receive the filling from the iPhone 7

Famous programmer Guillermo Rambo said that the budget version of the iPhone 9 will receive a filling from the iPhone 7. He found in the Xcode environment information about the iPhone 9 with a 6.1-inch screen

The new Nokia 7 Plus will get Android 9.0 Pie

In September 2018 for the smartphone Nokia 7 Plus will be released the final stable version of the new operating system Android 9.0 Pie. The device from “Nokia”, thus, will be one of the first smartphones with a “nine”, produced not by Google.

Samsung Galaxy S10 can come in five colors

The Korean manufacturer again returns to offering a wide range of color options. So, according to the source, Samsung Galaxy S10 can come out in black, silver, white, pink and green cases.

Apple will reduce the cost of manufacturing smartphones

Taiwanese companies have to confront the Chinese manufacturers who offer the same model for managing services and products, but at a lower price. Batteries for the new iPhone and other gadgets Apple will take from Desay Battery Technology and Sunwoda Electronic

Xiaomi released a suitcase with a fingerprint scanner

Xiaomi Company introduced a new suitcase of 90 Minutes Smart Unlock Suitcase. Its main feature was the lock, in which a fingerprint scanner is built. It is noted that the owner of the suitcase can make five different prints.

Vivo launches Russian sales of smartphones Y85

In the Russian market, the Vivo Y85 will be available in two versions that differ in the amount of main memory. Version Vivo Y85 with 4 GB of RAM + 64 GB of main memory will cost 16,990 rubles., C 4 GB of RAM + 32 GB of main memory at 14,990 rubles.

The first smartphone Samsung on the Android Go platform appeared on the render

Network sources have published a render of the new Samsung smartphone: it is claimed that the image shows the first device of the South Korean giant on the Android Go platform. It’s about the model, which appears under the name Galaxy J2 Core (SM-J260x).

Google Chrome will get a radically new design

In the last note, developers reported: “Chrome browser will get a new design in all operating systems.” With the release of the update, Chrome will switch to the Material Design style, first launched by Google in 2014. The new design will be part of the release of Chrome 69.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 received the function of “night” mode

Fitness bracelet of the Chinese developer Xiaomi Mi Band 3 received a new function of the “night” mode. Night Mode will allow the device to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen at one time or another, reports IXBT. The brightness adjustment function of the display will work after the update is installed.

Apple will deprive macOS “Access to my Mac”

Apple began to warn users about the end of support for Back to My Mac (Access to my Mac) function in the macOS Mojave operating system.

Scammers downloaded Ethereum scam software on Google Play

Scammers downloaded a $ 388 Ethereum scam app on Google Play. More than 100 users bought the program, having fallen for the deception of developers.

“Instagram” will add other people’s posts to your tape

“Instagram” said that it begins to display the posts of other users in the tape. Thus, the social network will prompt the user to expand the number of his subscriptions. The recommended posts will appear between ordinary subscriptions and represent the relevant publications for each user

“Yandex” will introduce a new metric for site owners

“Yandex” will replace the system of thematic citation index (TCI) for a new quality index of the site (ICS), the company’s press service reported.

Carrying YouDrive entered the registration with Telegram Passport

YouDrive began to register users in a test mode with the help of the document storage service Telegram Passport, launched a month ago. This is reported by the portal “Trushering” referring to the press service YouDrive.


Scientists have found a way to change the blood type of people

An enzyme capable of altering a blood group is found in the human intestine. Differences in blood groups from each other in sugar residues that are on the surface of leukocytes

In Kenya found the oldest mass burial of African tribes

In Kenya, a huge mass grave of five thousand years was discovered. Archaeologists noted that this is the earliest and most mass grave in eastern Africa. The grave was located on the shore of Lake Turkana (also called Lake Rudolph).

The unexpected use of laziness is named

Scientists at the University of Kansas found that laziness can be a successful strategy for the survival of individuals, species and entire communities of organisms. To this conclusion, biologists came by studying the bivalve and gastropod mollusks that inhabit the Atlantic Ocean.

The artificial web has caught up with the real mechanical properties

American biochemists have obtained in the laboratory conditions filaments consisting of record long molecules spidroina – protein, from which spiders weave a web.

Created a multi-purpose silicon chip for processing quantum information

Researchers have achieved this by creating a silicon chip that conducts individual light particles (photons) along optical tracks – waveguides – to encrypt qubits. The team from Bristol used silicon photonic chips when developing components of a quantum computer on a large scale.

