6 Jun, 2018

In Kostroma they sell the apartment together with the tenants

In Kostroma at a price of 1.4 million rubles for sale three-room apartment, the area of which is 75.5 square meters. meter. The cost of the object is about twice as low as the market value.

According to the regional portal Kostroma.Today, the price of the lot is related to the fact that the former owners live there. Earlier, the apartment belonged to a family who bought housing in a mortgage and could not cope with payments.

As a result, the owner of the apartment is a bank whose representatives can not evict tenants, because, according to the publication, they have the right to life-long residence by court order. From this, journalists concluded that the new owner will have to take on the eviction of citizens who do not want to leave, but also to let someone on the threshold of their “home”

Briefly about the main ….


Putin told who he celebrated his birthday with

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with the Media Corporation of China said that Xi Jinping is the only world leader with whom he celebrated his birthday.

One can be sure that if we are negotiating with Chairman Xi Jinping about something, then I for my part, and I know that for our part, we always strive to fulfill our obligations. – Vladimir Putin

President of Austria found a “common language” with Vladimir Putin

Alexander van der Bellen, in turn, said that he managed to “find a common language with Vladimir Putin.”

I want to disappoint you, I do not think so, I do not think that we have any problem with certainty. This is a problem for those who would like to see the situation with Russia look like this. – Vladimir Putin

Austria will support the EU position on the issue of sanctions against Russia

The Austrian authorities will support the EU’s position on the extension of sanctions against Russia. This was stated by the Austrian colleague Alexander van der Belle during the press conference following the talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The US Department of State is concerned about reports of Assad’s plans to visit the DPRK

The United States is concerned about reports about the plans of Syrian President Bashar Assad to visit the DPRK and meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no. This was stated by a representative of the State Department

Trump said that preparations for the US-North Korea summit are going well

President of the United States Donald Trump on Tuesday night said that preparations for his meeting with the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-no is going well. The US-North Summit is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore.

The US will lose about three billion dollars because of Mexican taxes

The fees imposed by the Mexican authorities on goods from the United States will cost the American exporters about $ 3 billion. This was stated by the Mexican Minister of Economy Ildefonso Guajardo. “The impact price is about three billion dollars,” Tass quoted the minister as saying.

SBU filed a case because of the publication of the “list of victims” in the Babchenko case

The Security Service of Ukraine opened a criminal investigation into the publication in the media of the list, which allegedly contained information about 47 alleged victims of the organizers of the assassination attempt on journalist Arkady Babchenko. This is reported on the agency’s website

German politicians demand to expel the US ambassador from the country

The leader of the Left faction, Sarah Wagenkneht, demanded the immediate expulsion of the US representative. “He who, like the American ambassador Richard Grenell, believes that he can decide in a lordly way who rules in Europe, can not continue to remain in Germany as a diplomat,” Wagenkneht stressed.

I hope that Mr. Grenelle’s stay as an ambassador will be short. – Martin Schulz, German politician

Georgia severed diplomatic relations with Syria

Official Tbilisi sent notes on the severance of diplomatic relations to Syria’s offices in the UN and Egypt, the Georgian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Senate of Italy expressed confidence in the government of Giuseppe Comte

The new Italian government, led by Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday received a vote of confidence in the Senate of the National Parliament.

Austria extended the contract with Gazprom until 2040

The current contract for the supply of Russian gas to Austria was in effect until the end of 2027. According to Gazprom Export, in 2017, Gazprom established a historic record of gas exports to Austria – 9.1 billion cubic meters. m, which is 50% higher than in 2016.

The head of the US Treasury asks Trump to withdraw Canada from duties

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin asks President Donald Trump to exclude Canada from the list of countries for which duties on imports of steel and aluminum were introduced.

China proposes to create an anti-drug agency within the SCO

China will promote the creation of an anti-drug agency within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to more effectively combat cross-border drug trafficking, said Wei Xiaojun, deputy head of the Drug Enforcement Administration of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China

The US Treasury accused the Iranian airlines of supporting terrorism

The deputy head of the US Treasury warned the European partners to be more careful about cooperation with these airlines, so as not to fall under the secondary sanctions

Ex-deputy head of the FBI applied for immunity in exchange for testimony in Congress

Former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, appealed to the Senate Judiciary Committee for immunity from prosecution. In exchange, he will testify during the upcoming hearing in Congress. This was announced by McCabe’s lawyer


The rise in gasoline prices in May exceeded inflation by 14 times

In the past month, gasoline prices have particularly accelerated – since the beginning of the year it has become more expensive by 7.2%. The overall increase in prices in May was 0.4%, and since the beginning of the year – 1.6%. Thus, the increase in gasoline prices in May exceeded inflation by 14 times, and for the period since the beginning of the year – by 4.5 times.

Old Believers can get a special loan in the Far East

Relocated from abroad to the Far East, Old Believers can be provided with special loan products, said Svetlana Vishnyakova, director of the retail business department of Rosselkhozbank.

Rates on loans for heads of private farms will start from 13% for a period of up to 12 months, and 15% for a loan for a period of one to five years.

Prices for long-distance flights in Novosibirsk rose sharply

The increase in fuel prices caused not only excitement among motorists, but also a rise in the price of tickets for long-distance flights. Director of the Novosibirsk bus station Sergey Ermakov said that the cost of tickets towards Chistoozerny district since June 1 has increased by 5-10%.

