19 Feb, 2018

Islamists attacked the church in Kizlyar

Responsibility for the attack on parishioners in Kizlyar was assumed by the grouping “Islamic State” (banned in Russia). This is reported by Reuters with reference to the publication Amaq.

Earlier it was reported that the 22-year-old Khalil Khalilov, who fired the shooting, was in the so-called “sleeping” cell of the IG. He attacked the parishioners of the temple in Kizlyar on the afternoon of February 18. As a result, four people were killed, another victim died in the hospital. Two of the wounded remain in the hospital in serious condition. The attacker was liquidated by law enforcement officers.

According to eyewitnesses, the criminal shouted “Allahu akbar”. He had a gun and a knife.

On this fact a criminal case was opened. The police also detained Khalilov’s accomplice.

Briefly about the main thing … …


Saudi women will be able to open a business without the consent of guardians

Women in Saudi Arabia will be able to open their own business without the consent of a husband or relative, Interfax reports citing the Ministry of Commerce and Investment of the Kingdom.

In Nikola-Lenivets burnt the Gothic castle

The burning of a 30-meter-high Catholic church from branches instead of a scarecrow for Pancake week took place in Nikola Lazyvets. The author of the idea was the artist Nikolai Polissky. He called the action “Flaming Gothic”.

“Shrovetide is a time when people give freedom to everything natural within themselves, ready to walk and celebrate up to catharsis, after which they take spiritual strictness and fasting. The idea of the cathedral, born from the flame, I had been boring for a long time, “he explained.

The ROC is ready to “heal” homosexuality

The representative of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion, said that the church can restore the gays a traditional orientation. The priest referred to the long experience of his work.
However, not all representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) agreed with this point of view. Deacon Andrey Kuraev noted that in the Middle Ages homosexuals, on the contrary, took refuge in monasteries.

“Traditionally for many centuries, monasteries, both Catholic and Orthodox, were a form of legalizing homosexuality, these were forms of granting shelter to these people,” Kuraev explained.
He added that leaving for the monastery, covered by religious rhetoric, “allowed to save face and not become an outcast.”

In Novosibirsk, a girl waited 15 hours for an “ambulance”

A resident of Novosibirsk waited for an “ambulance” about 15 hours and as a result received a referral to the hospital, the victim herself told about it, having laid out a detailed post describing the day in the social network

The debts of Russians have grown to five trillion rubles

Compared to 2016, the amount of the debt of Russians has grown insignificantly – 4.76 trillion against 4.87 trillion rubles. In the past five years, this indicator has been steadily growing: in 2013 the total amount to recover was 2.1 trillion, in 2014 – three trillion, in 2015 – 3.8 trillion.

FAS revealed overestimation of prices for 17 vital medicines

Deputy Head of the Department for Control of Social Sphere and Trade of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Nadezhda Sharavskaya confirmed to RBC that the service recorded an overestimate of the price of 17 drugs.

An American was put in prison for baptizing her daughter

A resident of North Carolina was sent to prison after she baptized her own daughter, writes Charlotte Observer. It is reported that 36-year-old Kendra Stokes baptized her daughter in secret from her father Paul Schaaf in August 2016, exactly one day after the court handed custody of the girl to Shaaf.

The introduction of an accreditation system for medical workers.

Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova told Izvestia about the introduction of an accreditation system for medical workers.

Accreditation of health workers is a mechanism for admission to professional activities. With its help, it is planned to evaluate the theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities of the doctor, as well as clinical thinking. Such a system has been around the world for more than 20 years.

A three-stage check will allow you to evaluate the real knowledge of the physician. The theory will be tested through a test exam by the type of school uniform state exam, skills and abilities – an objective structured clinical exam. The project itself started as early as 2016 and for the first time concerned graduates of universities in the areas of “dentistry” and “pharmacy”.

The average amount of car loans in 2017 reached 55% of the cost of the car

As the agency Autostat notes, the largest average car loan was fixed in Moscow – 1.01 million rubles (+ 3%), which corresponds to 58% of the average car price in the capital. At the same time in other Russian regions the average amount of car loans is still less than 1 million rubles

Russians began to buy more vital medicines

Russians have become more likely to buy drugs from the list of vital. For 2017, their sales grew by 6% compared to 2016. Prices for these drugs are regulated by the state, the list includes both original medicines and generics

Americans demand to limit the circulation of weapons after shooting in Florida

In America there was a series of rallies for tightening control over the circulation of weapons. Residents of the country took to the streets after shooting at the school in Florida, which killed 17 people. The protest actions sounded reproaches against the Republican Party in Congress and the National Rifle Association (NSA).


