1 May, 2018

Iran lied to get the sanctions lifted

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an emergency appeal to the nation presented a secret archive of the Iranian nuclear program. He said that the nuclear deal with Iran was “based on lies,” and Iran “was making great efforts to hide its nuclear program,” NEWSru reported Israel and Reuters.

“It’s about documents that were not presented to the world community before, it’s one of the biggest achievements in the history of Israeli intelligence,” the prime minister said. “After signing the nuclear agreement, Iran made great efforts to hide its nuclear program “Tehran moved its archive to a secret place, and only a few people knew where it was.” A few weeks ago, Israel managed to get half a ton of documents from this archive, 55,000 documents and photographs. ”

“These documents show that Iran lied in order to obtain an agreement and lifting sanctions from the world community.In publishing these documents, Israel does a great service not only to itself, but to the entire region.” In a few days, US President Donald Trump must decide on an agreement with Iran, I hope that he will make a decision that is right for Israel, for the US and for the security of the whole world, “Netanyahu said.

Briefly about the main ……


The White House accused Iran of having a secret nuclear program

Israel’s statements on the development of nuclear weapons by Iran coincide with what the US has long known, according to a White House commentary published on Twitter.

Trump postponed the entry into force of duties on steel and aluminum until June 1

President of the United States Donald Trump has once again delayed the entry into force of new customs duties on the import of steel and aluminum until June 1 for the country’s allies. This was told by the Wall Street Journal. At the same time, for South Korea these duties will be completely abolished

US authorities removed the flag from the residence of the Consul General of Russia in Seattle

The US authorities removed the Russian flag from the building of the Consulate General’s residence in Seattle, the Russian embassy in the United States reported.

Head of the US Treasury: We do not seek to ruin “RusAl”

The United States does not want to take the company of Russian entrepreneur Oleg Deripaska RUSAL out of business, but they discuss the need for the businessman to keep less than 50% of the company’s shares. This was stated by the US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin.

Trump said that the US will no longer be a “world policeman”

Previously, Trump signed a budget of $ 1.3 trillion, which provides for an increase in defense spending by 80 billion, the largest increase in military spending in a decade and a half. Total defense costs will amount to 700 billion dollars.

We are more and more reluctant to act as a world policeman. For decades, the United States has spent huge sums on maintaining a global order, but this should not remain a priority of our policy. We want to focus on ourselves, build our own country. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

May examines the option of signing an association agreement with the EU

British Prime Minister Theresa May is considering the option of signing an association agreement with Brussels on the results of the implementation of Brexit. Information about this was distributed by The Daily Telegraph.

Ex-President of Peru Ollanta Humala and his wife were released from prison

The relevant decision was taken by the country’s constitutional court.

“I want to thank all lawyers for the fact that this became a reality,” the newspaper quotes Umalu.

In July 2017, the court sentenced Olyanta Umal and his spouse Nadine Heredia to a preliminary detention for a period of 18 months. They came under investigation for allegedly receiving $ 3 million from the Brazilian construction company Odebrechet during the 2011 election campaign.

Pashinyan calls on supporters to attend rally on election day

The opposition leader, candidate for Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan urged his supporters to go out to the rally on Tuesday morning and “celebrate the victory of the people’s candidate.” He stated this on Monday during a rally on the Republic Square in Yerevan

National Interest named the main enemy of the United States

As the newspaper writes, Washington is likely to resort to debt restructuring with the help of Japanese and Chinese creditors, which have about 1.2 trillion US dollars of American bonds. In March 2018, the US public debt reached a historic high of $ 21 trillion.

Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain appointed Sajid Javid

In the UK, a new Minister of Internal Affairs has been appointed. He was Sajid Javid, who previously served as Minister for Local Communities. This is the first representative of the ethnic minority as the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Dominican Republic established diplomatic relations with the PRC

The Dominican Republic severed ties with Taiwan and established official diplomatic relations with the PRC. The signing ceremony of a joint communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the PRC and the Dominican Republic was held on Tuesday morning at the Diaoyutai State Residence in Beijing.


Poroshenko announced the beginning of the operation of the united forces in Donbass

President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko announced the end of the so-called anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass. It was replaced by an operation of the united forces (OOS), designed to “protect the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence” of Ukraine.

