4 May, 2018

In Russia there is a tendency to reduce military spending

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) reported that Russia in 2017, for the first time in 19 years, reduced defense spending. Such data were presented in the Institute report. According to experts due to economic problems, the cost of the army in the Russian Federation last year fell by 20% in dollar terms and amounted to $ 66.3 billion

The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, admitted that Russia has a tendency to reduce military spending, it is connected with the completion of the overall technological rearmament of the Armed Forces, but the figures, voiced in the media, are incorrect in 20%.

Specific figures for reducing the cost of armament Sands did not sound, having redirected this issue to the Ministry of Defense.

Briefly about the main thing … ..


Abbas was re-elected to the post of chairman of the executive committee of the PLO

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was re-elected chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Border guards of Crimea explained the inspection of ships in the Kerch Strait

The department clarified that the remarks and claims from the shipowners in connection with the checks were not received. In Crimea, it was noted that the FSB works in the Kerch Strait in normal mode. The border service tries to prevent the penetration of terrorists, extremists and illegal migrants into Russia.

Putin dismissed five generals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the UK

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the dismissal of high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee. The document is published on the official portal of legal information.

Their posts will be abandoned:

  • the chief of the Interior Ministry’s Department for the Murmansk region, Major-General Igor Batalov,
  • the head of the investigation department of the Criminal Code for the Perm region, lieutenant general Marina Zabbarova,
  • the prosecutor of the Tula region Alexander Kozlov,
  • the chief of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Perm region, Lieutenant-General Viktor Koshelev,
  • Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Krasnodar Territory, Colonel of Police Yuri Kuznetsov,
  • Major-General Ivan Lukin, First Deputy Head of the Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia,
  • head of the Investigative Department of the UK for the Ryazan region, Major General Vladimir Mahleidt,
  • the prosecutor of the Udmurt Republic Sergey Panov.

NBC: The FBI listened to the phone numbers of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) listened to telephone conversations of lawyer Michael Cohen, who represented the interests of Donald Trump for many years. The FBI managed to intercept at least one conversation between Cohen and the White House, NBC reported on Thursday.

Pence postpones visit to Brazil due to preparation of US-North Korean talks

US Vice President Mike Pence postponed a foreign visit to assist colleagues in the preparation for the talks between the President of the United States, Donald Trump and the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-no.

The ruling party of Turkey nominated Erdogan for the presidential elections

The candidacy of the incumbent Turkish head Tayyip Erdogan was nominated for the presidential elections. The decision was made by the parliamentary faction of the ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party. It was supported by 316 parliamentarians.


The State Department has frozen the financing of the White Helmets in Syria

The US State Department has stopped allocating funds to the Syrian non-governmental organization White Helmets, reports CBS. According to the television channel, the organization, whose budget for a third consisted of funds provided by Washington, “now receives no funding from the US”.

US accused China of using lasers against aircraft in Africa

The accusations against China were told by the official representative of the Pentagon, Dana White. According to her, the American pilots recorded three cases of using a laser against their aircraft, in all three cases the beam came from the Chinese military base in Djibouti

In the US, they announced successful tests of a “gravitational” nuclear bomb

The US Air Force (US Air Force) successfully tested the “gravitational” B61-12 nuclear bomb of the fifth generation, which is three times more powerful than the predecessor bombs, General Jack Weinstein, deputy chief of staff for strategic deterrence and integration of nuclear weapons, said.

Peskov commented on the data on the decline in Russia’s military spending

Earlier, SIPRI experts said that Russia in 2017 reduced its military spending by 20% compared to 2016 – up to $ 66.3 billion. This happened for the first time since 1998, experts said.

The Russian army carried out large-scale work on technical and technological renovation. Basically, this process is completed. And so the peak of expenses for technological re-equipment is passed. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Ukraine and Turkey will create a military transport aircraft based on An-70

The decision was made during the Aerospace Show Eurasia-2018. An-188 is a project of a military transport aircraft, which is a modification of the Russian-Ukrainian military transport aircraft An-70 with the replacement of Russian components and components with Western ones.

