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2 Дек, 2022

Inflation in the EU countries

Annual inflation in countries with a single euro currency for the first time in 17 months decreased and in November amounted to 10%, the Politico portal reported, citing preliminary data from Eurostat. Thus, the growth of consumer prices slowed down compared to 10.6% in October, when the rate reached its maximum since the beginning of the calculations.

The decline in inflation was mainly due to the fall in energy prices to 34.9% from 41.5% in October. The prices for services also slightly decreased (4.2% against 4.3% in October), the cost of non-energy industrial goods remained unchanged. But the prices of food, alcohol and tobacco continue to rise.

The highest rate of price growth in the euro area is still observed in the Baltic countries: Latvia (21.7%), Lithuania and Estonia (21.4%). The lowest rates were recorded in Spain (6.6%), France (7.1%) and Malta (7.2%).

Earlier, the European Commission predicted a record rise in prices by the end of the year.

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Romania will build the largest solar park in Europe. The capacity of the photovoltaic park will be 1044 MW, the cost of the project is estimated at 800 million euros.

Construction work is expected to begin next summer, with the first energy generated by the park going online by the end of 2024, Economica reports, citing statements from the investor and developer.


The French baguette is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The committee of the organization unanimously voted for such a decision, the newspaper Le Figaro reports.

The traditional bread was chosen from three candidates from France, which also included Parisian rooftops and a wine festival in Burgundy. However, UNESCO decided to choose a baguette as a symbol of French culture and the skill of local bakers.


The first cycle path in Belgium, partly made from recycled plastic, has been opened near the port of Antwerp-Bruges. It consists of two sections, which were laid by two companies using different technologies, according to The Brussels Times.


A clock has been installed in the center of Prague to count down the time until the onset of a climate catastrophe, according to the České Noviny portal. Now the dial shows that humanity has approximately seven years before the average temperature on Earth becomes 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.


Due to the global slowdown in economic growth and rising inflation, real wages in the world fell by 0.9% in the first half of 2022. According to the UN report, real wages fell the most in low-income social groups.


Huawei phones are automatically deleting videos of protests and riots that have recently swept across China, especially in the provinces of Henan and Guangdong.

Phone owners do not receive any notifications: just videos with recorded riots disappear from the gallery. In their place is the icon of a video that cannot be opened in any way. Phones from other manufacturers are not seen in this.


There are already almost 1 billion 5G users. The distribution of 5G is still far from uneven. In North America, about 35% of subscribers will use 5G networks by the end of this year. In addition, 25% of carriers worldwide charge extra for 5G. The average markup is 40%. About 5 billion people now use 4G networks


The bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans, which lives on Earth, according to scientists, is able to hold out without any problems for 280 million years in the current Martian climate. Neither the lack of water nor radiation are terrible for her sleep.


Chemists have turned discarded plastic into raw materials for medicines. To do this, they needed poorly recyclable polyethylene, catalysts and a fungus.

With the help of catalysts and oxygen under pressure, scientists dismantled the garbage into diacids — asperbenzaldehyde, citreovidine and mutilin. They were injected into a strain of the fungus Aspergillus nidulans, which is often used in drug development. Feeding on diacids, in just a week, the microorganism produced a serious amount of antibiotics, statins, immunosuppressants and antifungal drugs.


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