The large-scale anti-terrorist operation in the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions is being completed. We are now starting a military operation under the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to ensure the protection of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of our state. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

In Kiev, the date of the beginning of the practical preparation of calculations Javelin

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak stated that the beginning of practical preparation of calculations of anti-tank missile systems Javelin in the Ukrainian army is scheduled for May 2

The Pentagon announced that it had no part in the night strikes against Syria

The US did not launch missile strikes against Syria on the night of April 30. This was stated by the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis. “We did not inflict any blows on Syria that night,” RIA Novosti quotes him.

US Marines Intend to Use Russian Helicopters in Exercises

US Marines intend to use Russian Mi-24 or Mi-17 helicopters during military exercises. This is reported by RT with reference to the departmental edition of the Marine Corps Times.

The coalition led by the United States completed the main operation in Iraq

The US Department of Defense announced on Monday the completion of the main military operations of the US-led international coalition against the Islamic State group (IG, banned in the Russian Federation) in Iraq. The corresponding statement is published on the website of the agency

American serviceman died in eastern Afghanistan

During the operation in the east of Afghanistan, an American military man was killed, another one was injured, the command of NATO reports, RIA Novosti reports. Several servicemen of the security forces of Afghanistan were killed and wounded, the report says.

The reason for the mass firing of pilots in Germany became known

The Air Forces of the country confirm the fact of the mass dismissal of the pilots, but the reasons are not disclosed. According to media reports, the pilots left the service because of unwillingness to participate in the preparation of the NATO military campaign against the Russian Federation and to fight with it.

Israel against the background of fears of shelling closed airspace

Because of fears of shelling Iran and satellites from Syria and Lebanon, the Israeli authorities decided to close the airspace. It should be noted that the airspace in the north of Israel is being closed. It is specified that the army of Lebanon complained about the “invasion” of Israeli fighters.

NATO’s difficulties in the Baltics

The existing railways of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will not allow the rapid deployment of NATO troops and military equipment to Russia’s borders in the event of a conflict with Russia. This is stated in the report of experts of the Institute of Modern War in the West Point (Modern War Institute).

US promised to increase combat readiness of Georgian military

Military Georgia will participate in a program specially developed by the Americans, whose mission is to enhance the interoperability of military personnel of both countries. Moreover, the potential of territorial defense will also be increased, in which the Pentagon is convinced.


In Russia, since May 1, the minimum wage was equal to the subsistence level

The level of the minimum wage (SMIC) for the first time in the history of Russia has become equal to the subsistence minimum. Since May 1, he is 11 thousand 163 rubles. The initiator of equalization of the two indicators was the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meeting on Sakharov Avenue in support of Telegram

About 7,5 thousand people took part in the rally against the blocking of the Telegram messenger in the center of Moscow. This was announced on Monday, April 30, by the press service of the Moscow MVD headquarter.

Thousands of young and progressive people are currently advocating freedom of the Internet in Moscow. Thousands still continue to approach. This is unprecedented. I am proud that I was born in one country with these people. Your energy changes the world. – Pavel Durov, Russian businessman

The Ministry of Emergency Situations found violations in every second shopping center and a place for mass recreation of children

Mass checks of shopping centers and recreation areas of children began all over the country after a fire in the “Winter Cherry” shopping center in Kemerovo, which occurred on March 25. The fire occurred on the last floor, where there were cinemas, and where on the day off there were many children.

MOE and the prosecutor’s office checked almost all shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas and places of mass recreation for children. Every second of them has very serious violations, which are eliminated. – Vladimir Puchkov, Russian politician

Prosecutor’s Office sent a warning to Navalny about the May 5 action

“To prevent possible violations of the law during public events by the prosecutor’s office of the Central Administrative District of Moscow, organizers of the public event Lyubov Sobol and Alexei Navalny, calling for participation in the march, are warned,” the prosecutor’s office quoted Interfax.

The ROC was told about its right to evaluate politicians

The church has the right to evaluate politics from the point of view of morality, being the main tool in the fight against radicalism. This was reported by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus Kirill in an interview with the Albanian media during the official visit

A veteran in 96 years received a university degree

In the American city of Toledo, Ohio, a veteran of the Second World War received a university degree, which he threw 68 years ago. This is reported by the Associated Press. In 1950, the US Navy pilot Bob Barger entered the University of Toledo.

The oldest Australian scientist went to Switzerland for euthanasia

The oldest scientist in Australia, 104-year-old David Goodall, will travel to Switzerland to undergo euthanasia, the Australian newspaper reported. Although in the Australian state of Victoria euthanasia was legalized at the end of 2017, its use is foreseen only for terminally ill people

In Rybinsk, the renovated pavement failed right after repairs

In Rybinsk, in the newly repaired sidewalk on the street on May 9, there were two large holes, members of the community “Overheard in Rybinsk” write. Photos of the failed asphalt laid out on the Net.

