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15 Feb, 2019

Interactive Climate Change Map

American climatologists Matthew Fitzpatrick and Robert Dunn of the University of Maryland created an interactive map that shows how the temperature and humidity of the air in different cities of the United States and Canada will change by 2080. The map shows the climatic changes that American cities are waiting for with a steady increase in the carbon footprint, and also allows you to see how the climate changes if emissions are reduced. The project description is available in an article published in Nature Communications, and the map itself can be tested on the official website.

A relatively safe threshold for temperature changes at which the effects of global warming will not be as noticeable is two degrees Celsius. Last summer, scientists showed that in order to limit the rise in temperature by these indicators, it is necessary to take measures until 2035.

Briefly about the main thing …

Rosavtodor will cover the Russian roads “superasphalt”

Rosavtodor reported that in Russia they will begin to apply the Superasfalt road pavement technology, which operates according to the “volumetric design” method, on a large scale. “Superasphalt” is more than twice as long as usual and will last up to 12 years, while overhaul will be needed once every 24 years. The special value of the “super-asphalt” is also in the fact that the technology involves its reuse, RIA Novosti reports.

Utair Airlines Demanded to Buy 11 Tickets for Two Disabled Children

The incident was previously reported by the TV channel “Russia-1”. It was noted that a single mother from Khabarovsk had to buy 13 plane tickets to return with her two sons from Kurgan, where they had an operation at the center to them. Ilizarov

The airline Utair told RBC that they were not warned that on one of the flights fly low mobility children. The company added that the Russian Foundation and other social services did not contact in advance to discuss the conditions for the safe transportation of disabled children.

“For the safety of low-mobility citizens, the airline is obliged to install special stretchers in the cabin to eliminate the threat to the passenger’s health during turbulence, take-off and landing. The stretcher weighs 140 kg and the airline takes time to install and fix them in the cabin, ”said Utair. “In addition, before departure at the airport, a companion and a passenger with limited mobility may face a shortage of seats in the cabin or an increased price for transportation, if the social services did not warn them in advance about the special conditions of transportation,” added the airline.

In the US, spoke about the Russian military in Venezuela

Elliott Abrams, US special envoy for Venezuela, said at a hearing in the House of Representatives that he saw no signs of military presence in Venezuela from Russia, RIA Novosti reports.

American expert proposed to repeat the “Caribbean crisis”

As it became known, in the United States they proposed to introduce a naval blockade of Venezuela and repeat the “Caribbean crisis.” This statement was made by Donald Laskin, Investment Director at TrendMacro. According to him, so the United States will be able to achieve a change of government in Venezuela

Politico: the ex-mayor of New York will give $ 500 million to fight Trump

The former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, promised to allocate $ 500 million of his own funds for the election campaign with US President Donald Trump, Politico reported, citing sources. According to the publication, Bloomberg will do so in the case of participation in the primaries of the Democratic Party.

Ministry of Justice recognized the movement for human rights as a foreign agent

“On February 12, 2019, in accordance with the Federal Law“ On Non-Profit Organizations ”, the Ministry of Justice of Russia included the All-Russian public movement for the protection of human rights“ For Human Rights ”in the register of non-profit organizations acting as a foreign agent,” the ministry said.

Sochinets was fined for conducting collective meditations without registering with the Ministry of Justice

The man did not actively engage new followers and did not promote his practices in the media; a certain small circle of people was going to meditate. Nevertheless, his activity is in fact missionary, which implies the registration of a religious association in the Ministry of Justice, explained in the prosecutor’s office.

Pence spoke about the possibility of increasing the number of US military in Poland

Discussion of the possibility of increasing the scale of the American military presence in Poland has not been completed. This was announced by US Vice President Mike Pence. According to him, countries are discussing the options for expanding the military presence of the United States.

In the US, ten immigrants from the Baltic states were accused of money laundering

The prosecutor’s office of the Southern District of New York has indicted 10 immigrants from the Baltic states in large-scale fraud and money laundering, reports the agency. The amount of damage is not reported. Martins Apskalns, Pavels Bernts, Janis Berns, Raitis Grigorievs, Sergeys Logins, Diana Maksimovich, Agris Petrovs, Igors Pirins, Valters Volksons and Vladislav Zapolsky were detained in Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and the USA.

“It is assumed that the defendants used an extensive network of fictitious sellers and collectors of vintage cars in order to fool customers. Thinking that they were transferring money for buying a vintage car, the victims actually sent huge sums to dummy transport companies, which, according to investigators , served as the accused tool for siphoning money from unsuspecting clients “, – the words of the prosecutor Jeffrey S. Berman are given in the message.

Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office has opened a scheme for withdrawing money from Venezuela

Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov spoke about the scheme for withdrawing money from Venezuela. According to him, the funds of the Venezuelan oil state company PDVSA, which appeared on the US sanctions list, were transferred to one of the Bulgarian banks, and from there to other countries, the Bulgarian National Television Company writes.

Guaydo hired lobbyists in the US government

Proclaimed himself president of Venezuela, Juan Guaydo, hired an ex-World Bank (WB) officer and a lawyer specializing in international finance to lobby for his interests in the US government.

Cyprus has tightened the conditions for granting citizenship for investment

The government of Cyprus has approved changes to the citizenship program for those who have invested in the economy of the state. There was one change in the program: those who wish to receive “golden passports” will have to pay one more fee.

It will be € 150 thousand, half of this amount will be spent on research and development, and the second part – to finance affordable housing programs for the organization for the development of land resources, according to Cyprus Mail.

“We guarantee that the funds for each naturalization of a foreign investor will also be spent on affordable housing for our compatriots in need”, – quotes the publication of the Minister of Finance of Cyprus Haris Georgiadis.

Poll: only a third of Kuzbass people love their work

Only 33% of Kuzbass respondents love their work, and 43% cannot admit the cause of their life in love. These are the results of a survey conducted by experts of the site among 1370 residents of the region. 14% have not yet decided on their feelings, because they have only recently entered a new job.

Police shot dead rapper in US car

In California, police shot a 20-year-old young man who fell asleep in a car. According to The Guardian, police officers noticed a pistol on his lap and opened fire.

Britain launched an investigation against the rich Russians

The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has begun collecting information on 140 wealthy people around the world, including Russians. This was reported by RIA “News”, citing a source in the department. According to the source, citizens, whose fortune significantly exceeds 50 thousand pounds sterling and has millions, came to the attention of the NCA.

“Being rich is not a crime, but these people should be able to explain the origin of their capital,” the source said.

Reprogramming cells helped scientists cure type 1 diabetes

About a tenth of diabetics suffer from a relatively rare form of this disease, which has received the name “type 1 diabetes”. It does not develop as a result of disturbances in metabolism, but due to the destruction of the beta cells of the pancreas that produce insulin.

For insulting Erdogan, a resident of Turkey was sentenced to reading books

In one of the cafes in Istanbul, a resident of Turkey, in front of witnesses, unflatteringly began to speak of the president. For insulting Recep Erdogan, the court sentenced a man to read books.

Moldovan Foreign Ministry asked the government to recall the ambassador from Russia

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, Alexander Roitman, said the agency had asked the government to withdraw Andrei Negutsu, Russia’s ambassador to Russia, the Moldovan portal Omega reports. The official reasons for this decision are unknown, the report said.

The recall of ambassadors is the exclusive right of the president, which cannot be bypassed; I will not sign this decree. – Igor Dodon, Moldovan politician

Japan will reconsider the strategy of peace negotiations with Russia

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has begun to revise the strategy, since he understands that the initial plan to reach a framework agreement on a peace treaty with Russia at a meeting with the Russian president in Osaka in June is not feasible. This is largely due to the growing sentiment in Russia against the transfer of the Kuril Islands, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the agency Jiji

Venezuelan opposition has appointed its own directors PDVSA and Citgo

The opposition-controlled Venezuelan parliament has appointed its own representatives to act as directors of the state-owned oil company PDVSA, as well as directors of its US subsidiary, Citgo Petroleum, in the United States, Reuters reports.

The United States and China have embarked on a new round of trade negotiations.

Negotiations are expected to end on February 15. Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that Washington could postpone the March 1 increase in duties on Chinese products if progress is made on the issue of a trade agreement between the countries.

In the Pacific, found the aircraft carrier during the Second World War

A group of researchers discovered the remains of an American aircraft carrier, which sank in the South Pacific during World War II, reports ENT. The aircraft carrier “Hornet” was discovered to the east of the Solomon Islands at a depth of approximately 5,400 meters

Maduro said humanitarian aid for Venezuela is infected

Commenting on the assistance to the Venezuelan people, the head of the republic noted that it was sent to a country that had previously been deprived of money by blocking its state assets worth more than $ 10 billion. Maduro stressed that he was aware of the quality of what was supposed to come to Venezuela as humanitarian aid. These products did not pass the control and remained in Colombia, where as a result they were poisoned by local residents. He noted that there was a lot of carcinogenic chemical elements in the food.

