9 Aug, 2018

It’s time to stop the state of war

Pyongyang urged the US to consent to the announcement of the end of the Korean War (1950-1953), which should contribute to the establishment of peace in the region and strengthen mutual trust, the North Korean media reported.

“The announcement of the end of the Korean War meets the requirements of our time and will be the first action towards peace and security guarantees,” Tass cites a commentary from the central North Korean newspaper Nodon Synmun.

The publication writes that “it is absolutely abnormal to see distrust and hostility between the DPRK and the US”, so it is now necessary to announce the end of the war.

The war between the north and south of Korea lasted from 1950 to 1953. In the hostilities, then the United States took part. Everything ended in a reconciliation agreement. There was no official announcement about the end of the war.

Briefly about the main …..


New sanctions due to the incident in Salisbury

The State Department announced that the US will impose new sanctions on Moscow on August 22 because of Russia’s use of chemical weapons in Salisbury

It is assumed that the restrictive measures will consist of two packages. The first, which will come into force in 15 days, provides for a ban on the supply of dual-use products to Russia.

Restrictive measures of the second wave, which can enter in 90 days, include a possible reduction in the level of diplomatic relations, a ban on flights to the US of the Russian airline Aeroflot and the almost complete cessation of US exports.

Colombia recognized Palestine as an independent state

The Republic of Colombia recognized Palestine as an independent state. A corresponding statement was published on Wednesday on the website of the Palestinian diplomatic mission in Colombia.

Bashar Assad’s wife was hospitalized with an oncological disease

The spouse of Syrian President Bashar Assad was hospitalized in one of Damascus hospitals with an oncological disease. This was reported by the press office of the office of the head of state in Facebook, the state agency of Syria Sana reports.

Assange summoned to the US Senate Committee for questioning

The US Senate Intelligence Committee summoned the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, to testify at the hearings on Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election. This was reported by representatives of the non-profit organization on Twitter

China will impose duties on US goods at $ 16 billion

The Chinese department noted that the decision of the authorities of the People’s Republic of China became a forced mirror measure. Earlier it was reported that the office of US Trade Representative Robert Lightheather published a list of goods from China, which fall under duties at 25%. The list contains goods with a volume of deliveries of $ 16 billion per year

US senators called to recognize Russia as a “sponsor of terrorism”

US senators called to call Russia “a sponsor of terrorism.” Earlier in the US, a draft law was drafted that envisages the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions

Tymoshenko leads in the rating of candidates for the presidency of Ukraine

Head of the Batkivshchyna Party Yulia Tymoshenko is in the lead in the rating of candidates for the presidency of Ukraine. According to the sociological group “Rating”, 17.7 percent of voters are ready to vote for it. It is supported in almost all macro-regions of the country.

Authorities of Saudi Arabia decided to sell Canadian assets

Deciding to sell Canadian assets, Riyadh demonstrates financial and political power, warning the authorities of other countries to interfere in the internal affairs of the state, said an unnamed banker. On Tuesday, August 7, Saudi Arabia refused to purchase Canadian wheat.

The Government of Canada will continue the dialogue with Saudi Arabia

The Liberal Government of Canada does not intend to refuse to promote and support its values on the world stage, but is also ready to continue political and diplomatic dialogue with Saudi Arabia.

This was on Wednesday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters during a working trip to Montreal

In Venezuela, two MPs were deprived of parliamentary immunity

The National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, at its special meeting on Wednesday, stripped the parliamentary immunity of opposition MPs Julio Borges and Juan Requesence.

Senator of Florida accused Russia of breaking the electoral system

US senator from Florida Bill Nelson accused Russian special services of breaking into the state registration system of the state, Tampa Bay Times reported.

“They have already cracked the electoral systems of several counties in the state and can now do whatever they want,” Nelson told the publication.

In the US, a member of Congress was arrested on suspicion of information trade

Law enforcers arrested a member of the US Congress, Republican Chris Collins of the State of New York, for trading in insider data. Charges are also brought to the son of the politician and the father of his son’s bride, CNBC reported August 8.


Israel attacked more than 100 military installations in the Gaza Strip

Israeli aviation attacked more than 100 strategic military targets in the Gaza Strip.

“The blow was struck in response to missiles fired from the Gaza Strip over Israeli territory during the evening and night,” RIA Novosti quotes an excerpt from an army report.

British destroyer escorted Russian ships in the English Channel

The Royal Navy of Great Britain sent a destroyer HMS Diamond to escort two Russian warships crossing the English Channel. The destroyer left Dover in the sea on Tuesday night, the British Navy reported, RIA Novosti reports.

“Alligators” will get improved optics

The combat characteristics of Ka-52 attack helicopters will be improved by improving the gyro-stabilized optoelectronic system. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of the use of anti-tank weapons “Alligator”.

US produces defective ballistic missile launchers

In ballistic missile launchers produced in the US, found a serious defect. The weapon was intended for submarines of the Virginia type. The UK was going to completely switch to Dreadnought class submarines instead of Vanguard by 2030.

President of Latvia discovered the benefit of Russia from the NATO air strike in Estonia

The president of Latvia Раймонд Вейонис considers, that casual start of a rocket by the Spanish fighter of NATO is favorable to Russia. According to him, Moscow is trying to give resonance to this conflict, in order to underscore the danger of deploying NATO troops near its borders, RIA Novosti reported.

Poroshenko announced the beginning of the assembly of the new Ukrainian BTR-4

President of Ukraine Poroshenko said that the plant named after. Malyshev in Kharkiv began assembling the first experimental case of an armored personnel carrier BTR-4. “The first experimental building of an armored personnel carrier BTR-4 is already assembled at the plant. VA Malyshev in Kharkov, “- wrote on his Facebook page.

Military exercises for the Syrian experience were held near Orenburg

The key phase for the development of the Syrian experience took place on August 8 at the Totsky landfill. From the tasks assigned, patrolling was carried out in the places of work of conditional sabotage groups, attacks of the enemy were reflected, reconnaissance was carried out. The fighters took on their administrative buildings.

Robot sapper “Cobra-1600” entered service

Robotics complex “Cobra-1600”, which is designed for remote detonation of explosive devices, was sent for the first time in accordance with the state defense order to the engineering brigade of the Central Military District in Bashkortostan.

Tank robot in return for too expensive “Armata”

Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” (UVZ) is developing a heavy assault robotic complex on the chassis of the T-72B3 tank, told RBC a source in the Defense Ministry and confirmed the interlocutor close to the UVZ. Experimental design work was called “Storm”, the interlocutors of RBC specified.

The US allocated $ 10 million to create a mobile laser weapon

The US Department of Defense allocated $ 10 million for the development of a program for creating a tactical vehicle with a 100-kilowatt laser weapon system. The development of the model of an armored truck with an installed high-energy gun is being carried out by Dynetics, Lockheed Martin and their partners.

US plans to deploy missile defense sensors in space

The US authorities want to achieve the deployment of sensors and other elements of anti-missile systems in outer space.
On Wednesday, Defense News Agency director Lt.-Gen. Sam Greaves said at a symposium on space and missile defense in Huntsville, Alabama.



