8 Aug, 2018

In Belarus, journalists were detained

Journalists detained in Belarus for unauthorized access to information from the state agency BELTA

“In the course of the inspection, MVD officials have identified numerous facts of unauthorized access to computer information owned by BELTA. Over two years (2017-2018) without the knowledge and consent of the republican unitary enterprise, more than 15 thousand unauthorized connections to information stored in the computer system of the enterprise were committed, “the report says on the website of the UK.

It is noted that the agency BELTA “was caused significant harm, expressed in the unlawful acquisition and use of information protected from outside access, as well as undermining the business reputation of the enterprise.”

The main difference between the paid version and the free public is that the same news in the paid version is published 15 minutes earlier.

Officials of the publishing house Belorusskaya Nauka, BelaPAN CJSC, TutBay Media LLC were involved in unlawful activities

Briefly about the main …..


In Germany, began laying the pipes of the “Nord Stream-2”

The laying of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, which will connect Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea, has already begun. In particular, the first pipes were laid on German territory in late July.

As explained by RIA Novosti in the press service of the operator of the project Nord Stream 2 AG, now on board the vessel Castoro 10 pipes are welded into a single whip and dragged ashore using a winch to connect the onshore facilities of the Nord Stream 2 to the offshore section of the new gas pipeline.

The European Commission demanded to reduce the issuance of “gold passports”

Among the European countries, the EC singled out Cyprus, Greece and Malta, and among the holders of the “gold passports” were suspected citizens of Russia, the former Soviet republics and China.

When Russia’s deputies can visit the US

State Duma deputies who are not under sanctions can visit the US after the November elections to the US parliament, the head of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, Leonid Slutsky, told reporters.

The celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine will be attended by representatives of 15 countries

In celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine, which is celebrated annually on August 24, representatives of 15 partner countries of Kiev will take part. Such a statement was made by Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak. According to him, most of these states are members of the North Atlantic alliance.

Turkey and the US reached preliminary agreements on sanctions

Turkey and the US reached preliminary agreements on sanctions against Turkish ministers. This is reported by the website of Komsomolskaya Pravda. According to the publication, in the near future the Turkish delegation will go to Washington to discuss in more detail the problems that have arisen between the two countries

President of Moldova discussed with the US ambassador tax reform

Moldovan President Igor Dodon told US Ambassador James Pettit that he intends to visit the US soon, and discussed with him a package of tax reform

Pompeo urged Poroshenko to fulfill Ukraine’s demands of the IMF

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fulfill Ukraine’s demands of the IMF. The statement on the results of telephone talks was published on the website of the US Department of Foreign Affairs

Saudi Arabia has stopped medical programs in Canada

Riyadh terminates its medical programs in Canada, Saudi patients will be transported from the North American state to other countries. This is reported by the TASS agency with reference to the press agency of Saudi Arabia.

Butina’s lawyer agreed to close access to documents on her case

The protection of Russian Maria Butina, who is suspected of espionage in the US, agrees with the prosecution’s demand to close access to documents on her case. Attorney Robert Driscoll confirmed that the warrant for limited access will be submitted in a few days and signed by a judge.

May urged Johnson to apologize for saying about Muslim women

British Prime Minister Teresa May said that former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson should apologize for saying that Muslim women in burks resemble “mail boxes”.

In his column in Telegraph, Johnson compared Muslim women who wear burki to bank robbers and called “absolutely ridiculous” that “people should walk around the city, resembling mailboxes.”

The Pentagon allowed the participation of other countries in the “RF intervention case”

The head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, suggested that several countries tried to influence the results of the presidential elections in the USA in 2016. According to him, in addition to the Moscow accused by Washington, “the others” interfered in the voting results.

The US published a list of goods from China

The US authorities published a list of goods from China, which will be subject to duties of 25%, the document is posted on the website of United States Trade Representative Robert Lightheather. The number of goods that fell under duties decreased from 284 to 279, their total cost is about $ 16 billion.

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia will face new charges, media reported

Anticorruption commission of Malaysia summoned former Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is under investigation in the corruption case in the national investment fund 1MDB, to his meeting on Tuesday for interrogation in connection with the upcoming presentation of the new premier of new charges, the Internet version of The Star .

The President of Ecuador called the conditions for Assange’s departure from the embassy

The founder of WikiLeaks portal Julian Assange can leave the embassy of Ecuador in London at any time, if outside of the building his rights will be respected. This statement was made by the president of the South American state, Lenin Moreno.

We contacted his legal representatives to come to an agreement that would ensure the preservation of Assange’s life and the observance of international norms. If we come to such an agreement, we will be happy to ask Mr. Assange to leave the embassy and appear before the appropriate court. – Lenin Moreno, Ecuadorian lawyer

Philippines approves plan for joint marine exercises of China and members of ASEAN

Recall that the Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi, being last week in Singapore at a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of China and ASEAN participants said that joint exercises will be held in October this year.