The author of the statement about the “dying McCain” left the White House

Assistant US President Donald Trump Kelly Sadler, who became famous for scandalous statements about the health of Senator John McCain, is no longer working in the White House, White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah told reporters

The head of the RAS has told about reform of postgraduate study

The graduate school is going to survive the reform, said the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev. According to him, it should become truly scientific and that the writing of scientific work will become an obligatory attribute of the postgraduate study.

“Do not limit it to 3-4 years. If this is required, then in some disciplines this can be 5 or 6 years. Reduce the amount of pedagogy, do not have to wind up a huge number of hours of lectures, they [graduate students] are future scientists, not teachers, “said Sergeyev.

The government invited the State Duma to close the military departments

In the State Duma will consider a bill on the abolition of military departments in Russian universities. According to the document developed by the Ministry of Defense, they are proposed to be replaced by military training centers. This will allow unifying military training units and increasing the effectiveness of training.

The Ministry of Transport proposed changes to the SDA for cyclists

The Ministry of Transport of Russia proposed several changes to the rules of the road for cyclists, Izvestia reports. The corresponding draft resolution was published on the portal of draft normative legal acts.

The document provides for the introduction of the concept of “bicycle zones”, in which the maximum speed should not exceed 20 km / h.

“Pedestrians can cross the roadway in any unofficial place, bicycles have an advantage over motor vehicles and can move across the width of the carriageway,” the explanatory note notes.

Another innovation is a ban on stopping vehicles on bicycle paths and at a distance of 5 meters from the intersection with them of the carriageway.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations will resume inspections of medium-sized businesses

From January 1, 2016 until the end of 2018 in Russia, the so-called supervisory holidays were introduced, within the framework of which small businesses were released from scheduled inspections. September 12, 2016, the then head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov signed an order banning inspections of small and medium-sized businesses.

For circumvention of locks imposed fines

The State Duma in the third reading approved a bill providing for fines for violating the law on anonymizers. This is stated on the website of the State Duma. The document says that search engines that issue links to banned resources can be fined up to 700 thousand rubles.

In the regions of the Russian Federation revealed about 6.4 thousand violations in the field of overhaul

The prosecutors’ bodies found in the Far Eastern, Siberian, Ural federal districts 6,400 violations of the law in the field of overhaul. The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika said this at a meeting in Khabarovsk on Wednesday.

Credentials with the coat of arms of Ukraine were given to pupils of the school in Ussuriysk

Office of Education and Youth Policy Ussuriysk began checking, after in social networks there was information that pupils of school No. 30 were given certificates with the coat of arms of Ukraine.

Mayor of Novosibirsk through social network asked Putin to help finish the metro

Novosibirsk Mayor Anatoly Lokot decided to take part in a direct line with Russian President Vladimir Putin and recorded a video message in which he asked the head of state to help with the completion of the Novosibirsk subway.

We have design and estimate documentation, there is an understanding of which stations to develop and how to do it. But it is impossible to implement the project at the expense of the budgets of the city and the region. – Anatoly Lokot, Russian politician

The deputy proposed to replace physical education with football in schools

The deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region Vladimir Petrov sent a letter to the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Pavel Kolobkov and Education Minister Olga Vasilieva, in which he suggested replacing the physical education lessons in schools with football.

“Aeroflot” will leave stable prices for tickets to the Crimea

Aeroflot refused to raise prices for economy-class tickets for flights to the Crimea. Will remain unchanged and the number of flights to the airport of the city of Simferopol – ten per day, as provided by the carrier in the summer schedule. This was reported by the press service of the company.

New requirements can be introduced for bus and truck drivers

Gosavtodornadzor can give the right to demand from drivers of buses, including children’s, as well as trucks, driving licenses, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the draft government decree. If the law is adopted, the traffic rules will be amended.

Payments to the investors of Khabarovsk bank “Ussuri” began

Payments began to be paid to depositors of the Khabarovsk bank “Ussuri”, which in late May the Central Bank revoked the license. This is reported by the Deposit Insurance Agency. It is reported that the reception of applications will begin on June 6, for the convenience of customers, the banks’ work hours will be increased.

The government will consider three options for raising the retirement age

According to the interlocutors of the publication, the main report will be made by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin, who will offer two options for raising the retirement age – up to 65 years for men and up to 60 for women or 62 years for men and 60 for women.

Banks were allowed to block client cards to protect against theft

According to the adopted document, the bank will be able to suspend the transfer for a period of up to two days, if there were suspicions that the operation was conducted without the consent of the payer, according to the State Duma website.


The new ecology laboratory did not detect air pollution in Omsk

The Ministry of Natural Resources said that clean air in May is due to meteorological conditions – constant winds. This month in Omsk, a mobile environmental laboratory, delivered on March 14, was launched in a test mode. In May, she conducted 9 trips to various parts of the city

Experts called the regions of Russia with the dirty drinking water

Experts have researched and named regions of Russia with the dirty drinking water, which can become a danger for citizens living there. A deplorable situation has developed in Bashkortostan, the Murmansk region, as well as in the Altai and Stavropol regions, where the pollution threshold exceeds 98%.

