9 Jun, 2018

In Russia, the number of bankrupt citizens doubled in a year

The number of bankrupt citizens in Russia at the end of May 2018 amounted to 65.9 thousand people, 2 times more than at the end of May 2017, follows from the reports of arbitration managers disclosed in Fedresurs (fedresurs.ru).

On average, there are 45 bankrupts per 100,000 people in Russia. The greatest density of bankruptcies – in the Vologda region (148 bankrupts per 100 thousand population) and the Ryazan region (91 bankrupts per 100 thousand population).

Since the institution of consumer bankruptcy since October 1, 2015, only 9% of citizens have been declared insolvent, who could have passed the procedure on formal grounds. Potential bankruptcies are significantly larger – 712.05 thousand people, according to the United Credit Bureau (OKB) as of June 1, 2018. This borrowers with a debt of more than 500 thousand rubles. and overdue for more than 90 days at least one loan. At the same time, another 9.80 million people have outstanding loans over 90 days and can voluntarily use the bankruptcy procedure to ease their financial situation.

A record number of court decisions on declaring citizens bankrupt – 3420 – was recorded in April 2018, in May there was a slight decrease to 3243, which the head of the “Fedresurs” project Alexey Yukhnin explains by the large number of holidays this month.

The rate of growth in the number of citizens, natural persons and individual entrepreneurs, whom courts recognize as bankrupt, remains at about 50% per year. In January-May 2018, the number of these decisions increased 1.5 times to 15 628 people by January-May 2017. The number of reports issued by the managers on completed procedures for the same period increased 1.8-fold to 7,064.

In Moscow for five months of 2018, 1305 people became bankrupt (+ 65% by January-May 2017), in the Moscow region – 958 citizens (+ 57%), in St. Petersburg – 822 citizens (54%).

Yuliya Filatova, United Credit Bureau

Briefly about the main ……


Merkel opposed the return of Russia to the G8

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opposed the connection of Russia to the G8 format, ZDF reported. The head of the German government noted that the return of Moscow does not make sense until the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis. Her statement was supported by France, Canada and representatives of the European Union.

We all agreed that Russia’s return to G7 summits can not happen until significant progress is achieved in connection with problems related to Ukraine. It was a common opinion. – Angela Merkel, German politician

“Apple” could not nominate a candidate for the post of mayor of Moscow

The conference of the Moscow branch of the Yabloko party failed to nominate a candidate for the post of the mayor of Moscow on Saturday night, Tass correspondent reports from the meeting hall.

Manafort denied Muller’s accusations of pressure on witnesses

Former head of the election headquarters of Donald Trump Paul Manafort rejected accusations of special prosecutor Robert Mueller in putting pressure on witnesses, reports Reuters.

Stop harassment of journalists

The European Federation of Journalists condemned the aggression of the Ukrainian authorities against colleagues during the congress of the organization in Portuguese Lisbon. The Federation urged Kiev to immediately stop the persecution of journalists.

“We strongly condemn this campaign of intimidation by state officials and call on the Ukrainian authorities to put an end to any acts of harassment of journalists and representatives of journalistic organizations,” RT quotes.

Vladimir Putin hopes for a constructive dialogue with Donald Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that his personal meeting with US President Donald Trump will be constructive.

He is very thoughtful. He is able to listen and react to arguments presented by the interlocutor. All this gives me reason to believe that dialogue can be constructive. – Vladimir Putin

Ex-CIA agent convicted of espionage in favor of China

The jury found a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (US CIA) Kevin Mallory guilty of spying for China. Now he faces life imprisonment, the press service of the United States Department of Justice reports.

Austria sends 40 imams and closes 7 mosques

Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurtz said that the country began the procedure of deporting dozens of representatives of the Turkish-Islamic Union for Cultural and Social Cooperation in Austria (ATIB). They are accused of violating the Austrian law on Islam.

For three years under my predecessors nothing like this happened. Now this is changing. – Sebastian Kurtz, Austrian politician

Help North Korea

The United States expects that if the DPRK nuclear issue is resolved, Pyongyang’s first financial assistance will be provided by its neighbors, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

In Germany, urged not to threaten sanctions “Northern stream – 2”

The German authorities called on third countries to stop threatening sanctions with the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. This was on Friday, June 8, said Vice Speaker of the German Bundestag Thomas Oppermann. The German politician said this at a meeting with State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. This was reported by RIA Novosti

Italy can veto the extension of sanctions against the Russian Federation

Italy can veto the extension of sanctions against Russia. As Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said, he will study this issue, Interfax reports.

New tariffs for steel and aluminum will be discussed at G7

Canadian Foreign Minister Hristia Freeland, speaking to reporters on the margins of the G7 summit, said that G7 members are planning to discuss import duties on steel and aluminum introduced recently by US President Donald Tramp.

Journalist unloved by Trump NYT pursues FBI

The international organization, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), based in New York, on Friday expressed concern over violations of the rights of New York Times journalist Eli Watkins, which, according to the organization, was the first such precedent for President Donald Trump.

The EU can no longer rely unreservedly on the US

The US remains the main ally of the European Union, but the existing disagreements with the American side do not allow us to rely entirely on the current administration in Washington. This was stated by the Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas in an interview with the newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung.


The Ministry of Defense of Russia is preparing to change the rules of conscription

The Ministry of Defense of Russia proposed to amend the law “On Military Duty and Military Service”, as well as the provision on draft. A possible list of changes is planned to be prepared and approved by July of this year.

WP: Chinese hackers stole data on military developments of the US Navy

Working for the Chinese government hackers stole highly sensitive data from the contractor of the US Navy. It is reported by The Washington Post referring to sources in the US administration

Gaza Strip: four Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israelis

The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem need this, and we are determined to do everything possible to provide them with international protection. So far we are at the very beginning of this path, but we have already managed to secure the support of the majority in the Security Council.

