20 Oct, 2018

Internet in Russia under the full control of the FSB

For security purposes, the Internet should be fully controlled by the special services, said on Thursday the first deputy director of the FSB of Russia, Sergei Smirnov.

For us professionals, it has long been obvious that cyberspace should be under the control of the competent authorities, Interfax quotes Smirnova. Without this, it is impossible to guarantee the proper provision of information security and successfully counter modern terrorist threats.

The relevant decisions are already being worked out, Smirnov said: at the 33rd meeting of the Council of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a solution was worked out that creates “necessary conditions for effective cooperation of the competent authorities in monitoring the global information space for such threats.”

“Constant monitoring of the Internet, I mean, of course, only problems associated with terrorism or with extremism or with organized crime,” said the first deputy director of the FSB.

For Russian citizens can be created “parallel Internet”

If the West continues the policy of imposing double standards, Ilya Rogachev, Director of the Department for New Challenges and Threats of the Russian Foreign Ministry, told TASS in July. He added that “technical, financial, intellectual and all other possibilities for this are available,” although at the moment this goal is not worth it.

Recall, an instruction to develop autonomous Internet governance systems that would save the network from the “dominance” of the United States, was given in November by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In particular, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was ordered to negotiate with the BRICS countries to create their own domain name root server (DNS) system that would “duplicate” the existing one, be independent of the control of international organizations and protect the number of Russian users from “targeted impacts”.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Gratitude for a pension increase

In Novosibirsk, the Minister of Labor was thanked for adding to his pension. At 89 rubles a woman was able to buy a clothesline, a piece of laundry soap, a pack of salt and matches. The pensioner presented these items to the official in protest against such an increase in the subsistence minimum.

“There are no words, how grateful I am for the addition to my pension of 89 rubles from the minister! I want to express my gratitude to him and present this modest gift for the amount of the increase, ”said a woman at the entrance to the building of the Ministry of Social Development of the region.

How to achieve success in Russia

Education helps to achieve a high position in society. This view was expressed by 39% of Russians who took part in the survey of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion. 33% of respondents believe that success in life is possible due to personal qualities and abilities. The main thing to be purposeful – and success is not far off! This opinion is shared by 27% of respondents. In order to succeed, you must initially be a non-poor person, 17% of respondents believe. Another 15% believe that successful work will definitely help to reach the heights in society. To succeed you need to have good health, believe 14% of respondents. According to 12% of our fellow citizens, business skills will help to achieve success, and 11% said that the family can occupy a high position.

Following Nakhlupin in Moscow, arrested two ex-officials of the Crimea

The Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested two former Crimean officials – the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan Valentin Dukorsky and the first deputy chairman of the competition policy committee of the republic, Yaroslav Slivka, reports TASS.

It is known that the arrested were charged under the article “Taking bribes on a large scale”. The total amount of bribes was 5 million rubles.

On the Day of national unity will limit the sale of alcohol

Alcoholic products can not be purchased in places of public events in Moscow on National Unity Day, November 4, according to the official portal of the mayor and the government of the capital.

On the Day of National Unity in Yekaterinburg will be a big religious procession

After the Divine Liturgy, believers will pass from Holy Trinity Cathedral to Rosa Luxemburg to the Temple-on-the-Blood, the press service of the Diocese of Yekaterinburg reports

The first vice-mayor of Sochi is charged with taking bribes

In addition to the vice-mayor, the Deputy Director of the Economics and Strategic Development Department of the Sochi Administration, Alexander Ivanov, the entrepreneur, the general director of Levis Imperium, Andrei Leventyuk, the deputy general director of the Rosgonki autonomous non-profit organization, Anatoly Rykov, lawyers Alexander Litvinov and Nikolai Grebenyuk, were detained for similar charges

GK “Granel” will help deceived holders of the residential complex “Swan Lake”

The group of companies “Granel” begins the payment of monetary compensations to deceived participants in the shared construction of the problematic residential complex “Swan Lake” in exchange for unfinished apartments. The amount of compensation payments in the period from October 2018 to May 2019 will amount to 230 million rubles.