“Rosatom” created an “eternal” nuclear reactor for submarines

In Russia, they created and tested a unique active zone of a nuclear reactor with a resource for the entire life cycle of an atomic submarine. This is stated in the report of JSC “OKBM Afrikantov” for the past year. The active zone is the “heart” of the reactor.

Tests of the newest long-range bomber will begin on August 16

Earlier it became known that the new long-range bombers will receive the so-called “glass” cabin: all analog indicators and dials will replace several multi-function liquid crystal screens. They will conveniently display all the necessary information.

Shoigu introduced the new deputy Andrei Kartapolov

Colonel-General was appointed to the post of Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation by presidential decree dated July 13, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu introduced his new deputy – Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov, the military department said.

VKS Russia will receive five IL-22M11 aircraft before the end of 2021

Five planes of control and retransmission of general purpose Il-22M11 will be received by the Ministry of Defense of Russia until the end of 2021. The relevant data were published on the public procurement portal

The British and Norway decided to jointly monitor the Russian submarines

At the end of May, British Defense Minister Gavin Williams reported a 10-fold increase in the activity of Russian submarines in the North Atlantic. Earlier, the minister also repeatedly reported on the activities of the Russian Navy. RBC sent a request to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Serial production of the Mi-26T2B helicopter will begin in 2019

Serial production of the modernized heavy Mi-26T2V helicopter is scheduled to begin in 2019. This was reported to the chief engineer of Rostvertol (part of the Russian Helicopters holding company) Igor Sychev.

The Yaroslav the Wise ship went to the Gulf of Aden to fight pirates

The “Yaroslav the Wise” patrol boat left the port of Djibouti, the capital of the same state, to patrol the Gulf of Aden and protect merchant shipping from Somali pirates, the Baltic Fleet press service said.

Russian Defense Ministry to receive five Angara carrier rockets

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Khrunichev Center, within the state contract with the defense ministry, produces three Angara heavy carrier rockets and two light aircraft. Serial production of new missiles will begin by 2023-2024.

Seven people detained in Macedonia for participating in the war in Syria and Iraq

Seven people are detained in Macedonia, they are suspected of participating in conflicts in Syria and Iraq on the side of terrorists, the Macedonian Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.

Iran’s special services prevented major terrorist attacks in the country

In Iran, detained intruders, who planned a series of terrorist attacks in the country. Siloviki managed to prevent two attacks, which the militants were planning to carry out in the provinces of Khuzestan and Kurdistan bordering Iraq

The Israeli general called the condition of cooperation with Russia on missile defense

Israel and Russia can cooperate in the field of missile defense, provided that Russian S-300 missiles are not delivered to Syria, former head of the anti-missile organization of Israel, brigadier-general, retired Uzi Rubin, told RIA Novosti.

The head of the Pentagon announced the space by the new theater of military operations

The head of the Pentagon James Mattis “unambiguously” supported the idea of forming the Space Command of the US Armed Forces, expressing the view that outer space should be viewed as a new theater of military operations.

A diving mine detector is planned to be developed for military personnel in the Russian Federation

In Russia, the development of a new diving portable mine detector was commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Information about this is available on the public procurement portal. It is noted that the value of the contract is almost 32.5 million rubles.


Police Astrakhan detained a minor girl

According to the police, the crew of the patrol patrol vehicle patrol service stopped a girl who was transporting children on horseback on the central embankment of the Volga.

“She ignored the legitimate demands of the police, resisted, tore off one of the staff epaulettes, buttons, breastplate and DVR,” the press service said.

Journalist detained for a historic post with a swastika

A journalist and human rights activist Oyumaa Dongak was detained in Kyzyl by law enforcement officers because of the publication of a historical photo depicting a swastika. She said this on her Facebook page.

The first depicts a crowd of Germans waving flags with a swastika, the second – Adolf Hitler sitting at a table with a newspaper. The trial will take place on 8 August.

FSIN compared with Gulag

On August 6, members of the Public Monitoring Commission (OOC) published a report on violations of prisoners’ rights in the St. Petersburg colonies and pre-trial detention centers. The document listed some cases of torture and mockery of prisoners, and also said that the victims were afraid to talk about the incident publicly, and after complaining about violence they were threatened and created unbearable conditions for life. At the same time, the staff of the FSIN interferes with the work of the members of the PSC, the investigation reacts extremely passively to reports of torture, and often takes the side of the siloviki.

Alcohol will become closer to children

Minpromtorg proposed softening the law on the sale of alcohol near schools, kindergartens and hospitals. This, according to the agency, will help trade, increase the number of stores and network turnover.

As Izvestia writes, the ministry advises for kindergartens and schools to establish the size of the adjacent territory at 50 m, for other objects – culture, medicine and sports – the range should be from 20 to 50 m.

According to representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, existing rules do not affect the level of alcohol abuse in any way, but, on the contrary, stimulate the illegal market and the development of corruption, as the borders are set by local authorities.