Inexhaustible humor Odessites are alive

The Ministry of Defense called an anecdote on the “interception” of the Russian missile ship to the Ukrainian An-26. As the official representative of the Russian defense department, Igor Konashenkov, said such a news indicates that “the inexhaustible humor of Odessa residents is alive.”

The grotesque news of the Odessa newspaper about the successful “interception” of the Russian military aircraft by the Ukrainian An-26 transport aircraft in the Black Sea speaks first of all that the inexhaustible humor of the Odessites is alive, no matter what. – Igor Konashenkov, Russian Major-General

Pentagon reported on the death of the US military in Somalia

The Pentagon confirmed the death of one US military and wounding four more as a result of an attack by a group of militants in Somalia. According to CNN, the militants used firearms and mortars. The servicemen were training Somali forces.

The US Army launched the production of new missiles to fight against Russia

The US intends to focus on the production of missiles, hypersonic weapons and long-range artillery to cope with the potential threat from Russia in Europe. Minister of the US Army Mark Esper called the work in this direction a priority number one

Boeing will supply the US Navy with 18 fighters for $ 862 million

Boeing won a tender for the supply of 18 F-18 deck-fighter bombers for the US Navy. This is reported by the US Department of Defense.

Russia was accused of the death of 44 civilians in Syria

The blow, indeed, could cause Russian aircraft, said the founder of Conflict Intelligence Team Ruslan Leviev. Syrian human rights activists say that among the dead 11 women and 6 children. The Ministry of Defense asserts that the Russian military did not strike

Trump notified the congress about the participation of US troops in operations around the world

President of the United States Donald Trump, within the framework of the Military Powers Act of 1973, sent an annual notice to Congress of the participation of the US military in counter-terrorism operations around the world and in peacekeeping efforts.

NATO will send a mission for the training of the Iraqi military

NATO will soon send a new mission of hundreds of military personnel to train the Iraqi armed forces in response to a request from the Iraqi government, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in a joint statement with Pentagon chief James Mattis in Brussels.

Britain said it was following the actions of Russia in the Arctic

The Russian Arctic Command has expanded its military presence and activity in the Far North, the United Kingdom is monitoring Russia’s actions in this region, said Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom Mark Lancaster.

The United States called the withdrawal of its troops from Syria

As the head of the US Defense Ministry, James Mattis, said, it is pointless to withdraw troops, because the struggle continues. First of all, it is the struggle against the “Islamic state” (a terrorist organization is banned in Russia).

“The case is not over yet, the operation will continue, and the United States of America intends to bring it to its logical conclusion,” Mattis said, answering the journalist’s question about the timing of the withdrawal of troops from Syria.


Because of the song about “Uncle Vova” fired another journalist

Nizhnevartovsk television channel N1 fired the second journalist for two days against the background of the scandal surrounding the performance of the song “Uncle Vova, we are with you” wards of one of the kindergartens of the city. This time, the producer and TV presenter Konstantin Shcherbina lost his job.

According to sources in the city media, the journalist could be dismissed because of the channel coverage of scandalous events in the 68th kindergarten in Nizhnevartovsk, where the creative team “Do-mi-sol-ka” performed a sensational song during the concert.

A broad discussion in the media began after the video from the concert was posted on the web by the mother of one of the pupils of the kindergarten.

She was dismissed the day before from the same TV channel journalist Alexander Terikova.

Forced withdrawal from the N1 followed her interview “Rain”, on the air of which the girl told about the situation.

The head of the Ministry of Labor Topilin told about the possibility of people to live up to 200 years

Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin suggested that the human body has the resources to live up to 150-200 years. The minister voiced his opinion at a gala evening in the Kremlin Palace dedicated to the Day of the Social Worker.

Indeed, maybe there are reserves and resources in the human body to live, maybe up to 150, and up to 200 years, until we know this, but, probably, it can be. – Maxim Topilin

American schoolchildren allowed marijuana

Colorado – the first American state in which it was allowed to grow, sell and use marijuana not only for medical purposes, but also in recreational ones. At the same time, under US federal law, marijuana refers to banned substances.

Russians will be allowed to use housing certificates in shared construction

The Ministry of Construction prepared a draft resolution of the Russian government authorizing the use of state housing certificates when buying apartments under the scheme of equity participation in construction. The document was published on the federal portal of draft normative acts.

In the new academic year, the list of school textbooks will be reduced by 30%

In 2014, the federal list of textbooks has been significantly reduced. Now there are about 1,300 books and manuals in it. Vasilieva last autumn said that this amount of teaching aids is too large

Almost throughout the territory of Chukotka, the border regime will be removed

The border regime has been withdrawn almost on the whole territory of Chukotka since June 17, except for the Ratmanov, Wrangel and Herald Islands, the corresponding order of the Director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Alexander Bortnikov was published on the portal of legal information.

Matvienko supported the idea of a weekend for clinical examination

Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko supports the initiative to provide a day off for Russians to undergo medical examinations.

That people have a motive to undergo regular medical examination. To begin with, in order to train people to do this, the employer will give one extra day off and after that the employee will have to bring a certificate that he underwent a medical examination. Therefore, I support this idea. – Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

Vaccination of children from a hemophilic infection is made mandatory

Children in Russia are planned to be vaccinated free of hemophilia, the report of the Ministry of Health (Izvestia) says. Now from a hemophilic wand free-of-charge vaccine only babies from group of risk. The Ministry of Health plans to introduce vaccination for all children.