Cultural exhibition “Hail, ITALY!”

From 8 to 11 December 2018, the annual Moscow International Exhibition “Hello, Italy” will once again open on the main exhibition site of the capital – the Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”, located in the historic center of the metropolis.

Representatives of various fields of business and culture will gather in a single space, including education, construction, medicine, architecture, beauty and fashion industry, wedding celebrations and health resort rest.

For each direction in the program master classes and business meetings are announced for targeted search of clients, partners and presentations of their projects for B2B and B2C markets.

The main direction of the exhibition in 2018 is a deeper acquaintance with tourism and with Italian producers who are looking for customers and business partners in Russia.

Alternative to consumer loans and “money to pay”

CarMoney analyzed the data of residents of 60 regions of the country who received a loan from the company on the security of the vehicle or submitted applications for it.

“We are seeing a new type of borrower. He has a long credit history, he understands this topic, tried various offers and today he already chooses a convenient way for him to receive money. At the same time, 90% of our borrowers do not have an active delay in credit products at the time of consideration of the application, the rest it is less than 25 000 rubles. This is the specificity of our client: he is financially literate, he carefully studied our conditions and the product, plus he respects the terms of payment. We represent for him an alternative to traditional loans. We offer all the capabilities of modern banks: technology, accessibility online and offline, but at the same time we have the advantages: we make decisions faster and more flexible, “comments Konstantin Evdakov, co-founder of CarMoney.

The CEC approved all three applications for a referendum on pensions

The issues of all initiative groups are recognized as appropriate. The Central Election Commission (CEC) has recognized the issues proposed by the three initiative groups for the all-Russian referendum on raising the retirement age.

Our citizens have the constitutional right to express their position on what the pension system in the country should be. Therefore, for the first time in almost 25 years, the CEC of Russia approved several questions at once for a possible referendum. – Ella Pamfilova, politician

FAS will fine operators for roaming prices in Russia

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) completed the consideration of cases on the prices of cellular operators for intranet roaming (when the subscriber uses communication services in the network of his operator, but outside the region where the contract was signed with the company), Anatoly Golomolzin, deputy head of the department, said at a press conference in Moscow, the correspondent of RBC reports.

Participant Pussy Riot was not allowed on tour to London

Participant Pussy Riot Maria Alekhina claims that she was banned from leaving Russia.

“Employees of the FSB border service at the airport” Domodedovo “said that I was closed from the country,” Alekhina told Interfax.

She explained that she planned on Wednesday to fly to the UK, where on August 10 at the festival in Edinburgh was supposed to take place the first play on her book Riot Days.

On July 10, the court sentenced Alekhine to a fine of 400,000 rubles for evading compulsory works assigned for actions in support of Telegram’s messenger and outside the FSB building.

On April 16, 13 people came to Lubyanka Square in the center of Moscow, where they began throwing colorful paper airplanes in the building of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia, protesting against the blocking of the telegram.

For this action, the Meshchansky Court found Alekhine guilty of violating the procedure for organizing a public event (part 1, article 20.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation), and appointed her 100 hours of compulsory work.

Kazakhstan banned broadcasting of dozens of Russian TV channels

The law came into force on January 9, 2018, and on July 9, the term granted to foreign media for registration of legal entities in Kazakhstan expired. As a result, only 219 channels out of 307 registered, opened their representative offices in Kazakhstan, and 88 did not open. In this regard, their retransmission was terminated.

I’m not interested there, the collective farm

The model of Alan Mamaev, the wife of the midfielder of “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev, spoke about how she and her husband live in Krasnodar. Interview with Mamaeva came out on the YouTube-channel Points Nad I.

“Krasnodar is small. Everyone knows you there, everyone takes pictures of you, if you leave without make-up. Everyone is discussing you. I’m not interested, there is a collective farm. They go to the store on their heels. This is tin. Pasha understands this, so we are not friends with anyone and do not go anywhere, “Mamaeva said. She also noted that she almost never leaves the house.

Scientists have called a safe dose of alcohol

Scientists from the University of Cambridge conducted an experiment in which 600,000 people from 19 countries took part. Experts took into account the amount of alcohol used by these citizens. All kinds of alcoholic beverages researchers reduced to a conventional unit – “drink”.

As scientists have found out, a safe dose for human health can be considered a volume of 14 drinks a week. This is about six glasses of wine or six mugs of beer. In this case, between drinking alcohol it is necessary to take a break in a couple of days.

According to scientists, this will still affect life expectancy. Those who regularly drink 18 or more “drinks” a week, life expectancy is reduced by five years.

The court extended the arrest of the head of the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region Shestun

The Moscow Basmanny Court extended the term of detention of the head of the Serpukhov district of Moscow region Alexander Shastun for three months, accused of abuse of power, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the courtroom.

The lawyer of ex-head of the department of the SKR Maksimenko denies the new charges

Earlier, the BBC and TASS reported to the ex-head of the CSS of the TFR about the new accusations with reference to the sources. According to BBC sources, the former head of Mikhail Maksimenko is suspected of receiving two more bribes, the first of which was also given for the release of Andrei Kochuykov.

Syria wants to develop religious tourism for Russians

Syria wants to develop religious tourism and visits to places of worship for Russians, the Syrian ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad said. In March, the head of Rosturizm and the Minister of Tourism of Syria have already discussed issues related to the resumption of relations between the two countries in the sphere of tourism

“Learning to be human”: World Philosophical Congress to be held in Beijing

The twenty-fourth World Philosophical Congress (WCP) will be held in Beijing from August 13 to 20, organizers say, Xinhua News Agency reported on August 8. This event, held once in five years, will be held in China for the first time.

As noted in the organizing committee of the event, this year it will be visited by philosophers and academicians from 121 countries and regions of the world, representing different philosophical achievements of different cultures, schools and traditions. In addition, they will discuss key issues facing the development of global civilization, and challenges that will face humanity in the future


In Sardinia, the tourist was fined for the beach sand collected in the bottle

Carabineers on the Italian island of Sardinia fined a tourist for a thousand euros for stealing sand from one of the beaches, local newspapers reported

Rosnedra will be connected to monitoring of the mineral resource base of the Magadan Region

The Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra) will join the monitoring of the mineral resource base in the Magadan Region, which is necessary to make a decision on the reclamation of the mined deposits, which are often abandoned. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia.

Under Kaliningrad there was a mass death of the Red Data Book

In the Kaliningrad region, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Rosselkhoznadzor and the public sector establish the causes of pollution of the Nelma River, which is a permanent habitat for lamprey, trout and other Red Data Book species. Earlier in social networks, information appeared about the mass sea of aquatic inhabitants.

The ban on forest visits was introduced in five regions of Belarus

The berries have already moved away, and the fungi do not grow because of the high temperature and lack of rain. The ban on forest visits has been introduced in two other districts of the Gomel region – Bragin and Oktyabrsky.