Scientists have discovered a new type of multiple sclerosis

Scientists in the course of research managed to identify a new type of multiple sclerosis. The corresponding work was organized by American specialists from the Cleveland Clinic. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune affliction, when a healthy nerve tissue is replaced by a connective

Scientists have called factors contributing to aging of the brain

Scientists in the course of research have established that aging of the brain has a direct connection with a decrease in cerebral blood flow. The work was carried out by the staff of Johns Hopkins University with the support of colleagues from the University of California

Life on Earth was much older

According to new estimates, the so-called last universal common ancestor (LUCA), which was the ancestor of all modern organisms on Earth – from bacteria to humans, lived more than four billion years ago.

This was clarified through a new approach, which was proposed by scientists from the UK. According to previous estimates, LUCA lived 3.5-3.8 billion years ago. The results are described in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

In a second a person focuses on 4 things

Researchers at Princeton University conducted a unique experiment that showed that the activity of the human brain was not the same as it was previously described in textbooks, and the reason for this is evolution.

So scientists have noticed that the attenuation of concentration of attention occurs four times per second. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to focus attention again every second. In the course of evolution, a person always had to watch for the fact that some dangerous beast was not preying on his prey. Today, this “option” the brain uses to detect more interesting things.

Scientists have recognized coconut oil poison

Coconut oil – one of the most harmful products that can be found on the shelves of stores. This conclusion was made by Harvard scientist Karin Michaels. With news of the dangers of coconut oil, Dr. Michaels made a speech on German television, which sparked heated debate – more recently, this product was recognized, almost a panacea.

“When heated, it does not emit carcinogens, they can replace sunflower oil and your dishes will become exquisite and useful,” argued the manufacturers

The oldest ice of the Arctic began to melt

The ice fields on the northern shore of Greenland began to melt for the first time in the course of observations. The melting of the glacier may pose a threat to the survival of seals and polar bears in the region, according to Science Alert.

“Almost all the ice to the north of Greenland is substantially destroyed and damaged, and therefore more mobile. The open water off the northern coast of the island is an unusual phenomenon, “says Ruth Mottram, a specialist at the Meteorological Institute of Denmark

Sugar can prolong life

The research department of the American hospital Brigham denied the established opinion about the dangers of sugar consumption. Scientists argue that the use of sugar in moderation is not only not dangerous, but it also often has a beneficial effect on the body.

In China, found the remains of an ancient tortoise without shell

In China, discovered the fossils of the ancient tortoise, which did not have a shell on its back and a plastron protecting the stomach, Nature writes. Fossils were found in rock formations in Guizhou Province in southwest China, in a layer formed about 228 million years ago.

The girl from the Denisova Cave was the daughter of a non-idler and a denisovka

A teenage girl, whose bone fragment was recently discovered in the Denisova Cave, was the daughter of a Neanderthal woman and a Denis man, Nature said. Scientists for the first time found a direct descendant of two extinct species.

A universal influenza vaccine was successfully tested

Scientists have tested a vaccine that claims to be a universal vaccine against influenza. Tests in mice and other laboratory animals have so far talked about its effectiveness. The results are presented in the journal Nature Communications.

The new vaccine differs from the analogues in that it uses not the most common for such preparations of a part of the virus that causes an immune reaction.


From the Kourou cosmodrome the Vega launch vehicle was successfully launched

From the Kourou cosmodrome in Latin America, the Vega launch vehicle with the European satellite Aeolus was successfully launched. At the moment the device is safely put into orbit, TASS reports.

Cosmologists found the first traces of black holes from “other universes”

The microwave “echo” of the Big Bang contains traces of the existence of black holes that lived in the “ancestor” of our Universe, which died before the start of the Big Bang.

Scientists have proved that there is ice on the surface of the Moon

Most of the frozen water is located in the shadow of the craters near the poles, where the temperature does not rise above 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists have finally proved that there are water ice on the surface of the Moon, which was found on the darkest and coldest sections of the Earth’s satellite surface, NASA reports.

InSight probe covered half way to Mars

The main purpose of the mission is to study the internal structure and processes in the earth’s thickness. The complex of scientific equipment includes a seismometer, a probe for measuring the heat flux below the surface of Mars, and a system for measuring the planet’s oscillations under the influence of the Sun.