Large families offered to exempt from property tax

Parents in large families who need additional social support have been proposed to exempt individuals from the property tax. The corresponding bill was submitted to the State Duma by the deputies of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and United Russia, reports RIA Real Estate

Russian Church Abroad stopped communicating with Constantinople

The Synod of Bishops of the Russian Church Abroad announced the end of Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

“In a situation when the nature of canonical Orthodoxy is heavily insulted, the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad has no other choice than with deep sorrow, but with full conviction to announce its agreement with the decision of the Holy Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate,” statement

Constantinople refused to break off relations with the Russian Orthodox Church

The Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Archdiocese of the Orthodox Russian churches in Western Europe, which are part of it, continue to be in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church, despite the decision of the latter to break off the Eucharistic communion. This is stated in the statement of the Exarchate.

“Our archdiocese-exarchate … consists in full communion with the entire Orthodox Church,” the message says.

At the same time, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, as noted, also did not interrupt communication with the Moscow Patriarchate.

It is emphasized that all Orthodox can participate “in liturgical life and church sacraments” in the respective parishes.

Hamburg will be a demonstration of Islamic radicals

An application for a demonstration was filed by a salafit, who previously organized the distribution of the Koran to the inhabitants of Hamburg. Furkan organizes a demonstration for the release of her spiritual leader Alparslan Kuytul, who was detained in early 2018 in the Turkish city of Adana.

Memorial accused Moscow authorities of disrupting a rally in memory of victims of repression

Memorial international organization reported that the Moscow authorities are trying to thwart the traditional “Return of Names” campaign, which has been held annually for the last 11 years at the Lubyanka on October 29, on the eve of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression.

The period of storage of “letters of happiness” from the traffic police will be reduced to a week

The authorities intend to reduce the period of storage of penal letters from traffic police in post offices from 30 to seven days. With such a proposal made by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications, the draft order is placed by the Office on the website regulation.gov. About this newspaper Kommersant.

In the Netherlands, issued the first gender-neutral passport

In the column “sex”, 57-year-old Leonna Zigers indicated “X” instead of “M” for a man or “V” for a woman. Zigers was born a man, in 2001 he underwent a sex change operation, but now he identifies himself as an intersex (a man who is not classified as male or female).

In Russia, they want to ban smoking hookahs in cafes

Deputies – activists of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) will soon submit to the State Duma a bill banning the smoking of hookahs and electronic cigarettes in catering establishments. This was reported to journalists on Friday in the press service of the movement.

About five thousand people leave Venezuela in a day, the UN said

Every day, about five thousand people leave Venezuela covered by the socio-economic crisis, the UN reports on Friday.

Yandex agreed to remove pirated content without a court decision

Following the meeting in Roskomnadzor, Yandex agreed to remove links to pirated content from the search results as claimed by the copyright holders, and not according to the court’s decision, two meeting participants in Roskomnadzor told RBC about this.

Steven Seagal winemaker in the Kuban

Krasnodar Territory Governor Veniamin Kondratyev suggested that Hollywood actor Steven Seagal open a winery in the Kuban. The militant star was interested in this initiative. American actor came to the Krasnodar Territory to take part in the forum of small and medium business “Matter for small”

In Spain, the monastery of the XVI century is sold for a million euros

Castles and palaces in Spain are often sold. And recently, an old monastery was put up for sale in Granada. It was built in the XVI century, and in 1982 the Ministry of Culture added it to the list of historical and artistic monuments of Spain.

Miners in the Donetsk region of Ukraine refused to rise to the surface

Recall Ukrainian miners regularly report problems with the payment of wages. So, in August it became known that Kiev promised to pay miners only 10% of wage arrears.

After the incident in Kerch, the law on arms can be changed

Rosgvardiya proposes to oblige the Russians to notify the territorial authorities of the possession of weapons at the place of stay. The draft of the relevant document is published on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

In the Yaroslavl colony, five prisoners went on a hunger strike

In Yaroslavl colony number 1, which became known after the video of torture of Yevgeny Makarov, five prisoners went on a hunger strike. About this on Friday, October 19, on its Facebook page reports Foundation “Public Verdict”

The reasons for the strike were the lack of heating and medical care. Information to public figures was reported by relatives of convicts.