In Lipetsk region the program “Ecology” is realized

The Lipetsk region is developing a passport for the regional program “Ecology”. Priority projects will be implemented within the framework of the regional program “Ecology”: “Clean air”; “Clean country”; “Establishment of an integrated branch for the treatment of TCR”; “Improving the quality of drinking water for the population”; “Ecological improvement of water bodies”; “Conservation of biological diversity”.

The action “Safe Baikal” can become a traditional

In Buryatia and Irkutsk region, the action “Safe Baikal” continues, in the framework of which, in parallel with the supervision work, a general cleaning of the coastal strip and the lake bottom is carried out. The headquarters for the action are created on the basis of regional offices of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia

Strange death of ducks in Moscow scared the citizens

The story of the death of ducks in some reservoirs of Moscow, which began last July, continues. So, several more birds died in the first days of August on the old Yauza in the area of the Azure Passage (Sviblovo district, north-east of the capital).

Sobyanin discussed environmental issues with experts

Sergei Sobyanin recalled that Moscow has tightened the requirements for the ecological class of fuel consumed in the city.

“Every year the ecology of Moscow does not deteriorate, but on the contrary, it improves, despite the increase in the general transport fleet,” he stressed.

90% of all pollution of the earth’s atmosphere is provided by road transport. Therefore, I emphasize the importance of the development of the subway and electric public transport. I think in the near future there will be an increase in purchases of electric cars, but now they are rarely purchased because of high prices. – Sergei Sobyanin, Russian politician

Ecotourism is gaining popularity in the Stavropol Territory

The development of ecological tourism in specially protected natural areas was discussed at the collegium of the regional Ministry of Natural Resources. According to the department, there are 41 state nature reserves, 65 natural monuments and 1 protected greenery and forest territory in the Stavropol Territory.

A huge dump appeared on the shore of the Teletskoye Lake

The authorities know about the existence of the landfill, but consider that its liquidation will not solve the garbage problem Residents of the Altay settlement of Artibash complain of a dump that, with the permission of the authorities, appeared on the shore of the Teletskoye Lake


Boris Mezdrych became the new director of the “Practice” theater

Brusnikin was appointed to the post and. about. director of the experimental theater center of the new drama “Practice” on May 3 by order of the Department of Culture of Moscow. He told RIA Novosti that the theater had previously been a director’s, but the new theater charter presupposes the introduction of the post of hudruk.

Signal Festival announced an educational program

Festival of music and architecture Signal, which will be held in Nikola-Lenivets from August 16 to 19, announced an educational program. Within the framework of the festival there will be open meetings and workshops dedicated to the music and creative industries. About this “Afisha Daily” was told by the representatives of the event.

“School of Dramatic Art” opens a new season

Moscow Theater “School of Dramatic Art” opens a new, 32nd in a row, the season. The first premiere will be the performance of Igor Yatsko’s laboratory “Orpheus descends into hell” after the play by Tennessee Williams. The performance will be shown on September 21 and 22.

The Mariinsky Theater will present the opera “The Dawns Are Quiet Here”

“Director Wang Xiaoying staged a performance designed to express the cruelty of the war, the pain of military losses, the fragility of human life, eternal and understandable to all human feelings,” – said in the theater. The opera will be performed in Chinese and will be accompanied by synchronized titles in Russian.

Two new actresses joined the Masters

The troupe of the Russian Drama Theater “Masterovye” was replenished with two new actresses. Their debut on stage will take place in the play “A Very Simple Story.” Alexandra Loginova, a graduate of the Kazan State University of Culture and Arts.

The head of the Tajik Ministry of Internal Affairs wrote a play about recruitment to Syria

Before the premiere, the troupe already managed to conduct a run, in which high-ranking officials attended as spectators, Mariam Isoyeva, People’s Artist of the Tajik SSR, said on Wednesday, August 8, who plays the leading role – the mother of “a young man, deceived by terrorists, who is fighting on their side in Of Syria »

The puppet theater from Rybinsk will go to the international festival

The event will be held in Kirov from 19 to 23 September. Puppeteers from Russia, Turkey and Iran will take part in it. The festival “Vyatka – the city of childhood” is held since 2012.

Russian theater to go on tour to Kursk and Belgorod

From 1 to 7 September, artists from Kursk will present to the Vladikavkaz audience four performances of “Savage”, “Number 13”, “Ktuba”, “Birthday of the Cat Leopold”. And from September 23 to September 29 on the stage of a colleague from Belgorod.

A performance for the blind will be brought to Tobolsk

We will add that the Shakespeareans recently came to Tobolsk with a performance for the hard of hearing – the production of the “Humpbacked Horse”, also intended for people with any physical abilities.

Festival “Diaghilev P.S”: Petersburg, Petipa, the program

For the first time in St. Petersburg, costumes will be shown on the sketches of Bakst to the ballet “The Sleeping Princess” (1921) of Diaghilev’s entreprise. An album is being prepared for publication in two volumes and in three languages about the ballets of the Petipa era and their life on the world ballet scene these days.

The state budget will be the main sponsor of the festival “Vysotsky.fest”

This year the event will be timed to the 80th anniversary of the birth of the legendary Russian performer. An important point – the funds for it will be allocated from the state budget. Thus, the issue with the sponsor of the music festival will be resolved.

Youth festival of rock music will be held at St. Petersburg

The next weekend in St. Petersburg will host a youth non-profit festival of rock music and visual art. 11 and 12 August in the Moscow region of the Northern Capital will host a youth festival “Live!”, Which will bring together the best youth rock bands.


A new trailer of the fairy tale “The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms” was released

Film company Walt Disney Pictures released the second trailer of the Christmas fairy tale “The Nutcracker and Four Kingdoms”. The film is based on the novel The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by Hoffmann and the ballet The Nutcracker by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

Ruby Rose will play Batvumen in the series on CW

Australian actress and open lesbian Ruby Rose (“Orange – hit the season”, “John Wick-2”) will star in the series “Batvumen”, which will be released on CW. This became known to Variety.

In the network appeared the trailer of the film “Belcanto” with Julianne Moore

In the network appeared the trailer of the film “Belcanto” with American actress Julianne Moore in the title role. This writes Entertainment Weekly. It is noted that the director Paul Weitz made a film about opera singer Roxane Coss, who comes to the US to sing on the ball in honor of the birthday of the Japanese tycoon.

Jessica Chestane and Eddie Redmayne will shoot in the movie about the serial killer

Redmein can play Cullen, and Chestane will get the role of his colleague, thanks to the efforts of which the killer was behind bars. The director and scriptwriter of adaptation will be Danish director Tobias Lindholm, nominee for the Oscar for Best Picture in a foreign language.

The release date of the final season of “House of cards” is named

Online cinema Netflix named the release date of the sixth, final season of “House of Cards”. All 8 episodes will be released on November 2. The final episodes will be dedicated to Claire Underwood (Robin Wright).

On “Kvazi” Sergei Lukyanenko will remove the English-language series

Based on the fantasy novel, an English-language series will be shot, which will be shown around the world. The production process and surveys will be partially held in Moscow. At the moment, the casting crew and the search for authors are being conducted.