Pregnant Galina Yudashkina showed an impressive belly in a bikini

Throughout pregnancy, the girl continues to actively share with her followers new images from everyday life. One of these days in her microblog there was a regular frame on which she, dressed in a bikini, showed an impressive stomach.

Dmitry Tarasov is suspected of treason two weeks after the wedding

Idyll pair Dmitry Tarasova and Anastasia Kostenko does not give rest to many. Contrary to the recent wedding and the interview of a football player, where he talked about the strong feelings for his wife, users are sure: the athlete has already begun to change his wife. Ostensibly the other day Tarasova “caught” in a nightclub with a spectacular blonde.

Isabelle Huppert presented the film “Eve” on Berlinale

The novel has already been filmed earlier, but Jaco has his own vision of this story with an acute thrilling storyline. Together with the director in Berlin to represent the picture came the performers of the leading roles Isabelle Huppert, Gaspard Ulli and Julia Roy. The film tells about the evil love of a rogue and a prostitute.

Emma Watson donated £ 1 million to the fund to combat harassment

British actress Emma Watson, who became famous for her role as Hermione in the movie about Harry Potter, donated £ 1 million to a new fund to combat sexual harassment – the UK Justice and Equality Fund

Kadebostany showed in her new clip of murder and funeral

The band Kadebostany in his new video for the song “Save Me” showed murder and funeral for strange rituals. The premiere of the video work for the new song “Save Me” was held on February 16.

The festival of Yakut cinema will be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg and Moscow will show films of various genres, filmed by representatives of Yakutia. The show will take place in several cinemas in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the framework of the cinema weekend. Thus, three works by Yakut masters of cinematography will be presented to the court of the film companies of the two capitals.

Jennifer Aniston two years led everyone by the nose

In fact, Aniston and Teru could, of course, officially register their relationship in any of the 50 states. But so far no “evidence” of this turn of events has been found. On the eve of the festive banquet on the occasion of the marriage, as everyone thought then, they did not leave California.

“Mitki” will withdraw the continuation “The meeting place can not be changed”

In addition to professional actors, the film involves musicians – Zhenya Lyubich and Vyacheslav Butusov. Appears in the film and one of the main “Litsedeyev” Anvar Libabov.
In our film, we want to show that the era of mercy all the same has come and all people have finally become brothers and sisters. – Dmitry Shagin, Russian artist

Angelina Jolie in a transparent dress caused a furor

February 17, Angelina Jolie, who attended the awards ceremony of the American Society of Cinematographers of the ACS Awards in Los Angeles, caused a furore in her fashionable way. For the event, the star chose a transparent gray dress from Elie Saab, and all the tender image was successfully supplemented with exquisite ornaments

Julianna Karaulova wore a black dress at the wedding of her brother

Julia Karaulova, a former participant of the Star Factory, visited her brother’s wedding, wearing a black dress. For her image, she received many critical comments. Julianna Karaulova should have played her wedding for a long time, but she lingers, according to her, because of the workload.

Actor Ivan Zhidkov spoke about feelings for Tatyana Arntgolts

Marriage of Ivan and Tatiana disintegrated in 2013, but the actor is still friends with his ex-wife and feels warm feelings towards her. They kept the relationship for the sake of Mary’s nine-year-old daughter. Zhidkov reports that he often happily recalls happy moments of living together with Arntgolts.

Nyusha showed in Instagram photo with her friends in swimsuits

Nyusha posted photos in her Instagram account with her friends, on it girls are presented in swimsuits. The posing of a star in a bikini at a huge palm tree and on a sofa attracted the attention of her numerous admirers. Currently, the famous pop singer is on vacation in Vietnam.