The minimum wage from 2019 will increase by 117 rubles

From 2019, the minimum wage will increase by 117 rubles and amount to 11,280 rubles a month. Thus, the minimum wage can be equal to 100% of the subsistence minimum of the working-age population of Russia. The State Duma plans to consider the corresponding bill next week.


Central Bank revoked the license from the Moscow Bank “Rial-credit”

Since October 19, the Bank of Russia has revoked the license to conduct banking operations at the Moscow-based Real-Credit Bank, the regulator said.

Russia proposed Exxon new projects

Russia has begun negotiations with the American Exxon Mobil on new oil and gas projects, despite the fact that the US is preparing to impose new sanctions on the Russian Federation. It is reported by Bloomberg, citing close to the Russian government informed sources.

Russians took mortgage loans for a record amount

Since the beginning of this year, Russians have taken more than 1 million loans totaling about 2.1 trillion rubles, which exceeded the figures for the whole of 2017 and became a new record of the Russian mortgage market. This conclusion follows from the preliminary assessment of the state-owned company “Dom.RF”, which Izvestiya got acquainted with.

Raven Russia refused to buy Park House shopping centers

Raven Russia investment fund refused to buy from Park Atrium a network of Russian shopping centers from Atrium Europian Real Estate (AERE), Kommersant newspaper reported

Russians took mortgage loans for a record amount

Since the beginning of this year, Russians have taken more than 1 million loans totaling about 2.1 trillion rubles, which exceeded the figures for the whole of 2017 and became a new record of the Russian mortgage market. This conclusion follows from the preliminary assessment of the state-owned company “Dom.RF”, which Izvestiya got acquainted with.

Insurers will pay “Roskosmos” for the last three accidents 15 billion rubles

According to Shutov, as a result of the recent accident, the tariffs for insurance of launches of Soyuz launch vehicles could increase by about 1.5 times.

“Thus, participants in the space insurance markets will try to somehow compensate for the losses incurred,” said the expert.

Credit Suisse noted a 30% increase in the number of millionaires in Russia

According to bank estimates, Russia ranks second in the world ranking of 40 countries in terms of the concentration of wealth after Thailand. The share of 10% of the richest people in Russia accounts for 82% of the total personal wealth of the country, Credit Suisse estimated. This is higher than in the United States (76%) and China (62%).

1.2 billion rubles to Khrunichev Center for repayment of loans

The Government of the Russian Federation may allocate another 1.2 billion rubles to the Khrunichev Center to pay part of the loan debt. The draft budget amendments have been published on the official portal for posting information on the preparation of regulatory legal acts.

The price of a liter of diesel fuel at a gas station in Transbaikalia has exceeded 50 rubles

Trans-Baikal Territory noted a rise in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel at gas stations. According to the Chita.ru news agency, it is already possible to meet diesel fuel at some gas stations at a price of over 50 rubles per liter.

“The most expensive gasoline AI-92 for 45.8 rubles is sold by the fuel companies BRK and Kors. The prices for other types of fuel in these companies are almost the same: AI-95 – 47.3 rubles, AI-98 – 50.1 rubles, and diesel fuel – 50.4 rubles per liter. ”

Gasoline and diesel prices rose at Novosibirsk gas stations

At Novosibirsk gas stations, gasoline and diesel fuel again began to rise in price. As the operator of the gas station “Energy” on Taiginskaya, 18, said, the price increase occurred today, October 18. All brands of gasoline at these gas stations went up by 50 kopecks, diesel fuel – by 1 ruble.

Oil production in Norway in September fell by 14%

According to preliminary data, the volume of liquid hydrocarbon production at Norwegian oil and gas fields in September decreased by 255,000 barrels per day, or 13.7%, compared to August’s final data, totaled 1.607 million barrels per day, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, NPD).

Poland will exchange Russian gas for Norwegian

It is assumed that the pipeline will connect Poland with Denmark, which will allow the East European country to receive Norwegian gas. Tommeliten Alpha is located near the Ekofisk field, which is considered one of the largest in Europe.