Disney will present its own online cinema in 2019

Disney plans to introduce its own streaming service, reports The New York Times. The first premiere in the new online cinema will be “Captain Marvel” in March 2019. The subscription price and other details of the project are still unknown

Shooting of the film about Elizaveta Glinka will begin in April 2019

Director Oksana Karas will begin shooting the feature film “Doctor Lisa” about the founder of the fund “Fair Aid” Elizaveta Glinka in April 2019. She said this on Wednesday TASS.

“The shooting will begin in April 2019, next spring,” – said Karas

New film with Chris Pratt postponed for an indefinite period

In early August, Chris Pratt joined actress Priyanka Chopra (“Base Quantico”). Filming was planned to begin in September 2018. Now the film has problems with the script.

Monica Bellucci will play the role of Tina Modotti

54-year-old actress and model Monica Bellucci will play the main role of the cult feminist in the new series. According to the story, Tina arrives in Mexico in the early 20th century. She becomes a friend, and then rival of Frida Kahlo.

Terry Gilliam made a contest for the best poster of his film

In Facebook, the director can choose a favorite poster for the movie “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” from several options.

The director asks simply to place three figures corresponding to the posters they liked, in descending order. No further explanation is required

In Ufa, the shooting of the historical film “The First Republic”

In Ufa the shooting of an artistic historical film dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Bashkortostan – “The First Republic” – was completed. The shooting started on May 15, since then 56 shifts have taken place. In general, the pavilion of the Bashkortostan film studio was involved, and the historical center of Ufa also came into the picture.

The Garage Museum prepared a film about Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art has prepared a documentary about the life and work of the artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. Tass was informed on Tuesday by the press service of the museum.

Founders of the “Oscar” introduced a new nomination

The American Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences announced the introduction of a new nomination for the Oscar – Best Popular Film award. “We will create a new category for outstanding achievements in popular cinema,” FAN reports to President of the Academy Joan Bailey.


Uber drivers will stop issuing licenses in New York

The issue of new licenses for drivers of online taxi services, including Uber, will be temporarily suspended. This was on Wednesday, August 8, reported The Wall Street Journal.

The main reason for this decision of the city council of the city is the fight against traffic jams.

In addition, the authorities in this way are trying to prevent a reduction in the earnings of taxi drivers from official services.

To date, the city has registered more than 80 thousand online services for taxi Uber and Lyft.

Congress of the Children’s Goods Industry

From September 25 to September 26, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will hold the Congress of the Children’s Goods Industry.

The main event in the children’s goods industry will be organized for the second year in a row on the site of the 24th International Exhibition of the Children’s Goods Industry – World of Childhood – 2018 (Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds) – the largest exhibition of the industry in Russia, Eastern Europe and CIS children’s goods and services.

The Congress will be attended by representatives of leading domestic enterprises from more than fifteen industries, heads of profile associations, representatives of federal and regional executive authorities, expert and scientific communities.

Studios in the capital’s new buildings grow in price faster than the market

According to the company “Metrium”, in 9 out of 11 new mass market segments that entered the market since the beginning of 2018, small studios are represented. Also this format of real estate is envisaged in new projects of business, premium and elite class. At the same time, analysts of the company note that under the influence of high demand, the supply in this segment is declining even despite the withdrawal of new projects, and prices are skyrocketing.

Ferro-Stroi invests 70 million on the road to LCD Katuar

In the comfort class “Catuar”, located next to the railway station of the same name in Mytishchi urban district, construction of an access road began.

Four-hundred-meter section of the route with two lanes – one in each direction – will be ready already at the end of summer. Residents will be able to save at least a kilometer of road and a lot of time on the road due to the greater width of the carriageway and the quality of the road surface compared to the current road.

For pedestrians, sidewalks are provided on both sides of the road. GC “Ferro-Story” invests in the construction of the facility of about 70 million rubles.

The delegation of St. Petersburg will participate in the marine exhibition SMM-2018

St. Petersburg shipbuilding companies with the support of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovation of St. Petersburg will take part in the 28th International Exhibition of Shipbuilding, Machinery Equipment and Marine Technologies SMM-2018, which will be held from 4 to 7 September in Hamburg, Germany.

Within the framework of SMM-2018 on September 5, 2018 at 11.00 the representative of the Committee will hold a presentation of the industrial and innovative potential of the region at the booth of St. Petersburg (stand No. В3.OG.234). Also, numerous meetings and negotiations with representatives of government authorities, shipbuilding and shipping companies, design organizations and equipment suppliers are planned. In particular, representatives of the largest shipbuilding companies will conduct master classes and presentations of novelties and unique own productions for foreign partners and colleagues.

Only 3% of Moscow’s new buildings do not provide discounts

According to the results of the first half of 2018, 61% of the capital’s new buildings could buy apartments and apartments at a discount, in another 36% of the facilities it was possible to negotiate a discount individually. And only 3% of residential and apartment complexes refused to make concessions to buyers. According to the experts of “Metrium”, for a year the number of projects without a discount fell by almost 2.5 times.

“Victory” will make a paid registration at foreign airports

Loucoster “Victory”, a member of the Aeroflot group, will cancel the registration for flights to foreign airports from the end of October. The registration fee is € 25. As the carrier’s message says, the company went to such a measure because of the growing cost of aviation kerosene.

Rostek said about the risks of stopping “Tractor Plants”

Rostelekh General Director Sergei Chemezov asked Premier Dmitry Medvedev not to allow the production of the Tractor Plants Concern (KTZ) to be stopped due to a revaluation of his debt to Vnesheconombank (VEB). This is reported by RBC with reference to the letter of the head of the state corporation to the premier on July 23.

FAS warned of rising prices for gasoline due to higher VAT

The VAT increase from 2019 will affect the prices for gasoline, as well as the cost of other goods, Anatoly Golomolzin, Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), told journalists.

The second thread of the Turkish flow will be launched by the end of 2019

The second thread of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, intended for European consumers, will be put into operation at the end of next year. This was announced by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Fatih Denmez on the air of the local television channel A Haber.

The government has allocated 3 billion rubles for the completion of the Urban Group

The government will contribute 3 billion rubles to the Fund for the protection of the rights of citizens participating in the shared construction for the completion of projects for the construction of apartment buildings, which the Urban Group was engaged in.

Ilon Mask decided to redeem Tesla shares and withdraw it from the exchange

The head of Tesla, Ilon Mask, announced his intention to buy out all the shares of the organization and withdraw it from the stock exchange. The entrepreneur wrote on his Twitter that he was going to buy shares for 420 dollars.

I consider the transformation of Tesla into a private company at $ 420 per share. Financing agreed. – Ilon Mask, Engineer

The company of Boris Rotenberg bought a site on Pulkovskoe highway

ANO “Organization for the development of motorsport” The Northern Sea Route “Motorsport and Racing” acquired 43 hectares of land on Pulkovskoe highway near St. Petersburg for 149 million rubles. This is stated on the website of the single federal register of bankruptcy information (EFSRS). The buyer is the legal entity of the motor sport company SMP Racing, which, according to SPARK-Interfax, is 100% owned by Boris Rotenberg.