British Film Academy BAFTA named the best film

The painting “Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri” won the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) as the best film directed by Martin McDonagh. The press service of the film award announces on its social network page

The widow of Yegor Letov opposed the creation of a film about a musician

The wife of the deceased 10 years ago, rock musician, leader of the group “Civil Defense” Egor Letova Natalia Chumakova opposed the idea of creating a feature film about the legend of Siberian rock. According to her, proposals for surveys have been received more than once. Including the life of Yegor Letov like to shoot the series

The first student television channel will appear in Russia

The first All-Russian TV channel for students will start broadcasting in Russia from February 25

The wax figures of Vitas will be installed in the museums of China and South Korea

As it became known, the wax figures of the performer from Russia Vitas will appear in dozens of museums in China and Korea. According to reports, the process of installing exhibits in institutions has already been launched – the figures began to be installed on the territory of China on the night of February 18.

59-year-old Madonna shocked fans with bare pictures

American singer Louise Ciccone, better known under the stage name – Madonna, shocked the fans with another publication of the picture, which depicted nude.

The union of actors changes the rules of shooting porn

Representatives of the professional union of actors and directors Actors’ Equity Association create new rules for pornographic scenes in the cinema. Such measures were taken after a loud scandal with harassment by Harvey Weinstein.


Suleiman Kerimov agreed on the purchase of Bank Vozrozhdenie

A Russian senator from Dagestan and businessman Suleiman Kerimov agreed to buy a bank “Vozrozhdenie” with brothers Dmitry and Alexei Ananiev. Three sources told about this to Reuters.

The court refused to suspend the Central Bank’s decision on the rehabilitation of Promsvyazbank

The Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed the statement of the former chairman of the board of Promsvyazbank, Dmitry Ananyev, who asked for interim measures to suspend a number of acts of the Central Bank on the sanction of the bank. Earlier Ananiev filed a lawsuit demanding to recognize the actions of the regulator as illegal.

Georgia returned to the top three wine suppliers to Russia

At the end of the year, Georgia became the third largest exporter of wine to Russia, ahead of France (33.7 million liters, which is almost 33% more than a year earlier). The first place was saved by Spain (almost 53 million liters), the second – Italy (43 million liters).

Iran’s oil revenues fall as US exports grow

Iran’s oil ministry predicts that oil revenues will increase to $ 40 billion in 2018, but the time of explosive growth seems to have ended for the Islamic Republic, at least for now, according to a new report from the Central Bank of Iran.

Miller: “gas corridor” through Ukraine has lost its effectiveness

The transport corridor on the territory of Ukraine, according to which the fuel supplies to Europe are currently being carried out, has lost its significant role. “Nord Stream” will reduce the cost of gas supplies, as well as accelerate the process of transportation.

“This is the most effective and cheapest”, – he stressed on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Miller also praised Germany’s decision on the project. The fact that the country issued a permit to build a pipeline in its territorial waters, speaks about the prospects of the “Nord Stream” ….

Iraqi Kurdistan intends to sign new contracts with Rosneft

In February 2017, Rosneft and the government of Iraqi Kurdistan concluded an agreement on cooperation in the oil and gas sector and a contract for the purchase and sale of oil from 2017 to 2019.

Japan registered a foreign trade deficit of $ 8.9 billion

The foreign trade balance was in negative territory due to the increase in imports in combination with the growth in oil prices. At the same time, the foreign trade deficit in Japan was fixed for the first time in eight months. It is reported that imports exceeded last year’s figure by 7.9% and amounted to $ 66.2 billion.

CFTC: speculators are getting rid of the ruble faster

Speculators sell the ruble for the fourth week in a row. As it follows from the latest data of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the week before February 13, the volume of net long speculative position in ruble futures contracted by 3,211 contracts (-15% to 17,790 contracts).

The export duty on oil is reduced by $ 0.6 per tonne

The export duty on oil in Russia from March 1, 2018 will be reduced by $ 0.6 and will be $ 119.5 per ton, the Ministry of Finance said. Now, the export duty on oil is $ 120.1 per ton.


Trump: if Russia’s goal was to create chaos in the US, then it achieved this

US President Donald Trump believes that if Russia’s goal was to create dissonance and chaos in American society, then thanks to investigations and numerous hearings in the US Congress, it achieved its goal. This opinion he expressed on Sunday in Twitter.