Students in different regions are forced to go to May Day promotions

A number of universities published advertisements in social networks, which emphasize that the attendance of students is compulsory. The reason is the “Spring and Labor Holiday”.

In Poland, attacked the restoring monuments of Ukrainians

Residents of the Polish village of Staraya Guta attacked the participants of the Ukrainian society “Magurich”, who were engaged in the restoration of monuments in the old Greek Catholic cemetery. This is reported on the portal “Our Word”. According to the portal, the incident occurred on the night of Sunday, April 30.

The liner “Sochi-Crimea” broke without leaving the port

The first cruise flight of Sochi-Crimea had to be postponed because of the breakdown of the liner “Prince Vladimir”. The ship was due to sail on April 29, but now it will only happen on May 6. Reason: error in the system of monitoring and control of the parameters of the ship’s mechanisms

Doctors call to forget about useless diets

May 6 is the International Day of Refusal of Diets (International No Diet Day). It is dedicated to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, with the emphasis on maintaining proper nutrition and moderate physical activity, and diets are not only useless, but also potentially dangerous.

Season Coolbiz: the Japanese were allowed to work without jackets and ties

In Japan, the annual national season, Coolbiz, has begun, making adjustments to working clothes. As reported by the media, since May 1, Japanese employees are allowed to come to work without ties and jackets.

The ban on smoking in public places has been tightened in Georgia since May 1

The ban on smoking in public places in Georgia, which has been in effect for a long time, but in most cases formally, has been tightened since May 1 and applies to all closed premises that are a common property.


Odessa Portside Plant stopped work due to discontinuance of supplies

The management of the Odessa Port Plant (OPP) stopped the operation of the company in connection with the cessation of gas supplies. This was written on his Facebook page by Deputy General Director of the enterprise Nikolai Shchurikov.

Tesla loses $ 6.5 thousand per minute

Bloomberg estimates that Tesla company Ilona Mask is losing about $ 6,500 per minute in the minute. According to the agency, if the intensity of losses remains at the same level, the company’s money will run out this year.

The Venezuelan authorities increased the minimum wage

The minimum wage in Venezuela in the second half of April was increased from 392.5 thousand to 1 million bolivars. This was announced on Monday by the president of the South American country, Nicholas Maduro, the Venezuelan news agency reported. The previous increase occurred in early March this year.

Germany to allocate € 250 million to Georgia for infrastructure projects

Germany will allocate more than € 250 million for the implementation of infrastructure projects in Georgia. The agreement on this was concluded by the German ambassador to Tbilisi Heike Paich and the finance minister of the republic. Information on this was provided by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

How much oil is produced daily by Libya

Libya produces up to 1.1 million barrels of oil per day, and production can grow if the security situation in the country improves, a local informed source told RIA Novosti.

The installation of the sea section of the first thread of the Turkish Stream

“Gazprom” reported that the construction of the sea part of the first thread of the “Turkish Stream” gas pipeline was successfully completed. The laying of pipes on the seabed was completed near the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Near the village Kiyykei the receiving terminal is being built.

Turkey will reduce gas imports from Russia because of the TANAP project

Turkey plans to reduce gas imports from Russia due to the introduction of the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP) project, when the share of Azerbaijani natural gas will increase by 6 billion cubic meters, the Yeni Akit newspaper

Marathon Petroleum plans to buy Andeavor for $ 20 billion

The deal is going to be announced today. Marathon Petroleum will buy Andeavor shares at $ 150 per share – with a premium to the market of 23%. The merged company will be headed by Marie Gary Heminger, CEO of Marathon Petroleum, and Gregory Goff, the head of Andeavor, will occupy one of the high-ranking positions in it.

Experts predict the growth of raw exports from Russia due to sanctions

Russia remains a raw appendage of the European Union. As a result of last year, mutual trade increased – but mainly because of the recovery of prices for raw materials and increase in the volume of supplies. The latest US sanctions will only strengthen this negative trend, experts predict.

Egypt prepares tenders for offshore gas fields

Cairo is preparing a major international tender for the exploration of natural gas in the Mediterranean Sea, the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources of Egypt, Tarik al-Mulla, said. It is specified that it is a question of sea areas west of the Nile delta to the border with Libya.

Japan in March reduced oil imports from Russia by 26.4%

The volume of deliveries of Russian oil in Japan fell from 956 million liters in February to almost 704 million liters in March, that is, by 26.4%. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the preliminary data of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. In March, Japan did not buy Sokol oil.