A representative of the company confirmed that she “is in the stage of acquiring a land asset,” but “the deal has not yet been closed.” Answer the remaining questions it is ready after its completion.

Mordashov transferred Power Machines to Russia

The holder of a 100% stake in PJSC Power Machines was Russian OOO Severgrupp, which manages investments in the interests of Alexei Mordashov, the Russian power engineering company said.

Sales of road-building and special equipment in Russia rose

Sales of road-building and special equipment increased by 29% in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017, to 2.93 thousand units, the Committee of Manufacturers of Road-Building and Special Equipment of the Association of European Businesses (AEB)

Ukraine in January-June increased the import of coal from Russia to 63%

Kiev in the first half of 2018 increased the import of coal and anthracite from Russia to 62.9%. The relevant information is posted on Wednesday at the website of the State Financial Service of Ukraine. According to the agency, for the supply of anthracite from Russia in January-June, the country paid about $ 962.723 million.

FAS agrees with the Ministry of Justice to raise gas prices for industry

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of the Russian Federation sent an order to the Ministry of Justice to index wholesale prices for gas for industry by 3.4%, Anatoly Golomolzin, deputy head of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, told journalists on August 8.

Russia will continue to buy oil from Iran in defiance of sanctions

The authorities of China, Russia and India announced plans to continue buying Iranian oil, despite the sanctions that the United States imposed on Iran, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Xi Jinping ordered to increase oil production in China

Chinese oil-producing state-owned companies China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) and China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) will increase the production of oil and gas in China on the orders of President Xi Jinping. This was reported today by the official websites of both corporations, writes Interfax.

Novatek launches second stage of Yamal LNG

Yamal LNG became the first and formally remains the only LNG project of Novatek. The partners of the Russian company are French Total (20%), Chinese CNPC (20%) and Silk Road Fund (9.9%).

UCP Ilya Shcherbovich sold a stake in Gazprom’s contractor

UCP Investment Group Ilya Shcherbovich sold 50% of the contractor Gazprom – Stroygazkonsaltinga (SGK), told a “Vedomosti” person close to the SGS, and confirmed the managing director of UCP Communications, Irina Lanina.

The court refused to satisfy the major claim of the Defense Ministry to the Deripaska plant

The Moscow Arbitration Court refused to satisfy the claim of the Ministry of Defense of Russia to the Samara Aviakor plant about the dissolution of the state contract and the collection of a fine of about 1.54 billion rubles. This is stated in the files filing case files. The resolution was made on July 30.


Rosgvardia confirmed the death of four employees

Four contract servicemen of Rosgvardia perished in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria as a result of an avalanche. This information was confirmed in the press service of the department. It is reported that the employees were scheduled classes.

In the park in the south-west of Moscow found an dismembered corpse in a suitcase

According to investigators, in Vorontsovsky Park in the south-west of Moscow on August 8, law enforcement officers found a suitcase in which the woman’s body was. “No visual signs of violent death were found at the visual examination,” she noted. A criminal case on murder was opened.

In Mordovia, the hospital is inspected after an incident with a patient with a fracture

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Mordovia is checking on the incident in the Kovylkinskaya interdistrict hospital where an elderly patient with a broken leg had to crawl up the stairs due to a non-working elevator, RIA Novosti was told in the regional Ministry of Health.

Extradited in the US, a Russian Nikulina checked for sanity

In June, it was reported that Nikulin, whom the US authorities suspect of hacking attacks, refused to plead guilty. He was arrested by the police of the Czech Republic at the request of the FBI in October 2016. March 30, 2018 he was extradited to the United States.

In Turkey, almost 500 thousand people were in the disaster zone because of downpours

In the province of Ordu, debris flows have already destroyed four bridges and paralyzed traffic along one of the largest highways. In addition, the floods created a strong threat to the region’s agriculture.

In St. Petersburg rapper Brius to death knocked a pedestrian

Rap-performer Artem Brius (Brius) at the wheel of Porsche knocked down the death of a pedestrian in St. Petersburg, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, a source in law enforcement.

Police blocked the hospital in New York after shooting

In New York, recorded another emergency with shooting. In the Westchester Medical Center, an unknown person opened fire from a pistol. The incident occurred on the fourth floor of the institution.

In the kindergarten of Astrakhan, the children were tied up during sleep

The authorities of the Astrakhan region will strengthen control over all kindergartens in the region after the incident in one of the preschool institutions, where children were bound with sheets. This was stated by the head of the regional Minobra Vitaly Gutman.

In the Moscow hospital, a pensioner was dropped from a gurney

The medical staff did not take the patient for a long time. When physicians engaged in retirement, he was put on a gurney to be transported to the computer tomography office. During transportation, the side of the wheelchair broke and the patient fell to the floor.

Killed dropped out of the window of the 25th floor of the Moscow hotel showman

The showman, the host of dance and sports programs, Alexander Chevgun, died under unknown circumstances. He fell out of the window of the 25th floor of the capital hotel “Beta” and died from his injuries on the spot.

Dry cargo ship under the flag of Palau ran aground in the Rostov region

The dry cargo ship under the flag of Palau ran aground on the Don river in the Rostov region. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the dispatcher of the Marine Rescue Coordination Center. The dispatcher specified that the ship was already being removed from the can.

Over the burning plant rose a fiery tornado

Firefighters who extinguished the fire in the British county of Derbyshire, witnessed an unusual atmospheric phenomenon – a fiery tornado

Criminals kidnapped the regalia of the President of Bolivia

Attackers abducted the regalia of the President of Bolivia Evo Morales, one of the gang members has already been arrested, writes the local newspaper Los Tiempos. It was assumed that the presidential insignia – medal and ribbon – would be delivered to Morales in the city of Cochabamba, where the president arrived to participate in the military parade.

In the US, cows helped policemen catch a criminal

In the US state of Florida, a herd of cows helped policemen catch a car thief. The video of the incident was published by Pio Seminole Sheriff. On the frames a police pursuit is imprinted.


Pregnant Lera Kudryavtseva became a grandmother

The son of the TV presenter gave her the first grandson. Lera Kudryavtseva, who is in her last month of pregnancy, first became a grandmother. The 28-year-old Jean Lenyuk was born a son.

The star of the opera scene Ildar Abdrazakov came on stage in his underwear

The famous opera singer Ildar Abdrazakov surprised fans with an unusual photo – the owner of the Golden Mask went to rehearsal in the Austrian theater in his underwear.

68-year-old Richard Gere will be the father for the second time

Today, Western media reported that the 68-year-old Richard Gere will be the father for the second time: according to insiders, 35-year-old husband of Hollywood star Alejandra Silva is pregnant. Nevertheless, official comments from the representatives of the actor and the Spanish entrepreneur have not yet been received.

Angelina Jolie accused Brad Pitt of non-payment of alimony

On August 13, the court will decide who will become the main guardian of five children (17-year-old Maddox is old enough to decide for himself who to stay with) – Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

To increase the chances of winning a mother of many children, Angie’s lawyers accused Brad … of non-payment of alimony!