If Russia’s goal was to create disagreements, split and chaos in the US, then, taking into account all the hearings on the committees, investigations and inter-party enmity, they succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. They tear their bellies from laughing in Moscow. America, smarter! – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Russia urged the US not to support “cave nationalism” in Ukraine

Russia expects the US authorities to stop the practice of supporting “cave nationalism” in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries, the Russian embassy in Washington said after the attacks of radicals on the building of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kiev and two banks.

In Kiev, thousands of supporters of Saakashvili demand the resignation of Poroshenko

Supporters of the ex-president of Georgia and the former governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, are marching in the center of Kiev on Sunday demanding impeachment of the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis threatens with new pogroms of Russian facilities

The leader of the neo-Nazi group “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” (OUN, banned in Russia), Nikolai Kokhanivsky threatened with new pogroms of Russian facilities in Ukraine. He said this on Sunday after the attack of his supporters on the buildings of Sberbank of Russia, Alfa Bank and Rossotrudnichestvo.

Iran promised to respond to a possible US withdrawal from a nuclear deal

Iran will seriously respond to the possible withdrawal of the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (VCPD) on the Iranian nuclear program. Javad Zarif, the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, said in his speech at the Munich Security Conference.

The head of the Central Bank of Latvia is detained on suspicion of corruption

The Office for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption (CPCB) of Latvia detained the president of the Central Bank of the country Ilmars Rimsevics.

Lukashenka described how the conflict in Donbas reflected in Belarus

Minsk is interested in the soonest resolution of the conflict in the east of Ukraine, which has a negative impact on Belarus, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said.

We are interested in the fact that this all ended quickly, stopped. I provided equal conditions for all with Belarusians: free health care, free education, utilities – everything, as in Belarus. Do you think it cost us cheap? No. But people were in trouble. – Alexander Lukashenko

NYT: US special services for decades intervened in elections around the world

The US intelligence services conducted covert operations aimed at interfering in political processes and elections in foreign countries, since the founding of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after the Second World War.

In the course were such means as suitcases with money, propaganda literature, visual agitation, physical elimination of objectionable and much more, recognized former CIA officers and US experts in an article by the employee of The New York Times and former correspondent in Moscow Scott Shein.

In the US, the content producer for Sputnik was registered with an ino agent

The American company RIA Global, producing content for the agency Sputnik, was registered by a foreign agent at the request of the US Justice Department. The documents of the RIA Global published by the Ministry of Justice indicate that foreigners “do not own, manage, control or finance” the company.

The media reported a skirmish in China because of Trump’s “nuclear suitcase”

The “nuclear suitcase” of US President Donald Trump nearly triggered a fight during the American leader’s visit to China last November. This is reported by TASS with reference to Axios portal. The incident occurred during a visit to the presidential delegation of the House of the People in Beijing

Tillerson announced the preparation of new sanctions against Russia

The United States is currently considering the possibility of adding new names of Russian representatives to the sanctions list, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in an interview with CBS News.

We are considering additional persons for the possible imposition of sanctions. – Rex Tillerson, 69th US Secretary of State

The media named the date of possible entry of Syrian troops into Afrin

Syrian units can enter the city in the next 48 hours. As reported by “Firat” agency, the agreement was reached following the results of negotiations in Aleppo. The Kurds also demanded that the Syrian army provide air defense to Afrina, which is attacked by the Turkish Air Force.

The Merkel Party condemned Gabriel for the idea of easing sanctions against Russia

Members of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, chaired by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, criticized the proposal of Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel to weaken anti-Russian sanctions.

In Israel, vandals drew a swastika at the gates of the Embassy of Poland

In Israel, unknown people drew a swastika at the gates of the Polish embassy, and also wrote insults against the Poles, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the press service of the Israeli police.

Foreign Minister of Belarus discussed with Volcker the situation in Ukraine

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei and US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volcker discussed the situation in Ukraine during the meeting at the Munich Security Conference. This was reported by the press service of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry

Secretary-General of the ruling party of Germany plans to resign

The Secretary-General of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – the ruling party of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel – Peter Tauber intends to resign. This was reported on Sunday by the DPA agency with reference to a source in the party.

Germany criticized US plans to import steel

Minister of Economy and Energy of the FRG Brigitte Tsipris criticized the plans of the US Department of Commerce. In an interview with Welt am Sonntag, she stated that the German government does not share the view that European or, in particular, even German imports of steel could threaten the national security of the United States.