The regions with the worst environmental situation are named

The Moscow region was one of the dirtiest – it took 83rd place out of 85 possible. The worst environmental situation, according to the organization, in the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. The most environmentally friendly region, according to the “Green Patrol”, was the Tambov region.

The Sea of Okhotsk turned yellow near the coast of Sakhalin

The Sea of Okhotsk off the coast of Sakhalin has turned yellow due to pollen, told RIA Novosti the head of the NGO “Environmental Watch of Sakhalin” Dmitry Lisitsyn

In the Moscow region began cutting down forests for trails to landfills

Deforestation is carried out within the framework of the priority project of the Government of the Moscow Region “Reduction of the negative impact on the environment through the elimination of objects of accumulated harm to the environment and a decrease in the share of municipal waste disposal”.

In the Rostov region, a high level of fire hazard

According to the MOE for the Rostov region, from 6 to 8 June there is a big risk of a fire. According to the ministry, in the territory of the region there is a high probability of occurrence of landscape fires in the northeastern, central and also the areas of the Azov Sea, fire danger of the fifth class will remain.

Experts checked the water in a blood-red pond in the Voronezh region

Earlier it was reported that in the Voronezh region the water in the pond became blood-red and exudes an unpleasant smell. This was told by the residents of the village of Gribanovsky.

The concentration of nitrites, nitrates and iron in water does not exceed the norm. This means that the reservoir is not chemically contaminated. This refutes the version with emissions of industrial water from a sugar factory located near by on the street. Sakhzavodskaya.

Forests and drip irrigation: in Crimea, the ways to combat drought

The drought on the peninsula occurs four times in 10 years. The doctor of agricultural sciences, professor Fyodor Adamen told about it in the radio of “Sputnik in Crimea”.

Residents of Saratov are advised to fear white and yellow berries

Residents of Saratov warn of the danger of poisoning with poisonous mushrooms and berries. As the townspeople remind in the mayoralty, not all gifts of forests and fields are edible and safe.

The producer of polymers in Dubna was fined 110 thousand rubles

Rospotrebnadzor drafted a protocol on an administrative offense to a legal entity and instituted two administrative cases. The materials are sent for consideration to the district court. Two fine were imposed in the amount of 110,000 rubles.

Ecologists “dismantled the composition” of garbage on the bank of the Sochi River

The World Ecological Day the ecologists of the resort spent on Plastunka. Today in this village the action “To the City of Sochi – Clean Rivers” was held. The coastal strip of the Sochi River near the village of Plastunka is covered with pavilions for picnics.

The plant for the utilization of the ecological situation in the region will not change

The plant for the utilization of landfill gas at the Yadrovo test site will be fully launched on June 6. But local residents do not believe that this will somehow significantly change the ecological situation in the region. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the radio station Ekho Moskvy by a local resident, activist Sergei Zhukov.


The average area of a country house in the suburbs is shrinking

According to analysts “Metrium”, in the I quarter of 2018 the average area of the house in the primary residential property market of the Moscow region1 was 491 square meters. m, while in the same period last year it reached 555 square meters. m. Thus, this indicator decreased by 11%. At the same time on the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway still the most spacious cottages are still offered, which on average are twice as large as the facilities in the entire suburban market of the capital region.

Decisions to raise the export duty on oil products are not accepted

Energy Minister Alexander Novak confirmed on Tuesday evening that the government was indeed considering a proposal to increase the export duty on oil products, but no decisions have yet been taken.

Russian authorities will help Gazprom

The question of the Russian authorities’ assistance to Gazprom in the situation with Naftogaz’s actions to recover 2.56 billion dollars by arbitration decision of Stockholm can be raised after assessing lawyers, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told journalists.

We believe that for such partnerships, such actions do not have a good effect. And we see that on the part of the European states, which are aimed at regulating these relations, there is some surprise that this is happening today. – Alexander Novak, Russian statesman

Bloomberg: US asked OPEC to increase oil production

The US government asked Saudi Arabia and some other members of OPEC to increase oil production by about 1 million barrels a day. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to several sources.

Syria: reconstruction of oil refinery started in Homs

The general director of the oil refinery in the Syrian city of Homs Ali Tarraf announced the beginning of the reconstruction of the enterprise. It is noted that before the war the plant received oil from fields in the east of Syria and from Iraq, but then the militants cut oil pipelines and destroyed pumping stations

“Svyaznoy” liquidates the brand “Euroset” during the year

The joint venture of the SLV group of Oleg Malis and Megafon within a year will transfer all Euroset stores to the Svyaznoy brand. This was said in a statement. In late May, SLV and Megafon closed the deal to merge Euroset and Svyaznoy.

Head of Kuban suggested agrarians switch to gas fuel

The governor recalled that before the beginning of this situation, only a third of the farms of the region managed to purchase fuel with prices. Kondratiev also recalled that at the beginning of this spring, one of the farms in the Pavlovsk district has already switched to gas, and now a large mobile refueling complex operates on its base.

The prices for gasoline will grow, for this there are objective reasons, and gas today is cheaper at times. It is necessary to start actively translating the technique into gasoline fuel. – Veniamin Kondratiev, Russian statesman

The Central Bank spent for rehabilitation of large banks 2.6 trillion rubles

According to Mrs. Nabiullina, the Central Bank made 758.3 billion rubles in the capital of sanitized banks. and gave them in the form of deposits of 1.86 trillion rubles. At the end of last year, the deputy chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev estimated the potential spending modestly – slightly more than 1 trillion rubles. to all three sanitized banking groups.