Ukraine and the IMF have agreed on a new cooperation program.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said on Friday that as a result of negotiations with the IMF, they agreed on a new program that will take effect in 2019 and will provide Kiev with “support during particularly peak periods in paying public debts”.

The IMF press service announces a decision to provide Ukraine with $ 3.9 billion as part of a 14-month financing program. It is noted that the new agreement will replace the agreement in the framework of expanded funding, which were reached in 2015 and will expire in March 2019.

Recall earlier today the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the increase in gas prices in the country from November by 23.5% in accordance with the requirement of the IMF.

Evraz fell by more than $ 0.5 billion

The last time the company’s capital expenditures exceeded $ 900 million in 2013. In total, during 2019–2022. Almost $ 1.5 billion will be invested in the construction of new projects in Russia and the United States.

Lukoil will buy 12 thousand shares from minority shareholders to reduce capital

As part of the redemption program, Lukoil will buy out 11.82% of treasury shares from the minority shareholders of 12,041 shares at a price of 3,949 rubles per share. This was said in a statement. Another 100 million 551.214 thousand ordinary shares will be bought back from Lukoil Securities at the same price.

Schlumberger profit increased by 18.2%. Shares reacted by rising

Schlumberger presented the results for the third quarter of 2018. The profits of the world’s largest oilfield services provider grew by 18.2%, to $ 644 million, thanks to an increase in demand for oil in the world. A year ago, quarterly earnings reached $ 545 million

LNG floating storage on the Northern Sea Route will appear in 2022

In 2022, the first floating LNG storage facilities will appear on the Northern Sea Route. Novatek decided to place transshipment facilities in Kamchatka and in the Murmansk region.

Gazprom will start production drilling at Kovykta in 2019

Gazprom will start production drilling at the Kovykta field in 2019, confirmed plans to deliver the first gas to the Power of Siberia gas pipeline at the end of 2022, Gazprom said in a statement

Trade between Russia and Belgium grew by 25% in the eight months of 2018

The volume of trade between the Russian Federation and Belgium for the eight months of 2018 increased by 25% compared to the same period last year. This was reported on Friday in the Secretariat of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova after a working meeting with the Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reinders

Alfa-Bank has placed exchange bonds for 10 billion rubles

The initially announced price range (coupon rate of 8.90–9.10%) was double narrowed and the final rate was fixed at 8.95% per annum

China increases shale gas reserves

China last year increased the geological reserves of shale gas to 376.76 billion cubic meters. meters, according to the Arab Service of CNBC, citing data from the Ministry of Natural Resources.


In Saudi Arabia, admitted the death of journalist Jamal Hashadzhi

According to the country’s Prosecutor General, a scuffle between a journalist and people in the consulate led to death.

It is reported that 18 subjects of Saudi Arabia were detained, the royal adviser of Saud al-Qahtani and the deputy head of Saudi intelligence Ahmad Al-Assiri were relieved of their posts.

Saudi journalist Jamal Hashkadzhi, who worked and lived in the United States, disappeared on October 2 after entering the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, where a delegation from Riyadh was at that time.

Putin will attend the Russia-Turkey-France-Germany summit

On October 27, Vladimir Putin will take part in a quadripartite summit between Russia, Turkey, France and Germany, which will be devoted to an inter-Syrian settlement. The meeting of the leaders of the countries will take place in Istanbul, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Interfax.

Rogozin temporarily withdrawn from US sanctions

The head of NASA, Jim Brydenstein, in an interview with TASS, said that the White House temporarily removed the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, from under the sanctions, so that the official could visit the US

New Jersey Governor promised new sanctions against Russia

Philip Murphy, the New Jersey State Democratic governor, said his party was preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia. The head of state said this in an interview with Handelsblatt

China asked the WTO to deal with the dispute with the United States on duties

China asked the World Trade Organization (WTO) to set up a panel to determine the legality of the introduction by the United States of additional duties on imports of steel and aluminum. It is reported by Reuters, citing the Ministry of Commerce of China.