In the Southern Urals, there will be a toll road

The toll road will be built on the terms of public-private partnership. It will reduce accidents on a dangerous section of the federal highway and give a new impetus to the development of the tourism industry in the national parks Zyuratkul and Taganay.

In Moscow in 2018 will build about 50 kilometers of metro

In Moscow in 2018, will build 24 stations and about 50 kilometers of subway lines, told reporters on Tuesday, deputy mayor of the capital for the construction of Marat Khusnullin.

All Urban Group facilities are planned to be completed by the end of 2022

The objects of the bankrupt development group Urban Group are planned to be completed by the end of 2022, follows from the road map published on the website of the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Co-investors. All projects of the group will be completed, including “Laikovo” and “Lesoberezhny”.

Between the islands of Sakhalin and Hokkaido began to work ferry

Between Sakhalin and the Japanese island of Hokkaido, the ferry crossing on the Korsakov-Vakkanai line began operating, the company Daltransservis reported.

Greek consulate without explanation refused the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church in visas

Several priests of the Russian Orthodox Church announced that they were refused a Greek visa without explanation. They themselves believe that this is due to the complication of diplomatic relations between Russia and Greece.

The Ministry of Economic Development considered the requirements of the law of Yarovoy impracticable

The Ministry of Economic Development has prepared a negative conclusion on the rules of storing data of Internet companies’ customers prepared by the Ministry of Communications for the implementation of the “Yarovoi law”. The conclusion is published on the portal of draft normative acts

“Victory” lost the claim for free hand luggage

The Supreme Court considered on Tuesday the claim of the “Victory” loukoster to the Ministry of Transport: the airline demanded to cancel the point of federal aviation regulations for free transportation in addition to hand luggage (minimum 5 kg per passenger) ladies’ bags, portfolios, costume portfolios, bouquets of flowers, outerwear and backpacks.

The Ministry of Communications proposed blocking websites for the justification of terrorism

The Ministry of Communications proposes to amend the law “On Information”, adding to the list of grounds for pre-trial blocking of Internet sites “justification and justification of extremist and (or) terrorist activities.” The draft amendments are published on the website of draft normative acts

Russians are turning into “eternal children”, experts said

“People are increasingly inclined to the fact that the meaning of life is not to write a book or to prove a mathematical theorem, not in labor, but to spend life in pleasure.” And then social maturity never comes, because maturity and responsibility – things are not very pleasant, which requires training and great tension, and mind, and will, and change, “- candidate of psychological sciences Olga Makhovskaya.

Shkolnik fined for “propaganda of non-traditional relations”

16-year-old student who lives in Biysk (Altai Territory), was fined 50 thousand rubles for “propaganda of unconventional sexual relations among minors” in Vkontakte, Medzizona reports.

On the page with his name in the social network were posted photos of half-naked men. The forensic examination found that the photographs “promote non-traditional sexual relations”.

In Belarus they allowed online casinos

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree legalizing gambling on the Internet, BelTA agency reports with reference to the press service of the head of state


Putin approved the idea of a special economic zone in the Voronezh region

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of creating a special economic zone (SEZ) in the Voronezh Region. The head of state said this at a meeting with the acting head of the region Alexander Gusev, said the Kremlin

Rosneft’s net profit under IFRS for the first half-year increased 4.1-fold

“Net profit attributable to the shareholders of the company (net profit minus the share of non-controlling shareholders) amounted to 309 billion rubles in the first half of the year, an increase of 4.1 times year on year (in dollars – $ 5.1 billion with growth of 3.9 times ) “, – reads the message

5 billion rubles. for fuel subsidies for farmers

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order to allocate 5 billion rubles. from the budget for subsidies for the purchase of at least 90 thousand tons of diesel fuel for agricultural work. The document is published on the website of the Russian government. The document was prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

1% of revenue for gasoline shortage

The bill on toughening of administrative responsibility for not filling gasoline at gas stations implies a penalty at a rate of 1% of the revenue of the gas station for the previous year, said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. The Minister noted that if the document was adopted such a fine would be at least 500 thousand rubles.

A draft law on toughening administrative liability and for such violations has now been prepared. If it is accepted, the penalty for not getting fuel will be 1% of the revenue of the gas station for the previous year, but not less than 500 thousand rubles. And for a repeated violation – already 3%, but not less than two million rubles. – Denis Manturov, Russian politician

Surplus of trade balance of Russia increased by 46.3% in January-June

The positive balance of Russia’s trade balance in January-June 2018 increased by 46.3%, to $ 98 billion. This was reported by Gazeta.Ru with reference to the materials of the Federal Customs Service.

Alrosa approves new dividend policy

The new version of the dividend policy regulation was approved by the supervisory board of ALROSA, the press service of the company reported August 7.

In accordance with the adopted document, intermediate dividends based on the performance of the company for the first half of 2018 will be paid in the amount of not less than 5 rubles 93 kopecks per share or 70% of the free cash flow (FCF).