In Russia, they began secretly destroying data on repressed

Since 2014, Russia has a secret order, on the basis of which archival data on repressed citizens of the USSR are destroyed. This Friday, June 8, reports Kommersant, citing the director of the Museum of History of the Gulag Roman Romanov.

When distributing “Far Eastern hectares”, more than 250 violations were committed

With the distribution of the “Far Eastern hectare”, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Sakhalin Oblast found more than 250 violations. As a result, 17 officials suffered disciplinary punishment, and 18 more were brought to administrative responsibility.


“Intourist” canceled the program of flights from St. Petersburg to Antalya

Flights Atlasglobal from June 13 will be canceled because the carrier has not received permission from Rosaviatsia. This was reported by the publication Interfax. Atlasglobal flights will be canceled from June 13 until the end of summer 2018.

Chinese Tibet will soon acquire three more high-altitude airports

The authorities of Chinese Tibet will build three new airports in Shanan, Sigazze and Ali to develop tourism and economy, the Civil Aviation Administration of China reported, the Xinhua news agency reported on June 9. Construction of three airports at an altitude of 3900 meters above sea level will begin in 2019.

The Friendship Train Berlin – Moscow

The international project The Berlin-Moscow Friendship Train, whose main goal is to establish friendly and cultural ties between Germany and Russia, is being implemented in Russia from June 2 to 13.

The passengers of the train are a group of 10 people traveling, among them bloggers, journalists and artists, who take an active position in life. They will travel almost 5 thousand 600 km, visiting the largest cities of Russia.

Ryazan explorer travels to expedition

A press conference was held at the Ryazan Travel Museum dedicated to the start of the new campaign of the famous Ryazan explorer Viktor Atlasov. This year Viktor Atlasov goes on an expedition within the framework of the Polar Russia project.

The Gatchina Museum-Reserve starts the battle for tourists

Caring about the leisure of tourists, and about their own popularization, the museum-reserve developed a compact, but polyphonic excursion program. Palaces and picturesque parks are proposed to be bypassed for a couple of days.

Plan of tourists on the first day of vacation abroad

Call family, change the status of Vkontakte, post pictures from the room in the hotel – the basic plan of tourists on the first day of vacation abroad.

Traditional Fetovskiy holiday

June 30 and July 1 in the museum-manor Afanasy Fet in the village of the 1st Vorobyevka Zolotuhinsky district will be held the traditional Fetovskiy holiday.

Fetovskiy holiday – this is rest, and joy, and inspiration. It will begin at 10.00. Departure of buses from the local history museum – at 8-00, collection – at 7-45.

After the concert everyone will be able to go on a tour of the manor.

Flights to popular Altai lakes open in Kuzbass

June 8 at 22.00 from the Kemerovo bus station will be possible to go to the lake Yarovoye. And on the 10th of June, in the morning, the route to Lake Chemal also begins to work. From Kemerovo buses will go daily throughout the summer.


Russians are offered to pay a fee for the delivery of batteries

Association “Housing and Urban Environment” proposes to introduce payment for citizens for each battery handed over in order to stimulate the collection and utilization of power supplies.

Instead of water from the faucets, fuel oil flowed

The black-brown substance covering the ceramics with a greasy coating periodically appears instead of hot water in the new residential complex of the Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg.

The management company “KEO-Service” explained that dirty water with a smell of fuel oil comes at the entrance to the house. Its supplier is SUE “TEK”.

The power engineers recognized the problem and added details. According to the company, the complex “Ivan-da-Marya” is almost the only one of the surrounding buildings receives hot water in an open scheme (water comes from the same circuit as water for heating).

Rospotrebnadzor banned swimming in the reservoirs of the Irkutsk region

Rospotrebnadzor traditionally tested the most favorite places for swimming in early summer. The result is disappointing: you can swim only in the Angara pond Elovsky – this is the only permitted place in the entire Irkutsk region.

Novgorodians again allowed to walk in the woods

The Ministry of Natural Resources of Forestry and Ecology abolished the ban on locating citizens on the territory of forests. The ban was lifted on June 6 due to a reduction in fire danger and an improvement in the fire situation in the forests of the region.

The fire-fighting regime is valid until October 1

Security measures have been strengthened in Yamal. Until the first of October, a special fire fighting regime operates in the district.

In 11 districts of Yakutia there is a “Special Fire Fighting Regime” in the forests

Investigators of the supervisory activities of the federal firefighting service organized work to identify those involved and guilty in the occurrence of forest fires with administrative liability under cl. 8.32 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

The Green Belt of Voronezh

Regional authorities again returned to the discussion of the green belt project – it included several new zones. To the territories with a “special” status, it is planned to add forests in the Mountainous oak grove, the Research Institute of Forest Genetics and Breeding, and Somov Forestry.

Purely not where they clean, but where there is no littering

Numerous summer non-profit partnerships (SNTs) located in inter-settled lands, not bothering themselves with unnecessary expenses and concerns for concluding agreements on the export of generated waste to the authorized Landfill, throw garbage along the roadside in the nearest forest or on the field.

In the natural park on Eric Camel passed an environmental action

Employees of the natural park “Volgo-Akhtuba floodplain” have recently held an inter-district nature protection action “Our rivers and lakes are clean beaches”. To clean up garbage on the Camel erica, 100 volunteers came out, who collected 200 bags and took them to a licensed testing range.

Petrozavodsk authorities recommend not swimming in Onega Lake

Residents and guests of Petrozavodsk are advised not to swim in the pond near Moscow street. The corresponding information is provided by “AiF” referring to the data received in the Karelian department of Rospotrebnadzor.