SZ: German Defense Minister plans to reform the Bundeswehr

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen intends to reform the Bundeswehr. This was reported on Thursday by the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, which had a draft document prepared by the department for the development of the country’s armed forces.

Supporters of Merkel proposed to increase Germany’s military budget

The deputy head of the faction of the Christian Democratic and Christian-Social Unions in the German Bundestag, Johan Vadeful, said he supports the plan to increase Germany’s military budget to 1.5% of the national GDP until 2021, Reuters reports.


Viber can block if the FSB wishes

The head of the Ministry of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov did not rule out that Viber’s messenger can block as well as Telegram if the FSB has problems with obtaining encryption keys. Recall, on April 16, Roskomnadzor began to block Telegram by a court decision.

The Russian Post will issue a stamp to Putin’s inauguration

In the mail circulation on May 7 will be a postage stamp dedicated to the inauguration of President Vladimir Putin, the press service of the Russian Post. The stamp depicts the Spassky Tower and the Senate Palace of the Moscow Kremlin.

Another oligarch asked for money from the state

The corporation “Power Machines”, which came under US sanctions, began to have problems with liquidity. Because of this, the owner of the company, businessman Alexei Mordashov asked the Russian government for support. This is reported by The Bell, citing sources.

Russians will be able to obtain rights and register a car in the MFC

Russians will be able to obtain a driving license and register a car through multifunctional public services centers (MFCs). The pilot project will be launched at the end of the year in Tatarstan, the Izvestia newspaper reports on Friday referring to the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

A meeting was held in Nizhny Novgorod against the growth of heating fees

Citizens resorted to harsh measures because of receipts, which they received before the May holidays. Residents of Avtozavodsky and Leninsky districts were ordered to pay for heating from 1500 to 12,000 rubles. On the back of the receipt it was explained that the recalculation was made “within the law”.

The company Volgaenergosbyt, which provides heat to consumers who went to the rally, said that the increase in the amount this month is due to the annual adjustment of the amount of heating fees for the previous calendar year.

The “Jehovah’s Witnesses” seized a property worth a billion rubles

The facilities include land plots and buildings located in St. Petersburg and the village of Solnechnoye, cadastral value of about 1 billion rubles. The property was owned by a US-registered “Watchtower Society, Bibles and Pennsylvania treatises”.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine called osteochondrosis a commercial myth

Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun on her Facebook page called osteochondrosis “a major commercial myth of modern times.”

In Murom, a cancer patient was not given a medicine because of a lack of money

The doctors prescribed the patient to undergo ten courses of treatment with an expensive American drug Sutent. In City Hospital No. 2, the patient was provided with a drug for five courses, and then refused treatment, citing lack of funds

Wife of the President of Tatarstan in 2017 earned 18 times more than her husband

Last year, Gulsina Minnikhanova, co-owner of Luciano company (MC of the Luciano Spa complex in the center of Kazan), won first place in the rating of the richest wives of Russian officials in 2016, compiled by Forbes Woman magazine.

RZD will only specify local time tickets for train tickets

The innovation will come into force on May 4. Tickets with an updated time specification format will be sold for trains with departures from August 1. Earlier, the site kp.ru wrote that in December last year Railways began selling tickets 90 days before the departure date.

The first paid overpasses will open in the Moscow region in 2019

The first paid overpasses will be opened in the suburbs next year, the press service of the region’s Mininvest reports with reference to the head of the department Denis Butsaev. According to the Minister, the amount of investment in overpasses in Naro-Fominsk and Odintsovo will be 0.8 billion rubles each.

The court in the suburbs rejected the claim to close the dump “Yadrovo”

The Volokolamsk City Court on Thursday dismissed the lawsuit of eight local residents against the operator of the Yadrovo household waste landfill with a request to close the reception of waste and to conduct reclamation of the landfill. This was reported by the press service of the court.