In the United States, waiting for cuts

The Defense News publication reports that US President Donald Trump may soon publish an initiative to reduce the cost of maintaining all federal agencies, services and ministries. For each item, it is planned to reduce funding by five percent, and the defense budget by 10 percent or more.

US experts note that the US president plans to redistribute the money saved to other departments, mainly employed within the country

Macedonia’s Parliament supported the renaming of the country

Deputies of the Parliament of Macedonia supported the introduction of amendments to the constitution under the agreement with Greece on renaming the country to join NATO and the European Union. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the results of voting.

Ukraine to auction the withdrawn Russian vessel “Nord”

The Russian vessel “Nord”, previously withdrawn by the Ukrainian side, will be put up for auction. This is stated in the statement of the office of the Ukrainian Ombudsman. “The ship” Nord “was transferred to the agency ARMA for sale at auction,” – said in a message on Facebook.

EU court forced Poland to cancel judicial reform

The European Court ruled Poland to suspend a new judicial reform, leading to lower retirement age for members of the Supreme Court. The decision of the vice-chairman of the instance of Rosario Silva de Lapuert is preliminary


The United States is preparing to withdraw from the Treaty on Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles.

The administration of the American leader Donald Trump plans to inform Russia next week about preparations for withdrawing from the Treaty on Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles (INF). It is reported by The New York Times, citing US officials and foreign diplomats.

Shoigu first met Pentagon chief Mattis

For the first time, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held a personal meeting with his counterpart Pentagon chief James Mattis; they met on the fields of the fifth meeting of ASEAN Defense Minister and dialogue partners. The event takes place in Singapore on Saturday, October 20th.

Ukraine has expanded the grouping of patrol boats in the Sea of Azov

Patrol boat “Donbass” replenished the grouping of Ukrainian border guards in the waters of the Sea of Azov. This was reported on Friday in the State Border Service of the country.

Airborne will begin to receive guns “Sprut-SDM1” in 2020

Russia’s airborne troops will begin to get the newest self-propelled antitank cannon, the Sprut-SDM1, commander of the airborne forces Andrei Serdyukov told reporters on Friday

Large landing ship “Ivan Gren” entered the Norwegian Sea

The large landing ship “Ivan Gren”, the lead ship of the project 11711, making the transition from the Baltic to the Northern Fleet, entered the Norwegian Sea. It is reported on Friday by the press service of the fleet.

Higher military command school of communications will be revived in Kemerovo

In 2011, in honor of the school opened a monument, the installation of which belongs to its graduates and teachers. According to “Izvestia”, with the request to revive the famous higher military school in the Ministry of Defense asked the administration of the Kemerovo region

Ukraine is building a new intelligence center

A modern intelligence center began to be built in Ukraine on Friday, the press service of the National Security and Defense Council said.

“Today (Friday – ed.) The construction of a modern European-level intelligence center has been launched,” the report says.

According to the ministry, a symbolic capsule in the foundation of the new building was laid by Security Council Secretary Alexander Turchinov.

“We are reforming the security and defense sector by introducing NATO standards,” the department’s press service quotes Turchinov.

Russia is ready to create weapons with Uzbekistan

Russia is ready to begin joint production of weapons on the territory of Uzbekistan, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We are ready to develop military-technical cooperation, bearing in mind not only the supply of weapons and modern equipment, but also the joint production of this equipment on the territory and at the enterprises of Uzbekistan,” TASS quoted Putin.

Now, he said, deliveries of Russian weapons to Uzbekistan are made at Russian domestic prices.

British troops arrived in Norway to participate in NATO exercises

It is specified that 2,700 British servicemen will take part in the exercises. As REGNUM reported earlier, NATO’s Trident Juncture (United Trident) military exercises will begin in Norway on October 25 and continue until November 23.

US Navy aircraft carrier entered Arctic for the first time in nearly 30 years

The American aircraft carrier crossed the Arctic Circle for the first time in 27 years, the press service of the US Navy reported. The aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” became the first American ship of this class, which entered the Arctic since September 1991, when the aircraft carrier “America” participated in the exercises in the area

Iran helps Hezbollah with missile production

Iran has put components for assembling high-precision guided weapons, including a GPS device, to the Lebanese Hezbollah movement this week, Fox News reported, citing Western intelligence sources.