At the same time, the minimum dividend level will be 50% of net profit in accordance with international financial reporting standards. Such a payment will be made if the Net Debt / EBITDA ratio does not exceed 1.5x in the current and forecast period

“Sibur” reported on the fall of semi-annual profits by 30%

The net profit of Sibur in the first half of 2018 under IFRS decreased by 30.3%, to 45.9 billion rubles. compared with the same period in 2017. This is reported in the report on the site of the holding. Revenue increased by 21.6%, to 257.7 billion rubles.

Rusagro paid 1.8 billion rubles for the producer of marble pork

The net debt of the acquired companies is 1.9 billion rubles. In addition, “Rusagro” is going to invest about 300 million rubles. in the modernization of farms and slaughterhouses. As a result of the transaction, Rusagro will increase its market share in half-carcasses, large and small pieces, agroholding reports.

In Kazakhstan, the terms for banning the import of Russian gasoline

Kazakhstan’s Vice Minister of Energy Bolat Akchulakov said that Kazakhstan could introduce a temporary ban on import of Russian gasoline in August. This is reported by RIA Novosti. He noted that the decision to ban the import of Russian gasoline was made because of the fuel surplus in the domestic market.

The Ministry of Finance will offer OFZ investors 25 billion rubles

The rate of the semi-annual coupon for the entire period of circulation of the loan is 6.50% per annum. The maturity date of OFZ issue 29012 is November 16, 2022.

The net profit of the Savings Bank under RAS in January-July increased by 25.8%

Sberbank’s net profit under RAS in January-July of 2018 increased by 25.8% compared to the same period last year – to 469.181 billion rubles, the bank’s report says.

Post Bank increased net profit under IFRS for the first half year seven times

Post Bank increased its net profit under IFRS for the first half of 2018 seven times – to 1.8 billion rubles, the bank’s press release says. The bank’s assets have grown 1.1 times since the beginning of the year – up to 272 billion rubles.

Net profit of UniCredit for I half-year increased by 15.3%

Net profit of the Italian banking group UniCredit in the first half of 2018 in annual terms increased by 15.3%, to 2.136 billion euros, follows from the group’s reporting. Operating profit for the reporting period amounted to 4.665 billion euros, which is 1.9% higher than last year’s figure

Profitability of investing VEB pension savings

The profitability of investing by Vnesheconombank of pension savings for the first half of 2018 was 6.42% per annum for the extended investment portfolio, the state corporation reported.

PDVSA cuts its debt to Rosneft for oil supplies to $ 3.6 billion

The Venezuelan PDVSA in the first half of the year reduced its debt to Rosneft by $ 1 billion, to $ 3.6 billion under a contract for the supply of oil, the Russian company said in its presentation to the IFRS report for the first half of 2018. As of December 31, 2017, the debt of the PDVSA was $ 4.6 billion

Gazprom reduced transit of gas to Europe via Ukraine by 14%

“Gazprom” since the beginning of the week has reduced the physical supply of gas to Europe through Ukraine and Belarus, according to the data of European gas transmission operators.

Eight Kuban TCO can remain without gas because of debts

Already this month, Gazprom mezhregiongaz Krasnodar “can limit or stop the supply of gas to eight heat supplying organizations (TCO) of the region,” said the company’s CEO Vladimir Agafonov.

Vyatka poultry farm will be deprived of gas supply due to debts

In the Vologda region the poultry farm “Vyatka”, whose debt has reached 131 million rubles, does not fulfill the promise of repayment of this amount. As a result, Gazprom mezhregiongaz Vologda can stop supplying fuel.

Trafigura can build a deep-sea oil port in the US

One of the largest oil traders, Trafigura, plans to build a deep-sea oil port in Texas (USA). The terminal will be able to load supertankers, which will expand the country’s oil export infrastructure, Reuters reports.

Vostsibugol increased coal production by 11%

The company Vostsibugol in the first half of 2018 produced 7.25 million tons of coal. This is 11% more than in January-June 2017 (an increase of 717 thousand tonnes).

Shipment of finished products for the first half of the year amounted to more than 6.9 million tons. The fuel was delivered both to the main customer (Irkutskenergo) and to other consumers, including supplies for export.

Mask allowed Tesla’s withdrawal from the stock exchange at $ 420 per share

American entrepreneur Ilon Mask allowed the transformation of the company Tesla he founded from public into private, with the value of its shares at $ 420 per share. He wrote about this on his Twitter.

I’m considering the possibility of turning Tesla into a private company at $ 420. Financing is provided.

The State Duma was introduced a project on the state regulation of gasoline prices

Deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation submitted to the State Duma a draft law that proposes to introduce state regulation of prices for gasoline and diesel fuel, follows from the database of the lower house of parliament. The document provides that from the beginning of 2019 the government will be able to set the maximum price for fuel.