In China, a passenger tried to air a plane and opened the emergency hatch

The passenger of the plane in China at an attempt to ventilate the cabin opened the emergency hatch, which triggered the activation of the system of inflating the gangway. About this writes South China Morning Post. The incident occurred after the landing of the aircraft in the city of Mianyang.

Unknown beat MP in the center of Kiev

Mustafa Nayem, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, was beaten in the center of Kiev. The people’s deputy himself reported this on his Facebook page on Facebook. The incident occurred on Monday, April 30, at the intersection of Shevchenko Boulevard with Khreshchatyk.

“Cube” at the crossroad of Shevchenko boulevard with Khreshchatik decided that he had more rights, and tried to prune. I do not like this. Especially the majors and escort machines. If pruned, behave in a boorish manner and with an ambition, I do not concede in principle. In general, blocked the road. – Mustafa Nayem, Ukrainian deputy

Nine journalists killed as a result of the terrorist attack in Kabul

Nine media workers were victims of the terrorist attack in Kabul on the morning of April 30. In total, the explosion killed 30 people, according to local television channel TOLO News. Reuters, citing the Afghan authorities, reports that journalists arrived to cover another explosion that took place in Kabul this morning.

US deported accused in attempt to murder Russian citizen

The US authorities deported Russian citizen Yuri Shurupov, accused of attempted murder. This May 1, the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia.

In Astrakhan there was a collapse of a bricklaying of an apartment house

In Astrakhan, there was a partial collapse of the emergency residential apartment building, no one was hurt.

Several people fell under the tank at the Battle Steel festival in St. Petersburg

The man fell under a copy of the T-60 tank during the Great Patriotic War during the “Battle Steel” festival in St. Petersburg. This was reported by the REN TV channel.
With a man on the armor of the tank were two teenagers, they all fell at a time when the tank “jumped” on the hill.

The children got off with bruises, the man broke his leg. The Investigative Committee began checking the incident.

In the Swiss Alps because of the weather killed six people

In the Swiss Alps as a result of bad weather killed six people, five more are in critical condition.

In Ukraine they tried to start a blast furnace and poured 40 tons of pig iron

Molten iron was cast at the ArcelorMittal mining and metallurgical plant in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, when the blast furnace was put into operation after repairs. This is reported by the portal “Dialogue”. It is noted that because of the trial smelting, the refrigerating plate of the furnace burned out – because of this, about 40 tons of metal flowed out.

Three people arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act in Sweden

As reported by RIA Novosti, referring to the Swedish prosecutor’s office, three people were arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act in the country. Law enforcers conducted special operations simultaneously in several places around Stockholm and the northern part of the Kingdom

In Belgium, a nurse is suspected of killing patients at a nursing home

The suspect refused to cooperate with the investigation. The case against the nurse was instituted after a 87-year-old patient from a nursing home entered the hospital in September 2017. The man died shortly.


Olga Buzova published a photo in her wedding dress

The famous singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova struck her fans on Monday, April 30. The star published a photo in the wedding dress and wrote under it an intriguing hashtag. Olga noted that life is very unpredictable and “everything can change in an instant.”

Life is so unpredictable … everything can change in an instant, but I love it for it. Happiness is the love. – Olga Buzova, Russian presenter

Ashley Judd filed a lawsuit against Weinstein on charges of harassment

American actress Ashley Judd filed suit against producer Harvey Weinstein, whom she accuses of libel and harassment, as well as in unfair competition.

Sexual crimes of the Vatican treasurer will be considered by a jury

The cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, George Pell, will face a jury trial of charges against him of committing crimes of a sexual nature. Such a verdict was handed down by the judge of the city court of Melbourne, summing up the results of the two-month preliminary hearings.

Letter of Jack the Ripper sold at auction for $ 41 thousand

The letter, allegedly sent to the police by the serial killer Jack the Ripper, was sold in the UK for almost £ 30,000 ($ 41,000). This is reported by RIA Novosti. The post card, received by law enforcement officers on October 29, 1888, was auctioned by the Grand Auctions auction house.

49-year-old Bulanova is younger and has changed beyond recognition

Fans suggested that their pet turned to the services of a plastic surgeon, her face looks so unrecognizable. In Bulanova, the face oval became more defined, the shape of the eyebrows and chin changed.

7-year-old ballerina from Rostov became a participant of Maxim Galkin’s show

The girl showed her talent and told about her achievements. The young ballerina from Rostov-on-Don took part in Maxim Galkin’s show “Best of all!” on the First Channel.