Samsung computers were found to be more reliable than Apple’s solutions.

According to Rescuecom experts, Samsung Electronics Corporation makes the most reliable computers available in the US market. Computers from Samsung, in particular, are even more resilient than computers from Apple, which have traditionally been the leaders in similar ratings in the past

Samsung has introduced the tablet Galaxy Book 2

The South Korean company Samsung introduced the Galaxy Book 2 tablet. The device was the first device of the brand, released in the so-called category Always Connected. The gadget combines a Windows 10 operating system and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor.

In 2020, Samsung will release a smartphone with a camera located under the screen

In the off state the camera will not be visible, the image on the display will be displayed on top of it. Sources claim that Samsung is already testing several similar prototypes with this technology, but the first such smartphones will appear on the market not earlier than 2020

“Mail Bank” launched biometrics in a mobile application

Mail Bank launched remote authentication in a mobile application. This was said in a statement. Mobile application “Mail of the Bank” is integrated with the mobile application “Key Rostelecom”, which is running on the Android platform and is available in the Play Market.

Uber is working on a temporary staffing service

Uber, which owns an online taxi service, is working on a project for the selection of temporary staff. About this on Thursday reported the newspaper Financial Times

Asus is preparing to release a video card Radeon RX 590 ROG STRIX Gaming

The source through “his spy” at Asus headquarters managed to get information about the upcoming new product in the desktop video card segment. It will be the Radeon RX 590 ROG STRIX Gaming.

GeForce GTX 1060 video card in a new modification

The source claims that the new modification, firstly, will not be based on the GP106 GPU, but on the older GP104, although this does not mean that the number of CUDA cores will necessarily be increased. Secondly, the novelty supposedly will receive 6 GB of memory with GDDR5X with an unknown frequency.

Device Pioneer BonnesNotes Dressing APS-DR008

According to Pioneer, the device reduces the noise generated by the PC power supply. This is clearly shown in the illustration, where the signal on the left is shown when connected without the APS-DR008, and on the right – when connected via the APS-DR008. The device will be on sale in Japan in December of this year at a price of about 310 dollars.

Samsung may release gaming smartphone

Samsung may release a gaming smartphone. The announcement of the device is expected in late November. This was reported by an insider through the Samsung News page on the social network Twitter, writes IXBT.

Huawei nova 3i smartphone with two dual cameras comes out in Russia

Huawei has announced that by the end of October, sales of the nova 3i mid-level smartphone will begin on the Russian market.

Pre-order gaming smartphone from Asus launched in the Russian Federation

In Russia, the pre-order for the gaming smartphone Asus ROG Phone has officially started, according to asus.com. You can make it the manufacturer’s website or partners. There is a new 69990 rubles, which is much cheaper than a less powerful iPhone or Sumsung, for example.


The main secret of longevity

According to experts, genes affect life expectancy by only 30-35%. Basically on how many years a person lives, affects his lifestyle and nutrition. In particular, sleep disorders increase the risk of cancer and diabetes mellitus several times.

Doctors advise to reduce the calorie intake, giving up fatty and sweet. In addition, they recommend taking peptides to help avoid cancer, as well as increase life expectancy by 20-30%, writes the portal Prima Media.

The Riddle of the Wormhole: What the Mole Hole Looks Like

In fact, no one has any idea how it might look like in reality. However, today a new interesting theory has appeared. The Russian physicist has found a way to describe the physical characteristics of such a hypothetical structure, based on what we know about light and space.

Scientists talked about the origin of the oldest stromatolites

Scientists from Australia have suggested that the oldest stromatolites on Earth are irrelevant to microorganisms and were formed as a result of the deformation of carbonate rocks.

China has tested the world’s largest transport drone

According to the developers, the aircraft rises to a height of 4.5 thousand meters, and flies to a distance of up to 1.2 thousand kilometers. Note that before that, another Chinese development was considered the largest transport drone – the AT200, which was tested last fall.