“Lukoil” will enter the consortium for work in the Caspian Sea

The companies are to negotiate with the Kazakh authorities to obtain subsoil use rights for the said site. This Caspian project is important for Lukoil to expand its resource base in the region. Block Zhenis is located at a distance of 80 km from the coast and 180 km from the port of Aktau.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation from June 7 to July 5 will buy the currency for 379.7 billion rubles

The daily volume of the purchase of currency will be 19 billion rubles The RF Ministry of Finance will send a record amount for the purchase of foreign currency in the domestic market during the period from June 7 to July 5, the official website of the agency said.

Arbitration recovered from the company of Dmitry Firtash $ 46 million at the suit of VTB

The Moscow Arbitration Court ruled to recover about $ 46 million from the Ukrainian company Ukrainian Chemical Products, which ran the Crimean Titan enterprise and is part of a group of Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash, on the suit of VTB.

Residents of Russia began to overpay for domestic products in 2 times

Consumption of consumers to support Russian producers of agricultural products increased from 278.2 billion rubles. in 2014 to 603.7 billion in 2016 at current prices, analysts of the Department for Research and Forecasting of the Central Bank in the bulletin “What the Trends Say” (the position may not coincide with the official position of the Central Bank), found.

Sberbank capitalizes on the microcredit company “Outstanding Loans”

Sberbank will capitalize a subsidiary for issuing loans for small and micro business – the microcredit company “Outstanding loans”, Sberbank senior vice president Anatoly Popov told reporters.

Against ANZ, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank criminal case

The Australian Commission on Competition and Consumer Rights (ACCC) accused ANZ, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank of cartel collusion and filed a criminal case, a number of senior managers of all three financial institutions will also be brought to justice, writes Reuters.

Housing Fund in 2017 reduced net profit by 40%

In 2017, the Housing and Utilities Fund reduced its net profit under RAS by 40% compared to the previous year, to 1.2 billion rubles, according to the annual report of the state corporation.

Gazprom and OMV continue negotiations on the exchange of assets

Gazprom and OMV are continuing negotiations on the asset swap deal, the direct sale of OMV shares in the development project of the Achimov deposits of the Urengoy field is not discussed, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told journalists.


Ukrainian border guards confessed helplessness on the Azov Sea

Earlier, the Ukrainian Navy was informed of the closure until September 1 of three sections of the Azov Sea for military exercises. The situation in the Sea of Azov exacerbated in March, after Ukrainian border guards detained the ship “Nord” under the Russian flag

Qatar is considering the possibility of joining NATO

Qatar would like to join the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), which is now effectively cooperating, the deputy prime minister of Qatar’s government, the state minister of defense Khaled bin Muhammad al-Attiyah, said in an interview with the Al Taliia Defense Ministry magazine.

NATO said that Russia violated the military balance in the Black Sea

Special representative of the NATO Secretary General for Central Asia and the Caucasus James Appathurai asserts that Russia allegedly violated the military balance in the Black Sea zone. According to Appathurai, the reunification of Russia and Crimea led to the fact that “a lot of military equipment” was delivered to the peninsula.

US threatened to deprive Turkey of fighters for Russia

The supply of American F-35 fighter planes in Turkey may be broken due to the country’s cooperation with Russia. This was stated by US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell, RIA Novosti reported. In particular, Washington is concerned that Ankara intends to purchase from Russia Su-57 fighters.

Air Defense of Crimea strengthened by the division “Pantsir-S1”

The air defense unit in the Crimea this year will be strengthened by the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile battalion, Viktor Sevostyanov, commander of the 4th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Southern Military District, said.

Sea Fleet of the Baltic Fleet to receive two Su-30SM in June

Two multi-purpose Su-30SM aircraft can be included in the naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet, Igor Dygalo, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry for the Navy, said.

Ukraine shelled the north of Donetsk and the airport area

Militants of the Armed Forces fired from the mortars and grenade launchers the village of Spartak in the north of Donetsk and the airport area, the representative of the People’s Democratic Republic of the USSR in the SKKK Ruslan Yakubov said on June 5, reports DAN.

The US is developing a promising nuclear weapon

The United States said that they began to develop prospective low-power nuclear weapons to “contain Russia”, reports DEITA.

The United States is developing a program to search for nuclear weapons

Reuters reports that the US military budget provides for $ 83 million to create one of the programs based on artificial intelligence. The system for detecting nuclear weapons is already being tested, but it is at the initial stage of development, the agency reports.

In Rosgvardia appeared scientific company

In the armed forces there were scientific companies – one of them in Rosgvardia in Balashikha. If in ordinary companies the computer is an unacceptable luxury, then in scientific it is a necessity. Thus, it became possible to conduct research in the field of countering aircraft.


Polish experts said the traces of explosives on the Tu-154

The Polish commission to investigate the plane crash near Smolensk, in which the president of the republic Lech Kaczynski perished in 2010, announced the discovery of traces of explosives on the wreckage of the aircraft, the agency PAP.