“Kommersant” learned about the appearance in banks of informal “blacklists” of customers

Banks, because of the authorities’ new demands for “black lists” of suspicious customers, began to create their own, unofficial lists of customers who are denied operations. This is reported by Kommersant.


The Russian government approved the mandatory labeling of goods

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the list of ten groups of goods, which from 2019 will be subject to mandatory marking. The document is posted on the website of the Russian government

Products that will be subject to mandatory labeling with special protective codes include tobacco products, cameras (as well as camera flashes), perfumes and toilet water, garments made from natural or composite leather (including work clothes), women’s knitted blouses and blousons, women’s and men’s coats, raincoats, jackets, storms and windbreakers, shoes, as well as bed, table, kitchen and toilet linen. These steps are aimed at combating counterfeiting.

The decree of the prime minister sets a time limit for introducing the labeling of tobacco products on March 1, 2019, for footwear on July 1, 2019, for other groups of goods on December 1, 2019.

The Central Bank of Russia for the first time published an estimate of the volumes of doubtful transactions

The Bank of Russia for the first time published an assessment of the structure and volumes of questionable transactions conducted by Russian companies. In 2017, the amount of cash withdrawal was 326 billion rubles, and the amount of withdrawal abroad amounted to 96 billion rubles, according to the information of the Department of Financial Monitoring and Currency Control of the Central Bank.

Sberbank cut interest rates on consumer loans

Sberbank cut rates for a number of consumer loans. This is stated in the message of the bank. It is noted that the rate on loans from 1 million rubles fell by eight percentage points – to 11.9%. It is the same for all categories of customers, the bank said.

The losses of sanitized FSSS banks approached 1.6 trillion rubles

The net loss of banks that sanitize with the participation of the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund (FCCC) in 2017 amounted to almost 1.6 trillion rubles. According to their consolidated financial statements, which are publicly available.

Putin approved the additional capitalization of RusHydro to 13 billion rubles from the budget

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved an increase in the authorized capital of RusHydro in 2018-2020 for up to 13 billion rubles. This is reported on the official portal of legal information.

“Nord Stream-2” will be ruined by Gazprom

The contract that Gazprom concluded with Timchenko’s structure without a tender, concerns a general contract for the construction of two sections of the linear part of the land supply to the Nord Stream-2 pipeline: these are the sections of Gryazovets-KS Slavyanskaya from 0 to 319 km and from 319 to 538 km.

According to the application published on the website of the state procurement with the calculation of the price of works for the construction of facilities, they will cost 74.6 billion rubles. in view of VAT

A single resource for public procurement of small volume will work from July 1

“The pilot project is supposed to be implemented on a voluntary basis with regard to purchases for state and municipal needs of small volume from July 1, 2018, on a mandatory basis with respect to public procurements of federal executive bodies – from November 1, 2018,” says the explanatory note to the document


Brother Megan Markle is trying to foil her wedding with Prince Harry

Thomas wrote a “revelatory” open letter. The elder brother of the bride of Prince Harry – 51-year-old Thomas Marcl Jr. – wrote an open letter that was published in the publication In Touch Weekly

Colleagues on the theater: Armen Dzhigarkhanyan escapes from the hospital to work

Armen Djigarkhanyan, after a recent deterioration in his state of health, went to the hospital, where he should be now. However, his colleagues in the theater say that the artist escapes from the medical institution to work and does it almost every day.

Roman Polanski expelled from the American Film Academy

The Academy of American Film Academy voted to deprive comedian Bill Cosby and director Roman Polanski of the status of its members, reports AP. The reason was their criminal prosecution on charges of sexual crimes: the Academy changed its code of conduct, and charges of rape and harassment became unacceptable to its members.