Thousands of US soldiers poisoned in Iraq when burning hazardous waste

Environmental Inspector Lieutenant Colonel Dan Brewer said he had discovered a dangerous waste recycling system that was used during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the open air pits everything fell: plastic, batteries, medical and human waste. All this was poured by rocket fuel and set on fire. As a result of the incineration, numerous poisonous substances were developed, including carbon monoxide and dioxin, the chemical component of the Agent Orange defoliant, which was used in Vietnam.

“The problem was to get people to follow the rules,” Brewer said. “Most people received directions for waste disposal, but they did not care.”

In the US, the cause of forest fires in California in 2017

“After extensive and thorough investigation, the investigators found that 12 forest fires in northern California in October 2017 were caused by distribution lines and power lines, the fall of electric poles,” the report said on the site’s website.


In Kosovo, a Belgian national was arrested who planned an act of terrorism

A man and a woman, ethnic Albanians, one of whom is Belgian citizenship, planned “suicide bombing attacks” against NATO forces in Kosovo (KFOR), as well as in public places in the territories of France and Belgium, according to the communiqué distributed in Pristina.

In Yekaterinburg, vandals have damaged the stands for the World Cup 2018

In one of the social networks, a photo appeared that angered the residents of Yekaterinburg. The Vandals painted the cans with paint with information on the World Cup 2018.

In the village of Khabarovsk, the house where the explosion occurred

In a residential five-story building on Kosmonavtov Street in Oktyabrsky village, an explosion occurred on the second floor, an 89-year-old man was killed, another 63-year-old man was hospitalized with burns. 60 residents were evacuated.

The UK initiated a criminal case under the article “Provision of services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life and health of consumers.” The prosecutor’s office of Khabarovsk Krai is checking. On the territory of the Vanino region, the emergency regime was introduced.

“Now the house is cordoned off, where investigative actions are conducted, the cause of the incident is established, the house is taken under the protection of the police to save the property of the tenants,” Shahrai said.

In a children’s camp in the Urals poisoned 64 people

The number of holidaymakers in the Sosnovi Bor camp in the Sverdlovsk region and those hospitalized with suspected intestinal infection increased to 64 people. Tass was informed about this in the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office.

Ex-FSB general asked to return two million from the case Ulyukaev

Former FSB general and ex-security chief of Rosneft Oleg Feoktistov asked the court to return two million dollars, which Alexey Ulyukayev received as a bribe, told RIA Novosti source familiar with the case.

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the Zamoskvoretsky Court, Emilia Gil, said that the statement on the fate of money, acknowledged by the evidence, will be considered on June 29.

During the trial, Feoktistov acted as a witness of the prosecution.

An immigrant from Chechnya sentenced to 20 years in prison in France

Lawyer Irina Sidorova said that Chechen Ruslan Bersanov was found guilty of the murder of Russian businessman Mikhail Lapin in 2011 in France, RIA Novosti reports.

Two Russians were killed on vacation in Turkey

On vacation in Turkish Antalya, two Russians were killed. One of the men drowned in the sea, doctors could not save him

The second Russian, who came to the resort with his wife, hit his head in his hotel room and died in the hospital from the injury

Ex-head of the Rostov FSIN department died in jail

Ex-chief of the main department of the Federal Service for the Execution of Punishments of Russia in the Rostov region, Sergei Smirnov, died in the remand prison.

As reported by TASS, a senior official was detained in the framework of an investigation into a criminal case brought against his former deputy Sergei Ralnikov. In July, 2017, he was detained by officers of the FSB and the TFR on suspicion of receiving a bribe in an especially large amount.

The court left two defendants in custody of the case of a fire in the “Winter Cherry”

A.Nikitin himself was not present at the court session, video communication was provided with him. In the course of the next meeting, the court upheld the decision of the Central District Court and up to August 24 left the ex-general director of the company-owner Julia Bogdanov in custody.


Olga Buzova burst into tears, receiving her first MUZ-TV award

Last year, Olga Buzova went to the MUZ-TV Award with the hope of winning, because her name was on everyone’s lips, and clips in the first few days after the release gained millions of views on the Web. But, unfortunately, then the singer was not lucky.

Monson announced his desire to become a deputy of the State Duma of Russia

A fighter of mixed martial arts, Jiu-Jitsu world champion Jeff Monson, who recently received Russian citizenship, spoke about his desire to become a member of the State Duma.

I would like to grow to the State Duma and help as many people as possible. Now I’m going to become a member of the parliament of Krasnogorsk. – Jeff Monson, American athlete

Loboda first appeared in public after delivery

I was surprised and I fell in love with myself anew. Svetlana Loboda became the most anticipated star of the MUS-TV music awards ceremony. She recently became a mother for the second time, but is in great shape.

Julia Nachalova was published with a rich suitor

Singer Julia Nachalova after the divorce for a long time was alone. But today, during the live broadcast of the “Muz-tv” award, Julia appeared in front of the cameras for a pen with a new man.

Pelagia flew with her husband to the Maldives to spite the envious

Recall that earlier in the network there were rumors about a possible divorce of the performer and athletes. So, users discussed a video on which Telegin tenderly kisses a mysterious girl named Karina, writes the TV program.

Regina Todorenko confirmed rumors of pregnancy

Today Regina Todorenko confirmed the rumors of pregnancy, having come to the Muz-TV award in a lush tender dress, which emphasized the changed forms of the TV star. When one of the journalists asked if it was possible to congratulate her on replenishment, she replied: “Of course, congratulations.”

Madonna marries a model who is twice as young as her

American singer Madonna introduced her new husband to the world. This is the 32-year-old Portuguese model Kevin Sampaio. He is less than 59-year-old pop diva almost twice.

