19 Авг, 2021

International tourism in 2021

The number of international tourist trips in 2020 compared to 2019 decreased by 73%. A lot of? Yes, but in the first five months of 2021, that number dropped by 85% compared to the same period in 2019 — and that’s even more!

Despite the seemingly stabilized situation and vaccination going on around the world, problems with international tourism are only increasing. The fall in the Asia-Pacific region in 2021 is 95% in the level of 2019 versus 84% ​​in 2020. In Europe: 85% versus 68%, in the Middle East and Africa, the decline is 83% and 81%, respectively, versus 74% a year earlier. In America, things are not so bad against the general background: a decline of «only» 72% this year versus 68% last


Retail prices for gasoline accelerated growth — for the week on average across the country + 0.4%, Rosstat reported. Most of all, it rose in price in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (+ 2.2%), Makhachkala (+ 1.9%), Grozny and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (+ 1.6%).


The main theses of Ghani’s appeal to the Afghan people:

— confirmed that he is in the UAE;

— forced to leave Afghanistan, he did not want to be the cause of bloodshed in Kabul;

— was informed of a conspiracy against him in Afghanistan;

— will return to Afghanistan in the near future;

— called the allegations that he had taken the money with him unfounded;

— The Taliban (recognized as a terrorist movement, banned in the Russian Federation) promised that they would not enter Kabul, but surrounded the presidential palace in advance.


Turkey welcomes «moderate» statements by the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation as terrorist), ready to cooperate with the movement — Erdogan


The Russian Foreign Ministry made a statement on the Navalny case — in connection with the actions of the West within a year from the moment the blogger was hospitalized in Omsk. Key points:

— The West played the «Navalny case» to contain Russia and new attacks on it, the incident was a planned provocation aimed at discrediting the country;

— Germany has not yet presented any evidence of its accusations against Russia and does not hide the fact that it will not substantively respond to Moscow’s requests, considers the topic closed for itself;

— Berlin is still hiding information about one of its citizens on board a German plane that flew for Navalny;

— The actions of the Federal Republic of Germany and the OPCW in this case resemble convulsive attempts to confuse the tracks and hide the truth;

— The technical secretariat of the OPCW «shook up» the request of the Russian Federation for technical assistance in the Navalny case, although it could become the basis for initiating a criminal case.


Patrushev gave an interview to Izvestia. The main thing:

Russia and Afghanistan

▪️There are no prerequisites for the entry of the Russian military into Afghanistan, we work through the security councils with neighboring countries

▪️ The priority task is to control migrants and protect the region from terrorists

▪️Interested in a peaceful, united and developing Afghanistan, with an emphasis on political and diplomatic efforts

▪️We are ready for dialogue with those who rely on the will of the Afghan people

USA and their mistakes

▪️ The United States and its allies did not know the real situation in Afghanistan, their intelligence services incompetently worked with information from there, the same US miscalculations were in Syria, Iraq, Libya

▪️ Ordinary Afghans pay the price for Washington’s mistakes, while Washington blames failures on others

▪️ Civilians will again suffer from NATO remote strikes

▪️ The United States has spent more than $ 2 trillion of taxpayers in Afghanistan over 20 years, created a global drug laboratory there


▪️ Predicted the Afghan fate of Ukraine: the United States will not remember its supporters in Kiev


▪️ The United States is trying to influence the election campaigns in Russia, heighten social tension to move agents of influence into power


Almost 1 billion rubles were allocated for the September elections in Moscow, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Electoral Commission Reut


Fraudsters figured out how to make money on real estate transactions of Russians. With the help of fake sites, they offer to issue extracts from the USRN, USRP and cadastral passport (this is needed for sale and purchase or inheritance), and then they lure money out of bank cards. The cost of such «services» ranges from 125 to 14 thousand rubles, experts from BI.ZONE told RIA Novosti. And the sites themselves are very similar to official government resources.