The statue of a naked Trump was sold for 28 thousand dollars

At auction in Los Angeles for 28 thousand dollars a statue of naked US President Donald Trump was sold. Bidding organized the auction house Julien’s Auctions, reports TASS. The owner of the lot was the American presenter of the broadcast about the search for ghosts Zach Bagans.

Cate Blanchett told about harassment from Weinstein

Actress Keith Blanchett, who this year heads the jury of the Cannes Film Festival, said that producer Harvey Weinstein had harassed her. She told about this to Variety.

Aguilera with a new sexy clip

Many years of silence is broken – Christina Aligera published a provocative video for the song Accelerate on the Internet. The track is recorded with the participation of Ty Dolla $ ign and 2 Chainz. The composition was included in a new studio album called Liberation

Olga Buzov with “severe” eyebrows compared with the scandalous rapper

Olga Buzova shared with fans of the video after visiting the beauty salon. Users were shocked by the “severe” eyebrows of the celebrity, which became the reason for comparing the performer with the scandalous reference Face.

Samburskaya after the report of the beating ceased to communicate

Many fans of Russian TV presenter Nastasya Samburskaya were shocked to see photos of the actress after a brutal beating. After the published news about beating Samburskaya her official representative still can not contact her.

Fans of “Star Wars” celebrate the day of the saga or Day of Skywalker

The world-famous movie Star Wars has gained so many admirers that in 2011 it was decided to celebrate Skywalker Day. From this moment on, on May 4, fans celebrate the informal Star Wars Day. The holiday arose because of the curious play of words in English.

Petersburgers will be able to see 137 films for free

This will happen in the framework of the film festival “Vivat Cinema of Russia”. The event will be held in the Northern capital from May 12 to 16. Cinemas Rodina, Druzhba, Voskhod, Filmfond, Zanevsky, Aurora (Peterhof) and Moskva (in the hotel of the same name) were chosen as playgrounds for the films.

Harvey Weinstein wanted to make Tarantino director of “The Lord of the Rings”

As it became known from the new book of the British film critic Ian Nathan “Everything you can imagine: Peter Jackson and the creation of Middle-earth”, producer Harvey Weinstein was going to replace Jackson, if the director of “The Lord of the Rings” does not agree to make a film adaptation in the form of a two-hour film.

The series “The Story of a Servant” was extended for the third season

Last year at the Primetime Emmy Awards, the series “The Story of the Servant” won eight awards, including the best drama series, the best drama actress (starring Elizabeth Moss), and the best dramatic script written by executive producer and show-runner Bruce Miller

Google dedicated its first VR-doodle to cinematographer Georges Méliès

Over the creation of the first ever interactive doodle using virtual reality (VR) / 360 °, Google Doodle, Google Spotlight Stories, Google Arts & Culture, and the Cinémathèque Française team worked. The Nexus Studios company produced a short film.

Studio DC will remove the series on comics about the Swamp Creature

Studio DC plans to release a series of comic books dedicated to the Swamp Thing, in the role of the producer of the project will make James Van, May 2, the portal Deadline reported. According to available information, the premiere of the film will be in 2019, the film will be presented by the digital service DC Universe.

“Gogol Center” will show the performance of Serebrennikov in Wiesbaden

Moscow theater “Gogol-center” starts its tour in Germany on Thursday, the performance of Kirill Serebrennikov will be presented as part of the International Theater Festival in Wiesbaden. “Who in Russia should live well,” RIA Novosti reported in the theater.

Trailer of the film “Robin Hood: The Beginning”: Theron Edgerton robs the rich

Producers promise that we have not seen such a Robin Hood yet. The studio also published the first posters of the future picture.


In Mexico, another mayor was shot dead

In April, the head of the administration of the city of Hilotlan in Jalisco was killed in Mexico. Prior to this, the Mayor of Tlanespanla in the state of Puebla Jose Ephraine Garcia was shot dead. In 2017, the mayor of the town of Paracho was shot dead in Michoacan named Stalin Sánchez González.