30-year-old Hilary Duff is getting ready to become a mom for the second time

Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff) is known as a model, and also as a singer. The star has succeeded in many ways, but for a long time in personal life it has failed. One of her fans for a long time pursued the celebrity and even threatened her with murder, but eventually he was sentenced to five years suspended sentence.

Elena Korikova thought about the end of her career

The actress was tired of working in a movie. Elena Korikova complained in her microblogging and told about a meeting with a friend who helped her to believe in herself again. Elena Korikova was remembered by the majority of viewers for her role in the TV series “Poor Nastya”.

Elizabeth II removed the eyes of the photo Megan Markle

The Queen of Great Britain took pictures of Prince Harry and Megan Markle from a prominent place only a week after she was first noticed in the pictures. According to the Daily Mail, instead of her, Elizabeth II put a frame on the table with a photo of her grandchildren. Photo in the frame in the room for audience.

Frik of “House-2” lowers the money of his retired wife

Outrageous participant of “House-2” Gauguin Solntsev, who calls himself an actor on pages in social networks, plays slot machines along with his wife Ekaterina Tereshkovich. He published a photograph, which was captured together with his 63-year-old wife. They lower the lever and count on winning.


HBO has ordered a pilot series of the prequel “Games of Thrones”

The American television channel HBO ordered a pilot series of the prequel of the cult series “The Game of Thrones”. Over the plot of the prequel are script writer Jane Goldman and the author of the book “Song of Ice and Flame”, on which the series was shot, George Martin

Trailer of the movie “Siberia” with Keanu Reeves in the title role was released

On the Internet appeared the first trailer of the film “Siberia”, the main role played by Keanu Reeves. According to the story of the thriller, an American diamond dealer, performed by a star of the world cinema, comes to Russia to sell precious stones that were not obtained in a completely legal way.

On “Kinotavr” there was a premiere of a film “History of one appointment”

The premiere of Avdotya Smirnova’s film The Story of One Destination about Leo Tolstoy, who stands up for the lieutenant’s defense, was held as part of the main competitive program of the Russian Kinotavr Film Festival in the Winter Theater, the festival’s press service reported.

Showtime released a trailer for the new series with Jim Carrey

The trailer of the new series “Kidding” was released, in which the famous actor Jim Carrey performed the main role, the creator of “Eternal Sunshine of Pure Reason” – director Michel Gondry works on the project. The video was posted on June 7 at the official YouTube channel of the project

The first trailer of the film “Nothing good at the El Royal Hotel” was released. 

The film, which is positioned as a thriller with a mystical bias, will take place in the 1960s at the hotel El Royal at the border of the two states on Lake Tahoe, where a group of people gathered. Everyone has their own interests, but in the end they are forced to unite due to mysterious circumstances.

Elizabeth II awarded the title of lady to actress Emma Thompson

Queen Elizabeth II awarded the title of a lady to a British actress, two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson. Also actress Keira Knightley was awarded the degree of commander of the Order of the British Empire. According to the BBC, also the title of the lady was conferred on Cambridge professor Mary Byrd.

Al Pacino will star in the new film Quentin Tarantino

Oscar-winner Al Pacino joined the cast of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, the ninth film of Quentin Tarantino. In the upcoming tape with an impressive cast 78-year-old American will play the role of personal agent of the ex-star of one of the westerns of Rick Dalton performed by Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Incredibles-2” set a record for ticket sales

Cartoon “The Incredibles-2” managed to establish the first record. A new picture of Pixar earned $ 140 million to sell tickets for future sessions in the US.

The film “Tanks” will be shown at the opening of the summer cinema in Balashikha

The film “Tanks” will be shown at the opening of the summer cinema in Balashikha, the press service of the administration of the city district. The show will be held in the park “Pekhorka” on the twenty-first of June.


A clip on the official song of the World Cup 2018

A clip on the official song of the World Cup in Russia has been posted on the web. In the recording of the song and video clip, actor Will Smith, singer Niki Jam, as well as Albanian singer Era Istrefi took part. The clip was published on the official YouTube channel of American singer Nicky Cem

Yury Shevchuk released a new album

DDT released a new album “Galya Go”. Shevchuk, like all Russian rock, however, we love, of course, not for discovering new musical horizons, but for accurately reflecting our reality.

Do you believe in the nonsense of the news?
And nostalgia for bones.
Your blog is falshak and populism,
Meat Hurray-patriotism

Rapper Matrang from Vladikavkaz spoke at the MUZ-TV Awards

Admirers of the artist ambiguously accepted his speech Vladikavkaz, June 8. The rap singer from Vladikavkaz, known as Matrang, performed at the MUZ-TV award with his popular song “Medusa” in the nomination “Best song of Runet-2018”

Mike Shinoda, the founder of Linkin Park, will perform in St. Petersburg

Mike Shinoda, one of the founders of the popular American rock band Linkin Park, will perform at the A2 club in St. Petersburg on August 31, and on September 1 will play a concert in the Russian capital. Fans of the artist’s creativity will be able to hear the material from the new solo album of the musician and the best hits of Linkin Park.

Ilmen festival in Miass

All-Russian Ilmen festival of author’s song will be held on the territory of Miass city district in GLK “Solnechnaya Dolina” from June 15 to 17. About 40 thousand guests from different parts of Russia are expected to attend the event.

The winners of the contest of vocalists named Bulbul

The winners of the 7th International Bulbul Contest of Vocalists who were held in the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic from the fourth to the seventh of June became known.

The winner of the show “Songs” Terry twice failed casting in the Black Star

The winner of the first season of the show “Songs” Terry (Oleg Ternovoi), who received a contract with Black Star and five million rubles, twice failed to cast in Timati’s label. The video of his previous attempts to become part of the Black Star team was at the disposal of Super.