In Colombia, on the border with Venezuela, declared the position of disaster

The situation of the disaster was introduced on Wednesday in the area of ​​the Colombian city of Cucuta on the border with Venezuela due to the expected problems with the planned on February 23 start of the delivery of humanitarian aid to the neighboring country.

The head of the RAS proposed to introduce an IQ test in the clinical examination

President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Alexander Sergeev, suggested that the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova include an IQ test in the clinical examination. He noted that academicians rarely suffer from neurodegenerative diseases because they lead an “intellectual lifestyle”.

The arrest of the former Ulyukayev’s property was lifted

Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow on Thursday granted the petition of the defense of ex-minister Alexei Ulyukayev convicted for bribery to lift the arrest from his property. According to Interfax, we are talking about 10 land plots in the Smolensk region, a private house, an Land Rover SUV, more than $ 1 million and about 300 million rubles in bank accounts. Also, by court decision, coins from precious metals, watches and watches of famous brands found at Ulyukayev during the searches were released from arrest.

American ex-scout accused of spying on Iran

A former employee of the American counterintelligence, Monika Witt, who served for more than ten years, was accused of transferring data on the US national defense to the Iranian authorities. She also tried to contact WikiLeaks.

Ukraine intends to send two amphibious boats to the Sea of ​​Azov

Ukraine plans this year to send two amphibious boats “Centaur” to the Sea of ​​Azov for guarding and patrolling, said Vyacheslav Demyanenko, deputy chief of the Main Directorate of Defense Planning of the Armed Forces General Staff.

NATO offered Turkey an alternative to the C-400

The United States, France and Italy are discussing with Turkey alternatives to acquiring the Russian S-400 air defense system, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenber on the sidelines of a meeting of the alliance’s ministerial council in Brussels.

Contacts are being held between Turkey and other NATO countries, in particular France and Italy, on the acquisition of the alternative French air defense system SAMP / T. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

The US has put the army of Lebanon missiles with laser-guided

The United States supplied the Lebanese Army with laser-guided missiles worth more than $ 16 million, Haaretz reports, citing the US Embassy in Beirut.

In Russia, developed sensors control the guard

Experts of the group of companies “Strelets” have created sensors for determining the location of a soldier during his guard duty. The new device can also help servicemen in Syria, executive director of the group of companies Mikhail Levchuk told reporters.

India is going to buy 21 MiG-29 fighters from Russia

The final amount of the transaction also includes the training of pilots and personnel and the installation of weapons. The report said that the Indian budget will suffer much less, in contrast to the purchase of French Rafale. Recall that the Indian Navy is 80% equipped with Russian equipment, the Air Force – by 70%.

Kiev asked NATO to help the Ukrainian Navy

Ukraine has asked NATO countries to provide a separate assistance package for the country’s Navy. The corresponding statement was made by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to NATO, Vadim Pristayko

Veterans of operations in Syria will occupy key positions in the Russian army

By February 23, a decree is being prepared on the appointment of a number of senior officers of the Russian army to new positions. The key positions in the armed forces will be taken by generals who have gained experience in the hostilities in Syria, sources in the Defense Ministry told Izvestia.

At the UN, Russians are interested in torture in the CAR

The United Nations (UN) opened a torture case in the Central African Republic (CAR) with the alleged participation of Russian citizens. The investigation is conducted within the framework of the UN mandate in the CAR. This information was confirmed by the spokesman for the UN Stabilization Mission in this African country (MINUSCA), Vladimir Monteiro, in a conversation with RBC.

“We confirm that we are investigating the charges of a man from Bambari that he was detained and tortured in January of this year by a Russian citizen,” said Monteiro

Russian military police are expanding the patrol zone in Syria

The Russian military, in turn, monitor the security of the internal perimeter. More and more villages in the northeast province of Aleppo are asking our military police to include them in the patrol route.

The web published an image of a new coastal missile system

The network has images of a new coastal defense missile system being developed in the interests of the Russian armed forces. The complex is located on the basis of the car KAMAZ, reports portal btvtinfo. According to the portal, a new coastal missile system was created on the basis of the Bal-E complex.

In Russia, embryos were offered rights

The need to equalize the rights of juvenile Russians and embryos was announced at the meeting of the State Duma working group on abortion withdrawal from the MLA head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Legal Office, Abbess Xenia (Chernega). This is reported in the Telegram channel of the radio station “Moscow speaking”. According to her, amendments to the laws must be introduced by expanding the understanding of the norms of international law.