“The condition of the actor is estimated at $ 240 million, but he has never provided much support to the former wife, who brings up six children,” the source said. “If he refuses to do this voluntarily, he will be forced to do it through the court.”

Andrei Gaydulyan secretly married in Las Vegas

Actor Andrei Gaydulyan secretly married in Las Vegas. The elect of the famous actor on the series “Univer” was the 26-year-old actress of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov Alexandra Veleskevich. Gaidulian for a long time concealed a new relationship, the newspaper “Super”

The young man of the 62-year-old Valley has started a new family

Larisa Dolina and Ilya Spitsyn lived together for almost 20 years: the singer’s husband and at the same time her concert director invariably accompanied the artist at all important events. And suddenly at the recent festival in Jurmala Valley appeared alone, without her husband

The termination of relations was confirmed also by the former husband of 62-year-old singer Victor Mityazov.

“They decided not to inform the public that they are no longer a family,” he said, adding that Dolina and Spitsyn continue to maintain contractual relations

The actress of the series “Olga” demonstrated magnificent forms in a bikini

In the sitcom “Olga” on the TV channel TNT actress Alina Alekseeva played the role of Lenka and quickly became a favorite of the public due to the memorable and bright appearance. Recently, the star of the series published a photo, in which she showed magnificent forms in a bikini.

Petrosyan’s lawyer threatened rough journalists with police

Lawyer Sergei Zhorin, who represents Yevgeny Petrosyan in court, complained to the rude journalists. He wrote about this on his page in Instagram. Zhorin said that the humorist tried with all his might to hide information about the divorce process, but the details nevertheless seeped into the media.

Courtney Kardashian broke up with a young boyfriend because of his betrayal

Courtney Kardashn immediately unsubscribed from her lover in Instagram, and he did the same. Fans of the reality show star concluded that she broke up with the young boyfriend because of treason. Jordan Ozuna also commented on the situation

Nikita Dzhigurda decided to dig out the coffin of the late lover

Actor Nikita Dzhigurda continues to fight for the multimillion inheritance of his beloved Lyudmila Bratash. Celebrity for the sake of the goal is ready for anything, even dig out the coffin of the late entrepreneur.


Meizu introduced flagships 16 and 16 Plus

The Chinese company hurried with the modernization of the line and introduced a new generation of smartphones a day before the South Korean manufacturer Samsung with its widely advertised Galaxy Note 9. So, Meizu introduced the flagships 16 and 16 Plus, which in just four incomplete months replaced Meizu 15 and 15 Plus, season.

The legendary brand of Palm smartphones will return to the market

Chinese corporation TCL Communication announced that it will revive the brand of Palm smartphones. In the zero PDAs produced by Palm, they were very popular on the market, UberGizmo reports. According to sources, TCL intends to release a smartphone under the Palm brand by the end of this year.

The sales of the augmented reality suite Magic Leap One began

Edition The Verge reports that the company Magic Leap has released the same set of augmented reality Magic Leap One Creator Edition and named its value. The novelty is estimated in 2295 dollars and is on sale in some cities of the USA

Smartphones Nokia can get Android 9.0 Pie one of the first

The insider said that Nokia smartphones can get Android 9.0 Pie one of the first in the 7 Plus series, and before it it’s already done Xiaomi Mix 2s, although Google said that the release of this version is possible only in the autumn of this year.

The “floating” column of Meizu Gravity went on sale

The novelty was estimated at 146 dollars. After a long two years of intense development, the “soaring” smart column of Meizu Gravity, and exactly this impression is created at certain angles, finally went on sale.

The market has a modification of the Xiaomi Mi 8 with a RAM capacity of 8 GB

On August 8, the official poster of the Xiaomi brand improved product was unveiled. Until now, the maximum configuration of Xiaomi Mi 8 was 6 GB “RAM”. This version of the phone has already appeared on the market at a price of $ 482.

Energizer has released two cheap smartphones with four cameras

The company Energizer introduced two budget smartphones with capacious batteries and dual main and front cameras. Models Power Max P490S and Power Max P490 will appear on the market in the near future. The cost of the devices is not specified, but it is assumed that they should be very affordable.

Rostekh will create a unique “all-seeing” nanocamera of dual purpose

State Corporation “Rostekh” creates a miniature camera that does not have analogues in the world, capable of operating in several spectral ranges: from ultraviolet to infrared, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the state corporation

Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone will receive 4 GB of RAM

In the growing popularity of the Chinese application Master Lu appeared information about the flagship smartphone Google Pixel 3 XL, which has not yet been officially introduced. Unfortunately, the test confirms rumors about only 4 GB of RAM.

Japan Display develops racing helmets with integrated displays

The Japanese manufacturer of displays Japan Display Inc (JDI) reported the development of two versions of the helmet for racing and not only. One of the developments has already been tested in practice.

Smartphones Galaxy J5 Prime and Galaxy Xcover 4 will receive a major update

Usually older models of smartphones appear in Alliance lists before a major software update. Owners of last year’s smartphones from Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime and Galaxy Xcover 4 will have to wait about a month to get their device got the operating system Android Oreo.

Cactus collects money for the production of a wireless studio flash RQ250

The company Cactus, specializing in the production of lighting equipment for photography, began collecting funds for a monolight (studio flash with its own power source) RQ250. The maximum flash output is 250 watts, which is reflected in its name.

The Opera browser was equipped with a crypto currency purse

“The innovation for the dextup version of the browser is the second step in the way of large-scale distribution of Crypto and Web 3.0,” said official representative of the project Opera Crypto, Charles Hamel. The first beta version of the crypto-currency purse in the Opera browser appeared in July.

In the Internet, the source code of the social network that Facebook copies

How the leak occurred. The leak occurred during the update of the application in May 2018. Snap reported that it immediately discovered and corrected the error. The repository was laid out on GitHub by the user with the i5xx nickname. In the description of the code it was indicated that this is the “Source code for Snapchat” (Source Code for SnapChat).

Mozilla launched the system of content recommendations in Firefox

Mozilla has introduced a new extension for its Firefox -Advance browser, which will help to find interesting articles based on recent browsing history, according to the blog’s blog.

Google will be able to invade the privacy of the user

Experts fear that, with Google’s cooperation with law enforcement agencies, the technology will invade the privacy of the user and will be harmful, especially with even a minor error system at a time when departments were not even interested in him.

Google’s mobile keyboard started supporting 25 languages in Russia

The mobile keyboard Google support for 25 languages in Russia – in the Gboard for Android added Buryat, Siberian-Tatar and Talysh languages. This is reported in the official blog of the company in Russia.

Vulnerability WhatsApp allows you to remotely edit someone else’s messages

Cyber security specialists Check Point discovered a vulnerability in the WhatsApp protocol, through which it is possible to obtain remote access to victim messages.

Vulnerability found in Telegram messenger

The Center for Research on Legitimacy and Political Protest has created a deanonimayzer program, which allows the user of Telegram to know his phone number. This became possible due to the vulnerability identified in the messenger. This was reported by the newspaper Izvestia.