The mayor of Spanish Gijón, socialist Ana Gonzalez, announced the cancellation of bullfighting in the city due to the unacceptable, in her opinion, nicknames of the bulls that participated in the last battles, reports Europe Press. The bullfights, which may be the last for Gijon, took place on 13, 14 and 15 August. The mayor was outraged by the nicknames of two participants in these competitions — Feminist and Nigerian.


The new register, the creation of which was announced at the beginning of 2021, includes organizations that do not have a legal entity in Russia. Golos became the first organization included in this register.


Starting in 2013, the Ocean Cleanup plastic waste collection program in the Pacific Ocean has been further developed. Initially, the complex was a stationary structure in the shape of the letter «U». Then the same system was tested, but driven by wind and waves. Both ways of collecting ocean debris fell short of expectations.

The new structure is called «Jenny» and is 800 meters long. After a series of tests, the system will start working. Project developers expect this innovative solution to reduce the amount of floating plastic in the Pacific by 90% by 2040.


Palantir Technologies Inc. said it was preparing for another black swan event by stocking up on gold bars and inviting customers to pay for data analysis software in gold. A Palantir spokeswoman said no one has paid with Bitcoin or gold yet.

Governments are actively using Palantir software to help them deal with the black swan coronavirus pandemic, a random and unpredictable event, Bloomberg writes.


The Labor Rights Agency of Singapore will investigate the reports of sexual harassment and discrimination at the local Ubisoft studio. If the studio was found to discriminate against its employees (reportedly that local employees were paid less than foreign employees), then the Singapore Ministry of Human Resources could prohibit it from applying for new work visas or renew existing ones for up to two years. Officials will also check information that female employees in the studio were often subjected to «unwanted physical contact.»


The demand for school clothes and shoes in Russia almost doubled in 2021, analysts of the Price.ru price comparison service calculated. For school backpacks — by 125%, and for backpacks for preschoolers — by 132%.


44% of Russian employers are faced with underdeveloped digital skills among their employees, a recent study by the Ancor group with support from Microsoft and the American Chamber of Commerce showed.


Alisa Teplyakova, a nine-year-old MSU entrant, who successfully passed the USE and additional university entrance exams, entered the Faculty of Psychology on a paid basis.

“We didn’t go on budget, but our points are enough to enter on a contract basis. We went to the faculty, and today I signed an agreement on my part. All that remains of us is to pay for the first semester, and that’s it, ”said the girl’s father, Evgeny Teplyakov.


The amount of Google fines in Russia has reached 32.5 million rubles, the court told RIA Novosti. Fines are issued for non-deletion of prohibited content and refusal to localize personal data of Russians.


In Nizhny Novgorod, a court banned entrepreneur and activist Mikhail Iosilevich from using the Internet, telephone, communicating with witnesses and participating in political actions. Mikhail accused of cooperation with the organization «Open Russia» Mikhail Khodorkovsky


Chinese scientists have developed a conductive zinc-silver ink for recyclable printed circuit boards. The addition of silver nanowhiskers made it possible to quadruple the conductivity and print a working board for a smartwatch analog. The watch can show the time, measure the pulse and the number of steps taken, and even communicate with a smartphone, and when immersed in water, its body and board completely dissolve in forty hours


Some interesting figures from a recent Ipsos survey related to the level of nativism (giving preferences to local people over migrants). Globally, more than half (57%) of respondents say that in the face of a lack of jobs, employers should give priority to local residents when hiring, and 38% of respondents said that their country would be stronger without migration and that migrants are taking jobs. indigenous people

These positions are most pronounced in Malaysia, Turkey, Russia and Latin American countries. 76% of Russians surveyed (3rd place in the world) say that employers should prioritize hiring local residents. 43% say that our country would be stronger without migrants, 54% — that migrants take jobs from indigenous people

The most positive attitude towards migrants is in Europe (especially in Sweden) and Canada. The USA (despite the rhetoric of the same Trump) also looks better than the world average


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