“The Convention on the Rights of the Child states that a child, before the period of physical and mental maturity, needs special protection and care, including adequate legal protection, both before and after birth. I would suggest including this wording in the preamble of the federal law on basic guarantees of the rights of the child in Russia, ”said a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Two provinces of Argentina have banned entry to tourists with a criminal record

The authorities have adopted a decree that prohibits entry to citizens who have been convicted, are serving a sentence or have a criminal record, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to local media. A similar ban intend to introduce also in the province of Tierra del Fuego.

Rospotrebnadzor will monitor the nutrition of the Russians

Rospotrebnadzor by 2020 will introduce in the regions a monitoring system for the nutritional status of various population groups, the head of department, Anna Popova, said. The results of the study will be used to develop educational programs on nutrition. In the context of work on improving the quality of nutrition in Russia, it studies the experience of countries with the longest life expectancy, including Japan, where it is illegal to have a waist more than 90 cm. This was stated by the head of department, Anna Popova.

Krasnoyarsk road will protect from flooding thousands of bags

To date, more than a thousand bags have been procured. In total, it is planned to procure three thousand, if necessary, in addition, we will be able to quickly prepare the same amount, the press office of the Omsk city hall quotes Vyacheslav Drozdov, a specialist of the Office of Road Facilities and Public Works.

Pobedino residents pay for non-existent containers

Residents of some houses in the private sector of the village of Pobedino in the Smirnyhovsky district are outraged that they have to pay for a service that is not provided.

In Palestine, an oak tree has collapsed, whose death is considered the harbinger of the end of the world

Mamre’s oak, or the oak of Abraham, collapsed in Palestine. The age of the tree is estimated at about 5 thousand years. This is reported by eyewitnesses to the incident in social networks.

In the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, they said that the oak tree dried up as early as 1996 and has since been considered lifeless. Two new young trees have grown from its roots, and now they are freed from the remnants of a dead ancient trunk. About this writes “Rosbalt”.

In St. Petersburg, will conduct compulsory vaccination against measles

The bottom line is that in St. Petersburg all residents will receive compulsory measles vaccination, that is, refusals due to simple unwillingness will not be taken into account by doctors. At the same time, residents of St. Petersburg were reassured – there is no measles epidemic in the cultural capital.

Russian refineries may face the problem of selling gasoline

In Russia, a significant surplus of gasoline production capacity has been formed, according to Argus Consulting’s presentation “Oil refining of the Russian Federation in 2019: Expectations and Prospects.” In 2018, after the launch of new units at Taneco and the Antipinsky Refinery, gasoline production capacity increased by almost 2 million tons, experts say.

Roskoschestvo did not find high-quality ravioli in Russian retail

Roskokachestvo, while checking dumplings, could not find a single producer worthy of the “Quality Mark”. This was announced in an interview with TASS at the Russian Investment Forum by the head of Roskachestvo, Maxim Protasov

Banks issued mortgage loans for 85 billion rubles in January

Russian banks in January 2019 issued a record amount of mortgages, Oleg Lagutkin, general director of the Equifax credit bureau, told RIA Novosti. According to Mr. Lagutkin, in January, according to preliminary data, banks issued 85 billion rubles. against 60 billion rubles. in January 2018.

VEB.RF and Group set up a joint venture

According to one of the newspaper’s sources, the project was initiated by VEB.RF, and Group has become a technology partner. The joint venture created will be the operator of an electronic platform for obtaining state support for small and medium-sized businesses, Kommersant notes.

Russian banks will be able to register self-employed

Russia’s largest credit organizations will launch registration channels for self-employed Russians from I quarter of 2019. The service will begin to work on the basis of mobile applications of banks and will allow to conduct a “white economy”, saving the self-employed from complicated bureaucratic procedures.

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation will abolish two existing departments and will create three new

The ministry abolished two departments: the department of administrative and legislative work and the department of civil service and mobilization training, said Deputy Energy Minister Anastasia Bondarenko. Three new departments will appear in the structure: the department of legislative work and the development of personnel potential, the department for licensing of energy sales activities and the department of economic security in the fuel and energy complex, Prime writes.

Russia in 2018 increased the supply of agricultural products to Turkey to $ 1.9 billion

In 2018, Russia exported $ 1.9 billion worth of agro-industrial products to Turkey, which is 7% more than a year ago, Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev told reporters on the sidelines of the Sochi Investment Forum. According to him, Russia is actively conquering the Turkish market.