The court sentenced the defendants of the embezzlement case in the Eastern

On Thursday, May 3, the court sentenced three defendants in the criminal case on embezzlement at the Vostochny Space Center, which is located in the Far East in the Amur Region, near the city of Tsiolkovsky

Russian Mikerin expects deportation in immigration prison in the US

Released from prison in the United States after serving a sentence on “kickbacks” on uranium deals, Russian businessman Vadim Mikerin awaits deportation at an American immigration prison, the US Immigration and Customs Police (ICE) database said.

Police of St. Petersburg filed a lawsuit against the “Media Zone” for the text of torture

The editor-in-chief of MediaZony Sergey Smirnov provided RBC with a copy of the page with the claims of the police. The reason for the trial, it follows from the documents, was the publication of the publication of November 16, 2017 on alleged torture in the 78th police department

The court arrested the assets of ex-shareholder Rosgosstrakh-bank Sergei Khachaturov

The Moscow Basmanny Court arrested as an interim measure the accounts of companies belonging to the former vice-president of the Rosgosstrakh group, Sergei Khachaturov, Tass reports. He is accused of embezzling more than 1 billion rubles.

In Britain, the 43-year-old murderer was released

In the UK, a murderer who spent 43 years behind bars was released. This is reported by The Telegraph. According to the publication, now 69-year-old John Massey (John Massey) – one of the British record holders for staying behind bars.

Media: in 2017, hackers penetrated the networks of two German electricity suppliers

Two electricity suppliers in Germany last year were subjected to hacker attacks. This is reported by the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung with reference to three sources. According to the publication, hackers penetrated the company’s internal networks in the summer of 2017.

“Diesel scandal” Volkswagen continues

The Federal District Court of Michigan charged former head of Volkswagen Martin Winterkorn in collusion and fraud in the investigation of “dieselgate”, Bloomberg reported citing court documents

Anti-nuclear activists tried to prevent “Academician Lomonosov”

The incident occurred on May 3 near the Danish island of Bornholm. “Antinuclear activists”, which are on the ship “Beluga-2”, attempted a dangerous rapprochement with “Academician Lomonosov.” The attempt was prevented by Russian convoy vessels and coast guard of Denmark and Sweden.


Twitter recommended users to change passwords

Twitter emphasizes that there is also no reason to believe that information about passwords could go beyond social network systems. The company recommends that users still change passwords for the sake of precaution.

A new way of fraud using Google maps is revealed

On Google Maps, experts found dangerous links. This was reported by experts on cyber security from the company Sophos. According to experts, the user receives a message from a friend, which contains a link to Google Maps

Payment service Google Pay earned on iOS and on the web

Google announced the launch of the Google Pay service in desktop web services and on mobile devices on the iOS platform.

Experts: can Russian mobile applications become mandatory

FAS explains that if the Russian analogue of the application exists, then the manufacturer of the mobile device is obliged to offer it to the consumer. The FAS believes that this will not only expand the choice, but will also stimulate Russian developers to compete with digital giants.

New version of AdWords Editor

Google has released a new version of AdWords Editor. The application has new features, among which: Report on search terms. Now advertisers can view and download reports.

In Instagram, there will be video calls and other new features

The update will allow you to find more content interesting you and, therefore, give Instagram the opportunity to show you more advertising. The company also tests video calls among a small group of users, which will soon become available worldwide.

Google will allow anyone who wants to register domains in the zone .app

Google will give everyone an opportunity to register sites in the zone .app – a top-level domain (TLD). Previously, this domain was used only by the company. Google acquired exclusive domain rights in 2015.

In Russia, a list of bona fide sites

To create a “white VPN” in Roskomnadzor decided after the blocking of Telegram, because of which millions of other addresses unrelated to the messenger were unavailable. Such a service will provide access, including to resources that should not be affected during the blockage of the Telegram messenger


Scientists have told, how it is possible to improve the cheapest LCD screens

The researchers wanted to find out why some LCD screens show a non-contrasting and faded picture. To solve this problem, scientists forced a part of the crystals inside each pixel of the display to look in different directions.