Rosneft plans to increase investments in exploration and production

“Rosneft” amid a softening of the deal, OPEC + plans to increase its investments in exploration and production, the company’s presentation said.

“Taking into account the softening of OPEC + production constraints, it is planned to increase investments in exploration and production projects,” the presentation says.

Court of London withdrew arrest from the assets of the brothers Ananievs

The High Court of London lifted the arrest of the assets of the brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev, RBC reports with reference to the agency Myddleton Communications, which represents the interests of the plaintiffs.

The seizure of assets was canceled after the disputed amounts of € 11 million and $ 15.6 million were transferred to the account of the judicial financial administration on July 30 as an interim measure. However, the plaintiffs intend to again seek to block the assets of the Ananievs, the release says.

Rosneft once again became the most expensive company in Russia

As a result, the market capitalization of Rosneft amounted to 4.534 trillion rubles. Thus, Rosneft again outscored Sberbank, which from 2016 until now was the leader in the list of the most expensive Russian companies.

The accumulation of Russians exceeded 32 trillion rubles

The total amount of Russians’ savings has increased by 1.5 trillion rubles in six months. For the first six months of last year, the accumulation of citizens amounted to 1.35 trillion rubles. It is noteworthy that Russians gradually reduce their savings on bank deposits, but at the same time increase them in cash.

The authorities approved the “road map” for the completion of the houses of the Urban Group

The Russian government approved a “road map” for the completion of the construction of the facilities of the development group Urban Group. The document is published on the website of the Fund for the protection of citizens – participants in shared construction

“Hole” in the balance of the Russian National Bank is estimated at 66 million rubles

The Arbitration Court of the Rostov region on July 30 adopted a statement of the Central Bank on the recognition of the Russian National Bank as a bankrupt, it follows from a report on the regulator’s website.

Experts predicted a rise in house prices to 20%

In Russia, the cost of apartments in new buildings in the coming years can grow to 20%. The corresponding forecast was provided by the experts of INCOM-Nedvizhimost. From July 1, 2019, banking structures will finance housing construction


The star of the movie “Taxi” was beaten in Moscow

The French actor Sami Naseri, beaten in one of the Moscow clubs, was successfully operated on at the NII. Helmholtz, told RIA Novosti in the hospital. Doctors diagnosed the French actor with a closed craniocerebral injury

The prisoner beaten up in the Yaroslavl colony was placed in SHIZO

Beaten in the Yaroslavl colony, Yevgeny Makarov is placed in the SHIZO for refusing to clean the toilet in the cell, RBC’s human rights commissioner for the Yaroslavl region, Sergei Baburkin, told RBC.

Police evacuated airport terminal in Frankfurt am Main

Federal police of Germany evacuated people from the first terminal of the airport in Frankfurt am Main, according to the airport’s Twitter. In Twitter, the police reported that work was suspended in the second and third zones of the terminal due to a security alert.

The OPCW will collect additional samples at the site of the incident in Amesbury

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) intends to collect additional samples at the site of the incident in Amesbury. This is stated in a press release distributed on Tuesday.

The case of the murder of Denis Voronenkov will be considered by a jury

Shevchenkovsky district court of Kyiv ruled that the case of Yaroslav Tarasenko and Alexander Los, suspected of complicity in the murder of former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, would be considered by a jury.

The plane made an emergency landing in the US due to smoke

According to the television channel, the plane landed urgently at the airport in New York due to smoke on board. As noted, as a result of the incident, three people were injured. At the same time, all passengers were evacuated.

A mentally ill man attacked the Russian consulate in Cyprus

In Limassol, a mentally ill man attempted to enter a car in the closed gates of the Russian consulate, reports Cyprus news agency. It is reported that the incident occurred around noon.

In the center of Volgograd neutralized ammunition of the Great Patriotic War

Sappers of the motorized rifle junction of the Southern Military District in the Volgograd region neutralized the ammunition of the Great Patriotic War, found near a residential building in the center of Volgograd, said the head of the Southwest press service Vadim Astafiev

In Florida, during the shooting at the library one person was injured

In the United States, in the state of Florida, there was a shooting near the library, as a result of the incident, one person was injured. As reported by Miami Herald, the shooting took place in the city of Fort Lauderdale.

In Germany, as a result of the fire, 40 people were injured

In the city of Siegburg in the west of Germany, a fire occurred, which affected at least 40 people. Six of them are in serious condition. This is reported by the newspaper Die Zeit with reference to the police.

In Montenegro, the boat hit a Russian tourist

In Montenegro, a high-speed boat was shot down by a 28-year-old Russian tourist, Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG) reports. The incident occurred in the Bay of Kotor. The collision occurred about half a kilometer from the shore.

In Mexico, when the building of the shopping center collapsed, three people were killed

According to preliminary data, three people were killed and several others are missing. The reasons for the collapse are not yet clear, as well as the number of people who were at the site of the disaster.

