4 Июн, 2021

Is the country on the right course?

On an average worldwide, 65% of people say their country is heading in the wrong direction. And a year ago, in May 2020, only 55% of respondents spoke about it.

Most of the dissatisfied with the state of affairs in their country turned out to be in Latin America: 91% in Colombia, 83% in Peru, 81% in Argentina. Among European countries, Spain is in the lead in terms of the share of dissatisfied (77%)

The least dissatisfied with what is happening in their country was in Saudi Arabia: only 12%. In Australia, which is in second place, the figure is already noticeably higher: 38%, in India — 48%. In all other countries, more than half of the dissatisfied


The President of Russia signed a law prohibiting those involved in the work of extremist organizations from participating in elections

▪️ the ban will apply to any elections, not just the Duma

▪️ founders and leaders will not be able to be elected for 5 years from the date of the ban of the organization, and members and others involved in its work — for 3 years

▪️ involvement in the activities of extremist organizations will be considered:

• statements (including on the Internet) in support of an extremist organization or its individual event

• transfer of money to an extremist organization or its individual event

• organizational. advisory or other assistance to an extremist organization or its individual event

▪️the court will establish involvement

▪️ at the same time, the law will not apply:

• to those who helped such organizations during the period when their activities were not extremist

• to those who could not know that the organization is conducting extremist activities

• to those whose assistance to the extremist organization was not related to extremism


The Kremlin on the closure of VTimes (foreign agent): the media nowadays open and close quickly, this is a normal process


The Universal Postal Union refused to register postage stamps of Azerbaijan. The postage stamps depict, among other things, the military who participated in the military conflict of 2020.


The Russians turned out to be even a little more positive: only 61% of those dissatisfied with the state of affairs in our country


The first prison was sold at an auction in Ukraine — it went under the hammer for $ 13.8 million (the starting price was $ 4.9 million)


The court dismissed Meduza’s complaint against being recognized as a foreign agent, the court told RIA Novosti. At the same time, the Ministry of Justice was unable to attach documents confirming foreign funding to the case. Meduza was recognized as a foreign agent on April 23, 2021


Anastasia Tatulova, the founder of the Anderson cafe, spoke at the St. Petersburg Forum

I was mowed down by two news: yesterday businessman Dmitry Bogdanov from Sochi was put in a pre-trial detention center, and in Moscow the tariffs for garbage collection were raised fivefold. And on the forum, handsome men say that everything will be fine with small businesses. I’ll say too much now, Boris Yuryevich (Titov), ​​will you get me out of the pre-trial detention center later? Every gesture of the state complicates the work of businessmen. Tax payments, duties and fines are growing, the reduction in contributions is only on paper. This forces the business to go into the shadows: if you are gray — they do not bother you, as soon as you pay taxes — everyone comes and everyone is not too lazy. Institutions ostensibly working for the benefit of business have huge budgets. Abolish them — give them money. Secure the rules of the game for at least ten years, prohibit banks from interfering in our affairs, prohibit the tax authorities from interrogating and blocking accounts. There is no need to put businessmen in jail — you can do with house arrest. We have a total crisis of trust between the authorities and business: you spit on us, and we hate you. This is bad for everyone.


The Belarusian state channel released an interview with the arrested Roman Protasevich. Under what circumstances the interview was recorded, it is not known — a lawyer is not allowed to see Protasevich for five days. During the conversation, Protasevich made a number of contradictory statements

Roman claims that he himself agreed to the conversation. According to the blogger, no one beat him. The reaction of Roman’s associates does not bother.

According to Roman, many of these opposition channels received through leaks from the security forces themselves.

Protasevich said that he fully admitted his guilt under the criminal article on organizing and preparing actions that grossly violate public order.

As Protasevich says, because of his actions on the streets of Minsk «uncontrolled riots» began, and the city «lived in chaos.»

During the conversation, Protasevich named his comrades-in-arms (apparently already former) who, according to him, were involved in coordinating the protests in Belarus.

Protasevich said that Pavel Latushko, one of the key Belarusian oppositionists, rents an apartment worth 3,000 euros a month. However, Roman did not personally see her.

Part of the Belarusian opposition, according to Protasevich, is supported by the Lithuanian taxpayers. They also allegedly have private sponsors from the «business elite».

The «Belarusian House» in Warsaw, according to Roman, received 50 million zlotys from Poland.

Protasevich said that the purpose of the sanctions is to collapse the Belarusian economy so that people go out to «food riots».

He called the criticism of Lukashenka an attempt at pressure. Alexander Grigorievich himself «acted like a man with eggs of steel.»

Roman called his ex-nexta colleague Stepan Putilo an overrated person who gained fame at the expense of other people.

Initially Nexta lived off advertising, and then the project began to receive funding from Russia. Putilo himself allegedly told Protasevich about large transfers from a large Russian company. This company paid 3-5 thousand euros.

Roman could not remember the name of the Russian company that financed Nexta, but he mentioned that it was associated with the Urals and mining. Protasevich claims that the company is owned by a large oligarch and rival of Russian entrepreneur Mikhail Gutseriev.

Special services are behind the oppositional Belarusian headquarters, Protasevich said.

Protasevich claims that he was supposed to act as a link between Tikhanovskaya and the conspirators who planned to kill Lukashenka.

The conspirators themselves were allegedly from 20 families of «top security officials» and the military. They demanded 5-7 million euros for the coup.

Terrorist cells allegedly remained in Belarus, and the security forces did not find all of their caches.

During the interview, Protasevich burst into tears and said that he no longer wanted to get into politics.


White House releases plan for Biden’s first overseas trip as president

June 10: Meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
June 11-13: G7 Summit
June 13: Meeting with Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain
June 14: NATO Summit and meeting with President Erdogan in Brussels
June 15: US-EU Summit in Brussels
June 16: Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland


Twitter announced the launch of the first subscription service with exclusive features. So far, the service is only available to users in Canada and Australia.


Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko gave a master class to the participants of the All-Russian competition «Big Change», telling about the secrets of success in politics.

“Politics is kindness, compassion, mercy. This ability to smile is not necessarily an American smile, but ours, domestic, pleasant and beautiful. «

Matvienko called billionaire Abramovich «a hero of our time.» The Speaker of the Federation Council believes that schoolchildren should look up to Abramovich and want to become like him.


In Kirov, excellent students who won the All-Russian School Olympiad. The ceremony took place in the city administration. 19 schoolchildren received certificates from the hands of city manager Dmitry Osipov.

Later, the parents of the excellent students reported on social networks that 4 packages with the products of the Kirov plant «Zdrava» were included as a bonus to the diploma: two with ketchup, one each with mayonnaise and four cheese sauce.


For the first time in Russia, an activist was detained for a virtual rally on the Internet — and even a fine was issued, the detained Andrei Rimov himself told Open Media. True, he received a fine of 10,000 rubles not for the event itself, but for the obscene name of the male genital organ that appeared in its broadcast on Yandex.Maps, to which Rimov himself had nothing to do. It’s just that the other participants of the rally, being in the center of Moscow, simultaneously logged into Yandex.Maps from their smartphones, and the marks with their location formed this very word