Scientists have found a similarity of ancient ichthyorinis and modern birds

Scientists have studied the remains of the ancient Ichthyornis dispar, which lived in North America 100 million years ago, with modern birds. Materials of the study appeared in the publication Nature. For the first time it became known about ichthyornis in 1870.

3D-printed hexagons will turn the fabric into a three-dimensional shape

The American engineer has developed a system that allows you to print patterns on a flat fabric, which then spontaneously assume the initially specified volume shape.

Zoologists forced crocodiles to listen to Bach

Specialists watched as the brain of crocodiles reacted to various combinations of sounds – including the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach. As it turned out, when reptiles listened to complex sounds, they analyzed those parts of the brain that did not respond to simpler stimuli.

German scientists have created an “artificial nose” for a smartphone

Specialists from Germany have created a tiny sensor for the recognition of odors. Developers propose to place it in smartphones. Employees of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology led by Martin Sommer were able to improve the development of old years – “artificial nose”

Scientists have created an embryo without an egg and sperm

Dutch scientists were able to create an embryo, using only stem cells, and not eggs and sperm, reports The Daily Mail.

In Ford cars there will be “smart” windows for blind people

The image is projected onto a window with a vibrating base. If you touch it with your fingers, you can see the landscape sweeping the window. The prototype of the smart window is based on the Feel The View technology, which takes pictures of the area outside the car window and turns the images into black and white images.

Scientists: Neanderthals possessed abstract thinking

Neanderthals had the ability to think abstractly. This conclusion was reached by scientists who studied stone weapons of those times. Find archaeologists found in the Crimea

Bacteria from Mars found in a volcanic lake in Costa Rica

Geologists from the University of Colorado at Boulder studied the water from the lake, which is located in the Costa Rican volcano Poas. The results of the research led scientists to believe that billions of years ago, the living conditions on Mars in many ways resembled the Lagoon of Caliente, where the reservoir is located, Ridus reported.

Electrophoresis caused semiconductor microparticles to form chains

It turned out that if you place a system of such particles in the electrolyte solution, they can be made to assemble, disassemble or change their configuration


The first Russian cosmonaut will go to the moon on an American ship

The Russian astronaut can first go to the Moon on the American spacecraft Orion around 2024. He will participate in the installation of the Russian airlock at the international Lunar Orbital Platform – Gateway.

The last article by Stephen Hawking about the device of the Universe is published

The editorial board of the Journal of High Energy Physics published an article by Stephen Hawking, written ten days before the death of the legendary physicist. The last work of the scientist, made in co-authorship with his Belgian counterpart Thomas Hertog, is devoted to the design of the universe, the Guardian reports.

NASA showed the sun in blue

Observatory solar dynamics NASA showed the activity of the magnetic field of the Sun in the deep ultraviolet range, so that the star appeared to be painted in blue.

China put into orbit a telecommunications satellite

China on Thursday launched the telecommunications satellite APSTAR-6C into orbit. The launch, Xinhua News Agency reported, was carried out from the Sichang cosmodrome in Sichuan province (South-Western China). The satellite was put into orbit with the help of the Long March-3B (“Great March-3B”) launch vehicle.

The NASA approved a project of a 30-meter space telescope with self-assembly

The NASA space agency allocated funds for the first stage of designing a space telescope with a mirror diameter of about 30 meters.

Astronomers: In “youth” Mars resembled a wet and warm semi-desert

The terrain of the Red Planet resembled something similar to that of Tatuin in Star Wars. Astronomers from Japan published an article in one of the scientific journals, in which they put forward a new theory of what Mars was in “youth”.