The vortex ring helps dandelion seeds fly longer

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that the vortex ring formed above them contributes to the long flight of dandelion seeds.

Slide even without lubrication

American scientists have created a special coating that reduces the coefficient of friction when in contact with water due to hydrophilic polymers. This mixture was coated with ordinary latex condoms: it turned out that they are more slippery than usual and do not lose this property over time.

Leonardo da Vinci squint helped to create masterpieces for him

“Leonardo da Vinci did not suffer much from his intermittent divergent squint – on the contrary, it helped him to create, as the owners of this feature usually have very well developed stereoscopic vision,” the British ophthalmologist notes.

Low frequency “singing” told about the state of the glacier in Antarctica

The ice shelves that surround the continental part of Antarctica are extremely important for the sustainability of the Antarctic ice sheet as a whole – if these coastal glaciers collapse, the rate of melting of all Antarctic ice will increase dramatically. Therefore, monitoring the state of the shelf is extremely important.

Scientists were able to carry out a phase transition in a substance using a laser

Russian scientists were able to carry out a phase transition in a substance without changing the temperature using a laser. This was reported in the journal Nature Physics Scientists irradiated a charge density wave in lanthanum telluride.

The MIPT has invented an ultrasensitive method of biochemical analysis

Russian scientists from the Institute of General Physics named after A.M. Prokhorov RAS and MIPT have developed the world’s first ultrasensitive method for the rapid detection of low molecular weight compounds. He will be able to detect extremely low, trace amounts of toxins, hormones and any other biologically active small molecules. Such opportunities will be useful in modern medical diagnostics, product safety control and a number of other areas. The corresponding article is published in Analytica Chimica Acta.

Scientists told how to “read” the thoughts of cuttlefish

A group of scientists from Germany created a system of 20 video cameras for shooting cuttlefish at a speed of 60 frames per second, writes the portal naked-science.ru. This video system allows you to track how the pigment cells of the mollusk, controlled by neurons, generate complex patterns on the body of the animal.

The largest pre-industrial city killed water

Scientists have analyzed the causes of the decline of the giant temple complex of Angkor Wat – the largest settlement of the pre-industrial era. Using computer simulation, the authors concluded that the advanced water supply system that existed there was out of order after the flood, which followed a long drought in the 14th century. The results are presented in the journal Science Advances.

Dead zones in the ocean survived the ice age

It turned out that during the last ice age in the depths of the Pacific Ocean there was much more carbon and much less oxygen than previously thought. This means that in the past these areas were not suitable for most life forms.

Breakthrough Prize Award Winners Announced

Nine awards totaling $ 22 million were awarded for creating tools for treating spinal muscular atrophy, super-resolution microscopy, opening a mechanism for detecting foreign DNA and the effect of chromosomal abnormalities on the body, as well as creating topological insulators and advances in the mathematical program of Langlands. The full list of laureates is published on the website of the award.

The award was established by the Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner, which is awarded annually for outstanding achievements in physics, mathematics and biology.

“Hubble” fixed a superflash on a nearby star

“Hubble” recorded a powerful flash on one of the nearest red dwarfs in the constellation Sand Clock, whose power was tens and hundreds of times higher than that of typical bursts of activity on the Sun.

At the edge of the universe discovered a giant object

An international group of astronomers discovered that in the early Universe, whose age was two billion years after the Big Bang, there was a gigantic structure called Hyperion.

For the first time on a 3D printer printed lithium-ion battery

The first ever lithium-ion battery on a 3D printer was printed by American scientists from the University of Texas and Duke University. By themselves, these batteries are simple, they work relatively long, and in the production of inexpensive.

A new way to eliminate bacteria

The principle of operation of most antibiotics is to destroy the walls of bacterial cells, because of which they fall apart and die. As for the recently discovered small molecules F12 and F19, they act according to a different principle. Instead of killing a bacterium, they block one of its proteins, which plays a fundamental role in the production of toxins, making it completely useless. Without this protein, the bacterium itself becomes harmless to the human body.