Israel reported rocket fire from the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army reported a rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. The military report on Twitter says that the rocket was fired in the south of Israel. “Sirens sounded in the regional council of Shaah ha-Negev and the city of Sderot,” the Israeli military said.

NATO Secretary General accused Russia of unleashing a new nuclear race

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with Bild that Russia allegedly violates the treaty on the elimination of medium and short-range missiles (INF) and this could lead to a new nuclear race in Europe.

US National Intelligence Agency warned of Russian “killers of satellites”

“Russia and China are working to create anti-satellite weapons to reduce the military potential of the United States and its allies,” the authors of the report emphasize. Experts from the US intelligence community warn that Russia and China can use such weapons against Americans in future conflicts.

Netanyahu showed from the podium in Munich the wreckage of an Iranian drone

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as evidence of Iran’s aggressive policy, brought with him to the conference on security in Munich fragments of a downed Iranian drone. He showed them from the rostrum to the Foreign Minister of Iran and threatened him with a tough response to Tehran’s actions.

Israel disclosed the plan of an attempt on the defense minister Lieberman

Israeli security forces prevented an attempt on the defense minister Avigdor Lieberman. The army of defense and the Israeli police uncovered the activities of the Islamic Jihad cell (banned in the Russian Federation), whose members were recruited in Bethlehem.

Javad Zarif: the defeat of IGIL does not mean victory over extremism

The defeat in Syria of militants of the terrorist organization IGIL, banned in Russia, does not mean victory over the ideology of extremism, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said. According to him, the victory over IGIL has become a symbol of restoring stability, but the threat of terrorism still exists


Iran condemned the attack on the parishioners near the temple in Dagestan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran condemns the attack on the parishioners of the Orthodox church in Dagestan’s Kizlyar. This is stated in the message of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bahram Kasemi, Tass reports. Kasemi expressed his condolences to the Russian government, the people and the families of the deceased.

EMERCOM of Russia transferred to Iran the possible coordinates of the crash site

EMERCOM of Russia provided at the request of the Iranian side the coordinates of the crash site of the ATR-72 crashed in the hard-to-reach locality of Isfahan province, the press service of the ministry reported.

The teenager threatened with reprisal to several schools was arrested in Florida

A teenager in the US city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was arrested for reporting to Instagram, in which he threatened to kill in several schools in the Broward area. This is reported by the local sheriff’s office

In Yakutia, the village was left without heat because of a fire in the boiler room

In the village of Yugorenok in the Ust-Maysky district of Yakutia on the night of Monday, the boiler-house was lit up. In 32-degree frost people were left without centralized heat supply.

Head of Amur agricultural enterprise stole soybeans by 2.2 million rubles

It is reported that police officers have revealed the fact of embezzlement in a particularly large amount in the Ivanovo region of the Amur region. The head of one of the agricultural enterprises exported and sold 40 tons of soybeans for a total of more than 2.2 million rubles using his official position.

In Mexico, declared a state of emergency due to the earthquake

On Sunday, February 18, the Mexican National Civil Defense Service announced a state of emergency in 33 municipalities in the state of Oaxaca that suffered from a recent powerful earthquake

Two Turkish military were killed because of a landslide on the border with Syria

The General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces reported that two servicemen were killed because of a landslide caused by torrential rains in the Akchakal district of Shanlıurfa province bordering Syria. Earlier, the Turkish military department reported two missing soldiers as a result of a landslide in the area.

FBI inaction in a shooting situation in a Florida school

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation missed the “signals” of an arrow from Florida, because it was busy investigating the case of Russia’s “interference” in the US elections. This was stated by US President Donald Trump on Twitter.

It is very sad that the FBI missed all the numerous signals sent by the shooter from Florida. This is unacceptable. They spend too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – there is no collusion. Go back to your main job so that we can be proud of you! – Donald Trump, 45th US President

A resident of the UK found in his garden shark

A resident of the United Kingdom, James Hill, discovered a cat shark in his garden. This is reported by The Mirror. According to the publication, the Briton was in the kitchen and had breakfast when his father approached him and was surprised to report that a cat’s shark was in the backyard of the house.