In China, rescued 23 miners, locked underground after the explosion

Rescuers managed to rescue 23 miners who were blocked underground as a result of an explosion in a mine in northeast China, local authorities reported.

In Guatemala, people are urgently evacuated because of a volcano

Guatemalan authorities on Tuesday announced an urgent evacuation from areas adjacent to the volcano Fuego, because of its activity

Chronology of the day of the poisoning of the Fiddles has been restored

The London police restored the chronology of the events of the poisoning day of former Colonel GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia on March 4. The report was published on June 5 on the Scotland Yard website.

Designer Kate Spade found dead in New York City

Designer and founder of the brand Kate Spade New York Kate Spade found dead in New York, writes The New York Times with reference to the police.

A major fire occurred in the Chernobyl exclusion zone

“On June 5 at 10:10 in Kiev region in the exclusion zone and compulsory resettlement there was a burning of dry grass with the subsequent spread of a fire in the forest on an area of about 10 hectares,” the report said. It is noted that 20 units of equipment and 126 people are involved in fire fighting.

Inhabitants of Dagestan have felt an earthquake in Azerbaijan

Residents of Dagestan felt the earthquake earthquake in Azerbaijan, reports RIA Novosti referring to the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs paid for the past

A clean dossier, or an operational record, was needed by Colonel Khizriyev in order to try to take the place of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan. For the past eight years, the department is headed by Lieutenant-General Abdurashid Magomedov.

Former Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan arrested on charges of corruption

The court in Bishkek arrested former Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov. He will be kept in jail until the end of the investigation. This is reported on the website of the State Committee for National Security (GKNB) of the republic.

Firefighters liquidated the open burning in the shopping center “Port” in Kazan

Firefighters eliminated the open burning in the shopping center “Port” in Kazan, said the official representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Tatarstan Andrei Rodygin. “At 14:03 Moscow time – the elimination of open burning”, – quotes Tass. It is reported that the area of the fire was 2.8 thousand square meters. m.

Omichku was put on trial for listening to her husband’s conversations

The woman suspected her husband of treason and used special means. Through the Internet, a 33-year-old resident of Omsk purchased a GPS tracker with a listening function and installed this equipment in the car of a spouse who was suspected of infidelity.

In Ethiopia, a crocodile killed a priest during the rite of baptism

In Ethiopia, a crocodile killed a Protestant priest when he went into the water to conduct a mass rite of baptism, the BBC reports. A priest named Doho Eshete held a baptismal ceremony for about 80 people on Lake Abaya.


Sister Jeanne Friske explained why she sometimes wears her things

Sister Zhanna Friske Natalia surprised the fans with an unexpected confession on her page in the social network Instagram. She said that she sometimes puts on things her beloved sister, who died almost three years ago from cancer. As Natalia admits, at such moments she has a feeling that her sister is next to her.

Weinstein did not plead guilty in the rape case

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has not pleaded guilty to the rape case in New York. This is reported by the Associated Press.

Yegor Creed does not plan to marry the winner of “Bach”

Yegor Creed refused to build further relations with the winner of “Bach” Dasha Klyukina. The musician explained why he and Daria initially had no chance to build love. Yegor Creed decided on the girl with whom he would like to link his future life, as part of the show “Bach”.

Doctors attacked Elena Sparrow because of her daughter’s health condition

Elena Vorobei became the guest of the next program of the program “Live”, where she told how doctors attacked her in the clinic because of her daughter’s health condition. According to the artist, she herself noticed the problems of a 15-year-old girl and went to the doctors.

The singer of Glory struck admirers with her frank daughter’s neckline

The 19-year-old Alexandra has surpassed the star mother in beauty. In recent years, the popularity of the singer of Glory has practically come to naught – except for the loud hit “Loneliness – the bastard” to remember from her repertoire, perhaps there is nothing. However, Slava did not lose time in vain: she raised her daughters.

Shoigu’s paintings and sculptures will be shown to the public for the first time

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Sergei Shoigu, for the first time handed over his own artwork for the exhibition at the National Museum of the Republic of Tuva. This was reported in the department of culture of the department headed by him.

Military will compete with civilians in the ability to embroider a cross

The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced a contest for cross stitching “The Harsh Thread”. This was told by the director of the department of culture of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Vladimir Bozdygan to the Moscow City News Agency. In the contest “Severe string” can participate not only military, but also civilians.

Allison Kloss and Danny De Vito exchanged jokes

Last May, 17-year-old Ellison Kloss from Pennsylvania could not find a pair for her prom. However, the girl nevertheless left the situation and, moreover, very original. Instead of a live companion, she appeared on a holiday with a life-size cardboard figure by Danny DeVito. In the end, De Vito became the star of the party, and classmates lined up for the ridiculous selfie.

Today, the Hollywood actor published his Allison response in his microblogging. In the published photo, he was photographed with a cartoon figure Kloss behind the bar.

Ex-husband Pugacheva believes that Rotaru has become arrogant

Ex-husband of Alla Borisovna Pugacheva Alexander Stefanovich, being the director of the film “The Soul”, invited to the main role Sofia Rotaru, because the Diva did not find a common language with the crew. They say that the star still did not forgive her “replacement” for her husband.

From the competition “Miss America” was removed the defile in swimsuits

The organizers of the contest “Miss America” decided to change the format and refused to defile in swimsuits.