In Khakassia, a pregnant woman died after the arrival of the ambulance

In Khakassia, a 30-year-old pregnant woman died an incorrect diagnosis an hour after the ambulance left. As the REGNUM was told in the republican investigative department of the TFR, a criminal case was opened on the fact of the woman’s death. The tragedy occurred in the city of Chernogorsk


The participant of the fight told why he was beaten by the star of the film “Taxi”

One of the fighters Oleg told his version of what happened. He claims that the actor and his brother Bibi strongly argued with the administrator and guard of the institution because of poor service

Oleg stood up for the administrators, after which a fight broke out.

Now three arrested guys who beat the actor imputed the article “About causing serious harm to health, dangerous to human life.” It is already known that the investigation plans to seek the arrest of detainees.

Angelina Jolie wants to oblige Brad Pitt to pay alimony

Angelina Jolie wants to oblige Brad Pitt to pay alimony. For a year and a half, the actor allegedly did not help his wife with the maintenance of their common children. Hollywood star, actress Angelina Jolie still can not finish the divorce process with Brad Pitt.

Singer Bianca married a musician

Fans congratulate the singer Bianca with the marriage: the star married the guitarist Roman Bezrukov. In the microblogging of the singer appeared photos from the ceremony. Spouse Bianchi is a member of her musical group, as well as a music producer.

Guitar George Harrison put up for auction for 518 thousand dollars

It is noted that the Beatles performed with this guitar at the band’s last concert in Liverpool on August 3, 1963. The publication emphasizes that Harrison’s musical instrument “is directly connected with the beginning of Beatlemania”.

House-2: Ovsyannikova agrees to marry Soroka

Magpie decided to prepare a surprise for his lover, because he, kneeling, handed her the ring and asked if she would agree to marry him. When he heard from Ovsyannikova the longed “yes”, he came to a state of delight.

Actress “Carmelita” married the former husband of Olga Arntgolts

Actors arranged a magnificent celebration in Minsk, in the homeland of the bride. The actress of the TV series “Carmelita” Ales Kacher received a marriage proposal from her beloved man, actor Vakhtang Beridze, last year, on his birthday. This summer celebrities finally decided to get married.

Humorist Mikhail Hrushevsky married for the third time

The satirist Mikhail Grushevsky decided to play his third wedding in one of the metropolitan parks, choosing an Indonesian style for this. The couple was dressed in the national dress of Indonesians, and several photos from the celebration appeared on the humorist page in Instagram.

Darya Melnikov was suspected of pregnancy

Actress Darya Melnikova from the popular family series “Daddy’s Daughter” users suspected in the second pregnancy. All the blame for a free black dress, in which the star was photographed for social networks.

Alexander Malinin refused to communicate with his daughter from Olga Zarubina

Recall that Zarubin is still in conflict with Malinin. Olga claims that he was very cruel to her, and also does not want to communicate with their daughter.

Anna Khilkevich: “I want to give birth to the second child on the anniversary of the wedding”

Anna said that she does not consider the anniversary of marriage a special event and does not want to celebrate it somehow. However, the girl’s parents think differently and expressed the opinion that on the threshold of a golden wedding their daughter will think differently.

In Britain, coins were issued with bear Paddington

As reported by RBC referring to the website of the department, 50-pence coins are dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the publication of the book “The Adventures of Bear Paddington.”

Shnurov criticized Zemfira for insulting the Monetochka

Sergei Shnurov criticized Zemfira for insults to the two rising stars Grechka and Monetochka and called the actions of the famous singer a stupid raid. The musician did not find excuses for the actions of a colleague

Russian model plus-size, lost a skirt in Cannes, became a singer

Russian model plus-size Julia Rybakova announced her intention to break the stereotype about the figure of the singer. The girl plans to record the first album, songs in which will be performed in Russian and English. Rybakova told about the beginning of the music career portal Super


Ruby Rose will star in the series “Batvumen”

Australian actress and model Ruby Rose will perform the main role in the upcoming series “Batvumen.” The picture will be based on the story of the eponymous comic book DC universe character.

The eighth season of the series “Motherland” will be the last

The head of Showtime Networks, David Nevins, officially stated that the eighth season of the political thriller Rodina will be the last. However, Nevins noted that using the word “cancellation” in relation to the project would not be correct.

Warner Bros and DC will film a film about Superman’s cousin

The heroine is the cousin of the famous Superman, she has the same abilities. As reported by “Gazeta.ru”, in 1984 about Supergirl removed a film with Helen Slater, but the film was not a success at the box office. Also, the picture was nominated for the anti-prize “Golden Raspberry” in two categories.

Continuation of the “Midshipmen”

Russian actor Dmitry Kharatyan in the Crimea on the forum “Tavrida” said that the shooting of the continuation of the series “Midshipmen” will begin on August 21. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the forum.

Disney is preparing to launch a competitor Netflix

Disney is preparing to launch its own streaming service, which will work similar to Netflix.