Business will have to pay for data on citizens

Companies will pay for some data requests about people from their future digital profiles. A digital profile is a collection of legally relevant electronic documents and relevant data from government information systems (GIS). His concept is being developed by the Central Bank and Rostelecom. However, in what cases a fee will be charged and what its size will be, the government must also determine

The business is already actively requesting data about people from various GIS, says IDX project director general (remote identification service) Svetlana Belova, for example, car sharing services check driver information (validity of rights and fines), logistics companies check TIN of customers.

Russian-Chinese trade grew 10.8% in January 2019

The trade turnover between Russia and China in January of this year amounted to 9.2 billion dollars, which is 10.8% higher than the figures for the same period of 2018, according to data released by the PRC’s main customs administration.

MTS raises tariffs after competitors

Part of the archive tariffs Smart mini, Smart, Smart Nonstop, “Smart Unlimited” and “My Unlimited” will increase throughout the country from February 25. This is stated in the message of MTS. This is stated in the message of MTS. In Moscow, these tariffs will increase by an average of 50–100 rubles. It follows from the operator’s tariff scale, i.e., by 10–20%. In return, the operator will increase the filling of packages with the Internet – at each tariff they will increase by 1 GB. For example, the tariff “My unlimited” in the “minimum configuration” (5 GB) is now 480 rubles. per month. And it will be 570 rubles, but the package will already be 6 GB.

Gold production in the Russian Federation in 2018 increased to 314 tons

Gold production in Russia in 2018 amounted to 314.42 tons. This was announced by the Ministry of Finance, citing data on the supply of raw materials to Russian refining plants. This is 2% higher than in 2017.

The Cabinet of Ministers refused to index the minimum wage in 2019

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Maxim Topilin, said that this year the Russian government does not plan to additionally index the minimum wage, RIA Novosti reports.

We took into account the fact that last year there were two indexations, which were quite high – from January 1 and from May 1 the minimum wage was indexed. Now we need to give the regions this situation normally to keep, normally to understand the ratios between wages. – Maxim Topilin

British United Green Group to open a baby formula plant in Russia

More than 80% of dry milk formulas for children in the Russian Federation today are imported from abroad, since there is no production of full-cycle breast milk substitutes in the country. RDIF and the United Green Group (UGG) intend to create the first such enterprise with a capacity of up to 15 thousand tons of products per year.

Inflation in 2019 will exceed the official forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development

The Minister answered affirmatively to the question whether the level of inflation in the Russian Federation for the year will be higher than the current forecast of 4.3% but lower than 5%. Earlier, the Ministry of Economic Development predicted that inflation in Russia in February 2019 on a monthly basis would be 0.5-0.6% and accelerate to 5.2-5.4% on an annualized basis

For a month, the national debt of the regions of the Russian Federation grew by 151 billion rubles

The debt of the subjects of the Russian Federation to credit and international organizations for the year decreased by 30 billion rubles, but in December showed an upward trend and for the month increased by 178.5 billion rubles. As of January 1, 2019, this figure amounted to more than 2,206 billion rubles, which follows from the data published on the official website of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

Rosneft reduced production at the largest field

The production of oil by Rosneft’s largest subsidiary, RN-Yuganskneftegaz, which produces the Priobskoye field, declined by 0.8% in January. It happened because of a fire, OPEC experts write in a report for January.

In January, gasoline went up by 1.5%

Consumer prices for motor fuel increased in most regions of the Siberian Federal District. The leader in terms of prices for diesel fuel and motor gasoline AI-98 is the Republic of Tyva, for gasoline AI-92 and AI-95 – Krasnoyarsk Territory

Shares of the Stepanovsky mine were sold at a price 30 times lower than the initial

A total of 1.1 billion pieces were put up for sale. shares with a nominal value of 1 rub. each In November last year, they were put up for sale for 1 billion rubles. “Stepanovsky Incision” JSC was established in November 2017.

Venezuela will increase oil production by 1 million barrels

Venezuela will increase oil production by more than 1 million barrels per day. This was announced on February 13 by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in an interview with the Lebanese television channel Al Mayadeen. According to Maduro, his country is experiencing difficulties due to sanctions from the United States and EU countries.

Sales in new buildings in China have almost halved

Sales of new buildings in the 17 largest cities of China in February 2019 declined sharply compared with the same period last year, according to RBC. The largest decline was recorded in Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province, Fuzhou in Fujian Province and Zhaoqing in Guangdong Province.