Volochkova opens new places for twine

The famous Russian dancer Anastasia Volochkova once again shocked her fans. This time the star took a twine in a tiny bright bikini and did it on a red tiled roof

Leonid Agutin will start to untwist daughter Lisa in the autumn

The daughter of Leonid Agutin, who has lived in Miami for many years, will soon win over Russian viewers, Sobesednik.ru learned. The first performance for her father scheduled for the fall.

Revelations of the participant of “Doma-2”

“I gained 6 kilos, I lost all my hair in fights, got infected with bad habits.What next? Wait for the” prince on a white horse, “which will help to recover?” – Lena Khromina wrote in the social network

Khromina is considered to be one of the main scandals of “House-2”. The girl does not get behind the word in her pocket, and when the arguments end, she easily resorts to assault.

Julia Samoilova went to Lisbon to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest-2018

Singer Yulia Samoilova, who represents Russia at the international song contest “Eurovision” this year, went to Portugal as part of a Russian delegation headed by the main producer of music and entertainment programs of the First Channel, Yuri Aksyut.

It became known how much Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya earns

NTV channel journalists reported that Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya does not give free interviews, if earlier she took from 700 to 1 million rubles, now her fee has increased to five million rubles

According to conservative estimates, at her divorce she earned at least 14 million rubles, now it is the only source of her income.

ABBA group refused concerts in favor of holograms

Holograms will look like members of the band at the peak of their fame, in 1979, and will perform hits from the ABBA repertoire. The ABBA group was established in 1972. For 10 years of existence the quartet has recorded eight albums.

Ex-elected Kanye West was bared on the air

Actress Ember Rose, who used to meet Kanye West, published an open photo on her Instagram page. The former rapper girl Kanye West in Stories showed herself in pink lace underwear.

44-year-old Penelope Cruz showed how she looked at 15 years old

Cruz shared with the subscribers an archive snapshot of her youth. On a black and white photo, the actress was sealed at the age of 15.

Yuri Bardash has closed the production center Kruzheva

Yuri Bardash announced the termination of his production center Kruzheva. The producer wrote about this in Facebook on April 30, 2018, while hinting that this is “not an end, but a transformation.”

Red flags and posters “Glory October” on Khreshchatyk

In the center of Kiev on the night of April 30, returned the situation of Soviet times, in particular, deployed red flags and hung banners “Glory to Great October!”. Attribute was a decoration for the film “Ptah dushi” about the poet and dissident Vasily Stus.

On the web there were new photos of Tom Hardy in the image of the dying Al Capone

In Instagram, new photos of Tom Hardy appeared in the image of the dying Al Capone. The famous gangster no longer horrifies others. He comes out of the colony under the pseudonym Fonzo

There were photos from the filming of the new adaptation of “The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco

“The Name of the Rose”, released in 1980, is considered one of the most famous works of the culturologist and writer Umberto Eco, and in all, about 50 million copies were sold around the world. In 1986, the screen version of the book for the authorship of Jean-Jacques Annot, where the main role played Sean Connery.

Beer Festival in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, the beer festival “Craft Event” was held. He took place in the space “Artplay”, which is located on the Krasnogvardeiskaya Square. Despite the fact that the place is remote from the metro, many people could still get to the festival.

Dmitry Malikov reproached Philip Kirkorov for illiteracy

“I really liked the new clip by Philip Kirkorov for the song” the color of the mood blue “, and I even decided to buy him a book as a present,” Malikov wrote, attaching a photo with the book “The Russian Language and the Culture of Speech.”

In the video, according to web users, Philip Kirkorov “creates all sorts of game”, and at the end of the clip he talks with Urgant using a selective mate. Also, fans of Dmitry Malikov advised to give Philip Kirkorov the book “The Russian Language and the Culture of Speech” on his 51st birthday

Pretty girls and elders

Kylie Minogue Golden In the late 1980s, when the miniature Australian diva released its first lightweight hits, few would have believed that it would continue to dominate the hearts of fans around the world and on the threshold of the sixth decade – it’s hard to believe, but Kylie will knock 50 at the end of the month .


In the UAE can lift the ban on calls on Skype

In the United Arab Emirates can lift the ban on calls via Skype and FaceTime, RT reports with reference to the publication Gulf Business.

Roskomnadzor will block WhatsApp in the summer of 2018

Experts predict an early blockage of WhatsApp – already in the summer in 2018. Unlike Telegram, it is used by even more people in Russia, about one third of Russians, so its blocking will have an even greater impact on Russian citizens.

