13 Май, 2021

Industrial Producer Price Index

In March 2021, the prices of manufacturers of industrial goods in Russia on average increased by 3.6% — in just one month (March compared to February)!

The leaders of growth are the northern regions: + 16.9% added prices for industrial goods in the NAO, 11.4% in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, 10.3% in the Arkhangelsk Region. Prices increased by about 9% in the Astrakhan and Tyumen regions, more than 7% — in the Orenburg, Kemerovo and Tomsk regions.

Regions where prices fell in March: -2.7% in the Murmansk region, -2% in Khakassia, -1.5% in the Amur region. A symbolic decrease within 1% was also noted in Tuva, Kurgan region and Sakhalin

Ginkgo agreed to merge with SPAC

Ginkgo, which uses cell programming technology for a potentially wide range of applications, will merge with Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp., which raised $ 1.73 billion in its initial public offering in February.

Ginkgo’s valuation rises to $ 15 billion before the infusion of funds raised by SPAC and investors. The deal includes a $ 775 million private placement, Bloomberg writes.

Gazprom Neft: dividends for 2020

Gazprom Neft’s board of directors has recommended dividends for 2020 in the amount of RUB 15 per share, and the annual shareholders meeting, which will consider this recommendation, will be held on June 11 in absentia, the company said.

Board of Directors…. Approve proposals to pay (declare) annual dividends based on the results of Gazprom Neft PJSC activities in 2020 in cash in the amount of RUB 15 per ordinary share (including dividends paid for the nine months of 2020 in the amount of RUB 5 per ordinary share share), the message says.

Alfa Bank started issuing credit cards in retail chains

According to Kommersant, the project is currently being tested in 40 stores managed by X5. If the pilot is recognized as successful, cooperation will be expanded. As part of the partnership, Alfa-Bank offers co-branded credit cards with a limit of RUB 500,000 to Pyaterochka customers, and to Perekrestok customers with a limit of up to RUB 700,000.

Scientists have discovered gravitational waves in the Sun’s photosphere

Scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) have confirmed the existence of Alfvén waves on the Sun. They can carry energy over very long distances. The study, published in the journal Nature Astronomy, provides new insight into this phenomenon, which was discovered in 1947 by Nobel laureate Hannes Alfven.

Coils impregnated with hydrogel are transformed into artificial muscles

Australian engineers have developed artificial muscle fibers, the principle of which mimics the ability of DNA molecules to repeatedly twist into spirals, significantly reducing their size. The article was published in the journal Science Robotics.

A new type of radiation of plasma waves in interstellar space

Voyager 1 discovered a new type of plasma wave radiation in the interstellar medium. This constant, weak, narrow-band radiation has been observed since 2017 and, according to scientists, will allow tracking the distribution of the electron density of the interstellar medium along the trajectory of the spacecraft. The article was published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Lucasfilm will reissue the Indiana Jones tetralogy

Film company Lucasfilm announced the creation of an updated version of the collection of the adventures of the archaeologist Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford). The release will take place closer to the 40th anniversary of the franchise created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. The collection will include four films in 4K Ultra HD quality:

  • Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

ABBA are recording new songs

The release of two new singles, «Don’t Shut Me Down» and «I Still Have Faith In You», was announced back in 2018 and was planned to coincide with the 2018/2019 tour. However, the pandemic disrupted these plans, and everything hung indefinitely. No specific dates have been announced so far, but Björn Ulvaeus has made a firm pledge that the singles will arrive in 2021.

US Embassy spokesperson declared persona non grata in Russia

Rebecca Ross, a spokeswoman for the US Embassy in Moscow, told TASS on Wednesday that she is on a list of 10 American diplomats declared persona non grata in Russia.

The Pentagon agreed to lift the ban on investment in Xiaomi

The US Department of Defense and Xiaomi have reached an agreement to lift the ban on investing in this Chinese company, imposed during the presidency of Republican Donald Trump.

U.S. Embassy in Russia stops issuing non-diplomatic nonimmigrant visas

Effective May 12, 2021, the U.S. Embassy in Russia will cease issuing nonimmigrant visas, with the exception of diplomatic travel. Earlier, the American diplomatic mission announced a reduction in the volume of consular services provided to Russian citizens. The Embassy will not provide consular services, even to US citizens, except in emergencies.