Serebrennikov received for the ballet “Nureyev” a prestigious award

The director received a prize for scenography in ballet, which was staged on December 9 at the Bolshoi Theater. Also, awards for “Nureyev” were received by choreographer Yuri Posohov and composer Ilya Demutsky.

Natalia Oreiro performed a song of Cheburashka in Russian

Natalia Oreiro admitted that she is very indifferent to Russian children’s songs. At home, in Uruguay, she has many books with Russian folk tales. The singer learned the “Song of Cheburashka” in Russian and sang it at the presentation.

Launched an interactive photo exhibition about Russian football

It is worth noting that each interactive photo was synchronized with the Artefact offer. By running the program and clicking on the dots you can hear the audio history of the event, as well as learn a lot of subtle details. It is known that the application also collected images with textual accompaniment

The new trailer “The Chronicles of Predatory Cities” showed the plot of the future film

A new trailer for the fantastic film “The Chronicles of Predatory Cities”, based on the novel of the same name by Philip Riva, was released on June 5 on Universal Pictures YouTube channel.

On “Kinotavr” the best short film has been defined

The main statuette went to director Igor Poplauhin for the short film “Calendar”. The relevant information was published on the official website of the Kinotavr film prize.

The first trailer of the movie “Bumblebee” appeared on the web

On the Youtube channel of the film company Paramount Pictures, the first trailer of the spin-off “Transformers” – “Bumblebee” was released. Action “Bumblebi” occurs in the 80 years of the last century. The plot is about a robot transformer, which is found in a dump by a teenage girl.

Director Livnev presented the film “Van Goghy” on Kinotavr

The premiere of the film directed by Sergei Livnev “Van Goghi” with Alexei Serebryakov and Polish star Daniel Olbrychsky took the lead roles in the main competitive program of the Russian Film Festival “Kinotavr” on Tuesday.

Released trailer of the cartoon “Ralph vs. the Internet”

On the official channel Disney Russia in Youtube published trailer of the animated film “Ralph against the Internet.” The premiere of the cartoon in Russia will be held on November 22.

The film “Temporary difficulties” was shown on “Kinotavr”

A child with a severe disability, the father inspires that he is healthy and this is only temporary difficulties. The boy has to cope with a lot of problems. Becoming an adult, he achieves success, but the problem of relations with his father has yet to be solved.


Skolkovo has developed a compact system for monitoring the movement of vehicles

In Russia, a compact complex of traffic control has been developed: it automatically recognizes vehicle numbers, measures speed and fixes traffic violations. The developer was the resident company of the Skolkovo Foundation – Vokorod.

Secret laboratory of Amazon on struggle against a cancer have found out mass-media

CNBC journalists learned that Amazon has created a secret unit of the Grand Challenge, which is engaged in cancer research. As reported by the media, this unit operates under the guidance of Google Glass creator Babak Parviz.

In Japan, invented a flying robot hose to extinguish a fire

Engineers from Tohoku University in Japan created a flying robotic hose that helps firefighters extinguish the fire. The novelty was presented in the framework of the ICRA-2018 conference, as well as the video in the popular video hosting Youtube.

At MIPT, a quantum chip with a sound resonator

According to the figure of the authors of the article, the designer – Elena Khavina, the press service of MIPT Researchers from Russia and the UK demonstrated an artificial quantum system in which a quantum bit interacts with an acoustic resonator in the quantum mode.

Scientists: Vaccine designed to protect from 30% of HIV strains

An important study was conducted by experts from the United States, representing the National Institute for the Study of Infections, a work published in Nature Medicine. American scientists say that a vaccine has been created that protects against 30% of HIV strains. The study conducted studies using experimental mice and monkeys.

US resident defeats incurable breast cancer

American oncologists described the first case of complete cure of a patient from metastatic drug-resistant breast cancer. A personalized T-cell immunotherapy helped to cure the woman with preliminary detection of tumor-specific mutations

The risk of attack by predators on the guppies increased the size of their brain

It turned out that the risk of attack by predators on the guppies increased the size of their brain in comparison with the relatives inhabited in calmer water bodies. A new study was conducted by ecologists from Liverpool John Moores University, who compared the weight of the guppy brain, which live in different conditions.

In Rome, an untouched tomb of an ancient athlete was discovered

Roman archaeologists have discovered an untouched ancient tomb in which, apparently, once was buried the athlete. News about this published resource The History Blog.

Scientists: Guppy fish eyes turn black with anger

Researchers from the University of Exeter in the UK and scientists from Trinidad and Tobago have found that guppies can express their aggressive mood by changing the color of the eyes, writes N + 1 referring to the publication Current Biology. The eyes of guppies are a means of communication, scientists believe.

Nvidia introduced a universal “brain” for autonomous robots

The release of Jetson Xavier will allow start-ups to launch a mass production of robots, says Ren-Sun Huang, head of Nvidia. Ren-Sun Huang head of Nvidia “Artificial intelligence combined with sensors and mechanisms will become the brain of a new generation of autonomous machines”

Quantum algorithms Microsoft will help diagnose cancer

Microsoft, together with the University of CWRU, is developing a new approach to the diagnosis of oncological diseases using quart algorithms. The calculations will increase the accuracy and speed of diagnosis in an MRI scan.