The signs of death of the Milky Way are revealed

Scientists at Tohoku University (Japan) found that the Milky Way experienced a “clinical death” – a period of cessation of the process of star formation, which lasted about two billion and ended five billion years ago. This model confirms the chemical composition of the current stars

Space station NASA approached the asteroid Bennu

Last Friday, NASA officials reported that their space station, OSIRIS-Rex, had approached the asteroid Bennu. Now it will have to fall into its orbit. American scientists hope that their device will be able to collect soil samples and deliver them to Earth in five years

The stars told about the rebirth of the Milky Way

In the history of the Milky Way there was a period when star formation in it practically stopped about two billion years. Astronomers found this out by discovering in the vicinity of the Sun two groups of stars with different chemical compositions, which indicates different processes of their formation.

An asteroid with a diameter larger than the “London Eye” flies to Earth

NASA warned that an asteroid with a diameter of up to 160 m is at a “close” distance with the Earth. Called “2016 NF23”, a large piece of space rock was marked by experts as “potentially dangerous”

Astronomers first weighed a newborn planet

The gravity of the planet causes the star to shift slightly relative to its average position. Due to the Doppler effect, spectral observations make it possible to measure the speed of this motion and with its help to calculate the mass of the studied planet.


Ubisoft does not plan to release a new Assassin’s Creed next year

For example, Guimo said that in 2019 gamers should not wait for a new part of the franchise. Guillaume said that Ubisoft was able to prepare two games from the Assassin’s Creed series so quickly for the release just because it worked on them in parallel – there’s no question of developing a rush here.

Valve made a new voice acting for Dota 2 with Gabe Newell

Valve CEO Gabe Newell became a commentator in the new voice acting for the game Dota 2. The company published a video on the YouTube-channel of the game, where in a comic form showed how the recording of the commentator’s notes was.

Authors Resident Evil 2 presented a new gameplay

The video was released with the support of Nvidia. In addition, the developers first showed the gameplay for Claire Redfield, where the girl meets with Sherry Birkin, her mutated father, William and police chief Brian Irons.

Focus Home has released a trailer with the gameplay The Surge 2

Developers Focus Home company specifically for gamescom 2018 published the first trailer with the gameplay of the game The Surge 2. The very same gameplay ekshena several months ago debuted during the organized exhibition E3 2018.

In For Honor there will be a new PvE-mode “Arcade”

Ubisoft told about the new PvE-mode “Arcade”, which will soon appear in For Honor. In it, players will have to work alone or with friends to perform tasks of varying complexity, fighting for valuable rewards.

Ubisoft told about the story and special editions of The Division 2

All those who bought the game before the official release will be able to take part in the testing of Private Beta and get a set of “Defender of the capital.” It included a special weapon, a set of armor and a teddy bear. There are three editions in the Ubisoft store: usual, Ultimate and Gold.

New Vault-Tec tutorial video on Fallout 76

Bethesda shared another Vault-Tec training video that will prepare future Desert dwellers for the dangers and challenges that await them in Fallout 76. Today’s episode is called “The New American Dream: The Foundation for a World of the Future.”

The Grand Tour will become a computer game

The Grand Tour, becoming a computer game, will allow you to find yourself in the shoes of Clarkson, Hammond, May. If you want to repeat the tricks from The Grand Tour, but you do not have a huge budget to make a dream come true, a video game will help

A new video game trailer for the alternative USSR

Russian studio Mundfish introduced a new video game Atomic Heart. The shooter’s actions take place in an alternative universe where the USSR has not collapsed, but has become a highly developed technological power.

Atmospheric strategy This War of Mine will appear on the Nintendo Switch

Studio 11 bit announced a version of the strategy with elements of survival This War of Mine for Nintendo Switch. Will this option immediately contain all the released add-ons, the developer did not specify.

Valve introduced the Proton project to launch Windows-based games on Linux

Developers from Valve have submitted a project that will allow running games for Windows on Linux. This is done using the Wine project, and almost three dozen gaming applications with 100% support are already available. In the future, it is planned to create conditions for launching all games.

By Rainbow Six Siege was the first major

While you were watching the meat grinder in groups on The International 2018, a tournament was held in Paris, which deserved no less attention. The 16 best teams from all over the world gathered on the first major on Rainbow Six Siege.

All seasons in the gameplay commercial Forza Horizon 4

Recall that in Forza Horizon 4 there will be a dynamic change of seasons, but the developers for some reason do not hurry to show this function in the case – for example, in the gameplay clip attached above, there is no smooth season change, the developers simply show different routes with different seasonal and weather conditions

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