Published the first color photos of Mars

The first images of Mars in good quality were obtained from the TGO orbital module of the Russian-European mission “ExoMars-2016”. The equipment of CaSSIS during the calibrations on April 20 captured the planet from the working orbit


Audi named the Russian prices for the new Audi A4 RS4 Avant

The Russian office of the company Audi named the prices for the new generation Audi RS4 Avant. This model was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September. In Russia, the “charged” station wagon will be offered with a 2.9-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 450 horsepower.

Renault showed the first image of a new crossover for the Russian Federation

In the network there were photos of slides on which future models Dacia and Renault are presented. Among them you can see a new C-class crossover, which “Renoshniki” announced for our country at the beginning of this year, and its production will be carried out at the facilities of the plant in Moscow.

Germany for the first time bypassed Norway in sales of electric vehicles in Europe

The leader of the rating was Germany, which for the first time bypassed Norway, showing a phenomenal result in 17,574 cars sold.

Renewed Hyundai Elantra sedan will debut in the summer of 2018

Recall that the latest generation of the Hyundai Elantra sedan went on sale in 2015, and since then is the best-seller of the Korean brand in the world market. By the way, in Russia it can be bought at a price of 979,000 rubles for a basic version with a 1.6-liter engine and a manual transmission.

Debuted an updated Range Rover Velar 2019

Range Rover Velar 2019 model year received two new engines. The D275 version is equipped with a 3-liter diesel V6 (275 hp and 625 Nm), and the P340 version is equipped with a 3-liter petrol V6 with a supercharger (340 hp and 450 Nm of torque).

Upholstery seats with Kvadrat cloth, adaptive cruise control received a Stop & Go system, rear camera, front and rear parking sensors, a driver’s status monitoring system, an emergency braking system and a lane holding system, which are now installed by default.

Velar is available by default with springs, for a surcharge – an air suspension for all models with V6 engines, with a four-cylinder 240-horsepower diesel and 300-horsepower gasoline units.

In addition, the updated crossover received an increased fuel tank: its volume increased from 63 to 82 liters.

In the Russian market Range Rover Velar 2019 model year will be available to order from August 2018. The prices will be called later.

Ilon Mask: Production of Tesla Model Y starts in 2020

The head of the American corporation Tesla, Ilon Mask, disclosed the date of the series production of the new compact crossover Tesla Model Y. According to him, its assembly will begin in 2020, and the model itself will mark a real “industrial revolution” in the world electric car market.

The Chinese presented an electric crossover with a huge display

The Chinese brand Singulato, owned by the startup Zhiche Auto, introduced the all-electric crossover iS6. The premiere of the novelty, which received the back doors and a large display of the multimedia complex, was held within the framework of the Beijing Motor Show.

Landwind prepares for the premiere of a new crossover

The Chinese automobile company Landwind is going to present a new crossover. Patent images of new items have already appeared on the portals of Chinese media. According to preliminary data, the car received the name E315, but there is information that it will go on sale under the name X4.

Updated Chevrolet Tracker returned to the conveyor in Kazakhstan

In 2017, the situation in the Kazakhstan market stabilized, so it was decided to start in Ust-Kamenogorsk assembly of the crossover Chevrolet Captiva, sedan Aveo, as well as three models of Skoda – Rapid, Octavia and Superb. At the same time, all cars began to collect updated versions.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat oil car will be updated in retro style

The technical characteristics of the oil car are not disclosed, but according to preliminary information, under the hood of the car there will be an engine with a volume of 6.2 liters, the power of which will be 735 hp. Also, there is a possibility that the options for the updated model will be from the SRT Demon model with 852-horsepower motor.

Aston Martin is preparing to present an underwater Neptune Submersible

The novelty has already been called Neptune Submersible. The creation of the submarine-car was conducted in close cooperation with the company Triton, whose specialists have a colossal experience in developing high-tech submarine submarines.

Sollers doubled the cost of the new UAZ platform in 2017

The company reported that, by the end of 2017, it invested 2.179 billion rubles in the development of UAZ. This is 47% more than in 2016. The Sollers Group is actively working on a new family of UAZ vehicles.

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