Russia was in second place in the number of Android viruses

Experts calculated in which countries the mobile antivirus ESET NOD32 most often worked on Android smartphones. The first place in the attacks on smartphones is Iran (16%), the second is Russia (14%), the third – Uganda (8%).

Alldocube with Project Treble support is estimated at $ 219

The device is running an Android 8.1 Oreo operating system with Project Treble support, that is, updates to it should come fairly quickly. There is a fingerprint sensor

There were images of 3D-card AMD Radeon PRO WX 8200

The source has published a series of images of the 3D-card AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200. This card is likely to be announced at the event SIGGRAPH, which will be held from 12 to 16 August. If you believe the preliminary information, the performance of the new accelerator will be identical to the model WX 9100.

Xiaomi released a game keyboard for $ 35

As it became known, the Chinese brand Xiaomi released a cheap game keyboard In order to become a happy owner of the novelty, the user will have to give only 33 US dollars. It is reported that the device will receive chips from Intel eighth generation.


All planes of Russian airlines will be equipped with the GLONASS system

Russian leader Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of the head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin on the mandatory equipping of aircraft with the GLONASS system. With such an offer Rogozin spoke during a meeting with the head of state.

We propose to introduce a similar practice when acquiring Russian airlines even in the leasing of foreign-made aircraft, and even more so, produced in the territory of the Russian Federation. They should be equipped in the same way without fail by GLONASS modules or, in some cases, GLONASS-GPS. – Dmitry Rogozin, Russian politician

A couple of drones have been taught to drive away flocks of birds from the airport

Researchers from the United Kingdom, the United States and South Korea have created an algorithm for drones, allowing them to autonomously drive away flocks of birds from a limited area, for example, the airport. The developers tested the algorithm both on a computer model and on a real quadcopter.

Flowers have learned to publish the aroma 99 million years ago

In the petals of plants that were preserved in amber, secretory tissues were found, capable of generating odoriferous substances. At the same time, the outwardly ancient flowers looked rather faded. The first flowering plants appeared about 160 million years ago, but the fragrance began to generate not immediately.

The Greenland Vikings turned out to be monopolists in the trade of walrus tusks

European scientists with the help of DNA analysis proved that the medieval inhabitants of Greenland had almost complete monopoly on the trade in the tusks of walruses in Europe. The study is published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

The computer has been taught to create portraits of people by text description

The developer Animesh Karnewar used in his project two algorithms based on generic and controversial neural networks created earlier by other researchers – the StackGAN algorithm for creating photorealistic images using a simple textual description, as well as the ProGAN neural network for creating high-quality images of people.

For 50 years, corals have adapted to warming

Over the past fifty years, ocean corals have adapted to rising water temperatures. This, according to scientists, surprisingly rapid evolutionary adaptation.

The person is inclined to objectively evaluate the actions of others

Scientists from the UK have proven that people, watching certain actions, rely more on their own expectations than on possible facts, writes the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society. B.Psychologists from the University of Plymouth, led by Patrick Bach, conducted an experiment involving 85 volunteers.

Cuckoo adapted the size of the eggs to the host’s nest

A team of ornithologists from Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom studied the size of eggs of several species of crayfish and parasitic deaf cuckoo in their nests.

Spider venom is effective in the treatment of childhood epilepsy

In new trials, the spider peptides were directed to certain canals affected by the Drave syndrome. Later it was found out that it was thanks to this component that it was possible to successfully restore brain functions, neurons with joint elimination of seizures.

Scientists: Blue light harms the eyes, causing changes in the retina

Scientists know that blue color harms the eyesight and damages the retina. Researchers hope that it will be possible to create therapy that slows irreversible changes in the yellow spot. Macular degeneration occurs as a result of death of photoreceptor cells of the retina.

Earth cooling with geoengineering will reduce yields

One of the popular ideas in the field of geoengineering (directing the impact on the Earth’s climate to combat anthropogenic warming) is the mass dispersion in the stratosphere of aerosols containing sulfur compounds.

Bacteria help plants to pump water

Researchers from the University of Turin, along with colleagues from the University of Milan and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, describe in an article in Environmental Microbiology what bacteria do, helping plants survive a drought.

A substance that prevents the drying of tears

The water itself would evaporate quickly, so tears also contain special organic substances that help protect the eyes. For example, they constantly have a tear film, which is covered by a thin layer of lipids


Scientists have found the source of traces of “dark matter” in the center of the Milky Way

Scientists say that the next evidence for the existence of “dark matter” is found. Her alleged traces are found in the center of the Milky Way. According to experts, they were generated by ordinary stars, rather than decays of particles of a mysterious substance.

The first launch of the Angara-A5M missile is scheduled for 2025

The first launch of the upgraded “Angara-A5M” rocket from the “Vostochny” cosmodrome is planned for 2025. This was reported by RIA Novosti referring to Deputy Director General TsNIIMash Alexander Medvedev.

In the ionosphere of the Earth found a giant hole

A giant hole was discovered in the Earth’s ionosphere, scientists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said. This phenomenon was caused by sudden warming of the stratosphere (WWW), transfers Phys.org

Fifth element: NASA created a new state of substances in space

The exotic state of matter obtained as part of experiments on board the International Space Station will help in studying quantum effects at a microscopic level, say NASA officials who reported on a unique experiment aboard the ISS.

The probe “Hayabusa-2” showed the surface of the asteroid Ryugu close-up

The automatic interplanetary station Hayabusa-2 was launched into space on December 3, 2014 and is intended for delivery of soil samples from the asteroid 162173 Ryugu, which belongs to the class A asteroids. The device successfully arrived to the asteroid on June 27 and entered a stable 20 km orbit around him.

The satellites of Jupiter recorded strange sounds

Along with the satellites of Jupiter, scientists recorded strange sounds, reminiscent of the structure of the space choir. According to experts, because of the characteristics of the magnetic field of the planet, signals increase in power several times, due to which they are guided by terrestrial devices.

“Hubble” revealed new oddities in the speed of expansion of the universe

Orbital observatories “Hubble” and GAIA measured the exact distances to the “lighthouse” stars in the Milky Way and neighboring galaxies, which allowed them to find new discrepancies in the speed of expansion of the Universe today and during the Big Bang. Their findings were presented in the Astrophysical Journal.

“While it is not clear what these discrepancies are related to -” new physics “, measurement errors or lack of data, nevertheless, the differences in measurements do not disappear anywhere, and soon any of the theories should win, and the rest should lose. If the “new physics” wins, we will expect a complete reformatting of cosmology, “comments Thomas Kitching, a cosmologist from University College London (UK).

Planetary hunter NASA caught an unknown comet

The NASA Survey Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) satellite was sent to search for planets as part of the new mission, but he found only a comet so far. In science, it was called the Comet 2018 N1. The distance of the celestial body to the Earth is 48 million kilometers.

NASA showed the movement of one of the largest glaciers in the world

Images of landscape changes, which experts have been following since 1979, have been made by Landsat satellites. They were specially painted to show the movement of the glacier. The Columbia Glacier was first mentioned by scientists in 1794.