The characteristics of the new smartphone from BlackBerry appeared on the web

The main features of the new flagship device from the company BlackBerry are published on the web. It is reported that the smartphone has an unusual rear camera and other equally important functions.

The web has a video of a new smartphone Xiaomi

The Chinese blogger has posted a video, he claims, with the new smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. The experts could not verify the reliability of the leak, since the top part of the phone with the logo was not included in the shot.

Apple named five upcoming changes in iOS 12

Representatives of the world-famous Apple company told about the new operating system iOS 12. According to experts, the new OS will please users with new updates and innovations.

According to the manufacturer, the most important change will be the elimination of all defects in iOS 12. Starting from a self-powered keyboard and ending with problems with the keyboard.

Next, the design of the system will change, which adapts to the “monobrow” of the iPhone X. Also filters for processing pictures will be adjusted and the focus of shooting will be adjusted in the “Portrait” mode.

Smartphone Huawei P20 Plus received a battery for 4000 mAh

According to experts, the novelties will please consumers, gadgets have powerful batteries, their resource will exceed Samsung Galaxy S9. The R20 smartphone has a battery capacity of 3750 mAh, P20 Plus – 4000 mAh.

The conceptual video of the smartphone LG V40

In the vastness of the network, the conceptual video of the smartphone LG V40 from the South Korean brand was promulgated. The video embodies the ideas of enthusiasts about how the future development might look like.

Scientists have created a device for extracting electricity from the air

According to scientists, the development will allow to supply electricity to remote regions. Developers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have presented a prototype of a thermal resonator, which, according to the idea, is capable of producing electricity directly from the air.

Chinese courts “switch to a figure”

Let’s remind, that in China judicial reform which is directed on improvement of protection of legitimate rights of citizens proceeds, and also avoidance of delivery of incorrect verdicts. So, Chinese courts have already revised 39 false convictions over the past five years.

Google decided to expand the geography of its business activities

The management of the American corporation Google has decided to expand the geography of its commercial activities. That is, by the end of 2018 firm stores will appear in 25 new countries. Also, Google is going to provide customer support in 25 new languages.

Frameless smartphone Meizu M6s goes on sale in Russia

In Russia, the quick debut of the frameless smartphone Meizu M6s is expected. This device has already proved itself in China and now it goes to foreign markets. As it became known, on February 16, the international certification of the Meizu M6s smartphone by the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECE) took place.

Hackers broke into YouTube for the crypto currency

With the advent of crypto currency, the number of hacker hackers has increased. In this case, you can get caught in their trap by simply playing online games or watching videos on YouTube. So, more recently, YouTube’s video service has come under the influence of hackers

Visitors to the site, without knowing it themselves, became crypto-currency lenders. Computing power of computers was selected from almost 200 million people. Hackers have published in the Google advertising system code and script that are harmful.

Thus, they managed to obtain the Montero crypto currency at the expense of YouTube users, who at that time were engaged in watching videos.
It is known that this program functioned from January 18 to 26.

Fortunately, experienced users can notice suspicious advertisements and inform the tech support in time. However, resource managers themselves do not always react instantly to messages.
Among effective methods of protection allocate installation of powerful antiviruses with special extensions for browsers.

In order to determine the infection visually, it is enough just to observe the operation of your computer. In the case of a hacker attack, it will work slower.


Scientists-physicists discovered a new form of light

It is reported that scientists could slow the generated pairs of photons, as well as triplets, 100-fold. The speed of the elements in the free state is 300,000 kilometers per second. This allowed in turn to detect a new form of light of a different kind of glow

Geneticists have developed the detectable viral DNA technology DETECTR

In the US, scientists have created a new technology for recognizing viral DNA. The method developed by experts can help at an early stage to detect cancer and chromosomal abnormalities. The CRISPR technique is used in genetic engineering for editing genomes

Household chemicals proved to be more dangerous than cigarettes

Regular cleaning with cleaning agents also affects the body negatively, as does smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. This is stated in the study of scientists from the University of Bergen. The smallest particles of liquids for washing the floor and sprays for baths accumulate in the lungs, which threatens with serious complications, up to asthma

It turned out that the smallest particles of household chemicals, be it a spray or a cleaning cream, accumulate in the lungs, causing irritation of the mucosa and its subsequent deformation.