The first teaser of the cartoon “Cold Heart 2”

Filming of the Discovery film about the Dyatlov Pass were under threat

In Yekaterinburg, the shooting of the project of the Discovery channel “Unknown Expedition”, dedicated to the death of Igor Dyatlov’s group in 1959, was under threat of failure This was announced by the Ural producer Dmitry Artemyev, who is helping the Americans in their work on the project. According to the producer, who works on the show, difficulties arose because of the director of the local theater, who “is categorically tuned and does not let anyone” on the set.

Warner Bros. will remove “Batman vs Ninja Turtles”

Warner Bros. Studios intends to bring together in one project Batman and Ninja Turtles. According to the publication SyFy, this very unusual full-length animated crossover will be a joint project with Nickelodeon. It is argued that the project will be based on the book of James Taynion IV and Freddy Williams II, and this will be the first time in history when such popular characters will meet outside the world of comics

Started shooting documentaries about Dmitri Mendeleev

Several documentaries dedicated to the world-famous Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev will be shown on television, and filming is already underway, Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky told reporters.

An exhibition of the artist Umberto Mariani opened in the Hermitage

An exhibition of works by Italian artist Umberto Mariani opened at the General Staff Building of the State Hermitage Museum on February 13 in St. Petersburg. The exhibition was named “Abstractionism in Italy. Umberto Mariani. ” 2019. The exhibition of works by Mariani will run until March 31.

The exhibition “Nikolai Mescherin. Out of the hustle and bustle »

The exhibition is dedicated not only to the artist Meshcherin, but to his estate and house, as well as the world created in them, Petrova told. The exhibition presents works by the artist from 15 museums and five private collections.

The National Museum is preparing an exhibition about the time of Alexander II

Emperor Alexander II, who entered Russian history with large-scale reforms, primarily the abolition of serfdom, was killed at the hands of terrorists from the revolutionary organization Narodnaya Volya.

Academy of Jazz Art in Moscow

In 2019, in the Russian capital, they can open the Academy of Jazz Art on the basis of the State School (College) of Brass Arts (GUDI). According to the head of the Moscow Department of Culture, Alexander Kibovsky, the Academy will be headed by the famous Russian saxophonist Igor Butman.

The world premiere of Mass Rodion Shchedrin will be held at the Mariinsky Theater

The world premiere of the “Mass of Remembrance” by People’s Artist of the USSR Rodion Shchedrin will take place at the Mariinsky Theater. About this reports TASS with reference to the press service of the theater.

The premiere of the movie “Breaking Bad” will be held on Netflix

The world premiere of the film Breaking Bad will take place on Netflix, and then the picture will be released on the AMC cable network, Variety reports, citing its own sources.

Satan in Good Signs speaks with Benedict Cumberbatch

As it became known, Satan in the series, consisting of six episodes, will speak Benedict Cumberbatch, and God – Francis MacDormand. “Good Signs” – the result of the joint work of Neil Gaiman and Douglas MacKinnon, who worked on “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who”. All series will be released simultaneously on May 31.

Artist Heinrich Befus made a superhero from the governor

At the closing of his first solo exhibition in the Golden Gallery, Omsk artist Heinrich Befus presented the portrait of Governor Alexander Burkov. A little more than a week in the new gallery on Lubinsky Avenue, Heinrich Befus’ personal exhibition was open to everyone.

Daniel Radcliffe talked about future Harry Potter films

Actor Daniel Radklyuve suggested that more than one movie will be shot on the Harry Potter saga. He said that perhaps new films will appear in the form of restarting the franchise. “I know that I am not the last Harry Potter I will see in my life,” the actor said

Four nominations will be cut out of the Oscar live broadcast

Immediately, four nominations will be cut out from the air as part of the Oscar awards. Thus, the ceremony organizers hope to reduce the broadcast time.

Theater Year Vologda Drama Theater opens with a premiere performance of Varlam Shalamov

February 19 Vologda citizens are invited to a one-man show by Yevgeny Galantsev “Shalamov. Kolyma stories. The date of the first show was chosen by chance: February 19, 1929, exactly ninety years ago, the writer was first arrested.

Under the phonogram in the Kremlin

Olga Seryabkina, a former member of the Russian pop group SEREBRO, also known under the pseudonym Molly, informed her fans about her intentions to sing the phonogram at the “Feast for All Lovers”, which will be held in the Kremlin Palace. This itself Seryabkina said on Instagram.

French group Space will come to Russia

In honor of its 40th anniversary, the French group Space will arrange a big tour of Russia. This is stated in a press release received by the editors of “”. In Moscow, the team will perform on March 3 at the Crocus City Hall site.