In Ufa, the International Arts Festival “The Heart of Eurasia”

Open air gathered more than 700 Russian and foreign artists and musicians. The main site of a large-scale traditional festival in the amphitheater near the Congress Hall. “The heart of Eurasia” in Ufa is already swinging for all its might.

In the Altai Territory are preparing for the festival Because of the Beatles

According to Kirill Zakharov, press attache of the festival, Because of the Beatles in the Altai Territory has no analogues in the country. The Festival in honor of “Beatles” is still held on the city square in Yekaterinburg, but in a picturesque place and in nature – only here.

Grand prix “Ural Mono” was won by Rasul Kurbanov from Kazakhstan

Grand prix of the International competition-festival “Ural mono” was won by Rasul Kurbanov from Kazakhstan. The winner got a certificate for 250 thousand rubles

“Erartu” is filled with sounds of Tuvan mountains and steppes

New generations of Tuvan musicians Khoomei Beat will present their debut album Wandering the Steppe (“Traveling the steppe”). Musicians mix in their work the mystical energy of throat singing with the expression of rock and the easy carelessness of jazz and pop.


Rightholders asked Yandex to remove pirated sites from the search

Leading associations of producers and content distributors in Russia sent the general director of Yandex Arkady Volozh a letter demanding to remove pirate sites from the search system.

Roskomnadzor unblocked eight million IP-addresses

Roskomnadzor has unblocked more than eight million IP-addresses that previously provided the work of the Telegram messenger in Russia, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the agency. To date, the application no longer requests access to these resources, note in the supervisory service.

“VKontakte” told about new services for authors

Today the social network “VKontakte” held a closed event at which it announced new functions for independent authors and creative groups. First of all, the social network team presented the program VK Talents, which will start working this fall.

“VKontakte” allowed to disable comments for individual entries

It is reported that now users of “VKontakte” have the opportunity to disable comments under any posts they wish, if they have the authority. The new feature is already available to all users, and it can be used in communities and on personal pages.

A new type of Internet fraud appeared in Russia

Users are offered a great prize. To get it, you just need to update the phone’s operating system and get $ 3,000 for it. The offer came from various bait sites.

In order to get the prize “participant” asked to pay a commission – 200 rubles. Users could not return this money.

According to experts, about 300 thousand people from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine have already fallen for “easy gain.” In Russia, such a “divorce” is only gaining momentum.

Google and Firefox are thinking about the introduction of biometric identification

Experts of the two largest IT companies believe that the future is due to the biometric identification of users. It is possible that in the near future accounts will be linked to a mailbox, to enter into which you will need to provide biometric data (face, retina or finger scan).

Virus-malware “Baba Yaga” attacks sites on WordPress

Employees of the company Defiant discovered the virus on the network BabaYaga. Malicious software hacks sites on the WordPress platform, while protecting itself against other pests. Experts make the assumption that the development of malware BabaYaga engaged in Russian-speaking hackers

Pirates were large consumers of legal content

More than 90 percent of people illegally downloading songs, films and other materials use legal services to view content. Among those who do not deal with piracy, this value was less, according to Torrent Freak.


Yakut developers have released a new mobile game

The Yakut team of developers with the support of the Venture Company of Yakutia released in the release a large-scale game project in the genre of searching for subjects “Antiquary: The Secret of the Moon Rabbit”.

The director of the Star Wars will play games

Bad Robot studio has a gaming unit – Bad Robot Games. The company was founded by JJ Abrams, director of the Star Wars. The new gaming company was launched with the support of Tencent and Warner Bros.

From Steam removed simulator for the killing of AIDS patients

The company Valve removed the Steam simulator for the killing of HIV-infected people called AIDS Simulator. In parallel with this event, the store also lost such masterpieces as Asset Flip Simulator, ISIS Simulator and Triggering Simulator.

E3 will be presented Dead or Alive 6

Team Ninja is working on a new part of the famous series of fighting games. And to present Dead or Alive 6 developers intend to participate in the E3 2018 exhibition. So far, the development is at an early stage.

Bohemia Interactive is working on a new exclusive for Xbox One

Studio Bohemia Interactive, known for the series ArmA and a shooter with survival elements DayZ, is developing a new exclusive for Xbox One on Unreal Engine 4. Project Manager Bohemia Interactive Petr Kolář announced on Twitter that the studio is developing an exclusive game for Xbox One

A new trailer for The Walking Dead from the studio Overkill

Studio Overkill presented the trailer of the game The Walking Dead. In the video appeared a new character Heather, who is a collector and tries to survive in the world of zombies. The release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead should take place on several consoles and a computer in the autumn of this year.

The new trailer Planet Alpha is dedicated to secrets

Studio Planet Alpha ApS, consisting essentially of one developer, and the publishing house Team17 released the next trailer of the atmospheric adventure platformer Planet Alpha. It is entitled Unlocking the Mysteries, “Uncovering Secrets”. However, what happens in the game does not become clearer after it.

Just Cause 4 before the time appeared on Steam

Studio Hi-Rez announced that its shareware shooter Paladins will be released on the Nintendo Switch and that the release will take place next week, June 12. In addition, developers boasted that the game overcame the mark of 25 million active users on all platforms

Fans of Fortnite managed to reach the inaccessible starting island

Since the release of the fans of the game trying to return during the match on this initial island, but they succeeded only now. As it was once in PUBG, all players in Fortnite before the match are located in one zone – they are waiting for the start of the round on a distant island.

Authors Just Cause announced a cooperative shooter Generation Zero

Studio Avalanche, known for the series Just Cause, announced its new project Generation Zero. This is a cooperative shooter, which takes place in alternative Sweden in the 1980s, during the uprising of cars.