The paradox of the existence of the universe turned out to be an unsolved mystery

Scientists from Yale University, together with colleagues from the Harvard Northwest Institution, conducted an ACME II experiment, during which the value of the electron dipole moment (EDM) of an electron was measured with high accuracy. The result obtained in the form of a zero showed that the paradox of the existence of the Universe turned out to be an unsolved mystery.

Geologists have proven that the core of the Earth is solid

Scientists since 1930 believe that the Earth has a solid core, but until today it was only a theory – it was not possible to provide sufficiently convincing evidence to geologists.

Researchers under the direction of Than-Son Pham recorded shear waves (so-called J-waves) – oscillations that can occur only inside solid objects. To do this, scientists have applied the method of correlating wave field, previously used to determine the thickness of ice in the Arctic. The method is to detect similarities between signals from two receivers after a large earthquake, and not from direct wave arrivals.


Ilon Musk showed a cheap version of Tesla Model 3

Entrepreneur Ilon Musk on his Twitter told about the launch of the new Tesla Model 3 with a cheaper bundle, the cost of which, according to Mask, will amount to 31 thousand dollars with taxes deducted. The website price is 45 thousand dollars.

More than 100 Mercedes-Benz cars came under review in Russia

The Russian office of Mercedes-Benz announced the recall of 123 sedans of a new generation Mercedes-Benz CLS, sold in Russia from 2017 to 2018. According to Rosstandart, the reason for the service action was the need to replace the front seat belts due to the mismatch of one of the specifications.

The circulation of the Ford GT supercar increased to 1350 copies

Ford will continue mass production of the Ford GT supercar until 2022, increasing the annual production volume from 1,000 to 1,350. According to the press service of the brand, the reason for the extension was the growing demand that exceeded the supply by more than six times.

Porsche launches electric cross-station wagon

In March 2018, at the Geneva Motor Show, Porsche introduced the electric concept – the all-terrain wagon Mission E Cross Turismo. As is known, the Mission E sedan has already become a serial Taycan.

The fastest hypercar McLaren will receive golden emblems

Hypercar McLaren Speedtail, which will be the fastest road car of the British brand, will receive a gold emblem. The premiere of the novelty will be held October 26, 2018

Nissan declassified rival Hyundai Creta

Unlike the global Nissan Kicks, which is based on the Nissan Micra, the option for the Indian market borrowed the B0 platform and the technical stuffing from Duster.

On the Internet, declassified the design of the most powerful Mustang in history

The Instagram user sinister_lifestyle has posted a photo of Ford in his account, in which the fastest modification of the Mustang model was presented to the public.

Lotus cars can return to the Russian market

Lotus models can return to the Russian car market. This became known from the deputy general director of LLC Geely Motors Zhang Shouhe. The first car that will return to the Russian Federation is likely to be a crossover.

Nissan recalls about 400 Juke crossovers in Russia

The Japanese company Nissan announced the recall in Russia of 375 Juke crossovers, released from April 3 to June 13, 2017. According to the press service of Rosstandart, the reason was that the internal spring of the ignition switch in these vehicles could have been damaged.

In Russia, sales of the new Renault Sandero Stepway began.

Sales of the new Renault Sandero Stepway began on the Russian market, reports Avtostat. Inside, there are new steering wheel and multimedia system. It differs from the usual Sandero Stepway model with plastic body protection, ground clearance increased to 195 millimeters and an off-road exterior.

Cyan Racing introduced the 500-strong sedan Lynk & Co 03

Brand Lynk & Co, owned by the Chinese auto giant Geely, introduced a prototype model 03 Cyan with a 500 hp engine. The prototype will form the basis of the future race car, which will take part in the bodywork championship of the FIA WTCR.

Teana will be replaced by an up-to-date Nissan Altima sedan.

The Japanese company Nissan finally abandoned the “name” Teana in its product line. So, now a new generation of sedan will be offered on the world market under the name Altima.

The first hybrid supercar Lamborghini will be called Unico

According to journalists, the novelty will receive the name Unico. The design of the hypercar will be made in the style of the Terzo Millennio prototype, shown last November.

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