Scientists first raised live deep-sea fish to the surface of the ocean

Oceanologists first caught deep reef fish and raised them to the surface of the sea in a living form, using a kind of mobile “pressure chamber”. The description of this trip to the seabed was published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science.

Scientists: A supernatural person perceives the parietal part of the brain

It turned out that during a decrease in the activity of the parietal lobe of the brain, a sensation of the presence of otherworldly forces can be created. Such indicators are fixed in all 27 people regardless of religious views.

Scientists have found the ability of bacteria to eat cleaners

Scientists from the United States found that some types of bacteria have the ability to feed on cleaning agents that are used to treat the premises. This is reported in the journal Astrobiology. Bacteria were found in the premises where spacecraft are collected

Artificial bone marrow will help fight blood diseases

Artificial tissue had a similar molecular structure with natural niches of the bone marrow. The development of this model will allow in the future to learn how various processes in the body affect the formation of blood, and also contribute to safe and more effective trials of drugs.


Facebook will close Huawei access to personal data of users

Facebook has decided to terminate the partnership agreement with Huawei, which opens the Chinese company access to personal data of users. The agreement was concluded with Huawei in 2010.

Hackers stole data from more than 92 million users of the MyHeritage social network

Unknown hackers have stolen data from more than 92 million users of the social network MyHeritage.

“Odnoklasniki” added virtual masks to video calls

Users will be able to choose one of the virtual masks during the conversation to express their emotions, noted in “Classmates”. Video effects work on the basis of a neural network. The technology recognizes the user’s face by key points and automatically imposes an effect.

In Russia, a mobile application for sign language translation

The mobile program was shown on InnoWeek-2018. According to the developers, their program is already ready for testing and can be used for personal and commercial purposes. The application was created for sign language translation and it can replace translators.

“Dangerous” Petersburg Wi-Fi

“Kaspersky Lab” called the public Wi-Fi one of the most unsafe in Russia. In particular, 37% of access points to the wireless network do not use the encryption and authentication algorithm. The study took place in the cities that will host the World Cup matches.

Apple will present a brand new Mac App Store

Apple presents the Mac App Store in the new version, it is the largest catalog of materials, in which there will be even more useful applications. Among them is the Lightroom CC from Adobe, Office from Microsoft, Houseparty, BBEdit from Bare Bones, Live Studio from Snap Inc. and Transmit from Panic.

Payments on the card will be voice

Recently, the company provided an opportunity to make payment through Masterpass while using Facebook messenger. According to the company’s vice president Anne Kerns, making payments with the help of a voice assistant can be an important step for the future, CNBC reports.

New social services Apple may pose a threat to Facebook

While Applay on Monday touted its latest operating system for mobile devices, it also reported on the upcoming functional characteristics, which together will have the features of the business of social networks. For example, there are already tools that facilitate the distribution of photos among friends, as well as a group video chat service for 32 participants and the ability to play with friends in games of augmented reality.

At the same time, Apple introduced new tools to use private information on its Safari browser, which will limit the collection of personal information by applications such as Facebook.


Asus released a notebook ZenBook Pro with a touchscreen instead of a touchpad

Asus has released a new laptop ZenBook Pro, it has a touchscreen instead of a touchpad. Experts consider this a glance into the future, it is possible to use an additional numeric keypad to be displayed on the mini-display.

In Russia, sales of an affordable smartphone Honor 7A

In Russia, the smartphone Honor 7A was launched. This model is budget and will be provided in several colors.

Apple minimizes hacking of its smartphones in iOS 12

Reporters found in the beta version of the mobile operating system iOS 12 function, which can potentially prevent the device from hacking using tools used by special services.

Russian OS Sailfish for smartphones will be released before 2019

By the end of 2018, the platform will work in a more or less “combat” mode, assured Noskov. The RF Minister of Communications supported the idea of the transition of Russian state bodies to smartphones with a safe operating system, proposed by Rostelecom.

H & M has developed a voice assistant for H & M Home

H & M has developed a voice assistant for H & M Home, which will give people advice about the interior of the house. The application will function on the basis of Google Assistant, but when it can be applied in practice, the company is not informed.

Lenovo introduced smartphones K5 Note and A5

The presentation of two new Chinese smartphones Lenovo K5 Note and A5. The devices will be offered at a price of 124/156 dollars and 93 dollars respectively.

Huawei launches new budget smartphone in Russia

Chinese technology company Huawei announced the beginning of the sale of its new mobile device, reports “VistaNews”. This is a new budget smartphone Honor 7A, which, according to company representatives, combines quality and affordable price


Presented a new trailer Code Vein

The Internet unveiled the exclusive trailer of the hardcore Japanese action version of RPG Code Vein. In addition, the developers called the release date.

Blizzard confirmed – the new Diablo in development

The description of the vacancies for several positions at once (from the artist of the dungeons to the creative leader) for one of the teams of Blizzard starts right from the words that now the company is working on an unannounced project for the Diablo universe.

Daniel Vavra told about bugs, indulgences and the future of the game

Released patch 1.5 fixes more than two hundred game errors, and Vavra apologized for the fact that the game was so many bugs

The last season of The Walking Dead by Telltale will start in August

The premiere of the first episode of the last season of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games will be held on August 14 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Until the end of the year the project will reach the Nintendo Switch. As early as June 8, preliminary orders for the final season will begin, this time consisting of four episodes.