The pilotless Airbus flew in the sky for 26 days

The first test launch into the air of an unmanned aerial vehicle Zephyr, which was produced by Airbus, was successfully completed. Experts shared the details of the launch of the drone. In the sky the device stayed exactly 25 days, 23 hours and 57 minutes.

Astronomers saw details of the interaction of a group of distant galaxies

Thanks to the new image, it was possible to consider the structure of the group and the signs of interaction of galaxies, which allows us to learn more about the formation and evolution of such groups, as well as the features of galactic morphology.


Toyota recalls more than 20 thousand cars in Russia

Toyota announced the recall of 20 702 cars Alphard, Corolla, Auris and Yaris in Russia, which were implemented from March 12, 2010 to May 19, 2015. This is reported on the website of Rosstandart.

The type of budget crossover Ford Territory is declassified

A new model of the American company was developed with the participation of the Chinese auto giant JMC (Jiangling Motors Corporation), which is one of the key partners of Ford in the Celestial Empire. As for the technical data of Ford Territory, there is not much information yet.

Changan declassified the interior of the new crossover Changan CS35

Images of new items have already appeared in Chinese profile media. The new Changan CS35 does not look like any other crossover of the brand – square wheel arches, radiator grille and headlights, lined up in one line, “floating roof” and much more.

Brand MG released competitor Nissan Qashqai

A crossover called HS was introduced the other day. The car is designed for the Chinese market and is intended to make direct competition to the famous Nissan Qashqai

Repair of old spare parts for OSAGO

When using a natural form of compensation for damages, insurers are faced with the fact that the country’s car fleet is badly worn, especially in the regions. Therefore, when repairing an old car, new parts are not profitable for the technical station itself or for the insurer.

Lamborghini published the teaser of the most extreme version of Aventador

The Italian brand continues to tease fans with teasers for its new version of the Aventador model, which received the SVJ prefix. As reported by foreign media, the official debut of the novelty will be held in Pebble Beach on August 23. The model will be released in limited edition.

BMW recalls in Europe 323.7 thousand cars

The German automobile company BMW recalls on the territory of the EU 323.7 thousand cars out of possible malfunctions with the exhaust system. This became known from the publication of the publication Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The recall campaign will affect cars of 3 – 6 series and models Х3 – Х6.

Ares revives supercar De Tomaso Pantera

Atelier Ares Design has decided to resurrect a medium-sized supercar, released in 1970. It should be noted that earlier representatives of the company announced an unusual project, showing sketches of the novelty and the first prototype. It is known that the model will be built on the Lamborghini Huracan platform.

Budget crossover Tata Nexon tested crash-test Global NCAP

The European Committee of Global NCAP conducted the first crash test of the budget crossover Tata Nexon, which resulted in him, even though there were only two airbags, showing a decent result in the form of 4 stars out of 5 possible.

Published fresh photos of the crossover Haval F7

The Chinese auto giant Haval brought the flagship crossover of its new, “youth” F-series to road tests. Fresh spy photos of the new Haval F7 in camouflage have already appeared on the web.

The last instance of Fiat Punto

At the company’s FCA plant in the Italian city of Melfi, the last instance of the Punto hatchback was released. The manufacturer produced the model for the last 25 years. The fact that the company is preparing to complete the production of Fiat Punto, it became known last month.


Ubisoft tyizerite continuation Child of Light

Ubisoft announced two of its pilot projects, Valiant Hearts: The Great War (November 8) and Child of Light (October 11), for the Nintendo Switch, and with it the creative director of the latter, Patrick Plurd, published the usual photo from the office.

In two weeks in God of War there will be a “New Game +”

Announced on E3 2018 mode “New Game +” for God of War will appear on August 20, along with a free upgrade. The gamers have two weeks to prepare for a re-tour, where on the way to Kratos and his son will encounter new obstacles

Officially: Blizzard will present a new Diablo this year

The girl officially confirmed that several projects in the Diablo universe are under development, and one of them will be seen by the players this year – probably at the nearest BlizzCon, which will be held in early November.

Modders are engaged in the resurrection of the legendary Fallout-2

Enthusiasts involved in the re-creation of Fallout-2 on the platform of Fallout: New Vegas, demonstrated a pre-alpha version of the development. The creation of modders will not be another remake, doomed to get lost among themselves, they do not intend to limit themselves to only changing graphics and improving textures.

The Elder Scrolls Online in honor of QuakeCon will be temporarily free

The traditional event of Bethesda, the QuakeCon 2018 convention, is looming. And during its holding, from August 9 to August 15, the online role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Online will be free for all owners of PCs, PS4 and Xbox One.

Anthem will not have a “friendly fire”

Mark Darra, executive producer of Anthem, regularly shares information about the future action movie on his Twitter account. And in the last couple of days he answered many questions from readers, thus telling a number of new details about the game.

The website “Repair PUBG” appeared on the web

The network has a website Fix PUBG (“Repair PUBG”), whose name sounds like an unambiguous call, addressed to the developers of the game.

The alpha testing of the fantastic shooter The Cycle begins

German company Yager, which released the game Spec Ops: The Line, begins alpha testing of its new project The Cycle. This is a multiplayer shooter in which clashes “on the surface” take no more than twenty minutes

The fan version adds to the No Man’s Sky dinosaurs

Recently, No Man’s Sky has a full-fledged multiplayer, but it has not been shown yet in the first trailers of majestic dinosaurs. Fortunately, the new fan-mode modifies this omission by adding fantastic creatures to the game

Developers Runescape postponed the shutdown of servers for the sake of the streamer

Soon in the Twitch-chat streamer wrote a moderator Runescape with the nickname Mod Atlas, who said that for the streamer a little delayed server shutdown. Thanks to the help of developers, the streamer managed to kill the powerful demon Nezikchened in time and complete the legendary quest

Ubisoft announced Grim Sky, the third season of the third year R6: Siege

Ubisoft announced that the third season of the third year of Rainbow Six: Siegé is called Grim Sky. A full announcement will be held later, but the developers still provided a description of the two new operatives. The first will be a defender from the special unit of Great Britain

Facebook launches its own 4 AR-games

Facebook finally brought into use the AR Studios tool announced last year. Thanks to him, the developers presented the first 4 games and are not going to stop. Since the moment when the number of Facebook users has exceeded a billion mark, the company is trying to keep people.

In the bloody action Bloodroots you can fight any object of encirclement

Independent Paper Culture studio, which “focuses on innovation and high-speed action”, announced a project called Bloodroots. It is a bloody action movie with a top view and cartoon graphics. The game will be released in 2019 on a PC (on Steam) and consoles – on which ones, it is not specified.

Langrisser will appear in two weeks

In the video that accompanies the countdown, the main milestones of the development of the Langrisser series are shown. Langrisser came out in Japan on the Sega Mega Drive in 1991, and then appeared in the US under the name Warsong. The release of the most recent part of the main series, Langrisser V, took place in 1998.

Early access to Deathgarden will start with free days off

All the rest can start playing on August 14, when the official access to the early access will take place. And the term “all” really covers everyone: from August 14 to August 21, there will be a “free weekend” in the game

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