Treyarch showed the cards that will be in Black Ops 4

Studio Treyarch staged a small stream, which involved key figures in the development of the shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. In it, they showed several maps that will be available in their new shooter.

IO Interactive introduced the official trailer for the game Hitman 2

It is known that the second part of the game Hitman, which became a cult shooter, was called Silent Assassin. The company-developer of the toy IO Interactive officially announced the continuation of the shooter, laying out the trailer Hitman 2, which covers the task of killing the rider.

Atari accused of cheating gamers

The developer Tempest 4000 accused Atari of cheating gamers. Among the games that the company advertises its new Atari VCS console is Tempest 4000, however, as the developer said, he did not port his project to this console.


Uber created artificial intelligence to identify drunken passengers

Uber’s taxi order service filed a patent application for artificial intelligence technology, which will determine the intoxication of a passenger even before he sits in a taxi. This is stated in a document posted on the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office

Scientists have found a way to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Scientists have proposed a new way to improve the ecological state of the planet’s atmosphere. A technology has been developed for the production of carbon dioxide extracted from the air, developed by Carbon Engineering

Late-born rats doomed their sons to vascular problems

Studying the work of the cardiovascular system of rats born to mothers of different ages, Canadian scientists found that late births can disrupt the elasticity of the endothelium (inner layer of blood vessels) and reduce the tone of the vessels.

Scientists have discovered the olfactory “blindness of inattention”

British psychologists have discovered blindness inattention (the effect in which due to perceptual loading, irrelevant information is ignored) in the olfactory system

Color-changing polymer will help to properly stretch elastic bandage

Chemists have developed a resilient polymer material that, when stretched, gradually changes its color from violet to red. Such material can be used in elastic bandages and thus control its tension, scientists write in Advanced Materials.

Lost photons accelerated the calculation of the boson sampler

Chinese physicists have increased the speed of the boson sampler, a quantum calculator capable of finding the probability distribution for bosons in a given system, taking into account processes with photon losses that are usually excluded from consideration.

Scientists have found out that bees are familiar with the concept of zero

In the course of the study, the scientists figured out whether bees can evaluate numeric values and understand that zero is at the very bottom of the sequence of numbers. According to Professor Adrian Dyer from Melbourne, zero is the foundation of modern mathematics and technological achievements.

In China, they created a robot-dog, beating a current in response to rudeness

If the owner begins to beat the dog, then it will hit him with an electric shock. The device incorporates sensors responsible for the ability to measure the temperature of the human body, and artificial intelligence will allow you to accept parcels from couriers. The height of the robot-dog is 30 centimeters

Doctors will replace donor blood with synthetic

Powder is not a complete replacement of blood, but only able to perform some of its functions for a period of 24 to 48 hours. Usually this time is enough to find donor blood and transfer it to the patient.

Skolkovo has developed a technology for rapid diagnosis of cancer

Skolkovo has developed a technology for rapid diagnosis of several cancers. The novelty tests the patient with the help of biochip. This is a plastic container with cells containing various protein reagents-antibodies.

Scientists: Dark matter has slowed the gravitational waves, but it will not happen

Scientists have reported that Dark matter significantly slows down gravitational waves, but it is extremely difficult to register. Theoretical physicists working in the USA found that modern instruments are unable to make appropriate measurements. The article was posted on the pages of the online journal Physics.


Crossover Range Rover Evoque will lose a three-door version

It is worth noting that in the sales structure the last two modifications account for 95%. However, the Range Rover brand is not the first, which abandons the three-door variant of the car due to low demand.

Jaguar introduced the updated crossover Jaguar E-Pace

British automaker Jaguar Land Rover officially introduced an updated version of the Jaguar E-Pace crossover. The car received minor external changes and a whole range of technological innovations, including a new engine

The coupe-like crossover Porsche Cayenne will appear in 2019

Stuttgart automotive concern Porsche announced the appearance of a new version of its popular crossover Cayenne, which will compete in the European car market with the models of the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. It’s about creating a “Cayenne” in the back of the coupe.

Company Art Bank showed a crossover named after Van Gogh

The new crossover is the development of the Chinese start-up Art Bank Motors together with the company Changjiang Automobile, which is also young and has been working since 2011. The creators of the crossover were allegedly inspired by the works of Van Gogh and tried to make the car with the same mood as his paintings.

Brilliance V3 compact cross-truck will be brought to Russia

Representatives of the Chinese company Brilliance announced the launch date of sales in Russia of a new subcompact crossover Brilliance V3. Serial production of new items is already established in China – from there the same cars will be delivered to Russian dealers

Tesla Roadster will get a super-powerful version of SpaceX

The Tesla Roadster sports car, shown at the public presentation, is a basic version of the model. The new version of SpaceX will boast improved dynamic performance.

In the network there were photos of an unusual prototype of the new Acura TLX

In foreign media there were spy photos of the unusual prototype athletic Acura TLX. According to experts, this is an updated model in the performance of Type-S.

Photo spy photographed new BMW 8 Series Convertible without camouflage

The network has new spy photos of the revived model of the BMW 8-Series in the back of a cabriolet. This time the car was able to capture without camouflage cover, however, also without a rear bumper and lanterns. However, the trunk lid, rear fenders and doors are clearly visible.

Crossover Dacia Duster gets new engines Blue dCi

The updated crossover Dacia Duster will be the first to receive new turbodiesels of the Blue dCi series, which have become even more environmentally friendly. In addition, the units became more powerful by 5 hp. and added in the torque. Following the “Daster” modernized engines will receive and other models of Renault and Dacia.

Zotye declassified the interior of the crossover Traum Seek 5

This vehicle has a very original interior. The interior design of the car is absolutely nothing like the model of the main competitors.