Amazon and Google helped Roskomnadzor change the telegram’s lockout strategy

Arrays of addresses of Amazon corporations and Google Roskomnadzor blocked, executing the decision of the Moscow Tagansky court, which banned Telegram from Russia for refusing to give the FSB encryption keys to the correspondence of terrorists. Trying to avoid locking the messenger, used a server of American IT giants.

Google launches YouTube Premium with the ability to download videos

After studying the code version 13.16 for Android developers have managed to come to the conclusion that soon Google will launch the service YouTube Premium, which will replace the YouTube Red. According to numerous sources, the new development of the “search giant” will unite the three services into one.

The block will be put behind the mat: Microsoft will filter out the accounts

Since May 1, changes in the user agreement come into effect. According to the amendments, Microsoft account services, which contain obscene language, can be blocked. Accounts will be subjected to the same fate, which can be interpreted as calls for illegal activities.

Durov called the cause of the massive collapse of Telegram around the world

Technical malfunctions in the work of the Telegram messenger for Russian and European users are associated with massive outages in the Dutch capital. The founder of the messenger Pavel Durov said that the problems began at 02.40 Moscow time.

The main reasons why Telegram does not work now are two: first. a massive DDoS attack, we can not block such an amount of IP. Secondly, serious overheating of one of the servers Telegram. – Pavel Durov, Russian businessman

Twitter has sold information to Alexander Kogan

GSR has acquired a sample of public tweets for the period from December 2014 to April 2015. However, we are talking about open messages, Alexander Kogan did not have access to personal data of users. After the scandal with Cambridge Analytica Twitter banned the accounts of both companies.

Instagram will have a new function “Ignoring”

The social network Instagram is testing a new application function. As it became known, the developers plan to add to the social network the possibility of ignoring users. It is assumed that users can temporarily “deactivate” too active users, while leaving them in the list of friends.

Facebook plans to introduce tactile message reading technology

Facebook is planning to introduce an innovative technology for tactile message reading. With its help, social network users will be able to receive important messages anywhere, without distracting others.


SoulCalibur VI will be released in September

In Amazon Italy on the page SoulCalibur VI before the time appeared the release date of the game on PS4 and Xbox One. Studio Bandai Namco has not commented on this information in any way. But, judging by the leak, the sixth part of the franchise will be released on September 27, 2018.

The line of games Call of Juarez again went on sale

It is known that more recently, the games of the Call of Juarez line have disappeared from all online stores. On April 30, Techland announced that it will take the initiative and resume the work of Call of Juarez: The Cartel, as well as Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

The Forest leaves early access

Survival with elements of the horror The Forest today leaves early access to Steam.

In Stardew Valley is already available multiplayer

The time of the final release of the multiplayer in Stardew Valley will depend on how successful beta testing will be. It is also unknown when the cooperative will appear on the consoles

Microsoft will not rush around the “Royal Battle”

Phil Spencer Recently Cliff Bleszinski announced his desire to release his new game Radical Heights (“The Royal Battle” of the 80’s) on the Xbox One. Judging from the hints of the game designer for talks with the same Spencer, the chances of the project appearing on the Microsoft console are great.

The new trailer Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on May 2

The third official trailer will be released on Wednesday, May 2.

Gamer turned a smartphone into a PC and plays it on PUBG

A clever gamer with the nickname alemkalender shared with users of Reddit his “ingenious invention”. A fan of PUBG plays it on a smartphone, turning it into a desktop computer by connecting a keyboard and mouse.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem will go to beta stage in September

The role-player Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, formerly known as Umbra, since 2016 is in the early access of Steam. And the independent French studio Wolcen is preparing for the transition of the game to the beta stage. The transition will entail a complete reworking of many aspects of the game

Polish developers released the Russian trailer of the game Kursk

Developers from the Polish studio Jujubee Games unveiled a new trailer for the game Kursk. It is noted that the video is completely made on the basis of the engine of the future game. Also the video is accompanied by Russian voice acting.

PES 2019 will be released in late summer

In the Hong Kong PS Store, there was the first information about the football simulator Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. And although the page with the game had already been removed, Internet users recorded all information about the project.

War Thunder begins to test cruisers

The company Gaijin Entertainment is testing combat cruisers in War Thunder. It is available to all players who have already applied for participation. Testing of light cruisers began on April 28 and will last until May 1.

NVIDIA will improve the PC version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Square Enix has announced a partnership with NVIDIA in developing a PC version of the expected game from Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This is not the first experience of cooperation of the Japanese company with the manufacturer of video cards.