Robert Redford announced his retirement

American actor and director Robert Redford announced his retirement, RIA Novosti reported. 81-year-old Redford said that he would like to leave on a positive note and intends to “move forward” to retirement.

There was a new trailer of the TV series “I’m kidding” with Jim Carrey in the lead role

The web has a new trailer for the comedy series “I’m kidding” with Jim Carrey in the lead role. The video was posted on the official Showtime channel on YouTube.

Trailer of the series “Maniac” with Emma Stone starring

Netflix published on its Youtube channel trailer of the comedy “Maniac” with elements of black humor. The main role in the film was performed by Oscar winner Emma Stone, also in a multi-series television movie played by John Hill and Justin Theroux.

Henry Cavill wants to play the main character in the series “The Witcher”

The actor admitted that he is a big fan of the “Witcher” and would be happy to take part in the filming of the series Netflix. Cavill admitted that without hesitation he would have agreed to play Geralt. He also noted that this would be an amazing role.

Todorovsky began shooting the movie “Odessa” in Moscow

Shooting tragicomedy “Odessa” directed by Valery Todorovsky began in Moscow at the studio “Mosfilm.” This is reported by the press service of the film. The picture tells about the events of quarantine in Odessa because of the outbreak of cholera in the 1970s, which was hidden by the Soviet authorities.

In St. Petersburg they make a film about the romanticism of NEP

Actors such as Viktor Dobronravov, Alexander Yatsenko, Nikita Volkov, Maxim Belbordov, Anastasia Zenkovich, Alexander Sklyar and many others are involved in the shooting. Let’s remind, earlier the singer Monetochka has removed a new clip in Petersburg.

Director Nikolai Dostal will make a film about Alexander I

The painting under the working title “Mystery” will tell about Tsar Alexander I, who may have lived to the advanced years in Siberia under the name of the elder Fedor Kuzmich. About his future film director, People’s Artist of Russia Nikolai Dostal told Izvestia.


Xiaomi released a fitness bracelet with an NFC module and a color screen

Xiaomi released a fitness bracelet with an NFC module and an OLED color screen, called Xiaomi Black Plus. The novelty has functions not available for the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

Logitech released wireless charging Logitech Powered for iPhone

Logitech with the participation of Apple has released a wireless charging for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X.Logitech Powered is made of plastic, it perfectly holds the phone, does not allow it to move even when vibrating.

Microsoft to extend support for Skype 7

It is noted that representatives of the company received about 45 pages of complaints from users, in connection with which it was decided to extend the support of Skype 7 for an indefinite period.

MacOS Mojave simplifies the transfer of data from Windows

Apple has expanded the capabilities of Windows Migration Assistant in macOS 10.14 beta 6. Now the program can transfer much more data from the Microsoft operating system. Users can transfer documents, e-mail, contacts and calendar entries

Red Hydrogen One will be on sale in November

Initially, the manufacturer promised to launch a revolutionary device in the summer, but now because of problems with certification, it will come out in the fall. Deliveries are scheduled to begin on November 2. On this day, the smartphone Red Hydrogen One will appear at the operators AT & T, Verizon and Telcel (Mexico)

Apple: iPhone does not record users’ speech without their knowledge

Apple management told US congressmen that the iPhone does not record users’ speech without their knowledge. There were rumors that the voice assistant Siri is activated at the greeting, which means that he listens to the host all the time and can record his speech.

The European Union can oblige Apple to change the iPhone

Regulators of the European Union are studying the need to oblige smartphone manufacturers to use a single port for charging phones. As reported on August 6, Reuters, in the event of such a decision, Apple will have to abandon the connector Lightning.

Apple patented the Face ID and gesture control for the new Mac

Apple has patented the technology of 3D-scanning faces, prepared for the Mac of the new generation. In addition, the Cupertino will endow the computer with the ability to obey the gestures. To implement Face ID developers will build a separate lens into the desktop.

Qualcomm will introduce a new processor for smart watches on September 10

Qualcomm Company sent an invitation to a press conference, which is scheduled for September 10 this year. Judging by the advertising poster, we can assume that the manufacturer intends to announce a new single-chip system designed for smart watches

Smartphone Sony Xperia XZ3 will receive a battery for 3060 mAh

The flagship smartphone Sony Xperia XZ3 was certified in Brazil, due to which the capacity of its battery became known. It will be 3060 mAh, which is even less than that of its predecessor. Recall that the Sony Xperia XZ2 is equipped with a battery for 3180 mAh with a shell thickness of 11.1 mm.


Scientists: Stress helps to assimilate negative information

It turned out that it was easier for quiet people to learn positive information. Participants in the testing, who found themselves in a stressful situation, worsened risk forecasts. The second phase of the study was conducted in Colorado with the participation of 28 firefighters.

Scientists “photographed” individual parts of molecules

As a result of the joint work of Chinese and Finnish scientists, it was possible to obtain an image of the structure of nanoparticles of high detail, up to the determination of individual parts of molecules.