Deodorants and spirits provoke the appearance of cancer and hormonal disorders

Researchers from the University of Colorado in Canada have proven that chemicals in everyday household products pollute the air no less than the emissions from various vehicles. The results are published in the article in the journal Science.

Social networks can not replace the live communication of people

The authors of the study agree that the Internet supersedes many things in the modern world, but it will never become an obstacle in the interaction of people and will not replace live communication. Previously, scientists found that communication in social networks prolongs life

A two-qubit quantum computer is invented

QuTech and Intel presented the first two-qubit quantum computer developed by them, which works on a silicon chip. Their authors call the next big step to large-scale production of quantum computers.

In Mexico, discovered the lost city of the pyramids

In Mexico, researchers unearthed an ancient city the size of Manhattan. According to experts, it was built by the Purépecha civilization, which inhabited the territory until the 16th century. The capital of the ancient state, to which the city belonged, was Angamunko.

Petersburg chemists have found a way to strengthen space ships

It’s about the lining of a luminous silicone. According to scientists, this material can be used not only to strengthen the skeleton of spacecraft, but also to protect the underwater part of ships from the impact of various microorganisms


The Russian part of the ISS will be transferred to the S7 concession

If everything goes as planned, then in 2022 the group of companies will start working within the framework of public-private partnership. Let’s note, in 2024 the agreement on participation in the ISS project is coming to an end

India will send into orbit a new observatory

The Indian space research organization intends to send a new astronomical observatory – AstroSat-2 – into the Earth’s orbit in the near future. This is reported by TASS on February 18. “AstroSat-2” will be a continuation of the project “AstroSat-1”, which currently operates in orbit.

Scientists: “Time capsules” come to Earth from space

According to experts, space bodies can show which molecules originally existed in the solar system. Employees of the Georgia Institute of Technology argue that meteorites that fall on Earth can be specific “time capsules”

In April 2018, India will send to the moon the expedition “Chandrayaan-2”

In April of this year, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch a mission “Chandrayaan-2” with a lunar rover on board. This was told by Jeetendra Singh, who oversees nuclear power and space in the Indian government.

“Hunter for the Planets” probe TESS will go into space in April

A well-known “planet hunter” probe called TESS will go into space in April this year. Information about this was reported at the John F. Kennedy Space Center. According to experts, the device will perform the mission of Exoplanet Survey Satellite.

The NASA reanimates the project of nuclear engines

To implement the mission, scientists decided to return to the engines of the Cold War. As clarified in the department, there is a danger that the implementation of the project to develop Mars may fail even before approaching it. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use nuclear power plants.


The network has a spy photo of the new Peugeot 508

The Peugeot 508 sedan was noticed before its presentation, which should take place at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The car will be the first representative of the line with the new design of the manufacturer.

Started “live” sales of the new crossover BMW X2

The new BMW X2 will cost the Americans $ 40,000, and the new product will be available in the spring of 2018. According to insiders, the market is expected to front-drive version of the Bavarian crossover, which will cost less, which should please motorists.

The “killer” Porsche Panamera in the person of KIA Stinger has already arrived in Russia

The new Korean fastback KIA Stinger has already arrived in Russia. Automobile analysts called it the “killer” of the German premium Porsche Panamera.

SEAT prepares for the premiere the new flagship crossover SEAT Tarraco

It is expected that the novelty will be the third representative of the SUV segment in the lineup, joining the recently released Ateca and Arona models. As for the technical specifications, the new SEAT Tarraco crossover will be built on the same modular platform as the Skoda Kodiaq

Nissan started selling a new Nissan Qashqai with an “autopilot”

Japanese automaker Nissan announced the launch of sales of a new version of the Nissan Qashqai crossover with the intelligent system of autopilot ProPilot. Recall that this system positions itself as a semi-autonomous control of the car.

Next-generation render of FIAT Freemont

The web has published the first rendered image of the new crossover Fiat Freemont from an independent designer. It is reported that the author of the image is an artist under the nickname Ascariss

Updates will receive the most budgetary Toyota Etios sedan

Updates will receive the most budgetary sedan Toyota Etios, which is considered the most affordable car of the Japanese concern. Changes in the version of 2018 will be mainly cosmetic, and also significantly expand the security systems and equipment

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