Goran Bregovic in Russia

Famous Balkan composer and performer Goran Bregovic, together with his team Wedding and Funeral Band, will perform on February 14 in St. Petersburg as part of a tour in support of the album Three Letters from Sarajevo. February 15 performers will perform in Moscow. In the spring, they will present their program in Italy, Poland, Romania and the United States, and in the summer in Belgium.

Game with masterpieces

The exhibition “A game with masterpieces: from Henri Matisse to Marina Abramovich” opens on February 14 at the Jewish Museum and the Center for Tolerance in Moscow. This is an interactive project that tells about the universality of art. The exposition is built as an attraction – somewhere, to see the picture, you need to look into the closet, somewhere – to move down the slide. This, according to the organizers, gives visitors the opportunity to communicate with art at the level of not intelligence, but emotions, outside schools and concepts.

Alexander Sokurov will represent Russia at the Venice Biennale

Alexander Sokurov will be another exhibitor of the Russian pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale, Commissioner Semyon Mikhailovsky told Artgid. According to him, the director will perform in a new genre for himself, creating in collaboration with students of the Academy of Arts in the central hall of the pavilion an installation dedicated to the Hermitage.

Earlier it became known that in Venice the artist from St. Petersburg Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai will show his installation, which is a complex mechanized elements. It will occupy the first floor of the Shchusev Pavilion.

Scientists have discovered a scam with the “burial” of a medieval nun

Historians have revealed a scam associated with the false burial of a nun of one of the medieval castles, allegedly caused by the desire to leave the monastery and begin worldly life .. The deception was revealed by the institution. This is indicated in the documents found, they are related to this story.

Ikea wants to sell competitor’s furniture

Swedish furniture manufacturer Ikea is considering launching an online platform on which not only its own products, but also other manufacturers will be sold. About this in an interview with FT said the head of Inter Ikea Torbjorn Lef.

Apple Autopilot Recognized as World’s Worst

The Apple report, which is sent to the California Department of Transportation, lists all the small and large parts. In particular, it is reported how often the autopilot is disabled and the driver needs to drive the car manually.

Hi-tech in the medieval way of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian authorities have released Absher mobile app for iOS and Android, available for download in the AppStore and Google Play, which allows you to track the movement of women. This geographical discrimination allows men to easily prevent a woman from leaving a certain halo of habitat, not to mention a country, with a slight movement of the fingers. On his mobile device come alerts about the movements of the ward woman.

Apex Legends has released the first major update.

Respawn has released the first update for Apex Legends, which is about a gigabyte on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Sony wena strap adds smart features to any watch.

Sony introduced the Wena, a smart strap that is versatile enough to work with almost any watch. The strap adds state-of-the-art features such as notification, sports monitoring and digital wallet functions.

In Tyumen, found a solution to the problem of a battery discharged in cold weather

Specialists of Tyumen Industrial University (TIU) have developed a fee that will allow maintaining the car battery in working condition under all weather conditions, the university’s press service reports February 14

“We took two new, identical batteries. When the air temperature was minus 30 degrees, one of them began his work as usual, the other using our special board, said the head of the Robotics Center of the Student Innovation Platform at TIU Vadim Kostin. – As a result, the voltage of the first fell very low, of the order of several volts, the voltage of the second remained close to 12 volts, that is, to the nominal. This proves that our board is working. At the same time, even from the external state, it can be seen that the first battery froze and frost, while the one connected to the board remained in working condition. ”

China will build a smart road for UAVs

A smart highway with a fifth generation 5G connection will be built in the Chinese province of Hubei. Drones will be able to drive on separate sections of the road. Tests of intelligent transport will be held in the laboratories created by the Chinese company Hubei Mobile.

Smartphone Motorola P40 will get the chip Exynos 9610

The well-known company Motorola will soon be selling the new P40 smartphone, which will simultaneously be offered in three versions. Responsible for the performance of the eight-core chip Exynos 961.

Johnson & Johnson for $ 3.4 billion will buy a manufacturer of surgical robots

Johnson & Johnson Corporation announced today, February 13, the purchase of the American company Auris Health, engaged in robotic surgery. The amount of the transaction will be $ 3.4 billion and will be paid in cash. If Auris Health will be able to achieve certain indicators (which ones, not reported), then the amount may grow by $ 2.35 billion. The transaction should be completed in the second quarter of this year.

Micro jet skin helps you feel the virtuality

Micro-jet skin presented at the SolidWorks World conference in Dallas. In fact, this is another attempt to give feedback to tactile communication in virtual reality, that is, to allow to manage this virtuality not with joysticks, but with your own hands, while physically sensing virtual objects.