In Hide or Die there will be a female hunter

Asymmetric multi-player action movie Hide or Die, long before the final of the campaign at Kickstarter received full funding.

The number of players in the State of Decay reached 2 million

At the same time, Microsoft shared some statistics over the past two weeks. So, to date, players in the State of Decay 2 destroyed almost 2 billion zombies, and they survived on average for three days. Now the team is fixing numerous flaws, bugs and flaws.

IO Interactive prepares the announcement of Hitman 2

Gamers have long assumed that to work on the series, the studio entered into a partnership with WB Games, and now they found in the website code of the publisher the confirmation of this theory: they found the logo of Hitman 2.

In Heroes of the Storm Horde will fight with the Alliance for the Alterac Pass

In the Heroes of the Storm, a long-term hostility will soon break out with renewed force: the forces of the Horde and the Alliance will converge in the battle for the pass through the Alterac Mountains. Drek’Thar will lead the first, and Vandar the Storm Peak will lead the second.

Microsoft Studios focuses on “long-playing” projects

In January, there were personnel changes at Microsoft. To the position of corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios was appointed Matt Buti, who previously was responsible for Minecraft. About what is waiting for Microsoft’s games under his leadership, one can judge from the interview that Buti gave to MCV.

Red Remedy: Guerrilla now has a release date and a trailer

Publisher THQ Nordic released the first trailer of the remake of Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered. Basically, it is devoted to a variety of destruction and fierce exchange of fire in the performance of the protagonist and huge combat robots.


In Russia, recall 19.7 thousand cars Peugeot and Citroen

As reported on the site of Rosstandart, under the review were 16696 cars. Of these, there are almost 11,000 cars Peugeot 4007 and 8.7 thousand cars Citroen C-Crosser, sold during the period from February 2008 to September 2014

The reason for such a large recall was the problem with the front wiper. In particular, the owners repeatedly noticed the ingress of water through its ventilation, which, in the end, can disable the electric motor, due to which it operates.

Audi introduced the new flagship crossover Audi Q8

Audi officially introduced the new serial crossover Audi Q8, which became the new flagship in the model range of the brand. The presentation of the long-awaited novelty took place as part of a special event in China Compared with the Audi Q7 soplatformnikom the new model turned out to be wider, lower and shorter

The prices and complete sets of the new Volkswagen Touareg for Russia are named

The company Volkswagen announced official prices and complete sets for a new generation of its SUV Touareg, which is preparing to enter the Russian car market. In the basic version, the cost of the novelty will be 3 million 200 thousand rubles.

The new Hyundai Tucson became a “soft” 48-volt hybrid

Korean auto giant Hyundai introduced a hybrid modification of the updated Tucson crossover. Novelty received a 48-volt starter-generator, aggregated with 186-strong turbodiesel CRDi, as well as a set of high-performance lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 0.44 kWh.

Published official photos of the new BMW X5

The new BMW X5 will show the world public only on June 25, but the first official photos of the crossover are already on the web. Considering the images presented, you can see that the design of the front of the car is made in the style of the younger brother of the BMW X3.

Motor Ferrari won for the third time in the competition “Engine of the Year”

The company Ferrari won the competition “International Engine of the Year.” Total manufacturer won in six categories, the title of the best engine got 3.9-liter turbo V8.

Audi company will create an unmanned fleet by 2021

The other day it became known that the company Audi by 2021 will release its own unmanned fleet. Information was also confirmed by Rupert Stadler, the head of the company, during the presentation of the Q8 SUV. The launch of the unmanned fleet is timed to the 50th anniversary of the slogan “Progress through technology”.

New shareholders of Tesla decided to dismiss Ilona Mask

Shareholders year after year closed their eyes to all problems, but now the threat of bankruptcy forces them to take action. According to experts, their posts will be deprived of the head of 21st Century Fox James Murdoch, venture capitalist Antonio Gracias and Ilon’s younger brother – Kimball Musk

Tuners from Novitec made the sedan Maserati Ghibli more powerful and faster

Tuning studio Novitec presented a package of improvements for the sedan Maserati Ghibli, resulting in the car became more powerful and faster

In Nissan, stopped developing new diesel engines

As reported, as early as 2020, the manufacturer completely refuses to produce diesel engines. The reason for this event is the stringent environmental standards, as well as the declining popularity of diesel cars in several European countries.

Volkswagen released “farewell” Beetle Exclusive for Japan

The company Volkswagen completes the production of the legendary model Volkswagen Beetle. “Farewell” version of Beetle Exclusive for the Japanese market the other day came off the assembly line. The reason for the rejection of the model was expected to be a drop in demand, which continues from year to year

Chinese from Byton will release competitors Tesla and Mercedes-Benz EQ

Last year at an exhibition in Las Vegas, the Chinese auto brand Byton unveiled its fully electric crossover, the premiere of which was widely publicized. Now the engineers of Byton are preparing for the debut sports sedan, which will compete for customers with Tesla and Mercedes-Benz EQ.

Peugeot announced the premiere of the new station wagon Peugeot 508 SW

Experts believe that the model will inherit the motors from the previously presented Peugeot 508 sedan, the debut of which was held in Geneva in March this year. On the level of equipment, the new model will also give way to the sedan.

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