In Romania, the ruins of the largest ancient fortress

In the town of Sentana in the west of Romania, a group of German and Romanian archaeologists discovered a fortress of the XIV century BC.

“Rosatom” will create the first Russian “gamma knife” for cancer treatment

In the future, the project can be included in the organization’s long-term research plan. “Rosatom” will create the first Russian “gamma knife”: a preparation necessary for radiation therapy of malignant brain tumors. Now the RF does not produce a device for such devices, but a number of research institutes are going to fix this.

Scientists named the fastest growing animal on Earth

Childhood and youth of African fish-kills were the shortest on Earth. They become fully adult only two weeks after birth, scientists write in an article published in the journal Current Biology.

Engineers created a completely soft robopauka with microfluidic “muscles”

American engineers have created a completely soft robotic analogue of the spider-peacock (Maratus volans) about three centimeters in size.

Scientists: Caught wild animals shorten their lives

Mirkka Lahdenpera of the University of Turku in Finland analyzed records on the account of animals that worked in logging operations from 1951 to 2000. In total, the document was recorded 5150 elephants. The giants caught for work live less than the individuals that were born in captivity.

Water and light gave scientists the opportunity to see every cell of cancer

Current scanning technologies such as positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging can determine cancer in living tissues, but they can not separate each cell.

Neural networks taught basketball movements

At the heart of the agent are two neural networks responsible for planning the movement and movements of the hands, respectively. During the training of the neural network, real movement recordings were received and for many training cycles the algorithms were able to learn the skills of the athletes.

Mexican corn has learned to get nitrogen from bacteria

Scientists from the United States and Mexico described a variety of corn that receives nitrogen from symbiont bacteria – this ability of a plant can reduce the consumption of fertilizers in agriculture. The study is published in the journal PLOS Biology.

Robots have learned to manipulate people’s emotions

The experiment showed that robots are able to manipulate people, and they succumb to provocation.

In China, there are spy drones that are indistinguishable from birds

South China Morning Post published a material that deals with the test of spy drones in China, which are indistinguishable from birds. They are used by military and security forces for observation.

The bark helped trees overcome gravity

The work is published in The New Phytologist. Previously, scientists assumed that the “engine”, which opposes gravity, is inside the tree trunk.


Volkswagen Polo received a new special version for the Russian Federation

Company Volkswagen has presented a new special version of its compact sedan Polo, intended for sales in the Russian car market. The car got the prefix Joy to its name and was estimated at 804 thousand 900 rubles.

The first sports car Marussia put up for sale for 10 million rubles

The Russian sports car Marussia B1, created by the bankrupt company Marussia Motors, was first put up for sale in the secondary market. Announcement of the sale of the machine in 2008 issue for 10 million rubles was placed by a Novosibirsk auto dealer.

The new Porsche 911 was seen on the Autobahn

On Youtube-channel of the user NIKLAS97 there was a video with the new Porsche 911, which is tested on the autobahn. On the roller you can see an open hatch and an active rear spoiler, in the center of which there is an additional third brake light.

The new Cadillac Escalade SUV can have three engine variants

It is expected that, in addition to a serious update of appearance, the American automaker will equip the novelty with three engine options.

The network got the first photos of the updated Land Cruiser and Lexus LX

The network leaked spy photos of the updated Toyota Land Cruiser 200 without any camouflage, made in one of the Middle East. The legendary frame car has been produced since 2007 without any significant changes.

MG prepares “twin” Baojun 530 with diesel from Fiat

The Indian market is preparing to release a new model from MG, which will be only a creatively reworked crossover Baojun 530. Recall that the first brand belongs to the SAIC concern, and Baojun is a joint project between SAIC and General Motors.

“Avtotor” began production of the updated crossover Hyundai Tucson

The Kaliningrad car factory Avtotor started mass production of the renewed crossover Hyundai Tucson, whose official sales in Russia started slightly less than a week ago. It should be noted that the pre-style version of the model is being assembled in Kaliningrad since 2016

Jeep Wrangler-Outpost II Camper has become a car for all occasions

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) presented a tuned version of the Jeep Wrangler. Based on the SUV built Camper with an extended rear frame and an updated suspension, which was about 10 centimeters higher.

Hyundai to build a plant to produce engines in St. Petersburg

In November, Hyundai is going to begin construction of a power plant in St. Petersburg. It is expected that the enterprise will occupy the territory of 200 hectares in the industrial zone “Kamenka”.

Korean SsangYong Rexton will receive an Indian name

Indian company Mahindra is preparing to present the new SsangYong G4 Rexton off-road SUV. The company SsangYong since 2011 belongs to Mahindra. In the Indian market, the model will be sold under the name XUV700.

Volkswagen Grand California: a new two-story house on wheels

Volkswagen Crafter received a new version called Grand California. This model is a multifunctional house on wheels with two floors

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