Xiaomi electric scooter hacked and can mess things up

Zimperium cybersecurity experts have discovered a vulnerability in Xiaomi M365 electric scooters. It lies in the fact that these scooters are controlled via Bluetooth and access is protected by a password, but in practice the password is not always requested and access to the management of someone else’s scooter can be obtained remotely. Scooters can be controlled from a distance of up to 100 meters. The vulnerability cannot be eliminated by the user, for this Xiaomi should release an updated firmware, and the user must install it.

A bug in the plugin for WordPress can be used to capture sites

WebARX specialists discovered a dangerous problem in the popular WordPress plugin, Simple Social Buttons, which offers simple social networking buttons for websites. According to the researchers, the bug lies in the design of the application itself and is aggravated by incorrect rights verification.

Extortionist Shade attacks Russian companies

Forgotten Android Content of the Subscription to the “Hacker” ESET and Kaspersky Lab specialists warned of a new wave of phishing emails through which the Shade cryptographer is distributed.

Take care of the money. Apple simplified iOS subscription management

Apple has simplified the display and management of subscriptions in iOS 12.1.4. This was announced by Mac Stories chief editor Federico Vitichi.

Chimpanzee gestures were like human speech.

Studies have shown that these gestures correspond to the linguistic laws of the human language, reports Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Thus, Zipf’s law turned out to be applicable to chimpanzees – it says that the most common words (in this case, gestures) are the shortest in the lexicon.

Scientists promise quick and catastrophic climate change

American scientists have predicted serious climate change, if the influence of man on the atmosphere does not change. A catastrophic climate shift will occur especially quickly in North America. The current climate of the southern regions will shift 800 kilometers to the north.

Depression Nasal Spray Appears in the US

The FDA Independent Expert Council recommended that Johnson & Johnson, a nasal spray for treating clinical depression in patients with suicidal tendencies, be registered in the United States.

The brain of the newborn is able to recognize the face in an adult

Studying the brain activity of newborns, scientists from Italy found that the same areas of the brain as in adults are responsible for the process of recognizing faces in babies.

British scientists have identified a universal remedy against cancer

British scientists have developed and tested a universal remedy against cancer. As part of the study, in which 147 patients took part, it was possible to find out that the new drug plays the role of a “Trojan horse”, which penetrates into the cancer cells and kills them from the inside. Scientists have found that tizotumab-vedotin – a drug that promotes the destruction of pathogenic cells – is effective against cancer of the cervix, bladder, ovaries, esophagus and lungs.

Artificial leaf taught to absorb carbon dioxide from the air

In the new work, employees of the University of Illinois in Chicago proposed a new modification of the artificial leaf, which, like plants, is capable of assimilating carbon dioxide directly from the air, and turns it into fuel at least 10 times more efficient than natural systems.

Antarctic glaciers sag because of meltwater

In fairly warm weather, the ice shelf can melt not only from below – there is water, it is always warmer – but also from above. The melt water which is formed at the same time if it cannot flow down, accumulates in reservoirs of quite lake sizes.

The ancient spider had reflective eyes

Scientists from South Korea and the United States described ancient spiders, the petrified imprints of which were preserved in shale from the Chinju Formation of the Cretaceous period. After their work, the number of known science species of these spiders increased from one to eleven. They all lived from 110 to 113 million years ago.

Fish learned to survive in the Arctic due to “junk” DNA

Arctic cod, to adapt to low water temperatures, synthesizes a special protein. This is done using a special gene, which in turn is a mutation of non-coding DNA, which is also known as “junk”. Experts noted that the protein produced by this species of fish literally does not allow them to freeze: at negative temperatures, ice crystals begin to grow in the blood of the fish, with which AFGP protein binds, which stops their growth.

The disappearance of white sharks has led to the emergence of a new species.

Scientists have discovered that the disappearance of large white sharks in South African waters led to the appearance of seven-tail sharks, the highest predators from a different environment.

Scientists have discovered cancer cells in the remains of an ancient reptile

According to co-author of the study, researcher at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (USA) Bruce Rothschild, it is extremely rare to detect cancer cells in ancient remains, since it is rather difficult to accomplish from a technical point of view.

Scientists have found that fish are able to recognize themselves in the mirror.

In a new study, scientists conducted an experiment with fish of the species Labroides dimidiatus (family Gubanov). Specialists placed a color label on each of the fish, which could only be seen in the reflection, and placed a mirror in front of the subjects.

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