Grand Theft Auto IV will be available on smartphones this year

Obviously, since the first announcement Grand Theft Auto IV has passed exactly 10 years, then very soon this game will be available for download and installation on smartphones, but it will be able to draw only productive electronic gadgets.

In the summer at E3 will announce the new game from the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake

It became known that the studio Remedy, known for such hits as Max Payne and Alan Wake, is planning this summer to announce its new game. The site for this event will be the summer gaming exhibition E3.

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch is announced on E3 2018

Recently on the Web, there were fresh rumors from Twitter-account @LeakyPandy that Fortnite will be announced for the Nintendo Switch on E3 2018. The source says that he already published information about the March Nintendo Direct, which was subsequently confirmed


In the Maldives will open a villa with an underwater floor and sharks

Towards the end of autumn in the Maldives will open a villa with a fully underwater floor and sharks. Both bedrooms are located on the same level and are equipped with fully transparent walls and ceiling. The unusual hotel-villa was named “Muraka”, which means “Corals” from the local language.

In France, invented a device to help those suffering from aerophobia

Scientists from the French National Polytechnic Institute in Toulouse have developed a device for those who are afraid to fly on airplanes, Tass reported citing the French newspaper Ouest France. The gadget for aerofobs, called C2AO, is similar to headphones with a remote microphone.

An application was created to coordinate sex with a partner

Users can use the program to coordinate further actions and have sex, having the consent of the other party. Both users must provide the application with information about what they want from the partner.

In China, began to monitor the emotions of employees to improve work efficiency

Representatives of the state energy company State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power from the city of Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province) report that the monitoring of emotions brought a profit of $ 315 million for 4 years. A similar technology is used by 10 other large companies, as well as the armed forces of China.

Scientists predicted the drying of the Amazon rainforest

Climatologists from the University of California believe that because of the increase in greenhouse gases, the Amazon rainforest can dry up, and humidity in forest areas in Africa and Indonesia will increase.

The zone of the oxygen minimum increases in the Arabian Sea

British researchers were able to detect an increase in the oxygen minimum zone, which scientists documented back in the 1960s. In such areas, living organisms can not exist.

Scientists have taught superhydrophobic surfaces to boil water

The center of nucleation of gas bubbles became depressions and protrusions located on the surface. The formation of the gas layer begins almost immediately, and this leads to a drop in the efficiency of the transfer of heat to the liquid. Such surfaces scientists suggest to use for cooling processes.

Artificial Intelligence trains soldiers 13 times faster

In the United States, scientists created artificial intelligence, which accelerated the process of training the US military 13 times. The new AI system helps fighters develop their memory, mindfulness and learns to behave more rationally during military operations.

Scientists have created a “smart” paint, turning the walls into touch panels

American scientists at the University of Carnegie – Mellon created a “smart” paint that can turn the walls of the house into touch panels. The authors of the project developed the technology of electromagnetic sensors that respond to human touch.

Disney has developed a suit that conveys physical sensations

Disney specialists together with researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created a special suit – a waistcoat that can convey physical sensations, according to Izvestia. The costume will allow you to transfer physical sensations to immerse yourself even more in the virtual world.

Scientists have found a new method for measuring the flow of blood in the brain

In Davis found a new way to measure the flow of blood in the human brain. According to scientists, this technique can be used for patients with stroke or in whom traumatic brain damage. And most importantly, the new technology is more available in the budget plan

Biologists have learned to edit blood genes for transfusion

It is noted that the new method also allows you to “hunt down” viruses. “Blood made with the use of genetically modified cells can one day provide a group of patients who find it difficult to find donors,” commented the head of the working group, Dr. Ashley Toi.

Physics has been confused in many ways by classical oscillators

Successful experiments were completed by scientists in the field of quantum entanglement of systems of two micromechanical oscillators. Each oscillator consisted of several billion atoms. The information came directly from two groups of physicists who conducted the research.

Scientists have created a robotic surgeon for operations on the skull

Due to the presence of seven axes RoBoSculpt is able to operate from all possible angles. The first tests with him were successful, ahead of the preliminary clinical tests. Dutch developers believe that in two to three years it will be possible to attract a robot to a real bone operation.


Scientists named the date of the last solar eclipse on Earth

Researchers note that the natural satellite of the Earth eventually moves away from it, and one day the Moon against the background of the Sun will simply be too small to cover the disk of the star completely. Sometimes we still observe similar phenomena – such eclipses are called annular.