Sakhalin GRES-2 is connected to the island energy system

The next important stage in the construction of the Sakhalin GRES-2 power station was completed: the power industry put under tension a gas-insulated switchgear (GIS 220 kV) – now the station is connected to the power system of Sakhalin Island.

WSJ: Saudi Arabia begins to increase oil production

Earlier this week, Reuters quoted sources as saying that a representative of the US administration phoned Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and asked him to increase oil production if the price began to increase as a result of the resumption of US sanctions against Iran and reduction of Iranian oil exports

Winemakers ask the president to introduce fees for imported wine

For the development of domestic winemaking, it is necessary to reduce competition with cheap imported wines and increase support, Titov writes. Now winemakers receive from the state annually about 1.5 billion rubles.

Gref offered to privatize Sberbank

As of June 8, the Central Bank’s package in Sberbank stands at the Moscow Stock Exchange about 2.4 trillion rubles. Gref not for the first time offers the state to privatize Sberbank. In 2015, he called for “full privatization of Sberbank,” noting that during the transition period, the Central Bank should maintain a 25% stake.

I do not see any reason why we should be kept now, when money is needed to implement the presidential decrees. Better instead of raising taxes to sell some shares of companies that are sold. Sberbank is an absolutely selling story. – German Gref, Russian statesman

The Ministry of Finance named terms of a full refusal of regulation of tariffs OSAGO

The Russian authorities will be able to completely abandon the regulation of OSAGO tariffs not earlier than in five years. Such an assessment was given by Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev at the International Financial Congress

Court in Sweden finally rejected claims of YUKOS shareholders to Russia

“The Stockholm arbitration ignored the fact that it lacked the necessary jurisdiction to consider a dispute over the claims of Spanish investors and issued a decision on July 20, 2012 on the satisfaction of the claim, the amount of which, if executed at the current time, would exceed 3.6 million US dollars,” said Kondakov.

Sberbank: One trillion rubles of dividends

During the implementation of the new strategy, designed for 2018-2020, Sberbank expects to pay shareholders 1 trillion rubles in dividends, said the head of the bank Herman Gref at a meeting with investors in late 2017.

Russian government bonds are rapidly losing value

According to analysts’ comments, foreign investors leave the market of Russian national debt: they buy up the currency, provoking a fall in the ruble exchange rate. Earlier it was reported that the head of the Russian regulator Elvira Nabiullina warned that this year the monetary policy of Russia will end.


Sberbank launched a service with ads for the sale of apartments

Sberbank has granted individuals the opportunity to submit an announcement about the sale of an apartment through the service “DomKlik”, follows from a press release of the credit institution.

Interest of foreign buyers to housing in Italy jumped

The total number of requests for Italian houses and apartments on the Knight Frank website increased by 133% year-on-year in 2017, with the main interest from foreign buyers, according to Global Property Guide.

Russians will be allowed to use housing certificates in shared construction

The Ministry of Construction prepared a draft resolution of the Russian government authorizing the use of state housing certificates when buying apartments under the scheme of equity participation in construction. The document was published on the federal portal of draft normative acts.

Investments in elite new buildings bring up to 20% of profit

Investments in elite new buildings in Moscow can bring an investor up to 20% of profits. Such data was announced by Natalia Kruglova, General Director of Metrium, during the business breakfast “Elite project: a house with the signature of Smart”. She highly appreciated the prospects of investment in elite housing, but stressed that without competent consulting assistance is indispensable. The event is organized by the International Forum of Investment Property ProEstate

Taxes on property: how much to pay

Whether the decreasing factor will increase when calculating the property tax is not yet known: in 2016 it was 0.4 percent, that is, not the full cost of the apartment, but 40 percent of its price was taken into account.

The share of mortgage deals with apartments in Moscow has reached almost 40%

According to the company’s experts, compared to May 2017, the number of such transactions increased by 46.1%. Basically, this was due to lower mortgage rates when buying a secondary home. In addition, specialists also note a decrease in the average amount of the down payment to 10%.

In the Saratov region, the entry of apartment buildings increased 1.3-fold

In the Saratov region, according to preliminary data, in January-May 2018, 278.3 thousand square meters of housing were commissioned, which amounted to 103.3% compared to the same period last year. This was reported by the press service of the regional ministry of construction and housing and communal services.

The number of apartments with finishing for the year increased by 45%

The number of lots with finishing for the year increased by 45%, and today this format is offered in 80 projects, the company Est-a-Tet reports. According to experts, the share of projects by the volume of sq.m in the implementation is 27% of the total supply of new buildings in Moscow, a year ago this share was 18%.

The share of high-risk mortgage loans exceeded 40%

In January-March of this year, 44% of loans for the purchase of housing, issued by the Russians, were issued on condition that the recipient makes a one-time payment of less than 20% of the price of the apartment. Such loans by default are high-risk.

Demand for Class A offices has grown over the last 3 years

The total volume of transactions 1 square. 2018 is at the level of comparable periods of “pre-crisis” years, demonstrating a confident level of business activity. In 2017, large transactions (from 5,000 sq. M.) Accounted for 15% of the total volume, but in the 1st quarter of 2018 the demand structure changed.

The number of buyers from the regions increased in the premium housing market in Moscow

As a result of the first quarter of 2018, the average age of buyers in the premium housing market in Moscow declined by 4 years. This was reported in the analytical department of the company FGC “Leader”, noting that also in this segment the share of buyers from the regions has grown substantially.

Sberbank will take part in solving the problems of Urban Group

Sberbank as a creditor will participate in solving the problems of the Urban Group, but so far the Russian government has not discussed this issue with the bank. This was told by the head of the credit organization German Gref, reports RIA-Real Estate.

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