Supporters of the theory of planar Earth discussed its real form

In Great Britain, the conference of the adherents of the theory of planar Earth was held for the first time. About 200 people took part in this three-day event. On the agenda was the main question – what is the real form of the Earth

A new attempt to launch the first private missile in Japan was postponed until the summer

The second attempt to launch the first missile in Japan, developed by a private company Interstellar Technologies, was postponed until the summer. The developer himself announced this on Monday. Initially, the second attempt was to be held on April 28.

In Russia, will develop a sauna and a washing machine for astronauts

In Russia, they will develop a sauna and a washing machine, which cosmonauts can use during their stay at the orbital stations. This is reported on the site of the future developer, the Research and Design Institute of Chemical Engineering.

Scientists: Diamonds in a meteorite can be part of an ancient solar system

Specialists from the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne investigated diamonds that were found in the meteorite of Almahat Sitta, discovered in the Nuba Desert in 2008. The study showed that the space object could be part of the ancient solar system.

Astronomers have discovered a new dwarf galaxy in the Magellan bridge

An international group of astronomers reports the discovery of a new dwarf galaxy in the so-called Magellan bridge – a gas stream linking two Magellanic Clouds. The newly discovered galaxy is designated as Hydra 1. A new galaxy was discovered in the constellation Hydra.

Scientists of NASA have developed a new telescope for the search for intelligent life

A group of scientists from the US space agency has developed a unique telescope called TESS-NASA, which is able in the open space not only to discover new exoplanets, but also to find an intelligent life.

On May 5 Atlas V missile will be launched with InSight on board

May 5, the launch of an American launch vehicle, on board which will be installed in the Martian vehicle InSight. It is reported that the start is scheduled for 14:05 Moscow time. It is known that the probe starts from the US Air Force base Vandenberg

Scientists: The Moon is the key to improving Earth’s satellite imagery

While the Earth’s surface is constantly changing, the face of the Moon has remained unchanged for millions of years, with the exception of random meteoroid impacts. This makes light reflected from the lunar surface an ideal calibration source for optical Earth observation devices. Now the project, headed by ESA, plans to make it even more useful.


The first renders of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC crossover appeared on the web

It is worth recalling that the first version of the Mercedes-Benz GLC was introduced in 2015. The car borrowed a number of design solutions from the S-Class C-class. At the same time, more recently, the latter have already received an update, slightly changing their design.

Half a ruble rubles were spent by Russians on cars in the first quarter

In the first quarter of this year, Russians spent more than half a trillion rubles on car purchases. The corresponding data is provided by the analytical company “Autostat”. If you compare these figures with last year’s, it can be seen that the expenditure of Russians increased by 24%.

McLaren is not going to create its own crossover

The British manufacturer of sports and racing cars – the company McLaren – does not plan to produce a model of the SUV segment. As noted by the top manager of McLaren Jolyon Nash, despite the mega popularity of crossovers on the world market, the production of such a car would be in violation of the ideology of the brand

Lifan X60 provided the Chinese with the largest revenue in the Russian market

Russian analysts found that among the Chinese models in the Russian market, the largest revenue for the first quarter of this year was the crossover Lifan X60. The model was purchased by 618 Russians who paid for it a total of 568.5 million rubles.

The new BMW M2 Competition was shown at the BMW Welt Exhibition Center

The company BMW “rolled out” a new “charged” version of the sports sedan BMW M2 Competition at the Munich exhibition center BMW Welt. The official world premiere of the novelty took place a few days ago in the framework of the auto show in Beijing.

Dongfeng prepares for the premiere a new pickup based on Nissan Navara

Manufacturer Dongfeng plans to release a new pickup, which is based on Nissan Navara last generation. In fact, the new model is a transfigured version of the Japanese bestseller.

Volkswagen spoke about a new brand called Sol

The electric car was based on the chassis of the Chinese JAC iEV7S. The car has a 116-horsepower engine and is capable of driving from one charge to 300 kilometers. According to preliminary data, the first electric car under the brand Sol will be sent to the assembly already this year.

Aston Martin presented two new colors for the body of the sports car Ventage

Experts note that the decision to expand the color palette was taken by the company’s management in order to attract new customers. Whether this move will be profitable from a financial point of view, time will tell. An updated version of the sports car will be available in black and white shades.

BMW plans to release a special series of BMW i8 Special Edition

According to the top manager of the company Marcus Pluntke, BMW plans to bet on special versions of its hybrid roadster, especially since this approach gives good results in the case of the closed coupe version of the i8 model.

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